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Spring 2013/Volume 34 Issue 1

Celebrating Steve Rumford’s Leadership 1984-2013

Search Committee Chair, Cater Thompson, goes over material with Johnny Walker. Our President/CEO Search Committee includes: Mrs. Cater Thompson, Chair Mr. Bill Allen Mr. Walter M. “Sonny” Deriso Mr. Bill Fickling Mr. Russell Lipford Dr. Bob Moon Dr. David “Butch” Mosely Mrs. Elizabeth Ogie Mrs. Becky Rumer Mr. John C. Walker



Methodist Home

Americus • Columbus • Macon St. Marys • Valdosta • Waverly Hall Dr. Steve L. Rumford President/CEO Mrs. Jill C. Myers Executive Vice President Dr. Jeffery D. Lawrence VP/of Programs and Services Mr. Bruce Stanfield VP/Finance Dr. Derek W. McAleer VP/Development Dr. Laudis H. “Rick” Lanford President/The Methodist Home Foundation P.O. Box 2600 Macon, Georgia 31203

The Gateway is a quarterly publication of the Department of Development/Public Relations and is designed to highlight Methodist Home life, to encourage inquiries about potential admissions, and to challenge donors to continue their generous contributions for the children. In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

Mr. William (Bill) Allen Dr. Charlene Black Mrs. Jane Brown Mr. Chuck Briscoe Mr. Craig Buckley Judge Richard M. Cowart Mrs. Joyce F. Dent Mr. William A. Fickling, III Mr. Allen G. Freeman Senator Tim Golden Mr. David F. Green Senator B. Seth Harp, Jr. Ms. Jennifer Harper Mrs. Catherine Harrington Rev. W. Michael Huling Mr. Michael Kemp Rev. Daniel Medina Dr. Bob M. Moon Dr. David Mosely Mrs. Elizabeth Ogie Mrs. Rebecca “Becky” W. Rumer Mrs. Karen C. Shockley Mr. Cubbedge Snow, Jr. Mrs. GiGi Taylor Senator Ross Tolleson Mrs. Judy Tott Mr. John “Johnny” C. Walker


Rev. V.L. Daughtery, Jr. Bishop C.W. “Handy” Hancock Rev. A. Jason Shirah


Dr. Edwin Chase Rev. Cleo Conaway Mr. Walter M. Deriso, Jr. Dr. Laudis H. “Rick” Lanford Dr. Wayne Moseley Rev. G. Thomas Martin Rev. Henry Bass Rev. Wayne Racz Bishop James King Rev. C. Benjy Varnell


Mrs. Cater O. Thompson Mr. Hubert “Hu” C. Lovelin, Jr.



Rev. Reggie Williams

In response to Christ and the Church, the mission of the Methodist Home is to be a model organization that restores childhoods, strengthens families and cultivates a peoplebuilding organization.



Mrs. Mavis Moore Mr. Michael Stone

We accept children and youth regardless of race, color, creed, national origin or religious background.


The Methodist Home P.O. Box 2525 • 304 Pierce Avenue 31204 Macon, Georgia 31203 - 2525 (478) 751-2800 (office) (478) 751-2888 (fax) Email:

Pictured on cover Dr. Steve Rumford and wife, Mrs. Rozelle Rumford, stand in front of the Wilson Administration building. Cover photo by Cameron Bishop. 2


With Apprection and Gratitude... Dr. Steve L. Rumford President/CEO

e in 1984. me to The Hom mily when he ca Dr. Rumford’s fa

This past week, Rozelle and I spent several evenings looking through 29 years of Gateways. It was a special time of remembering cherished “family albums.” We are so grateful to have had the honor and privilege to be a part of The Methodist Home for all these years. The picture of us with our three young and active boys brings back all the memories of moving a young family to what we believe was God’s calling for our lives. What we discovered was how wonderful the love, support and commitment of the South Georgia Annual Conference is for The Methodist Home. Indeed it was evident that The Home was and is the “heart” of the Conference. We were welcomed by a Board of Trustees who took their work seriously and wanted so much for The Home to be a vibrant and effective ministry. Names like Jason Shirah, Frederick Wilson, Frank Terry, Bill McTier, Joel Dent, Johnny Walker, Jimmy Pennell, Edwin Chase, Don Kea and so many others instilled in me the expectation for a dynamic Methodist Home. Over the years, committed board leadership has come from Chairpersons Russell Lipford, Creede Hinshaw, V.L. Daughtery, Frank Terry, John Stumbo, Hal Brady, Elizabeth Ogie and Bob Moon. Throughout the years, we have had committed and dedicated staff who are at the core of what we do. Daily on the front line these dedicated direct care staff have been there to restore childhoods to children whose childhoods have only taught them to be sad and angry. I am so grateful to our current Leadership Team of Jeff, Jill, Rick, Lonnie, Robin, Bruce and Derek. The wealth of experience and dedication in this team is unequaled.

They average 19 years of tenure. Behind the scenes and for nearly 20 years, Mrs. Tonie Maxwell has served as my Executive Administrative Secretary with distinction, style, and grace. In my first visit I met Rev. Emory Gilbert who was a giant during a very difficult time of transition. Betty Gilbert welcomed us with a caramel cake and her recipe is now our family’s traditional favorite. Emory saw to it that I became acquainted with the South Georgia Conference. From that first Annual Conference meeting in Albany to trips to every District, Emory shared his pride for and insights into the great churches and good people of South Georgia. Over and over again, I heard of the amazing stories of churches and individuals who for more than 100 years responded with generosity to the tragedies of children in crisis … their response to Christ and the Church. This commitment of the South Georgia Conference was never more evident than when we began to expand our ministry across South Georgia. First in Americus, despite the setback of the flood of 1994, and then to Valdosta, St. Marys, Columbus and Waverly Hall. We saw what happens when we respond to God’s call. We have seen the amazing capacity to respond to children in crisis. In each of these communities I have been overwhelmed by the commitment, dedication and service. Finally, Rozelle and I repeatedly looked at the pictures of the residents we have served. We saw children to whom I had presented a quilt and she had given a book bag on their first trip to a new school, youth we had taken to

Disney World, Washington, D.C. and Six Flags. Youth who went to school with our children, youth who we accompanied to school conferences, court appearances, funerals of their parents, Senior Hoorahs, high school graduations, college graduations and weddings. Youth who in the immediate sense were not our children but in the ultimate sense are all our children. I cannot close without thanking our quilters. For more than 1,200 times I have been privileged to present a quilt to a child who has been removed for the first time or the 40th time from their family, foster home, friends, neighbors, school and everything else familiar. The quilt was a wonderful way to say, “Someone has already loved you enough to make you a quilt and we offer you our best care and God’s love.” The Home has been a blessing to Rozelle and me. I know of no better place to have raised our family. We will be retiring to our home in Macon. We know The Methodist Home will always make a difference. We thank all of you and God bless.

Dr. Rumfo rd’s family in




Dr. Rumford

receives the G CWA

Friend of the

Children Aw ard in 20


Dr. Ru mford’s

Accomplishments & Recognitions Steve Rumford came to The Methodist Home in June of 1984 as the CEO and President. He came to south Georgia from the United Methodist Home of Kentucky in Versailles, Kentucky, where he served as Associate Director. Mr. Rumford is a State of Georgia Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.), a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers (A.C.S.W.), and a Diaconal Minister in the United Methodist Church. He serves as a Certified Peer Team Chairman, Council on Accreditation and a trained assessor in the E.A.G.L.E. Program of the United Methodist Association – in both he helps with accreditation reviews for health and welfare organizations. As CEO of The Methodist Home, he has received many professional awards. They include: Eugene Calhoun Lifetime Achievement Award by the Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children (GAHSC) Gail Bayes “Vision for Children” Award, GAHSC (1998) Leadership Award, Child Placement Conference, GAHSC (2001) Administrator of the Year, Children, Youth, and Family Section, United Methodist Association (1988) Administrator of the Year, GAHSC Friend of Georgia’s Children, Georgia Association of County Welfare Directors (2011) President’s Citation for Lifetime Service, United Methodist Association (2013) Honorary Doctorate, Asbury University (2008) Roslyn slyn Carter and the former 1st Lady Ro s me lco we ord mf Dr. Ru thodist Home. Institute to The Me



And – he is a genuine Kentucky Colonel, recognized by the governor of the great state of Kentucky!

Dr. Ru mford’s Impact

Dr. Rumford has given away over 1200 quilts

In the 1980’s and under Dr. Rumford’s leadership, The Home began establishing traditions for the kids. They were established to provide healthy childhood memories to the children and youth served by The Methodist Home. These events are an important part of childhood. During Alumni Weekend, recently, an Alumnus stated that the traditions he learned from childhood were the ones he learned at The Home and the ones he practices with his own family today. Dr. Rumford was a guiding force behind establishing these traditions, still in practice today. The late 1980’s and into the 1990’s began a period of renovation and growth for The Home. New construction and renovations came to every building on the Macon campus. Innovations such as a bike-a-thon from Florida to Maine by Ken and Ruth Logan and many generous, impactful donations helped fund these improvements. The renovation of the Jack and Phyllis Jones Social Services Building more than anything else, affirmed The Home’s commitment to provide quality services. Completion of the Emory Gilbert Plaza gave a concrete reality to the need for ordinary spaces for interaction and fellowship, and demonstrated The Home’s dedication to providing a safe, engaging, healthy environment for our children and youth. A different kind of growth came from the completion of the Americus Group Home, our first regional group home. This led us into an era of opening regional offices, providing

services in communities where no services existed, and serving children closer to their families. Generous community support from leaders such as John and Betty Pope and Roy and Eliza Parker encouraged us to step out in faith. Growth continued with the Campus Life program expansion to Chaplain, Life Skills Coordinator, and Recreation Leader. 1994 saw a facility dedicated to new treatment for Georgia’s children with the completion of the Peyton Anderson Treatment Center. This program provided assessments for children failing their way through the system. As a direct result of the success of the Anderson Assessment Center, The Home was one of five state pilots for First Placement/Best Placement and the only residential site. Dr. Rumford lead the charge to make sure every child was individually assessed, so that the most appropriate help could be given as soon as possible. 1996 is considered the most remarkable year in the development of facilities in The Home’s history. The Peabody Building was completely remodeled to house HOPE, GENESIS and the Auxiliary. It now serves as offices for Development and Finance. The Valdosta Group Home was dedicated in July of that year, and the Valdosta Regional Office in the fall. The Maintenance shop on the Macon Campus was completed in July. Gould Cottage was renovated. The Pool House was completed by Vineville United Methodist Church Methodist Men. The opening of the Price Educational Center enabled us to have greater impact as we served children. The dedication of Miss Margaret’s House capped off a remarkable year. Dr. Rumford’s vision and leadership made it possible for The Methodist Home to serve more children, in more places, in more ways, more effectively. The Home entered the 21st century with cutting-edge programs and services. More young people entering college led The Home to establish residences for the students when they came back on breaks and summer. Services for families were enhanced b y our expansion into the W.I.H. Pitts Family Resource Center at 116 Pierce Avenue. Lighthouse for Families now operates in that space. In 2002, The Home partnered with Columbus For Kids to open the Our House collaborative in Columbus (37,000 square feet on 28 acres.) The program initially housed 45 youth with a wide range of community services. In 2008, we merged with The Carpenter’s Way Ranch, relocated to a 24-acre campus on Hunter Road in Cataula, and opened Arabella in Waverly Hall for girls. Most recently, The Home began our Intensive Family Visitation Program. Parents and family can enjoy supervised visits beginning the day the child is removed from the family home, and visit frequently (2-3 times a week.) In this way we strengthen families and promote child safety.



Dr. Ru mford’s

Service and Impact Beyond the Home

ford sident’s Citation to Dr. Rum e Vinson presents the Pre UMA President Rev. Stev

The Rumford Center His vision for the Rumford Center included providing a training center that would reach beyond The Methodist Home. Many outside organizations and groups benefit from The Rumford Center, including: • The Rosalyn Carter Institute • CARENET • The Department of Family and Children’s Services, State of Georgia • The Department of Juvenile Justice, State of Georgia • The Department of Behavioral Health, State of Georgia • The Board of Ordained Ministry, South Georgia Annual Conference • The Foundation Center • The Older Adult Council, Division of Aging • Long Term Care Ombudsmen, State of Georgia • The Better Business Bureau • South Georgia Conference boards and committees • Many local corporations and businesses • Many local churches



Dr. Rumford has not limited his focus and work to the agency he serves. Over the years he has reached beyond The Methodist Home to serve both the church and community at local, regional, and national levels. Church and faith have also been a strong focus in Mr. Rumford’s life. He has served his local church, his district, and his annual conference. His service includes the following aspects: • Consecrated as Diaconal Minister, South Georgia Annual Conference, United Methodist Church (June 1978) • Delegate to General Conference, the United Methodist Church (2000, 2004 and 2008) • Delegate to Jurisdictional Conference, the United Methodist Church (1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2008) • Member, Board of Ordained Ministry, South Georgia Conference (1996-2004) • Chairperson, Board of Diaconal Ministry, South Georgia Conference (1985-1992) • Chairperson, Board of Diaconal Ministry, Kentucky Conference (19801984) • Macon District Lay Leader, South Georgia Conference, United Methodist Church • Joy Class Sunday School Teacher, Mulberry Street UMC

Dr. Rumford has worked hard to form collaborations, partnerships, and associations where agencies can learn from one another, share best practices, promote the welfare of the residents and clients served, and devote themselves sot the greater good of our communities. Among his various services are: • Chairperson, United Methodist Association of Health & Welfare Association (2006-2010) • Chairperson, National Center for Professional Certification (2001-2004) • Board member, Georgia Academy (1990-1997) • Chairperson, E.A.G.L.E. Committee, United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries (1992-1994) • Chairperson, E.A.G.L.E. Committee, United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries (2000-2002) • President, Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children (19861988, 1999-2000, 2008-2010)

Bishop O.W. Hancock, and Dr. C. R. Hagar, President, Emeritus Asbury College pose with Dr. Rumford at the ground breaking ceremony of the Rumford Center.

Dr. Rumford and Dr.


