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JANUARY 15, 2020


Hop back in the saddle, Denver

National Western Stock Show trots into town for 114th time story on pg. 6

Photos by Brady Pieper |

Sam Goings wrestles down a calf during the RAM Invitational Freestyle Reigning at the 2020 National Western Stock Show in the Denver Coliseum on Jan. 12. The NWSS will have a variety of events daily through Jan. 26.

Nicolas Diaz, 16, has his horse kneel on its front legs in front of the audience at the Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza during the NWSS in the Denver Coliseum on Jan. 12.



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Chance Merrill holds onto a bucking horse during the Colorado vs. The World rodeo event during the 2020 National Western Stock Show in the Denver Coliseum on Jan. 12.


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Celebrate Life Rally seeks to change

Murder convict seeks a way to

“You” season two doesn’t meet

Men’s basketball takes down Dixie

abortion laws.

reopen his trial.

lofty expectations.

State, Westminster over weekend.



JANUARY 15, 2020

Intellectual property point of contention for MSU Denver faculty senate Senators such as Bissell argued that

By James Burky

there wasn’t enough time to iron out these issues. The reason there wasn’t a reading

If an MSU Denver professor creates

of amended bills between the October and

a device to end world hunger, the credit

December meetings was that they didn’t

would first go to the university.

think the changes were substantial enough

That scenario was a point of contention

to warrant one, the document said.

for some members of the MSU Denver

“We kept asking for feedback, they had

Faculty Senate throughout eight

since October,” President Katia Campbell

meetings in the fall 2019 semester.

said. “Perhaps we could have been more

The MSU Denver Faculty Senate is a

clear but the argument that they didn’t

governing body comprised of professors from

have enough time is misleading.”

all of the school’s academic departments.

The motion to postpone the vote didn’t

Senators are given an opportunity to voice

pass so the policy moves on to the President’s

their colleagues’ thoughts on changes

Cabinet. Faculty had until Wednesday to voice

to the university’s academic processes

their concerns over the policy, Campbell said.

and finances, among other things.

She acknowledged that the language is

“It’s an important part of shared

murky and that they’re hashing out nuances

governance at the university,” Biology

such as what inventions belong to whom.

Department Senator Erin Bissell said.

“I should also note that this policy is

On Oct. 30, Faculty Senate Vice President Elizabeth Goodnick presented proposedchanges to MSU Denver’s intellectual

quite generous,” Campbell said. “Most Photo by Isaac Banks |

Associate Professor Emily Ragan speaks to MSU Denver Facutily Senate about the Open Education Resource program on Feb. 20, 2019 at Tivoil 320.

property policy to the body, according to the senate’s official minutes document. Proposed changes included the university owning copyright to online course material and inventions from professors, according to the document.

universities follow works for hire, which means that they own the work.” Once the policy is approved by

They took that feedback back to the Nov.

the 2011 Supreme Court Case, Stanford

the cabinet, it will move to its final

13 meeting where it was announced that

University v. Roche Molecular Systems,

stop — the Board of Trustees.

a final vote would be held on Dec. 4.

Inc., according to the minutes document.

Concerns over the legality of the policy

Senator Rebecca Ferrell of the

For spring, the Faculty Senate will shift its focus to help craft a university principal

arose, however. Senator Azure Avery

Biology Department questioned the

on the merits of free speech, Campbell said.

of the Physics Department argued that

university’s ownership of all research

The statement will guide treatment of all

surveyed their department and asked

MSU Denver owning any inventions over

data, even that obtained during a

speech, even hate speech, Campbell said.

what faculty thought of the changes.

the professor conflicts with the ruling of

sabbatical, the document said.

Afterwards, senators such as Bissell

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JANUARY 15, 2020



Due Date Too Late

Celebrate Life Rally and March promotes new initiative to ban late-term abortions By Herman Guzman-Ibarra

get the new initiative on the ballot,

clarifying that supporting it was not the same as supporting abortion

Colorado is one of only seven

or agreeing with abortion at 22

states where a woman can seek

weeks. Rather, it would be one

out a late-term abortion at any time

step to transition from a partial

during her pregnancy. The reasons

abortion ban to a total one.

for doing so are complex, and the

Another speaker was Ramona

topic has always been one of heated

Treviño, a former manager of a

debate among people on either end

Planned Parenthood referral center

of the political spectrum. Some

in Sherman, Texas. She spoke to the

groups are trying to limit them

crowd in both English and Spanish

before the second trimester now.

of her time there and what it’s like

On Jan. 11, people in the thousands came out to the

to come from one side to the other. “Oftentimes people may laugh

Colorado State Capitol for the

or joke and think that we’re just a

“2020 Celebrate Life Rally.” The

bunch of crazies out here. And I

annual event focused on Initiative

know because I used to be on the

120, a new proposal seeking

other side and thought that you

supporters to land a spot on the

were a bunch of crazies,” she said.

November ballot that would ban

She referred to the Hispanic

abortions in Colorado after 22

population in the crowd, telling

weeks of pregnancy, or about

them — in Spanish — that people

five months. The only exception

will try to take advantage of them

is if the mother’s life is at risk.

because they believe they are

The event began at 1 p.m.,

ignorant. She encouraged them to

and it was preceded by three

be steadfast in their beliefs and not

mass services held in downtown

be swayed by anyone that might

Denver. One of the major

challenge them to think otherwise.

speakers was Archbishop Samuel

An hour later, the attendees

Photos by Herman Guzman-Ibarra |

Ramona Treviño shares her story of becoming pro-life at the 2020 Celebrate Life Rally in front of the Colorado State Capitol on Jan. 11. to come out in support of the rally. “Well I’m pro-life, and I wasn’t

female, Hispanic, Caucasian,

@Dems4LifeCO twitter account,

— commenting that it showed

spoke about how Democratic

J. Aquila of The Archdiocese

took to the streets and marched

actually too sure about coming out

there’s not one set crowd that’s

ideologies could go hand-in-hand

of Denver, who commended

from the Capitol to Colfax Avenue,

at first but my friends all pushed

pro-life but a myriad of people.

with reducing and banning abortion.

the attendees for joining.

around Civic Center Park and

me to come out and now, now I’m

then back. Signs in English and

so happy to be here with others,”

