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Winter 2007 Brochure


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r 20 September Âť Decembe


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Winter 2007 Brochure


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Lust for Live... As competition for funding gets ever more

with The Convent and the emotive and

The Met, Market Street, Bury, Lancashire BL9 0BW

fierce, we are grateful to our partners, Arts

electrifying Meeting Joe Strummer for two

w w w. t h e m e t . b i z | e m a i l p o s t @ t h e m e t . b i z

Council England, Bury MBC and

nights in November.

Manchester Airport for ensuring Bury and The Met remains a destination for lovers of art and performance. Special mention should also go to our members who have

Front cover: Emily Smith, Thursday 6 September

provided support and seen us through critical times over the last six months.

Te l 0 1 6 1 7 6 1 7 1 0 7 | F a x 0 8 7 0 0 5 2 0 2 9 7

The music programme strives to be the best in the region and our regular audiences will be excited to see some very special events this season. Folk Supergroup Blue


Murder come together for only the second occasion in recent years, The Blues Band

The Met is run by BMAA, a registered charity. Our

The result of our hard work is an improved

visits us for the first time and we welcome

service is made possible by funding from Arts Council

programme of theatre and music certain to

the return of Spiers and Boden and Eliza Carthy.

England, Bury MBC, generous sponsorship, trusts and

thrill fans of live performance and attract

For those who don't yet know, a visit to

visitors to Bury from across the north west.

The Met is to enjoy an inspiring evening of

The theatre programme this season is a bold, eclectic, international collection with one common factor: excellence. Highlights include the comedy genius of Big State's Fallen Angels, inventive Norwegian drama

foundations and donations and contributions from

the best in small scale live music and theatre. Enjoy looking through the brochure, dare to book a ticket and we promise the experience will be a memorable one. David Agnew, Director

individuals supporting our work.

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Fraser Fifield leads the Low Whistle Workshop at The Met’s Big Whistle Weekend, May 2007 Photo by Lieve Boussauw

“a great place to come and enjoy music” Living Tradition magazine

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Metronome... monthly events & clubs Cinematic Cinematic is The Met’s monthly film club, bringing you the best in independent cinema on the first Sunday of every month.

Bad Santa

First Thursday Comedy Club The Met’s monthly comedy club, with (as the name suggests!) great stand-up on the first Thursday of every month. Thursday 6 September 9pm | £8 (£6) With Chris Roche, Anthony J. Brown, Anna Keirle and Nick Page.

After Life PG Koreeda Hirokazu • Japan • 1998 Sun 2 September 7.30pm | £4 (£3.50) Set in a waystation where souls are processed before entering heaven, After Life revolves around two counsellors forced to examine their own choices…

Three Times 12A Hou Hsiao-Hsien • Taiwan • 2005 Sun 4 November 7.30pm | £4 (£3.50) This 2005 Palme d'Or nominee features three stories of love set in 1911, 1966 and 2005, each using the same actors.

Thursday 4 October 9pm | £8 (£6) Featuring Paul Sinha, Ben Schofield, Sarah Millican and Howard Read.

Steve Day

Hans Richter • USA • 1947 Sun 7 October 7.30pm | £4 (£3.50) Joe/Narcissus sets up business selling dreams to frustrated clients… A film by surrealist artist Hans Richter.

Terry Zwigoff • USA • 2004 Sun 2 December 7.30pm | £4 (£3.50) A hard-drinking, foul-mouthed safecracker targets a different department store every Christmas, playing Santa while he cases the joint… The perfect cure for yuletide schmaltz!

The Winelight Club takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in Automatic. Mixing the best up and coming talent with the restaurant’s fine menu guarantees a memorable evening of music.

Tricia McTeague

Tue 11 September 9pm | £6 (£4) Peter Brame, Lisa-Marie Glover, Holly Burton and Simon Chandler Tue 9 October 9pm | £6 (£4) Tricia McTeague, Jimmy Docherty, Virginia Macnaughton and Sean Whittaker

Bad Santa 15 Dreams That Money Can Buy 12

Winelight Club

Thursday 1 November 9pm | £8 (£6) With Tanyalee Davis, Henning When, Jonathan Paylor, and a special guest.

Tue 13 November 9pm | £6 (£4) Robert Brown, Tamsin Warley, Warren Gaskell and Juliana Meyer

Thursday 6 December 9pm | £8 (£6) Christmas special. With Steve Day, Paul Smith, Nige and Des Sharples.

Tue 11 December 9pm | £6 (£4) Winelight Christmas Party with Garron Frith, Warren Gaskell and special guests.

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Shine On

The Last Hurrah

A tribute to Pink Floyd

Presented by Panther Publishing

Friday 31 August 8pm

Young blues star Aynsley Lister

Saturday 1 September 8pm

Sunday 2 September 7.30pm

£10 advance £12 door Blues O Main Theatre

returns to The Met for another

£14 Main Theatre

£6.50 (£4 children) £6 party of 10

night of infectious music.

