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DECEMBER 14, 2021

Grand opening of the Mesa DRC By Asia Ryan OPINIONS EDITOR

What happened to President Biden’s immigration reform promise? Photo Credit: Jill Toyoshiba/

The Kansas City Star/TNS Center.


Holiday shopping guide with some help from Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon.



ec. 7, 2021 marked the grand opening of the Mesa College Dreamer Resource Center, a “space devoted to providing resources, support, and advocacy for students that identify as undocumented, AB540, Dreamer, DACA, mixed status families, and community.” The Dream Act, or the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, was a bill introduced to Congress that guarantees legal status to undocumented immigrants who came to the United States at 15-years-old or younger. Thus the term “DREAMers” is typically used to refer to the undocumented immigrants who fall under the DREAM Act definition. DACA on the other hand stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”. DACA helps to protect Dreamers as well. DACA differs from the Dream Act because it does not grant legal status or a pathway to citizenship. However, it does allow for undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver’s license, social security number and a work permit. AB-540 was signed into law in October 2001, and allows any student, including those who are undocumented to pay in-state tuition at California Public colleges and universities if they’ve attended three or more years at a high school in California, and/or graduated from a high school in California. Through the Dreamer Resource Center, students would have access to the Borderless Scholars program. The Borderless Scholars program was designed to be a safe and welcoming environment for undocumented students and undocu-allies. This program provides personal, career, free legal services, education counsel-

Mesa College students cut the ribbon marking the grand opening of the Dreamer Resource Center. Photo Credit: Mesa Office of Communications.

ing and challenges that may come due to their immigration status. Additionally, this program offers assistance with academic/ career/personal counseling, book service, meal cards, on and off-campus resources, California Dream Act application assistance, and many more. To be eligible for the Borderless Scholar program, you must identify as a Dreamer, AB-540, and/or DACA recipient. The DREAM Act stands for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, and was a bill in Congress that would guarantee legal status to undocumented immigrants who came to

the United States at a young age. Thus the term “DREAMers” is used to refer to the undocumented immigrants who fall under the DREAM Act definition. In Aug. 2017, the San Diego Community College District realeased a statement ensuring students that SDCCD would not be participating in 287(g) of the Immigration and National security act, allowing for state and local law enforcement, in this case campus police, to perform the duties of federal immigration authorities. The Dreamer Resource Center is located in the Student Services building (I4) room 204.

What spring semester at Mesa College could look like Mesa Cross Country wins state title. Photo Credit: Franky Varela.


Stay Connected



By Victor Moore STAFF WRITER


pring semester is upon us and there are new changes, from parking permits to campus being fully open. Parking permits that were not required for fall 2021 will now be required to park, starting this spring the price of the permits will be $25.00 as far as counseling goes counseling services will be conducted like it has been this past fall semester via zoom and over the phone per counseling office staff. Doctor Ashanti Hands stated in a Campus Community Forum that “student services has three new tech tools that students can look forward to, one is a kick book eye scanner which allows students to make free digital copies of forms assignments pages from the book, one is located in the LRC, there is also additional printing station students can now paper print on the first and fourth floors. Mesa has also added a cueless monitor where students could see where they are in the virtual lines. Other things that will be fully open are the library, the financial aid office, food commons etc. Students new to campus can expect to see the newly opened Dreamers Center this resource center will be devoted

Mesa College plans to reopen more for spring 2022, with several new changes. Photo Credit: Kyle Ayson/The Mesa Press

to providing resources, support, and advocacy for students who identify as undocumented, AB540, Dreamer, or DACA. Students can also look forward to several Mesa sports teams being in action this spring semester including Mens and Womens basketball teams who are both undefeated at home so far this season. The disbursement of financial aid checks are scheduled and should reach students' bank accounts Feb. 28, 2022, if applied for financial aid through FAFSA. There are several services that will be

available for students over winter break, the stand that operated during the fall semester will continue to provide two large bags of free food over at the parking structure. Another resource that will be available for students is “211 San Diego”, where they also provide food resources, holiday assistance, as well as emergency rental and utility assistance. Students can experience the new quad that has been under construction the past few months which is located in front of the mesa commons building.


