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Christmas in Leeds

Dodgy landlord exposed Students log on to secure massive Met party

Ben McDougall Editor ——————————————— Following revelations regarding the dodgy dealings of Leeds property tycoon Simon Morris, Unipol Student Homes have urged Leeds City Council to refuse licences to rouge landlords and companies. Unipol issued their statement, in conjunction with the two students’ unions, following damning evidence presented by the BBC’s Panorama programme. The programme built a compelling case against Simon Morris Properties and alleged the company had manipulated the buy-to-let market by selling at inflated prices and fraudulently paying buyer’s deposits without the mortgage lender’s knowledge. Simon Morris Properties denied any wrong-doing, they said properties were “…independently valued for the lenders… and they used up to twenty different valuers… and at least half a dozen different solicitors all of whom acted independently.” They said any allegation that it “somehow conspired with valuers and solicitors is entirely rejected.” However, Unipol have called on the council to refuse licence applications on properties controlled by Simon Morris on the grounds that “the applicant(s) are not fit and proper persons.” Unipol said: “The Act [2004 Housing Act] makes specific provisions for not granting licences to rogue landlords and companies and after last night’s programme no one can be in any doubt about the nature of this landlord – they should not be allowed to manage properties.” On top of this the Serious Fraud Office is investigating Morris Properties and has launched “one of the

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Emma Jones Staff Reporter ———————————————

photo: Joe Kelly biggest property fraud investigations seen in the UK.” As a result of this investigation seven valuers for Morris Properties have been arrested. The Solicitors Regulation Authority is currently investigating 60 firms nationwide about allegations of overvaluing and mortgage fraud. One of the firms being investigated is Watson & Brown; a firm of solicitors used by Morris Properties. George Baudinet bought 2 Pearson Terrace, Hyde Park, from Morris Properties. He said: “… Morris sold us these properties and they offered this incentive [a fully paid deposit] providing we use the solicitors they allocated us.” That solicitor was Watson & Brown. Mortgage lenders said that if they had known buyers were not putting up deposits themselves they would not have lent the money. This is a safeguard to ensure that people don’t financially over-stretch themselves when they get involved in this kind of market.

The actions of Morris Properties circumvented this safeguard and opened the market to inexperienced and ill-equipped “armchair-investors” who didn’t have the money to make the properties habitable. Although investors like Baudinet may have lost out heavily, students like Hayley McKirgan, 22, were made to bear the brunt of Morris Properties incompetence. Hayley rented a room at 2 Pearson Terrace from Rent Me during 06/07, during which time they changed their name to PADS, both companies came under the umbrella of Morris Properties. Hayley said: “I wrote them a letter and asked for my £600 bond back. I said it was the least they could do considering the misery they had caused me. “We had damp in the basement which led to the belongings of one housemate being destroyed when the basement flooded on several occasions. There was general bad work-

manship around the house, they’d pester us over rent when we’d already paid it and we were never given receipts for payments or for our bond. “The burglar alarm broke, it kept beeping and it took ten weeks to get it fixed. When we called to complain we would be put on hold for fifteen minutes then they’d just terminate the call. I once spent £20 on one of these calls.” Unipol said: “In the past many students who have rented from Rent Me and PADS, and other companies associated with this kind of investment arrangement, have suffered from problems of poor standards, incomplete works, unreturned deposits and disrepair… we urge students to have nothing further to do with any of these companies or individuals associated with them.” Morris Properties has changed its name to Intellectual Property. The company categorically denies any wrongdoing.

Leeds Met students are able to compete for the chance of winning an amazing party at their students’ union. Thanks to an amazing opportunity from Making Waves Communications the Malibu super soundclash extravaganza could see Leeds Met students partying the night away in style. Jessica Odubayo, one of the organisers, said: “Sunbathing on a glorious beach, soaking up the sun whilst sipping on Malibu cocktails, is the life that most people wouldn’t usually associate with students. However, this event will be about as close as Leeds Met students will get to that!” The award winning soundclash party will feature two world class dj’s battling it out throughout the night, giving students the chance to sample the freshest tunes with all of their mates. If all that partying leaves you in


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Tuesday 12th February 2008

Vox Pops Met

Should elements of Sharia law be introduced into the British legal system? “No. British civil and criminal law is enough to cover legal eventualities in this country. Two systems of law would be a recipe for social chaos, and besides Sharia law is not too good for women’s rights.” Sue Smith, Faculty of Health lecturer. “I don’t know… I can see good points and bad points to it. Some people will always want that sort of thing, some people won’t.” Saun Leeson, Architectural, Technology – 3rd Year.

Antony Sutcliffe, Technology – 3rd Year. “I do believe we should have a mixed culture but we should honour our Christian history and English culture too. We shouldn’t go so far that we lose our own identity.” Antony Sutcliffe, Technology – 3rd Year. “I’m not quite sure… Maybe some things. I know most of it would be quite difficult, due to the kind of punishments, but if you look at the low crime rates of countries that operate it maybe there’s something we can learn.” Aneela Ahmed, Occupational Therapy – 1st Year.

the voice of the people of leeds met

“I don’t think it’d be a very good idea. Two different laws for different people would cause clashes, which would cause segregation. People would find a way to take advantage of there being two different systems.” Zoe Atack, Public Health & Nutirition – 1st Year Caroline Stewart, Environmental Health – 1st Year “No! If I went to live in another country I’d expect to abide by their rules. I don’t know a lot about it but I believe some of it can be quite cruel, although that could be rumour-mongering.” Caroline Stewart, Environmental Health – 1st Year

Identity cards forced on students Giselle Tadman Staff Reporter ———————————— It has been revealed that the government are targeting students by blackmailing them into buying identity cards according to Home Office documents which were leaked to the Conservative party last week. Documents revealed those applying for student loans will be forced to hold identity cards to receive funding from 2010. Anyone over the age of 16 will be expected to obtain a card meaning an added cost of up to £100 a year. This is likely to result in extra money problems and strain for students. NUS Vice President (Welfare), Ama Uzowuru comments: “It is extremely disappointing that the Government is planning to use students as guinea pigs for this scheme by forcing them to take on ID cards in order to apply for a loan.” She also added: “The student loan system is complicated enough as it is, without introducing yet another layer of bureaucracy to the process” Causing further inconvenience for students, the Government request that all changes to personal circumstances must reported or one can face a fine of up to £1000. This causes further hassle for students as they are likely to change their address frequently throughout the year. The first identity cards will be issued to foreign nationals coming to work in the UK in 2008, and from 2010 the Identity and Passport Service will issue “significant volumes”

News in a Flash

Giselle Tadman

Baby chucked out window A desperate family tried to save their baby by chucking him out of the window of a burning house. It has been revealed that the uncle made the life-or-death decision to drop the baby from a window four floors high as fire engulfed her home. Time seemed to stand still as the two-year-old plunged 40ft through the air. Miraculously a policeman caught the toddler in his arms on a night which saw the death of at least nine people due to the fire. Last week the baby was recovering in hospital.

Cops lose sex offenders Police forces nationwide have lost track of a shocking 337 sex offenders who are now known to be roaming our streets unchecked. The London Metropolitan Police confessed it has lost track of an incredible 107 registered sex offenders - up from the 88 they admitted they’d lost this time last year. Police have refused to reveal the names of the missing offenders and are hesitant to provide photographs, insisting giving out these details would hinder attempts to find them.

Boy scared to death A boy, who appears to have been literally scared to death, is the latest victim of Britain’s yob culture. It has been revealed that 12-year-old Jordan Maddison died after he and another boy were chased in the street by older youths. They sought refuge at the friend’s home. But, shortly after arriving, Jordan, who had “a pre-existing medical condition” collapsed and died. Detectives are treating the case as suspicious whilst inquiries are being made. Jordan’s family, of Shiney Row, near Sunderland, were said to be “deeply distressed”.

Father killed over football A row erupted over a football resulting in David Martin being stabbed by a samurai sword. The father-of-three was killed in front of his family as the argument between neighbours exploded into violence. Five people, including a 14-year-old girl and three women, one in her 60s, have been arrested over the incident. A man in his late 30s was arrested when he attended a south London police station voluntarily. The investigation continues as friends and family mourn his loss.

Gladiators to return

Another card for your wallet; from 2010 ID cards will be issued with passports. of ID cards alongside British passports. From 2009 UK citizens will be able to opt out of having an ID card but by 2010 renewing or getting a passport will be mean also getting a compulsory ID card for everyone. The revelations have led to concerns that the government is planning to collect the fingerprints and other biometric details of more than two million young people entering higher education each year by

stealth. Shadow immigration minister, Damian Green, called the plans “straightforward blackmail” to bolster “a failing policy. This is an outrageous plan. The government has seen its ID cards proposals stagger from shambles to shambles. They are clearly trying to introduce them by stealth.” During WWII ID cards were seen as a way of protecting the nation from Nazi spies. But in 1952, Winston Church-

Photo: Micheal Ward ill’s government scrapped the cards as they were hindering the work of the police. It is expected that the biometric cards will increase identity theft and fraud as well as creating a large pool of sensitive database information. Daniel Dixon a student at Leeds Met said: “It is unfair and discriminatory that they target us in this way. They seem to be targeting us because we appear the most vulnerable”.

Eight years after the original was axed by ITV bosses the show is set to return on Sky bigger and better. Football legend, Ian Wright, is tipped to host the revamped new version, which will get a prime-time Saturday night slot. The man behind “Gladiators ready…” referee John Anderson is in talks to return. New obstacle course-style challenges will include water and fire-based contests, which will run along side old favourites like the eliminator. Auditions for the replacement gladiators will take place next month throughout the country.

Third more quit smoking The number of people who kicked their smoking habit around the time of the smoking ban was increased by almost a third on the same period the year before, figures revealed. A total of 164,711 stubbed out their fags between April and September 2007, a period spanning the legislation which took effect on July 1. The figure was up 28 per cent on the same six months in 2006, said statistics released by the Information Centre (IC) which collects health data. Public Health Minister Dawn Primaralo said: “Its great news.”

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Tuesday 12th February 2008

Surgarwell bar closure leaves a sour taste Ashleigh Richardson Staff Reporter ———————————— Students living at Sugarwell Court halls of residence were disappointed to learn in December that their on site bar and shop were closing due to financial issues. The news came following reports that Leeds Met Students’ Union was in a dire financial state. In the last 8 years the Union has lost over £600,000 and was set to make a loss of over £80,000 this year alone. The decision was therefore made in mid-December to shut the operations ran by the SU that were not making any money. The Sugarwell Bar and shop, along with Kirkstall and Headingley Campus shops were closed as the facilities were deemed unprofitable. The bar is currently under review as to what to do with the space, but representatives for the Students’ Union have said the bar will not be reopening in the near future. The news is a blow to student residents with many only choosing Sugarwell Court as their accommodation choice because of the facilities the halls offered. “The only reason I chose Sugarwell as my first choice for accommodation was because the bar, shop and gym facilities were what appealed to me. I would have applied for accommodation at Kirkstall Brewery Halls as they have a bar also if I’d known they would be closing ours down,” said David Allard, a Sugarwell Court resident.

This is the view shared by the majority of students living at Sugarwell. When students originally applied for accommodation in halls of residence they were guaranteed these extra facilities. As the shop and bar are no longer available many believe they should be compensated by getting a portion of their rent back. “Personally I feel outraged about the bar and shop closing as those two facilities were one of the main reasons I chose to live at Sugarwell. Without them the rent seems extortionate for a single bedroom in a rough area with nowhere comfortable to sit and socialise” said student Jake Sweeny. The closure of the bar and shop provides another problem to the students living there. The inconvenient location of the halls on Meanwood Road mean that the nearest shop is at least a 15 minute walk away and the nearest student bars are in Hyde Park and Headingley. “It’s now a lot harder for us to get essentials like bread and milk”, said Sugarwell resident Daniel Fox. The Sugarwell shop also provided the students with cash back as the nearest free cash machine is a 20 minute walk away. “It’s a real inconvenience because if we don’t have any money on us there’s no way of getting any now they have closed the shop and bar. As the amenities are gone they should at least provide a cash point here,” said student Ashley Bramley. Currently discussions regarding plans for the space where the bar is include turning the area into a

Sugarwell Court residents will have to get used to going out for a quick one. large common room area with sofa’s and vending machines available for students to use. Also discussed was the possibility of leaving the bar facilities available so students have the opportunity to organise and run special events and parties every so often. Students at Sugarwell signed a contract to live there under the impression that these facilities would be available. Daniel Forsyth, who lives in Sugarwell Court, said: “The Leeds

Met student accommodation service is breaking the terms of the contract and should compensate students. If the we were to move out of halls we’d have to pay the university for the inconvenience.” In regard to the closure the SU said, “We had to take the unfortunate decision to close Sugarwell Bar and Shop because they could not continue financially. “We want to hear from students at Sugarwell Court to find new ways of using the space to ensure students

Photo: Katie Johnson still have social facilities within their residences.” Students’ Union Comms officer, Jo Piddington, said: “We wrote letters to the students at Sugarwell Court inviting them to a meeting in the Sugarwell Bar to discuss what we should do with the space and only one student turned up. “We’re upset that the facilities have been closed but the fact is they were not being used by students and were therefore not viable.”