Dr. Ru mford’s

Impact and Legacy As a leader and innovator, Dr. Steve Rumford has had an impact in the lives of countless children and communities in Georgia and has left a legacy of new traditions, innovative programs, new buildings and renovated buildings, in addition to a host of Regional Group Homes across South Georgia. Both COA and EAGLE Accreditation has accompanied all programs since 1992. He brought many new traditions to The Methodist Home including The Christmas Banquet, The Awards Banquet, The giving of hand -made quilts to newly arrived children, Spring and Summer Trips, encouragement of academic excellence; Open Door Policy; Quarterly Convocations and for Staff; and Regular Presidential Citations recognizing exceptional work.


First Placement, Best Placement; Intensive Family Visitation; HOPE; GENESIS; STARS; Eagles Nest Children’s Center; State recognized Assessment Program for Troubled Youth; Methodist Home Auxiliary; The Family Institute; National Center for Professional Certification; Lighthouse for Families Community Counseling Service for Children, Adolescents, Families and Adults; Family Centered Practice Model, CALM UK Training through a SAMSHA Grant, Independent Living and Sanctuary Model of Care. Tonie Maxwell shows off a donated quilt that a child will get.

Bishop Watson, Rev. Hinson and Dr. Rumford turn the first dirt on Rumford Center.


Young Cottage - 1988 Collum Cottage - 1985 Sullivan Cottage - 1988 Price Educational Center - 1997 Miss Margaret’s House - 1997 Peyton Anderson Treatment Center - 1994 The Rumford Center - 2004 The Maintenance Shop - 1995 Lighthouse for Families Office Building 116 Pierce Avenue, Macon - 2001 Crossroads Counseling Center Office Building Pierce Avenue, Macon -2007 Regional Group Homes Americus Group Home and The John and Betty Pope Regional Office - 1994 The Valdosta Group Home and Regional Office - 1996 The St Marys Group Home and Regional Office - 2003 Our House in Columbus - 2002 Carpenter’s Way Ranch in Columbus - 2008 Arabella Group Home in Waverly Hall - 2008


The Burden Chapel - 1985 Gould Cottage - 1999 Jack and Phyllis Jones Social Services Building - 1989 Peabody Building - 1996



Celebrating Frank and Annie Jones

For five generations, a member of the Jones family has served on the Board of Trustees at The Methodist Home. Frank and Annie Jones have been the embodiment of the Jones’ family heritage of caring. We were saddened at their passing in 2012, but our hearts are full of gratitude for the privilege of partnering with them in ministry. Their legacy of service to God’s Kingdom has been lived out not only at The Methodist Home but at many other charitable organizations as well. During his six decades as a Georgia lawyer, Frank Jones consistently demonstrated his commitment to leadership and service. “Mr. Frank” as he was affectionately known at The Home, was faithful to the ideals of serving others, promoting the cause of justice, upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights of all citizens. The Georgia Bar Journal shared that, “Fellow lawyers will always remember and be inspired by Frank Jones’ forwardthinking vision, his willingness to accept challenging assignments and the stellar performance of his duties.” Mr. Franks served as a Trustee and advisor to The Methodist Home, and was the Finance Chair at the time of his passing. Mrs. Annie joined Mr. Frank as a pillar of the community. Bright and cheerful, Annie was a consummate hostess, able to make people comfortable in every situation. Her wit and humor were matched by her intellect and avid sense of service. Mrs. Annie was active in her Vineville UMC, in various community service clubs, and took special delight in her work with garden clubs and botanical endeavors.



Frank and Annie Jones

True to their lifelong tradition of giving, this generous couple established the “Frank Cater and Annie Anderson Jones Fund” with The Foundation of The Methodist Home. The income from this fund will be used to continue their charitable support of the ministry of The Methodist Home.

We join with Frank and Annie’s children (Eugenia Jones Henderson, Annie Gantt Jones Blattner, Carolyn Jones Corley, and Frank C. Jones, Jr.) and family in calling this couple “Blessed”. What a heritage they have left of service, generosity, and Christian grace!

Advocates, Auxiliaries, and Advisory Boards

The Methodist Home is blessed to have many volunteers who partner with us to promote and support our ministry to abused and neglected boys and girls. Some of these persons live near a campus, and are able to be more “hands-on” in their involvement. Others may live further away, or have different skills and interests which might profit us. This year, we are excited to be adding Methodist Home Advocates in local churches. With this addition, we thought a quick description of the different roles might be beneficial. • An Auxiliary is a group of volunteers who work to promote and help raise funds for the ministry of The Methodist Home. This group typically is more “hands on”, often running events such as a Fish Fry, Golf Tournament, or Celebration Day. Auxiliaries usually relate to the Development Office and the Regional Director. Membership is open, and usually includes modest annual dues. Auxiliaries have their ministry primarily on a main or regional campus, and in the community. • An Advisory Board is a group of persons invited by the President/ CEO and Regional Director to provide advice, counsel, and expertise regarding the services of The

Methodist Home. Advisory Boards have been used in the creation of regional campuses, and in the merger of related or similar organizations. Advisory Boards often work at a “high level”, dealing with overall community relationships and needs. Advisory boards have their ministry primarily in the relationship of The Methodist Home to their community. • A Methodist Home Advocate is an individual elected by their local church who works to promote the mission and ministry of The Methodist Home in their church and community. Advocates are trained by The Home, and usually relate to the Development Office. Advocates

promote local giving to The Home, and help persons become aware of the services offered by The Home. Advocates have their ministry primarily in the local congregation and local community. These are just three of the wonderful avenues of service for persons who want to partner with us in restoring childhoods, strengthening families, and building people. Perhaps God is calling you to serve in such a role. Want to know more? Contact Derek McAleer at 478-751-2800, or Derek.McAleer@TheMethodistHome. org for further information.

Captions clockwise from top right: Heidi Ream volunteers in the Clothing Room, run by Auxiliary. Columbus’ 10th Anniversary Celebration couldn’t have happened without the Advisory Board. Pictured are Glenn Davis, Becky Rumer, and Dr. Rumford. This Fish Fry in St. Marys is an example of people from an Auxiliary coming together to raise money for The Home.




Eagle’s Nest Children’s Center The Eagle’s Nest Children’s Center enjoyed a fantastic year ending with a Christmas performance for their families in the Burden Chapel. The Preschool class began with the Pledge of Allegiance, and then the toddler class performed Christmas favorites as reindeer complete with antlers. The Eagle’s Nest joined The Methodist Home’s programs in the Council on Accreditation site visit in October and had no suggestions of improvement in the Early Child Care standards! The Methodist Home and all services provided such as residential care, mental health counseling, and independent living received formal notification of the reaccreditation of all programs for the sixth cycle since 1992. The Eagle’s Nest has celebrated 14 years the exceptional daycare in the area of licensing. For the last two years, “The Staff of the Year” voted on by the entire Methodist Home campus, includes a staff member from The Eagles Nest. Tshanghi Corey, Director, was selected in 2011 and Christina Chambers, from the Infant Room in 2012. These staff and their efforts are shining examples of why The Eagle’s Nest Children’s Center is the premier daycare provider in the area! We are looking forward to 2013! Please assist when you can in referring other families to our services such as The Eagle’s Nest Children’s Center and Lighthouse for Families counseling services for all ages. An invitation to speak about the services we offer is also appreciated, Jill Myers, Executive VP 478-751-2849 10


The Methodist Home Reaches Many Quality Milestones This Year Jill C. Myers Executive Vice President

The Methodist Home has many rigorous oversight bodies with the expectations of excellence that measure the quality of programs. The APS Healthcare, Inc., External Review Organization conducts regular audits of The Methodist Home’s Community Counseling Center, Lighthouse for Families, and the scores have been routinely 94% or above with the latest score in November of 2012 of 94%. The State of Georgia’s Office of Provider Management, a contractor of services, engages The Methodist Home in Performance Based Contracts. Average scores from this measure of performance are over 99.3% which is some of the highest in the state. All programs, to include, residential, community counseling, independent living, and services have been reaccredited by Council on Accreditation. This is the 16th year of continuous accreditation by COA. The Methodist Home is also accredited by the United Methodist Association’s EAGLE Accreditation and continues with the 22nd year of continuous accreditation with the Health and Welfare Ministries section of The United Methodist Association.

Our financial reporting has earned us the Guidestar Exchange Seal, awarded to organizations who achieve transparency in financial reporting. Additionally, The Eagles Nest Children’s Center has just been reaccredited by NECPA, the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation, for the second year. The Eagle’s Nest Children’s Center was the first daycare center in the area to voluntarily sign up when the State of Georgia was encouraging accreditation. We are pleased that these external reviews and accreditations confirm that The Methodist Home is living its mission to be “a model organization.” We desire nothing less than the best in our services and ministry!

“Greetings! Congratulations on your organization’s achievement of re-accreditation through the Council on Accreditation (COA).” -Helen Torres, Council on Accreditation



Columbus news Joe, a resident, is a member of the Harris County JROTC team and has participated in several Drill Competitions and local parades. In the December 1st regional competition, the team took 2nd place. On December 1, 2012, three boys and one staff from the Averett House were treated to a pancake breakfast at Easter Seals by some friends from Pierce Chapel UMC then took 2 hours to volunteer at a local food bank called “Feeding The Valley” where our group homes are able to shop for discounted food. The boys packed boxes and learned about giving back to the local community. Mike Baker and Denise McClary from The Columbus Apartment Association donated an incredible number of gifts for our kids, as well as supported us all year long with things like a silent auction and maintenance volunteers. Top left: Joe, a resident, in his ROTC uniform. Below left: Mike Baker and Denise McClary from The Columbus Apartment Association, and they donated TONS of gifts for our kids.

Americus news

Home Run 5K & Fun Run

Americus First United The Methodist Home will hold an inaugural “Home Methodist Church 200 South Lee Street Run” on June 22, 2013. We need runners and spon- Americus, Georgia 31709 sors for this 5k and Fun Run. Please call Tracy Hall Race Day Registration 6:30 - 7:30 am (229.924.9550) for more information and how you Fun Run begins at 7:45 am can support our girls in the Americus home. Home Run 5K begins at 8:00 am or after the last Fun Runner finishes Run in the inagrual Home Run 5K

Valdosta news

The Valdosta Regional Office is gearing up for spring. In March, we will have our annual Easter Egg Hunt. The girls always enjoy dying and eating the eggs the day before the hunt. The first week of April, we will be going on a spring break trip to Savannah. We have been very blessed this year. The Fellowship Sunday School Class from Park Avenue United Methodist Church donated funds which were used to pay for our lodging for the trip. We are so very grateful to them. At the end of April, we will host our 4th annual Friends and Family Day. At this activity, the residents and staff invite their family to enjoy a festive, fun afternoon. We also invite our “friends” who are those who have given their time, energy, and resources. Last year, the United Methodist Men from Antioch United Methodist Church in Adel fished and fried fish for nearly 200 people. Crossing Dixie, a band from Quitman, entertained us all with live music. This year’s theme is “Live, Laugh, Love”. And, for the first time ever, we will recognize our first responders at Friends and Family Day. This event promises to be both enjoyable and exhilarating. 12


Crossing Dixie plays at Valdosta’s Friends and Family Day

St.2nd Mary’s 2nd Annual Annual Golf Tournament to Benefit Methodist Home Golf Classic Methodist Home for Children and Youth. 1st Annual Golf Classic The 2nd Annual Methodist Home Golf Classic takes place on

The cost for individual golfers is $100. There are several

Sunday, May 5, 2013, at the Club at Osprey Cove in St. Marys.

sponsorship opportunities available for local businesses and the

Proceeds from the event will fund educational and life-enriching

names of all sponsors will appear on the Golf Classic Web site

activities for residents of the home.

and in all promotional materials. In addition to sponsors and

The tournament kicks off with a shotgun start at 12:30 p.m. and will be followed by an awards reception, raffle and auction. Golfers will also receive lunch, a personal gift, and a chance to

golfers, tournament representatives are also soliciting businesses throughout the community for donated products and services that will be offered as raffle and auction prizes.

win two Hole-In-One events, including a brand new automobile

Several community volunteers are assisting in the tournament

and a 2 carat diamond worth more than $15,000.

and they include:

“We are grateful for the support of our sponsors, golfers and

Tournament Director - Dennis Moore

volunteers who made this tournament such an outstanding

Sponsorships – Peter Stetler and Devon Loggins

success last year,” says Regional Director Devon Loggins.

Silent Auction - Linda Moore

“Proceeds from the event are used to support the mission of the

Raffle – Joe and Ellen Holler

Home which is to provide residential services to children who

Signage - Phoebe Floyd

have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect and/

Finance - Jim Anetrini

or abandonment.”

Facilities – Jason Chance

Last year, proceeds from the tournament were allocated to

Osprey Cove, a Mark McCumber-designed course built in 1990,

several projects, including the addition of night lights for the

is a magnificently groomed, links-style challenge situated on the

basketball court, the completion of the on-campus weight room

Atlantic coast. Set among tidal inlets and pristine salt marshes,

facility, supplementing the Home’s “College Support Fund” and

the course offers a fantastic panorama of natural beauty.

various life enriching activities for the residents.

To obtain more information about the Golf Classic, please contact Dennis Moore at (912) 882-5179.



