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on the back, I put it there, I offer hand engraving, LED inside the guitar, LED pickguards, LED steel pickguards, special cutouts, band logos,... almost unlimited things, just name it and I see what I can do. 9/the neck of a guitar tends to bend with time and heat, do your guitars are affected the same way? I can only say this, they stay tuned very well, I work with local musicians they try my guitars off stage and on stage, that way I learn the most to make them perfect, and they all say that the guitars stay tuned better than the guitars they normal use. 10/Are they easier or cheaper to make? How long do you take for one guitar? It is not easier nor cheaper at all, it is very hard because of the thin steel I use, mostly when people order a guitar from me I cut 3 guitars, just to make sure when 1 fails I start a new one right away, normally I make a guitar in 8 weeks, depends on the neck waiting time. 11/Are you alone or you have a team to help built those instruments? My necks are build by a good neck builder, that way I can offer necks that fits the musician’s like. As I said before I am not a wood man. The pickups are hand wounded by “4 seasons pickups” or I use the brand they like the rest I do alone. 12/When I see the Overkill guitar you must have done all the pieces?! Every part yes, the overkill is custom made guitar build for a big overkill fan. 13/You have great designs like snake head, are you a designer first? have you searched your way or changed job over the years? No I am no designer at all, I still have a job I work in construction, I like a big challenge designing it is a challenge, I think I am more into art, when I make a guitar you never know how it turns out, mostly its the expression of that day. 14/are they effects that work better then others? Using hand wound pickups seems better to me, it helps fighting feedback on high gain, also an opened back like steel combination perforated steel plate works very well. 15/who are buying your guitars? mostly metal people ? in which country you are selling the most? My customers comes from everywhere, I do not sell a lot because my name is not big enough and not everybody knows D&C, my guitars go to UK, USA, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Sweden so far the most are in Belgium but USA is getting close now 16/Are you designing the flycase too or you just add your logo onto them? The cases are standard hardcases, where I put a Metal logo on, but it is posible to have a custom made case. 17/Are they other stuff you create with metal? I can make almost everything in metal, and i love to do that if there is a challenge I have made gates with glass, extremely modern, steel stairs, also a car grill, a ACDC logo for a car (like Mercedes) what we are working on now, is a handengraved guitar, everything engraved also the little screw than a hardcase and on the hardcase we engrave the engraved guitar that is inside the case.

The Metal Mag #14 - May/June 2016  

The Metal Mag N14 -Dennis Louis Metal guitars -Flotsam & Jetsam -Invasive -Celestial Ruin -Madam Mayhem -Furies -Teri's Drummer page with fo...

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