Mountain Regional Coordinator

lead to abortion are issues that

giving witness and public witness

Spanish reading “I VOTE PRO-

Quade said. “This is actually my first

of Students for Life and Pro-Life

Democrats are already fighting

to the sacred value of human life


time marching for, well, anything

Future, made a similar remark,

for. Things like paid maternal

in every stage of development,”

waved in the crowd, and chants of,

really. I’m definitely open to coming

and added how she’s seen more

leave, universal healthcare and

Aquila said. “And your voice

“We are the pro-life generation,”

out to more things like this and

young people become pro-life

Medicaid,” Vail said. “One I always

advances the kingdom of God,

echoed across the area.

learning more now though.”

advocates, especially in the state.

hear about is getting an abortion

“Each one of you today is

for now and for all eternity.” Aquila also encouraged the audience to sign the petition to

Gus Quade, an attendee who

Quade was content seeing

Christina Coffman, the Rocky

“Students for Life is the largest

enthusiastically cheered in the

the variety of people that

youth pro-life group and it extends

crowd, talked about why he decided

came out – young, old, male,

across 60 campuses — all led by

“Lots of the issues that

because they can’t afford to have the child in the first place.” Vail also mentioned the

pro-life students,” Coffman said. “In

difficulty in finding candidates

Colorado, the laws are very extreme,

to support. She said she didn’t

more than most want. I believe the

support President Donald Trump’s

future of Colorado is pro-life.”

policies, but doesn’t abide by

There is no Students

far-leftideals like those of Sen.

for Life organization set up

Bernie Sanders, who has a 100%

on Auraria Campus.

lifetime pro-choice voting record.

While Colorado currently

“There are pro-life Democrats

has no limit to what stage you

out there, like Dan Lipinski

can get an abortion, about 3%

from Illinois,” Vail said. “They

out of 8,873 abortions were

just get eaten up by the other

performed at or greater than 21

Democrats for being pro-life.”

weeks in 2017, according to the

In order to be on the November

Colorado Department of Public

ballot, Initiative 120 has to achieve

Health and Enviorenment. The

124,632 valid signatures by March

majority are done before the

4. Anti-abortion laws have been

end of the first trimester.

a heated topic since the idea of

Coffman also said she’s decided

overturning Roe v. Wade — a

to dedicate her life to ending

1973 U.S. Supreme Court case

abortion, having founded the

that affirmed access to safe and

Denver chapter of Pro-Life Future

legal abortion is a constitutional

in 2017 and devoting her time to

right — was discussed last year,

building up the young adult pro-

and Alabama signed the most

life community in Denver through

extreme anti-abortion law to date.

established sidewalk advocacy, apologetics trainings, community

A rallygoer holds up two signs in her hands reading “I VOTE PRO-LIFE FIRST” and “Love Both” during the Celebrate Life building and rapid response events. Rally and March around Civic Center Park on Jan 11. 2020. Kristin Vail, who runs the

Whether or not Coloradans will consider the initiative will have to gestate over the next several weeks.



JANUARY 15, 2020

List of CU presidential candidates leaked by unknown source would not offer any transparency.”

By Tory Lysik From the CU Independent

Throughout student outcry and a

building legal battle, regents doubleddown on their claim that naming a sole

A list of about 30 candidates for

finalist is not unprecedented. The last

the University of Colorado system

four CU presidents were sole finalists.

president has been leaked to the Colorado

According to the regents’ letter, they

Independent as first reported by Colorado

only had the right to release Kennedy’s

Politics on Wednesday. The identity of

name once he was announced as the sole

the person who leaked the information

finalist and say it is their legal right to

is unknown, but regents believe it was

keep other candidates’ names private.

someone involved in the presidential

“Whoever provided this information

search that began in November 2018.

to the media without the university’s

Four Republican regents are now calling

authorization has harmed the university

for an investigation into the leak. In a letter,

and undermined the integrity of the

regents Heidi Ganahl, Sue Sharkey, John

search process,” the letter reads.

Carson and Chance Hill said the incident Photo by Hunter Allen |

is “inconsistent with the expectation

Contact CU Independent Senior

Mark Kennedy faces heated audience questions during an open forum on the CU Boulder campus on April 26, 2019.

News Editor Tory Lysik at

occurred may have negative consequences

next system president on May 2 in a 5 to 4

other candidates. Regents had denied multiple

The Metropolitan and several Colorado student

for the university and make it more difficult

vote by regents along party lines. The former

requests to do so, according to the Camera.

media organizations are sharing editorial

to recruit in future searches, ” the letter

Republican congressman faced criticisms

reads. “We committed to respect the

for hisanti-civil rights voting record.

of confidentiality that the University of Colorado promised to candidates.”

“The breach of confidentiality that

confidentiality of the process and of the

Regents faced backlash for their decision

“We attempted to negotiate through

state. For more information, write to Editor-in-

and the regents to have them do the right

Chief James Burky at

individual candidates so that the university

to name Kennedy as the sole finalist for CU

thing and release information on all the

could attract the top talent expected to

president in April. In September, the Daily

finalists for the university president,”

run a flagship university system.”

Camera announced it had filed a lawsuit

Camera publisher Al Manzi said at the

against the regents to release the names of

time. “The regents determined they

Mark Kennedy was confirmed as CU’s

content to promote student work around the

our attorneys with the administration

Briefs Camping ban reinforced in Denver Two weeks after a Denver

Uber driver kidnapped, suspect in custody A female Uber driver was held

Fourth Annual Womxn’s March in Denver Jan. 18 This Saturday, the 4th Annual

Aurora officer pleads guilty to DUI Officer Annette Brook has been

Eight people stabbed in downtown Colorado Springs A series of random stabbings

County judge ruled the camping

at gunpoint by a male passenger

Womxn’s March is set to take place

sentenced to 20 days of in-home

took place overnight in downtown

ban unconstitutional, the city will

in Grand Junction on Jan. 11.

in downtown Denver, starting on

detention and a year of probation

Colorado Springs on Jan. 13.

Bannock Street and proceeding

following her guilty sentence.