Rock and pop

Talk Main Theatre

Shine On recapture the sound of

Ride with Des Molloy as he, Dick

the legendary band, playing the

Huurdeman, and son Steve, travel

classics alongside some rare gems.

across half the world on a fifty

Set to incredible lighting effects

year old Panther and a sixty year

and back projections, the band

old Norton. Author of the book

skillfully reproduce Floyd’s

and star of the movie, Des will be

material, and have captured the

present to personally take you on

hearts of the fans. Standing event.

this incredible adventure!

Aynsley Lister

“Superb” The Times

What’s On?

The Last Hurrah

The Aynsley Lister Band

Winter 2007 Brochure


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An Audience with

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick

Emily Smith

Monday 3 September 8pm

Friday 7 September 8pm

£16 Main Theatre

Thursday 6 September 8pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre


Folk roots

Folk roots

Co-star of the legendary Phoenix

Scots Singer of the Year 2005

The legendary, ground-breaking

Nights, Dave Spikey returns with a

nominee and former BBC Young

duo return to The Met with all the

show that bravely mixes stand-up

Traditional Musician of the Year

old skills and a new collection of

and Q&A. See Dave laid bare, ready

(2002), Emily Smith gives a

traditional songs and

and willing to answer anything

refreshing and modern slant to

instrumentals. Their experienced

that’s thrown at him. It’s your

ancient songs which blend easily

approach to their art lacks none of

alongside her own compositions.

the fervour of their early days, and

She is also a member of Scotland’s

brings a maturity born of many

folk orchestra the Unusual

years living with the music that is

Suspects and the acclaimed

an integral part of their beings.

chance to ask any question from the urbane to the insane! Met fundraising event.

Dave Spikey

Dave Spikey

Scottish Women.

A Mr Kite Benefit

£13 Main Theatre

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Apocalypse Acoustic


South Africa

A tribute to U2

Agent for change in Africa

Friday 7 September 7.30pm

Saturday 8 September 8pm

Friday 14 September 2pm

£5 Studio Theatre

£12 advance £14 door £7 children

Free Studio Theatre

Friday 14 September 8pm £15 (£13) O Main Theatre

Rock and pop

Rock and pop Main Theatre



Featuring Origin, Rebecca Rothwell,

U2UK pack all U2’s greatest songs

The Bury Members Group of United

Having picked up just about every

Cellar 205 and Luke.

into a show with stunning lighting

Co-operatives presents the

British Jazz Award going, Liane

Standing event.

effects. They will rock you to the

Reverend Otto NtShanayana, who

Carroll is one of the UK’s finest

soles of your feet!

lived through the oppressive years

jazz singers. Possessed of a huge

of Apartheid and South Africa’s

vocal range, an innate musicality

peaceful transition to democracy.

and an unerring sense of musical

Standing event.

Liane Carroll

honesty, her high-energy, uptempo jazz and ballads can melt the coldest of hearts. Liane is joined by Roger Carey (bass) and

Liane Carroll

Mark Fletcher (drums).

Winter 2007 Brochure


Larry Miller Band Supported by Cuillinblue

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Tom Hingley

supported by Jon Byrne and Tom Mounsey

Saturday 15 September 8pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre

Saturday 15 September 8pm £8 (£6) O Studio Theatre

Ex front man of legendary

Tom also joined a reformed

Manchester band, The Inspiral

Inspiral Carpets for sell-out tours


Rock and pop

Carpets, Tom Hingley now

over the past few years.

combines a successful solo career Larry Miller is one of the UK’s

A Winelight Presentation

premier blues guitarists. His

alongside fronting well respected local band, The Lovers.

His one off solo gigs are an experience not to be missed.

legendary performances have

Tom Hingley

won him acclaim around the world. “Berry invented it, Jagger modified it… and Miller looks set to once again re-define the whole damn package.” Kerrang

Larry Miller

Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle Sunday 16 September 8pm £14 (£12) O Main Theatre

Pentangle are a folk-jazz-rock band

Jacqui McShee’s unique voice

which expanded the frontiers of

always to the fore. The current

Folk roots

folk in the 1960s. They continue to

line-up also features Gerry Conway

make groundbreaking music with

on drums and percussion.


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Acoustic Strawbs

Winter 2007 Brochure

Acoustic Strawbs

WSPA Acoustic Night

Road by Jim Cartwright

Friday 21 September 8pm £12 (£10) O Main Theatre

Friday 21 September 7.30pm £5 Studio Theatre

Wednesday 26 September 1.30pm & 7.30pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre

Folk roots

Rock and pop


The Strawbs (Dave Cousins, Dave

Featuring Molly Bloom, The Cellar

After their highly successful tour of

Rum-soaked wide boy Scullery will

Lambert, Chas Cronk) have enjoyed

Machine (ex-Budd), Ryan O’Neill,

Godber’s Teechers, Wicked Thing

be your guide, you’ll meet all the

major success on both sides of the

Sound Stripe and Marry Another.

present another multi character play

residents for a mad night of

portrayed by a small cast. Road,

laughter, despair, booze and sex on

Jim Cartwright’s first play, explores

the cobbles.