A Heritage of Heroism Bill Hill

In 2012, several milestones were noted Wiley Kent, James Kent, Virginia Chaney, at The Methodist Home. We celebrated and many other alumni, had served our six graduations (Marcus Slaughter, nation during World War II. Jesse, like so Christopher Jacobs, Alfredo Rivera, many other alumni, was gracious with his Joseph Robinson, and Dequavious support of The Methodist Home over the Sullivan from high school; Jimmy Turner years. His legacy included being a charter from college), one wedding (Cynthia member of Asbury United Methodist and Daniel Medina), five baptisms, and Church, where the faith nurtured at The similar life-change events. We also noted Home continued to be expressed. Jesse was a the passing of several alumni. Mr. Jesse great American! H. Scarborough, Mrs. Martha Lawhorne Reuben Scarborough, Billy Meeks and Reynolds, and Mr. William O. “Bill” Hill others served in Korea. Van Cole, Michael all preceded us to Glory. How grateful Jones, and Larry Poole were just a few of Former Resident David McKim and Sandra Gardener, we are that Jesus “has prepared a place for Lighthouse for Families our alumni who served in Vietnam. Patrick us.” Skaggs served in our armed forces in the Gladness and sorrow are often paired Bosnian conflict, while Ian Vanderhider together. As these events came together this year, we began to and Richard Gould have recent tours in Afghanistan. Marcus has muse on the remarkable heritage of The Methodist Home. recently completed both basic training and jump school. We have On Nov. 17, alumnus Bill Hill passed away. Bill had left The two plaques full of names of our alumni who have served our Home in the mid-1930’s. He later joined the army, and was at nation in the armed forces. Right now, one of our young residents Pearl Harbor when it was attacked on Dec. 7, 1941. He served his is hoping to join the Air Force, and dreams of serving his country country honorably, retiring as a Master Sergeant after 20 years that way. of service. Bill visited our campus often, eating supper with the The legacy of service did not begin with Bill Hill, nor will it young men and women, and often taking time to sit and listen. end with this year’s graduates. We are grateful that the heritage One of his favorite events was the annual “Birthday Party For of heroism continues. These fine Americans represent so many Jesus!”, where he handed out $10 bills to each young person on others, and encourage us to believe that our future is still bright. campus. Bill was a wonderful supporter of The Methodist Home, Thank you for your heritage of support to this ministry, which and a great American! has had a part in the lives of so many heroic young men and On Dec 19, Jesse Scarborough passed away. Jesse, like Bill Hill, women over the years! 14


Christmas So ma ny won der ful people made t h i Christ mas. Th s resident’s ank yo u!

loyee ers and emp n w o e v ti o Star Autom the kids. mas gifts to st ri h C g n ti dona

ous in s were gener

Squadron rede corated the Game Room fo r the kids.

Capt. Mike Love and Lt. Colonel Ivory Carter both with Robins Air Force Base’s 461 ACNS pose with Campus Life Director Brian Yarborough at their Christmas Party. Buckhorn UMC go caroling at Christmas to the cottages. They also bring goodies for the kids.

A resid ent po ses in A Sports cadam as he s y h ops th some w anks t onder o ful sup porter s.

Dr. Lawrence and Brian Yarborough pose with leaders from the squadron at Robins Air force Base. They gave our kids a Christmas party to remember.

ntrol Air Co 1 6 4 ( r. at the orley, J mford u W R n . r a e D . D r) and ur kids Col L. mande ty for o r m a o p C s g a Win hristm AFB C s n i b o R

Employees of K BR Constructio n at Plant Schere made Christm as for our kids ou tstanding!

Family Life Radio asked for toy drop offs for The Methodist Home. Pictured- Brian Yarborough, Jill Myers, Sherard Whipple, and Jana Byrd of Family Life Radio.



An Enlightened Heart... Derek W. McAleer Vice President for Development & Church Relations I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you come to know Him, so that, with the eyes of your heart enlightened, you may know what is the hope to which He has called you, what are the riches of His glorious inheritance among the saints, and what is the immeasurable greatness of His power for us who believe, according to the working of His great power. (Ephesians 1:17-19) When Steve Rumford came to The Methodist Home in June of 1984, I was a young pastor in my first full-time appointment. Rev. Emory Gilbert, one of the saints of The Home, introduced me to Steve when I dropped by the campus. When I moved to a Macon church in 1986, I had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Rumford better, and to watch as The Home grew and changed. Later on, serving as a Trustee, I got to see how the transformation of a ministry happened from the inside. Now, as a staff member, it is very clear. The change, growth, improvement, and revolution of The Methodist Home over the past several decades is directly related to Steve’s leadership!

The key to Dr. Rumford is vision. Over the years I have watched and admired Steve’s ability to see a vision, help others see the vision, turn it into reality, and then continue to adjust it to meet changing circumstances and needs. From the opening of regional campuses to the development of assessment services and the STARS program, from the partnerships of Our House to the creation of the Rumford Center as a major training facility, Steve’s vision, and his ability to involve others in the vision, has been central to The Home’s progress and accomplishments. He has envisioned new buildings, new services, new locations, new collaborations, and new means of meeting the needs of the day. Not only The Methodist Home, but childcare in our state and across Methodism owes much to Steve Rumford’s vision. I am grateful God gave Steve Rumford a great heart for ministry, and that He enlightened Steve’s heart with hope and a vision of what God could achieve!

The key to Dr. Rumford is vision. Over the years I have watched and admired Steve’s ability to see a vision, help others see the vision, turn it into reality, and then continue to adjust it to meet changing circumstances and needs. 16


CELEBRATIONS (10/01/12-12/31/12)


Joel & Marion Dampier 40th Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Davison Gwyn & Walter Mattison Mrs. Janet K. Collins Trent & Shana McAdams Charles & Jeanette McAdams Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Moseley Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Selby, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Lawton Smith Vernon & Joan Keenan


Sally M. Baldwin Mrs. Faye Brown John Floyd Mrs. Peggy N. Floyd Keeley Haysman Ms. Ouida M. Waters Catherine Jaindl Mr. & Mrs. Edward O. Jaindl Emma Keenan Vernon & Joan Keenan Regina Keenan Vernon & Joan Keenan Sidney Keenan Vernon & Joan Keenan Katie Lee Killebrew Peggy N. Floyd James J. Kirkland Mrs. Anne Kirkland Charlotte A. Lambert Stephen & Joy Cotton Arthur Long Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Reddick Gwyn & Walter Mattison Mrs. Janet K. Collins


Harriett E. Mayo Ms. Carol A. Treible Kyla McAdams Charles & Jeanette McAdams Savannah McAdams Charles & Jeanette McAdams John L. McGowan Mrs. Ann M. Davis Carolyn H. McNeal Mrs. Betsy H. Bennett Evelyn S. Merritt Ms. Joan Human Cleon E. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. White, III Ida Pace Mr. & Mrs. Edward O. Jaindl JoRuth Porter Mrs. Aleene L. Harris Elizabeth Sherling Dr. & Mrs. James J. Kirkland Lawton Smith Vernon & Joan Keenan Davin Conner Stephens John & Roma Stephens Emma Savannah Stephens John & Roma Stephens Debbie Templeton Vernon & Joan Keenan Cullen Talton Neal & Ginger Talton The Averett House Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gilmartin Evelyn N. Towson Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Harper Patsy Waddell Mrs. Aleene L. Harris Inez & Vance Watson Neal & Ginger Talton Cynthia Wilson Vernon & Joan Keenan


Finnegan B. Black Dr. Charlene R. Black Dean Michael DeJean Derek & Charlene McAleer Harper Haddock Ms. Annette H. Haddock Kaylee Adelaide Kiley Lee & Merilyn Guerry Dr. J.L. McClung Avery Faith MacGregor Mr. R. Bryce MacGregor Hannah Josephine MacGregor Mr. R. Bryce MacGregor


Robert Walker Gowan Sonny & Judy Deriso Chandler Parker Billy & Cynthia Parker Redmon Parker Billy & Cynthia Parker


Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Gilstrap Ms. Barbara J. Mays


Natalie Elizabeth Fuller

Dr. & Mrs. Derek W. McAleer

Gifts made to The Methodist Home or to the Foundation of The Methodist Home become part of a legacy of giving. We are thankful to share in this heritage.



HONORS (10/01/12-12/31/12) 19 Boys & 8 Girls living in your Columbus Home Questors SS Class Dr. & Mrs. James Acton Ms. Margaret King William C. Acton Roger & Sandra Black Ms. Margaret King Angela & Jim Adams Emmitte & Cheryl Griggs Jane Adams Ms. Margaret S. Smith Charles & Millie Adams Mrs. Rebecca Adams Lucile Adams Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Smith William & Cheryl Adams Mr. & Mrs. David O’Brien Marcy & Eddie Whitten Mr. & Mrs. Chris Alexander Mary & Dan Moye Lodwick Alford Mr. William Woolard All God’s Children George & Debbie Lee All The Children Dr. & Mrs. Glynn Taunton Phillip E. Allen Mrs. Dethia T. Conrad Fred W. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Ron Edge Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Arnold Mr. & Mrs. James C. Gatewood Mr. & Mrs. Dave Awbery Ms. Doris C. Songer John & Nell Bagwell Amy & Tyler Rauls Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bailey & Family Wayne & Kay West Stephen & Brenda Banks Mrs. Eugenia Yawn Dr. & Mrs. Jon W. Barden Wayne & Sheila Sirmons Cole, Anna & Rachel Barfield Mike & Nancy Faust 18


Terry & Kitty Barfield Louis Skaggs John & Martha Barker Martha Henderson Janice Alden Barnhill Mr. David Barnhill Jimmy Beasley Rev. & Mrs. James B. Jensen Pat Beatty Mike & Nancy Faust Melba Belcher Mr. & Mrs. Lee Rush Margaret P. Bell Marcy & Eddie Whitten Elizabeth Bender Larry & Janice Jordan Randall & Joyce Norris Mona Betzel Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Betzel Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Bevill Mrs. Martha Taylor Bobby Jo Bickers Dr. & Mrs. Jay C. Surratt Larry & Sunshine Bird Roger & Sandra Black Mr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Bishop Kate Matthews Lonnie Bivins Mr. & Mrs. Ben F. Chiles Miss Taylor McBryant Vicki Black Ms. Georgia Patterson Barbara Blagg Mr. Neal Rumble Lucille P. Bostick Mrs. Jean Bostick Henry & Drucella Bowden Barbara & J.C. Fennell Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Bowen Mr. & Mrs. H.M. Baskin Robert A. Bowen & Family Pat & Frank Horne Sarah Hammack Bowers Rev. & Mrs. Emmett W. Bowers, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Emmett W. Bowers, III

Dr. & Mrs. John N. Bowman Joyce & Gene Bishop Jim Boyd Mike & Sylvia Matthews Savannah Brady Tony Brady Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Brannen Mr. & Mrs. Charles Giddens Wendy Brannen Mr. & Mrs. Charles Giddens Linda M. Brantley Mr. James Carlisle Rev. & Mrs. Eddie Braswell Mike & Nancy Faust Mr. & Mrs. Hiram H. Peeler Mary Ann Braswell Ms. Faye Grice Mr. & Mrs. William Brinson & Family Brenda S. Carter Dennis & Melanie Brittain Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Warren Martha Brock Mr. & Mrs. Charles Giddens Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Broome Martha & Erv Sloan Jerry & Ruth Brown Marcia Cochran J. Wood Browning, III Questors SS Class – Epworth UMC Brenda Bruce Margaret & John McCarty The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Joe Buck, IV Margaret & John McCarty Rev. & Mrs. Elick S. Bullington Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Shockley, Jr. John Burgers Martha Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Lee Burgers Martha Henderson Lt. Gen. & Mrs. Ron Burgers Martha Henderson Buster & Buddy Mr. & Mrs. Dave Peterson

Joseph Hardwick Butler Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Butler Charles Byers Friendship SS Class, Byron UMC Gen. & Mrs. Bill Caldwell W.L. Amos, Sr. Foundation, Inc. Jeannette Cadwell Alathean SS Class Bette & John Callaway Ms. Lisa Collins Nan Canington Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Bedford W.P. Cannon David & Susan O’Brien Patty Cardin Colby & Laura Cardin Dennis Carey Mr. Jim Trask Margaret Carr Dr. & Mrs. William M. Jopling Jerry L. Carroll Ms. Stephanie Higgins Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Carter Mr. & Mrs. John T. Carter, II Joanna Cartwright Charles & Millie Adams Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cassidy Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Stewart Henry & Karen Cate Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Warren Chase, Lily, Jake & Gage Chapman Uncle Wayne & Kay Kay West Edwin Chase Mr. David Chase Mr. Stephen A. Reichert Mr. & Mrs. William B. Tye Karen Cheek Alathean SS Class Ann M. Clark Fay DeBary Circle Christine M. Clark Ms. Alex Edwards Eugenia L. Clark The Sam Clark, Jr. Family

Paul & Gail Clark Mr. & Mrs. Ethridge O’Neal Classmates from 1930’s Ms. Dorothy C. Carson Barbara Clearman Ris N. Bell, Jr. Bible Class John & Lucy Cochran Marcia Cochran Marcia J. Cochran Debbie & Clif Pease Hadley T. Cofield Ms. Janice Stalnaker Ruby, Sam & Harry Coleman Beth Coleman Pat Collier Ft. Gaines UMW Janet K. Collins & Family Walter & Gwyn Mattison Lisa Collins Bette & John Callaway Patricia Hurst Collins Ms. Lynn Smith Earl Colvin Mr. & Mrs. Claude A. Aultman Ruth F. Conn Ms. Claudia G. Conn Gloria Conner Mr. & Mrs. Erin M. Conner, III Lamar & Mary Jo Conner Mr.Jr.& Mrs. ‘Roscoe’ P.J. Bennet, Virgil E. Cooper Ms. Virginia Harris Ms. Suzanne F. Newman Gloria Coppinger Ms. Faye Grice Peggy Cox Mr. Virgil E. Cooper, Jr. Sue & Doug Cromer Tommy & Jo Anne Thompson Dave Cry, Rodney Smith & Charlie Griffis Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Greg Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Bennett Mr. & Mrs. William Dale Mr. & Mrs. Curt T. Eckman Mr. B. Wilkes Evans, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James M. Fallon, Sr. Mr. Ralph Fernandez Mr. & Mrs. Jay Graham Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Hill Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hill Mr. & Mrs. David Loudermilk

Mr. & Mrs. William Loudermilk Mr. & Mrs. Michael I. Maultsby Mr. & Mrs. S. Travis Miller Mr. & Mrs. Lucas E. Molina Mr. & Mrs. Sean A. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Brad Pope Mr. Craig Rice Mr. Bradley H. Roberts Ms. Shanda J. Sasser Mr. & Mrs. Kelley S. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Randall E. Stillwell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Turrell Barbara Ann Daniel Mr. Wayne Daniel V.L. & Catherine Daughtery Mrs. Beulah E. Hennly Davis Family Jane & Moye Walker Mr. & Mrs. John Davis Mr. & Mrs. Drane Smith Lyn Deal Mrs. Penny T. Sikes Mr. & Mrs. Brown W. Dennis Kate Matthews Jackson Dent Dr. & Mrs. Joel H. Dent Jared M. Dent Dr. & Mrs. Joel H. Dent Joyce & Joel Dent Fellowship SS Class Matthew Dent Dr. & Mrs. Joel H. Dent Ron & Cheryl Dixon Larry & Mary Rhodes Billy Jean Dodson Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Betzel Neal Dolvin Mr. Johnny Lewis Chris & Suzanne Doty Eloise & Bill Doty Frederick Doty Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Schmitt Alice G. Douglas Rev. & Mrs. David T. Haygood, Sr. John Douglas, Jr. Rev. & Mrs. David T. Haygood, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Ed Dowling Mr. Ken Singleton Dick & Yvonne Draper Mr. C. Louis Keene Mr. & Mrs. Ethridge O’Neal Grace & Kate Drury Mr. & Mrs. Dewitt Drury

