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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Coachella Your wallet will be hurting after you buy a ticket to coachella.

Photo Credit: MCT Campus “Love, Simon” is groundbreaking in LGBT cinema.

Photo Credit: MCT Campus San Diego’s Craft Beer Festival supports local foundation.




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Volume 62, Issue 4

the Independent Student Publication of San Diego Mesa College

APRIL 17, 2018

Fake News: spotting the truth

By Chris Varela Benitez STAFF WRITER


an Diego Mesa College kicked off the first of many workshops hosted by Restoring Civility to Civic Dialogue to provide students, professors, and aspiring journalists inside information on the impact media literacy has on news stories. “Tools For Being Media Savvy in an Age of Fake News” was presented by San Diego Union Tribune editorial and opinion director, and award winning journalist Matthew Hall. The workshop took place April 10 on the fourth floor of the Learning Resource Center. About a year ago, Dean of Student Affairs Victoria Miller and Director for the Institute for Civil Civic Engagement Carl Luna had a meeting with student leaders about bringing one of these workshops to Mesa. These presentations usually take place in University of San Diego but with the help of professor Michelle Rodriguez and professor Veronica Gerace, they were able to make it happen. Now, the workshops have been extended around the San Diego Community College District. Living in a generation surrounded by media and news it is important to signalize what is actually true and what is misinformation. Hall gave some quick tips to find a credible source, one being to always check the URL of the story. Some

Matthew Hall presents the duties journalists have when writing stories . Photo Credit: Office of Communications other helpful tips he gave include; making sure the publisher and content are reliable helps the audience feel legitimacy towards the article. Checking the date of the story is helpful to know whether it was published several years ago or recently. Searching

for hyperlinks and annotations is also helpful to insure your sources are reliable. Hall stated, “As a journalist, you have to avoid being bias and instead focus on being fair with society while keeping a balance between the issues. Readers are

attendants. Carroll has been apart of the Mesa College board since 1993 when she was hired as president. She described the celebration as “an emotional moment, being able to see all the faculty that she worked from the beginning, and seeing the major improvements in the LRC.” Carroll explained, “this celebration is a celebration of dreams of students, faculty, librarians, and everyone else who put effort and heart into our structure, and here we are celebrating it 20 years later, it doesn’t get any better than that.” They presented a film titled, “That was Then, This is Now.” It presented

a slideshow displaying the evolution of the LRC, with photos from when it was first built, to the present day. The faculty offered tours of the LRC, and listeners had the chance to enjoy cake, made specially by the culinary arts program. The students had baked three different cakes, one being the exact replica of the LRC building. “The LRC is serving what the students’ needs are. The reason this building has changed over time is because we have really listened to students’ needs. When we started to see the more and more students needed a place to do their writing, and

then allowed to create conclusions based on their readings and discuss both sides of the story.” Communications Major Cesar (who declined to give his last name) attended the workshop and said, “It was very helpful to hear from someone that has so much experience and knowledge in the field of Journalism. From now on, I will carefully look at websites and see if what they are publishing is legit or fake news.” Hall touched on this subject by addressing, “fake news, is used to misinform, but now it’s mostly used to disinform. It’s false or inaccurate information spread by accident or design, poor journalism, information without context, conspiracy theories, clickbait or sensationalism, propaganda or profit-ganda, hoaxes, and humbug news.” San Diego Mesa journalism professor Sylvia Mendoza mentioned that, “Working with Matthew Hall in the Union Tribune has been such an experience and seeing what he is doing with the community is simply amazing. As journalists we have to be the watchdogs of society. We have to seek the truth and report it.”