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The Mesa Press

Regulation of digital currency in the digital age

By Victor Moore STAFF WRITER


ver the past 12 years we have experienced the single most disruptive threat to finance as we know it: the first decentralized cryptocurrency known as “Bitcoin” took the world by storm, but not without some criticism from individuals and institutions that fear unregulated phenomena. Currency in its purest form is something that is used as a medium of exchange and usually has a tangible and universal value associated with it in some way, like the dollar, the pound, and even India’s rupee. Some people criticize the potential illegal activities that could be performed over the internet, and some criticize the possibility of significant losses due to the fact that there isn’t one company that is controlling this currency, so if any technological mishap within the wallet where your cryptocurrency is stored, you will just be operating at a loss. Warren Buffet, the extremely successful investor in 2018 described Bitcoin as probably rat poison squared rat poison. One would argue that there has been illegal activities transpiring since the beginning of time and more than likely will be happening until the end of time. What these types of criticism reveal is that people lack comfortability with things that are new, innovative and things

that haven’t been proven just yet. With the advent of the internet, there were a host of naysayers and non-believers that didn’t know how cryptocurrency would work, and felt that it was the worst thing in the world. These opinions were based solely on advice from critics of the internet, because they were not sold on the internet’s capabilities. Now we fast forward 37 years, and the internet has a prominent role in many lives around the world. The internet has affected how we do business and communicate with one another. Cryptocurrency has the potential to have the same effect on the world. With features like the immediate and secure transfer of ownership without approval from some big financial institution, all you would need is the other person’s cryptocurrency wallet address. Cryptocurrency technology allows payments to be 100% encrypted and will prevent the leakage of personal information. This is in contrast to now, where when you make purchases with merchants, you’re required to provide credit card information as well as your pin code subjecting you to the possibility of a data breach if that particular merchant’s data has been hacked. Governments are taking notice and have different viewpoints on the matter. El Salvador has accepted crypto as currency and other major economies like the United

Cryptocurrency is ammping up to become the single most disruptive threat to finance as we know it. Photo Credit: States have refused to recognize it as a form of legal tender, fearing that without government intermediaries, cryptocurrency could potentially destabilize the current financial infrastructure system. Once the government does it’s due diligence, cryptocurrency will become a legal tender here in the United States. Many financial applications are allowing people to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency and there has already been proposed legislation concerning cryptocurrency. U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and S.E.C.

What happened to President Biden’s immigration reform promise? By Jennifer Aguilar NEWS EDITOR


t has almost been a year since President Joseph Biden promised to make a pathway to citizenship for those who entered the United States illegally for a better life. The immigration reform needs to be done sooner rather than later. On Jan. 20, 2021, Biden sent the U.S. Citizenship Act bill to Congress in order to “restore humanity and American values to our immigration system,” according to the White House. If approved, this would modernize the immigration system and prioritize “keeping families together, growing our economy, addressing the root causes of migration from Central America, and ensuring that the United States remains a refuge for those fleeing persecution.” Immigrants should be allowed to work and live in the United States legally and be able to see their loved ones outside of the country like everyone else. Throughout history, we have seen that immigrants have been racially discriminated against and have been given a certain stereotype. The stereotype being that they came to the United States to steal American jobs and that they are “delinquents,” however, immigrants and undocumented immigrants make up half of the economy and have far fewer crime rates compared to nativeborn U.S citizens. According to the American Immigration Council, “Immigrants make up significant shares of the United States’ workforce in a range of industries, accounting for over two-fifths of all farming, fishing, and forestry workers—as well as one-quarter of those working in computer and math sciences.” Immigrants also contribute to the economy by paying taxes and creating jobs. According to the ACLU “Immigrants pay more than $90 billion in taxes every year,” and work just as hard or even more than the average American. Some Americans should not be offended by this statement because when you think about it, immigrants tend to work harder than those born in the United States as a way to prove to others or the government that they aren’t a burden. They try to take advantage of the opportunities provided here, such as jobs, because they tend to be scarce in their home countries. So upon arrival to the United States,

Chairman Gary Gensler are concerned about the lack of regulation, Jerome Powell said he does not intend to ban cryptocurrencies, but said stablecoins need greater regulatory oversight. For cryptocurrency to have a future in the United States, it will have to be regulated in some form or fashion, something crypto enthusiasts are not too thrilled about, as the decentralized nature of digital currency is a big draw.

