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Spring 2008 Brochure


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Spring 2008 Brochure


Welcome We revel in our reputation for a programme of unique and inspiring music, drama and physical theatre.

Gretchen Peters

John Hegley 2



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Over 25,000 visitors enjoy The Met experience each year. We hope that you will be excited by the events and join us in our growing success.

Ian McMillan Orchestra



14 & 15

Look out for the following artists coming this Spring in addition to our regular workshops, Winelight, comedy and R&B clubs.

Park Bench Social Club

Williams & MacColl



Here Be Monsters

Moll Flanders



Spring 2008 Brochure


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Fantastic Theatre

Fantastic Music

Fantastic Restaurant

Fantastic Venue

Spring 2008 Brochure


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The Winelight Club in Automatic

Monthly events & clubs First Thursday Comedy Club Thursday 7 February 9pm Thursday 6 March 9pm Thursday 3 April 9pm

Thursday 7 February: Alex Lazerus, Mel Moon plus two special guests.

Comedy Studio Theatre £8 £6 concessions £6 members

Thu 6 Mar: Ivan Brackenbury, Henning When, Jack Whitehall and Martin Davis.

Great stand-up on the first

Thursday 3 April: Steve Royal, Jade the

Thursday of every month.

Folk Singer, Matt Green and Andy Kind.

Winelight Club


Tuesday 12 February 8pm Tuesday 11 March 8pm Tuesday 8 & 29 April 8pm

Mixing the best up and

Rock & pop Automatic Restaurant

Restaurant’s fine menu guarantees

£6 £4 concessions £4 members

a memorable evening of music.

coming talent with Automatic


Package Deals

Get more out of your visits to The Met by becoming a member!

Book tickets for a group of events in advance and save money with one of our special package deals.

the first to find out about • Beevents in your twice yearly newsletter

Receive your Met season brochure before anyone else

• Save on all Met events • Discounted food at Automatic • Invites to VIP nights • Two member meetings a year. All for just £25 per year or £40 for couples. Call 0161 761 2216 to join.

and Physical Theatre • Drama package See any four drama or physical theatre shows in February, March or April for £30! R&B Club package See all • Spring three R&B Club events (Roy Metté, Jan 18; Cuillin Blue, Feb 15; Slack Alice, Mar 14) for only £18! package Come to all • Winelight four Winelight Clubs in February, March or April for £16! Thursday Comedy Club • First package Come to February, March and April’s First Thursday Comedy Clubs for £18!


The Roy Metté Band Friday 18 January 8.30pm

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She’s Just Nipped Out For Fags

Gretchen Peters

Spring 2008 Brochure

Presented by MaD Theatre Company and FC United

Blues Studio Theatre £8 £6 concessions £6 members

Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 January 7.30pm

Special offer: see all three R&B clubs for £18!

Drama Main Theatre £10 £8 concessions

This traditional blues rock power

This hilarious slice of modern Mancunian

trio play original numbers to take

life about a mother, her four kids, her

you right through to the rockier

drunken husband, her father-in-law,

end of the blues. Taking the essence

a faded drag queen and Manchester

of Rory Gallagher numbers the band

United’s exploits in Europe.

builds on them to produce something raw, unique and powerful.

Whole Lotta Led Hammer of the Gods Tour 2008

"…bursting with the sort of

Gretchen Peters

energy too much main-

Supported by Edwina Hayes

stream theatre

A Mr Kite Benefit

seems to have long since

Saturday 19 January 8.30pm


Rock and pop Main Theatre


£10 advance £12 on the door

Evening News

Saturday 26 January 8pm Americana Main Theatre £13 The Grammy nominated Nashville songwriter creates narrative songs

Featuring classic Zeppelin songs

about life that really capture the

including Whole Lotta Love,

essence of human emotion. The

Stairway To Heaven and more from the band’s vast back catalogue. Standing event.