Learning Resource Center celebrates 20 years

By Melanie Reiter STAFF WRITER


he Learning Resource Center opened its doors on April 5 for students and faculty to celebrate the 20 years of its services. President Dr. Pamela T. Luster thanked everyone for coming, and to all the faculty involved in making the LRC what it is today. Luster explained how proud she was of the building, from the artitecture, to all the new services it offers, such as the writing center, the language center, the audio/video center, and the tutoring and computing center. District Chancellor Constance Carroll also gave a brief speech to the

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it wasn’t just about trying to figure out where to find a writing tutor on campus, they wanted a place for it, so we opened up a writing center. So, I think the LRC will evolve as the students needs evolves, as technology evolves, but this will always be a part of this campus,” said Luster. The LRC encourages students to stop by and utilize its services, whether that is to get help with an assignment, grab a snack at the new vending machines, or just a quiet place to study. Here’s to 20 years of the LRC!


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The Word

Q: What is your opinion on schools telling students how to dress?

“To put limits on that you puts limits on way of expressing ones self. cause everything has a vibration like colors and styles” -Lauren Roberts, 28

“I think it’s always interesting that is always women who are getting harrased by teachers with dresscode. no student points out a bra strap” -Louis Christian, 24

“I think I would considder that as a restriction of expression” - Savannah Franklin, 19

New Federally Compliant REAL ID ID Cards By Dorian Uson EDITOR IN CHIEF


n October of 2020, it will Also, if your current driver license or nationwide and visit a secure federal be required by law that all ID card expires after October 1, 2020, building or military installations at Californians have a “REAL ID” you can either continue to use that, any time. Make sure to check with the drivers license or identification card. but it you plan to fly, you will need federal facility/military base before Starting January 22, the dmv has been a passport or other federally accepted you visit to verify their identification issuing these new ID cards and will document – or you can choose to pay requirements,” says the DMV website. continue to do so until the two year $28 and your REAL ID will expire The REAL ID Act of 2005, which grace period is over, and these new the same date that is on your current enacted the new issuance of the ID cards are required. The REAL ID REAL ID states, “The REAL federal compliant cards are apart of ID Act establishes minimum the Real ID Act, enacted in 2005, in security standards for license hopes of increasing national security. issuance and production and According to the DMV, the Real ID prohibits Federal agencies cards will be beneficial for citizens from accepting for certain hoping to fly domestically, or those purposes driver’s licenses who wish to enter federal property. and identification cards The purpose of these ID Cards is from states not meeting the to create an nationally consistent Act’s minimum standards. ID card to ensure security when The purposes covered travelling. “The revamped IDs will by the Act are: accessing feature the word “California” in a Federal facilities, entering new font up top, as well as images of nuclear power plants, and, golden poppies (the state’s flower), boarding federally regulated sailboats, an outline of the state commercial aircraft.” The through the background, and a Gold Department of Homeland Rush miner to the card’s right side. Security has planned four Most importantly, these licenses different phases to enforce will have new UV images, and some the REAL ID. The different will contain a white REAL ID star phases list where citizens inside a golden bear logo signifying without REAL ID will a federally compliant license.” Sample of new Federally compliant REAL ID be granted access, According the DMV Representative Photo Credit: but each phase ends, Jessic Gonzalez. “ The REAL ID restricting access and card has a bear and star and the requiring a REAL ID. federal non-compliant card has There are currently 31 the words “federal limits apply.’” card,” said Gonzalez. Passports cost different states that are compliant with As many people know, every five anywhere from $30-$110, with the the new REAL ID Laws, and the rest years it is required that you renew need for renewal every ten years. are currently taking action to catch up, your license and pay the $35 fee. So in reality, if you are planning on California being one of them. The new The REAL ID is not required by law. travelling internationally a lot and REAL ID is a good idea for national Everyone does not need to rush out already own a passport, getting a security purposes. Despite the extra to the DMV and get a new ID. All it REAL ID is not necessary, however, cost it may cause some people, it is does, is simply replace the use of your if you do not already have a passport a convenient and consistent way to passport. After October of 2020, those getting a REAL ID would be a smart travel. The whole purpose of the who do not have the REAL ID will idea because the cost is lower, and REAL ID is for congress to insure have to carry a passport in order to it’s more convenient. “If you have national security ,and this is one be granted access to federal facilities a valid U.S. passport or passport of the smartest ideas they’ve had and domestic flights. “ If it is time card, military ID or other federally because it’s convenient for citizens, to renew your current card, you just approved identification, you may use it’s (in a way) being grandfathered in, apply for a REAL ID- that doesn’t cost this as your form of identification to and makesIDs nationwide consistent. any more than it already would cost. pass a TSA checkpoint at airports

