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March 18, 2014

Mesa ASG addresses plans for next year

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Putin pressures Obama as Russia invades Ukraine. PAGE 2


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Improvements abound: Mesa’s Associated Student Government discusses plans to further improve student life Photo credit: Kyle Kenehan, The Mesa Press


Sonic finally opens in San Diego. Is By Josh Champlin esa’s Associated Student Gov- to provide Thanksgiving celebrations for something about it, that we can actually init worth visiting? PAGE 4

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Does the sequel to “300” rise to the occasion? PAGE 5


ernment (ASG) held an event highlighting and detailing their accomplishments thus far for the 2013-14 school year, as well as their future plans to improve the state of the students. ASG President Jay Walker and Senator Jaime Paredes spoke to the assembled students, including representatives from various clubs, discussing a wide array of topics and concerns that Mesa College students have. Walker gave a summary of some accomplishments by the ASG: increasing the amount for emergency loans to students, allocating over $4,000 for the LRC course reserve program, and a textbook affordability exchange. Some other areas that ASG has concentrated on are a homeless outreach transition program, lower interest rates for federal student loans, and working with Congressman Scott Peters’ office to provide greater awareness for the Affordable Care Act. He also highlighted the efforts made

students who had nowhere to go during the holidays and a partnership with the transfer center to host information sessions for CSU transfer students. “We’ll be in Washington, D.C., lobbying Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Congressman Peters, Congresswoman Davis, and anyone there who will listen to us on regulating textbook publishers,” said Walker as he addressed textbook reform. “While we’re in the U.S. Capitol, we’ll meet with lawmakers and begin a dialogue about the rising prevalence of adjunct professors and its effect on campuses,” Walker went on. Paredes began his remarks by giving the assembled crowd some background knowledge about his personal experience and his decision to participate in student government: “In student government, I have learned that we students have a voice, and people are willing to listen to our voice, and our opinions, and our needs, and that we can do

fluence that by taking part in everything.” He continued: “In ASG, I’ve found an opportunity to do things. For example, we go, and we help clubs when they need money, and we allocate funds that we have for the students, and we give it to them.” Paredes discussed an initiative to help clubs with funding, and also aid students with the cost of textbooks: “That students cannot afford textbooks and things, so we have tried to create solutions like expanding loans so students can have the opportunity to borrow money to buy their books. We will not charge any interest in the process. We have learned that we, students, can make a difference.” The event concluded with questions from students present at the event, and a $200 bonus was awarded to the Student Veteran’s Organization for having the most members attend. Roughly, 65 students attended the meeting.


Mesa Transfer Center gives hope to rejected students

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Can the Mesa softball team qualify for the playoffs? PAGE 8 Stay Connected /themesapress @themesapress

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By Karina Alvarez-Calderon

an Diego Mesa College is known for being “the transfer college” due to its constant efforts to provide students with information, one-on-one support, tools and workshops. Nonetheless, not all students immediately gain admittance into their top choice university. For those students, the Transfer Center offers an “Appealing an Admission Decision” workshop, which outlines the steps one can take to increase their chance of acceptance. “The biggest piece that most students don’t know is that the appeal process is a completely separate admissions route,” said Leroy Johnson, counselor and Transfer Center coordinator at Mesa College. What many students are not aware of is that often times students who have been denied access are competing with numbers that did not work in their favor initially, but

may be more favorable after appealing. “Universities soon find out that the number of people they gave acceptance to don’t want to attend, so now they have open spots. In turn, you move up in the queue and folks who file an appeal are able to be reviewed again,” Johnson explained. According to Johnson, a student who appeals an admission denial is likely to have a 40 percent higher chance of admittance. This number is flexible and unique to each university. The “Appealing an Admission Decision” workshop takes you through the steps for each school’s appeal process. “The first thing I would do is carefully read all the denial information in the letter. You need to know why you were denied. Typically, what happens in two-thirds of the cases is that there was some clerical error or a mistake on the application. Contact

the university admissions office and find out exactly why you were denied,” Johnson recommended. The Transfer Center has resources that will help any student looking to transfer after a denial. Another option is to stop by the Transfer Options Fair on May 8 where 18 private schools will be available on campus to talk to about the option of applying for the fall of 2014. Mesa College President Pamela T. Luster has referred to the events organized by the Mesa College Transfer Center as “one of the best assets Mesa College has to offer.” In the spring semester alone, the Transfer Center provides over 100 workshops and events. For all students, whether accepted or denied, the Transfer Center supports students in identifying their goals to help them transfer and move ahead toward earning their degrees.