RAG raise loads Simon Poole Staff Reporter ————————————

The Leeds Met RAG Society raised more than £2,000 for various charities last year in just a matter of months. Through events such as cake sales, fundraisers, and RAG Raids of city centres, the society, only established last year, managed to raise an impressive £2,133.45 for charities such as St. Gemma’s Hospice and Christie’s Appeal, with many more events planned for the remainder of the academic year. The final event of 2007 was the RAG society Christmas party held at Revolution on December 12th, which raised £262.27, with the proceeds being split between Oxfam Unwrapped and Samaritan’s Purse. Events including cake sales and raffles are in the pipeline for the RAG society during the remainder of February, as well as taking part in two more national RAG Raids this semester – one in Manchester on March 1st and one in Liverpool on March 8th – to

raise money for Barnardo’s, one of the UK’s leading children’s charities. A Rag Raid of Leeds City Centre is also being planned for later this month. Four members of the society also plan to take part in the Hitch Hike to Prague over Easter – together they will raise in excess of £1,200 between them for Link Community Development, a charity which helps to raise awareness and money for educational programmes in Ghana, Uganda, Malawi and South Africa. The Hitch Hike has become one of the biggest and most successful student fundraising events since beginning in 1992, raising up to £300,000 every year. The cake sale held in the Civic Quarter last Monday raised a total of £166.25, the proceeds of which will go towards the four students taking part in the Hike. Despite the total raised during the first semester, Cath Wheeler and Becky Wise are aiming for an even higher amount in the second, hoping to raise £2,500 before the

Got a story to tell?

RAG Presidents Cath and Becki (centre two), with their crew of Raggies. Photo: RAG soc summer. The events planned will provide a substantial amount towards this target, with many more ideas in the pipeline for the upcoming months, including themed parties, stalls during Re-Freshers Week, and bag packs at ASDA

in Leeds. Another fundraiser for St. Gemma’s Hospice, who provide palliative care for patients in Leeds, is also being planned for next month. The next event for the RAG society is the University Challenge, which is taking place

at the Library Pub tonight at 7:30pm, and is between Leeds University, Leeds Met, and Trinity and All Saints College. Entry is £1 per person with all proceeds going to Martin House Hospice. To get involved with the

RAG society, come along to the next meeting on Wednesday February 13th at 5.00pm at the Civic Quarter SU meeting room. You can keep up to date with events also by joining the Facebook group – ‘Leeds Met RAG Society’.

Tell The Met... email: Call or text the News Desk: 078475096762 or the Editor: 07886800827



Tuesday 12th February 2008

12,000 miss out on funds International Emma Fawcett Staff Reporter ———————————— Up to 12,000 of the poorest students missed out on bursaries as data protection laws stopped their universities contacting them. As a result of this misallocation, institutions are being asked to contact the unpaid students and hand out the bursaries retrospectively, according to the Office for Fair Access (OFFA). The Universities failed to distribute £19m in bursaries, amounting to just 16.5% of their bursary budgets David Barrett, assistant

director of Offa, said that the 12,000 students who missed bursaries for which they would have been eligible, could account for up to £12m of the unspent £19m. They had failed to tick a box on their loan application form which allowed the Student Loans Company to share their data with their university. Some universities have also allegedly over-estimated the number of students they are recruiting from lower-income backgrounds, so their budgets have been “too large to spend”. From 2006, universities have been able to demand topup fees of up to £3,000 as long

as they offer bursaries of at least £300 to students eligible for grants. To charge £3,000 they had to convince OFFA they were doing everything possible to attract lower-income students, most frequently through much larger bursary packages of up to £4,000. The report shows, however, that on average universities spent just 16.5% of their bursary budget. Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University and College Union, said: “The complicated system of bursaries, grants and fees is no doubt confusing many students and is clearly not working well.” Sir Martin Harris, the head

of Offa, said: “It went better than was predicted at the time of the controversial student finance act which brought in top-up fees. The crucial thing is that as far as we can see not one single student who was eligible and asked for a bursary failed to get one.” But he acknowledged that this did not include those who had failed to tick the box on the student loans form. Universities were being asked to pay the bursaries retrospectively, he added The higher education minister, Bill Rammell, said that more students than ever in the UK were going to university.

One Big Mac and a degree please... Carys Samuel Staff Reporter ———————————— Last week Gordon Brown announced a decision whereby large companies can offer their own qualifications as an equivalent of GCSE’s, A-levels or even degrees. Network Rail, Flybe and Mcdonalds are the first organisations to be given these powers by the Qualifications and Curriculum Association (QCA). Brown’s move is a sure-fire attempt to rectify the shortage of skills within the unemployed and inactive by agreeing to the three companies awarding nationally accredited certificates. The qualifications will not be fully endorsed until the autumn but trials are already beginning. Mcdonalds will present a certificate in basic shift management- the equivalent of an A-level. It will cover all aspects of the restaurant’s day-to-day running with learning modules including ‘finance’, ‘hygiene’ and ‘human resources.’ Budget airline Flybe, will operate an airline trainer programme offering certificates from GCSE to degree level for its cabin and engineering employees. Network Rail’s training programme is a response to last year’s tragic Cumbrian train crash, which due to poor track maintenance, killed an elderly passenger. The organisation claims eventually all 33,000 employees would take its track engineering qualifications. Most will achieve GCSE or A-level

As a student university fees are very important, and the price tag of our higher education is always a talking point among both students and politicians alike. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, that is what Washington D.C.’s George Washington University charges its students, making it the most expensive university in the world with yearly fees for 2007-2008 of over £20,000 ($39,240).

Yasmin Meza

Palestinians without food Romney suspends his campaign

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney suspended his campaign for the Republican party nomination for the US presidency. Analysts say that this announcement benefited Senator John McCain as Republican candidate. Mc Cain invited Romney to join his campaign and promised “a campaign based on conservative principles and a consequential election about the country’s future”.

Chad rebellion

Chad’s government took safety measures in the capital and six provinces of the country after rebels attacked N’Djamena last weekend. The crisis could have major implications for attempts to end the conflict in neighbouring Darfur, since Sudan’s government is accused of backing the rebels in Chad.

Japan targets nearly 1,000 whales

The Japan’s Institute for Cetacean Research (ICR) announced that during this year, nearly 1,000 whales would be hunted as a part of an expedition “to conduct random sampling of the Antarctic minke population to obtain accurate statistical data.” This action has caused huge controversy after Australia released pictures of a harpooned mother and its calf being dragged from the sea by Japanese hunters. According to Japan these pictures are “emotional propaganda”.

Food shortage in Tajikistan

The United Nations’ World Food Programme warned that Tajikistan is in the grip of emergency food shortages. This situation is part of the energy crisis, which hit the mountainous nation in the middle of its coldest winter for five decades.

OSCE to boycott Russian election

The monitoring chief for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) announced that this organisation will boycott Russia’s presidential election on 2nd March because of Moscow-imposed restrictions. The resolution was taken after Russia’s restrictions, which according to the OSCE “put in a situation where it found it impossible to execute its mandate and cancelled the election observation mission”.

McDonalds to offer A-level equivalent qualifications. Photo: Micheal Ward equivalents and some will have the opportunity of further advancing to PhD level. The qualifications work in levels from one to eight, with, for example, level two equating to GCSE and level four equating to degree. They will operate a modular system with trainees gaining credits from coursework, exams and supervisory observations. The amount of time spent training will depend on the level of qualification, with McDonald’s level three taking one year to complete. John Cridland, the CBI’s

deputy director-general, said: ‘Today marks a significant milestone on the road to reforming qualifications so that they better reflect the skills employers and employees need.’ The announcement follows the recent introduction of the bartending award, leading to a City and Guild’s qualification, equivalent to a GCSE. In September last year, BPP College became the first allowed to award law and business degrees, which was commended by the universities secretary, John Denham. He wants companies all

over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales to offer these qualifications, ‘This is an important step towards ending the old divisions between company training schemes and national qualifications, something that will benefit employees, employers and the country as a whole.’ Despite being praised by many business leaders, some critics are wary of the programmes. They claim they offer little authority outside of the companies and would be more valuable if offered by independent organisations.

The worlds most expensive university Jack Adlam Staff Reporter ————————————


In fact America holds the top five most expensive universities with Ohio’s Kenyon College ($38,140), Bucknell University ($38,134), Vassar College ($38,115) and Sarah Lawrence College ($38,090) making up the list. These costs reflect the trend among many American universities with a 2007 report by the U.S Government Accountability Office saying “the cost of obtaining a U.S degree is among the highest in the world and rising”. It is important to note however that the above universities are private and a hefty price tag

is expected. Europe doesn’t escape charging high fees with the U.K’s own University of Buckingham charging fee’s of £15,500 where an Undergraduate degree is packed into two years. Other pricey European universities include the American University of Paris and Switzerland’s Franklin College. Compare these prices to those of other European countries such as Spain where the average cost of university fees was about £400 just five years ago.I In many former communist

countries, usually in Eastern Europe and Africa the attitude toward university education is very different. The governments offer a “dual track” tuition policy, where tuition is provided free for the nation’s top students, but a fee is charged to everyone else. A student said: “What are we to make of these astronomical tuition fees?” Paying top price may get you a top education, but there are plenty of other universities out there providing a quality education at a fraction of the price.

Israel launches deadly Gaza raids

Israeli forces have killed at least five armed members of the Palestinian movement Hamas, as well as another gunman and a 38 year old teacher in raids in Gaza. Witnesses said Israeli troops backed by tanks and aircraft launched an incursion near Jabaliya sparking clashes with gunmen. Israel has stepped up military action against Hamas since it claimed responsibility for Monday’s suicide bombing in Dimona - its first in Israel since 2004.

Floods hit Bolivia

Severe flooding in Bolivia after weeks of heavy rain has left 48 people dead and approximately 40,000 families homeless. Bolivian government declared a state of emergency and launched relief efforts. Since November, several parts of Bolivia have suffered floods and further heavy rains are expected.

Nasa continues Atlantis preparation

Despite the concerns about the weather, the orbiter is due to loft Europe’s Columbus laboratory to the International Space Station (ISS). Low cloud and showers are likely to force a delay but mission managers say they only need conditions to lift for a few minutes to make a launch possible.

Kenyan policeman charged with murder A Kenyan policeman was accused of murder after being filmed shooting at two men who were found dead during election protests. The shooting in the western city of Kisumu shocked the country and led to an official enquiry. During the clashes an estimated 1,000 people have been killed and 300,000 others fled their homes.

Gucci’s fashionable charity

The celebrity-packed event for orphaned children in Malawi, was the target of controversy when sponsor Gucci used it for the opening of its new flagship New York store. This event hosted by Madonna on the lawns of the United Nations in New York, raised $3.7m (£1.9m) and gathered celebrities like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow.



Tuesday 12th February

Students encouraged to party hard! More vacancies

for grads

Ashley Bramley Staff Reporter ————————————

Leeds Met students could be winning a party hosted by the Malibu Soundclash sound system. Continued from front page. need of a re-fuel, which it surely will, the Malibu team will be on hand making Malibu and Cranberry cocktails all night long. As well as the party Malibu will also be providing one lucky student and a friend the opportunity to jet off to the beautiful island of Ibiza for a weekend, where they can chose to either continue the party, or

use the time to relax and see the sights. In order for Leeds Met to be in with a chance of winning this awesome opportunity students should simply log on to and explain in 20 words, the best night they and their mates have had in uni so far. Many Leeds Met students are already uniting together for the cause, forming facebook groups to make sure that Leeds

Met has a chance of winning this once in a lifetime opportunity. Kirsty Endfield, from Royal Holloway University, went to the Malibu soundclash tour at her uni in London and said: “The Malibu Soundclash was such a wicked event to have at our union… the event was totally slick from start to finish... I’m sure the Super Soundclash will be a bigger, badder version!”

Members of Leeds Met SU have urged students to make sure their nights out in Leeds are bigger and better, and submit them online before the end of April for us to be in with a chance of winning not only a weekend in Ibiza, but a fantastic night partying with fellow students. Remember you can submit multiple entries to the website! Good luck and get partying!

The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) has announced that graduate job vacancies will rise by 16.4% this year, despite current economic fears. As salaries are expected to increase by 2.1% there is more positive news for graduates. The median salary for graduates is expected to be £24,000. Although there is a decrease in ‘Golden handshakes’ – a one off signing bonus offered by employers – these are predicted to be £2000 in 2008. The AGR has also announced that 26.7 % of graduates in employment originate from minority ethnic backgrounds. With the highest ethnic group being Indian (19.3%) followed by Chinese (18.2%) and Black African (13.7%). A spokesman for the AGR said “This is due to the fact that employer’s now have effective marketing strategies and ways of targeting ethnic minorities.” Although there is a rise in graduate job vacancies, employers believe it will be difficult to fill all vacancies. Of the 217 employers surveyed last year, over half (55.9%) said not enough candidates held the right skills, while 43.4% said

there were not enough applicants with the right qualifications. Companies are now marketing UK vacancies to overseas graduates in order to ‘recruit the very best talent’ said AGR’s chief executive Carl Gilleard. “The fact that employers are beginning to widen their recruitment field outside the UK may have wider long term implications for the UK economy.” Amy Sandles a Leeds Met student commented “It’s really good that there are more graduate vacancies as it increases your chance of working in the field that you want to. Although it’s annoying that they may fill the vacancies with people from outside the UK’ Carl Gillerad has given some valuable advice to students who have to face some tough competition, “There is a strong message in these results for those seeking a graduate post in 2008 – don’t delay, start applying for posts straight away and make sure that you prepare your applicants carefully to ensure you market yourself well.” Cristen Callow a Leeds Met student revealed “I am glad I have been made aware of this situation and I will definitely apply for job vacancies as soon as I can.”

Students sold down the river More women die from alcoholism Ashley Bramley Staff Reporter ———————————— The government plans to cash in on student debt by selling a third of it to the private sector, causing more problems for graduates. A bill to allow the sale of student debt is to be passed through the House of Commons and is supported by both Tories and Lib Dems. Currently £20bn is owed to the government from graduates and within 10 years this will have reached over £55bn. Gordon Brown is keen to sell this to private sectors that can then use it to trade on the open market. The figure has significantly risen since 1998 - 1999 when only £2bn worth of debts was sold. However Brown stated that on his election he would encourage further sales of up to one third of student debt.