Roman & Erick Drury Mr. & Mrs. Dewitt Drury Major & Mrs. Tristan Dubord Martha Henderson Andy & Gladys Dummit Mr. & Mrs. Spud Woodward Sandra Dunaway Mr. William N. Greene Helen Dunwody Mr. & Mrs. Roy W. Wyche, Jr. Margaret Edalgo Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Edalgo Rev. & Mrs. Russ Elkins Dr. & Mrs. Jay C. Surratt Jerry Elmore Crossroads SS Class Employees of The Geo. D. Warthen Bank Mr. & Mrs. B. Lamar Doolittle Marreo Epps Dimon Electric Don Evans Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Young, Jr. Eddie & Mary Anne Evans Ms. Emily Evans Jo Fabian Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Yates, Jr. Katy Falk Laura & Randall Ozment J.W. & Tillman Faust Mike & Nancy Faust Robbie & Jessi Faust Mike & Nancy Faust Faye DeBary Group Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. DeBary Jeanna Fennell Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gregory Mary A. Fincher Joyce & Gene Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fite Ed & Vickie Gilchrist Rick & Suzanne Fletcher Bob & Susan Middleton Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Lee Folsom Mr. Roger L. Folsom Jimmy & Kate Forehand Mrs. Louise Forehand Mike & Dottie Forehand Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Chadwick Liddy Foss Mr. & Mrs. Tom Tebeau, III Marc & Christy Foster Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Shuman

Richard & Clarel Fowler Marcia Cochran Carol Freyne Mrs. Miriam R. Terrell Renee Gaskins Dr. & Mrs. Jay C. Surratt Giddens/Wohlert Family Mr. & Mrs. Charles Giddens Rev. & Mrs. Barry Giddens Mr. & Mrs. Charles Giddens Emory & Betty Gilbert Mrs. Ann P. Davis Jesus Is Lord Class Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gilchrist Vickie & Ed Gilchrist Richard Golden Mr. Sunny Pflug Jamie Goldstone Mrs. Penny T. Sikes Linda Goodman The Asbury Class, Sandersville UMC Kathy Govern & Family Dr. & Mrs. Steven D. Clements, Jr. Harold Gowen Mr. & Mrs. Leslie H. Blair Ruby Gowen Mr. & Mrs. Leslie H. Blair Elizabeth & Mac Grace Janice & Ben Simpson Grace, Jack & Keller Chris & Millie Morris Grandchildren Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Blewett Mr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Jenkins Catheryn Green Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Chadwick Mr. & Mrs. Jon A. Green Mr. & Mrs. Gary Green Dr. John A. Wells Genevieve Green Lamar & Dorenda Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Green Mr. & Mrs. Judson A. Butler Jonathan Guilfoyle Jackie & Andrew McLear Kristen, Kyle, Keith, Chris, Marissa, Caroline & Annemarie Guske Jolane & Kent Guske Chris & Katy Hagerson & Boys Mr. & Mrs. Neil Hagerson Tracey Hagerson & Girls Mr. & Mrs. Neil Hagerson



Raymond T. Hall William & June Hutchings Jeff & Connie Manguno Jordan Hambrick Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Walton, Jr. Buddy & Linda Hamrick Louis Skaggs George & Mary Hancock Glynn & Pam Taunton Paul Hanington Mrs. Mavis L. Moore Betty Faye Hanners Ms. Faye Grice Delores Harlow Mrs. Amanda D. Fasnacht Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harrington Ms. Margaret King Allene Harris Mrs. JoRuth Porter Patsy S. Waddell Mr. & Mrs. Bill Harris Mr. & Mrs. James C. Gatewood Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Kinslow Virginia Harris Mr. Virgil E. Cooper, Jr. Ms. Suzanne F. Newman Thad Harvey & Family Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Lewis, Jr. Harvey & Virginia Hatcher Mr. Charles H. Webb Mr. & Mrs. John R. Haugabook Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Yates, Jr. Durwood Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Philip Almon, Sr. Rev. & Mrs. Thad Haygood Mr. Roger L. Folsom Laura & Randall Ozment Ms. Willie Paulk Earnestine Heard Ris N. Bell, Jr. Bible Class Dr. Ed Hellman & Family Dr. William M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Randy Helton Mary & Dan Moye Maddie Henderson Mr. Anthony Henderson Madelyn Henderson Mr. Anthony Henderson Ms. Maddie Henderson Mr. Van Henderson Terry A. Henderson Mr. Anthony Henderson



Van Henderson Ms. Makita Haney Mr. Anthony Henderson Stephanie Higgins Mr. Wesley J. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hillsinger Martha Henderson Rev. & Mrs. Creede Hinshaw Mrs. Sandy Dixon John & Ashley Holt Mr. & Mrs. Tom Tebeau, III Jones & Stephanie Hooks Satilla Business Services Ashley Horetz Mrs. Janet E. Strickland Steve & Kelly Horne Tommy & Connie Meeks Jane J. Houston Mr. David G. Jeffords, III Julia A. Houston Mr. David G. Jeffords, III Susan Houston Mr. David G. Jeffords, III Tom & Betty Hubbard Ms. Pamela Hinnant John Hudson Ms. Melissa Shepan Mary E. Hudson Mr. James Carlisle Ron Hudson Chris & Sheila Kiggins Todd & Michelle Human Joan Human Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hunt Dr. & Mrs. Homer S. Nelson Evelyn Huntley Mr. & Mrs. Ethridge O’Neal Mr. & Mrs. Peyton Huston Martha Henderson Bob & Daphne Hyatt Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Hyatt Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hydrick Mrs. Leita T. Coleman Anne Lewis Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Marion G. Davis, Jr. Bill & Jenny Jackson-Adams Mr. & Mrs. Billy Beckham Dr. Michael L. Kinsley Hannah Jenkins Rebecca Mobley Dorothy Jensen Rev. & Mrs. James B. Jensen

Peggy Jerles Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Jerles Mr. & Mrs. William McGehee John Wesley SS Teachers John Wesley SS Class Barbara Johnson Ms. Faye Grice Billy & Charlene Johnson William & Joann Chase Dr. & Mrs. Milton I. Johnson Joyce & Gene Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Van Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Billy Beckham Dr. & Mrs. J.Y. Jones Laura & Randall Ozment Mr. & Mrs. John Jones Debbie & Cliff Pease Jack & Phyllis J. Jones Mr. Hal Jackson Melvin Jones, Sr. Mr. J.R. Pinson Georgia Jordan Bobby & Kaye Smith Mr. & Mrs. John Jordan, John IV, Wesley & Jaime Martha Henderson L.D. Jordan Ms. Harriett E. Mayo Louise Jordan Ms. Harriett E. Mayo Jay & Alison Jowers Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Warren Emily Justice Mr. William C. McFay Donald & Mary Dale Kea Phil & Susan Greene Mr. Anthony Henderson Ms. Maddie Henderson Van & Terry Henderson Hayes & Sara Grace Keadle Dr. & Mrs. Trey Keadle, III Vernon & Joan Keenan Mrs. Frances S. Hogan Charles L. Keene Mr. & Mrs. Ethridge O’Neal Lowell L. & Linda Keene Mr. C. Louis Keene Mr. & Mrs. Ethridge O’Neal Willis & Jane Keene Mr. C. Louis Keene Mr. & Mrs. Ethridge O’Neal Joyce O. Kelly Larry & Mary Rhodes

Lena Kennon Charlie & Chris Jordan Rev. & Mrs. Jack Key Mr. Roger L. Folsom Laura & Randall Ozment Ms. Willie Paulk Ruthanne Key Laura & Randall Ozment Rev. & Mrs. Bernie Khaw Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Crow, Jr. Millen UMC Millen UMW Circles Christine S. King Harmony Class Marvin W. King Mrs. Debbie Nichols Allen Kingry Ms. Agnes Kingry Betty Ann Kitchens Dr. John A. Wells Dottie Knauff Ms. Pamela Hinnant Doug & Melanie Knauff Ms. Pamela Hinnant West, Eden & Gary Kovacs Da & Kay Kay West Mr. & Mrs. J. Wesley Krulic Mr. David G. Jeffords, III Mrs. William F. Ladson, Jr. Pat & Frank Horne Dr. & Mrs. Fred Lamb Dr. & Mrs. Jay C. Surratt Laudis H. Lanford David & Rita Becker Mr. & Mrs. M.W. Stubbs, Jr. Lafayette & Mary Elizabeth Lanier Mrs. Georgianne Hughes Ann S. Lanter Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Yount Ted & Helen Laster Mr. & Mrs. ‘Roscoe’ P.J. Bennett, Jr. Sue Latham Ms. Pamela Hinnant Barbara Lawson Judge Hugh Lawson Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson Dr. & Mrs. John W. Bembry Lt. Col. & Mrs. James D. Hunsicker Frank & Celia Lawton Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Oberti

Pauline Linder Dr. Charles Linder Stan & Darlene Littleton Larry & Mary Rhodes Christina Logan Ms. Faye Grice Rev. Martin Loyley Dr. & Mrs. Albert H. Stone, Jr. Rev. Sharon Loyley Dr. & Mrs. Albert H. Stone, Jr. Freddy L. Lunsford Ms. Doris C. Songer Rick Lunsford Ms. Doris C. Songer James G. Maddox Mr. & Mrs. Bennie H. Hill, Jr. Employees of Sphinx, Inc. Suzanne Malloy Ms. Jeanette H. Garrard Connie & Jeff Manguno Raymond T. & Sara Hall Annie Mae Marshall Don & Mary Evelyn Feibelman Mr. & Mrs. Baldwin Martin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. H.M. Baskin Betty Martin Sam & Shirley Carico Carol Martin Bob & Susan Middleton Donna Martin Mrs. Penny T. Sikes Fred & Traci Martin Judge Beverly B. Martin Inge Mason Mr. & Mrs. Wesley J. Mason Maude O’Sheal SS Class Teachers Maude O’Sheal SS Class Lee & Rosemary Maurath Ms. Michelle Henderson Mr. & Mrs. E.K. May, Jr. Mary & Dan Moye Mrs. Martha Taylor Joseph & Dawn Mayes Bill & Cathy Massey Frances G. Mayhew Mr. Kenneth P. Mayhew, Jr. Brady Scott McAdams Charles & Jeanette McAdams Derek W. McAleer Sam & Jinny McDuffie Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Pope James & Grace McAleer Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. McAleer

Alexander & Margi McCall Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Warren MCCG Staff Surgery Attendings Dr. Tracy Nolan Lillian & Robert E. McDaniel & Family Dr. Joann McDaniel Carl McDonald Adult Fellowship Class, Sandersville UMC Nancy B. McDonald Ms. Colleen Cassiday Mr. Kenneth C. Coe Shane McDonald Margaret & John McCarty Mr. & Mrs. A. Joe McGlamery Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Christmas Matthew McGlashan Ms. Kay S. Snider John & Elenor McGowan Mr. Henry Davis Mrs. Benning McGraw Morning Glories Circle Sarah McMahon Bobby & Dianne Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Ivey McMillan Ms. Margaret King Mr. & Mrs. Charles McMillen Ms. Joan Human Stephen & Laurie McRae Marcia Cochran Members of Lone Hill & Excelsior UMCs Rev. Mary Ann & Mrs. Bobby Braswell Margaret D. Mercer Mike & Janice Bloodworth Methodist Home Employees Dr. Charlene R. Black Methodist Home Staff Mr. C. Joe Polk Angie Michael Ms. Suzanne Jennings Ercelle Middlebrooks Doug & Sue Cromer Adair & Michael Middleton Bob & Susan Middleton Betty Lou Miller Mrs. Betty S. Adams Charlie & Linda Miller Doug & Sue Cromer Kathryn & Ward Miller Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Warren

Ricoh Employees volunteered their time in November to repaint the basement of a cottage. Deb Mitchell Alaethean SS Class Mr. & Mrs. R. Jim Mitchell Al & Margaret Rogers Grant & Madison Mobley Rebecca Mobley Patrick & Farolyn Mobley Mike & Annette Oliver Montezuma UMC Fellowship Class SS Teachers Fellowship Class, Montezuma UMC Mr. & Mrs. David L. Montford, Sr. David & Krystal Montford Daphne Wall Moody

Ms. Sally W. Clark Laura Moody Mr. Douglas Moody Bob & Betty Moon Mrs. Beulah E. Hennly Mavis L. Moore Mike & Nancy Faust Jim Morrow Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Jones Frank Moye Adult Fellowship Class, Sandersville UMC Wes Moye Mrs. Penny T. Sikes



David Murkison Ms. Faye Grice Elizabeth Murkison Ms. Faye Grice Lib Murray Marcy & Eddie Whitten Linda Murray Dr. & Mrs. Jay C. Surratt My Grandchildren Sue Loiselle Katrina Myers Dr. & Mrs. Jay C. Surratt Nan Freeman SS Class Betty & Freeman Henderson Betty Nelson Mrs. Jeanette Zuker Dr. & Mrs. Homer Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. John W. Nelson Dr. & Mrs. Homer Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. Nelson Dr. & Mrs. Homer Nelson Mr. & Mrs. William S. Nelson Dr. & Mrs. Homer Nelson Suzy Newman Mr. Virgil E. Cooper, Jr. Ms. Virginia Harris



Noah, Joshua, Jacob & Keilee Anne M. Sprinkle Joy Norris Forrest Gilbert SS Class Mr. & Mrs. Robert Norris Laura & Randall Ozment Hugh & Lorie Nunnally Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Warren Rev. Janet Odegaard Mrs. Janet T. Sikes Hunter & Caroline Odom Mr. & Mrs. G. Mike Odom, Jr. Elizabeth Ogie Mrs. Martha Ruth Whatley Beverly & Ed Olson Emmitte & Cheryl Griggs Ethridge & Josephine O’Neal Mr. C. Louis Keene Robert & Linda O’Neal Mr. & Mrs. Ethridge O’Neal Our Children Larry & Juliana Horsting Mr. & Mrs. Rawleigh Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Carlton H. Slocum Our Grandchildren Larry & Juliana Horsting Mr. & Mrs. Rawleigh Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Carlton H. Slocum