March 18, 2014


“It would be a good thing. I’m allergic to some of them.” -Bhoomi Patel, 21 Biology

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How would it affect you if e-cigarettes were banned in San Diego?

“I’d be surprised because it’s not as harmful as actual cigarettes. Kills the buzz for everyone else.” -Brian Hakes, 22 Graphics

“I wouldn’t really care. I would say not ban because for other people it’s a stress reliever.” -Jomar Uy, 17 Dance

“Have designated areas. I could understand if it got banned though.” -Matthew Mamasig, 18 Biology

Staff editorial: Putin defies West, moves on Ukraine


ussian President Vladimir Putin has once again embarrassed the United States, this time by sending troops into the Crimean Peninsula despite warnings from President Barack Obama. Putin has ignored the exhortations of the president and the international community, and flaunted it in front of the world. A popular revolution in Ukraine culminated with President Viktor Yanukovych being ousted by what Putin called an “unconstitutional coup.” Putin claims that he sent Russian forces into parts of Ukraine at the request of the “legitimate” Ukrainian government in order to protect “ethnic” Russians in the region. No matter what reason Putin gives, however, this move is an attempt to restore a part of the former Soviet Union to Russia. Obama does not have many viable options at this point. The United States does not possess the moral high ground that it once did. Most countries around the world do not fear or respect America the way they once did. Going to war under questionable circumstances will do that to your credibility. Remember Syria and the “red line” that was crossed when the Syrian government used chemical weapons against the rebels? There was no line. It was an empty threat made to quell fears of chemical weapons being used. Well, chemical weapons were used against civilians in Syria, and when they were used, Obama claimed that he never set any red line; he claimed that the world had set the line. He then threatened military action, but only with Congressional approval that he could not get. Ironically enough, Putin was the one that rescued Obama from his empty

Cartoon credit: MCT Campus promise on Syria by convincing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to voluntarily give up his chemical weapons. Now, Obama has set another “line in the sand” over Ukraine. Putin, however, sees past this ploy. He has played his hand to perfection. He knows all too well that the U.S. is over-extended as it is. America simply does not have the money or capability to do anything about the situation in Ukraine. The American public is war-weary and skeptical of any military action whatsoever. All the U.S. can do at

this point is threaten economic sanctions, which may or may not have any effect. Other countries around the world have also noticed that America cannot commit to any meaningful action right now. North Korea is test launching ICBMs. Iran is undeterred in its pursuit of a nuclear program. China is flexing its economic and military muscle everywhere in Asia. The rest of the world is laughing at the United States and with good reason. By establishing “red lines” that he has no intention of enforcing, Obama makes the

The Mesa Press

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United States look weak and our allies to question our commitments. Both the U.S. and Russia should stay out of the affairs of Ukraine. The people there should determine their own destiny. That being said, the president of the United States should not make vague threats that he has no intention of enforcing. It damages America’s credibility, and that is in short enough supply as it is. The rest of the world will eventually run out of patience for empty American promises of aid.

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Tinder tries and fails to compare to real life

March 18, 2014


By Mallory Graber

Young politicos find a quiet spot to check their smartphones at the 2012 Republican National Convention in the Tampa Bay Times Forum, Wednesday, August 29, 2012, in Tampa, Florida. Photo Credit: Tom Fox/Dallas Morning News/MCT because they don’t look sexy or beautiful enough at first glance. There is so much to each and every person out there; it is sad that Tinder narrows an individual down to a few pictures. It is important to realize that a Tinder user’s mindset while swiping through photos is this: Is this person attractive enough for me? Not only does Tinder come with shallow tendencies, meeting someone off of the internet can be extremely dangerous.