Atlantic from the early 1970s. The trio have recently finished recording their first studio album in ten years and will be playing songs from this,

Proceeds go to the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Standing event.

Wicked Thing Theatre Company

the lives of the people in a deprived, working class area of the North

alongside new acoustic versions of

during the Thatcher government,

classic Strawbs tracks.

a time of high unemployment.

Not suitable for under 12’s

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Salt with special guests JT and The Clouds Thursday 27 September 8pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre Americana Vancouver based Awna Teixeira

hands on, and everything they

(Barley Wik) and Allison Russell

touch sounds distinctively like Salt.

(Po’Girl) are already veterans of the roots music community.

“Acoustic and inspired, raw and ready, these ladies make music

Between them they play pretty

that will shake your hips and

much anything they can get their

move your lips.” KURT Magazine

Jess Klein


Jess Klein with Risa Hall and Craig Cardiff Friday 28 September 8pm £9 (£7) O Studio Theatre Americana Described as “Emmylou Harris meets

and lyrics that alternate between

Patti Smith”, New Yorker Jess Klein

searing and heartbreakingly

has become a regular at The Met


with her soulful, passionate voice

“moving and intense” Mojo

Winter 2007 Brochure


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John Power Eliza Carthy + support Saturday 29 Sept 8pm £10 Main Theatre Rock and pop A key member of some of the most important bands of the 90’s, including the legendary La’s and Cast, John Power

Thursday 4 October 8pm £15 (£13) O Main Theatre Folk roots Accompanied by Willie Molleson on drums, Emma Smith on double bass and Phil Alexander on keyboards, piano and accordion, Eliza will showcase original material from her forthcoming

has now progressed

album Dreams of Breathing

to a successful solo

Underwater due for release next

career. Expect the same

year. Powerful, vital and exuberant

fantastic old style

rhythms, absorbed from her travels

catchy melodic tunes,

around the globe, characterize this

new material and some

highly original, self-penned music.

classics – unmissable!

Eliza Carthy

Standing event.

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Vinny Peculiar + support

Classic Clapton

A Winelight Presentation

Robin and Bina Williamson Songs and Stories for Winter

Saturday 6 October 8pm £8 (£6) O Main Theatre

Saturday 6 October 8pm £10 (£8) O Studio Theatre

Rock and pop

Rock and pop

Folk roots

This tribute to Eric Clapton

The Tony Hancock

Robin Williamson (founder of

recreates his electrifying stage

of pop is backed by

psychedelic legends the Incredible

performances. The band will be

his impressive full

String Band, and one of the few UK

performing authentic versions of

band including

artists to play Woodstock) teams

all the popular Clapton Classics

Mike Joyce (The

up with wife Bina to present this

including Wonderful Tonight, Tears

Smiths), Ben

celebration of the season of winter.

in Heaven, Crossroads, I Shot The

Knott (World

Beautiful music on harp and

Sheriff, Lay Down Sally, Sunshine

Of Twist) and

percussion accompanies traditional

of Your Love, Cocaine and of


tales of midwinter enchantment.

course Layla.


topics with a comic element, somewhere between Hunky Dory Bowie, Bill Nelson and Julian Cope, with a twist of The Divine Comedy. Standing event.

The perfect prelude to Christmas.

Robin & Bina Williamson

Classic Clapton


Vinny Peculiar

Friday 5 October 8pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Le Cabaret Du Pere Lachaise

Howard Marks

Wednesday 10 October 8pm

Thursday 11 October 8pm

£15 (£13) Main Theatre




Enjoy an evening of entertainment

Smuggler; MI6 Agent; TV

from the world of burlesque with

personality; Folk hero; Travel

Le Cabaret Du Pere Lachaise. With

writer, Howard Marks was

music dance and laughter courtesy

responsible for the majority

of some of the north’s rising stars.

of marijuana smoked in the

An Audience with Señor Nice

Main Theatre

western world throughout

Michael Chapman Thursday 11 October 8pm £8 (£6) O Studio Theatre

the 1970's and 1980's. His motivation became the legalisation of cannabis and a determination to beat the system. He currently writes for the

Blending atmospheric and auto-

Observer, Time Out and the

biographical material, Michael

Times and is respected as an

Chapman has established a reputation

international expert on the

for intensity and innovation. He’s

pros and cons of the legalisation

been playing since the ’60s and

of cannabis.

completed an amazing twenty one albums, one of which was John Peel’s album of the year.