“They shouldn’t have any say so in the way students dress because thats a way of esprssing themselves” - Chris Nation, 18

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APRIL 17, 2018

Dockless bikes: resourceful transporation or a nusiance? By Lauren Lee STAFF WRITER


an Diego is the latest hub for dockless bike-sharing, infesting the streets with electric bikes and scooters. Eco-friendly companies such as Ofo, Bird, Limebike, and Mobike are just a few of the names popping up along SD streets. This is the first instance of bike sharing San Diego has ever seen. These dockless bikes and scooters allow the rider to park their bike wherever is convenient for them, easing the carbon emissions by allowing drivers to ditch their cars and relieving the customer from the responsibility of chaining up. Each bike and scooter has its own GPS tracking mechanism, ensuring all bikes’ direct locations are shared with the company at all times. The easy-to-use apps show a map of your area with all nearby bikes or scooters marked for you. You simply select which one you’d like to use and the app guides you there with direction. In the vein of easy access, these apps allow for cheap travel between short distances across the city. However with the accessibility of dockless vehicles granted to the riders, city officials are finding the freedom a

burden. Some communities such as Little Italy and Coronado view the bikes as litter on their streets. Coronado has even declared them a public nuisance, and are specifically targeting and impounding the bikes. The company Bird has proposed the pledge to “Save Our Sidewalks”, also known as S.O.S., in an attempt to tidy up the streets and lessen the clutter of bikes and scooters. The plan entails each bike and scooter to be repositioned every night, and a donation of $1 per vehicle to the participating cities. Bird has asked the other companies to join them with the agreement, but competitors are leery. When asked, Taylor Bennett, a spokesperson of Ofo has stated that she believes Bird’s intention to be in the wrong place. She went on to say that Bird “has made a clear trend of operating first without prior approval, just like it’s approach to entering cities,” and that they have again “resorted to bullying tactics to push its own agenda and forgo any sort of community collaboration.” With each activation standing at $1, in addition to 15 cents per minute of ride time, Bird’s proposal of $1 per vehicle a

night seems like a fair one. Both giving back to the city and allowing them to be repositioned as to not seem like such a burden. However, unlike its competitors Bird did not seek approval from the city before setting up, and did not notify any of the communities forced to participate. For this reason, Ofo believes that Bird is enacting this plan for their own better interest to appear more community oriented in the eyes of the public. Until we are given more exact information on what Ofo and the other companies mean by “collaborating with the community,” we are left to applaud the only one taking action to make a difference. The Ofo bicycle makes working out and handling So ride them or resposneibiltes look like a breeze. hate them, because you may Photo credit: only have them for a little while.

Coachella: An unnecessary way to waste all your money

By Cassidy Bartolo STAFF WRITER


estival season has arrived and the fashion frenzy followed by the Instagram hysteria is upon us. The second weekend of Coachella 2018 is just days and it’s that time again where event goers endlessly ask you if you’re attending and flash a puzzled smile confused as to how any twentysomething can say no. Well the answer to that question is to stop contradicting our proclaimed modern social values of being “woke” and start realizing the truth of what we’re endorsing with Coachella. Like many other festivals having its carefree and open-minded vibes, Coachella has become a right of passage for millennials with a certified stamp on their social media to verify they were in fact in attendance. Every April people start to pack up their cars with camping supplies, booze, outfits and about 10 gallons of water to survive. What many event goers seem to forget to pack is their conscience as they drop almost a grand into an event without regard of who they’re giving their money to. That person is Philip Anschutz, owner of Coachella’s organizer Goldenvoice, Artist Charles Reagan performing on stage at Coachella. who sparked up controversy when it was Photo credit: Courtesy of Coachella Photos revealed in 2016 that people and compaman, a pro-life birther ($5,400 in August); generation fighting for equal rights, accepnies he personally endorsed were strongly as well as Nebraska Sen. Deb Fisher and tance and justice. It seems as though our conservative in their views and agendas. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.” People generation is okay with giving their money Joshua Espinoza of Complex Magawho pay for Coachella tickets may be to the groups they claim to be so against if zine wrote, “The recipients included prostrongly against these views and agendas, it benefits them with seeing their favorite gun Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, who but this is where that ticket money is going. bands live and a weekend off work. Anwas given $5,400 in March; Scott Tipton, The festival is geared towards an au- schutz’s endorsements were revealed over a Colorado congressman who opposes dience of millenials making up the vast two years ago and although he’s claimed same-sex marriage and abortion ($2,700 in majority of ticket sales. This is the same to of cut ties with the organizations, there’s August); U.S. Representative Mike Coff-