No matter how charming someone appears in photos, there is no way to know who is actually behind that phone screen. Someone who claims to be looking for “love” might just be looking to get vulnerable people into their bed. When it comes to getting physically intimate, just use caution because it is impossible to know how many other Tinder “experiences” your admirer has had. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a Tinder account, or any other

dating site account for that matter. It makes sense for a person who is bored and single to have Tinder just for fun. It could be a little confidence booster or a miniature thrill. It is crucial, however, to remember that your personal self-worth is NOT based upon how many people express interest in you online. Someone out there (yes, in REAL LIFE) might be admiring you for who you are every single day. Never compromise morals for temporary online attention.

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here is a popular app called Tinder that is known to be one of the easiest ways to find booty calls for the modern generation. Although online dating can be a quick way to find singles in the area, is using Tinder really a genuine, safe way to find love? Tinder is an app that uses mutual friends, interests and geographical location to suggest potential lovers to the app user. Judging off of the candidate’s Facebook photos, the user can either swipe right (yes) or left (no), depending on if they are physically attracted to the pictures. If the user on the other end feels the same way, then they have become a “match” and are now capable of messaging each other. On the app’s website, the company states “Tinder is how people meet. It’s like real life, but better”. In other words, sitting at home, staring at a phone, judging person after person by their appearance, and then conversing with “the hot ones” via thumbs and keyboard is better than starting a relationship face to face. It’s understandable that the company just wants their app to gain popularity, but to say that it is better than real life is absolutely absurd. There is nothing digital that can overpower genuine eye contact, smiles, and conversation. Sometimes in real life people meet each other and think nothing special at the beginning. Then slowly but surely they begin to learn about that person and discover their quirks or unique sense of humor. Suddenly they realize that he or she looks cute when they wear converse, or loves to play the piano, or whatever on earth it is that makes a person fall in love with another person. Those little things take time. With an app like Tinder, it is way too easy to by-pass a special person simply

March 18, 2014

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FEATURES Theatre Review

Mesa College Theatre Co. presents ‘Perception’


By Chris Madaffer

he play “Perception: A Modern Day Love Story” is a tale that features characters whose constant interaction with each other via text messaging and the social network allows them to express emotions both genuine and superficial. The story’s main character is a young college dropout named Chris, who’s struggling to get over being dumped by his now ex-girlfriend, Cherrie. Chris is accompanied by his two best friends, Sam and Victor. Sam is the noble friend who gives Chris sound advice as to why he needs to stop moping and get out more while Victor is the immature friend who thinks he gives great input but means well. Growing up and maturity issues are not exclusive to Chris because the story shifts to another character named Sylvia who is like Chris in certain ways. She desires a man who has confidence in himself, but while that might seem fair, Sylvia bases her desires on how appealing some people look on their Facebook profiles. Sylvia is given constructive criticism by her roommate Bethany who is a featured character later on that represents social network users who don’t mask themselves with a façade.

The dialogue is well constructed because of its realistic tone but raw feel with the vulgar language. One specific character, named Mike, frequently uses a four lettered word whether he is frustrated or talking crudely. Chris, Sam and Victor vow to go “clubbing,” but what they are referring to are locations to pick up women. During a game of poker, Sam mentions that going to Club Starbucks, Club Costco and Club Barnes & Noble is a good way for Chris to start looking for a new date. The play performs very well when it comes to technical aspects. Above the stage and off to the sides were monitors and screens that displayed not only messages between characters, but between characters and the audience, too. While the text messages were not an integral piece to the story, there was a moment where Victor is helping Chris that adds certain exaggerations to his Facebook profile, and it was projected on the monitors so that the audience could see what was going on. This was brilliant because it allowed the audience to see what the characters were doing. As Chris’ character undergoes certain changes throughout, the story never loses

“Perception” did not disappoint. Photo credit: Kyle Kenehan, The Mesa Press

its charm. Each character in the play is connected with one another in different ways, whether it is a character like Madison — who is Chris’ sister or Kelsey, who is his best friend. There are multiple stereotypes that will be recognized by the viewer, and the great part about it is that some of these characters represent the majority of the social network in general, whether it is on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

“Perception” does not try too hard to make the viewer laugh or cringe because the dialogue and character interaction allows each character to come off as believable. This production was very well done with the way it was presented to the viewers, and the story never went off course or lost its flow. For those who love social media and going out with friends, going out to see “Perception” will be well

TV Review

Bates Motel reopens with bang By Kristina Cox


Sonic. off of Kearny Villa Road, is now open for dine-in and drive-thru! Photo Credit: David Nguyen, The Mesa Press

