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them. Both looked askingly at me while I sat down next to them. Chemically bolstered courage enabled this otherwise impossible act. “Hey. I was just waiting and I thought I might as well have someone to talk to.” I heard someone say in a voice too cool and confident to be my own. “What are your names?” The girls looked at each other, then at their interloping interlocutor. The older one answered for both of them. “My name’s Jessica and she’s Alice.” The girl now identified as Alice acknowledged it with one graceful hand gesture—the prim wave of a beauty queen. “What’s yours?” Failing to see a reason why I shouldn’t, I gave them my real name. “James. My name is James. Nice to meet you two.” I said through a smile which seemed to lower their defenses. “Nice to be met.” I heard one of them say. “So what brings you two out here? It’s freezing.” I asked them, motioning to their huddled posture. “Oh we’re just waiting for someone. So are you here to see an escort?” Jessica said, skipping a beat. It took me aback and I couldn’t help but chuckle at her forthrightness. 60

The Metric Issue 08 - Literary Magazine  
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