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Things to know about Methadone and pharmacy bottles

Methadone is a synthetic opioid analgesic – painkiller – that is used to treat chronic pain. Methadone has long been used for the treatment of opioid dependence, primarily heroin addiction. Key facts related to Methadone are enumerated below: • It is a medication used to treat opiate dependency • Long-term treatment with methadone is better than short term treatment • It prevents withdrawal, limits cravings and blocks the effects of heroin, oxycontin and other opiates • It is the gold standard treatment for pregnant women who are opiate dependent • It has drug overdose risks and benefits that you should understand • Its treatment requires a strong commitment to recovery • It is the single most effective treatment for opiate dependency • It is sometimes recommended by doctors to diabetic patients • It’s the key to build a safe and sustainable recovery from the destructive detox/relapse cycle These are the facts that you should know about methadone. If you are looking for methadone bottle, keep these factors in mind. Unbreakable PET bottles

Methadone bottles are required to be made of unbreakable plastic. These kinds of bottles prevent spillage even if it is dropped accidently. You can approach a methadone bottles wholesale supplier who provides Methadone bottles of highest quality. Child resistant cap Keep it in mind that methadone is used in replacement therapy for heroine, morphine and other opioids. Therefore, it is highly sensitive to children, and must be kept away from them. A bottle with a child resistant cap is something you should go for when it comes to storing methadone. Quality Methadone bottles must be able to keep the drug’s chemical, biological, purity, and stability characteristics intact. The bottles must be made of materials would not change the chemical composition of the drug stored. Therefore, you are suggested to approach a methadone bottles wholesale supplier who follows best practice for manufacturing bottles in accordance to the Health Department’s guidelines. When it comes to suppliers and wholesalers of methadone bottles, The Methadone Guy is the name to look up to. Based in Hawkesbury (NSW), the company is acknowledged for offering high quality methadone bottles at affordable price tags. The Methadone Guy offers bottles of a wide range of capacities, from 30ml, 50ml, to 100ml and soon 200mL in order to satisfy demands of pharmacies across Australia. Dosing cups are also available for use by the pharmacies.

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Things to know about methadone and pharmacy bottles  

Know some common key facts about methadone pharmacy bottles in this PDF. The Methadone Guy offers online methadone bottles in wholesale. We...

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