Restaraunt Review

New Sonic opens just minutes away from campus By Haley Daniels


t’s finally here! Many San Diegans, young and old, are excited about the brand new Sonic that opened in Kearny Mesa on Feb. 24. Even though this is not the first Sonic to open in San Diego County, it is the only one that does not take a half hour drive to get to. Located 10-15 minutes away from campus, Sonic makes studying for exams and typing up dreadfully long essays somewhat bearable. Once one crosses over Interstate 163 on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, they can see the colorful sign in the air as if it were signaling the way to fast food paradise. To start off the experience, there are three options: dining in, waiting in a long line for the drive-thru or trying to find a car stall, the latter of which includes a huge menu, a red button to push when ready to order, and a place to swipe your form of payment. When there’s time to waste and a car full of indecisive foodies, the car stall is the optimal option. If this is the way of the future, nobody’s complaining. When dining in, expect to wait a long time. Since this location is fairly new and open until midnight, it can be a target for partying teens and people with late night food cravings. High volumes of people mean the process of satisfying hunger is not going to be a quick one. Perfection takes time, so please be nice and try not to complain. No

one likes a whiner, especially the rushed roller skating employees. The menu itself ranges from burgers and hot dogs to mouth-watering Sonic Blasts, which some might refer to as a milkshake on steroids. Some crowd favorites include the Chili Cheese Pretzel Dog (as a 6-inch or a foot long), Breakfast Toaster, and Cookie Dough Master Blast. One customer was overheard asking a cashier what kinds of drinks Sonic offers, to which she responded, “We have over a million of them.” Yes, somehow that is possible. Craving some bacon and eggs at ten o’clock at night? No worries! Sonic serves breakfast all day, not to mention every combo has a choice of fries or tots. Yup, even lunch/ dinner combos offer that same option, or for an additional charge, sweet potato tots. They exist! Dieters might want to avoid this place since it is open seven days a week until midnight. It is safe to say that this is where New Year’s resolutions come to die. For San Diegans that live in East County but still feel that the Santee location is quite a bit too far, hold on for a little bit longer! According to their website, a new Sonic is coming soon to El Cajon Boulevard in addition to a new one opening in National City on Highland Boulevard. Even though there aren’t any grand opening dates posted, these new locations look promising.

hought to be one of the most intriguing shows on television today, “Bates Motel” has just returned for its second season on A&E. Every fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s acclaimed thriller, “Psycho,” would fall in love with the characters of Norman and Norma Bates, played by Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga. The show first aired early last year with a mindblowing series premiere, followed by a thrilling season. The series is based in modern day, when Norman is around the age of 17. Viewers get a grasp of Norman’s social life as the story follows the struggles he faces as a teenager along with his psychotic tendencies. He displays signs of mental illness almost immediately in the series, very similar to the illness his character appeared to have in Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” Norma’s character is exaggerated on every level. Her over dramatic outbursts and breakdowns add a lot of intensity to the show. At the same time, her sense of reality is so naive that her ridiculous spasms start to become comical. She is very protective of Norman and does whatever she can to keep their bloody secrets as hidden as possible. Norma is also determined to successfully open her motel, despite all of the tedious obstacles she is faced with. Other main characters soon become tangled in Norman’s web, such as his love interest, his one and only friend (who is also in love with him), the police, and murder victims. Norma also has another son: Norman’s half-brother Dillon, who becomes stuck in the middle of the two. He becomes more involved with Norman and Norma throughout the first season as he tries to bring sanity into the family, and he might be the only character with his feet firmly planted on the ground. Norman’s love for his mother, and Norma’s overprotective and dominant care for her son follow Hitchcock’s perspective on their abnormal relationship. It is fascinating to see how Norman is slowly developing into one of the most terrifying murderers in the fiction world. Originally mistaken for a poor quality episode, the season two opener was nearly normal and realistically just. It is so easy to get caught up in the Bates’ sticky situations and forget the fact that they do lead a regular life, sometimes. However, the normalcy of this episode develops the characters and reveals answers to questions that went unanswered in the season one finale. That is not to say that the premiere was not violent or unexciting, though.

