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Battle of the Bands amps up Homecoming Five MSU Denver groups mix it up for spot at Bonfire Nate Hemmert When you’ve got a little break between classes, what more could you ask for than a Battle of the Bands? This is exactly what students got to kick off MSU Denver’s Homecoming week in the Tivoli on Monday. The Turnhalle was full of music as the five bands competed for the top spot. “It’s been pretty diverse so far,” said Leo Harmon, a UCD music major and one of the judges at the battle. “It’s a very eclectic mix.” Of the five bands that played, not one of them sounded the same. The styles ranged from hard rock and metal, with Until Midnight, Mute Man’s Microphone and Devoutcast, to jam bands, like Redline Alchemy, who featured two saxophone players, then some hip hop from High Features laced in between. Britta Hurula, one of the judges and student at MSU Denver, said she appreciated the variety. “It gives us something to compare against instead of five bands that sound the same,” Hurla said. “I think there’s a lot of talent here and no matter who we pick, it’s going to be pretty good.” Luckily, for the judges, the pool of bands that could enter the battle was limited. “ One of the requirements to play, since it is an MSU Denver Homecoming event, is that at least one person in the band has to somehow be connected back to the school. Student, faculty, staff, alumni —there ­­ needs to be some kind of connection to the university,” said Matt Brinton, Assistant Director of Student Activities and one of the other judges of the competition. The bands weren’t just playing for the glory of the stage. It was a competition, after all. “Our first place winner will get a gig at the homecoming bonfire on Thursday and our second place winner will get a gig at Spirit Day,” Pritchard said. “Oh, and they all get money.” Although the bands were competing against one another, it was all in good fun. Many of them, after playing their own shows, stayed to see what the other bands had to offer. Greg Cronin, a UCD student

and a member of Mute Man’s Microphone, hung around to watch Redline Alchemy, which ultimately placed second in the competition, even with a few of their band members missing. “It’s too bad they didn’t have their entire band here,” Cronin said. “You see one guy playing sax, playing jimbe (drum), playing guitar. The musicianship was excellent.” Instead of doing a traditional big-venue decibel meter to decide the winner, the judges were given a score sheet with categories like performance quality, showmanship and more, Pritchard said. Overall, the event went really well. “We got a lot of foot traffic through, around 200 people,” Brinton said. “We had some people that hung out the whole time. They set up on the tables and got some homework done while enjoying the show.” In the end, it was Devoutcast that won the Battle of the Bands, with Redline Alchemy placing second and Until Midnight placing third. “The last band, Devoutcast, they were awesome,” said Scott Lynch of MSU Denver. “Their guitar work was sick. I’ll definitely be going to the bonfire to see them play a longer set.”

Check out the bands First Place: Devoutcast Facebook page: www.facebook. com/Devoutcast Second Place: Redline Alchemy Facebook page: www.facebook. com/redlinealchemy Third Place: Until Midnight Facebook page: www.facebook. com/UntilMidnightMusic Other participants: High Features Facebook page: www.facebook. com/HighFeatures Mute Man’s Microphone Facebook page: www.facebook. com/mutemansmicrophone

Devoutcast‘s lead singer Alex Giebler and bass guitarist Cameron Corley perform during the Battle of the Bands contest Feb. 4. Devoutcast placed first in the contest and will be playing at the Homecoming Bonfire at 5 p.m. Feb. 7 in the Dogwood parking lot. Photo by Brian T. McGinn •

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