no proof that he has done so nor does it change the fact that he had been endorsing and donating to them for years until he was exposed. So this is where our $600 ticket per person is going? Goldenvoice will happily keep raising their prices and funneling in millions of dollars thanks to us because we will keep buying them year after year. The festival lifestyle and letting loose while listening to amazing artists with your group of closest friends on a mini vacation two hours away from home is one the best experiences. I have attended about a dozens festivals but Coachella has not been one of them. It’s time that us festival-goers pay more attention to these companies that make millions of dollars off of us. Not to mention that every year Coachella tickets particularly raise their prices significantly and every year more and more people attend. Festivals are an amazing opportunity and place to congregate with others who have the same interests and thoughts as you, but do these festival’s companies have those same interests in mind? Attendees need to show these companies like Goldenvoice and people like Anschutz that their views don’t align with who they choose to endorse. Many of the anti groups he funded are the opposite of the demographic of Coachella attendees. Without that demographic of LGBTQ’s, feminists, different race and religions, there’s doubt that Goldenvoice would even have a festival to put on. This diversity is what is celebrated at events, so it’s time to pay attention if that diversity is appreciated.

APRIL 17, 2018


Album Review

n March 30, Toronto-native Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, released a surprise EP titled “My Dear Melancholy,.” This release is The Weeknd’s fourth major album/EP and is his first solo project since the release of “Starboy” in 2016. Since “Starboy,” The Weeknd has been heard collaborating with many mainstream artists, such as Future, Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, Nav, French Montana, Gucci Mane, and Lil Uzi Vert. The Weeknd has teased his fans with cryptic tweets and Instagram posts over the past few months, alluding to him working on something big, but nobody expected a EP like “My Dear Melancholy,” to be released. This EP shows elements of the old Abel that die-hard Weeknd fans fell in love with years ago. He seemed to dive back into the dark, sex and drug-filled zone that made the legendary “Trilogy,” a compilation of his first three mixtapes “House of Balloons,” “Thursday,” and “Echoes of Silence.” This side of Abel seemed to be lost with his last two albums “Beauty Behind The Madness” and “Starboy.” The first track on this EP, “Call Out My Name” is by far the best song on the album. This song is prime Weeknd. Every aspect of this song screams “House of

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The Mesa Press

The Weeknd releases surprise EP

‘My Dear Melancholy,’ By Michael Scott SPORTS EDITOR

The album cover for the new EP from The Weeknd “My Dear Melancholy,.” Photo credit:

Balloons.” Any die-hard Weeknd fan with a “XO” in their Twitter bio will agree that this track is pure gold. From start to finish, this record is extraordinary. However, it does overshadow the remaining five tracks. It just seems like every song after this banger can’t hold its weight, making the EP itself seem extremely lackluster after track one. “Try Me” and “Wasted Time” are both good songs as well, but they hold no comparison to “Call Out My Name.” One thing I did notice throughout the album was that it sounds like The Weeknd is in limbo, trying to decide if he wants to go back to his dark side, or keep producing the pop radio hits that have made him the mega-star he has become over the past couple of years. As a fan myself, I hope this EP is a start of the rebirth of the old Weeknd I gravitated to years ago, and his day-one fans will definitely agree. Nevertheless, “My Dear Melancholy,” is a step in the right direction for The Weeknd. I would not be surprised if this EP is the beginning of something bigger, or even a prelude to an album where he decides to go back to his roots, and win back all the fans he lost when he “sold out” and became a pop star. As a fan, I’m excited to see what else The Weeknd has in store for us after the release of this EP.