What’s On?

country star is on tour in support of her new and acclaimed album Burnt Toast and Offerings. 5

Spring 2008 Brochure


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Steve Knightley A Mr Kite Benefit Thursday 31 January 8pm Folk roots Main Theatre £14 One half of Show of Hands, Steve Knightley returns as a solo artist on the back of his first album for eight years. He is a prolific and talented

Steve Knightley

songwriter with an astounding voice “...vast and windswept...” Q


Winelight Unsigned

Munch Manship Quartet

Friday 1 February 7pm

Friday 1 February 8pm

Rock and pop Studio Theatre

Jazz Main Theatre

£3 in advance £4 on the door

£10 £6 concessions £6 members

Quality from The Winelight Club’s

North West jazz legend Munch

vast roster of artistes with

Manship is one of the most sought

Automatic’s exciting range of food

after soloists in clubs and festivals

and drink to hand. Featuring Phil

throughout the UK. His performance

Bailey, Steve O’Donoghue. John

is inspired by Duke Ellington,

Herring, John Siddle, Jai James,

Count Basie, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Simon Holden, Andrea Glass. Mike

With special guest Laura Manship

Kneafsey, Syren and Kamal Arafa.

on vocals and flute.


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The Matt Schofield Trio

The Whys and Wherefores

Saturday 2 February 8pm

Saturday 9 February 8pm

Blues Main Theatre

Blues and country Studio Theatre

£10 £8 concessions £8 members

£5 £3 concessions Members free

Inspired by the Blues, infused with

Emily Druce and Steve Jones’ new

the funk rhythms of New Orleans

band plays cool contemporary blues,

and topped-off by virtuoso

swinging all the way from roots to

musicianship, Matt Schofield is

rockabilly. A dynamic five piece, it

being talked of as the finest blues

features a tuba taking the bass lines,

guitarist to have emerged in

a funky drummer, Steve’s soaring

Europe for several generations.

guitar and Emily’s gorgeous vocals.

Matt Schofield

Spring 2008 Brochure

“Dynamite” Guitarist magazine Standing event.

Circus Minimus Lyngo Theatre

Apocalypse Acoustic

Tuesday 12 February 11am Family show Main Theatre £7 £5 concs £20 family of 4

Friday 8 February 7.30pm Rock and pop Studio Theatre

Every family is a circus – toddling


clowns, teenage lions, mums who spin plates and dads who fly by

An acoustic night featuring the very

the seat of their pants. Growing,

best in local talent in association

eating, sleeping and dreaming has

with seminal local label 1000 Watt.

all the fun of the fair. For 2-4 years. 7


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Does a Monster...?

Albert Nobbs

Spring 2008 Brochure

Ian McMillan Orchestra

Does a Monster Live Next Door?

Sharp Stories Tour

Tall Stories Theatre Company

Thursday 14 February 8pm

Friday 15 February 1.30pm

Acoustic Main Theatre

Family show Main Theatre

£14 £10 concessions & members

£7 £5 concs £20 family of 4

Yorkshire words and European

Every day, Maud helps her parents

Albert Nobbs by Gordon Steel

music. With poet, broadcaster and

make toys for other children. Every

comedian Ian McMillan and

night, she hears the frightening

Reform Theatre Company

composer Luke Carver Goss, plus

noises of a monster trying to get

Wednesday 13 February 8pm

When Connie’s husband, Albert

Dylan Fowler, Clare Salaman,

into the house… Then help turns up

Drama Main Theatre

Nobbs, retires from work, all hell

Nathan Thompson and Oliver

– a girl who calls herself Detective

£10 £8 concessions £8 members

breaks loose. He’s bored, he’s

Wilson Dickson.

Frieda. Will she discover the truth

See any four drama or physical theatre shows for £30!

frustrated, his cholesterol’s sky-

The group tell echoing tales of

high, angina has kicked in

milkmen, mining, heatwaves, dads,

and his wife’s nagging the

death by shanty, industrial

hell out of him. A bitter

manoeuvres, 9/11

sweet story of love and

and the late great

loneliness, hope and

Ronnie Barker.

behind Maud’s strange family? For everyone ages 6 years +.

Ian McMillan Orchestra



Spring 2008 Brochure


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Jupitar Sands With Soundstripe and support Friday 15 February 7.30pm

Here Be Monsters

Rock and pop Main Theatre £5 Fresh from their tour supporting Puressence, the band play brand new

Rejects Revenge

material alongside old favourites. Support comes from Soundstripe,

Standing event.

Cuillin Blue Friday 15 February 9pm

Park Bench Social Club

Blues Studio Theatre

Saturday 16 February 8pm

£8 £6 concessions £6 members

Rock and roots Main Theatre

Special offer: see all three R&B clubs for £18!

£10 £8 concs £4 members

Here Be Monsters

Wednesday 20 February 7pm

local heroes in the making.