Howard Marks

Folk roots

Winter 2007 Brochure


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John Spiers & Jon Boden Friday 12 October 8.30pm £12 (£10) O Main Theatre Folk roots Winners of the Best Duo category at the Radio 2 Folk Awards in both 2004 and 2006, and founders of the Big-Band folk phenomenon that is Bellowhead, Spiers and Boden follow in the footsteps of the great folk-singers. “The finest instrumental duo on the traditional scene” The Guardian

Apocalypse Acoustic

Featuring Bone Box, Danko, Chris Tandy and support. Standing event.

Spiers and Boden

Friday 12 October 7.30pm £5 Studio Theatre Rock and pop

Winter 2007 Brochure


Page 15



10:08 AM

Saturday 13 October 8pm

The Spanish Civil War A reminder

£12 in advance £14 on the door

Thursday 18 October 2pm

Rock and pop Main Theatre

Free Studio Theatre Talk

This amazing six man tribute to Australian heavy rock pioneers

The Bury Members Group of United

AC/DC is a two hour extravaganza

Co-operatives presents Charles

of classic sounds for old and new

Jepson, who explores the rise of

fans alike. For those about to

fascism between the world wars.

rock… Standing event.

Doors Red Ladder Theatre Company

Mick Hanley Thursday 18 October 8pm £8 (£6) O Studio Theatre

Wednesday 17 October 7.30pm £8 (£6) O Main Theatre

Folk roots


The Irish singer songwriter started his career in the ‘70s fronting the

Red Ladder is one of Britain’s

Moving Hearts band. He has since

leading theatre companies for

gone solo, exploring his own

young diverse audiences. Doors

unique song writing style. His

explores the lives of three

international hit, Past the Point of

strangers who have made bad

Rescue won him three BMI awards

choices in their past and who cope

in the USA and had over two

in very different ways. 13 years +

million radio plays.

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Kent DuChaine

Norman Lovett’s Slide Show Friday 19 October 8.30pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre Comedy Best known as Holly in the BBC’s scifi comedy

Fallen Angels

Kent DuChaine

Red Dwarf, Norman Lovett

Thursday 18 October 8pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre

Friday 19 October 8.30pm £8 (£6) O Studio Theatre

His truly original stand-up



surrealism, very similar

Fast paced, hilarious and surreal,

Kent DuChaine fuses bottleneck

Fallen Angels examines human

blues with raw and gritty vocals,

survival in the face of adversity.

keeping audiences enraptured.

Inspired by M.A.S.H., The English

He has worked with numerous

Patient, Mad Max and Doctor Kildare,

blues artists including Kim Wilson

“exquisite stand-up

the black comedy uses film,

(Fabulous Thunderbirds) and

comedy” The Guardian

animation, multiple characters and

Johnny Shines, a collaboration that

a highly physical style to create a

resulted in a Grammy nominated

crazed and desperate world.

album, Roots of Rhythm and Blues.

Big State Theatre Company

comes to The Met with his brand new show.

has a quiet, dead-pan to his delivery as the cult computer. With special guest Andrew O’Neill.

an rm tt No Love

Winter 2007 Brochure


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The Convent Jo Strømgren Kompani Tuesday 23 October 8pm £12 (£10) O Main Theatre Drama

Beck Siàn

In a remote valley far away from urban society, three nuns are serving time

Beck Siàn

Fairport Acoustic Convention + support

Saturday 20 October 8.30pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre

Sunday 21 October 8pm £17.50 (£15) O Main Theatre

Rock and pop

Folk roots

in a small convent. Sadly the divine harmony is long gone and a complete lack of signs from above is not making life any easier. Keeping track of the holy truth

Enjoy an intimate evening with

is always a hard assignment –

with a crystal clear soprano voice.

Fairport Convention’s acoustic take

even harder when you are hungry.

Inspired by her cousin Kate Bush,

on folk-rock music. The band is

her contemporary interpretations

renowned for inventing the British

of Celtic and Gothic music are

folk-rock genre. In 2002, Fairport

kindled by her love of nature,

won the coveted BBC Radio 2

storms, and the beautiful rain

Lifetime Achievement Award and in

forests of her native Australia. She

2006 their classic Liege & Lief was

performs with her guitar, tin

voted most influential folk album

whistle and didgeridoo.

of all time by Radio 2 listeners.

“Big Brother meets The Sound of Music.” The Guardian

The Convent

Beck Siàn is a striking presence

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Learn Circus Skills

Like to try your hand at juggling? We’ve got balls, beanbags, rings and clubs. Fancy whizzing around on a one wheeled bike? We’ve got unicycles galore. You can try your feet at tightrope walking, or get yourself in a spin with plates. It’s unusual, exciting and challenging fun. Limited capacity - please book early!