According to the then minister of Higher Education, the cost of moving the loans from the public to the private sector in 1998 - 1999 was ‘25 to 30% above the cost of keeping loans in the public sector over the lifetime of the portfolio’. With this percentage having most likely increased since then over time, it is blatant that the government seems ready to pass over debts at the cost of graduates, when it would be cheaper to keep them in the public sector. Student leaders raged: “Does this support the governments’ supposed commitment to the efficient management of public services? “It rather suggests that Gordon Brown does in fact have a bigger commitment to the private over the public sector.” A Leeds Met SU source said: “This seems completely barbaric if we consider the re-

cent Northern Rock disaster which saw a government intervention and up to £60bn spent on saving face. Now how can this be acceptable when a student debt of only £20bn has to be sold?” The government’s director of student finance and strategy told the committee of MPs considering this bill that ‘there will be some transfer or risk from the government to the private debt owners. That element of risk will have to be given a financial value and factored into the equation’. So it seems that the millions of students putting themselves in debt to try and secure a brighter future and higher standard of living, which would actually create a more prosperous, richer society, will not be supported by their government but passed over to private banks that will turn their endeavours into profit.

Your views count The Students’ Union is attempting to gather your views on ten key issues. As Academic Affairs Officer I’m leading on a project and we’re asking you to fill in our Online Course Evaluation Survey (link below), which is open to all students at undergraduate level. The aim is to evaluate how well your course is doing in your opinion – so the more students fill the survey in, the better! This will allow the SU to spot patterns across courses and faculties and, in our negotiations with the university it can give us empirical evidence that will allow us to substantiate our claims. This survey will be online for the rest of the semester, so if you need to fill it in at any time – or your views change, then please feel free to utilise the service then. Further to the survey that this Union is running is the National Student Survey (NSS) which is a government scheme across every university in the country. This is only for final year students. The results of this survey are far more detailed than ours, but are equally important, if not more – as they will assist people form their views of this institution. For information on both of these schemes, keep your eyes peeled around the university, join the facebook group for Leeds Met Students’ Union or email me directly and I will forward you the links to the website. I can be contacted on

Rachel Mattey Staff Reporter ———————————— Recent figures have revealed that the number of women drinking themselves to death has soared to a record level. The number of women who have died from alcohol abuse has doubled in the last 15 years. Back in 1991, 7.2 women aged 35-54 out of 100,000 died of alcohol-related diseases, today it is 14.8. Experts are becoming increasingly alarmed about the rising figures in alcohol related deaths amongst middle aged women. Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, said: “The new figures are deeply worrying as women seem to be more susceptible to the damaging physical effects of alcohol.” Recovering alcoholic, Tanya Gold, says the reason she tried to drink herself to death was because she was “lonely and angry”. She says that “Alcohol was a lover who changed my feelings - I became less angry, and less lonely. Then he swallowed me back, and took everything.” She believes that alcoholism is genetic and caused by trauma. She feels that the illness has nothing to do with the alcohol exactly how bulimia has nothing to do with food. “It is a disease of the soul.” A successful City Lawyer, Leonora Kawecki enjoyed entertaining clients at champagne functions whilst travelling the world on work based assignments.

Long Island Ice Tea anyone? Photo: Hayley Proudfoot She became a successful partner in one of the top Law firms where she had the responsibility of handling multimillion pound property deals. Due to this, she became increasingly dependant on social drinking. As she started to suffer from withdrawal symptoms when she wasn’t at work drinking, her GP referred her to a liver specialist where she was unfortunately diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and placed on a transplant list; sadly she died in the summer of 2003 aged just 39. Her older sister Julia Kawecki said: ‘Like many other young professional women, Leonora had a busy social life and alcohol was very much a part

of that.” Frank Soodeen of Alcohol Concern feels that these figures have revealed some disturbing trends and that it is up to the Government to invest more in treatment for those with alcohol problems. Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo said: “We are working harder than ever to promote sensible drinking and help prevent people from causing themselves serious or fatal harm from alcohol.” This spring there are plans to launch a £10 million education campaign in order to make people more aware of what different alcoholic drinks contain and what dangers can occur from excessive drinking.



Tuesday 12th February 2008


February it? Or hate it? Hannah Wood Features Writer ———————————— Maybe this question all depends on your current love life. It would seem reasonable to suggest that those who celebrate Valentines Day are the lucky sods who are madly in love, happily ever after, Disney style. Whereas ‘eligible bachelors’ or ‘tragic spinsters’ who don’t have anything romantic planned appear to be the ones who don’t care much for the day of love. Does believing in Valentines Day all depend upon your current romantic status? Apparently not. Asking both male and female students of Leeds Met their attitudes towards Valentines Day we told them to answer from neither a single nor a taken person’s point of view, we just wanted their unbiased opinion. Reflecting on the results it appears that most students settle with buying just a card. Maybe that’s because we’re all penniless paupers, but the reason behind this tended to be that Valentines Day is overrated and commercialised. This proves true when the history of Valentines is considered: The tradition was born during the third Century in Rome when Emperor Caludius II banned marriage because he thought single men made better

soldiers. Valentine decided to fight in the name of love and perform marriages for lovers in secret. Valentine got sent to jail, where he allegedly fell in love with his jailor’s daughter and he sent the Valentine’s note that started the trend, signing it ‘from your Valentine.’ This gesture became symbolic, but with today’s materialistic attitudes it has been transformed into commercial hype. Valentines notes have shaped into purchased cards, making February 14th the second largest card-sending day, Christmas being first. Valentines Day in America makes around $14 billion annually, proving that businesses use this tradition as a moneymaking strategy. So if you want a reasonable excuse not to buy a Valentines card then it could be quite useful to subtly drop in this piece of knowledge! It seems that Finland have the better idea about love, dedicating a day to all loved ones, not just lovers, and calling it ‘Friends Day’ (The translation is unpronounceable!). Japan and Korea do a similar thing and dedicate a day to giving chocolate to co-workers, calling it ‘giri-choko’ (obligation chocolate) and tomo-choko (friend chocolate). The Korean’s must be hell bent in not leaving singletons out (we like this); in South Korea there

is an additional day called ‘Black Day’ celebrating single life on April 14th. However, not so sure about the derogatory connotations that single life is black! Days dedicated to celebrating love occur all round the calendar, so if you want to feel loved and admired I suggest a starting point would be in Wales for St Dwynwen’s Day on 25th January, then jet off to Romania for ‘Dragobete’ on February 24th. A more exotic location is in Brazil on June 12th when ‘Day of the Enamored’ or ‘Boyfriend’s/Girlfriend’s Day’ is celebrated, then lastly your journey of love takes you to Colombia on the third Friday AND Saturday in September for ‘Love and Friendship Day’. The Colombian’s must be more addicted to love in order to dedicate two whole days to it.

Valentines Poll 32% - Go all out: Dinner Chocolate, Roses the works 56% - Send a Card 12% - Do Nothing

Short of Chivalry? Hannah Wood Features Writer ———————————— Not that I’m a member or anything, but a poll on ukdating. com revealed that 9/10 women

expect a man to pay on a first date. Isn’t this contradictory to the females who big up their character as being independent and equal to men? When Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Spice

Girls, Girls Aloud and many more female role models vocalise their independent status as a fighter and rave about being a single girl, it seems strange that women expect to be provided for on the first date. On a first date girls can’t get enough of wining and dining, old fashioned romance and chivalry in the form of opening door, taking off coat, walking home. It’s warming to know that romance is still alive in this anticipated first date, yet when the bill arrives, so does tension. If the date was filled with awkward silences, then this will add another; however, if the date was fantastically flirtatious with real chemistry then the bill will only cause a moment of being unsure. Perhaps forking out of the male pocket is only expected on the first date and if a second date (god help the man’s wallet) precedes this event then maybe the 50/50 side of life should emerge. After all, it’s hardly fair to expect anything other than equality and it would hardly reflect her abolition of the stereotypical girl-in-kitchen role for the female to dedicate bread provider to the male ego! Paying on the first date suggests a gentleman, and this is how both the male and the

female would like him to be portrayed. If he didn’t pay, then this would create all sorts of mind problems; doesn’t he like me? Is he a stingy ****? Isn’t he a gentleman? So it looks like traditional roles must stay put for this one date in order to prevent any hard feelings and to set a good impression sky high. Letting the man pay does not necessarily equal a money grabber, unless maybe you order Veuve Cliquot or Lobster and actually steal from them. The majority of women probably offer to pay half for dignified reasons and maybe to save an inch of their independence. However, if this were accepted, it would be unusual. Once the couple progress into a relationship-if they ever do, then this is when meals, cinema trips, drinks in bars should be split financially. Yes, it’s best for the relationship to start with romanticised, Danny and Sandy, full on chivalry. Then once you’ve been dating for a few weeks, that’s when you realise the other half is actually a selfish, stubborn so-and-so. But at least you’ve learned to like them and put up with them and this wasn’t the first impression!

Be my Valentine To ask you to be my Valentine I’d have to talk to you, Something that in all this time I’ve managed not to do. I’d have to get past “Hi!” somehow To show you that I care, But the right time is never now, Especially when you’re there. It’s as if a wall of fear, Transparent yet profound, Came hurtling up as you come near, Cutting off all sound. I fear I won’t know what to say And strike you as a fool, Or you’ll be glad to get away, Polite not to be cruel. Easier to dream than act, To hope than to find out, So fearful of the force of fact I wait in fear-filled doubt. But now the day of love has come, And I must cross its line, And so I ask you through this poem To be my Valentine.



Tuesday 12th February

Happy House Hunting Tom Woolsey Features Editor ———————————— For every student the movement between years can often come with a movement from one dwelling to the next. You’ve probably already found yourself asking where am going to live but you may have had no insight into the places beyond your halls of residence. Therefore if you are a newbie this year this guide should hopefully give you a detailed idea of the two main living areas for students in Leeds. Hyde Park Located about 20 minutes walk from Leeds city centre this largely student populated area is buzzing with life from one semester to the next and is ideal for any student unsure of where to live. Whether you’re based at Headingley campus or the Civic Quarter, the area of Hyde Park is roughly equal distance from both. On first visit the back streets and regular patterned terrace housing can seem like an intricate labyrinth easy to bemuse the unfamiliar tourist. However with time, ‘the walks’, ‘the groves’ and ‘the views’ all become an inclusive part of the home where you’ve chosen to live. Everywhere in Hyde

king-size rizlas and a six pack. Just beyond the coop you’ll also find the Burley Park train station which provides a quick and easy route in to town and for only 85p (with a student rail card) why not save your legs. Finally this description of Hyde Park couldn’t possibly be complete without identifying your new local. Wherever you choose to live in Hyde Park a good student boozer isn’t hard to find. Firstly The Royal Park is located right in the heart and offers a nice cosy atmosphere where you can chill out with a good pint and a bit of grub for a very reasonable price. The pub boasts several pool tables, often has live bands and always shows any major sporting event. The friendly environment and good service makes the pub welcome to anyone and often becomes a second home to the surrounding student population. Another popular tavern within walking distance is the Hyde Park pub which always offers a vibrant atmosphere to get you in the mood for the night ahead. As a major pub on the Otley run, the Hyde Park pub can host all kinds of weird and wonderful beings all sharing the common goal of inebriation. Furthermore with Hyde Park less than fifteen minutes walk from Headingley the vast variety of pubs and bars here can provide

Christmas, Easter and even the summer beware that Hyde Park can abruptly become a desolate ghost town. With the majority of students returning to their original homes the area can suddenly become very lonely and dull unless you have housemates or friends who also decide to stay. Headingley Located about 40 minutes to an hours walk from Leeds city centre Headingley is understandably a more popular choice for students studying at Becketts Park. Headingley is much larger than Hyde Park and therefore contains a larger variety of not only shops, pubs and eateries but housing too. Headingley still contains the insipid lines of uniform terrace housing that you find in Hyde Park although you can also find semi-detached and detached houses in different areas. The advantage with these are that they often have an actual back garden rather than an unattractive alleyway outside your back door providing a perfect place for barbeques and parties during the summer. Headingley’s variety of shops and pubs are the most appealing elements for any student looking for a new place to live and with a sense of its own small community this area does feel as if your away from

This is the kind of cool thing that goes on in Hyde Park. Photo: Joe Kelly Park is in walking distance and this is why it’s a favourite among student dwellers. Jackson’s supermarket usually acts as the epicentre for all meeting points located on Brudenell Road which is the main street running through the centre of Hyde Park. Opposite Jackson’s is the picture house providing everything from the latest popular culture films to all kinds of contemporary art cinema. Check out their website at http://www. On the opposite side of Hyde Park the twenty-four hour coop is a popular site for student shoppers; usually at about three in the morning looking for some

a suitable substitute to the two aforementioned. Probably one of the things Hyde Park is most well known for is its house parties. On a Saturday night you can’t walk a few hundred yards before stumbling upon a free-for-all of music, alcohol, drugs and sex all epitomised in one reverberating terrace house. With different DJs on different levels playing everything from drum and bass to hard house and electro these parties have to be seen to be believed. However living in Hyde Park isn’t all sunshine and lollipops…If you plan to stay over holidays such as

the sometimes intimidating city life. Headingley has a lot to offer with trendy clothes shops like ‘hanger room’ and ‘ginger ink’, funky café’s like ‘dare’ and contemporary restaurants like ‘Nooshi’ means there’s always somewhere new to visit. With these and all the essentials like Somerfield, Wilkinsons and Starbucks Headingley is a vibrant and comfortable place to live. Pubs like The Original Oak and The Headingley Taps provide a good atmosphere for students where casual dress and friendly banter are the familiar attributes. However for more of an up

town feel, The Arc and Trio provide the perfect place to get dressed up and take a date for a drink, if you’ve got the dollar for it of course. Overall Headingley may seem like a better place to live however due to its size,

distance between places often becomes a chore and unlike Hyde Park where everything is practically on your doorstep you can often get the feeling of isolation. House prices in both these areas range, on average

from £50 to £70+ a week and all depend on location, the state of the house, whether bills are included etc so it pays to have a good look around for the best quality for the best price (some landlords even offer half summer rent). Happy hunting.