Movie Review

‘Ready Player One’ is a virtual reality adventure By Chelsea Heath STAFF WRITER

Ready Player One” is a futuristic, virtual reality thrill ride that gives nods to past and present pop culture, while featuring a killer 80s soundtrack. Director Steven Spielberg has done it again. Set in 2045 in “the stacks” of Columbus, Ohio, the film follows Wade Watts (played by Tye Sheridan) and his avatar Perzival through the virtual world of OASIS. Everyone can be seen plugged into this virtual reality, because it allows them to be anyone or anything they desire. This virtual world is the epitome of escaping from reality, as real life in 2045 is not much to live for. The premise of the film is based on the common goal of those in OASIS– to find the “easter egg” hidden by the virtual world’s co-creator, James Halliday. To do so, one must look in the simplest, but most unexpected places. Perzival and his avatar friends experience a wild ride as they race to find the “easter egg” before their foe Sorrento does. The film is a visually stunning experience, made even better when seen in Imax 3D. It also gives an interesting perspective on where society may be headed in the future. Although, one would do well to be cautious in a virtual reality world, especially when meeting people and falling in love. As Perzival’s avatar friend Aech said best, “She could actually be a 300 pound dude who lives in his momma’s basement in suburban Detroit. And her name is Chuck.” An adventure-packed, pop culture filled, sentimental, and even romantic film, “Ready Player One” is definitely worth seeing in the theater.

Wade Watts gears up to become Perzival in the virtual world, Oasis. Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Mesa Press

APRIL 17, 2018

Movie Review

‘Love, Simon’ is the movie this generation needs

Nick Robinson plays Simon Spier in “Love, Simon.” Photo Credit: MCT Campus

By Jessica Aquino PHOTO EDITOR


heartwarming, smart and a cute spin from the classic romantic comedies we all have seen, “Love, Simon” is groundbreaking in LGBT cinema. The movie, directed by Greg Berlanti, is about a young high schooler named Simon (Nick Robinson) who meets an anonymous boy online who only goes by the name “Blue.” Simon then adopts the name “Jacques” while they are conversing. The two quickly become comfortable with each other, with the movie making the viewers wonder who “Blue” really is. “Love, Simon” takes a different turn from the usual portrayal of the LGBT community in media. Usually it always has to do with homophobic friends, or a homophobic

family. But with this film, it’s not just about finding a way to come out safely and having to face the entire world, it’s about knowing there are friends and family members who will support you and knowing a happy ending for a gay couple is possible. With more and more young people coming out as LGBT, this movie is well needed. While this movie is meant for an audience of high schoolers, people of all ages are able to relate with the fear of coming out, with the fear of being resented and no longer treated like they were before by their friends and family. This movie gives courage to those who are still questioning whether or not they should come out and be themselves.

“Love, Simon” breaks away from the heteronormativity that we are so accustomed to in media. And we need that. The movie, and the book it is based on (“Simon vs. The Homosapien Agenda”) makes a special point: Why do only gay people have to come out? And why isn’t coming out as straight a bigger deal? This film does a great job with being quirky, funny and relatable to teenagers and young adults. Even if you can’t relate to Simon himself or his friends or family, if you are looking for a fun, uplifting movie with good representation and diversity all around, check out “Love, Simon.” It may even make you burst into a few happy tears.