Monster Hits Tall Stories Friday 26 October 11.30am & 2pm £7 (£5) £20 family of four Family show O Main Theatre Staying with grumpy Grandpa for the first time, William tries to go to sleep in his spooky attic room. But monstrous music is coming out of the darkness. How will William ever get to sleep when there are monsters hiding in the walls? Following the successes of The Gruffalo and Them with Tails, Tall Stories return with a brand new show for ages three and up.

Monster Hits

Wednesday 24 October 6-9 yrs 10am; 10-15 yrs 2pm £10 O Studio Theatre Half term workshop

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Broken Rule Records Saturday 27 October 7.30pm

A new style of tour, one in

£7.50 advance £8.50 on the door

which you choose the acts!

Rock and pop Main Theatre

Go to and vote for your favourite.

Tom Thumb Lyngo Theatre Company Martin Simpson

Tuesday 30 October 2pm £7 (£5) £20 family of four Family show O Main Theatre

Martin Simpson This is a story about being afraid – Tom can’t sleep when he hears the ogre coming up the stairs. It is a story about hunger – which Toms’ parents know all about as

It is also a story about playing and being curious – which Tom does better than anybody.

Wednesday 31 October 8pm £12 (£10) O Main Theatre

eclectic, spell-binding and deeply

Folk roots

more successfully combined the

moving. There is no-one who has diverse elements of British, Afro-

Martin Simpson plays a mix of

American and old-timey music

they try to lose their children in

A fantastic one-man show for

original and traditional songs and

than Simpson. His new album,

the forest.

children 6 years+.

tunes. His solo shows are intense,

Prodigal Son is due out this year.


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Houdini’s Suitcase

Houdini’s Suitcase “Oh, Whistle…”

Pickled Image Thursday 1 November 8pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre

Friday 2 November 2pm & 8pm

Drama Puppet company Pickled Image return after their sell out show last

“Oh,Whistle…” Nunkie Theatre Company

year, The Chatterbox. In a deserted railway station an old

Wednesday 31 October 8pm £10 (£8) O Studio Theatre

man waits and remembers. As he


of strange and beautiful characters

opens his suitcases, a macabre carnival emerge to tell his story...

Nunkie return for halloween with

Live performance, amazing puppetry, and a haunting soundtrack fuse to

two more tales by M R James, the

create a poignant and wonderfully funny sensory feast for audiences 12+.

master of the English ghost story. Oh Whistle, and I’ll Come to You...

John Smith

Singer songwriter John Smith has

is a story of nocturnal horror on the East Anglian coast, considered

+ support

The Met, wowing audiences with his

to be James’ masterpiece. The Ash Tree is a spine-chilling tale

Friday 2 November 8pm £8 (£6) O Studio Theatre

of witchcraft and vengeance from

Rock and pop

beyond the grave.

supported Cara Dillon and Tunng at gravely voice and virtuoso guitar. “It is only a matter of time before he is enormous.” NME

Photo by Mari Ceasar

Winter 2007 Brochure

Winter 2007 Brochure


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The Blues Band Thursday 8 November 8pm £20 Main Theatre Blues

Like a Virgin

Tom Pacheco

Like a Virgin

Monday 5 November 8pm £10 O Studio Theatre

Wednesday 7 November 8pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre



Tom has recently returned from

This powerful play with music is a

Norway where he has recorded a

hilarious romp through the

new solo album with producer

bubble-gum years of teenage life.

Steinar Albrigtsen. Despite working

Angela and Maxine attack life with

on two movie soundtracks and

laughter, vibrancy and excitement.

joining up with Mary Gauthier for

Besotted with Madonna they

a joint writing venture, he has

truant from school, form a band,

happily found time for his annual

attempt to write pop songs – and

autumn tour of the UK.

dream of becoming famous.

Reform Theatre

The members of The Blues Band were already held in admiration by fans when they formed back in 1979, made up of Paul Jones (Manfred Mann), Dave Kelly, Tom McGuinness (The Roosters/

Manfred Mann), Rob Townsend (McGuinness Flint/ Medicine Head) and Gary Fletcher. Twenty five years later they continue to add followers. Acknowledged as being amongst the finest purveyors of R&B, they have inspired numerous other bands. Met fundraiser.

The Blues Band

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Apocalypse Acoustic Friday 9 November 7.30pm

Poetry and acoustica from This Product’s

£5 Studio Theatre

Alabaster Deplume, John from Jupitar

Rock and pop

Sands and To Sophia. Standing event.

Uncle Earl

Cara Dillon plus support Saturday 10 November 8pm £15 (£13) O Main Theatre Folk roots Cara Dillon’s exquisite, crystalline vocals have been winning her acclaim ever since she won the All Ireland Singing Trophy at the age of fourteen. Her songs reflect her experiences over the last few years and her exquisite singing is more confident and assured than ever before.