Physical theatre Main Theatre £10 £6 concessions £6 members See any four drama or physical theatre shows for £30!

Treading boldly in the footsteps of H.G.Wells and Laika the dog, the Rejects head, unfeasibly, to Pa ra d i s e i n t h e world’s first steam

This powerful five piece, fronted by

Part of a new generation of

the wonderful Marsha Jane Tarvet,

bands that mix musical genres

play raunchy, dirty versions of

with abandon (and incredible

Expect verbal wit

blues and R&B. Soulful bluesy

virtuosity) and include Celtic

and visual silliness

reworkings of songs from sources

fiddle tunes, bluegrass, gypsy

from intern-

jazz, bhangra and Americana.

ational physical

as diverse as The Mississippi Delta to The Beatles!

powered spacecraft.

comedy favourites. 9

Spring 2008 Brochure


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The Hamsters

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets

Alan Prosser

An evening of Hendrix and ZZ Top

Alan Prosser

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets

Thursday 21 February 8pm

Friday 22 February 8pm

Friday 22 February 9pm

Saturday 23 February 8pm

Rock and pop Main Theatre

Folk roots Main Theatre

Comedy Studio Theatre

Rock and pop Main Theatre

£12 in advance £14 on the door

£10 £8 concessions £8 members

£8 £6 concessions £4 members


Voted the UK’s best blues rock

The Oysterband’s Alan Prosser is

The comedy stars of stage, screen

The Clone Roses have the look and

band, The Hamsters are the

an accomplished and skillful solo

and YouTube are here to entertain

the sound of the Stone Roses and

leading interpreters of the music

acoustic artist. Alan’s shows give

you with songs, sketches, socks

revisit the anthems of a generation

of Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top.

the audience an opportunity to

and violence. The show includes all

including Waterfall, Fools Gold and

enjoy his well crafted songs and

of Romeo and Juliet in 8 minutes

I am the Resurrection. They have

fluent finger-style guitar playing as

(slightly abridged).

recently played one of their

The Hamsters

“One of Britain’s best live bands” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 Standing event.

they were originally written – for guitar and voice.

“A hoot” The Scotsman “Utterly irresistible” The Stage.


The Clone Roses

biggest gigs ever supporting Happy Mondays and The Farm. Standing event.

Spring 2008 Brochure


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Two by Jim Cartwright


Hull Truck Theatre Company Thursday 28 February 8pm Drama Main Theatre £12 £9 concessions & members See any four drama or physical theatre shows for £30!

One pub; one night; fourteen characters; two actors. Meet our Landlord and Landlady; constantly bickering. Enter the clientele; Slick-talking old woman Moth, taking a break from her ‘work’; Fred and his wife Alice – who’s never been the same since Elvis died, and


Mrs Iger… “I love big men”.

Friday 29 February 8pm

Colourful and intriguing characters

Rock and pop Studio Theatre

juggle emotion in this hilarious and

£7 £5 concs £5 members

sharply observed representation of Duo Chrissy Mostyn and Richard

Northern pub life.

Pilkington, known as Blackheart, From the writer of The Rise and Fall

have supported many folk legends at

of Little Voice, Jim Cartwright, Two

The Met. Their highly personal song

cannot fail to touch a nerve.

writing has attracted fans from across the country and now they

“Broad humour, dry wit and shudderingly moving poetry.” Time Out


return for their first headline show. 11

Spring 2008 Brochure


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Letters to an earw ig 8pm Friday 29 February tre ea Poetry Main Th £10 members £14 £10 concs

Observations on ins ects, people and potatoes. John He gley is an Edinburgh Festival regular wh o has also appeare d in Australia, Canada, Colombia, Zanziba r and Luton – the small town of his upbring ing. He has nine books to his name, two alb ums and one mug. 12

James Apollo

John Hegley

James Apollo Supported by Risa Hall

Man Made Sole

Saturday 1 March 8pm

Saturday 1 March 8.30pm

Americana Studio Theatre

Rock and pop Main Theatre

£8 £6 concessions £4 members


James Apollo’s music has been

This explosive twelve piece soul

described as the dark side of

band have sold out each and every

tumbleweed rocknroll. Also quoted

time they’ve played at The Met.

as a “David Lynch road movie for

Guaranteed to keep you on your

the ears”, it features Tom Waits

feet the whole night long!

style vocals, Latin rhythms and Americana tunes.

Standing event.

