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out of those two lesbians. You showed me something on that one, Rainey, really some topflight work,” he said, slapping me vigorously on the back. “Maybe you’d like to come work for us, down in Division A of the WCDD?” he added, showing me a big corn-fed smile. Hells bells, the next thing I knew they had me teaching classes on field tracking and non-indigenous detection techniques at the academy in Brookshire. But the problem was it was old hat for me. What I really enjoyed most was getting out on cases, even though the teaching paid well and I had a young secretary built like nobody’s business. And she got a big kick out of it when I told her how I had busted the two lesbians. Meanwhile, my old buddy and ex-partner Fritz Hammerfinger knew I was going south on the teaching job and so he put in a call to Special Enforcement Division of the WCDD, a unit that works in conjunction with the Feds whenever cases extend outside of normal jurisdictions. These guys are a pretty regular bunch, federal enforcement types who like to hire people out of specialty bureaus like the WCDD Training Division. Well, Jeezus H. Christ, I applied and was accepted and here 27

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