Tuesday 12th February 2008

Beat stress - before you even get it Liz Sullivan Associate Editor ———————————— Many of us don’t think about stress management until we are on the verge of a burnout. With our busy lives it doesn’t seem obviously important to take on the practice of stress management i n order to avoid the effects of stress before they take over. However, developing healthy stress relieving habits really does pay off in the long run. Not only does a regular stress management practice stave off the negative effects of stress, but it can also bring positive outcomes like increased productivity, better health and more happiness in general. Excessive stress really can lead to poor health outcomes, from relatively minor things like headaches and digestion problems in the short run to major conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke after years of unmanaged stress. Many stress relievers can also make you healthier and even more attractive. For example, taking care of your body by getting enough sleep can make you more productive

and healthier, and can help you better manage stress, as well as staving off dark circles under the eyes and a poor complexion. Also, eating right can keep your blood sugar levels even, keeping your emotions in check and making you more resilient to stress, as well as helping you stay in your ‘skinny jeans’. Getting regular excercise can help you blow off steam when you’re frustrated and keep your body

fit and toned. There are many things we can do to keep stress levels at a minimum. Being organised is an obvious one. Knowing when you have lectures, what resources you need for each lecture and seminar and when deadlines are set can all help you keep more calm and stress free. Organisation also leads to greater productivity, knowing what you have to do and when,

Student life can sometimes be very stressful.

House hunting: the basics

Haven’t yet found the house of your dreams for 08-09? Don’t panic….. Despite what landlords say, there is actually a surplus of good quality private rented accommodation in Leeds. Landlords like to tell you that the ‘best’ properties go quickly, but it’s a fact that many students secure good properties as late as July/August (and so pay less rent over the summer). So don’t be rushed Don’t sign for a property until you have……..

1)inspected it It might have laminate flooring and a dishwasher, but does the heating work? Does the large picture on the wall cover a damp patch? 2) checked your contract thoroughly You need to know what you are signing up to. When you have signed it is too late and you will find it very difficult to get out of. We encourage you to come to Student Advice to have your contract checked. See our contact details below.

3)spoken to your housemates You need to make sure that everyone moving in is sure it is the right choice for them. This is particularly true if you sign a ‘joint contract’. This is because the other tenants will have to pay the remaining rent if someone moves out. 4)had a chat with the current tenants Of course, the landlord is not going to tell you anything negative about the property. The current tenants are more likely to tell you the truth.

Leeds Met Students’ Union Student Advice We are on floor 1 of the S.U building at CIVIC QUARTER (above the bar).

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Come and see us Our opening times are – 10am – 4pm 10am – 4pm 10am – 4pm 12pm – 4pm 10am – 4pm We are now open over lunch You can also call us on 0113 8128408 or email

means you can get on with your work. Get a dairy and write in all important dates so you know ahead of time when things need to be done. Start work early. Easier said than done but if you make a start early and do small amounts each day it avoids work overload at the end of term. Power napping can help you catch up on sleep and become more focused and productive. This doesn’t mean stay in bed

Photo: Google

till afternoon and spend the day lounging around. Take a 20mintutes nap in the middle of the day in order to refresh and relax so you can carry on your work with clear mind. Although coffee can help you keep alert and focused too much caffeine will affect your sleeping patterns and disrupt sleep when you need it most. Make sure that you include some social events and hobbies into your life. Even if you’re really busy with a deadline, take half an hour and grab a drink or some lunch with friends. Caring for Pets, enjoying music, dancing while you clean, working more laugher into your life, maintaining a supportive circle of friends and even having sex are all fun activities that double as great stress relievers for various reasons. Above all keep optimistic. Let failure roll off your back and learn to pick yourself up. Acknowledge when things are getting too much and take some time out. University life is something you want to enjoy and look back on with fond memories. Take some time too address these stress management issues so you can keep healthy and stress-free.

Tops Tips For Managing Stress Get a diary and stay organised. Drink eight glasses of water a day and try get in your five portions of fruit and veg in order to stay healthy. Walk to uni and back, even a small bit of exercise everyday can reduce stress. Get eight hours sleep a night and have a power nap during the afternoon if you’re very busy. Keep a good circle of friends and regularly meet up socially.

fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion

February’s activity is Valentines Day. Is Love in the air for you? Or are you cynical and hate Hallmark for emphasising your single status? If January is the month to detox and rebirth, February is the month to Love. Combined with our New Years Resolutions we complied a list of what to carry on loving in the coming months and what we would love to see more of. I’m sure, most of you have experienced, you can’t truly know what love is without knowing what hate is, so we have thrown a few things we definitely do not love and want to see less of. Kind of like a new years resolutions continued... but we were all waaay too busy at the gym and sipping water and detox tea last month to even think about them ..(yeah right!)

Please, please please less of guys in skinny jeans. I know it sounds sexist but is it not just wrong and scary when boys are so skinny they can fit into our 28waist TOPSHOP jeans ?!Enough is enough!

Recycle…bring out the hold to help create the new! It amazes me that Leeds city council does not provide recycling bins for each house, particularly with the amount of waste created by students! After New Year, all our houses are full with bottles and tins, so why aren’t they making good use of them!

Be less forgetful. The sound of the word ‘sorry’ is becoming a little repetitive… be more organized for 2008.

Live for today not for tomorrow…I challenge everyone to do something outrageous this year. Something your ‘always going to do’ but never get round to! I’ve always wanted to sky dive…so I’m definitely going to try it this year!

Less pretentious jewelry and more costume RYAN Vintage and the Hyde Park stores for fun, unusual pieces in comparison to Swaroski pieces that go cost the earth and mysteriously go missing on drunken nights out

More quirkiness and confidence with fashion in 2008; experiment, try new stores, swap clothes with an eccentric friend; in other words GO CRAZY

Less of the ‘IT bag’…..unless you want to look like every other fad fashion follower avoid the ‘it’ word because every trend setter knows the ‘it’ has to go! Why are all the glossy magazines just blending into one? Every glossy I pick up it is the same old, what’s in, what’s out……. Major repetition!

Have we not all heard it before? In 2008 I want something refreshing to read. The Met Fashion and Lifestyle team have put our heads together and we have some exciting plans in store for 2008……. Watch this space!

blahblah bla blah blah blah blah blah

Design by Kim Allen

By Kathryn Shaw How time has flown. Hopefully the past 2 weeks have seen you well. Seemingly mentioning the Spice Girls in my last editorial proved fatal (depending how you view it) as they cut short their tour, i.e. split up (again), Britney went to hospital (again - despite not having a single out next week this time) and the showbiz world suffered another loss (RIP Jeremy Beadle). However some changes have occurred, LIME offices are abuzz with potential new ideas and writers flying around, Lost returned, Hot Chip's latest studio album was released exciting critics from all over the place, (including Tom - see his review) and Sweeney Todd sold out a lot, so maybe some of you did take heed of my instructions last time after all! This edition sees more movie news and reviews. There are a fair few good films out at the moment and coming out over the next month or so that are definitely worth looking out for, including There Will Be Blood, The Savages and Things We Lost in the Fire. Sadly we can’t include all of them in our humble coverage, however we do take a look at the highly anticipated Juno which is nationwide now. I personally wasn’t that excited when I first heard the premise but I really enjoyed it, the film is carried on a very strong



The people who make the magic happen

Kathryn Shaw Tom Newton John Lucas

casts’ shoulders and its very difficult not to laugh at the black comedy that flows out of it. With festival line ups being announced shortly as well, it’s a good idea to start swotting up on all the bands you should be making an effort to see before they’re famous, in the unsigned tents. Some of whom we give you a taster of in the music section, it could also be worth your while to revise Jay-Z and The Verve’s back catalogue if the Glasto rumours so far turn out to be true. Then you’ve just got to decide which festival to spend your hard earned loan on. If like me you’re a bit of a Leeds veteran, then you’ll be holding out to see who’s announced for that. A worthwhile option is to look further affield, festivals abroad are often the same price including flights and the weather’s a whole lot nicer! The only possible downfall is that they tend to last longer, which is more days deprived of GHDs! There is the welcome return of a bar review to greet the pages within too this edition! If you've seen a gig you loved, watched a film you hated, or read a book you didn't want to put down then tell us about it, 250 words or so to As always, we look forward to hearing from you!

News in Brief Another day, another pregnancy rumour, Katie Holmes and Angelina again it seems. Here’s a brief round up of other news from the world of entertainment. There’s been talk about the new album by Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and The Rascals Miles Kane. Made last summer after their two respective bands toured together and produced by James Ford (One half of Simian Mobile Disco) who recently revealed that the album sounds almost 60s-esque. Ford said that it is quite a departure from the Arctic Monkeys sound. Amy Winehouse has been rumoured as in the running for the new James Bond theme. Apparently if she stays off drugs until April then the song for Quantam of Solace is hers. Meanwhile, producer Mark Ronson has commented that the Grammys would be boring without Amy, whose attendance was vetoed after her application for a visa was turned down. Lily Allen and Friends airs tonight. (Tues 12th Feb) The show will bring bands, frank chat and celebrity guests and will have a MySpace based format, the website cited heavily for promoted Lily. There is an opportunity for fans to be part of the audience by filling out a questionnaire on

Kirsten Dunst is the latest in a list of celebrities to be admitted to rehab after her reportedly erratic behaviour at The Sundance Film Festival. BBC has axed Grange Hill. The show made many child actors into household names and is due to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. Phil Redmond, who produced the series before selling his production company Lime Pictures three years ago, accused the BBC of not catering to children over the age of 12. Writing in his newspaper column for The Liverpool Daily Post, Redmond said that the BBC only catered for children aged 9, setting an age for the end of childhood at 12, when the ceased to provide programming for children beyond this age. A fourth Big Beach Boutique Party will go ahead in September. The concert runs over two nights at the end of September, and is to be headlined one night by Fatboy Slim with other artists to be announced. Health and Safety regulations had previously been standing in the way but the party of Brighton Beach was given the go ahead this week, provided that the event meets all safety and operational measures.

Rising Star: Ellen Page section in a local newspaper. Page’s dazzling performance draws you into Juno’s world as you follow her through the ups and downs of being a pregnant teenager. The outstanding screenplay by Diablo Cody has also been Oscar nominated, and deservedly so. The witty dialogue and believable situations lift the film above standard comedy fare and gives the talented cast plenty to work with. In addition to Page, West Wing star Alison Janney is hysterical as Juno’s extremely liberal stepmother, who is surprisingly supportive of her daughter’s situation. Jennifer Garner also gives a career best performance, her sincere portrayal of Vanessa provides the emotional heart of the film, keeping the comedy/drama balance intact. Sure to be one of the hits of the year, if you’re a fan of dry indie comedy such as Napoleon Dynamite and Garden State, this should have you giggling.

You may not have heard of actress Ellen Page yet, but that’s all set to change with the release of Juno this week. The precocious actress has won an Oscar nomination for her hilarious portrayal of pregnant teenager Juno MacGuff. The twenty year old Canadian has already made it clear that she’s no mere popcorn starlet, forgoing the usual Hollywood Rom-Coms and teen gross out comedies in favour of the controversial Hard Candy back in 2006. She won huge critical acclaim for her chilling performance as a fourteen year old girl who is seemingly seduced by a chat room paedophile online, only to turn the tables on him in terrifying fashion. She also demonstrated her commitment to her roles by shaving her head bald in 2005 for indie drama Mouth To Mouth, and appeared as Kitty ‘Shadowcat’ Pride in X-Men 3. She faces tough competition from Julie Christie and Marion Cotillard for the Oscar in March, but whether she wins or not she’s certainly on her way to achieving big things. Page’s Juno in the film of the same name is a smart, savvy sixteen year old who is unfortunate enough to fall pregnant to her hapless boyfriend Paulie, played by Arrested Development and Superbad star Michael Cera. After deciding to not go through with an abortion she decides to give her baby up for adoption after finding an ad for would-be parents Vanessa and Mark Loring (Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman), in the classified

Juno is certified 12A and showing at cinemas nationwide now. Claire Carmichael and John Lucas

Hey Scenester Kids ! Ever dreamt of forming your own band? Find it hard to find the right mix of three chord indie hits and glam rock mega tunes? Financially fucked from student debt? Myspace hits looking bleak? Well fear ye not. Here I provide you with a mix and match, cut and paste, easy to build super group. Just get some scissors, bit of glue (primarily for sniffing) and join the music elite. Your lives will never be the same again. And what’s more, never one to leave you hanging like a limp Michael Hutchens, I have provided you with a selection of names that you may wish to use for your all new super fantastic uber band. 1: Ziggy Bolan and The Queens From Albion 2: Yes Sir I Can Boogie 3: Glam On The Rocks 4: Aladdin Smack 5: Velvet Furs From Venus 6: Here Come The Warm Jets 7: Rod, Jane and Freddy (Can’t Be With Us Today) 8: Boogaloo Glitter Ball 9: Iggy Popped Out 10: Space Dust Cowboys Lovingly brought to you by Louis Walsh ‘identikit hit machine’ enterprises ltd