Spring 2008 Brochure


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Shona Kipling and Damien O’Kane The Devil’s Interval

Chumbawamba Acoustic

Friday 7 March 8pm

The Devil’s Interval combine

Saturday 8 March 8pm

to catch Chumbawamba acoustic.

Folk roots Main Theatre

individual English vocal talents to

Rock and pop Main Theatre

A mile away from their famous hit

£12 £10 concs £8 members

deliver sumptuous tales of

£10 advance £12 door £10 memb

I Get Knocked Down, they play a mix of traditional English folk, acapella,

heartbreak and murder. A fantastic double header of BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominees (both for best album).

Rousing duo Kipling and O’Kane are a gifted instrumental and vocal pairing hailing from the

Anarchists, entertainers, antiwar

twisted pop and the stripped down

crusaders and cherished punk

beauty of pure vocal harmonies and

activists, this is a fantastic chance

acoustic instruments.

North East – England and Ireland respectively.

Chumbawamba Acoustic 13

Spring 2008 Brochure


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Space 50


Niki McCretton

Physical… Visual… Motion… Gesture… Mime… Visceral…

Friday 14 March 7pm

Gest is a twenty four hour sampler

The idea is to come and relax, tune

Pay What You Want

As a child she wanted to be an

of physical theatre.

in and gain an experience and

20% of seats for each show will be

astronaut. Now in the 21st

understanding by sampling a

‘Pay What You Want’. That means,

century she can become a space

selection of internationally touring

you can purchase a ticket in

tourist. As the moon beckons, men

theatre. Learn about the balance of

advance and pay exactly the price

risk their lives to touch down in a

text, movement, puppetry and light

that you choose! Available on a

tiny spacecraft. But when you see

in these unique works.

first come first served basis.

the earth from outer space, what

The five Gest shows have just one common denominator in that the language comes second: second to gesture, second to the experience and second to the moving, exciting stories being told through


Space 50 £10 £6 concs £24 family of four

do you do with the rest of your life?

It could be the start of something.

movement, sleight, light, puppetry

Gest Ticket

An epic theatrical voyage through

and sound.

See all five shows for just £25.

fifty years of space travel.

Spring 2008 Brochure



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Gin and Tonic

Peacock Boy

The Deadline


Work in Progress/Talkback Gin and Tonic and Passing Trains Peacock Boy The Deadline

Niki McCretton

Spike Theatre & Ramesh Meyyappan


Shifting Sands Theatre Company

Saturday 15 March 11am

Saturday 15 March 12.30pm

Saturday 15 March 2pm

Saturday 15 March 4pm

£10 £6 concs £24 family of four

£10 £6 concessions & members

£10 £6 concessions & members

£10 £6 concessions & members

A creative and physical take on an

A visual comic tale of one man who

Peacock Boy is a dark fairy tale

The Deadline is clown theatre with

endearing story of adventure.

has too much time on his hands.

blending live music with puppetry

an edge, in which the games

Muttnik is a stray dog in Moscow.

With nothing for company other

and exotic transformations.

played are dark and comic.

One day she is captured – she has

than his thoughts and the sound

This is a unique opportunity to

been selected to be the first dog in

of trains rushing past, Mr Jones

hear the creators of a new piece of

Shifting Sands presents a dynamic

space! She learns to fly a rocket, to

starts to feel trapped in his damp

theatre discuss the elements that

celebration of Film Noir, of thrillers

parachute jump, to dance in zero

rickety signal box. Soon the

blend to make a total theatre

and detective films peopled by

gravity and to boldly go where no

loneliness, the responsibilities and


double-crossers, hard-boiled

dog has gone before!

the endless sounds of bells drive

characters, women in peril,

For ages 3 years+.

him to the bottom of a bottle…

blackmailers and losers.

Welcome to… Clown Noir!


Spring 2008 Brochure


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Duncan Winfield and Metro Jazz

Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl

Blues Studio Theatre

Tuesday 18 March 8pm

Wednesday 19 March 8pm

£8 £6 concessions £6 members

Jazz Main Theatre

Rock and pop Main Theatre

Special offer: see all three R&B clubs for £18!