Movie Review

‘Midnight Sun’ will have you reaching for your tissues By Delaney Schafnitz STAFF WRITER


tars Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger delivered a performance that left the audience in tears multiple times. “Midnight Sun” pulls on the audience’s heartstrings and creates an emotional connection from the beginning. With love scenes to scenes that make you fight back the tears, this film delivers a heart-wrenching story that keeps the audience hooked. While this movie could be seen as a typical teenage love story with a hardship the couple has to work through, there is a nice but devastating twist that leaves you thinking about this movie long after it is over. “Midnight Sun” is the story of Katie Price, played by Bella Thorne, who has an extremely rare disease that prevents her from being in the sunlight or else she could die. Katie lives a very sheltered life due to the disease, but the highlight of her day everyday was when she would see the boy from down the street, Charlie, played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, skateboard by her house. Over 10 years from the first time Katie saw Charlie out her window, she finally meets him. The two fall in love, even though Katie doesn’t reveal her disease to Charlie. Eventually, the truth comes out the two continue to try and make their relationship work. With a score of 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie did not seem to appeal to many. Critics called this film “cheesy,” “predictable,” and “implausible” and Us Weekly says that you should “save your money and your tissues.” It takes a certain type of audience for one to appreciate the storyline, but if you are the type that enjoys a sappy love story that will have you reaching for the tissues, this movie is for you.

Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger star in the new “Midnight Sun.” Photo Credit: Open Road Films


APRIL 17, 2018

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The Mesa Press

From triumph to empire: MK Asante

By Jonathan Smith STAFF WRITER


he emancipation of one’s mind comes from being able to articulate language in various forms and to decode what’s been taught to people systematically. MK Asante, best known for his memoir “Buck” shared with students at San Diego Mesa College on April 10 some ways to decode systematic language that is used to suppress not only people of color, but people who stand out amongst the rest. Asante spoke frequently about the importance of finding your own voice and being able to translate it well to others. What does this mean exactly? As someone who hasn’t always walked in the light of being a “leader”, Asante talks about understanding why it’s important to “crawl before you walk”. Coming from a family of scholars, Asante takes great pride in his father’s establishment of “Afrocentrism”, understanding the African diaspora in America, which later led to him finding his niche. “Buck” highlights some pivotal moments in his life between the ages of 13 and 18, where he talks about his mother’s mental health, depression and subsequent abuse of prescription drugs, his brothers incarceration and his perception of it all. For many African-American children, this environment isn’t uncommon. Asante talks about the importance of embracing your upbringing and allowing that to fuel you creatively, to use those moments as a release. During the group counsel before the discussion panel, Asante talks about the importance of being persistent with anything that you’re pursuing. He used the analogy

MK Asante signs his book, “Buck,” for a Mesa student after the discussion panel. Photo Credit: Mesa Office of Communications about a basketball player who isn’t having a good game with shooting and missing the goal. “Keep shooting”, he says, when referring to someone who’s easy to give up what they’re going after. He insists that in order to be successful in what it is you are pursuing, you have to continue practicing and believe in yourself. He talks about an experience at an alternative school he was sent to where the teacher was requesting that the kids pick up their pens and write. Asante says he remembers being

San Diego’s craft beer festival benefits charity

frustrated with the teacher and being rebellious, he wrote “fuck school” on the paper. This was the beginning of something that he soon will be in love with; writing. Being pressed and motivated to dig deep into yourself to find what it is you need is life changing. He recalls being confused as to why the teacher would encourage him to continue writing after having written profanity, but he says that the teacher felt his passion. She knew that there was something in him that needed to be re-

leased, that he had something more to say. Through all of the adversity and objections Asante has faced, he stands tall and humble today. Tuesday, students had the opportunity to pick his brain and get to know him personally. He spoke about being mentored by legendary Maya Angelou, who would breathe wisdom and knowledge into him. “A story of surviving and thriving with passion, compassion, wit, and style”, Angelou stated, referencing Asante’s memoir, “Buck”. Asante demonstrates what it means and looks like to be someone who is well polished; a diamond in the rough. Professor Thekima Mayasa, head of the Black Studies Department, talks about the importance of having someone of Asante’s influence on campus regularly to give other students a physical example of being aware of your own potential. In the weeks leading to Asante’s second visit, many classes on campus were familiarizing themselves with him by being assigned “Buck” to read for class participation. Asante not only carries himself well, but he’s also very awarded and cited. “It’s not about the accomplishments, but more so the people that were receptive to what you have to offer”, Asante says. Having been a guest speaker at many universities all across the U.S., U.K. and Africa, Asante says that he truly enjoys helping the youth find their light. “Buck” is currently being turned into a feature film that will include some of the soundtrack that was created along with the memoir, both written and produced by Asante.

