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“Mmm... is it that obvious?” Alice smiled, revealing a lineup of criminally nice teeth. “Yeah, pretty much.” “So you guys must know something about that whole business. Are either of you... you know.” Such a dangerous question had to be asked in exactly the right manner, otherwise you risked ending up with a big red handprint on the side of your skull. “I am. She isn’t.” Jessica told me pointing to her friend. “Oh, really?” A beat. “How old are you guys?” As if in accordance to some predetermined arrangement, Jessica spoke for both again. “I’m twenty two and she’s seventeen.” “Seventeen?” I exclaimed, studying Alice, all her face and body, which seemed to have grown in beauty somehow. A hot and wrong thrill bubbled up from the pit of my core. A venom, sudden, more potent than any alcohol coursed through my veins. From the moment I saw her, an attraction was sparked and the fact that she was seventeen, and so inaccessible, made her all the more wanted. She was forbidden fruit, one whose taste could only be imagined, but she was there, within my reach! I had only to grab the branch and shake 61

The Metric Issue 08 - Literary Magazine  
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