£8 £6 concessions £6 members

£14 £12 concs £12 members

Since setting up Slack Alice in

The Met’s community jazz orchestra

Within hours of their first meeting

musicians and film composers) had

1973, the band have gone through

directed by Munch Manship present

at the Daughters Of Albion concert

agreed to record together. Described

many guises but have held to the

the very best of jazz. Guest soloist

(part of the BBC's Folk Britannia)

by those who have heard it as ‘one

authentic twin guitar sound that

is Trombone player Duncan Winfield.

acclaimed singer songwriter

of the most astonishingly beautiful

separates them from your average

Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl

albums to see the light of day in

R&B band. Now with a new bass

(one of the UK's top session

recent years’, the resultant album,

Slack Alice Fri 14 March 8.30pm

guitarist, Alan Sagar, expect a wide

due for release in the spring, reflects

range of songs from their

Kathryn and Neill’s natural affinity

extensive back catalogue.

which shines through every track.

Kathryn Williams and Neil MacColl 16

Spring 2008 Brochure


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The Witch’s Bogey People’s Theatre Company Sat 22 March 12.30pm & 4.30pm Family show Main Theatre £9 £7 concs £32 family of 4 Baba Yaga is an evil witch who

Celebrating Linda Smith

likes nothing better than eating sweet, young girls for dinner. Virtue is a sweet, young girl…

Lakin Productions Thursday 20 March 8pm Comedy Main Theatre £12 £10 concs £10 members Fellow performers pay tribute to Met favourite Linda Smith, the comedian, writer and radio broadcaster who died from ovarian

When the two of them meet in this magical pop musical it can only wind up with someone coming to a

Les Puddings Noir MaD Theatre with Bury Youth Service

grotty, dotty and quite possibly snotty end!

Wed 26 and Thu 27 March 8pm Drama Main Theatre £10 £8 concs £2 under 19s

cancer in 2006. This brand new

In a bid to host the European Capital

stage production is based on her

of Cooking, the power crazed Lady

biography Driving Miss Smith. With

Mayoress has banned all day break-

Carol Grimes, pianist Dorian Ford

fasts in Bury and forces Black Puddings

and special guests.

Witch’s Bogey Workshop

to be re branded as Les Puddings

£1 from each ticket will go to the

One hour before each show £1.50 children Free for adults

Noir. The people of Bury are not

charity Ovarian Cancer Action.

An introduction you to the songs, story and characters of the show.

happy and a revolt is in the air… 17

Spring 2008 Brochure


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Liane Carroll

Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash

Friday 28 March 8pm

Saturday 29 March 8.30pm

Jazz Main Theatre

Rock and pop Main Theatre

£13 £10 concs £10 members

£14 £12 concs £12 members

Jazz singer and pianist Liane Carroll is

One of British rock’s most loved

possessed of a huge vocal range, an

and enduring acts, Wishbone Ash

innate musicality and an unerring

has influenced numerous

sense of musical honesty.

successful bands. Although the line

Currently touring in support of her new album Slow Down, she appears tonight with her superb trio featuring Roger Carey and Mark Fletcher (drums).

The Argus Tour

up has changed over the years, the current band remain truthful to the original’s blueprint and play a wide range of material from their classic albums. Standing event.

Liane Carroll

The Secret Garden

Apocalypse Acoustic

The Secret Garden

Friday 4 April 8pm

Saturday 5 April 2pm

Rock and pop Studio Theatre

Family show Main Theatre


£7 £5 concs £20 family of four

Acoustic night featuring the very

Finding herself alone and unwanted

best in local talent in association

in a bleak Yorkshire manor house

with seminal local label 1000 Watt.

Mary’s unhappiness is changed by

Featuring Origin, Chris Tandy plus support.

Image Theatre Company

two moorland children. In turn, when she shares the secret of her hidden garden, the entire household is brought back to life and the ghosts of the past are laid to rest. For 5 years plus.


Spring 2008 Brochure


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The Songs of Nick Drake

Rock Apocalypse

Saturday 5 April 8pm

work for over six years. He has play-

Tue 8 - Sat 12 April 7.30pm

in the tradition of Rocky Horror and

Rock and pop Main Theatre

ed over three hundred dates with

Matinee Sat 12 April 2.30pm

Return To The Forbidden Planet.