The Mesa Press Founded in 1966 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jared Knobloch

NEWS EDITOR Jennifer Aguilar





ADVISING PROFESSOR President Biden proposed an immigration bill called the U.S Citizenship Act that will help create a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants. Photo Credit: Jill Toyoshiba/The Kansas City Star/TNS they have the mentality to “work, work, work” in order to sustain themselves and their families, all by trying to achieve that “American Dream,” that they once wished for in their home countries. Immigrants also create jobs for others, “immigrants are highly entrepreneurial, launching new companies at twice the rate of native-born Americans and creating large numbers of jobs,” according to A study published in the National Academy of Sciences USA compared crime rates of immigrants and U.S. citizens found that in the years of 2012-2018 “undocumented immigrants in Texas were less than half as likely to be arrested for violent crimes or drug offenses and less than a quarter as likely to be arrested for property crimes.” The co-author of this study and sociologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Michael Light, also stated that “undocumented immigrants have lower felony arrest rates than both legal immigrants and, especially, native-born U.S. citizens.” If passed, The U.S, Citizenship Act 2021 would help approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants, by allowing individuals living in the United States illegally to apply for a temporary legal status known as Lawful Prospective Immigrant. This would give them the ability to apply for green cards if they have been physi-

cally present in the United States on or before Jan. 1, 2021. After five years, if criminal and national security background checks are passed, and taxes are fixed and complete, then one would be eligible to apply for lawful Permanent Residency status. The fact that immigrants are living in the United States has no association with unemployment rates, according to FWD. us.,“research shows that immigrants generally complement, rather than compete with American workers because they have different skillsets and educational backgrounds.” The United States portrays a land of opportunity which is one of the main reasons that immigrants come to this country and if some Americans won’t work in the fields or in any other so-called “leftover job,” then immigrants don’t have another option and work in the unwanted jobs, which usually consist of lower wages. Some Americans need to stop complaining and making up excuses as to why they don’t have a job because the jobs are out there, one just has to seek. For years, some Americans have oppressed other races just to feel superior and better than anyone else. Immigrants are not stealing jobs, they are working just as hard or even more than the average American, to take advantage in order to live the “American Dream.”

Janna Braun

STAFF MEMBERS Oshae Hawkins, Nina Ortega, Victor Moore

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FEATURES Over 50 years of dominance DECEMBER 14, 2021

The Mesa Press

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By Victor Moore



ver the past two decades some consumers have become concerned about Disney’s continuous growth with media and entertainment acquisitions, fearing that the media and entertainment beast is slowly growing into a monopoly. With astute savviness, Disney has solidified itself as the media and entertainment behemoth that other companies could only envy. With much growth comes recognition both good and bad, as the FCC regulates all transactions and has to approve all potential deals. A monopoly by definition, is the exclusive possession or control of the supply of a service. According to the letter of the law, Disney is an oligopoly, a state of limited competition in which a market is shared by a small number of producers or sellers. Disney seems like a monopoly because it’s the home of some of the most recognizable brands the world has seen. In the fiscal year of 2020, according to Jose Gabriel Navarro of Statista, Disney’s Global revenue was $65.39 billion and the total global revenue for the media industry was $400 billion. Before it became a company boasting a $238.9 billion market cap, and owning as much as 40% of the U.S. movie and television industries, Disney at best was a mediocre cartoon studio in Hollywood, California, founded by brothers Walt and Roy Disney on October 16, 1923. Walt Disney formed “Laugh-o-gram Films” in 1920 that went bankrupt, but produced the classic “Alice’s Wonderland” that was eventually sold and parlayed into a six film contract. The man that is known for having