Editorial Hello again film fans! The weather may still be miserable and the work may be piling up, but the last few weeks of Winter are turning out to be a cinematic bonanza. My top film of the moment is definitely Sweeney Todd, which I’ve already seen twice and would quite happily see a third time! Johnny Depp may have nabbed the Oscar Nomination, but it’s all about Helena Bonham Carter’s conniving Mrs Lovett for me. I’ve been walking around humming ‘The Worst Pies In London’ for days! There’s also all the Oscar movies vying for our

Film Reviews AVP2 Directors – Colin and Greg Strause Starring – Steven Pasquale, Reiko Aylesworth. As a fan of the alien films I was already weary of how much Hollywood could pull apart such a terrific franchise when they released the first alien vs. predator film and it was a gut feeling that proved to be correct as it was, well shit, to put it bluntly. So when I was offered the chance to see the sequel I found myself running the other way. The plot of the film carries on from the ending of the last one with a hybrid of an alien/ predator being created which runs a mock on a small American rural town alongside its alien siblings. Predator comes to the rescue (though thankfully not in the same human friendly way as before). If I can say anything about the film is that the areas that the previous one let so many fans down on have been improved, instead of a 12 certificate we now have a 15 which gives more room for the gore you would have expected in the first film. So much so that I would be surprised if there was more then 50 words of dialogue past the chest popping moments. Overall the film managed to redeem the previous effort with what I felt was a better storyline and direction, though I’m not suggesting it’s going to be collecting a golden statue any time soon, if you’re after E.T gone bad however this will be right up your street. Briony Wilkinson

attention, most of which can be sampled at the Hyde Park Picture House, still my number one haven for less mainstream cinema. The best thing about seeing lots of movies is of course lots of trailers! The Jumper looks entertaining but I can’t quite get past the silliness of the name. It just makes me think of knitwear, which I don’t think is quite the intention. The forthcoming Rambo movie also provided many chuckles as the ancient Sylvester Stallone tries to prove he can still kick ass with the best of them. The Rocky film was better than it had any right to be, but something tells me Rambo is going to be cringeworthy, which is Cloverfield Director - Matt Reeves Starring - Michael Stahl David, Rob Hawkins Odette Yustman. Cloverfield is set on the eve of Rob Hawkins’ (Michael Stahl-David) goodbye party a giant monster attacks New York City. This follows the a-typical monster movie plot, complete with love story, however the format that the movie is presented is new to this genre, the entire film is from the viewpoint of one had held digital camera that is operated by Hud (T.J.Miller). This ‘Blair Witch’ approach is described by Matt Reeves (Director) as “Godzilla for the You Tube generation.” Matt described how he conducted extensive research on how amateurs handle a camera, for a great deal of the action the camera was operated by T.J. Miller himself. Cloverfield was deliberately marketed through internet rumours that were edged by the production team so at the time of release it already had a cult following. The choice of filming the movie through one hand held camera has obvious drawbacks, no wide shot is at a directors disposal, also there is no time for any real character development once the action has started. These problems were overcome using Hud filming a news channel showing the monster on television, the character’s relationships were explained in a rushed but effective way during the first 20 minutes. Overall the film was visually impressive and definitely uniquely presented. It is occasionally difficult to care about the characters as the audience is given very little time to identify with them, it is actually a situation where you are glad that it is them and not you. Definitley worth watching if you appreciate abitious trailblazing cinema

just how I like my Stallone films! We’ve got the usual selection of new and forthcoming films, DVDs and Games reviewed for your pleasure this issue. As a final note, I must apologise to our dedicated Games writer Tom Hillman, who due to a mix up at the design stage was not credited for his excellent review of Call Of Duty 4 last week. Won’t happen again Tom! Till next time…. John Lucas

Film Night Film Night at the Old Broadcasting House Tuesday 5th February 2008 Film Screened: Casino Royal The Old Broadcasting House was a great venue for the screening of Casino Royal that took place a week ago today. After walking through the main doors I was welcomed by the very attractive hosts and organisers of the event, all of whom were dressed to kill in either the iconic James Bond style Tux or the classy bond girls in elegant dresses. The pre-bond entertainment was wide and varied. I tried my luck at the blackjack table to discover to my surprise that I am no James Bond. I lost all my chips but still had fun, and it was obvious everyone else in the building was having fun as the atmosphere was brilliant. There was also a roulette table, a Nintendo Wii and Playstation games available to play. The food was good value and tasty. I caught up with the group of students behind the magic and asked them how they thought the night had gone, here’s what they had to say; “There was a real buzz to the evening, it exceeded our expectations, ran smoothly and left people with smiles on their faces. We hope this has helped to put Old Broadcasting House on the map.” Overall, a great evening and for all those who didn’t attend I can assure you that you missed out. Salmon, Andrew Salmon

Andrew Salmon

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem


Roulette table at the OBH

2008 The year ahead. Gaming

Away From Her Starring: Julie Christie, Gordon Pinsent, Olympia Dukakis Director: Sarah Polley Cert: 12A Runtime: 110 Minutes Legendary British actress Julie Christie is tipped to follow Helen Mirren onto the Oscar podium thanks to her performance as a woman struck down by Alzheimer’s disease. The movie was a given a limited theatrical release last year, but the phenomenal response from critics and audiences alike has led to a rerelease in Cinemas despite the fact that it’s already available on DVD. It’s not hard to see why. Director Sarah Polley is only twenty-nine and best known as an actress in such films as Dawn of the Dead and My Life Without Me. However this directorial debut is an astonishing tour de force. Christie and veteran actor Gordon Pinsent play Grant and Fiona Anderson, a happily married couple whose lives are torn apart when Fiona is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. As her condition worsens Grant is forced to put her in a care home, where she becomes increasingly distant from him and forms an attachment to Aubrey, a fellow patient. Sarah Polley adapted the film from a short story by Alice Munro with Christie specifically in mind for the lead role, and it’s clear why she wanted her so badly for the part. One of the great cinema and fashion icons of the 60s, Christie remains a stunningly beautiful screen presence, and brings a heartbreaking level of dignity and compassion to her performance. From her terror and depression when she first begins to show signs of the disease through to her increasing vulnerability should strike a poignant chord with anyone who has lost somebody to Alzheimer’s. Polley’s adapted screenplay is filled with humour and warmth despite the grim subject matter, and every scene in the movie rings true. If you like a bit of substance to your cinema, catch this while you can. John Lucas

Once again ladies and gents another year has passed; we may have grown older but the video gaming industry is growing wiser, with increased innovation and technical progression. 2007 was a fantastic year, spawning such gems as Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Mass Effect to name but a few. However 2008 already has the potential to be a something very special. At first glance it may look like something of a sequel fest with highly anticipated titles such as GTA 4, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Fable 2 all coming soon, but if we look a bit closer there’s also a wealth of new titles at our finger tips. Exciting independent projects such as Brutal Legend are on the horizon, created by the slightly crazy genius Tim Schafer. This game features Jack Black in the role of Eddie Riggs, a roadie who is sent back through time in order to explore his purpose in life. Doesn’t sound too strange yet does it? But what if you fancy playing a guitar solo that will literally melt somebody’s face? Well in this game you can do just that. Or how about trying to run over a gaggle of emo’s with your tour bus? Sounds like fun to me! Ghostbusters is going to get a 2008 remake, and from the early footage it looks spectacular. Personally I can’t wait to fight the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man while he hangs perilously onto the side of a building, and I swear if Slimer throws any of his goo my way he’s going to get a slap too. On the other hand if you feel compelled to blow things up then Battlefield: Bad Company is shaping up to be another must have title for the year. Let’s say there’s a bad guy on the other side of the house; you could go around it but surely it’d be more fun to go through it? Well in Bad Company you can do just that, fire some explosives at a building and you’ll be rewarded with crumbling holes which you can scarper through with glee. Pretty much anything and everything can and indeed should be destroyed!

This is just a very brief taste of what’s to come in the following months, but trust me, it’s going to be a rollercoaster year in the gaming industry. P.S. For all you PS3 fans out there, yes Metal Gear Solid 4 is nearly here! Tom Hillman Mighty Boosh Series 3 Released – 11th Feb.

For all those who have bought tickets for the tour that’s at least 7 months away from starting then the awaited return of Vince and Howard to DVD should be a must- buy to keep you going for a while. Based in Naboo's second hand shop, Nabootique, in Dalston, series 3 of this offbeat BBC3 comedy, introduces a wealth of new characters into the Boosh Universe including jazz supreme Lester Corncrake, the eerily familiar Flighty Zeus and the evil Crack Fox. There are even some rock ‘n’ roll cameos from members of The Horrors and The Towers of London as Vince cements himself, as ‘Vince Noir Rock ‘n’ Roll Star.’ Typically though there are the old favourites, Bob Fossil, Shamen and the Moon, also the inevitable additions to the Boosh soundtrack with tracks such as ‘Eels’ and some voodoo skat. BBC 3 is famed for bringing some refreshing comedy and they don’t come much more outlandish than the Boosh. This latest series sees Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding strengthen their writing skills further and justify the hype that surrounds The Mighty Boosh. Kathryn Shaw

Valentine’s Day Romantic classics for one day only.

8.40pm – Breakfast at Tiffany’s @ Hyde Park Picture House 6.10pm, 8.20pm and 10.55pm – Dirty Dancing @ Vue. Leeds Light 5.30pm, 10.55pm – Dirty Dancing @ Vue Kirkstall Road


Gig Guide

Hi De Hi !

Balls to exams and dissertations. Live gigs are where the party’s at kiddies

So you’re all sweating through a mountain of revision and exams? Walk away…..come on….just for a while. Plenty of new music and gigs out there to be had, so let’s celebrate. This issue we have Hot Chip, Royworld, Lightspeed Champion, Protest The Hero and a nice little Gig Guide for you all to plan your days round. Pigeon Detectives interview next issue !! Woop Dee Loop! See ya soon xxxxxx Tommy ‘Tucker Trucker Hat’ Newton


Wed 13 Feb The Hoosiers Leeds University SU, Leeds Fri 15 Feb Hot Chip and Matthew Dear Leeds University SU, Leeds Fri 29 Feb Newton Faulkner Leeds University SU, Leeds

Sun 2 Mar Korn Leeds University SU, Leeds Fri 14 Mar The Honda Civic Tour Presents: Panic! At The Disco Leeds University SU, Leeds Sat 12 Apr Scouting for Girls Leeds University SU, Leeds

Reviews Hot Chip Made in the Dark Album Review

Interested in writing for the music section? email:

"Out at the Pictures" "Shake a Fist" " Ready for the Floor "Bendable Poseable" "We’re Looking for a Lot of Love" "Touch Too Much" "Made in the Dark" "One Pure Thought" "Hold On" "Wrestlers" "Don't Dance" "Whistle for Will" "In the Privacy of Our Love" ‘A fresher and more vibrant effort than ‘The Warning’, Hot Chip return yet again bigger and more exciting than ever before. Be prepared for blistered feet and gurning faces a plenty, this is a dancefloor orgasm.’ Tom N ***** / 5

Royworld ‘Man In The Machine’ Released 3rd March 2008 When a press release lands on the desk shouting out in bold type, ‘Ones to Watch’, and using the old ‘Few debuts have so much potential’ line, one can be forgiven for being slightly wary. However……..when the band site Talking Heads and Roxy Music as influences, that grabs the attention in the vice like grip of a bull terrier mauling a small infant. Royworld are on evidence of this single, a fucking fantastic band. Few bands in this day of three chord, Myspace chic, indie bothering nonsense, have come close, if at all, to the sound of ‘Man In The Machine’. The band hark back to 70s and early 80s Bowie, Eno and Talking Heads, a time when music had substance, quality and overall sounded bloody marvellous. Royworld deserve every bit of praise, when you see ‘Best Band of 2008’, rest assured this time it’s the real thing.

Lightspeed Champion Falling Off The Lavender Bridge Album Review

Protest The Hero Fortress Album Review The Mars Volta better watch their back, Protest The Hero are just as strong and as violently creative! ‘Fortress’ is a screaming bloody joy to hear.

"Number One" "Galaxy of the Lost ‘-Tell Me What It’s Worth "All to Shit" "Midnight Surprise" "Devil Tricks for a Bitch" "I Could have Done This Myself" "Salty Water" "Dry Lips" "Everyone I Know Is Listening to Crunk" "Let the Bitches Die" "No Surprise (For Wendela)" / "Midnight Surprise"

Fantastic! *****/5 You can buy ‘Bloodmeat’ on iTunes now Tom N

‘While some will scoff at the huge U Turn in style that Dev Haynes has taken since the new rave days of Test Icicles, others will embrace this modern day ‘Pet Sounds’. Whimsical tales of dreams, love, sex, and alcohol are all beutifully crafted with an apparent ease. There are very little, if any, bad words for this album. A fine masterpiece. Truly truly a wonderful record.’ Tom N ***** /5

Coaching For Hope Charity Gig On the 20th of Feb at HiFi Club in Leeds, Vincent Vincent and the Villains are playing on behalf of the charity, Coaching For Hope in which all proceeds will go to. * Tickets are priced at £6 and includes FREE entry to the club night after! * Tickets can be bought from or Crash Records, Jumbo Records, HiFi Club or bought on the door * Hifi Box office 0113 242 7353 * Doors open at 7.00pm * Great support from Leeds local legend, Micky P Kerr

Best of the Promos this Week M.I.A (left) – Paper Planes ‘WOW’ *****/5 The Ting Tings – Great DJ ‘Awesome’ ****/4 StarDeath and The White Dwarves – Toast and Marmalade for Tea ‘Flaming Hit’ ****/4 Editors – Push Your Head Towards The Air ‘Reasonably bland’ **/2

Layout By Kim Allen & Caitlin Olney

*Film News*

Night At The Museum 2 The sequel to ‘Night At The Museum’ is preparing to begin shooting. ‘Enchanted’ star Amy Adams is in talks for a supporting role, opposite Ben Stiller. The plot involves many of the museum’s artefacts boxed for transfer to the Smithsonian in Washington DC. Adams is to play a historical figure who fancies Larry, played by Stiller. The film is again directed by Shawn Levy and screenwriters Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon have returned for the sequel. It due for release on 22nd May 2009 with the possible title ‘Night At The Museum 2: Escape From The Smithsonian’.