£12 £10 concs £10 members

Rick Foot and recorded a selection

Musical Main Theatre £7

Keith James has been performing Nick Drake’s haunting and unique

of Nick’s songs. “an absolute must” Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 2

PADOS Youth Theatre

A tongue-in-cheek tribute to the

Tickets available from The Met, or from PADOS on 0161 773 2033.

sci-fi and horror movies of the ’50s,

The Songs of Nick Drake

Moll Flanders

Brute Farce Theatre Company

Wednesday 16 April 7.30pm

wickedly outrageous adaptation.

prostitutes and pick-

Physical theatre Main Theatre

With large helpings of modern

pockets, perverts and peers

£10 £8 concs £6 members

mayhem, a generous sprinkling of

in this uproariously compelling tale

satire and serious amounts of

of incest, bigamy

Eighteenth century England is

cross-dressing, Brute Farce present

and crime.

ingeniously re-invented in this

a rambunctious rabble of

See any four drama or physical theatre shows for £30!


Spring 2008 Brochure


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Lau Supported by The Maerlock Thursday 17 April 8pm Folk roots Main Theatre


£14 £10 concs & members


Lady of Burma

European Tour 2008

Red Fighting Peacock

Saturday 19 April 8.30pm

Wednesday 23 April 7.30pm

Rock and pop Main Theatre

Drama Main Theatre

£14 £12 concs £12 members

£10 £8 concs £8 members

With a career spanning 27 years, IQ are recognised as one of the

The inspirational true story of

world’s finest progressive rock bands

Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi

Lau have been described as a formidable union of three

with a reputation for staging

is told in this compelling solo

of the finest and most innovative exponents of modern

dynamic and visually exciting shows.

performance about the life of the

traditional music in Scotland today: Kris Drever

They return to preview material

only Nobel Peace Prize winner who

(guitar and vocal); Martin Green (piano accordion);

from their new studio album and

is also a political prisoner.

and Aidan O’Rourke (fiddle).

to perform favourites from their


acclaimed back catalogue.


See any four drama or physical theatre shows for £30!

Standing event.

An unmissable hymn to the power of the human spirit in the quest for freedom.

Spring 2008 Brochure


Luka Bloom

10:42 AM

Page 21

The Other Smiths

Chuck Prophet and The Mission Express A Mr Kite Benefit

Thursday 24 April 8pm

Friday 25 April 8pm

Sunday 27 April 8pm

Folk roots Main Theatre

Rock and pop Main Theatre

Rock and roots Main Theatre

£14 £12 concs £12 members

£10 in advance £12 on the door

£14 Unreserved seating

Internationally acclaimed singer-

The UK’s top Smiths tribute

songwriter Luka Bloom has enjoyed

returns after sell out shows in

seventeen years of successful

previous years. The Midlands based

emerge from the ashes of At the heart of

worldwide tours, and released his

band performs a two hour show

his music is classic songwriting with a strong

eleventh album, Tribe, in the UK in

covering the work of the Smiths

message, leading to comparisons with Neil Young.

September 2007. His incredibly

and Morrissey. Firm favourites

gifted electro-acoustic guitar-

in Manchester, they have

playing guarantees an impassioned

worked with ex-Smiths

live performance of his original,

Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce

poetic and melodic songs.

The ex Green on Red guitarist has established himself as one of the most passionate and innovative artists to

“contemporary roots-rock of the highest quality” Maverick Magazine

and Craig Gannon. Standing event

Chuck Prophet


Spring 2008 Brochure


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Page 22

Coming soon... The Men They Couldn’t Hang

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies

Saturday 3 May 8pm | £14

Wed 14 May 7.30pm | £14 (£10)

Friday 30 May 8pm | £12 (£10)

Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf

Limehouse Lizzy

Big Whistle Weekend 2008

Saturday 31 May 8pm | £11 (£13)

Thursday 22 May 8pm | £8 (£6)

After last year’s highly successful event, the Big Whistle returns

Potted Potter

to take over The Met for another

Sat 24 May 3pm & 7pm | £8 (£6)

Vin Garbutt Fri 13 June 8pm | £12

weekend. Featuring…

Flook Thursday 8 May 8pm | £15

Cherish the Ladies Friday 9 May 8pm | £15

Dòchas Saturday 10 May 8pm | £15 + workshops with Joanie Madden, Carol-Anne Mackay and Julie Fowlis. Weekend ticket: £25 for 2 nights; £40 for 3 nights (inc workshops).