The suspect started around 8th

continue to enforce the ban. The initial appeal to the

The suspect indicated he was headed downtown, and then told

south to 13th Street and looping

ruling did not actually overturn

the driver to go to the desert. The

back to Civic Center Park. The

17, 2019 after hitting a concrete

through America the Beautiful

the enforcement, according to

driver jumped out of the moving

event will take place from 9:30

highway barrier, saying she fell

Park, before being detained by

Channel 7. Judge Johnny C.

vehicle, suffering minor injuries,

a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with the actual

asleep at the wheel. It was soon

victims in the area of Tejon Street

Barajas cited a 2018 court decision

and fled on foot, crashing the car

march taking place at 10 a.m. for

found afterwards that her blood-

and Boulder Street. The incident

in the 9th District Court of Appeals

in the process, according to Fox

a half hour. There will be no rally,

alcohol content level was three

took place from 1:30 - 2:10 a.m.

that allowed for camping in

31. The suspect fled the scene

but instead the IMPACT EXPO

times the legal limit. Brook is one

No motive is known as of press

public places. Denver, however,

with the victim’s vehicle. Police

inside the McNichols Civic Center

of many Aurora officers who have

time, and there is no apparent

has shown a reluctancy to do so,

went to investigate the area of 25

Building. The expo will include

been in a DUI incident, including

pattern among the victims. Police

having voted against the “Right

Road and G Road in response to

two art exhibitions, two sessions

Joshua Teeples – who has pleaded

are withholding information about

to Survive” proposal last May.

the crash. The suspect is currently

of Womxn Building Resilience

not guilty – and Nathan Meier,

the suspect due to the ongoing

Mayor Michael Hancock

in custody, and the stolen vehicle

participatory art workshops,

who was found passed out drunk

status of the investigation.

is still missing from the scene.

and table exhibits offered to

at the wheel of his unmarked

The suspect was taken into

to the homeless issue, and

nearly 60 Denver-area non-profit

car in the middle of the road.

custody, according to Fox 31.

that it would have created an

and grassroots organizations,

“unsanitary problem for the

according to 9News.

said that it was not the solution

homeless and Denver residents.”

She was arrested on June

Meier received no charges for that incident.

Street and Limit Street, heading

JANUARY 15, 2020


Letter to the editor: Man convicted of murdering his wife seeks help reversing his case I am hopeful that MSU

with the courts that obviously

a new trial for him, and Rabia

5 staff Editor-in-Chief James Burky Managing Editor Megan Webber

Denver students may have

want to maintain the conviction

Chaudry became famous and

an interest in learning how the

no matter how falsely obtained.

acquired a whole new career. I

Colorado justice system works

I am now sure that I must rely on

don’t know how Adnan’s new

Herman Guzman-Ibarra

— or sometimes doesn’t.

awareness of ordinary Colorado

trial turned out, but I am certain

Features Editor

citizens and hope that they

he would never have gotten back

murder of my wife, who was

might raise their voices with

into court without the bright light

Brady Pieper

killed in 2001. But I loved my wife

judges and/or the governor.

of public scrutiny on his case.

I was falsely convicted of the

and cherished her life more than

To that end, a couple of

my own. I did not murder her. Denver police made an immediate rush to judgment

Hal Hebert

and thereafter never deviated

I hope I can have some

News Editor

Sports Editor Will Satler

amateur friends in Denver have

measure of the same success,

helped me create a website:

particularly because my case

is vastly more egregious than

Kaileigh Lyons

Adnan’s. The problem I now

Design Editor Zhen Tang

After I posted the major part

Photo Editor

from their intent to convict “the

been robbed), then drove off in

of my story to this website, I took

face is that, although my story

husband.” They arrested me with

the victim’s vehicle (as someone

the unheard of and audacious

is pretty well-outlined on the

no evidence at all — before they

had driven off in my wife’s car).

step of writing directly to

website, I have no knowledge of

The Denver prosecutor

Denver’s new District Attorney,

how to attract an audience, and I

identity. The arrest was later

(who had used him as the key

Beth McCann. I challenged her

am prevented by the Department

ruled illegal for lack of probable

witness at my trial) extracted

to consider my case (see my

of Corrections from ever having

cause. The police regarded that

confessions from him to scores

April letter on the site); to her

direct access to the internet. I

Steve Haigh

fact as a mere inconvenience as

of unsolved Denver felonies

great credit, Ms. McCann has

need help from a person who is

Production Manager of Met Media

they created a case against me.

including numerous murders. She

just now ordered that my case be

knowledgeable in social media and

then gave him an opportunity to

reviewed by a new “Conviction

can execute a campaign to help

Kathleen Jewby

various leads that would have led

avoid the death penalty and he

Review Unit” which she has

gain citizens’ signatures on my

to other suspects; issued false

accepted several consecutive life

established within the DA’s office.

site’s petition; to bring the petition

Meher Noorulamin

statements to news media, judges

terms plus more than a hundred

to the governor’s attention; to

Sales and Marketing

and defense attorneys; fabricated

years as well. He was quietly

events. It means she has detected

make sure courts know their

physical evidence; perjured; bribed

sentenced by the same judge who

substantial irregularities in

next decision will be exposed to

and coached perjury from civilian

had just presided at my trial.

my case with just a cursory

public opinion; and to perhaps

were even sure of the victim’s

They purposely ignored

This is a very big turn of

witnesses; concealed evidence

Police, prosecutors and

look. I believe no other murder

help raise legal fees with some

that would have benefitted me;

the judge never divulged this

conviction has ever been

sort of crowd-fund assistance.

purposely misrepresented forensic

information to me or my defense

voluntarily reopened by any of her

blood evidence; intimidated and

lawyers as they are required to do

predecessors. The problem for

perfect person for my needs might

frightened defense witnesses

by Supreme Court and American

me now is that the further review

be a student of journalism or

and engaged in all these

Bar Association ethics rules. It

and determination as to whether

mass communications or public

activities in complete knowing

took four more years of my own

I should receive any relief will be

relations or even advertising. I

cooperation of the Denver

effort to locate the witness, in the

handled in secret by prosecutor-

need part-time help of someone

District Attorney prosecutors.

last place I would have expected

lawyers unknown to me. They will

who has the necessary skills, or is

A particular prosecution

(prison), and to learn that he has

work from the “record” (police

eager to learn them. I can’t afford

witness provided the crucial

laughed and bragged to other

reports and transcripts). But a

to pay more than a few hundred

testimony (regarding a supposed

inmates about numerous crimes

great deal of the information which

dollars per month, but it does

gun purchase) on which

for which he was never charged

proves the police investigation

seem like my case might be a great

prosecutors based their entire

including the murder of my wife.