Disneyland has been a hallmark of California for over 50 years. Photo Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images/TNS the vision for the happiest place on earth and the company’s namesake had his share of business failures and setbacks on his journey to achieve his goals. After losing his most successful character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to former producers and animators, Walt Disney, who was on a train back to California at the time, created what could arguably be the most recognized animation character of all time, Mickey Mouse. There could be no story about Disney without mention of the men who started this entertainment and media juggernaut. Roy Disney guided the business side and finances of the company, while Walt Disney was in charge of the creative side. Prior

to Walt Disney’s death in 1966 Roy Disney was contemplating retirement but decided to postpone his retirement to oversee the construction of Disney world, in which he eventually renamed it Walt Disney World as a tribute to his brother. The Disney Entertainment Company story is a story of vision, perseverance, dedication, and exceptional business acumen. Just about all of Disney’s acquisitions have been beneficial starting with the acquisition of Pixar in 2006 for $7.4 billion. Disney also went on to purchase Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in August of 2009 and finished that six year run with the purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012. Disney’s most significant acquisition came in 1995

with the $19 billion purchase of Capital Cities/ABC because it gave Disney access to sports, due to ABC owning just about 80 percent of the worldwide leader in sports, known as ESPN. Disney as a company, and as a man, has demonstrated an extraordinary drive to succeed. The founder of the company, Walt Disney found himself in very strenuous situations that could have broken a man on more than one occasion, but he had the strength and determination to persevere. It pointed to his character just by him not giving up in the face of adversity, but giving his company new life turning into one of the most, if not the most, dominant forces in the media and entertainment industries.

Holiday shopping guide with some help from Amazon By Nina Ortega STAFF WRITER


very year the holidays sneak up on us and we are left freaking out about what to get our loved ones. Holidays are hard and finding the perfect gift for someone can be overwhelming. It’s already December and you still have plenty of shopping to do. Luckily for you, Amazon has your back. Amazon is known for not only having almost everything but getting it to you quickly. It happens to the best of us. If you still have some shopping to do, here is a list of gift ideas under $100 from Amazon anybody would love. An Echo Dot is one of Amazon’s bestselling products. An echo dot is an interactive speaker that plays your favorite music, updates you on news, sets alarms, answers questions, and can be compatible with controlling lighting, temperatures, and lock systems. This is an amazing gift perfect for someone with a busy schedule such as students, or someone working from home. It’s something anyone can use regardless of age or gender. An echo dot is not only a universal gift, but unique. An air fryer is something you didn’t know you needed. An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that provides a convenient, efficient, and healthier way of cooking. It provides you with a wide variety of uses, from making hard-boiled eggs to crisping up chicken wings. This is very user-friendly, and something people of all ages can take advantage of. A waterproof speaker is always a great gift. For anyone who enjoys listening to

music, a speaker is always useful. The speaker being waterproof is just an added bonus. This is a perfect gift for anybody who listens to music in the shower, at the beach, or by the pool. The LED ring light is an awesome gift for people who enjoy all things involving a camera. This ring light has multiple brightness settings and temperature features, allowing you to have the best picture and/or video experience. Gifting the ring light will enhance photos, videos, live streaming, as well as being a portable light source. You really can’t go wrong giving someone a Hydro Flask. There are different

Hydro Flask Styles for water, wine, coffee, and tea. This is a great gift for someone on the go, and/or who wants to keep their drink fresh. Another great gift, Whisky Ice Stones is a great gift for all of the adults in your life. These reusable stainless steel ice cubes bring a chill to any drink without diluting it. This is a convenient and unique gift that elevates any drink. With all the technology we have these days, who doesn’t need a charging station? This multifunctional charging station is compatible with almost all mobile phones. A charging station is not only aesthetically pleasing but consolidates space. This is a

great present for those who have all the latest technology gadgets. A heated blanket is a one size fits all gift. This is a perfect gift for everyone and anyone. This is not your typical blanket which everyone would love as a gift anyways, but a heated blanket makes your wintertime even cozier. If you’re still stuck on what to get your loved ones, these are just a few of the many options Amazon has to help ease your holiday shopping. Amazon has an entire section on their site that categorizes gift ideas by price, for who, and what style of gift. No matter what, it’s the thought that counts!