Our Great Grandsons Mr. & Mrs. Carlton H. Slocum Our Oak Grove UMC Family Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Reeves, III Frances Padgett Butch & Kathy Pope Hanna Jewell Palmer Don & Mary Evelyn Feibelman Kaylee Palmer Don & Mary Evelyn Feibelman Doris Parham Ms. Rebecca G. Tew Mr. & Mrs. Charlie L. Parker Mr. Ken Singleton Ray & Joyce Parker John & Ruby Sercer Rev. & Mrs. W. Guy Parrish Mrs. Edith Thompson Leroy Paul Crossroads SS Class Gloria Payne Don & Mary Evelyn Feibelman Emy Brooke Peacock Mrs. Lillian Mathis Gary & Kathie Peavy Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Chadwick Kay Peppers Ms. Ronda Young

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Perkins Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Galloway Bonnie Perry Forrest Gilbert SS Class John D. Persons, III Mr. Samuel M. Tift Ann Pettit Vernon & Joan Keenan Mr. & Mrs. Don Pettit Vernon & Joan Keenan Mr. & Mrs. Louis Philhower Mr. & Mrs. H.B. Baskin Keith & Andrea Pinckard Ginger & Sonny Pinckard Saunders & Ginger Pinckard Mrs. Bonnie Prator & Family Pinson Mem. Staff Maude O’Sheal SS Class Hazel H. Pittman Mr. & Mrs. Ansel P. Clark Sarah Plaster Richard & Nancy Plaster Lynn Pope Carla, Eloise, & Beth Perry JoRuth Porter Patsy S. Waddell Jeannie Powell Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Powell

Jill Myers, Executive VP accepts a quilt donation from Waynesboro First UMC.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey N. Powers & Family Mr. R. Lars Anderson, Attorney, PC Meg Procapio Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Jones Proffitt Family Jane & Moye Walker Patsy Provine & Family Wayne & Kay West Elizabeth R. Puckett Steve & Pam Creech Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Purvis Mr. & Mrs. James C. Gatewood Pearlie T. Pyles Ms. Jeannie P. Cox Ellen Quinton Mrs. Georgianne Hughes Walt Ranew Mrs. Sandra L. Hardison Brad & Jennie Ann Reed Ginny & Jim Garland Mr. & Mrs. Carl Reese Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Pipkin, Jr. Charles & Faye Reese Dr. & Mrs. Donald J. Sparks Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Pipkin, Jr. Rachel Reinhard Jolane & Kent Guske Mr. & Mrs. Jack Reynolds Ms. Melinda Mansker Mary N. Rhodes Mrs. Brandy Wheeler Michael Ricker Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Jones Dr. D. Craig Rikard Mr. Robert M. Hatton Chris Riso & Family Cindy Carpenter Jeff & Ann Riso Cindy Carpenter Melissa & Steven Rivers Ms. Suzanne Jennings Rev. & Mrs. Jay Roberson Robert & Bonita Bowman Rev. Donna Sue Roberts Ms. Faye Grice Ramona Roberts Avalons Ladies Bible Class Dr. & Mrs. C.W. Robertson Ms. Paige Robertson Mr. & Mrs. H. Perk Robins Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Christmas

Lee Rogers Marcia Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Rooks David & Krystal Montford Scott Roquemore Mrs. Lenette Roquemore Steve L. Rumford Mr. & Mrs. Curtis S. Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Lowell W. Belk Dr. Charlene R. Black Mrs. Janet K. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Couch Mrs. June Foster Ms. Betty George Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Greene Mr. & Mrs. Ashley Hurt Mrs. Dot James Mrs. Roberta Johstono Ron & Laura Monson Mr. Matt Pippin Mrs. Marguerite Pound The Paula Motes Circle, Mulberry St. UMC Wynnton UMC Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Rumph Mr. Malcolm J. Rumph John & Jan Saikas Mr. & Mrs. James G. McLendon Pauline Sapp John & Ruby Sercer Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Sass Mr. William N. Greene Lynn & Carl Schuessler Emmitte & Cheryl Griggs Lorna R. Scruggs Ms. Betty Hickox Dale Seber Mrs. Penny T. Sikes Senior Adult SS Class Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Young, Sr. Margaret Anne Shaw The Arthur Herndon, Jr. Family Irma Lou Sherwood Ms. Jane Sherwood Linda Shingler Mr. & Mrs. Chester A. Lowe, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. A. Jason Shirah Mrs. Sandy Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Ken Shoemaker Charles & Faye Reese Chris & Kay Shippard Mrs. Maggie M. Gribble


For 140 years, The Methodist Home has prospered on the love and generosity of others. There are numerous ways you can help our residents and daycare, but here are a few things we always need:

Toiletries Moisturizing Soap/Bath Gel Shampoo and Conditioner Hand and Body Lotion Body Wash Mousse and Styling Gel Non-Aerosol Hair Spray Boys and Girls Deodorant Hair Brushes (Bristle and Wire) Medium Toothpaste and Toothbrushes Shampoo–Cream of Nature, Olive Oil or Motions Conditioner – Cream of Nature, Olive Oil or Motions Moisturizing Lotions – Cream of Nature, Olive Oil or Motions Non-Aerosol Holding Spray – any brand Setting Lotion – Pink Moisturizer Hair Grease (boys) – Any type 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner Wave Capes (boys) Spray Bottles Boys and Girls hairbrushes

Other Supplies 3 Ring Binders (up to 3 inches) 3 and 5 subject spiral notebooks (wide ruled) Fat and Thin Markers Black and Blue Pens Report Covers Disposable Cameras Crayola Washable Markers



Mrs. William P. Simmons Kate Matthews Bobby & Bonnie Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Ben Simpson Walt & Ginny Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Ben Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Sam Singer Mr. William N. Greene Bob & Pat Sires Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. Nelson Andrew Slavens Richard & Nancy Plaster Dr. & Mrs. Glendon Smalley Laura & Randall Ozment Ava Smith Mr. William N. Greene Brenton & Elizabeth Smith Willis & Myrtle Smith Conner & Jackson Smith Uncle Wayne & Kay Kay West Lucy N. Smith Mary & Dan Moye

Merrill & Charlene Smith Mr. & Mrs. Ben Simpson Dr. & Mrs. Roger Smith Laura & Randall Ozment Ruth Smith Ms. Faye Grice Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Smith Wilson & Fran Smith Mrs. Maggie M. Gribble Mr. & Mrs. David Snipes Mr. & Mrs. Ken Singleton Doris C. Songer Mrs. Louisa Awberry Dr. & Mrs. Donald Sparks Charles & Faye Reese Mr. & Mrs. Dan Speight & Family Wayne & Kay West Isabelle Speight Uncle Wayne & Kay Kay West Mr. & Mrs. Derek Spry Mrs. Martha Taylor

Staff of Gray UMC Women In Mission Staff of Metter UMC Rev. & Mrs. Whit Byram Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Stafford Dr. Elizabeth A. Stafford Bobby & Patsy Stalnaker Mr. Louis Skaggs Bruce Stanfield Mr. & Mrs. Ben F. Chiles Miss Taylor McBryant Mr. & Mrs. James Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Jim Helberg Ann & Dan Stewart Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cassidy, III Dan Stewart Susan Botsford Mr. & Mrs. John F. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. H.B. Baskin Marie Stewart Gary & Yvette Romec James Stiff Joyce & Gene Bishop

House of Hines owners Hines and Betty Causey pose after the Christmas Party sponsored by House of Hines for the kids.



Meredith Stiff Joyce & Gene Bishop Helen Stokes John & Ruby Sercer Dr. Albert H. Stone Harmony Class Chase Stribling Kate Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Stribling Kate Matthews Grant Strickland Mrs. Janet E. Strickland John E. Stumbo Upper Room SS Class Mike Sullivan & Family Dr. & Mrs. Steven D. Clements, Jr. Maxine Summers Ris N. Bell, Jr. Bible Class Cinnamon Swan Mr. William C. Glawson, Jr. Connie & Van Tane Bob & Susan Middleton

David A. Tanner Dr. David C. Tanner Dr. Laurie Tanner Margie Tanner Mrs. Aida Othman Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Tarbutton Mrs. Martha Taylor Judith & Don Tatman Gertrude V. Brooks Stephen & Linda Sue Taunton Mr. Louis Skaggs Andy Taylor Charles & Millie Adams Diane Taylor Forrest Gilbert SS Class Lynn Stroud Taylor Dr. & Mrs. John K. Derden Martha Taylor Mary & Dan Moye Mr. & Mrs. Derek Spry Sara Teets  Ms. Gerry Doolittle Miriam & Rob Terrell Ms. Marge Wilson Dorothy Terry Ms. Alice S. Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Thomas Vernon & Joan Keenan Mr. & Mrs. Joe H. Thomas Mary & Dan Moye Violet Thomas Vernon & Joan Keenan Edwina Thomley Ris N. Bell, Jr. Bible Class Tommy & JoAnne Thompson Doug & Sue Cromer Tillman Grandchildren Mrs. Harriet Tillman Judge & Mrs. William M. Towson Mr. Roger L. Folsom Chloe Treible Ms. Carol A. Treible Bill & Joyce Tucker Anonymous Hooper Turner Susan & Sonny Middlebrooks Mr. & Mrs. Larry Turner Dr. & Mrs. Homer Nelson Harriet Underwood Marcia Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Tom Vallance Mr. & Mrs. Charles Giddens Mr. & Mrs. Robert E.

Vanderhoef Luann Causey Mr. & Mrs. E.J. Vann, IV Mr. David G. Jeffords, III Richard & Jackie Varnell Wayne & Janice Roberts Ed & Susy Varner Ms. Linda A. Perkins Wayne & Beth Veal & Family Joyce & Gene Bishop Sam & Celeste Vernon & Family Glen & Sylvia Brown Mrs. Catherine Hawks Via de Cristo Groupies: Pam, Mavis, Cindy & Ruth Ms. Lynn Rice Debbie Vogel Ms. Virginia Boyd Matt Voss Margaret & John McCarty Patsy Waddell Mrs. JoRuth Porter Allison & Billy Walker Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Warren John C. Walker, III Kate Matthews Larry & Janice Walker Mr. & Mrs. Larry Walker, III Paula Walling Mrs. Miriam R. Terrell Bill Walls Mr. C. Louis Keene Kaye Wansley Pat & Frank Horne, Jr. Linda S. Wardell H.S. & Sandra Wardell Jim Waters, Liz, Alex, Anna & Lexi Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Waters Phil & Cler Doty Watkins Eloise & Bill Doty Andrew Watson Mrs. Janet E. Strickland Annie Watson Mrs. Janet E. Strickland Day Watson Mr. Hugh G. Kennedy John & Frances Watson Mrs. Maggie M. Gribble Ronald Watson Mrs. Jacquelyn P. Watson Charles H. Webb Mr. Albert Y. Johnson Tristyn Webb

Mr. Charles H. Webb Paul & Jane Wellborn & Family Joyce & Gene Bishop Dr. & Mrs. John A. Wells Mrs. Betty Ann Kitchens Laura Jean Wells Dr. John A. Wells Richard & Jane Wells Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Wells Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Wells Dr. John A. Wells Mignon Wessinger Mike & Sylvia Matthews Beau, Chandler & Davis West Uncle Wayne & Kay Kay West Emily, Mary Margaret & Caroline West Uncle Wayne & Kay Kay West Claude Westbrook Bethel UMC Carol & Jim Wharton Bob & Susan Middleton Sonny & Barbara Wilcher The Lane & Wilcher Families Dr. & Mrs. Terry Wilkey Ms. Ronda Young Allen L. Williams Mr. Fred A. Williams Beal & Elaine Williams Mr. & Mrs. Ben Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Charles Williams Debbie & Clif Pease Charles & Sabrina Williams Ginny & Jim Garland Elizabeth G. Williams Mr. Fred A. Williams Dr. & Mrs. John Williams Laura & Randall Ozment Rev. & Mrs. Robert F. Williams Mr. Roger L. Folsom Randall & Laura Ozment Ms. Willie Paulk Thelma Willianham Mr. David Maddox Velma Willingham Mrs. Sybil Willingham Davis Willis Mrs. J. Willis Jake Willis Mrs. J. Willis M. Burns & Rose Willis & Family Mr. Syd Blackmarr Marsh Willis

Mrs. J. Willis Shep Willis Mrs. J. Willis Margie Wilson Mrs. Miriam R. Terrell Walter & Brooke Wilson Bill & Joann Chase Linda D. Wingate Joyce & Gene Bishop Tripp, Julie & Ellie Wingate Joyce & Gene Bishop Rose Wischkaemper Ms. Carol Baxter Dr. & Mrs. Donald R. Wood Rev. David Wood & Dr. Hope Wood Mr. & Mrs. Lee Wooddall Dr. & Mrs. Homer Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Larry Woodson Ed & Vickie Gilchrist Mr. & Mrs. Roy W. Wyche, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. H.M. Baskin Roy & Elizabeth Wyche Becky & John Bowdre Greta & Bruce Yandle Bob & Susan Middleton Dot & Bruce Yandle Bob & Susan Middleton Pam & Eric Yandle Bob & Susan Middleton Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Yates, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. H.M. Baskin Claude E. Yearwood Steve & Pam Creech Jordan S. York Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Cotton Dawn Young Ms. Ronda Young Mr. & Mrs. Dick Young Ms. Ronda Young Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Young, Jr. Mrs. Martha Taylor Larry Young Mrs. Shirley Young Ronda L. Young Dawn Young Karen Zeigler Stephen & Joy Cotton



MEMORIALS (10/01/12-12/31/12) Ernest Abernathy, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Abernathy, Jr. Mike Adams Mrs. Sharon R. McRae R. Clyde Allen Suzanne Avant Sharon & Johnny Walker Dr. Ramon Alvarez Mr. & Mrs. James L. Foddrell Frank C. Amerson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Gerdes Mr. Mallory Jones, III Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Miller Mrs. C. S. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Judson M. Boyd Olli Wayne Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Raymond K. Smith Ray Andre Mr. Billy Lindsey Paul Andretti Ms. Mary L. Andretti Mrs. Leo Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Horace Armstrong Fredrick Arnold Calvary UMC J.D. Arnold, Jr. Mrs. Ruth F. Arnold Nancy Layne Arnold Mrs. Ruth F. Arnold Dr. & Mrs. Harold Atkinson Mrs. Virginia A. Hein Robert Bailey Mr. & Mrs. William E. Massey, Jr. Adina Baily Bob & Joanne Bennett Hugh Baily Dr. & Mrs. Wiley L. Drury Margaret F. Barnes The Gordon Hay Family George R. & Nina Price Barnwell Mr. & Mrs. Carroll S. Barnwell Lt. Col & Mrs. W.G. Barnwell Phillip & Mary Crosby Carolyn W. Barrs Ms. Cecile Whitehead 26


Oliver C. Bateman Beverly & Reggie Wilson Ione R. Bartlett Mrs. James H. Kite Morris & Nonie Beasley Audrey & Wesley Beasley Rev. Oscar Bell Ms. Denise Spivey Marie Williford Bell Mr. & Mrs. R. Clark Dixon Howard E. Bennett Mrs. Betsy H. Bennett Ron Binner Mr. Lawrence W. Drinkard Bobby Bishop Ms. Joyce Alexander Marion & Lucile Blizard Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Edalgo John T. Boatwright Phillip & Mary Crosby Shirley Bobbitt Mr. Andy Greenway Johnny & Sharon Walker Ben Bowden Mrs. Sharon R. McRae Cyril T. Boys Hugh & Barbara Lawson Mary & Luther Brantley Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Eason, Sr. Jim Braxton Lee & Merilyn Guerry Sue M. Kirkland Richard Brewer Ms. Carolyn Westberry Pate Bridges Mrs. Gail Bridges Charles L. Briscoe Briscoe Family Foundation Harold Searcy “Buddy” Brown Mr. & Mrs. Glenn D. Jones Sylvia Brown Carol & Gerald Boyd Otis Brumby, Jr. Mrs. Ann P. Davis Mr. & Mrs. M.C. Bryan Mr. & Mrs. John Megginson, Jr.