Potted Potter

The Wailin’ Jennys Wednesday 28 May 8pm | £14


Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf

Spring 2008 Brochure


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Page 23

Participate!Workshops and classes For young people Young Singing Collective with Dominique Campbell Saturdays 10.30am-12.30pm

Streetwise Drama Workshops

Bury Youth Theatre

Bury Vocal Collective

led by Nigel Overbury

led by Clare Fildes and Marc Young

Tuesdays: 7.30-9pm Sessions £4 (£3)

Mondays: 5-7pm

Wednesdays: 10-14 yr-olds 5-6.30pm; 15+ yrs 7-8.30pm £2.50 per session

For all people who want to sing regardless of whether they think they are in tune or not!

A weekly drop-in drama session for young people. Contact Streetwise on 0161 253 6476

£2.50 per session

Physical theatre for young people. Call 0161 761 7107 for details.

Fun singing workshops (mainly pop) for

Met Express

10-16 year-olds. No need to audition,

led by Suzi Dick and Sue Scott

enthusiasm is most important. Call The

Mondays: 7-9pm

Met on 0161 761 7107.

A drama group for people with disabilities. This group is not taking new members.

Metro Jazz

Bury Youth Dance

Mondays: 6.30-9.30pm

Stagecoach with Ruth Mauriello

led by Faye Temple Sundays For 6 to 16 year olds with an interest in dance, drama and music. Call Ruth on 0161 763 6161 / 07738 267346.

Tuesdays: 5.30-7pm A workshop for 11 to 17 year olds attending Sports Partnership Schools. Contact Faye on 07970 658227.

For adults led by Munch Manship

Front-line musicians needed for The Met’s community jazz orchestra. Weekly sessions (over 16s only). Ring 0161 761 2216 for an application form. More info from

led by Beth Allen

New Workshop!

‘Voices’ Theatre Writing Workshops led by local professional writers For anyone who wants to learn more about theatre and writing plays. No experience required, just a desire to see your ideas on stage. Workshops will begin in February and run weekly for 12 weeks. Places are limited, contact Farrell via 0161 253 5804 or email for more information and get your ‘voice’ heard! 23

Ticket booking How to find us... How to book... By phone From The Met on 0161 761 2216, or from Quay Tickets on 0844 815 4870.

The Met is in Bury town centre, less than thirty minutes from Manchester. Our postcode is BL9 0BW.


In person From The Met Mon to Fri 10am-8pm; Saturday 10am-4pm. Online From The Met via or from Quay Tickets at

Other ticketing information... Concessions are available for people who are retired, on benefit, or in education. Groups Buy ten tickets in one transaction and get an eleventh free.

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Refunds We are unable to offer refunds. Exchange of tickets may be possible.

Hire The Met for meetings, performances, workshops, exhibitions... our spaces are as versatile as your events. Catering can be provided by Automatic. Call Catherine Collins on 0161 761 7107, or email for details.

Greater Manchester Rochdale M66

Bolton M60



Metrolink Manchester

Car from the M60


Take Junction 18 onto the M66. Exit the M66 at signs for Bury and follow signs for East Lancs Railway. On Angouleme Way (Bury's ring road), turn right at the third traffic lights junction into Haymarket St.

Within Bury Town Centre The Met is on Market Street, a minute's walk away from Bury Bus and Metrolink Interchange, right next to the Millgate Shopping Centre.

Car from Central Manchester Continue north on Deansgate onto Bury New Road (A56). This becomes Manchester Road (A56) when you pass through Whitefield. Ignore the signs for town centre and turn right


M60 Stockport

on to Knowsley Street. Cross the traffic lights into Haymarket St.

Tram from Salford & Manchester The Metrolink takes just twenty minutes to reach Bury from Manchester. For more information visit Purchase your Metrolink travel voucher in advance from out ticket office. Vouchers are valid after 9.30am until end of service and cost £3 for adults and £1.50 for children.

Staff Director: David Agnew; Marketing Manager: Victoria Robinson; Technical Manager: Chris McClung; Administrator: Catherine Collins; Finance Administrator: Moira Burton; Front of House Manager: Nathan Berry; Marketing Officer: Nick Smale; Box Office Supervisor: Avis Ashworth; Events Technician: Terry Moses. Duty Manager: Gayle Hare



The Met, Market St, Bury BL9 0BW | | | Tel 0161 761 7107 | Fax 08700 520 297 The Met is run by Bury Metropolitan Arts Association, a registered charity (No 701879). Our service is made possible by funding from Arts Council England, Bury MBC, generous sponsorship, trusts and foundations and donations and contributions from individuals supporting our work.

Met Brochure January - April 2008  
Met Brochure January - April 2008  

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