Uncle Earl A Mr Kite Benefit Friday 9 November 8.30pm £12 Main Theatre Americana The music of all female band Uncle Earl points toward the roots of stringband music (Scotch-Irish ballads, Celtic fiddle tunes, the blues), but by including original material and opening their sound to an array of influences past and present, they arrive at something haunting and timeless, yet instantly appealing and accessible.

Cara Dillon

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Meeting Joe Strummer by Paul Hodson Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22 November 8pm £13 (£11) O Main Theatre Drama Following its huge success at last year's Edinburgh Festival, this inspirational and moving play, featuring Huw Higginson (The Bill) and Steve North (London's Burning) arrives at The Met. A passionate punk comedy about attitude, friendship and celebrity, the show follows

25th CAMRA Bury Beer Festival

the lives of two men from adolescence to middle-age as they are transformed by Joe Strummer and The Clash's potent mix of


rock ’n’ roll, iconic imagery and

Fri 16 Nov 6pm-11pm


rebel politics.

Sat 17 Nov 12noon-11pm


Fri 16 Nov 12noon-4pm

this opportunity to sample over sixty real ales, ciders and perries. Tickets available on the door only.

“Striking performances, well chosen tracks... oozes authenticity” **** Evening Standard

Steve North

for it’s twenty fifth year. Don’t miss

Huw Higginson

Bury’s annual beer festival returns

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Blue Murder

Nine Below Zero

Friday 23 November 8.30pm

Saturday 24 November 8.30pm

£20 Main Theatre

£12 in advance £14 on the door Blues O Main Theatre

Folk roots

The Cream of Atlantic Canada

With Mike and Norma Waterson,

are juggled amidst the unique

Nine Below Zero are one of British

Martin Carthy, Marie Knight

blend of Coope, Boyes and

rock and roll’s most enduring and

(Lal Waterson’s daughter) and

Simpson harmonies and Waterson

respected R&B combos. Emerging

renowned trio (Barry) Coope,

tones. Varying from intense to

from the vibrant London Pub and

(Jim) Boyes and (Lester) Simpson.

hilarious, Blue Murder fill the

Club scene of the late 1970’s, their

stage with some of most

gigs are non-stop parties where

powerful harmony singing the

band and audience are whipped

folk scene has ever known.

into a frenzy, sweat soaked, thrill-

Stunning as individuals, as a seven piece the whole is much more than the sum of its parts.

Thursday 22 November 8pm £8 (£6) O Main Theatre

Lead vocals and harmony parts

Met fundraiser.

a-minute stuff! Standing event.

Americana An evening of music from eastern Canada’s finest. Dave Gunning is a wonderful story teller and brings depth and warmth to the music; Jessica Rhaye is a stunning singer, almost pop folk; Matt Andersen completes the mix with his energy and soul, and is one of Canada’s finest guitar players. Electrifying!

Blue Murder

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Rachel Unthank and The Winterset

Rachel Unthank and The Winterset Thursday 29 November 8pm £12 (£10) O Main Theatre Folk roots

supported by Molly Bloom

Metro Jazz Orchestra

Friday 30 November 8pm

Friday 30 November 8pm

£15 in advance £17 on the door Rock and pop O Main Theatre

£6 Studio Theatre



Rachel Unthank and The Winterset

they do the North-East proud

With their unique progressive rock

The locally based Metro Jazz

make friends of staunch tradition

with the honesty and imagination

Focus manifested themselves at

Orchestra, under the direction of

and sonic adventure. The all-girl

they bring to its traditions.

the start of the seventies as the

Munch Manship present a concert

most successful and appreciated

featuring the works of Duke

of Dutch pop-rock exports. After

Ellington, Count Basie, Cole Porter,

Northumbrian quartet have courted the mainstream without

“one day all music will sound like this” Phil Jupitus, BBC Radio 6

an initial careful comeback which

Jerome Kern, Charlie Parker, and

are known for their warmth and

“I just love it… I simply can’t

resulted in a well received album

Sonny Rollins. Guest soloist with

humour on stage. Fearless,

recommend them enough”

Focus 8, the band are now back on

Metro Jazz for the evening will be

peerless and wholeheartedly brave,

Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

the frontline. Standing event.

vocalist and flautist, Laura Manship.

diluting their folk music and


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Neville Staple

Winter 2007 Brochure

Saturday 1 December 9pm £10 advance £12 door Rock and pop O Main Theatre

Sunday 2 December 8pm £12 (£10) O Main Theatre World roots

Singer with The Specials, and founder

Rip-roaring jazz-inflected klezmer

of Fun Boy Three, Neville Staple

and Balkan music from some of

was a leader of the 70s ska revival.

Scotland’s finest musicians (Salsa

More recently he’s worked with Elvis Costello and David Byrne, and released his own solo albums.

