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October 10, 2019 Vol 04, Issue 190 Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

Budding Engineers learn how to design Machine Electrical Engineering students of JECRC University visit VKIA Jaipur with Faculties

Ankit Katyayn

Jaipur. 20 Students of III year Electrical Engineering along with Dr. Sandeep Gupta and Mr. Shashi Kant Vij visited two industries on September 19, 2019. The motto of the visit was to help in understanding the design aspect of Electrical Machine. They visited Prabhat Enterprises and Shri Krishna Udyog, at VKIA Jaipur on Thursday At Prabhat Enterprises, students observed the Russian imported CRGOS (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel) materials, high permeability material which is used in the core of transformers. They learned how these materials are imported in big rolls, how required tension is introduced in

them, what are the steps involved in their cleaning, how they are subjected to heat treatment, how they are cut using cutting machines, shaping (notching process) using notching machines.

AI is the Future

Microsoft organised a seminar in JU

Manu Sharma

Jaipur. A seminar on AI Technology was organised by Microsoft in JECRC University on 11th September at the moot court of the science block. The seminar aimed to give students the knowledge about AI Technology so that they can use it in their software. The event was held between 1 PM to 6 PM in which more than 150 students of the university participated. Host Utkarsha told about the AI Technology, web, history of the internet, history of servers and cloud technology. The event also discussed the opportunity to work in Microsoft

Faculty Corner

and how to make websites without coding. They also informed students about custom visions and face detection technologies. The topic of Imagine Cup was also discussed which is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corporation, which brings together student developers worldwide to help resolve some of the world’s toughest challenges. The subway meals and cold drinks were given to the registered students during the seminar. They informed us that this event has been organised five times in India and JU is one of them.

These are then assembled in different shapes for giving the core assembly using insulation. Crane based weighing process is involved in measuring the weight and its movement.

Aditya Sharma

Jaipur. New proctor board of JECRC University, Jaipur has been constituted. Maj. Gen. T.K. Das (Retd.) appointed as new Proctor of the University. He along with his proctor board members will take care of discipline in the university. Registrar Mr. S.L. Agrawal issued an official order regarding this. According to him, there are five Deputy Proctor as Mr. ladley Mohan, Dr. Ekta Menghani, Dr. Manish Kumar, Mr. Deepak Verma, and Mr. Gajanand Sharma. Along with these, there are 29 members in the bord. Dr. Reema Ajmera, Dr. Manoj Gupta, Dr. Saurabh Dave, Mr. Pankaj

Success is directly proportional to knowledge Jaipur. Knowledge is the way and medium to achieve success, said Dr. Manish Jain, Deputy Registrar of JECRC University. Budding Journalist of JU interacted with him on Wednesday. He tells that nowadays software is the general key for the common people. Some peoples who are not in the field of Science thinks that they are not linked with Science. But, we all use the techniques and medium which are related to Science. He tells that the software eases our life.

At ancient times, we use Calculator, Radio, Calendar and other devices. But now they all are summed up in a box, and android mobile transforms, it is all due to the software. He added that the Central Government also uses this technique to put up e-governance and it leads to transparency and reduc-

These wires are used in transformers. They also learnt how DPC (double paper coated) wire is insulated, application of varnish etc.

Maj. Gen. Das appointed as Proctor

Dr. Manish Jain, Dy. Registrar, JECRC University

Ankit Katyayan

At Shri Krishna Udyog, students learn the process of changing the shape (circular to rectangular) and size (9 mm to 3 mm to 0.35mm) of Aluminum wires using different machines and dye.

es the corruption. That help common peoples. He said that about start-ups that it is a good initiator and a good culture developing in India. It boosts the economy of the country and reduces the unemployment rate. JECRC University leading by the head till now more than 125 JECRCian starts the start-up and this is a good symbol and he ensures that in future the number goes higher. He said a mantra for the students to fill your mind by the knowledge it will lead you to the success.

Jain and Dr.Hardik Pathak are in the proctor team. Mr. Shailendra Pratap Singh Bhati, Mr.Sabhilesh Singh, Ms. Shruti Mathur, Dr. M. Kuruvilla, Mr. Aditya Upadhyay, Ms.Shalini Rajawat, Mr. Manbir Singh, Mr. Shekhar, Mr. Ashok Kumar Yadav and Dr. Rashmi Sharma are also in the proctor team. Mr. Jahangir Khan, Mr. Laxmi Chand, Dr. Deepak Sharma, Dr.