By Chelsea Heath STAFF WRITER


he Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival (MVCBF) was a craft beer and foodie paradise, and this year, it was all about the kids. The festival that took place on March 31 at the now SDCCU Stadium, was more than just a haven for beer drinkers and food lovers. A portion of the proceeds from the festival also went to It’s All About The Kids foundation, a non-profit organization in San Diego that works to “bridge the weekend hunger gap” for children in impoverished communities. President and co-founder of the foundation, Angela Brannon-Baptiste, said, “Right now we’re focusing on Barrio Logan, and we give out about 3,000 meals a week in bags of food...and we give it to working families and their kids when they pick up their kids from the after school programs.” Baptiste explained that the goal for the money raised during the festival is to open a food pantry on Market Street, where families can come and pick out their own food. Each bag of food contained bulk items such as potatoes, rice, beans, and various fruits and vegetables. Baptiste also explained that recipes are included with every bag, written in both english and spanish, so families can get new ideas of how to make different meals. Those who are interested in donating to the foundation are encouraged to do so through the website Festival attendees were also able to donate in person if they chose. Besides giving back to charity, the festival was a place to grab some grub and enjoy some California brewed beer and spirits. Featuring over 20 breweries, distilleries, and restaurants, those in attendance had lots to choose from. Tyson Blake with O’Brien’s Pub in Kearny Mesa, has participated in the festival since its beginning in 2009. When describing the food he prepared for the event, Blake said, “Today we brought beer-braised beef cheek. We made love to a carrot today by pureeing the roasted carrots as well as taking the carrot tops and making a chimichurri out of the (them) and then a little bit of beet green on top.” The dish was paired with Nickel Brewing’s “Get to the-hopper”, a German-hopped pale ale. Charity, food, beer, and music, the MVCBF had it all. The event featured music by Laugh Out Loud Band and Adam Lasher, the grooves of which had many festival participants dancing. When asked what her favorite part of the event was, attendee Nicole Wooding said, “ Oh, San Diego Brewing Company– the San Diego IPA and the beer cheese soup was phenomenal. And the music was great too, so we had a great time.” With so much to offer, participants left full and happy.


TRANSIT PASS Exclusive student discount. Unlimited rides all month long. $57.60

On sale at the Accounting Office. Current, valid college student picture ID required. No replacements for lost, voided or stolen stickers.


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APRIL 17, 2018

The Mesa Press

Track and Field Team goes for gold at Arnie Robinson Invitational By Chris Varela Benitez STAFF WRITER


an Diego Mesa College hosted the 6th Annual Arnie Robinson Track and Field Invitational featuring some of the best teams in the state on April 6 with several Olympians recording top SoCal Regional times. Mesa head coach Sean Ricketts made his home meet debut alongside sprints, hurdles, and relays coach Matthew Beckstead, throwing events coach Alex Knudsen, pole vault and multi events coach Stan Vegar,, and director of operations Manny Bautista. The men’s 4x100m relay ran a personal best of 41.80 which ranks them fourth in the SoCal Region. Mt. SAC ran a fast time of 40.95 to edge out the Olympians. Last year, our 4x100m relay team placed fifth in the CCCAA California State Championships. After the race All-American Cooper Bibbs said, “I am proud of my teammates for running their best and we are all looking forward to the championship season.” Cedell Morris won the high jump competition in 1.95m and Ryan Dean came in third with 1.90m. Morris proudly said, “I came out here to compete and I walked away with an overall win.” Cedell is currently ranked 8th and Ryan is 12 in the SoCal Region. In the women’s side, freshman sprint and hurdles star Dani Johnson completed