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March 18, 2014

Restaurant Review

J Wok spices up traditional Asian delicacies with a modern twist


By David Nguyen ocated on the corner of Eighth Avenue and Market Street is J Wok, an Asian modern eatery. What does that mean? Started in 2009, J Wok restaurant wanted to serve a great selection of Asian fusion foods pieced together in their very own J Wok touch. The perfect location with a beautiful view of Petco Park from your seat is a great addition to the uniqueness of this restaurant. First thing customers will notice is the

The most noticeable feature in J Wok is the Chopstick Tree that adds a nice vibe. Photo credit: David Nguyen, The Mesa Press

huge wooden door before they enter the restaurant. The workers were welcoming when walking in and offered to sit either inside or outside on their patio. The design of the restaurant sets off a nice cooling vibe while dining with options of sitting around stone tables or wooden tables. Along with their cooling layout of the restaurant, the most noticeable feature is their Chopstick tree, which is hovering over some tables on the left side of the

restaurant. J Wok is a great place to grab lunch, dinner and perfect place for dates. On their menu, they have a pretty fine selection of different types of Asian fusion foods, such as Korean BBQ Beef Philly sandwich, Teriyaki Salmon plate, Yellow curry chicken, J Wok Spicy noodles and plenty of more combinations. One of the popular plates is the Teriyaki Salmon seafood plate, which is served with an 8 ounce fresh salmon top

of steamed vegetables, side of salad and a choice of rice, and any other sides the customer would like to add. Quench your thirst with their selected Asian Iced teas, such as Thai tea, Jasmine, Mango and Passion fruit. If you are in downtown and looking for a spot to enjoy some delicious Asian fusion food with a nice calm vibe, make sure to check out J Wok!

Movie Review

‘300: Rise of an Empire’ is all brawn with no brains

Too heavy on the action and light on the plot, ‘Rise of an Empire’ does not live up to its potential.


By Danielle Bellavance

Some of the popular items on the menu include the Teriyaki Salmon Plate, Korean BBQ Beef Philly and Big 3. Photo credit: David Nguyen, The Mesa Press

The modern touch of the restaurant gives off a welcoming and comfortable feeling for customers. Photo credit: David Nguyen, The Mesa Press

ction packed movie “300,” based in ancient Greek, was met with huge amounts of success when it hit theaters back in 2006. There’s no question that a sequel would eventually follow up the film’s tragic ending. After the release date was pushed back for more than six months, “300: Rise of an Empire” officially became available for public viewing on March 7. “Rise of an Empire” started off at a rather fast pace, drawing all the viewers in. A young Greek, Themistocles, is shown killing the king of Persia with a bow and arrow in the middle of an intense and chaotic battle. His son then becomes the new king of Persia, ruling alongside the beautiful female Greek commander Artemisia of the Persian Navy. Fast forward 10 years later and Themistocles has become the accomplished general from Athens. He then receives word that King Leonidas of Sparta and his 300 men have been killed in a battle against the Persian Army. Themistocles takes action to combine forces of all the Greek states and is hopeful against defeating Artemisia. Although “Rise of an Empire” was thought to be a sequel to “300,” it takes places before, during and after the events of the first movie, which at times were confusing and hard to follow. In addition to an unclear plot line, this was a very

bloody and violent film, even more so than the original, and much more than anything released in recent years. It seemed as though this movie was directed more towards teenage boys and young men. With the action packed battle scenes and even an erotic sex scene, this movie would not be highly appealing to the female gender apart from the shirtless, sweaty, muscular men seen throughout the movie. “Rise of an Empire” was not nearly as good as the filmmakers could have made because of their lack of focus in the wrong areas. If they had spent more time on story progression and a bit less on the fights between the Persian and Greek Navies, it might have made for a more interesting movie. This is not to say that the computer animation and graphics were not, for lack of a better word, “cool.” The best special effects were definitely the slow motion scenes which intensified the 3-D shots. The movie wasn’t terrible — just not worth seeing on the first night of release. Wait a few weeks for the crowd to die down because “Rise of an Empire” was not as good as it could have been.