Hobbits Are Back! Hobbit lovers take note…’The Hobbit’ film looks set to become a reality after all! Guillermo del Toro is said to be the director of the back-toback instalments of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic novel, with Peter Jackson in the role of executive producer. Del Toro, who has already been Oscar-nominated for Pan's Labyrinth, will certainly have big shoes to fill after Jackson’s phenomenally successful adaptation of the Lord Of The Rings’. Both instalments will be shot simultaneously, and filming is due to start in 2009, with an estimated $150m budget for each.

Janine Mitchell

Gemma Arterton Student debts even apply to Bond Girls… Gemma Arterton, St. Trinian Head Girl and new Bond Girl, is not all that different to us…despite the prospect of earning millions from playing Agent Fields, opposite Daniel Craig in ‘Quantum of Solace’, she isn’t letting the money change her and still has her student loans to pay off. She also says that so far she has spent quite a bit of her earnings so far in Primark.

Bar Review Greek Night @ Viva Cuba! Review – Thursday 7th February. Viva Cuba! Restaurant, bar and club is located at the end of Claypit Lane just down the road from Leeds Met, towards town. The Cuban tapas bar has a selection of club nights on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the newest being a Greek night on Thursdays. I know what you’re thinking Viva Cuba, Greek night? But seriously, it was great. The evening started at about 10pm with live Greek music; a wonderful and authentic band played as the bar became busier. The band set up just opposite the bar, creating a really personal and enjoyable atmosphere for the night. By 12 o’clock the place was really busy, wall to wall with people dancing and singing as the band played, the night was really taking off. On offer, in true Greek spirit, there were shots of Ouzo (Greek anise-flavoured liqueur) for £1 and Metaxa (a Greek distilled spirit like brandy) for £1.50. Even on a Greek night I was still enjoying the Cuban cocktails, get your hands on a Daiquiri, a mix of lime, sugar and rum, the bar staff are great and very friendly and happy to make any drink you like, even if it isn’t on the menu. I had a wonderful drink called the “Havana Zombie”. The atmosphere was fantastic and a great change to the norm. It was really lively and happy, no trouble from anyone, just a great time. It really is something to try. I had a great time and will definitely go again. See you at the bar! Viva Cuba! or Viva Greece! It’s all good. Max Chater

Roy Scheider Dies aged 75 This cinema legend who starred Jaws, in the first film to ever make over $100 million. Nominated for 2 Oscars died on Sunday at hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. Scheider was a successful boxer before he turned to acting, his boxing earned him his characteristic broken nose. The famously misquoted line “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Was voted number 35 in the all time movie quotes of all time. Scheider is survived by his three children and his second wife, actress Brenda King.

How cheap is your love?

n & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle. fashion & lifestyle.

by Kirsty Brown

I want, anti-sized-0, deffo less of that in 2008 please, and on that note, less magazines telling us a new diet every week.: it is a little of what you want, and a lot of what is good, and exercise. Simple. The END. Less fake tan and sunbeds and more blusher!! english-rosed cheeks are a cute look and soooo zero 8. Seriously, the best thing is Maybelline Blusher Moose, I use it on my lips too for a shimmery look. Get it cheap at Kirkgate Market.


Support Independent boutiques with the closure of the Corn Exchange (above) this year, we must support young fashion designers in Leeds, in Victoria Quarter and fashion students who, it seems are struggling against large national companies that want to turn out retail into a clone city! We don’t want to travel to London just for something quirky. We want it here and we want talent to evolve here, in Leeds.


The answer is not very! With Valentines Day looming it’s difficult to ignore the huge display of romantic reds everywhere you go. The shops are littered with cards and cliché heart shape gifts for the one you love. Yet, as I found myself looking for a present for my boyfriend I couldn’t help but think that everywhere was soooo pointlessly expensive. From candles to teddy bears to chocolates it almost impossible to spend less than £5. Especially when I picked up a pack of heart shape marshmallows for £3. I mean they’re hardly going to make your other half love you more just because they’re in the shape of a heart. And as if showing your love wasn’t pricey enough there’s the cost of the sharing it. As we began to consider which restaurant we should go to for a romantic meal everywhere seemed to offer set menus, along with set prices. This means that you’re eating more food then you essentially wanted from a menu that you wouldn’t necessarily desire if you had the choice. If you’re anything like me on a romantic night like valentines, eating yourself into a sumo suit hardly sets you in a romantic mood. It just makes you sleepy…and eventually single! Ha! But before you start thinking I’m a complete cupid killer who sounds more like the tin man than someone who’s about to spend her first valentines with a boyfriend, I do have a solution! Why not stay in & cook a romantic meal? For those of you who are having heart palpitations right now for all the wrong reasons, there’s always a take out! But I dare you to try a new recipe. You never know you could find out that you are actually a gourmand chef in the making. All you have to do is cover the room with candles, a few bottles of wine & provide a meal that will leave your taste buds tingling. A mixed CD playing in the background, made personally with all the songs you share, followed by melted chocolate, strawberries & marshmallows (not heart shape though) and your partner will be putty in your hands. I know I would! It will be a Valentines Day to remember, that even your bank balance will enjoy! Let me know how it goes. Good luck & Happy Valentines…




Tuesday 12th February 2008

No work, no benefits Claudia Reidegeld Politics Editor ———————————— The Conservative party unveiled their plans to reduce the number of people claiming unemployment benefits simply because it is easier than working. Under the new proposals, benefit claimants who repeatedly turn down a reasonable job offer will have their benefits cut by one month worth of benefits for the first time they do so, three month for the second and, on failing to accept the third offer, will be bared from receiving benefits for up to three years. The proposal is the most recent addition to the Government’s plan to crack down on fraudulent benefit claimants to control the £100 billion annual welfare bill. Shadow Health Secretary Chris Grayling explained that the Government believes it is time to take action against those deliberately staying at home: “We think that if you get a reasonable job offer, you should take it”, he said “there is no excuse for saying ‘I’m not interested’ to an offer of employment.” Additionally to those claiming unemployment

benefits, hundred thousands of incapacity benefit claimants will also be under review if the plan is implemented. Currently there are 2,6 million people claiming incapacity, getting up to £95,00 in benefits every week, about the same as holding down a part time job on the National Minimum Wage and costing the taxpayer more than £12 billion a year. However, the Government’s Welfare Adviser David Freud estimates that about two thirds of these claimants are not entitled to the benefits “If you want a recipe for getting people on to IB, we’ve got it: you get more money and you don’t get hassled. You can sit there for the rest of your life. When the whole rot started in the 1980s we had 700,000. I suspect that’s much closer to the real figure than the one we’ve got now.” These recent proposals form part of a series of amendments to the welfare system. Another part of the welfare reform package are also measurements to help people get back into work. Both Conservatives and Labour have pledged to create compulsory training opportunities in order to help long-term unemployed back into work. Under the proposal those claiming Job

Seeker’s Allowance for at least two years would either have to join a year-long community work programme or skills training or else risk loosing their benefits. Speaking in London about the biggest shake-up to the welfare system in fifty years, In order to achieve the goal of moving a million unemployed and 300,000 single-parents back into work Prime Minister Gordon Brown explained that “To get there, we will need major reforms of inactive benefits.” The plan however was criticized as “punishing” single-parents but Mr. Freud backed the PM in his demand that parents should go back into work once their children reach school age saying “The point about this approach is you don’t need to make a huge fuss about categorising people - everyone should be able to work.” Mr. Brown added “There should be no free-riding on the welfare state. It is an insult to people who have contributed and it is an insult to the people who need help.” If implemented, the new proposals would constitute the first major shake-up of the benefit system since is establishment fifty years ago.

What’s bugging you? Claudia Reidegeld Politics Editor ———————————— The next time you and your friends exchange the latest news you might enjoy a bigger audience than you expected. The council for example, police or even fire services. A new report revealed that authorities such as councils intercept private communications and daily tap about 1,000 phones. The report, published by the Interception of Communications Commissioner Sir Paul Kennedy, highlighted again the danger of Britain becoming a surveillance state where the regular monitoring of private communication including mail, email and phone calls is daily routine. While most bugging is carried out on those under suspicion of terrorism or serious crimes, bugging operations at this level often go wrong and the report reveals that ordinary people can be affected. The report reveals that in the last six months of 2006, 253,557 applications to intercept private communications were made under surveillance laws and mostly granted. In the same period 122 councils applied to obtain private communication

David Freud talking about welfare reform. Photo: BBC

The Politics News Digest Domestic 4 ARRESTED IN BEHEADING PLOT Parviz Khan, 38, an Islamic fanatic has admitted to organising a plot to kidnap and film the beheading of British soldier to instil fear in the armed forces and general public Leicester Crown Court heard this week. Three other men also pleaded guilty but a fourth denies involvement. The trial continues. CAMERON SUSPENDS MP David Cameron suspended MP Derek Conway after it emerged that Mr. Conway had listed his family members, including his son Frederick, as employees putting them on the payroll. His son was paid an estimated £10,000 a year as a “researcher” while studying geography at Newcastle University.

Phones tapped at a rate of 1,000 per day. of more than 1,600 people; often because of suspicion of relatively minor offences like fly-tipping. Michael Parker of NO2ID, an organisation campaigning against the introduction of ID cards, commented “The figures show the state’s desire to gather more and more information about people.” The Local Government Association defended the use of the powers against people

Photo: Google Images “ruining the countryside or trying to take the taxpayer for a ride”. But although the report highlights that 1,088 incidents where public bodies had broken surveillance laws, Sir Kennedy confirmed that authorities remain opposed to any changes in the controversial law that was introduced eight years ago and allows hundreds of public bodies to carry out surveillance.

LABOUR MP EXPULSION THREAT Gordon Brown has threatened two of his party’s MPs, Frank Field and Kate Hoey, with expulsion from the party after they openly backed the demand for a referendum on the controversial EU treaty which hands over key legal powers to the EU. Mr. Brown has repeatedly refused demands to put the treaty up for public vote. POLICE WIN RIGHT TO FIGHT ON PAY The High Court ruled last week that the Police Federation will be allowed to launch a legal battle against Jaqui Smith’s decision on a 1.9 percent pay rise which is actually a pay cut due to inflation. The Police is not the only public body affected, teachers, nurses and the entire public sector will not get an annual pay rise under the Governments plan “to keep inflation in check”. MPs, of course, excluded.



Tuesday 12th February 2008

Tsunami Tuesday Biggest turn-out at polls as candidates race head-to-head Claudia Reidegeld Politics Editor ———————————— Tuesday, 5th February 2008 – large parts of America are ravaged by a tornado, but all up to 80 million Americans really cared about was voting, no matter how. This year’s primary elections have seen a record turn-out at the polls since the first elections in Iowa, but last Tuesday, when 24 states held their primaries in which parties decide on their candidate for the general election in November - the turn out at the polls reached 99% of registered voters in many states. The debate was particularly heated around who will become the Democratic presidency candidate, with New York senator Hillary Clinton and Illinois senator Barack Obama running head to head. At the time of going to press the poll results were in favour of Mrs. Clinton, leading with a total of 818 delegates after winning in twelve states. Mr. Obama finished with a total of 730 delegates after Super Tuesday, even though he won elections in fifteen states. This is partly due to Mrs. Clinton’s 52% victory in prestigious California

which won her 441 delegates. However, all is not lost and even though Super Tuesday normally allows a conclusion about who the presidency candidate will be for Democrats and Republicans, Clinton’s 88 delegate lead over Obama is not enough to establish her as the firm winner because 24 states have yet to vote on the Democratic candidate. Ahead of Super Tuesday, the two rivals erupted in a heated debate on CNN in their attempts of vying voters for the following week. The debate focused on prominent issues such as the war in Iraq, health care and the recently shaken US economy. Debating on the sensitive issue of Iraq, Mr. Obama argued that Mrs. Clinton’s original vote in favour using military force in Iraq would undermine her ability to end the war. Mrs. Clinton defended herself, saying that she was told by the White House only Inspectors would be send to Iraq in order to establish whether then dictator Saddam Hussain had an active weapons programme. “I believe strongly that we needed to put inspectors in,” she said. “That was the underlying reason why I at least

voted to give President Bush the authority, put those inspectors in, let them do their work, figure out what is there and what isn’t.” However, she stressed that she was also strongly opposed to the war and, like Obama, would make it her priority to ensure the war is ended. While it was clear from the first primary in Iowa that the candidate for the Democratic would result in either a female or a black president, both a first in US history, the race for presidency candidate in the Republican Party was much less transparent with three potential candidates. Last Tuesday’s election results however have established Arizona senator John McCain, with a total of 680 delegates at the time of going to press, as the most likely candidate for the party, followed by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney with 270 and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee with 176 delegates. Although Republicans still face primaries in 19 states, only triumphant victories for Mr. Huckabee in the majority of outstanding primaries could now shake McCain’s candidacy in November to set up office in the White House.