Voices at the Door Midwinter Songs and Carols

Celtica, Scottish Chamber Orchestra,

Thursday 6 December 8pm £12 (£10) O Main Theatre

Celtic Feet, Scottish National Jazz

Folk roots

Voices at the D oor

Neville Staple Band Moishe’s Bagel

Orchestra). An intoxicating mix of Eastern European folk music,

Coope, Boyes and Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya and Georgina Boyes tell the

He visits The Met with favourites

Middle Eastern rhythms and

story of carols – joyful and vigorous, resonant or sublime – with tales of

like Ghost Town and Too Much Too

virtuoso performances with the

squabbling choirs, composers, collectors and controversy, in words and a

Young, and new original material.

excitement of improvisation.

music programme of superb harmonies and fascinating historical detail.

Winter 2007 Brochure


Sleeping Beauty

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Nearly Dan

Last Night’s Fun

Sat 8 December 1pm, 4pm & 8pm

Saturday 8 December 8.30pm

£3 (£2) Studio Theatre

Wednesday 12 December 8pm £10 (£8) O Main Theatre

Family show

£12 in advance £14 on the door Rock and pop O Main Theatre

Following their successful summer

Less tribute and more homage to

Described as the most exciting and entertaining traditional Irish music

tour of Paul Goetzee’s

the jazz-influenced best sellers

band in England, Last Night’s Fun are nothing short of legendary for their

Superheroes, The Met’s drama

Steely Dan, Nearly Dan is saviour

live performances. They embody a fire, passion and feel for traditional

group for people with disabilities,

to the legions of Dan fans.

Irish music not seen since The Bothy Band and Planxty at their peak.

The band’s approach is faithful,

The band will be joined on stage by All-Britain and All-Ireland bodhran

A wicked fairy puts a princess to

though not reverential, and relaxed

champion Ciaran Boyle.

sleep for a hundred years. Only a

but as tight as their namesakes, a

kiss can break the spell...

testament to hours of rehearsal

Met Express

return with a christmas classic.

Folk roots

and a great deal of talent. Standing event.

Last Night’s Fun

Winter 2007 Brochure


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An Albion Christmas

Buzz Hawkins

Thursday 13 December 8pm £14 (£12) O Main Theatre

Friday 14 December 8pm

Folk roots


Founded by Ashley Hutchings

Buzz Hawkins is back at The Met

(Fairport Convention, Steeleye

to take a wickedly funny look

Span, Albion Band), An Albion

at life – with the help of

Christmas combines the talents of

The Bradshaws of course!

Kellie While (Albion Band), Simon

Join us for an unforgettable night

Care (Edward II) and Simon Nicol

in the company of a unique

(Fairport Convention), for an even-

comedy talent, you bring your

ing of traditional English Christmas

laughing tackle and we’ll provide

music, dancing and celebration.

the paper aeroplanes!

Standing Up for The Bradshaws

£10 Main Theatre

Lucy Kaplansky

Lucy Kaplansky A Mr Kite Benefit Saturday 15 December 8pm £12 Main Theatre Americana

An Albion Christmas

New York City singer-songwriter

lived and roads travelled. Lucy’s

Lucy Kaplansky has a stunning

stellar songwriting, shines against

range of material, from stories

an acoustic-based alt-country

about family, those that have gone

backdrop of pedal steel, mandolin,

before and will follow after, of lives

accordion and upright bass.

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Christmas Champions

Coming soon...

Friday 21 December 8pm £14 (£12) O Main Theatre

“Hammer of the Gods” Tour

Whole Lotta Led Saturday 19 January 8.30pm | £11

Folk roots

Does a Monster...?

Two by Jim Cartwright Hull Truck Theatre Company Thu 28 February 8pm | £10 (£8)

The Secret Garden Image Theatre Company

Winners of a BBC Folk Award for

Saturday 5 April 2pm | £7 (£5)

Best New Song, Chris Wood and


Hugh Lupton’s new show builds upon the music of midwinter both

with Aidan O’Rourke, Kris Drever and Martin Green

choral and instrumental with

Thursday 17 April 8pm | £12

established carols.

Does a Monster Live Next Door?

They are joined by Robert

Tall Stories Theatre Company

Harbron (Voice/Concertina);

Tue 12 February 1.30pm | £7 (£5)

John Dipper (Voice/Violin);

Wind in the Willows

new songs and re-workings of

and Olivia Ross (Voice/

Library Theatre Company


Thu 14 February 1.30pm | £7 (£5)

Commissioned by

Alan Prosser

The Sage, Gateshead and BBC Radio 3.


Big Whistle Weekend

The Oysterband’s front man solo

Friday 9 & Saturday 10 May

Thu 14 February 8pm | £10 (£8)

The Hamsters

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

Thu 21 February 8pm | £12

Wed 14 May 7.30pm | £12 (£10)

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Participate! Workshops & classes For young people Young Singing Collective with Rachael Burks Saturdays (from 15 September): 10.30am-12noon £2.50 per session Fun singing workshops (mainly pop) for 10-16 year-olds. No need to audition, enthusiasm is most important. For more information call Rachael on 0771 409 3364.