Rating: 3/5

March 18, 2014

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Adderall use among college students increasing

Paula Luper, 18, takes her tests in the teacher’s lounge to avoid distractions -- one of many options that are available to students with ADHD. Photo credit: Julie Leonard, MCT Campus


By Haley Daniels

hen people think of college students, they often associate them with binge drinking, Top Ramen, and gallons of Starbucks coffee. The stereotypical student studies hard all week long and then parties hard all weekend long. When coffee doesn’t do the job, what do students turn to for studying and staying focused during all of those late night cram sessions? The latest answer is Adderall.

Adderall is a popular drug prescribed to primarily help patients who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and sometimes narcolepsy. Since people who have ADHD are generally very hyper and have a hard time focusing on the task at hand, Adderall is needed in order to stay attentive and calm. However, when students without ADHD or Adderall prescriptions take it recreationally, it can have severe effects. Andrew Weaver, a University of

California, San Diego student, has been recently prescribed Adderall and talks about its noticeable side effects. “I’m taking five milligrams. Even on this, it kicks up my anxiety a lot so I take another medication to balance it out.” Even though he doesn’t have a strong opinion on students who unnecessarily take the drug, he generally advises against it since "the side effects can be nasty.” One female Mesa College student, who wishes to remain anonymous, has taken the prescription since she was 19. “I managed to complete tasks before I started taking it, however, it would take hours just to complete one. As a consequence, I wouldn’t get much done; it was an endless cycle of self-disappointment and non-productivity,” she explains. When she doesn’t take her 20 mg dose, she experiences fatigue, mood changes, irritability and severe food/sugar cravings. “My ex-boyfriend is the only one who has suggested selling my pills, a suggestion I rejected. Aside from that, I don’t tell others about my prescription. I’m aware I could make a generous amount of money selling my pills, however I’m very paranoid because it is a schedule two drug and also because it is a serious drug in my perspective,” she said when asked if she has ever considered selling her pills. Since Mesa is a community college without dorms or on-campus housing, most students do not directly witness any type of drug abuse on school grounds.

One male Mesa student who originally attended University of Iowa — considered to be one of the top party schools in the nation — thinks prescription drug abuse is not as common on our campus. “I mean I’m sure it’s there, but I’m not around it as much," he said. He went on to explain how peer pressure is much more present on university campuses because of certain living situations and the lack of commuter students. Nonetheless, Adderall can be found on just about any bustling college campus where students are trying to keep up with the quick pace of a full work load. According to the article, “Full Report and Key Findings: The 2012 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, Sponsored by MetLife Foundation” on, the PATS study, which took place from 2008 to 2012, showed that one out of every four teenagers had admitted abuse of prescription drugs on at least one occasion. Even more shocking, the study reveals that 16 percent of parents would rather see their children abusing prescription drugs than illegal drugs. Overall, Adderall’s prevalence on college campuses could be potentially dangerous as students continue to grow more dependent on the drug’s ability to help them complete their tasks with greater efficiency and focus.

Crime Report Update

February 2014 On-Campus Incidents


n Feb. 3 at 10 a.m., a petty theft occurred on the G Building Patio during which the victim’s bicycle was stolen from the G-Building bike rack. Value of item estimated at $150. No known suspects. The incident was referred to SDPD. On Feb. 6 at 6 p.m., a grand theft occurred in the LRC during which the victim’s backpack was stolen while they were sleeping. Value of items estimated at $1729. No known suspects. The incident was referred to SDPD. On Feb. 23 at 7 p.m., an assault with a deadly weapon occurred on Mesa Campus

during which a juvenile ran from the SD Center for Children and attacked a staff member with a broken bottle. Victim received minor injuries. Juvenile was detained and sent to Rady Children’s for evaluation. For suspicious activity on campus, please contact campus police at 619-3886405 or visit the San Diego Mesa College Police Dept located at 7250 Mesa College Dr Ste Q-100. In the event of an emergency, please dial 911.

