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it. She teased her hair back as I gawked in quiet awe. “Wait, so if you’re seventeen and not an escort, why are you hanging out in a place like this?” I asked, fully aware of the question’s intrusiveness. “I’m just keeping her company.” I was sure that if I could just ask the right questions, say the right things, the gates to the fortified compound where Alice was held, would open up and let me in. “So, can I ask who you guys are waiting for?” “No, go ahead.” She tossed the quip at me with her chin. Cute. “‘Who are you guys waiting for?’” I chuckled. “We’re just waiting for another girl who has the room right now.” “You guys share a room? Why?” “It’s cheaper that way. We all pitch in for a night and just take turns.” “Does the hotel guy give you any trouble?” “No, he’s cool. There are a lot of girls here that do the same thing. He doesn’t give a shit.” Jessica pulled out a cigarette hidden behind her left ear and placed it in the corner of her mouth. She turned her body away from me in a gesture of pointless modesty and fished a lighter from her bra. It was 62

The Metric Issue 08 - Literary Magazine  
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