and the trial were rigged is of

learning project and also carries

theory of the case. I knew he

Sarah Lease Director of Met Media

Office Manager Brady Nelson

I have the feeling that the

In the 15 years now of

course not in the record because

the possibility of becoming an

was the key to my case and after

fighting for a new trial, or at

prosecutors made efforts to hide

excellent career enhancement as

my trial I told my lawyers and

least a fair evidentiary hearing,

it. I need help now to make all that

happened with Rabia Chaudry.

investigators to find him and

I have been taken up and down

information known to the public.

determine why he had lied. They

through Colorado courts and

charged me tens of thousands

have received specious denials

Adnan Syed? He’s a young man,

over a three-year period and

based on courts’ findings that my

convicted of murder in Maryland

were never able to find the

expensive lawyers committed

in 1999, who nevertheless

Thank you,

witness; and the Denver DA’s

“procedural errors” which

continues to maintain his

Hal Hebert

office refused to provide any

preclude consideration of the

innocence. A media-savvy friend

information on his whereabouts.

facts and merits of the case.

of his, Rabia Chaudry, created

However, just ten weeks after

No court has yet considered

a website for him that became

my trial, the key witness was

and ruled upon the manifest

a best-selling book, “Adnan’s

Hal Lewis Hebert was convicted

arrested after he invaded a victim’s

Prosecutorial Misconduct and all

Story,” then became a podcast,

of murder in 2003. His current

home (as someone had entered

the newly discovered evidence.

“Serial,” and this past summer

release date is Dec. 31, 9998.

our house), shot the victim in the

This process has nearly exhausted

became an HBO documentary.

Photo courtesy of the Colorado

head (as my wife had been shot),

my resources and has caused me

Because of the public awareness,

Department of Corrections.

robbed the victim (as my wife had

to conclude that I have no chance

his lawyers were able to obtain

Have you ever heard of

Spanish Editor

If any reader feels inclined to help in this effort, I will welcome your response.

What we do The Metropolitan accepts submissions in the form of topic-driven columns and letters to the editor. Column article concepts must be submitted by 1 p.m. Thursdays and the deadline for columns is 9 p.m. Sundays. Columns range from 500 to 600 words. Letters to the editor must be submitted by 5 p.m. Mondays to be printed in that week’s edition. There is a 500-word limit for letters to the editor. The Metropolitan reserves the right to edit letters for formatting and style. All submissions should be sent by email to The Metropolitan is produced by and for the students of Metropolitan State University of Denver and serves the Auraria Campus. The Metropolitan is supported by advertising revenue and student fees and is published every Wednesday during the academic year and monthly during the summer semester. Opinions expressed within do not necessarily reflect those of MSU Denver or Met Media’s advertisers.



JANUARY 15, 2020

Stock Show brings cowboy culture to Denver By Brady Pieper For the next two weeks, Denver is a cowboy town. There aren’t many times the cowboys and city dwellers can interact, but the 114th annual National Western Stock Show blends entertainment, education and tradespeople for all of Colorado to enjoy. Starting on Jan. 9 with a parade that mosied through Denver and continuing through Jan. 26, the stock show has become a staple in Colorado. With patrons coming from around the world to witness performances, eat tasty

Rick Bishop, owner of Western Tradition hat shop, molds a felt cowboy hat to shape at the NWSS in the Denver Coliseum on Jan. 11.

food and represent their history, cowboy culture will ride into the National Western Complex for another successful year. “I love Denver,” Nicolas Diaz, 16, said as he strode past the stables after his performance

Photos by Brady Pieper |

Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza organizer Gerardo “Jerry” Diaz gives his thanks to the audience during the Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza at the NWSS on Jan. 12.

conservative and we’re more

aspect with the trade, rodeo and

patriotic than other cultures.”

breeding sections of the event.

White or tan? Straw or felt?

Owner of the Alberta-

The hat a cowboy bears is more

based Northline Reds cattle

in the 26th annual Mexican

performing everywhere I perform

two things that a charro needs:

than just an accessory — ­ it’s a

farm, Howard Schneider,

Rodeo Extravaganza on Jan. 12.

with my father and my mother,

a hat and his horse. A charro’s

necessity, according to McDonnell.

has been attending the stock

“It’s a rush, you know, you’re

all together. And it is just an

horse takes a lot of work and

there to entertain people but

amazing feeling, you know, to be

dedication to train — horse

their hat, McDonnell would use

you’re also there to teach them

embraced by your culture and with

training being a career that Diaz

a steamer to mold the hat by

something. It’s really special

your family at the same time.”

said he would want to do if rodeo

hand and little by little the raw

ranching and raising cattle. Now, I

wasn’t his current occupation.

felt transformed into the iconic

have three daughters and two sons

high-crowned, wide-brimmed

and four out of my five kids are

shape of a cowboy hat.

raising cattle and bringing them

being able to represent my

Due to its grand pageantry,

“When we’re not traveling and

As customers would pick

show since 1982. His children followed close in toe. “My whole family grew up

culture, not only doing it by

the Mexican Rodeo has become

myself but with my family.”

a major part of the stock show.

we just settle down for a little bit,

For Diaz, the event is more than

my dad takes horses and he trains

Gerardo “Jerry,” and mother Staci,

just entertainment. There is

them for people. That’s something

gear was very important and

other son’s a comic book artist —

have performed since he was a

always an element dedicated to

that I would like to do,” Diaz said.

useful, because he was on a horse,

it’s kinda the exact opposite.”

child. At three-years-old, Diaz

educating people on the charro,

“It’s really cool to take a horse

and a horse can only travel so far

would wave from the back of his

or Mexican cowboy, culture.

from nothing, taking a wild animal,

with so much weight,” McDonnell

while his children reside in Texas,

and taming it down for your

said. “That made the lightweight

but all except for the artist made

benefit and for the world to enjoy.”

design of the cowboy hat useful.”

an appearance at the stock show

Diaz along with his father

father’s horse, Grano De Oro, to

“We show the Mexican charro

“Every piece of the cowboy

to shows,” Schneider said. “My

The cattleman lives in Canada

the crowds of observers. In 2020,

culture in its raw form. So,

the stock show proved to be an

what they really do in Mexico to

opportunity for the 16-year-old

brand cattle to rope them to do

horseback and a change doesn’t

felt hat he said helps absorb

and his mother to shine and their

different things,” Diaz said. “The

appear to be on the horizon. With

the sweat after a long day in

Denver. The show has people

unbreakable bond to be presented.

