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me to her bed (though I would have followed her anywhere … off a cliff, into the sea where we could make like mermaids … ) and removed the white silk garment that clung longingly to her shoulders with a single arc of her wrist. It pooled around her ankles and exposed the full supple glory of her sea-white body. My hands became explorers from when the world was still new, wanting to discover, chart, and claim every stretch and crevice in the name of their king; carnal cartographers. She lay supine and offered me a whole new perspective. I, engorged and delirious with excitement, traded my hands for different implements of exploration and accepted the invitation. Every cell in my swollen scepter became a sensory organ unto itself. With every motion, slight and deep, she caressed me with her Infinite Softness. Feelings of galactic awe and ecstasy poured through my mind like a waterfall while I flooded her again and again. Entranced by the other’s spell, we settled into a rhythm of mesmerized movements, motions, and moans. One infinite loop. In the middle of it, I stepped outside myself, swapping through vantage points so as to absorb every instant and angle in this blessed bubble outside of space and time. Then, as the crescendo neared, I stepped back into my imagined vessel to experience firsthand 52

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