Stagecoach with Ruth Mauriello Sundays

Streetwise Bury Youth Dance Drama Workshops led by Faye Temple led by Nigel Overbury Mondays: 5-7pm in the Studio Theatre A weekly drop-in drama session for young people based on issues that they feel are important, leading to a performance at The Met. If you are interested contact Nigel on 0161 253 6476

Met Express led by Suzi Dick and Sue Scott Mondays: 7-9pm in the Studio Theatre

A workshop for young people aged 6 to 16 with an interest in dance, drama and music.

A touring drama group for young people aged 13 and over with disabilities who perform all over the North West and at The Met.

More information from Ruth on 0161 763 6161 / 07738 267346.

This workshop is full and is not taking new members.

Tuesdays: 5.30-7pm in the Main Theatre An exciting dance workshop for pupils attending Sports Partnership Schools aged 11 to 17 working towards performances in Bury. For more information, contact Faye on 07970 658227.

TAPP Youth Theatre led by Clare Fildes and Marc Young Wednesdays (from 12 September): 10-14 yr-olds 5-6.30pm; 15+ yrs 7-8.30pm in the Studio Theatre £2.50 per session Physical theatre for young people. Places available - call 0161 761 7107 for details.

For adults Metro Jazz led by Munch Manship Mon: 6.30-8.30pm in the Main Theatre Front-line musicians (brass, reeds and bass) needed for The Met’s community jazz orchestra. Nine weekly sessions (over 16s only) beginning 17 Sept. Ring 0161 761 2216 for an application form (to be returned by 7 Sept). More info from

Bury Vocal Collective led by Beth Allen Tuesdays (from 11 Sept): 7.30-9pm in the Main Theatre £4 per session For all people who want to sing regardless of whether they think they are in tune or not!

Winter 2007 Brochure


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Ticket booking How to find us...


How to book...

If you love coming to The Met and want to support us, why not sign up to be a member?

By phone From The Met on 0161 761 2216, or Ticketline on 0870 444 5556

The Met is based in one of Bury’s most impressive Victorian buildings. It is easy to access by car, tram or bus.


In person From The Met Mon to Fri 10am-5pm; Saturday 10am-4pm. Or visit Piccadilly Box Office in Manchester’s St Anne’s Square. Online From The Met via or from ticketline at

Other ticketing information... Concessions are available for people who are retired, on benefit, or in education. Groups Buy ten tickets in one transaction and get an eleventh free. Refunds We are unable to offer refunds. Exchange of tickets may be possible. Theatre Offer See any four drama events (not including family shows) for just £35! Members Discount Met members get a £2 discount on all events labelled O.

Hire The Met for an event or meeting. Call Catherine Collins on 0161 761 7107 for a quotation.

Greater Manchester Rochdale M66

Bolton M60




Car from the M60

Manchester M60


Take Junction 18 onto the Stockport M66. Exit the M66 at signs Altrincham for Bury and follow signs for East Lancs Railway. On Angouleme Way (Bury's ring road), turn right at the third traffic lights junction into Haymarket St. Knowsley Street. Cross the traffic lights into Haymarket St. Within Bury Town Centre The Met is on Market Street, a minute's walk away from Bury Bus and Metrolink Interchange, right next to the Millgate Shopping Centre.

Car from Central Manchester Continue north on Deansgate onto Bury New Road (A56). This becomes Manchester Road (A56) when you pass through Whitefield. Ignore the signs for town centre and turn right on to

Tram from Salford & Manchester The Metrolink takes just twenty minutes to reach Bury from Manchester. For more information visit Purchase your Metrolink travel voucher in advance from out ticket office. Vouchers are valid after 9.30am until end of service and cost £3 for adults and £1.50 for children.

You’ll be helping us to bring the best artistic talent to the region, and also receive privileged treatment… seating and drinks service • Priority Invites to nights • PreferentialVIPparking • Pre-show meal savings in Automatic • Savings on event tickets • You will be invited to two meetings a year to provide feedback to The Met team on anything we can improve. All this for just £25 a year for singles, or £40 a year for couples! Just call 0161 761 2216 to join.

Staff... Director: David Agnew; Marketing Manager: Victoria Robinson; Technical Manager: Chris McClung; Administrator: Catherine Collins; Finance Administrator: Moira Burton; Front of House Manager: Nathan Berry; Marketing Officer: Nick Smale; Box Office Supervisor: Avis Ashworth; Events Technician: Terry Moses. Duty Manager: Gayle Hare

Page 32 10:09 AM 7/30/07 Winter 2007 Brochure

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Met Brochure September - December 2007  

What's on guide from The Met, a live arts venue in Bury, Greater Manchester

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