- Compiled by Omarr S. Guerrero

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March 18, 2014

The Mesa Press


Aztecs and Chargers make San Diego a proud sports city

By Thomas Frey


own 16 to New Mexico, the San Diego State Aztecs stormed back to win the game and the Mountain West Conference on Mar. 8. Aztec head coach Steve Fisher told Ted Leitner after the game that this was the greatest comeback in his career. Leitner then said the crowd environment was the best he has ever seen. Those comments are huge coming from them because they are San Diego legends who have been around a long time. The Aztecs are following right behind the trail the Chargers laid out in December when they won in epic style against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chargers took San Diego fans on a roller coaster ride in this game with a playoff spot on the line. Down by 10 entering the fourth quarter, Chargers fans were depleted; they were ready to give up. Methodically, the defense made stops, and the Chargers offense tied it up leaving the Chiefs with one last try. The crowd was going crazy. It was pandemonium: Almost every fan there thought we would win. The Chiefs didn’t think that way, though. They drove down the field and set themselves up for a routine game-winning field goal by Ryan Succop. By this time, the crowd was dead. Nobody thought he would miss it because it was only 41 yards. And then he missed. The

crowd went crazier then you can imagine. The Chargers would win in overtime. They did the impossible and made the playoffs. That’s sort of like what the Aztecs did. The fans were close to not believing anymore. Some fans left at the 12 minute timeout; they missed out. The comeback started as soon as the ball was put in play. They were down 16, and within minutes, they came back. They forced turnovers on nearly every possession, and they couldn’t miss their shots. Viejas Arena, the home of the Aztecs, was getting louder by the second. “Shoutout to the fans too y’all got it done tonight,” said sophomore Skylar Spencer on Twitter after the game. The Aztecs have a certain type of swag, and they get the job done in style. The fans, and especially the student section, get behind the team 100 percent. When they are down big and they come back very quickly, it can become one of the most exciting venues in sports. Neither the Chargers nor the Aztecs were expected to do anything this year. What they each did was miraculous. Chargers head coach Mike McCoy should be the front runner to win NFL Coach of the Year next season. The Chargers will only get better while everyone else in the division will either lose ground or stay roughly the same. The Oakland Raiders could get better because they have more money to

spend this off-season than anybody, but with their past, it is unlikely. It is now time for the Padres to show what they are capable of. It will not be a surprise to people who follow the Padres when they make the playoffs. Petco Park became pretty electric back in 2010 when the Padres were fighting with the Giants for a playoff spot. This year, they open the season on ESPN for Sunday Night Baseball against the Los Angeles Dodgers. ESPN probably chose this game because of the star power the Dodgers have, but the Padres can’t wait to show America the talent they have. Overall, sports in San Diego is on the rise, and by this time next year, it would be surprising if the Chargers, Aztecs and Padres are still considered jokes.

Junior Dwayne Polee II cuts down the net after San Diego State wins the Mountain West Conference in thrilling fashion against on Saturday, March 8, 2014, against New Mexico, 51-48. Photo credit: Thomas Frey, The Mesa Press.

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2/24/14 5:43 PM

March 18, 2014


Page 8

The Mesa Press

Softball in a race for the playoffs

By Thomas Frey


he Mesa softball team is trying to defend their back to back conference championships, including a trip to the Super Regionals last season. The team has a tough road ahead since most of them are freshmen, but so far, they have competed well, and they are in a great position to make the playoffs. “Having a winning record this season” is the hope for sophomore outfielder Tarin Marks, who is currently leading the team with a .411 batting average. In league, they are currently 4-2, but overall, they are below .500. Playing well in league is what matters right now. “The big thing is that if you go first or second in league, you go to the playoffs,” head coach Jaclyn Guidi said. At 4-2, the game against 4-1 Southwestern on Mar. 18 will have major implications on who goes to the playoffs. Palomar, the defending state champions, are undefeated and in a good position to take the one seed while Mesa and Southwestern will be playing for the second seed. Last season, Mesa was a game away from the state finals, and “winning a state championship” is the goal for sophomore Taylor Heryford this season. Heryford is hitting .273 in 13 games. Second baseman Anna Ontiveros is only a freshman and is hitting an incredible .408. Four members of the Super Regional team moved on to play softball at a four year university. Another, Grace Hernandez, played at Mesa in Fall of 2012 but moved on to play at USD for the Spring semester of 2013. Having her players move on to four year schools and finish their degrees is coach Guidi’s top goal. Since arriving at Mesa, 22 of her players have earned athletic scholarships while seven more have earned academic scholarships. “Take 15 personalities. They’re all

different, and put them in one spot,” said sophomore Andrea Matt about the team. Playoff experience can be a key for any team. The sophomores like Matt, Marks and Heryford, along with Zehna Gilliam and Allana Hille, will have to show the veteran leaderships that they have so far this year. Jennifer Carpenter is the top pitcher. She is 6-3 with a 4.03 ERA and 30 strikeouts in 64 and a third innings. She can also hit. Carpenter has an impressive .312 batting average. Only a freshman,