Mexican culture spans back many

performances in Fort Worth and

the sun, as opposed to a straw

from all over the world, not

centuries. A lot of the cowboys

Canada next on the Diaz’ agenda,

hat that is a little cheaper and

North America, come to look

training the horses, practicing

got their ideas of how to rope,

it is be time to saddle up again.

doesn’t last as long. But at the

at cow genetics,” he said. “It

together,” Diaz said. “We work

ride and how to train horses

end of the day, McDonnell says

really is a big industry.”

on a routine, and sometimes

from the Mexican people.”

“We work many hours at home

routines just don’t go how you’d

The stock show gives the

Diaz has spent his entire life on

Even without a horse, a

The hatmaker donned a black

charro or cowboy is more

that he doesn’t discriminate on

than a man in a hat.

the hat someone chooses.

“It’s not being afraid to be

As the stock show pushes

think they would because, well,

Diaz family an opportunity to

you’re riding an animal. We look

travel around North America

all by yourself in the middle of

on, it can be hard to miss the

at each other and we say ‘okay.’

to spread their culture and

nowhere,” said Western Tradition

families strolling through the

We know how to play it off and

the word of the charro.

hatmaker Jim McDonnell.

aisles. The stock show has

“Cowboy culture is a little more

always had a generational

look good but it’s very special

In iconic fashion, there are

Staci Diaz wears a blue and red dress as she performs on horseback during the Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza at the NWSS on Jan. 12.

for the same cow-related purpose. “There’s lots of history in

The stock show is bringing the tradespeople, charros and country folk to the big city and it is here to stay.

Miguel Garcia wrestles a cow during the RAM Invitational Freestyle Reigning at the NWSS at the Denver Coliseum on Jan. 11.

JANUARY 15, 2020



“The Witcher” is entertaining despite its flaws By Brady Pieper

bounty. As he takes jobs throughout the

series, his drawback as a witcher are tested, one being his inability to feel human

A white-haired man approaches the tavern you’re drinking in. With a grunt, he stumbles to the bar

emotion and hostile public perception. Cavill’s portrayal of the emotionless witcher with a necessary amount of

and requests his preferred drink. You and

charisma and charm keeps the audience

other patrons hold one of two beliefs: the

engaged. Geralt is a believable character

witcher is a hero or the witcher is a mutant

and connects the audience no matter

not worthy of the dirt he stands on.

his role in the episode. In his limited

A similar fate awaits the observers of the Henry Cavill-led Netflix series “The Witcher,” which was released on Dec.

dialogue, Cavill’s stark tone is true to the no-nonsense personality of Geralt. Geralt’s story is interlaced with Ciri’s.

20. Watching the show will leave you in

The show follows her as a hostile kingdom

love or a state of confusion. Either way,

invades the land of Cintra and leaves her

“The Witcher” is an exhilarating ride

to travel the kingdom alone in search of

that leaves viewers wanting more.

the witcher. As the series progresses,

“The Witcher” was created in 1990 by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski in a series

we discover that Ciri has abilities too. Child characters can be hard to pull

of novels — the first of which was a Polish

off, but Allan makes Ciri realistic, and

short story released titled “The Witcher.”

she takes advantage of her moments

In 2007, video game developer CD PROJEKT RED then turned Sapkowski’s

as the sole character on screen. The story of Yennefer begins with her

works into the PC game titled “The

days as a hunchback child of an unloving

Witcher.” The series has become a beloved

father. She develops into a witch who has

RPG franchise because of its open worlds

sacrificed everything for her power.

and mature content. The show follows

Chalotra’s portrayal of the witch is

Photo from TVInsider

“The Witcher” Netflix series released on Dec. 20 and stars Henry Cavill as the titular character.

of “The Witcher” have — a lack of context. “The Witcher” does not slow down to

“The Witcher” is entertaining and worth the watch for Netflix subscribers. I’m glad

the stories of three characters: Geralt

noteworthy as she takes the character

give background knowledge about what is

that producers decided on a television

of Rivia, played by Cavill, Yennefer of

from Yen’s early darkest moments to her

occuring. When Geralt and Ciri use their

series over a film because there is a lot

Vengerberg, played by Anya Chalotra,

later confident and selfish personality.

powers, there is little to no explanation for

of material to be adapted. I will awaiting

and Ciri, the crown princess of the Cintra

Chalotra’s acting bodes well for future

source of their magic. If you are not familiar

for season two to come out in 2021.

kingdom, played by Freya Allan.

seasons as Yennefer is a dynamic

with the material this will confuse you.

Geralt is a witcher, meaning he’s a

character with room for growth.

As a viewer it is your job to suspend your

contract monster hunter that has special

This leads to the initial issue most

disbelief and accept it. If you need realism

abilities that aid him in his pursuit of his

people first entering the wonderful world

in your world, then this show is not for you.

“You” season two is a disappointing follow-up By Megan Webber

says something strange about society. Penn Badgley, who plays the main character, Joe Goldberg, told Stephen

After the release of its second season

show, the second season was complicated

then argues with his father, who beats her

to follow, and thus left me hanging.

so badly she decides to take Joe and leave.

The first season followed Joe and the

There’s no real order to these flashbacks, so

Colbert in an interview that it reflects how

object of his obsession, Guinevere Beck,

it’s hard to tell how the story goes. Do they

on Netflix on Dec. 26, “You” is quickly

quickly we are willing to forgive people

played by Elizabeth Lail, and ended in her

leave Joe’s father? How do they get away?

becoming a post-Christmas tradition.

we are attracted to. But how long will

demise by Joe’s hand in an attempt to

Does his mother abandon him? The only

it take for us to stop forgiving Joe?

keep her quiet. In the season’s stunning

answer we really get is that Joe saw himself

finale, Candace Stone, Joe’s ex-girlfriend

as his mother’s protector, and when he did

Last year, viewers devoured season one as soon as it came out, and did the same thing

While the concept of a picture-perfect

with season two. The fact that people are

young man with a secret skill for stalking

played by Ambyr Childers, walked into

something evil, she would make excuses

so turned on by a show about a psychopath

and murdering makes for a thrilling TV

his quaint New York bookstore, and

for him and tell him he did a good thing.