the 100m and 400m hurdles double. She ran a big personal best of 14.42 in the 100m hurdles placing her first in the SoCal Region. Then, her 1:03.54 in the 400m hurdles puts her second best in the SoCal Region. “I’m just happy to be out here

competing because I been dealing with injury problems.” She said, “I want to stay healthy to finish the season strong.” Middle distance runner Kristina Tovilovic ran a seasonal best in the 1500m and third overall with a time

of 4:57.12. “It was a tough race,” she said, “It was difficult finding a rhythm to stick with but by the end of the race I was able to put together a strong kick.” After a long day Ricketts said, “The meet was smooth, we were right on time, and we did not have any problems. This is my first year as head coach so it was very exciting to host a meet at home. Now we get into the fun part of the season.” The men’s and women’s Track and Field team will host the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference Preliminary on April 18. There the men will compete to defend their conference title April 21 at San Bernardino Valley College. Finally, the Olympians will once again compete at home and host the CCCAA SoCal Regional Preliminary on May 5 and the The Mesa College Track and Field team competes at the Arnie Robinson Invitational on April 6, 2018. Championship May 12. Photo Credit: Sufiyan Mansuri







Are you: Really Outgoing? Have Played ULTRAZONE? Contact us at: State your name and contact cell number. I love it here! They even let me clown around a little. I work hard and I get to hit some of that stuff.


Whaaaaat?! Asa Martine clears the bar in the high jump at the Arnie Robinson Invitational. Photo Credit: Sufiyan Mansuri

619.221.0100 3146 Sports Arena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110


Page 8

The Mesa Press

Mesa College softball team takes home an unexpected win By Siera Matthews STAFF WRITER





had already used their substitutes and af-

an unusual win at home

ter taking out their player that was being


checked for a concussion, they could no




the on



longer compete according to the rule book.

Once the game began to get competi-

Guidi says, “They wanted to call

tive, the unexpected happened. In the

a forfeit, but I didn’t want to call for-

sixth inning a player from Griffins was

feit right away because when you do,

in motion to catch a ball from the air

stats don’t enter and its not claimed

when she fell over a teammate from be-

as a game, which right now, were so

hind her, catching the ball but falling

close to playoffs and every win counts.”

on what appeared to be her neck/head.

Although it wasn’t a traditional win,

Trainers ran to her side as umpires

players like sophomore first/second base-

called a timeout to check her injuries.

man Savanah Wallace and freshman

She was ultimately walked off the field,

third base/shortstop Chelsea Gonzalez

but the timeout didn’t end there. Players

really dug deep to compete and finish

from both teams were instructed to wait

the game strong.The Olympians had a

in their dugouts while Mesa head coach,

rough start trailing the Griffins 3-0 in the

Jaclyn Guidi conversed with Grossmont

first inning. It appeared challenging try-

head coach, Doug Hartung and officials.

ing to gain momentum. It was in that

Unfortunately, after an extensive time-

same first inning that the game began to

out officials and coaches agreed to end

change for the better for the Olympians.

the game in the sixth inning. Guidi explained in a brief interview that Grossmont did not have enough players to continue the game fairly. She explains that they

The Lady Olympians warms up before their game against Grossmont College. Photo Credit:

Episode #4 of the Mesa Press’ signature podcast, “Something Newsy,” is now online!!! Streaming on


and are mar





to play Palo-

College on April 24 at 3 p.m.

Olympians Home Schedule Baseball 4/18- vs. Palomar @ 2pm 4/19 @ Palomar @2pm Softball 4/24- vs. Palomar @ 3pm Women’s Beach Volleyball 4/20- vs. Mira Costa @9am Men’s Swim and Dive 4/19 vs. PCAC Conference Championships @ All Day Men’s Track and Field 4/18- at San Diego Mesa @ All Day 4/21- at San Diego Mesa @ all day Women’s Track and Field 4/18- vs. San Diego Mesa @ All day

The Mesa Press, Spring 2018 Issue 4  

The Mesa Press, Spring 2018 Issue 4

The Mesa Press, Spring 2018 Issue 4  

The Mesa Press, Spring 2018 Issue 4