The Politics News Digest International CHAD: Since rebels stormed the capital N’Djamena on Saturday an estimated 20,000 refugees have fled the country into neighbouring country Cameroon. The fights broke out after rebels opposing the country’s president Deby seized control over several cities in the country. They say Deby’s rule is both violent and corrupt. ITALY: President Georgio Napolitano is expected to call early elections after the former Prime Minister Romano Prodi quit last month after a defeat in a confidence vote. After Senate speaker Franko Marini held unsuccessful talks to form an interim government, there is now little option but to dissolve parliament and call early polls. POLAND: Poland’s foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski attacked some NATO member states for not committing enough troops towards the war in Afghanistan, as he feels the burden is not shared equally by member states. FRANCE: Last week President Sarkozy took the first steps towards ratifying the new EU treaty. On Monday 560 MPs voted in favour of the new treaty while 181 opposed. Although most Socialists abstained from voting, the voting in favour of the treaty easily passed the required 60% margin. A final vote is due Wednesday and Thursday.

Writers needed... Do you fancy writing for the politics section? Do you want to gain experience working on your student newspaper? email Claudia:

During an interview on Super Tuesday, Mr. McCain displayed his optimism “We’re going to win today, we’re going to win the nomination”, he declared before adding “And we’re going to win the presidency.” McCain already took part in the nominations in 2000 but lost against George Bush. During the pre-election debate on CNN, McCain and his fiercest opponent Mitt Romney attacked each others conservative credentials as they answered interviewer’s questions on their policy on Iraq and the recent fears over an economic recession. With only a few elections left before the parties can declare their final candidate, it remains unclear who will win the nomination for Democratic candidate 2008. Both Clinton and Obama have made high promises in their bid to win the final but crucial votes. With McCain firmly established as a Republican candidate, Democrats will have to endure four more months of tension and uncertainty due of the high possibility that the race for Democratic nomination will only be decided after the last Democratic primary on 3rd June in Montana.

McCain and Clinton must fight on to secure their nomination. Photo: Kat Baldwyn



Tuesday 12th February 2008


Leeds Met attempted to break a world record and our photographer Joe Kelly was there to capture the moment... Friday the 1st of February saw Leeds Met students, partners and staff take to the ice in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record. In a day of festivities at Leeds’ temporary open air ice rink located in Millennium square, and as part of the ongoing ‘Festival Of Partnerships for Students’, Leeds Met were trying to beat the

Guinness World Record for the ‘Longest Conga on Ice’. For this particular feat, the rules stated that over 100 skaters must link up and skate in a line for 15 minutes. Rebekka Kill, a senior lecturer at the University, organised the record attempt as a means of creating an alternative and innovative event but

Editorial As we’re privy to yet more news of dodgy landlords and inept letting agents I can’t help but think we’ve heard this all before. Every student in Leeds knows someone who didn’t get their deposit back or was passed from pillar to post between their letting agent and their landlord. It was for this very reason that Unipol was set up. Unipol exists to help students not get screwed over by greedy, selfinterested landlords and letting agencies. It really isn’t surprising that this kind of situation arises when you have an area with a transient population who are usually too far away / too lazy / too busy doing something else to care when it comes to chasing their landlords or making a complaint or starting court proceedings. The majority of students I know who complain about this kind of thing can’t even be bothered

also to help promote a new Leeds Met course ‘Art, Event, Performance’ set to begin in September of this year. The course which is unique in the UK is explained by Rebekka as a course which will “engage with the city in innovative ways, and which will also involve the community”. After a few false starts

and a few falls by the record attempters, the conga commenced, followed closely by the on-looking crowd and BBC cameras. As the big screen clock ticked down the conga encountered a few breaks in the chain but the crowd of 100+ skaters persevered through the harsh winter conditions as the strong wind

to pick up the phone and make a complaint to an agency like Unipol or the students’ union. These agencies are there to help us, but how can you help someone who won’t help themselves? It’s quite right to say lets chase these landlords out of the Leeds housing market but when push comes to shove will it be you who makes a complaint or will you exercise your legal right to take them to court? Too many people are happy to moan about this kind of thing and then do absolutely nothing about it when they could. It has become an unusual thing for people to protest and stand up for their rights, lethargy has become the order of the day. We’re happy to protest if that means we can just sign an online petition. These were the words of a politics student when the visiting NUS president asked him about attending the antitried its hardest to skittle them over. As the final seconds elapsed the end of the 15 minutes was met with loud cheers of both relief and accomplishment from the freezing cold spectators, organisers and participants, who now face a wait to see whether or not the record has been officially broken.

fee demonstration in London. I mean fair enough if he had to work or it was his mums birthday, but this was actually an all expenses paid trip. I see many examples of this level of laziness all around me. Within the student activities sector, many people ‘get involved’ and talk very much about all they will do. But when it comes down to it: empty rhetoric… It’s become clichéd to say but in the past people actually died for the rights and freedoms we enjoy today, it seems all they’ve done is create a generation who can’t even be bothered to get out of their armchairs to defend them. To end abruptly on a positive note; there are people out there who step up to the mark and get on it, they’re not usually loud and brash but they’re there and they are doing great work in all walks of life.

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In issue 27 (29th Jan) we incorrectly credited two photo’s: Page 2, “City going greener” - photo was taken by Jo Bounds Page 5, “Students enjoying finer things in life” - photo was taken by Hayley Proudfoot. The Met apologises for any confusion.

Disclaimer The Met does not reflect the views of the Leeds Metropolitan University Students’ Union or Leeds Metropolitan University.

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Tuesday 26th February 2008




Tuesday 12th February 2008


Walk like an Egyptian Tom Woolsey Features Editor ————————————

As this winter season seems everlasting and those cold winter’s nights roll on and on it can be overly tempting to treat that mound of cash sitting in your bank with a slight touch of frivolousness. Of course the sensible ones among us would invest whole heartedly in a hotwater bottle or an electric blanket. Blowing it on a holiday to some ‘tropical paradise’ with the fanciful desire of returning a bronze Adonis or some Grecian Goddess amongst mere pale milky mortals is obviously the alternative! However for the average student this dream of the ideal budget holiday, when put into practice, can often conclude in an unfathomable nightmare. Say one day you’re sat moaning about the awful weather and how wonderful it would be to jet off to somewhere hot and exotic for a week. Before you know it you find yourself sitting in a travel agents being told what a wonderful time you’ll have and how lovely your hotel will be. However at this precise moment you fail to realise the stark reality that these people have an audacious ability to lie! Egypt remains one of the most popular British tourist destinations during these winter months and with temperatures at a minimum of 14° C during the winter season is it any wonder. It’s estimated that Egypt boasts a maximum of five days worth of rain a year and with England lucky to avoid five consecutive days of rainfall it seems the ideal location to temporarily emigrate to. A cheap package holiday in the tourist resort of Sharm El Sheik can be picked up from between £250 to £400 all inclusive for a week. Though

be warned, a holiday like this probably wont be as desirable as it seems. To begin with we all know how fun airports can be: delayed flights, lost passports/tickets, ignorant staff etc so I’ll skim over this part and move straight to the hotel transfer. When booking your holiday and asking questions about the hotel the travel agents dubious response should be a fair indicator of things to come. But being open-minded about your first package holiday with a new girlfriend you endeavour to enjoy it whatever the standard. So on route from the Sharm airport to your unknown destination you pass the likes of ‘The Hilton’, ‘The Marriot’ and other such five star palaces with high hopes…this is until you arrive at a meagre three star hotel with as much charm as a sanitary towel. But alas this is not your hotel and there still remains some hope…However when you’re the final group on the transfer coach and you’ve been travelling for what seems like an eternity across an indeterminate wasteland this hope quickly digresses to anxiety and then fear. Cleverly and rather cunningly the travel agent has timed your transfer so you actually arrive at your hotel in the dead of night, too tired and stressed to even bother about the state of the hotel. But when the place looks and smells like it’s been converted from an old Egyptian bazaar it’s hard to overlook. The worry with an all inclusive holiday is that you’ll eat and drink your moneys worth and come home resembling something close to a small whale however this is not a problem in Egypt’s budget hotels. With the possibility of imminent diarrhoea looming behind every fish and meat dish the all inclusive buffet is easy to avoid. This

Recommendations Boat trip and snorkelling in the Red Sea. Sharm El Sheik is located right on the coast of the Red Sea next to the Ras Mohammed national park which is host to some of the most beautiful coral and fish in the world. Get lost in this underwater paradise and have an incredible experience for only £20. Camel Trek. The chance to ride a camel doesn’t come along every day and therefore should be grasped at every opportunity. The ride can be uncomfortable after some time and your arse might ache a bit in the morning but the enjoyment outweighs this by far. Quad biking in the desert. For as little as £20 you can bomb around on sand dunes and explore the Egyptian desert. Health and Safety laws are much more lenient as well so you can have a good time without being bogged down by Finally if you want to see the pyramids and your staying in Sharm El Sheik beware that prices for travel cost from £60 for a day long bus ride in the searing heat and £140 to fly.

combined with Robbie Williams greatest hits booming from the poolside speakers makes the hotel an even less desirable place to reside. When venturing out of your hotel the tourist hot spot in Sharm El Sheik is Naama Bay which hosts every kind of tourist shop you can imagine, selling everything from plastic pyramids to ornate jewellery and so called ‘magic’ carpets.

With its abundant array of different restaurants and sheesha bars Naama Bay is the perfect place to escape your squalid hotel. However the locals can be overly friendly and very oppressive so it’s best to avoid all contact showing them no interest and just move along quickly. Also gentlemen, it is unwise to leave your lady any further than arms length with the likelihood that she will be undesirably har-

assed without your presence. Perhaps a better place to shop is the ‘Old market’. In this cosy, quaint part of the resort you can pick up much more authentic souvenirs and haggling with the locals allows you to pick up merchandise for a much lower price. For the student traveller Egypt can seem like an ideal cheap getaway to an exotic paradise during this bitterly

cold winter. However much care must be taken in choosing how much money you’re willing to take with you and whether you mind spending a week in a shabby hotel? There is a fine line between these two requisites and choosing correctly can make or break your holiday. Here are just a few things that might tickle your fancy if you do decide to brave this foreign land.



Tuesday 12th February 2008

Omega what? Natasha Niemtus Health Editor ————————————

We hear lots of mixed messages when it comes to fats in our diet. We know that foods high in saturated fat are not good for us and we should avoid eating them too often, there is a lot of attention on omega acids at the moment and we know that these can be good for us but how much do we really understand about ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’? Lets start from the beginning… Fats (also called lipids) are organic compounds containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They are insoluble in water and can be solid or liquid at room temperature, making them a diverse group. Fat in our diet is mostly in the form of triacylglycerols, but also as cholesterol. Fat has four main sources in our diets. It serves as a good energy source and has a higher energy value (9Kcal/g) than carbohydrate (3.75Kcal/g)and protein (4Kcal/g), it is more energy dense, so you don’t need to consume large amounts to obtain

the energy provided. Fat also provides texture to our foods so that they are more palatable and tasty. Fats provide the body with essential fatty acids (polyunsaturated fatty acids- omega oils) which are so-called as they cannot be synthesised in the body, this is why they are important in the diet. There are three types of omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 that we need in the diet. These are important for maintaining the structure and function of brain, eye and nervous system cells and their development (hence having been called ‘brain foods’ in the media). They also help in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism and provide raw materials for hormones in the body. Despite all this, only small amounts of these fatty acids are required in the diet to fulfil their needs, most UK adults diets provide adequate amounts. Most vegetable oils (e.g. olive oil) and some fish oils are good sources of essential fatty acids. We get omega 6 from vegetables, fruit, nuts, cereal products and fat spreads. Deficiencies in these are very rare if we have a plentiful and varied diet, and

only really a potential problem for infants where organ systems and functions can become affected if omega deficiencies oc-

cur. However, we are bombarded with adverts for supplements and omega-containing foods, which are not of extra benefit as

Pound a pint? Natasha Niemtus Health Editor ———————————— We may well be saving the pennies but at what cost? Whilst catching up with our mates and

heading for the bars we could be ignoring the ‘silent calories’, the ones contained in our favourite tipple but it’s a drink afterall, how many calories can it possibly contain? Well, quite a lot actually. Premium lager can con-

tain up to 335 calories per pint, so just 3 pints can total half of our daily recommended calorie intake (2000 women, 2500 men). Research in Autumn 2006 found that, on average, freshers put on up to 15lbs in their first year at university. This is likely to be due to many factors, mainly massive changes in food and diet patterns, meals may become more irregular due to lecture schedules, etc and many students may find that their preferred foods can be quite pricey so opt for the cheaper foods. Whilst there is nothing wrong with ‘value for money’ foods, we should be thinking more about what we are putting into our bodies. Socialising is an important part of university life and we should all be able to enjoy a good night out, but we also need to wise up a bit when it comes to our health. Dehydration, lack of sleep and excessive alcohol consumption can all lead us feeling lethargic, depressed, moody and prone to headaches and irritability as well as piling on the pounds. Due to the high calorie content of many alcoholic drinks our bodies become confused, because these have a diuretic effect on the body, dehydration occurs which leads our bodies to tell us that we are hungry and in turn we may satisfy this by tucking into a late night snack (which is more likely to be a high salt, high fat choice), this means that we are consuming even more calories that we have already taken in down the pub. If we are getting plenty of exercise during the day and eating

an otherwise healthy diet, these nights out should in theory not pose too many risks to our long term health(despite damage to liver,etc). However, further results are not in our favour, student intakes of salt, saturated fat and sugar have often been found to exceed daily recommended limits. Current statistics for overweight and obesity levels in the UK state that 2 thirds of adults are either overweight or obese. Obesity has been shown to play a part in the development of the UKs major killers, CHD and cancer, these worrying statistics are being tackled by the Government in a new strategy launched this year ‘Healthy weight: healthy lives: a cross-government strategy for England (Department of Health, 2008). Whilst the aim is to involve all of society in changing our nations eating patterns and physical activity levels for the better, the ultimate responsibility lies with us, the individual. The future seems far away but many of the habits we get into at university can become patterns for the years to come. Alcohol can be consumed as part of a healthy diet, but in moderation and generally speaking, the darker the colour the more calories it contains. We all have busy lives and students are under a lot of pressure with deadlines, etc, so our diet often takes a backseat, but it’s all about balance at the end of the day and high time we took a look. And don’t forget, everything in moderation is the key...

we should already be obtaining them in our diets. A healthy, well balanced diet contains all the necessary components essential

for our health so be wary next time a new fad-food appears, it will save you time and money in the long run!