that is where season two takes off. Desperate to escape Candace’s vengeful wrath, Joe flees to Los Angeles and

least Beck was always who she seemed, but

changes his name. He lands a job at a new

season two builds up Love’s character so

bookstore/hipster cafe, where he meets

we think we know her, only to find out later

his new obsession, Love Quinn, played by

that she’s just like Joe: damaged, struggling

Victoria Pedretti. As Joe works his way into

to be better than the rest, but with an

Love’s life and starts his cycle again, I’m

inevitable dark side. It seems like a match

reminded of his creepy dual personality.

made in heaven — or hell. It doesn’t give the

The audience has the classic relationship

The Netflix series “You” released its second season on Dec. 26. The show stars Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg and Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn.

audience the closure we need, which would

with Joe where they root for him because

be to see Joe come to justice. Instead, it

he’s the protagonist but also against him

feels dull. Oh well, I guess Love and Joe will

because they know he’s evil. Joe’s thoughts

just get married and kill people together.

are narrated for the audience to hear

Photo from The Wrap

If the season one finale was a twist, the second season’s finale is a whirlwind. At

But the show is good at cliffhangers. In

throughout the show, so that while he lies

the last scene, Joe finds a new obsession,

to the other characters, it’s clear that he

and it’s comforting, in a weird way, to know

knows his actions are wrong. But he doesn’t

that he’s still the same psychotic, creepy

admit even to himself how evil he really is.

dude. A year from now, there will be a third

To make matters more confusing, the

season, a third love obsession and more

second season features flashbacks to Joe’s

craziness. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

childhood. Young Joe watches his mother, played by Magda Apanowicz, as she leaves him in shops while she goes on dates and



JANUARY 15, 2020

Men’s basketball sweeps RMAC foes The Roadrunners shot a

By Will Satler The MSU Denver men’s basketball team did something

MSU Denver improved their

whopping 23 free throws in the

record at home to 8-1 in 2019-

second half, something Lombard

20 but now go out onto the

says was a team focus going in.

road where they’ve struggled

“We just had an emphasis on

historically under Bahl. They

Friday that hadn’t been done

getting into the lane with jump

sport an 0-5 record this season

in head coach Michael Bahl’s

stops and just trying to draw fouls,

and had an 2-9 record on the

tenure with the Roadrunners.

and I think we executed that well,”

road last season. A four-game

Lombard said. “So it’s been a

road trip in 2018-19 in which the

off No. 19 Dixie State University

storyline the whole year. It feels

Roadrunners lost all four games

on Jan. 10 for their first win

like there’s not one true leading

essentially endedtheir postseason

since 2015 versus a nationally

scorer on this team and I mean

hopes, something they hope

ranked opponent. MSU Denver

there’s like four or five different

to avoid this time around.

followed up a 60-57 win over

guys with nine points tonight.”

The Roadrunners knocked

the Trailblazers with a 70-64

Their first chances of the road

The sophomore Straughter also

selfless win over Westminster

trip comes in Pueblo on Jan. 17

was essential to MSU Denver’s

against Colorado State University-

MSU Denver senior Mitch Lombard takes the contact as he drives to the hoop during a game against Colorado Christian University on Dec. 7 in Denver at the Auraria Event Center. MSU Denver won, 81-76.

strong weekend, more so on the

Pueblo at 7:30 p.m. before

defensive side of the ball as he

taking on New Mexico Highlands

continues to find his range on

University in Las Vegas, New

a 2-5 record in Rocky Mountain

intensity. If we can continue to

against Dixie State. He played 17

offense. The 6-foot-7-inch forward

Mexico at 7 p.m. the next day.

Athletic Conference play and

progress and just focus a ton of

of 20 minutes, shooting a perfect

led the team in rebounds both

sitting tied for 13th place, MSU

energy on the defensive side,

6 for 6 from the field including

nights with seven against Dixie

tests for the Roadrunners,

Denver could’ve taken their foot

the offense will take care of it.”

two big threes down the stretch.

State and six against Westminster.

with CSU-Pueblo right ahead

College where no player scored more in double figures. Coming into the weekend with

Photo by Will Satler |

off the pedal after Saturday’s win

Senior guard Mitch Lombard

14 of his team-leading 18 points

Both teams will be strong

More importantly, he registered

of MSU Denver in the RMAC

over Dixie State. Instead, they

has picked up his play of

came in the second half on a

two blocks both nights protecting

standings and New Mexico

turned up the pressure on defense

late and has been one of the

night where his team struggled

the rim and added two steals in

Highlands battling at the top of

against Westminster College,

Roadrunners’ best player since

from the field shooting.

the second half against the Griffins

the conference with Dixie State.

to the approval of their coach.

2020, now averages 9.7 points

“I thought we just came out and

He was just as vital on Sunday

to create run-out opportunities

The Roadrunners have won

per game while leading the team

night against Westminster, as he

started with our defensive effort,”

in assists per game with 3.9.

was one of six Roadrunners who

Straughter hopes to bring

CSU-Pueblo since Bahl took

Bahl said. “That’s like our safety

He’s also been the team’s most

scored nine points — forward

that same defensive intensity

over the program while they

net, you know? So maybe we’re

effecient scorers among players

Elijah Straughter, forward Maris

into a four-game road trip

have lost the past two to New

not making shots or we’re not sure

who have over 100 attempts

Colton, guard Druce Asah, guard

for the Roadrunners.

Mexico Highlands, including a

if all we really want to or we’re not.

from the field, shooting 53%.

Garrett Carter and forward Kendall

“We’re just taking it one

McIntosh — and added four assists

game at a time,” Straughter

“We’re turning it over a little

Lombard was essential to the

that led to points for MSU Denver.

the last three matchups against

103-69 thumping in their second matchup last season in Las Vegas.

bit too much. We always have to

two victories over the weekend,

as he led the offense throughout

said. “You know, we have that

have something to fall back on,

leading the team back from an

the second half while the Griffins

team mentality. Everybody is

and I think that’s our defensive

11-point second-half deficit

looked to make a comeback.

bought in, so we’re excited.”

Roadrunners lose close battles against quality opponents high 15 points on Friday against Dixie State By Will Satler

with a perfect shooting night from the field

while Justinak had a career-high 17 points on 5 of 7 shooting from 3-point range.