Hugh & Mary Grace Bryant Doug & Sue Cromer Jo Anne & Tommy Thompson Kyle Bryant Mrs. Helen Whitehurst Sue Lamie Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Epps Edith Butler Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cavagnolo Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Couch Dr. & Mrs. William W. Orr Agnes & Purcell Whitsel Waymon O. Butler Henrietta Cameron Brigitte Burns Ms. Maria C. Miller Edith Walker Middlebrooks Butler Sharon & Johnny Walker Virgil & Theola “Jackie” Bynum Mr. & Mrs. Eddie F. Bynum Donnie Cadwell Mr. & Mrs. James B. Pharis Mary H. Callaway Mr. James H. Callaway Grady Calvert Sally & Doug Carden Steve Cameron Elaine Stephens Family Donald A. Campbell Mrs. Beth Kelley Mrs. Patricia M. Kelley Lamar Caneega Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy E. Sumner Anne E. Cannon David & Susan O’Brien Shirley L. Carden Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Collins John L. Carswell, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. C.E. Johnson, Jr. Mr. E.J. Vann, IV Harvey Carter Mr. & Mrs. Jesse E. Griffin Matthew Carter Ms. Pauline H. Couey

Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Carter, Jr. Harry & Brenda Carter Caroline Nell Sammons Cassell Mr. Herschel A. Sammons Chip Chafin Ginger Moody Doris Chandler Royce & Caroline Conner Harold L. Chapman, Sr. Ms. Nelda Chapman Madge Chapman Ms. Nelda Chapman Minnie Lee G. Cheeves Mrs. Betsy H. Bennett Andrew Wayne Christian Wayne & Sheila Sirmons George & Doris Christian Judge Martha & Mr. George Christian Robert H. Christopher Mr. & Mrs. Dave Peterson William S. Clark Emory & Linda Peacock Classmates from 1930’s Ms. Dorothy C. Carson Ed Clayton Jim & Mary Ann Stephens Benny Cleghorn Mr. & Mrs. James L. Foddrell Turner Lee Clements Mr. & Mrs. Craig Clements Wallace Cleveland Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Wilbanks Jean Clifton Dr. & Mrs. Wiley L. Drury Edwill Cocke Mrs. Alma C. Cocke Donnie Wimberly Codwell Chuck & Jeannette Gilbert Jerry Coleman Brenda S. Carter Loretta Coleman Grover Reeves W.T. Coleman Grover Reeves

James O. Collins Walter & Gwyn Mattison Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Colman Brenda S. Carter Elizabeth W. Connor Mr. Thomas N. Connor, Jr. Thomas N. Connor, Sr. Mr. Thomas N. Connor, Jr. W. “Jabo” Conner Mr. & Mrs. P.J. Bennett, Jr. Mary Coody Royce & Caroline Conner Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Vickers Bessie Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Vickers Guy Couey Ms. Pauline H. Couey Heath Cox Mr. & Mrs. Joe David Cox Everett Crist Mr. Dean Crist Mr. & Mrs. A.D. Crosby Phillip & Mary Crosby Jeanette Cross Mr. & Mrs. Ed Turley Addis Crowe Ms. Wynn L. Herndon Lucile W. Currie Mr. & Mrs. Gene Smith Lee Dale Ms. Marie P. McLendon John T. & Grace Daniel Ms. Glenda D. Price Roxanne Brown Daniel Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Yawn Rubie Walters Daniell Mr. & Mrs. Edison G. Harris George Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Gerdes Lynn Davis H.S. & Sandra Wardell Merle Davis Ms. Harriet Underwood Mildred Davis Linda & James Russell Lee Richard H. Davis Ms. Gail D. Fain William T. & Mildred M. Davis Dr. Annette Nichols Mr. Julian Nichols Rene & Leslie Dawson Larry & Vera Scott

Betty Banks Deal Mr. Wiley R. Deal, Sr. Josephine P. Deas Anderson, Walker, & Reichert, LLP Mr. & Mrs. Frank Logan Butler, III Mr. & Mrs. James Byington W. Hugh & Ann Giles Frances DeLoach Mrs. Evelyn M. Collins Becky Dennison’s Mother Scott & Kendra Cameron Paul Dent Mrs. Jewell Dent Anne Jackson Devault Sue Malone Terry, Pam & William Peacock David J. Dickey Mrs. Mary K. Dickey Kimsey M. Dickey Mrs. Mary K. Dickey Doris Doles Ms. Kristy Montgomery Betty Goff Douglas Elizabeth S. Gwines Katherine Drake Butch & Kathy Pope Ann Drexel Jeanette McAdams Phyllis W. Drury Life Builders SS Class Carol & Orson Woodall Milliard Marion DuBose Mr. John C. DuBose Theodore & Hasseltine Dubose Dr. Peggy Dubose Bob Rush Charlotte M. Duke Mr. John A. Regan Wallace Dunagan Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Joiner Jennifer Dunn Dickie & Margie Bryant Tim Dupree Mr. Wayne Holley Mr. & Mrs. Chester A. Lowe, Jr. Eugene A. Eaby Mrs. Ruth L. Peacock Ruth Eaby Mrs. Ruth L. Peacock Oka & Bob Eason Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Eason, Sr.

NOMADS do some work around campus. Talmadge Edalgo Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Edalgo Thomas William Elliott William & Julia Ann Elliott Lola Ellis Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson Claude S. Embrey Mrs. Judith L. Comer Ida Rachel B. English Steve & Beth English Annie Merle Etheridge George & Bobbie Haynie Guy Etheridge George & Bobbie Haynie Willena M. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Young, Jr. Bruce Faircloth Ms. Carol Baxter

Norman & Helen Faircloth Jeff Faircloth Thelton Faircloth Mrs. Mary W. Davis Edith S. Fesler Mr. Frank Fesler Neva Jane Langley Fickling Mr. & Mrs. Arnold B. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Couch Mr. Lawrence W. Drinkard Mr. Andy Greenway Emmitte & Cheryl Griggs Mrs. Peggy Jerles Mr. Mallory Jones, III Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Ms. Holly Lanford Mr. Charles Ruffin Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Shockley, Jr.




Bureau We would love to come and share our ministry with your church, Sunday school class, circle, civic group, school or community event. Please contact The Home at (478) 751.2800

Heart of the South Georgia Conference Speakers Available: DR. STEVE RUMFORD President/CEO DR. DEREK MCALEER VP/Development MR. JIM WATERS Chaplain MRS. ALESHA MATHIS Coordinator of Marketing/Public Relations MRS. DIANE GILLIAM Coordinator of Resource Development MS. TRACY HALL Regional Director/Americus MS. CORINNE SIMMONS Regional Director/Valdosta MR. DEVON LOGGINS Regional Director/St. Marys MR. MIKE DUGGAR Regional Director/Columbus DR. RICK LANFORD President/The Foundation of the Methodist Home of the South Georgia Conference, Inc.



Mr. & Mrs. Cubbedge Snow, Jr. Mr. James W. Spivey Mr. & Mrs. Lynne S. Tiller Mr. & Mrs. Terry Tiller Warren Assoc., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Lee Burgess Fields, Sr. David Fields Pauline Firebaugh Dr. & Mrs. Keith E. Ellis Joe Wessie Flanders Mr. & Mrs. Allen Josey Annette S. Fleming Eleanor White Ragsdale Verna & Emory Fletcher Mr. Emory Fletcher Pleas Flourney Ms. Marie P. McLendon Frances Flournoy Mrs. Sharon R. McRae Johnny & Sharon Walker S. Vaughn Foster Mrs. Nona Foster Elsie Free Patsy Kinard Myrlene Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Wolf, Jr. Sara Fryer Mrs. Betty E. Wise Jimmy Ray Fullard, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. William M. Allen, Jr. Dick Gabbert Dr. & Mrs. Rick Wilbanks Gordon S. Garbutt Gene & Virginia Sheppard Mr. & Mrs. William E. Sheppard Ida Frances Garbutt Gene & Virginia Sheppard Mr. & Mrs. William E. Sheppard Ms. Gaston Mr. Norwood M. Davidson Ralph Gattie Mr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Gattie John Luther Gay Mrs. Barbara Hobbs Sandra Gibbon Mr. & Mrs. Billy L. Welsh Dillard E. Gibbs Ed & Betty McKinney John P. & Myrtle Warren Billy M. Gibson Macon Lions Club Johnny & Sharon Walker Jerma Sue Gibson Carla & Caleb Gibson

William M. Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Logan Butler, III Carl & Iris Gillis Ms. Gwenda L. Gillis Vivian Gillis Mrs. Debra G. Hardison Chris Goare John Wesley SS Class Gertrude Gordon Dr. Gertrude G. Groves Ann Grantham Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bartlett Mrs. Doris Mountjoy David Green Mr. & Mrs. Joel Cauley Eloise G. Green Bessie Green Circle Ginny Green Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Gerdes Thomas J. Green Mr. & Mrs. Jon A. Green Antoinette Hardage “Tori” Greene Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. McGuire Mrs. Joyce Williams Fred Hanvey Greene Howard, Moore & McDuffie, P.C. Mrs. Joyce Williams & Family Myles F. Greene Robert & Sara Tift William Richard Greer Johnny & Sharon Walker Helen Middleton Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Rentz Grumpy & Busia Mr. & Mrs. H. Gibbs Flanders, Jr. Jean B. Habersham Dean & Virginia Crist Ladye Hagerson Mrs. Audrey Buchanan Wylene Hall Mrs. Glenda T. Walker Mary Elizabeth Hamlin John-Wesley Villas Bill Hammond Dickie & Margie Bryant William Hammond Morris & Suzy Leis F. Gene Hancock Mrs. Elizabeth S. Gwines Mariam Hancock Mr. & Mrs. Curtis S. Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Couch Mrs. Helen P. Means Dr. & Mrs. William C. Shipp

Cubbedge & Edyth Snow Rev. Julian L. Tucker Shirley D. Hand Mr. & Mrs. H. Gibbs Flanders, Jr. Jim & Anne Kirkland George Hanson, Jr. Shirley & David Peterson Reta Ann Harbuck Gene & Lynda Harbuck Evelyn Hardee Mr. & Mrs. Spud Woodward Ruth Hardeman John-Wesley Villas Chris Harden Linda & James Russell Lee Patsy Ann Hardie Mrs. Betsy H. Bennett John Christopher Hardin Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson Fermor R. Hargrove Mr. & Mrs. William J. Hunter Diane Harper Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson Ed Harper Amy & Tyler Rauls H. Wilbur Harper, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Fowler Quillian R. Harrell Mrs. Q.R. Harrell Homer Harris Mr. Michael V. Parker Claire Harvey Mr. & Mrs. W. Charles Roberts Dick Haugabook Ms. Janice B. Huagabook John & Jane Hayes Donnie & Jan Koon Mary Lee Hayes Charlie & Suzanne Avant Johnny & Sharon Walker Maggie Sue L. Haynes Mr. Ronald A. Haynes Geneva Heath Mr. Answorth Zeagler Anna Helfrich Mrs. Maria C. Miller Carolyn T. Helton Mr. & Mrs. Joe McNair Betty Ann Hemingway Ms. Shirley E. Adams Mr. & Mrs. Tom J. Adkisson Mr. Ronald F. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Barfield, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Barnes, Jr.