Amazon is a great place to look for gifts to give to anyone this holiday season. Photo Credit:


The Mesa Press

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Men’s XC wins State Championships

Above: The San Diego Mesa College Men’s Cross Country team won the CCCAA State Championships this season, their second championship in 3 years, after winning the title in 2019. In the competition, the men’s team had an overall team time of 1:42:26 with a 20:29 average, and broke school record by 54 seconds which was set by the 2019 championship team. From left to right: Coach Manny Bautista, Alan Jimenez, Jonathan Kelly, Juan Rosales, Franky Dolores, Esteban Magana, Devin Provence, Jesus Villarreal, David Millan, and Coach Matthew Beckstead. Photo Credit:Franky Varela. Shown right: Franky Dolores running during the competition, helping his team with the state title for San Diego Mesa College. Photo Credit: Dean Lofgren.

Smith leading the way in Olympians’ solid start to season By Jared Knobloch EDITOR-IN-CHIEF


his year for the San Diego Mesa College Olympians, freshman Sean Smith has been providing a spark for his team giving them a fantastic start to the 2021-2022 season. Of the six games Smith started this season, he has averaged 13.3 points per game, 5.2 rebounds per game, and 5.2 assists per game, not to mention a great defensive stat line of 2.8 steals per game, and 1 block per game. Those numbers are all team highs with the exception of rebounds, where he ranks second on the team behind forward William Bailey. Head Coach Travis Nichols couldn’t be more pleased with Smith’s production. “Sean is a tremendous talent, and right now what we are seeing is his natural talent. Once he understands the college game a bit more he is going to go from a good player, which he is now, to a great player,” Nichols said. “He is a cool, calm, and collected player. His energy is his confidence. He is not a guy that gets in your face, or a ‘get you hyped’ type of player, but he leads by example which is great.” Nichols added, “I believe [Smith] can be one of the best guards to come out of San Diego Mesa College. He is in control of his destiny. As a coach I’m never worried about the basketball aspect with any of my players, Sean included.” Smith, like any player, has to find his inspiration from somewhere. He mentioned, “What motivates me to become better is looking up to the professional players and seeing myself playing with, or against them. Also just the lifestyle and making my family proud.” He added, “Mesa has shaped me into the athlete I am today, because they allow me to be ‘me’. We have a good team and I’m surrounded by great

Sean Smith (#5, Blue) takes a 3 pointer during San Diego Mesa’s game against College of the Canyons. Photo Credit: COC Athletics Sports Information YouTube. coaches who care about us and push us to be better.” While Smith has been shining this season, he never forgets his teammates, and helps them be in the spotlight as well. “I feel like I’m playing well, but things could be way better. That comes just by watching game film and correcting my mistakes. I try to put my teammates in the best situation to make a play on the floor and when I’m not on the floor, just cheering and being there for them.” Smith hasn’t taken anything for granted this year, and enjoyed every game in the process. He said, “Just being able to practice, play in games, and have the teammates that I have this year has been my favorite. As the season continues, I’m going to maintain my efficiency, continue to be me, and do my job.” Teammate Jahloni Mitchell said,

“Sean is a great player all around and he knows his role pretty well. He knows how to get the players around him going, and he knows when to turn it on for himself as well. He doesn’t look to score right away. He knows how to get others involved first, that way it opens up better opportunities for himself as the game flows.” After almost two years of not having games, Mitchell and Smith were able to gel and develop great chemistry going into this season, so it’s safe to say Mitchell knows his teammate’s game well. “With me and Sean being captains of the team, his role as an individual is to be the point guard and be a voice on the floor. My favorite moment this season thus far has to be the pass he gave me to hit the game winner against Cyprus,” noted Mitchell. The Olympians have started off the

season 4-2, a great 67% win rate. Nichols noted, “Right now we are winning off talent! Talent alone does not lead to a successful season in our conference. I am proud of what we have achieved thus far, but we have a lot of work to do to be able to have more success. The court is just like the classroom, we are always studying, and reviewing to prepare for the big test which is the game. At times our study habits, chemistry, are not aligned which leads to a failure to perform at the level we need our players to perform. As a staff we are working diligently to make sure our players are properly prepared so they can maintain good chemistry. If this team does what is needed in the classroom and on the court we will be fighting for a conference title with Sean leading the way.”

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