Poor shooting and situational playmaking

But in both those games, Schroeder

have been downfalls of the MSU Denver

and Justinak were the only Roadrunners

women’s basketball team in 2019-20, and

to have good nights. Freshman Jaela

during a weekend series against Dixie State

Richardson is coming into her own as she

University and No. 19 Westminster College,

gains more playing time, but her four points

the Roadrunners faced the same troubles.

against Dixie State and 10 points against a

A 61-54 loss to Dixie State on Jan. 10 was hindered by a nine-point second quarter where they shot 3 for 14 from the field

bigger Westminster team weren’t enough to earn MSU Denver important wins. But the program is taking the

and while the Roadrunners kept their own

necessary steps to become as dominant

with No. 19 Westminster on Jan. 11, a 29%

as they were when Haave took over the

shooting percentage from 3-point range left

program in 2010-11. Justinak’s strong

them coming up just short, losing 59-54.

performance is a sign to come for the

The fact that they played some of their best basketball of the season against one of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference’s

Roadrunners as she becomes more

Photo by Will Satler |

Junior guard Maggie Justinak crosses her defender over and drives toward the basket during a game against Westminster College on Jan. 11 in Denver at the Auraria Event Center.

comfortable shooting from deep. not as vocal, so I need to do that for my

will need to continue to step up,

best teams is promising, especially

the team is, to if I’m open, shoot the

team and I think that’ll really help us. I just

especially before the team embarks

to their head coach, Tanya Haave.

shot,” Justinak said. “I’m getting

kind of get everybody in the right spot.”

on a grueling four-game road trip.

“I really liked the way we approached

“I know that’s one of my roles on

more comfortable driving as well. It’s

And she has continued to make

They travel to Colorado State University-

the game — the mindset that we had,”

something that I’ve been trying to work

strides to achieving it. She leads the

Pueblo to take on the Wolves on Jan. 17

Haave said. “It just came down to when they

on too in the past couple of weeks.”

team in assists with 4.2 per game and is

at 5:30 p.m. in the first half of an MSU

fifth on the team in scoring, adding 7.7

Denver basketball double-header, then

needed a shot or to make a play, they made

MSU Denver’s most consistent player so

a play and then we couldn’t. So that’s a huge

far this year, sophomore Jaiden Galloway,

points per game. She had three steals

travel to play New Mexico Highlands

difference in that. We learned from that.”

put together another solid weekend. But

in each of the games on the weekend,

University on Jan. 18 at 5 p.m., also

before the year, Galloway had a goal

including forcing Westminster’s best

part of a Roadrunners double-header.

that she’s looking to put to work.

scorer, Mariah Martin, into five turnovers

One thing that kept the Roadrunners in both games in the weekend was career nights from juniors Mariah Schroeder and Maggie Justinak. Schroeder scored a career-

“I’m going to strive to be more of a leader,” Galloway said. “Sometimes I’m

while making her earn her 16 points. With 13 games to go, Galloway

JANUARY 15, 2020



Nuggets struggle against bad teams for naught By Will Satler A switch has flipped for the

according to Basketball Reference. They hold a 14-6 record against

ratio, knows that if Denver wants to really take the next step, they’ll

teams currently in playoff position

have to find a way to win those

in either conference — 7-3 versus

games or better yet, not lose them.

Denver Nuggets. Winning is

both conferences. That should be

now an expectation, no matter

incredibly relieving for anyone

when we play teams with losing

the opponent nor the night.

involved with Nuggets basketball.

records,” Morris told Nick

I mean, they have to play those

Kosmider with The Athletic. “I

teams in the playoffs, right?

think, honestly, we’ve just got to

With a record of 27-12 through 39 games in 2019-20 and sitting second place in a

The narrative looks sweeter

“We ain’t got no killer instinct

have that dog (mentality). Like,

top-heavy Western Conference,

when you narrow it to the last

tomorrow (against the Clippers),

you would think that things

month of games. Going back to a

we’ll probably come out and have

would be pretty happy-go-

Dec. 12 win over the Portland Trail

a great game, be flying around.

lucky around Pepsi Center and

Blazers — a win that would lead

For us to be where we want to

in the Nuggets’ fan base.

Photo obtained from

Nikola Jokic has been one of the best players in the NBA over the past month for the Denver Nuggets while they’ve earned a 13-4 record.

to their longest winning streak

be, we have to dominate teams

That is not the case at all,

of the season at seven games

with records not like ours.”

though. Head coach Michael

— the Nuggets are 13-4, with

Morris was right. The

Conference Finals a year ago.

Malone earned his 200th win

quality wins over the Lakers, the

Nuggets came out with one

After a slow start to the

the next step towards an NBA

with the franchise on Jan. 12 over

Clippers and the Indiana Pacers.

of their best performance of

season, Nikola Jokic has found

championship. The addition of

the year against the Clippers

his rhythm and become one of

Grant defensively — on display

Kawhi Leonard and the loaded

But then it’s not sweet. Denver

this Nuggets team has taken

Los Angeles Clippers. A year ago

has been the worst team in the

led by newcomers Jerami

the best players in the NBA. Since

Sunday against the Clippers

if this had happened, the crowd

Western Conference among the

Grant and Michael Porter Jr.

Dec. 3, he’s first in offensive

holding Leonard to 2 for 9 shooting

around Denver would have been

West’s top six seeds against

rebounding percentage, second

and forcing two turnovers — the

head-over-heels for this team.

teams with fewer than 15 wins

call it a blue, gold and red lining.

in assists to turnovers and

versatility of Porter Jr. as a big-

But expectations and goals alike

in 2019-20. The Lakers? Zero

The Nuggets have been playing

seventh in eFG% — all with per

time scorer off the bench and a

have changed — leaving the

losses against those teams.

meaningful basketball for four

game averages of 22.9 points,

peak-performing Jokic has the

NBA seasons now, despite only

9.3 rebounds and 6.7 assists

Nuggets rolling when it matters.

one playoff appearance.

according to Basketball Reference.

franchise hungry for more. Denver is tied for the lead

That 13-4 record since Dec. 12 features ugly losses to the

Don’t call it a silver lining,

Washington Wizards in D.C., the

in the NBA with a .643 winning

12-27 Cleveland Cavaliers and

of their games since 2016-

game-winning shots in 2019-

postseason comes, the Nuggets

percentage against teams with a

the New Orleans Pelicans on

17 according to Basketball

20 — shots scored in the last 10

will be playing the best teams

winning record. That’s significant

national TV on Christmas — the

Reference. That’s 167 wins, the

seconds or less while behind or

the NBA has to offer, who

when you factor in the West’s

latter two both coming at home.