Bertram and Patricia Witham Foundation Judy S. Bryant Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cavagnolo Ms. Danise M. Coleman Covington Square Homeowners Association Mrs. Margaret Edenfield Grateful Hearts SS Class Mrs. Ann Griffin Mrs. Martha M. Griffin Rev. & Mrs. John R. Irwin, IV Dr. Charles H. Johnson Don & Mary Dale Kea Kirk & Michelle Kukshtel Mrs. Diane A. Lewis Mr. W.H. Long Mrs. Cynthia Lynch Macon Exchange Club Joe & Becky Middlebrooks Mountain Mums Garden Club Ned & Marie Newman Maj. (Ret.) W. Ed Norwood Ace & Cecile Parker Mrs. Cynthia Patterson & Family Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Peabody Wes & Jill Peavy Davis & Laurie Poole Gene & Nancy Rector Mr. Willard L. Rocker Dr. & Mrs. Steve Rumford Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Schafer Smith, Brown & Groover, Inc. Mrs. Patty Thompson Kenneth & Patricia Tisdale Mr. F. Bradford Wilson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Whitten Seth & Shae Zeigler Julian & Runa Henderson Mrs. Ann H. Whitaker Hollis T. Hendricks Ms. Suzanne Jennings Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Hendrix Mr. & Mrs. Jerry E. Hendrix Robert H. Herndon, Jr. Al & Shirley Greenway Carlton Herring Wade & Fredrice Herring Shirley Herring Lownders Timber, Inc. John D. & Madeline Sanders Wright’s Chapel UMC Sallie A. Hester Celia Farley-Hudnall

Martha Hiers Dr. & Mrs. Wiley L. Drury Annabel C. Hill Mrs. Sara H. Jenkins Dr. & Mrs. Douglass O. Hill Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Hill Tom Hill, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Gerdes William O. Hill Mr. & Mrs. J. Dixie Harris Bob & Pat Sires Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Stanfield Jean, Snook & Benny Hobbs Janice & Ricky Poole Andy Hodges Mr. & Mrs. Edison G. Harris Edna Bland Hodges Mr. & Mrs. Edison G. Harris Richard Hodges Jim & Anne Kirkland William A. & Naomi Hodges Mrs. Nona Foster Norine Holbrook Ms. Ann B. Page Annie Mae Hollingsworth Oak Grove UMC - Sylvania Anne Blackmar Edge Holman Evelyn Berg Edwin & Carole Chase Verna & John Chestnutt Don & Bland Cleesattle Estate of Mimi Newcomb Janie S. Hallman Mr. & Mrs. Dan Hammack, Jr. Don & Mary Dale Kea Mr. & Mrs. P.E. Loyless Dr. & Mrs. Derek W. McAleer Monk Thompson SS Class William S. Perry Amy & Tyler Rauls Dr. & Mrs. Steve Rumford James & Phyllis Speir Bruce & Dee Stanfield Ms. Judy Stanley Chilton D. Varner Wooten Family Mary Hood Tom & Dale McDonald Dr. & Mrs. Steve Rumford WOW SS Class Frances M. Hopkins Michael & Becky Carroll Dot Horne Lee & Merilyn Guerry

Cindy Hornsby Rev. Dianne Sweckard Ed Howard Mr. B. Morris Johnson Christine Hurst Mr. & Mrs. Mike Abbott Vickie Irvin Tony & Lea Land Frank P. Irwin Mrs. Martha Irwin C. Ray Ivey Mrs. C. Ray Ivey, Jr. Tom Hall Ivey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Shockley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Stuckey Neal & Ginger Talton Ben Jackson Mr. Hal Jackson Brian Jackson Mrs. Pam Creech Liberty UMW Inez Jackson John-Wesley Villas Oren Pat James Mrs. Elizabeth S. Gwines Mary C. Jeffords David G. Jeffords, III Julia & Wesley Krulic Fannie Jenkins Mr. George Kulju Ronald H. Jenkins, Sr. Mr. Jimmy Jenkins Annie Lou Jessup Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Yawn Brett Anthony Johnson Jimmy & Christie Foddrell Mr. Carol B. Moore, Jr. Florrie M. Johnson Dynamic Mobile Dentistry, LLC Betty J. Kitchens Estate Mrs. Annie L. Bragg Mrs. R. Berl Elder Dr. & Mrs. C.E. Johnson, Jr. Dr. David M. Kalish, Jr. Mrs. Bettie A. Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Skipper Zimmerman Michael A. Johnson Ms. Gael C. Johnson Ms. Dee Ann McDaniel Polly C. Johnson Shayna & Dave Cranford Vernon D. Johnson Mr. Carol B. Moore, Jr. Patrick H. Johnston Eddie & Kiki Conway



Annie A. Jones Mr. R. A. Bowen, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. James D. Chapman Mr. & Mrs. James Corley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Green Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Henson Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. Jones Mr. Ted R. Senters Mr. & Mrs. Cubbedge Snow, Jr. Bill Jones Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Geriner, Jr. Eunice M. Jones Robert & Linda Klett Frank C. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Tim Adams Judge & Mrs. William P. Adams Ms. Nancy Bell Dr. Charlene R. Black Mr. & Mrs. Frank Logan Butler, III Mr. & Mrs. James Corley, Jr.

Mary M. Jones Mrs. Terrell Coppage Polly Jones Carroll & Hope Arnold Harry & Betty Gilmore R.O. Jones Mr. & Mrs. John Jenkins W.C. Jones, Sr. Ms. Patricia K. Jones Matt, Amy & Garrett Justice Mr. William C. McFay Mary Redfern Kaliher Sonny & Judy Deriso

Dianna Kauder Craig & Becky Parnell Richard E. Kelly Mrs. Sara Harris Ernest & Evielyn Kennedy V.C. Kennedy

Shelby donated toys to Lighthouse for Families Counseling Center. These toys will help other boys and girls during counseling. Ronald & Lester Giddens Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Howard Julia Jenkins Florrie & Jim Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. Jones Becky Clarke Morrison Northside UMW Cam & Cindy Oetter Mr. & Mrs. W. Ray Persons Ralph Ragan Mr. & Mrs. Cubbedge Snow, Jr. The Colleen & Sam Nunn Family Foundation Frank & Annie Jones Ms. Frances L. Clay Dr. Henry T. Clay, Jr. Mrs. Cordelia Holliday Ginger & Robert Stribling Harold Jones Robert & Linda Klett Helen Joy Jones Mrs. Dorothy D. Barrow Juanita C. Jones Ms. Jettye S. Anderson Mrs. Suzanne T. McIvor Emory & Linda Peacock Mrs. Claire Scott Kathryne A. Jones Carroll & Hope Arnold 30


W.H. Kennedy, Sr. Dr. Loy D. Cowart, III Willard Kesler Bob & Eleanor Ragsdale Della Kicklighter Mr. Wes Kicklighter Martin Kicklighter Mr. Wes Kicklighter Lonie Wood Killebrew Mr. & Mrs. David Fischer James & Stephanie Whitehead Harmony Class Mishie Wood Killebrew Susan & Butch Wiggins V.C. Kinard Patsy Kinard Billy King Raymond & Peggy King Cleon Daniel King Mr. & Mrs. Edward Armbruster Mr. Denis Dowty J.E. King Mr. & Mrs. H.A. Dunahoo Christine S. King Mr. & Mrs. Jim King Mr. & Mrs. Bo King Mr. Cody King Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Lucas

Mrs. Betty K. Mills Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mills Mr. & Mrs. William H. Mills Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Ware Mr. & Mrs. J.E. King, Sr. Ms. Barbara Arnold Ms. Vickie Jones Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mills Bennett & Debbie Nichols Mary King Raymond & Peggy King James J. Kirkland Dr. & Mrs. James J. Kirkland Fred Kitchens, III Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kitchens, Jr. Neil P. Kitchens Mrs. Betty Ann Kitchens Henry Kite Mrs. James H. Kite Casey R. Kohn Mrs. Myra M. Odom Marjorie Lamar Mr. & Mrs. Jerry E. Hendrix Ron Lampman Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Arwood Francis William “Bill” Lamotte Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Rentz Alice Lancaster Hugh & Barbara Lawson Blackey Landing John & Sara Landing Wilma Lastinger Ms. Dorothy S. Tucker Arthur Lavender Butch & Kathy Pope Vivian M. Lavender Butch & Kathy Pope Mr. & Mrs. M.R. Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Lawson Hayes Lawton Ginger & Robert Stribling Eunice Stubbs Lee Mr. George H. Lee Robert E. Lee Albany Bridge Club Lon Leese Mr. & Mrs. James W. Swift Henry M. Leslie Big Henry Fund Inc. Frank Lester Mr. & Mrs. Darrel Rye Darlene Lindsey Ed & Nancy Graening Mr. Alva Lindsey

Ellwood L. Lines H.S. Grace & Company, Inc. Jean & Peter Hopkins Mrs. Mildred McInvale Mrs. Louise M. Rocker Susan & Donnie Watson Hazel D. Lipford Mr. Dale H. Dixon Bill Long Mr. & Mrs. Jack Tanner Owen C. Lord, Jr. Mrs. Ann P. Davis Glenda, Robert & Richard Harrell Ms. Dorothy W. Norris Rev. & Mrs. John Lough Dr. & Mrs. William G. Neely Anna Lovett Ms. Jean W. Melton Chris A. Ludwig Bill & Joann Chase Danny L. Ludwig Bill & Joann Chase Valeria P. Luoma Mrs. Peggy N. Floyd Mrs. Jennifer Reaves Joyce B. Maffett Mr. Jack H. Maffett, Sr. Rev. Ed Mainous Mr. Paul Favreau Ms. Carolyn Westberry Emily A. Malecki Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Michel Raymond V. Malecki Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Michel Louise Marsh Mr. Michael V. Parker Audrey H. Marshall John-Wesley Villas Earl Marshall Ms. Denise Spivey W. Earl Marshall, III Mrs. Tonda M. Watson James E. Mathew Mrs. Mandy Dopson Ashley Mathis Dickie & Margie Bryant John & Mat Mathis Keith & Shellie Hagen J.E. Matthews Gerry Folsom Guy Mauldin Eleanor White Ragsdale Chris Maxwell

Mr. Frederick H. Schranck Edna Jones McCorkle Joiner-Anderson Funeral Home Brett McDaniel Ms. Gael C. Johnson Jack David McDaniel Ms. Dee Ann McDaniel Ethelyn McDonald John-Wesley Villas John H. McDonald Ms. Colleen Cassiday Mr. Kenneth C. Coe Tom McDonald Mr. & Mrs. William M. Allen, Jr. Glenn H. McGee Mr. William A. Griggers Anne McKelvey Mrs. Bert Schwartz Phil McRae Steve & Judy Bowden James J. Meadows Rev. & Mrs. James B. Jensen Rev. James & Barbara Johnson Buddy Meeks Sandra & Wesley Blanchard Anne Middlebrooks Mrs. Cynthia Lynch Juanita Aldridge Miles Ris N. Bell, Jr. Bible Class Mary Elizabeth Miller Karen & Gary E. Yawn Tenecia Miller Suzanne Jennings Moise W. Mills Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Walker Ralph Mills, Jr. Calvary UMC Carlisle Minter Mrs. Elizabeth Minter Porter Mitchell Ms. Barbara B. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. O.C. Mizell Becky Carroll Betty Rumford Monson Ron & Laura Monson Andrew Montgomery Ms. Kristy Montgomery Russell S. Montgomery Ms. Kristy Montgomery Ashley Ruth Moore Mrs. Carol Horton Dr. & Mrs. Trey Keadle, III Emma Moore United SS Class

Fred Moore, Jr. Sam & Jana Powers, Jr. John Moreau Barbara Mitchell Carolyn M. Morgan Mr. Robert A. Morgan John Morgan Lee & Merilyn Guerry Larry & Kay Wilbanks Uley T. Morgan Mr. Robert A. Morgan Clark Gable Morris Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Gilmore, Jr. Joyce Morris William & June Hutchings James P. “Dick” Moss Ann & Hubert Lovein Amy & Tyler Rauls The Paul & Chance Reynolds Family Rusty Moye Azalee Wight SS Class Raymond Muggridge, Jr. Mrs. Willene O. Muggridge Carlton & Adeline Mullis Mr. & Mrs. Shelton Mullis Logan Andrew Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Tommie M. Donaldson Mary Thelma Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Earl Benson Sadie Murray Mrs. Evelyn C. Berg My Parents Mrs. June P. Rooks Kenneth Myers Ms. Robin L. McBeth Marty Neal Mr. & Mrs. Herman Moore John Neff Mrs. Patricia Neff Lucille Neighbors John-Wesley Villas Tap Nelson Lovett UMC Nesta T. New Carroll & Hope Arnold Harry & Betty Gilmore Carrie Nisbet Mrs. Virginia C. Freeman & Family Dr. & Mrs. William E. Nisbet Carol Nix Mrs. Joe Ann Lumley

Lawrence H. Nutt Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Chadwick Dennis Odom Bill & Lynn Acuff Ms. Elizabeth Odom Edgar M. Olivent Barbara Mitchell Catherine & Stanley Olivent Becky Olsen Mrs. Sharon R. McRae Hazel Oswald Ainsworth Zeagler Sarah Oxford Mrs. Mariellen Bateman Jimmy Palmiter Jim, Lin & Zoeie Palmiter Jesse L. Parker Mrs. Jesse L. Parker Zach Parker Mr. & Mrs. Joe McNair Courtney Parkins, II Mr. & Mrs. Courtney Parkins Regina Parks Bobby & Carol Pope Valeria Pate Mrs. Carolyn P. Sheppard W.W. Pate Mrs. Carolyn P. Sheppard Edd Patrick Mr. &. Mrs. R. Clark Dixon Vivian Patstone Judy & Sonny Deriso Ann Darden Patterson Mr. Ted R. Senters Walter Gerald Paulk Ms. Virginia Hogan Jerry Pearce Lee & Merilyn Guerry Mrs. Debbie Whyte William “Bill” Pearson Mrs. Susan McEachern Laura Peebles Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Rumsey George Pena Ms. Ginga Griffin Joe Dan Petty Martin & Pamela Nicodemus Randall & Debbie Richert Bryan Phillips Ms. Jean W. Melton Edna Phillips Mr. & Mrs. James W. Faulk, Sr. John Taylor Phillips Dr. & Mrs. William C. Shipp

Ray L. Phillips Bob & Eleanor Ragsdale Gwen Philpott Chance-Hill Circle Kathleen Pinckney Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Johnson Jackie Pittman Mr. & Mrs. “Roscoe” Prentice J. Bennett, Jr. Marvin C. Pittman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ansel P. Clark Jinevelyn & Bogin Poole Janice & Ricky Poole Jewell A. Pope Butch & Kathy Pope Walter V. Pope John & Ann Brunk J.B. Powell Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy E. Sumner Marie Preston Kim & Andy Thompson Otelia & Sevora Price Ms. Karen Schaeffer Leonard Pridgeon Mrs. Elizabeth Mathis Tommy Pritchett Don & Mary Dale Kea Louise Miner Pruitt Mr. & Mrs. David E. Clements Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kapiloff Mr. Jack Rodgers Mary Frances Pryor Lee & Merilyn Guerry Ms. Betty P. Johnson Sara Ranew Mrs. Sandra L. Hardison John Rasul Mrs. Anne Huthnance C.O. (Ras) Rawl Jolane & Kent Guske James O. Ray Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bartlett Mr. & Mrs. C. William Dopson, Jr. Louis Rayan Mrs. Betty E. Wise Ethel Green Rearden The Lavon Smith Family Bryan Redd Mr. & Mrs. Randall Black Hayman Leslie Reddick Mr. & Mrs. Edison G. Harris Annie Mercer Reed Mrs. Katherine Anderson



Dohn Bonner was honored as the Volunteer of the Year 2012

Hinton Reeves Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Arwood Mr. & Mrs. Clint Friedlander Grover Reeves Dale Regan Mr. John A. Regan H.M. Reid Ms. Suzanne Jennings Bob Reinhardt Mr. & Mrs. James Davis Johnson & Jim Rob Reinhardt Mr. & Mrs. James Davis Johnson & Jim Ms. Sarah S. Perez Martha Lawhorne Reynolds Dixie Compton Brown Lisa Carrigan Dr. & Mrs. Vijay Dhande Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hazlett Wayne & Rachel White Joe Rich Mr. Cullen Takton, III Ron Riddle Mr. & Mrs. Ed Turley James M. Ridgeway Mrs. Lillian B. Ridgeway Elmo Roberts Denise & James Pharis Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy E. Sumner Tony Robertson Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Shockley, Jr.