Deepika Sharma, Dr. Vaibhav Jain, Dr. Sandeep Gupta, Mr. Rohit Singh, Mr. Ashok kumar, Mr. Sachin Sahu and Ms. Krati Joshi are also representing their department in the proctor board. Dr. Bhavtosh Awasthy, Mr. Pawan Kishore, Mr. Kapendra Phogat and Dr. Ram Garg are also in the Proctor Board of year 2019-2020.

Cartoon Corner Justin Babu


President graces the Swachh Mahotsav 2019 Union Ministry of Jal Shakti organised the function

Shashwat Singh

Jaipur. The President of India, Shree Ram Nath Kovind, addressed the Swachh Mahotsav-2019 function held at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi on 6th September 2019. Union Ministry of Jal Shakti had organised the function. On this occasion, Kovind presented the Swachh Bharat Awards in various categories. He also received the Swachh Bharat Mission’s book on “Behaviour Change Communication from Shree Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Union Minister of Jal Shakti, who formally released it. Addressing the gathering, the President said that the biggest feature of “Swachh Bharat Mission” is that it has become a campaign of every Indian and not just a government campaign. Ev-

eryone took up the task of cleanliness as his/her own responsibility. He further stated, “By 2030 we will achieve the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations”. But, India is said to have achieved the cleanliness target 11 years ahead that is in 2019 itself. He further remarked that it is a matter of pride for us and each and every citizen of India and we deserve an appreciation

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for this achievement. President said that we have to move forward thereby adopting the broader meaning of Cleanliness. For example, providing clean drinking water to the mass also comes under the purview of sanitation. Cleanliness is also an essential condition for the success of “Jal Jeevan Mission” launched by the Modi Government this year.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

38th India Carpet Expo held in Varanasi JU News (PIB)

Jaipur. The Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) is organizing the 38thIndia Carpet Expo (15thin Varanasi) from Friday, 11th- 14thOctober, 2019 in Sampurnanand Sanskrit University Ground with an aim to promote the cultural heritage and weaving skills of Indian hand-made carpets and other floor coverings for the visiting overseas carpet buyers. India carpet expo is aplatform for international carpet buyers, buying houses, buying agents, architects and Indian carpet manufacturers andexporters to meet and establish business relationship. The Expo is organized twice a year in Varanasi and Delhi. India Carpet Expo is one of the largest handmade carpet fairs in Asia. India’s unique capability in adapting any type of design, colour, quality and size as per the specifications of the carpet

buyers has made it a household name in the international market. Industry uses diverse raw-materials from various parts of India like wool, silk, manmade fibre, jute, cotton and various blends of different yarns. The carpet industry has immense potential for growth both in production and exports. The industry is environment friendly and does not use scarce and perishable energy resources.

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Cycling; make daily routine healthy

Harshita Sakwaya

Jaipur. Last week ago, I have gone to meet my cousin. She is 16 years old studying in class 11th. She was harassing her father and telling him to sell out her bicycle and buy her a new Scooty. She was really insisting on her family. Now, she doesn't want to ride the cycle. Nowadays new generation don't want to ride bicycles, at the teenage they want to ride Bikes and Scooters. Do you agree that it is really happening? Why do many people refuse to ride cycles?

Do you all not agree that cycling increases health and well-being?

Today's generation should know the benefits of the cycle.

Bicycles are often used by people seeking to improve their fitness. Cycling is widely regarded as a very effective and efficient mode of transportation, applicable for short to moderate distances. Nevertheless, cycling reduces consumption of fossil fuels, air and noise pollution. It also leads to less financial cost. A council of government commissioned a survey of residents to capture the views of the public about bicycles use across the region to help guide future bicycle plans and projects that affect bicyclists.

Riding bicycles is a low impact form of exercise for all ages. Cycling is easy to fit into your daily routine, nonetheless, it can help to protect you from serious diseases such as heart attack, some cancers, diabetes etc. There are many countries with the most bicycles per capita. So, India should also put some efforts and promote it. By riding bicycles, we can protect our mother earth from air pollution and noise too. Do not delay take an action because it is a need for an hour!

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