Carpenter is getting great experience and could be a force next season. Sisters Mackenzie and Megan Wright are having an incredible season, and they are only freshman. According to coach Guidi, “They’re hitting pretty good,” and the numbers back it up. Mackenzie, a first baseman, is third on the team with a .373 batting average while Megan, a catcher, is fourth with a .349 batting average. Jazlyn Hallare is another freshman

who is having an impressive year. She has the second most at bats on the team and is hitting .345. Mesa is in a good position to succeed. If they can beat Southwestern and not lose to anyone besides Palomar, they should be able to make the playoffs. The team has the big game on the road March 18 at Southwestern but they will return home on March 26 for a rematch against Southwestern.

The 2014 Mesa softball team will look to go to the postseason for a third consecutive season. Photo credit: Mesa Athletic Department

Freshmen hold the key to winning for Men’s Tennis


By Thomas Frey

he Mesa men’s tennis match went down to the wire in its win over Mt. San Jacinto College. With only one returning player from a team that went to the state Final Four last season, the team has played strong and won some important matches. The returning player, James Tenbroeck, is the team’s number one singles and doubles player. He went 0-2 against San Jacinto, but he has had a good season. “James has a lot of Division 1 people looking at him right now. He’s already beat College of the Desert’s number one and he’s already beat Grossmont’s number one,” said head coach Michael Hootner. Hootner is a former Mesa player who has made this program great. Coming into the season, Mesa had won 42 straight conference games and the last five conference championships. “We’ve had a lot of success the last five years, “said Hootner who continued, “We’re competitive this year. I don’t know

if we’re quite at that elite level but were very competitive again.” The team is currently 5-1 in conference and 7-4 overall. One of those losses came at the hands of Division 1 Boston College. Even though Mesa got shut out, the team learned a lot from the experience. “They had a lot of confidence obviously,” Hootner said. “The way that they construct points is fun to watch.” Boston College, who plays in the ACC, stopped to play Mesa on their way to play University of California, Irvine. Three freshmen won their matches against San Jacinto to help the team win. Overall, there are nine total matches, six of them in singles and three in doubles. The singles matches are first, and then it closes with the three doubles matchups, which can become intense. In this match, the singles matches were split 3-3. No. 3 Christopher Bastardi, No. 5 Carlos Reyes, and No. 6 Daniel Streeter all won in straight sets. The heroes of this match were not the top guys, however.

Mesa Olympian Daniel Streeter warms up before the men’s tennis match against Mt. San Jacinto College on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. (Photo credit: Kyle Kenehan, The Mesa Press) Needing to win two of the three doubles matches, the No.2 and No. 3 doubles teams pulled it off while the No. 1 team lost a tough one that went to three sets. The No.2 team of Shane Fisher and Daniel Streeter beat Mt. San Jacinto’s No. 2 team in straight sets 6-4; 6-3.

It was much closer in the No. 3 doubles match that featured Carlos Reyes and Tommy Troung. After Mesa won the first set 6-4, San Jacinto won the second set 7-5. Reyes and Troung dominated the third set 10-2, and Mesa won the match. Two days later, the team

went to Ventura College and won in almost identical fashion. This time, No.2 Jesse Donahue, No. 5 Troung and No. 6 Streeter won the singles matches in straight sets. Just like the previous match, the team’s No.2 and No. 3 doubles teams won, and this time, they did it in straight sets to win the game for Mesa. “This is definitely the least experienced team we have had. But we’ve done a good job so far,” Hootner commented. The fact that they are winning with a team consisting of nearly all freshman, makes the future seems very bright for the men’s tennis team here at Mesa. Mesa will host Cerritos College March 14 at 2 p.m. and rival Grossmont College March 18 at 2 p.m. On March 22 Mesa will welcome Amherst College the Division 3 2011 national champions to San Diego. They aren’t in Mesa’s league, but will be a valuable game experience wise for the team.

Mesa Press, Spring 2014 Issue #3  

The Mesa Press, Spring 2014 Issue #3 March 18, 2014