same number of wins as the

tied with the game within 3 points

Denver has been successful

Oklahoma City Thunder and

or less — and has six of those

against in recent memory.

leader, the Los Angeles Lakers,

Monte Morris, the Nuggets’

The Nuggets have won 58%

He leads the NBA with three

Losses against bad teams

with the 35-6 Milwaukee Bucks

sports a .611 percentage and

steady bench point guard who has

seven more wins than the Trail

shots in the past two seasons,

the 2nd best team in the East,

been one of the NBA’s best when

Blazers. Denver did come just

which also leads the NBA.

the Boston Celtics, is at .500,

it comes to the assists-to-turnover

a game away from the Western

are concerning, but when the

There’s reason to believe

Avalanche must make a move to be contenders as the trade market for the former

points in 45 games this season,

more difficult. Goaltender trades

By Brady Pieper

MVP dwindled down. But as the

the 28-year-old boasts some

don’t happen every single year,

Arizona Coyotes became the

high-end stats that can boost the

especially blockbuster ones, but

respectable numbers after signing

lucky party and new home for

Avalanche’s forward core. The

the Avs have a history of taking

a two-year deal with the tanking

the strong forward, one glaring

Avs’ rotating door of wingers

risks, hence the great Patrick Roy.

Senators, carrying a 9-9-2 record

the clock, and the puck slaps

question arose: do the Avalanche

allows for Kreider to slot into

Philipp Grubauer and Pavel

against the stick of Colorado

have enough firepower to win

the second line with Nazem

Francouz have both had decent

putting Nilsson on the Avs with

Avalanche superstar Taylor Hall.

the championship in 2020?

Kadri and Andre Burakovsky.

seasons to this point, but

an above-average defensive

The 220-pounder contests with

shoring up a strong backup in

core could help the netminder find a groove as a backup.

The seconds are ticking off

He shoots and scores as the clock

Not trading for Hall was

Ottawa Senators’ Anders Nilsson. The 29-year-old has put up

and .908 save percentage. Perhaps

drains down. It ticks to zero. The

damning inaction that might

an aggressive playstyle and

the case of injury is important,

Avs win Lord Stanley’s Cup.

leave the Mile High squad

strong netfront presence, which

especially in the case of injury

without the offensive weapons

would complement Burakovsky’s

and fatigue. The two goalies have

much, and would be looking to sell

they need. It’s a move that

shooting and Kadri’s playmaking.

a combined record of 23-14-5

come the deadline. The Avs could

and a goals against average of

acquire Nilsson for an early-to-mid

2.92 and 2.41, respectively.

round pick in 2020 and a prospect.

That’s the fever dream that existed in Avalanche fans heads

the Avalanche have to rectify

Because Hall is now in Phoenix,

when the NHL trade deadline

Kreider’s stock rose as he is one of

comes on March 3 at 3 p.m.

the few second-line left-wingers

The Avs have done a good

Colorado Avalanche star Nathan MacKinnon is one of the favorites for the Hart Trophy and his strong play will help the Avs make a run for the Stanley Cup.

A deep three-headed rotation

on the trade block. An expiring

consistency in the net as both

would keep the Avalanche

job building a balanced lineup

contract makes a Kreider trade

goaltenders have given up weak

fresh and lock up another key

with a strong defensive core

low-risk and high-reward. The

shot attempts as of late. Francouz,

position for their playoff run.

and a deep forward group. But

Rangers’ price, however, might

despite his early success,

recent losses to the New York

hurt the odds of a deal to Denver.

has spent most of his career

lineup heading into the All-Star

Rangers and two top teams in the

Photo obtained from

But the Avs need more

The Senators wouldn’t ask for

outside of the NHL and has a

break. Currently third in the

Eastern Conference, the New York

the Ryan Dzingel trade — a player

lack of playoff experience, while

loaded Central division with 55

Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins,

and two second-round picks — a

Grubauer is on pace for one of

points, the Avs have to make a

have revealed weaknesses within

completed transaction could see

his worst NHL seasons. A change

decision soon on their future if

the Avs’ ranks: offensive and

the Avs giving up a first round

in goalies might be in order.

they want to be real contenders

goaltending inconsistency.

pick and a future second or third

Fortunately for the team, there

With similar compensation to

The Avalanche have a stacked

While the Avs could look to

for the Cup. With the trade

rounder for Kreider. But with

take low risk moves on a selling

deadline less than a month and

are a few forwards that could

the Avs’ farm system being as

Detroit Red Wings team with

a half away, don’t expect the

be on the trade market that can

loaded as it is now, the team could

goaltenders Jimmy Howard or

Avs to stay stagnant for long.

improve offensive consistency.

acquire Kreider for very little.

Jonathan Bernier, one netkeeper

One candidate is the Rangers’

Addressing the opposite end of

left winger Chris Kreider. With 30

the ice with a netminder would be

that could look to make their way to Colorado via trade would be the



JANUARY 15, 2020



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Photo of the Week DII history to finish undefeated. On their path to collegiate athletics lore,

it be the Lombardi Trophy or whatever

the Coyotes lost two sets in a match twice in

you got for your beer league softball

2019 and swept opponents in 22 of 33 matches.

title — is a testament to your athletic superiority, tenacity and teamwork. In this photo, the California State

To find yourself on the doorstep of greatness is daunting. One slip up leaves you thinking, “We could have been

University - San Bernardino volleyball

something.” That pressure caused the

team cuts the net from the NCAA Division

32-0 — now 32-1 — Lopers to cry. That

II National Championship game on Dec.

pressure is also what drove the players and

14, which MSU Denver hosted.

coaches of the Coyotes to tears of joy.

The Coyotes topped the University

They accomplished what most

of Nebraska - Kearney Lopers 3-1 to

only do in dreams or video games

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The California State-San Bernardino volleyball team cuts the net after beating Nebraska Kearney in the NCAA Division II National Championship game at the Auraria Event Center on Dec. 14. San Bernardino became the third champion to finish a season undefeated in DII history.



Winning a championship is the ultimate achievement. That trophy — whether

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Volume 42, Issue 17 - Jan. 15, 2020  

The Metropolitan is a weekly, student-run newspaper serving MSU Denver and the Auraria Campus since 1979.

Volume 42, Issue 17 - Jan. 15, 2020  

The Metropolitan is a weekly, student-run newspaper serving MSU Denver and the Auraria Campus since 1979.