The A-Bomb Chicken Special Very Hot. Ingredients; (serves 2-4) 3-4 Chicken breasts Green and red peppers 1 Large onion. 2 Cloves of garlic Hot pepper sauce Green Giant sweetcorn Boil in the bag rice Tumeric Chicken stock cube. 1)Slice the chicken into strips and begin frying in a wok with a little bit of oil. 2)Boil some water in separate a pan. 3)Add the boil in the bag rice and a pinch of tumeric to the boiling water (this turns it yellow) 4)Chop up the onion, garlic (do not crush) and the peppers 5)Once the chicken is cooked add a pinch of black pepper and the garlic. 6)After 2-3 minutes add 25ml of water plus a chicken stock cube, then 1 table spoon of worcestershire sauce. 7)Stir in 3 table spoons of hot pepper sauce. (this is only a recommendation, less can be used if you fancy a dish let hot.) 8)Reduce the heat and throw in the peppers and sweet corn (this keeps them crunchy) 9)Take the rice out of the water, drain, then open bag onto plate. 10)Spread the A-Bomb chicken mix onto the rice and enjoy. Also it’s a good idea to have a pint of water handy as this sauce is very hot. This recipe was brought to you from the kitchen of Andy Salmon



Tuesday 12th February 2008


Simon Cragg examines the fortunes of the Men’s volleyball team. With barely a win to their name last season they’ve transformed their fortunes finishing top of their league, beating Leeds Uni at Varsity and still hold an impressive 22 game unbeaten run. As a university, Leeds Met prides itself on sporting prowess. Some truly inspirational teams have emerged of recent times, winning a plethora of trophies and cups, not to mention dominating many areas of BUSA competition. A team hoping to add their name to that list are Men’s Volleyball. With barely a win to their name in the 2006-07 campaign, the future seemed bleak for the club. Narrowly avoiding relegation was the highlight of a baron season. In stark contrast, they have since accumulated 22 consecutive wins between October and February, reaching some significant milestones along the way. Their incredible change of fortunes started with the acquisition of professional coach and ex-Scotland international Simon Loftus. Coupled with a huge increase in court time, this made for a punishing pre-season for returning players. Faith in the new regime was repaid on Varsity day with a 3-1 win. Also very encouraging were the performances submitted by a number of freshers. The team carried this momentum into BUSA, winning the opening game of the season 3-0. Little did the players know at the time, but they would go on to win every BUSA regular season game by the same margin.

Captain Ross Hill cast his mind back to October and fondly recalled his thoughts: “After playing for the team in previous years and getting beaten by BUSA teams every week, winning Varsity felt amazing, especially as Leeds Uni have gotten the better of us 5 times in the last 3 years. “With the appointment of a new coach and the high standard of the new players in the team, the prospect of winning more games looked hopeful, but no-one could have predicted we would be quite so successful. “I feel privileged to represent Leeds Met with such talented players around me. I am really pleased I have been part of this winning team, and long may it continue!” After a number of seasons in the doldrums, Super Sport Wednesday had now become the highlight of each player’s week, as they continued to dominate BUSA North 2B. The most competitive games came against their great city rivals, Leeds University. Both league games were fascinating duels, made even more interesting by the sibling rivalry between Carnegie hitter Iain Colley and his twin, Leeds University captain Tom Colley. Not long into the season, Met entered the Yorkshire Volleyball league, with a view to using it to blood new players without the pressure of BUSA. Journeying all over

Yorkshire to quickly dismantle teams proved tedious at times for the team, who felt they would be able to compete in Sunday volleyball at least a division higher. Unfortunately, due to league rules, new teams have to start at the bottom and work their way up. As the season progressed, it became clear that the real challenge outside of university volleyball was going to be the Yorkshire Cup, where opposition could come from any league. Most notable games include an epic battle against Sheffield VC at the English Institute of Sport, and the semi-final away at York. Both teams were flying high in Division 1, but Met dug deep and saw them off 3-2 and 3-1 respectively. They now look forward to facing the reigning champions, an RAF outfit named the Hawks. The final takes place on Sunday 24th February, at Oaklands in York, and the team would appreciate any support. Hopefully this isn’t the only final Carnegie volleyball will be participating in this season. After their flawless BUSA season (10 wins for 0 losses, without dropping a set), they received a good seeding for the upcoming trophy knockouts. A home tie against Coventry on Wednesday 13th February is first up, with a juicy tie against the also undefeated Cranfield University beckoning if Met can successfully negotiate the

West Midlands team. The season reaches its climax in Sheffield at BUSA finals 13th16th March, and hopefully Leeds Met can book their place to the showpiece event. Another significant improvement on last season was qualification for the EVA Student Cup finals. A weekend tournament at the University of Manchester was the setting for what many players class as their greatest achievement to date. Carnegie found themselves grouped with the University of Sheffield, who at the time sat top of BUSA North 1A and had beaten reigning champions Sheffield Hallam on their Varsity day. The rest of the group was made up by UWE Bristol, University College London. Victories over UWE and UCL came relatively easily, but it took a gargantuan effort to overcome Sheffield. A team littered with stars, one of whom had played professionally in Greece for a number of years, proved Met’s toughest opposition of the season to date, but emerging victorious gave an indication of just how far the team had come. The finals tournament is played in Leeds (split between Met and Uni) on the weekend of 16th & 17th February. With so many radical changes in the Leeds Met Volleyball set up, it’s difficult to tell which has had the most impact. Hungarian

Men’s Volleyball celebrate the win and the season. scholarship students have played a considerable part in the team’s U-turn, as has the court time, a professional coach and a healthy intake of freshers. However, strength and conditioning programs, physio screenings, sports nutrition advice and sports psychology are all things that many Met teams take for granted, but smaller clubs such as volleyball are only just receiving. It speaks volumes that

Photo: Aaron Isted a team can have such a dramatic change in fortunes when it receives this provision. Such developments in the university’s sport will no doubt assist Leeds Met in their quest to top the overall BUSA rankings. As the business end of the season looms, confidence is high in the camp. They say success breeds success, and few teams are in the winning habit quite like Men’s Volleyball.

Highlights of the season

Flawless season sealed in Hull

James Brisland, middle-hitter: “Beating Sheffield at Student Cup qualifying is my highlight. To win the group and qualify for finals felt great.”

Simon Cragg Staff Reporter ————————————

Dan Jones, swing hitter: “It’s hard to pick just one moment. I like how the strict training regime has brought us together as a team, and now we’re showing that on court.”

The final Wednesday in January saw a visit to Hull for the final game of the BUSA regular season. Despite having no coach present and missing several key players from the squad, Met appeared in confident mood. The opening set was electric as the away side blew Hull away with a brace of big hits and very few errors. As Met raced to 17 points, the home team could only muster 3 points in response. The pace slowed slightly towards the end of the set as Carnegie tried some new things, but the result was never in doubt and they wrapped it up 25-13. In contrast, the second and third sets were less clinical. Although Hull only possessed one player with any real hitting ability, Met sometimes struggled to contain him. After some wise words in the time-out huddle from club captain Ross Hill and talisman

Iain Colley, Carnegie calmed down and returned to doing the basics right. Some pinpoint passing from substitute Benn Blackburn, and all round strong front court displays from Johnny Hodgson and Steve McKee stood out as match altering acts. Middle hitters Ste Connell and Simon Cragg struggled to find their rhythm when it came to hitting, but blocked with authority throughout. As the possibility of an undefeated BUSA season loomed, Leeds Met squandered a number of match points. Slightly anticlimactically, the decisive point came from a Hull service error, but Carnegie were overjoyed regardless. Both the second and third sets were sealed 25-17. Leeds Met Carnegie Men’s Volleyball have now completed a perfect BUSA season. Carnegie should now gain a good seeding in the BUSA trophy play-offs, but no game is an easy game from here on in.

Frankie Byrne, opposite: “Varsity day was my highlight, partly because it was my debut, but also because of all the hype surrounding it makes it an amazing occasion.” Aaron Isted, libero: “Reaching the Yorkshire Cup final in our first season in the competition is a great achievement for us, especially beating Division 1 teams to get there.”

Men’s Volleyball celebrate the win and the season. Photo: Aaron Isted



Tuesday 12th February 2008

Depleted England suffer defeat in their battle against Wales Anna Weymss Sports Editor ———————————— England dominated the first half, with Jonny Wilkinson’s boot and with Toby Flood scoring a try England took the lead at half time with the score 16-6. However, defeat for England began at the beginning of the second half as James Hook kicked Wales to within seven points of England. It was Wales’ first match under new coach Warren Gatland, and the New Zealander must have said something special to his players at half-time as their game improved dramatically throughout the second half. Wilkinson, kept England’s score ticking by scoring a drop goal, however a penalty was soon given to Wales, with

Hook keeping his side within ten points of England. Wales needed a steady start to the second half, but a poor attempt by Shane Williams to break from his own line ended with Wilkinson kicking another penalty to put his side 196 up. With nothing to lose, Wales began to play with a little more ease and Hook narrowed the gap after James Haskell conceded a penalty. A superb break from Henson kept the pressure on England. Some schoolboy errors saw England concede 70m in the space of a few seconds as player after player refused to take responsibility for a ball going backwards, and Hook punished them with another penalty. England’s first-half dominance was fast becoming a distant memory as a simply

dreadful Wilkinson pass gave Wales the perfect attacking opportunity. Hook ran around three tacklers and offloaded for Byrne to score and the flyhalf then curled in a beautiful conversion to level the scores. But worse was to follow for England just moments later as Balshaw stumbled over a clearance kick deep in his own half and saw Phillips charge him down. Gethin Jenkins claimed the loose ball, and two passes later Phillips dived in at the corner - going through Balshaw’s last-ditch tackle - to put his side ahead for the first time. Another superb Hook conversion put Wales’s seven points clear, and England never looked like getting close to their opponents’ try-line. England’s next six nations match is against Italy.

The Met’s Ollie Rickman looks at the Premier League’s radical proposal to play League games abroad As we welcome a new era in English football under the tenure-ship of new England manager Fabio Capello another era of English football is about to descend on us. Under radical new plans put forward by Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore, league games could be played abroad as early as the 2009-2010 season The Premier League is one of the most exciting leagues in the world attracting viewers in no less than 200 countries. It has more money, more revenue and more power than any other football organisation in world football. So why then, does it see fit to change something that for all intensive purposes doesn’t need change? The argument put forward by Mr Scudamore highlights the need for the Premier League to keep the ‘big four’ happy. In Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool the Premier League has four of the most marketable teams in the

world. Over re c e n t years the biggest clubs in Europe have spoken about the p o s s i b i l i t y of an elite league, losing the ‘big four’ is something the Premier League and Mr Scudamore can’t afford to let happen. The purpose of this proposal will see all twenty teams benefit. He believes this venture will actually reduce the possibility of the league disbanding especially with whisperings of an elite league turning now into a loud murmur. “This is the benefit of

twenty clubs. If we don’t do something that involves all the clubs the world will not stand still, he said “ I’ve been working really hard for years with the big clubs to reconcile their ambitions along with the smaller clubs. That’s what this is about” “This plan limits a more radical future. By doing this, it limits that more radical proposal.” He said The new proposal put forward by the Premier League will see all twenty teams play matches abroad from places such as the Middle East and America. If successful it would mean an extra game being played at the half-way-point during the season. One must question the motives of those involved. Is this simply another moneyspinning gimmick for the Premier League to make a few quick bucks or does the future of English football rely on the shores of foreign countries? One thing is for sure, these are very exciting times for English football.

The boot of Wilkinson was just not enough to help England beat Wales.


Tuesday 12th February 2008

Brave bouncers Lizzy Pugh Staff Reporter ————————————

BUSA Results

Last weekend Leeds Met Trampoline team saw three of their members qualify to the BUSA national finals. Sisters, Vici and Lizzy Pugh competed in the advanced and intermediate categories, respectively and qualified to join Mike Barnes who automatically gained qualification into the advanced competition. Vici competed with the highest difficulty score of the day finishing in 8th place out of 42 competitors. The standard of the intermediate category was higher than ever with a total of 87 competitors. Lizzy competed with the maximum difficulty allowed and finished in 8th place. A brave performance was put out by Laura Robson, who was bouncing on torn ligaments. She narrowly missed qualification ending the day in 11th place. Also competing were Mikaela Lee (Intermediate), Emma Ashworth, Abi Parsons and Lizzie Marsden (Novice), who all gained personal achievements.

Men’s Football 1 vs Loughborough 0 - 0 Draw

36097_NSS_Board:Layout 1



Women’s Football 1 vs Loughborough 2 - 1 Win Men’s Rugby League 1 vs Edge Hill Walkover Win Men’s Rugby League 2 vs TASC 68 - 4 Win Men’s RUFC 1 vs Durham 57 - 13 Win Men’s RUFC 2 vs Durham 8 - 15 Loss Men’s RUFC 3 vs Sunderland 22 - 19 Win

The Leeds Met Trampoline team; Vici and Lizzy Pugh both bounced to success qualifying for BUSA finals.

Page 1

Photo: Anna Baker

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Women’s RUFC vs Manchester 70 - 0 Win

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