Chaz Robins Megan Carson Bernard Rogers John-Wesley Villas Lloyd Rogers Ms. Anne R. Moore Travis F. Rooks Mrs. June P. Rooks Alice Rosser Lee & Merilyn Guerry Fulton F. Rosser Mrs. Alice Rosser Elva Rouse Alvin R. Harrington & Family Betty H. Harrington & Family John P. Harrington & Family S. Mac Harrington & Family Judge & Mrs. H. Frederick Mullis & Jessica Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Shockley, Jr. Annette Rowe Jr.Mr. & Mrs. H. Gibbs Flanders, Grady Rowe The Family of Thelma Williams Autry Rowland Mr. Sam Powers, Jr. Robert Rozier Melton Place Homeowners Assoc. Leslie & Lucile Rushing Mrs. Miriam R. Terrell Edna Russo Mr. & Mrs. Harry D. Faircloth Mr. & Mrs. Jesse E. Griffin

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Hyatt, III Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Peterman The Seekers SS Class Denise Sweckard Maj. & Mrs. Dallas J. Rutherford Mr. Dennis J. Rutherford Bessie Elmore Saxon Mr. & Mrs. Edison G. Harris Albert K. Scarborough Jr.Mr. & Mrs. H. Gibbs Flanders, Jesse H. Scarborough Mr. & Mrs. Curtis L. Larson Mr. & Mrs. Herbert C. Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McMahon Mr. & Mrs. David A. Peterson Rev. Barbara & John Wills Calvin W. Schramm Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Cowart Richard & Thelma Scott Larry & Vera Scott Robin & Sharon Scott Larry & Vera Scott Hugh R. Scruggs Ms. Betty Hickox Mr. & Mrs. L.A. Scruggs Harry & Brenda Carter Phillip Self Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Shockley, Jr. Bessie M. Skipper Mr. & Mrs. Paden Avera Bob & Joanne Bennett

Evelyn Ruth Slappey Mrs. Ruth F. Arnold Charles E. Smith Mrs. Claudia B. Smith Doris Y. Smith Ms. Anne Bruce Ms. Betty Cox Mrs. Gerry Folsom Mr. Marion S. Mayer Ms. Pamela Miller Mr. & Mrs. Jack Tanner Mr. & Mrs. William Ward James W. Smith, Jr. Ginger & Robert Stribling Louise Smith Mrs. Anna N. Smith Myrtle Smith Ms. Marie P. McLendon Mrs. Betty E. Wise Mrs. Perry Hill Smith Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Perry LaConte Robert L. Smith Mrs. Joyce Smith William S. Smith Mrs. Kathleen S. Smith Bobby Snyder Bob & Amy Synder Jason Spiers Mr. & Mrs. R. Clark Dixon Donald Wayne Spinks The Spillers Family Mrs. Linda Spinks

The Strickland Family Minnie Spires Henrietta Cameron Joseph L. Stanfield, Sr. Mrs. Virginia Stanfield Charlotte Lewis Stapleton Mr. Montgomery E. Thorne Barbara Starnes Neal & Ginger Talton Don Stephens Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Bennett H. Massey, Horace E. Stevens Mrs. M.H. Stevens, Jr. M.H. Stevens, Jr. Mrs. M.H. Stevens, Jr. Sam Stevens Mrs. Carolyn F. Stevens Webster Stevens Gethsemane UMM H.C. Stewart, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bobby G. Stewart Marjorie G. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Bobby G. Stewart Luther Strickland Ms. Betty Calvert Chris Stone Mr. & Mrs. James D. Deal Robert K. Strawn Ralph & Tracy Lou Gattie Pat Suber Ricky & Hallie Prince James O. Sutter Ms. Suzanne Jennings Johnny F. Sutton, Sr. Celia H. & Johnny F. Sutton Milton Sutton Mr. & Mrs. Milton T. Clinard David O. Sweat Mr. & Mrs. Travis Brooks Steve Sweckard Sara Johnson Robert Swearingen Mrs. Elaine S. Wright Bill Swift Susan Swift Stoke Tabb Ris N. Bell, Jr. Bible Class Mr. & Mrs. John W. Talley Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cates Ann Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy E. Sumner Herbie Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Jack Tanner

William E. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Young, Jr. R.T. Tebeau Mrs. Agnes S. Tebeau Michael Farris Thomas, II John & Lori Brewer Mr. & Mrs. Frank Logan Butler, III Mike Thomas Ms. Frances L. Clay Billy Thompson Mrs. Kelly Stone Katherine Lewis Thorne Mr. Montgomery E. Thorne Rex Thorne Mrs. Ruth Thorne Richard B. Thornton Mr. R. Clay Allen Mrs. Jeanette G. Chaffin Corbin & Glenda McLendon Mr. Carter M. Stout Mr. Buddy Thornton Mrs. Aliene Warchak Judge Mullins Whisnant Ken Tokar Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bartlett Mr. & Mrs. George D. Street Dorothy McDonald Tomlinson Ms. Ellen J. Ginn Lamar Toole Mr. & Mrs. R. Clark Dixon Ed Trutman Mrs. Betty E. Wise Joy Tully Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Rentz Clifford V. Tuttle Mrs. Edith Tuttle Harry S. Ullmann Charlie & Betty Morgan Ms. Barbara S. Smith Shiree Upshaw Ms. Brylyn G. Sumner Edna Unterseher Mr. & Mrs. Jay Unterseher George & Avis Varnadoe Audrey & Wesley Beasley J.C. & Polly Varnell Rev. & Mrs. Benjamin Varnell Willis W. Varner Mrs. Lori A. Campbell Ms. Linda A. Perkins Mr. G. Lane Pye Mr. & Mrs. Emmette Vinson

Cliff Vaughn Henrietta Cameron Mrs. D.Q. Harris, Jr. Tony Victoria John-Wesley Villas Jean Waldrep Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bartlett Kenneth L. Walker Mrs. Glenda T. Walker Lisa Walker Dean & Virginia Crist Phil Walker Dickie & Margie Bryant Carl K. Waters Mrs. Vivian R. Waters Nolia Watkins Agnes & Purcell Whitsel Wade Hampton “Hamp” Watson Dr. Charlene R. Black Don & Mary Dale Kea Mike & Mildred McAfee Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Shockley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J. Edward Willis Nathan Thatcher Watson Sharon & Johnny Walker Thatcher Watson Mr. Charles Ruffin J. Talmadge Webb Mr. & Mrs. Garth Webb, Jr. Jake Webb Anne & Jim Kirkland Margaret “Maurolyse” W. Webb Mr. & Mrs. Garth Webb, Jr. Dwain Weldon Mrs. Raney Futch White Gloria Wesson Sam & Alice Willliams Betty Westmoreland John & Ann Brunk Robert S. White, Sr. Hubert & Beck Reddick Ted White Mr. & Mrs. Prentice J. Bennett, Jr. Ted Whitten Suzanne Jennings Elsie Wiggins Mary C. Parramore George L. Wilder, Jr. Mrs. Betty W. Sammons Elizabeth Williams Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Rumsey

Keith Williams Mrs. Elaine Libbey Lillian Williams Ms. Suzanne Jennings Rodney Williams John & Lori Brewer Amy & Tyler Rauls Mr. Charles Ruffin Sammie Williams Eugene & Jolene Barlow Sue Williams Mrs. Dorothy D. Stalvey Zack T. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Mike Abbott Mr. Randy DeWitt Mrs. Gerry Folsom Mrs. Betty Jean Herring Barbara M. Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Vince Brown Bo, Steve & Alan Willianham Mr. David Maddox Hazel Williford Mrs. Jill Meeks T.W. Williford Will Evans Bible Class Blair Willingham Sybil Willingham Mary Louise Willingham Constance & Louis Audet Sara Frances Young Willis Mr. Allen M. Young Durward & Sedell Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. Brinson & Family Frederick Wilson Dr. William & Leigh Ann Hall Mr. Hugh G. Kennedy Hubert Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Jack Tanner Jem R. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Edison G. Harris Jacob Woerner Jean & John McAnally Ila Womble Mr. & Mrs. James H. Waters Henry Woodward Lee & Merilyn Guerry Rev. Larry & Kay Wilbanks Elizabeth Wren Jill F. Meeks Charlene Wright Larry & Kay Wilbanks Elmo Cooper Wright, Sr. Dan & Beth Alley




Planning 101 One and done. In sports, it’s a catchphrase for a team’s loss in the first game or match of a tournament. In estate planning, it’s the mind-set of people who think they’re done once they’ve put a will or trust in place. In truth, estate planning is an ongoing process. Ensure that your plan fulfills your goals—review it periodically, and adjust it if necessary. Also consider situations that may call for revisions to your will or other estate-planning documents. • • • • • • •

Marriage or divorce A major change in your financial status Birth or adoption of a child or grandchild Death of a spouse or existing beneficiary Death of an executor, trustee or other fiduciary A move to a new state or province A change in tax or estate planning laws

Try to conduct a thorough review of your plan every five years—even if none of the above events have occurred in your life. Talk with your attorney or financial advisor. Be sure to look over the beneficiary designations for your retirement and investment accounts, along with your life insurance policies, to determine whether the beneficiary designations should be updated. Making a will is simple and puts you in charge of your estate—instead of the government—for the benefit of your family and favorite charities. I pray that as you either make or revisit your will, that you will consider remembering the children and youth we serve here in ministry with a gift to The Foundation of The Methodist Home. For more information contact Dr. Rick Lanford at 478-751-1725 or by email at

Thank you and God Bless! 34


Contractors from Zachry Industrial, Inc. volunteer to re-roof Pool Pavilion. Bo & Sue Arnall Mr. & Mrs. C.T. Bone William & Susan Gatliff Mrs. Peggy Jerles Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kettering & Family Mrs. Jacquelyn W. Marshall Mr. Barry Whatley Dorothy “Dottie” Wright Mr. Richard F. Wright Sue C. Wyce Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wyce Mr. & Mrs. Bird Yarbrough Mr. & Mrs. Keith Yarbrough Dolly Yeager Mr. Andy Cowart Mr. Charles Cowart Larry L. Cowart

Mr. Van Cowart Mr. Jerry Cravey Ms. Carol Ellerbee Skip & Grace Holloway J.P. & Jeanie Martinek Ms. Angie Michael Mr. Larry Moore Ms. Patricia Peek Ms. Shirley A. Pritchett Mrs. Jane Rentz Dianne Sweckard Ms. Beth Ann Toth Frank Young, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Young, Jr. James William Younger Mr. & Mrs. William J. Vinson, Jr. Fred & Anna Young’s Parents Mr. & Mrs. William S. Spagna


Dr. Laudis H. (Rick) Lanford President / The Foundation of the Methodist Home of the South Georgia Conference, Inc.

Dear Steve, I will never forget the first day that we met over in the old cafeteria underneath the Burden Chapel. Rev. Emory Gilbert was so excited as he introduced you to all the ministers who were there that morning for Emory’s Friday Morning Coffee Group. I thank God for bringing our paths together for, “Such a time as this!” Thank you for bringing me to The Home. Your visionary leadership has brought great change to our campus and facilities. Like the prayer of Jabez, our territory has increased.God’s hand has surely been upon us and blessed us in this great ministry of The Methodist Home. I pray that God will continue to use you in great ways as He has so wonderfully done in this place. Your legacy of making a difference in the lives of children and youth will carry on for generations to come. God bless,

Dr. Lanford and Dr. Rum



The Foundation Hires New Chief Financial Officer It is with great joy that I announce The Foundation of The Methodist Home recently hired Caroline Edenfield as its new Chief Financial Officer. Caroline first came to The Methodist Home as an accountant for Vice President Bruce Stanfield in the finance department. She left the Home so that she could serve as the initial CFO for Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia. After working with the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, Caroline worked as the Director of Practice Management for a wealth management practice. Some of Caroline’s responsibilities for the Foundation will include assisting the President in the day to day operations, maintaining audit schedules, working with present and past Estates, providing technical assistance to assure regulatory compliance, and participating in donor education events. “For such a time as this,” Caroline Edenfield returns to serve in ministry here at The Foundation of The Methodist Home. Caroline and her husband Brad are active members at Forsyth UMC. Caroline serves as the Finance Chairman of her Church and also serves on the Finance Committee for the Griffin District of the UMC. They have two sons, Monty and Jack. Caroline can be reached at or at 478-751-2866.

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Methodist Home

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Macon, GA 31201 Permit No. 211

P.O. Box 2525 Macon, GA 31203-2525 Address Service Requested If this label has an error or you would like to be taken off our mailing list, please contact Debbie Coleman @ 478.751.2807 or at Debbie.Coleman@The

Give to The Methodist Children’s Home through the Combined Federal Campaign. Our 5 digit CFC code is 48612.

Quality therapy services for individuals of all ages in the middle Georgia area.

Lighthouse for Families has been our beacon of light and hope during a very difficult situation. Their services have been life changing. -Husband & Wife Services offered: • Individual Therapy • Couples Therapy • Family Therapy • Psychiatric & Diagnostic Assessment • Assessment & Treatment Planning • Community Support Services • Peer Supports

Specialties include: • Grief & Loss • Trauma Therapy • Behavioral & Emotional Disturbances • Play Therapy • Sexual Behavior Problems • Conflict Resolution • Anger Management • Stress Management • Couples & Family Therapy • Domestic Violence • Mood Disorders

Populations Served: • Children (Ages 4-18) • Adults • Couples • Families Insurances accepted: • Medicaid • Cenpatico • WellCare • Private Pay/Sliding Scale

For more information or to initiate the referral process call 478-464-3001 or email

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