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Recently, I had the honor of graduating my first class of fifth graders as Head of The Meridian School. Graduation was a spectacular day full of celebration; our ceremony embodied the most important qualities of a Meridian education, demonstrating how community, character, and curriculum converge to achieve our mission of promoting a balance of mind and heart, of contemplation and action, of individuality and a commitment to the community. The graduates we have sent forth are more prepared than ever to be successful in middle school and beyond. They have a strong foundation for becoming competent citizens of the world who are valued as contributors to their community.

Meghan Kimpton

Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, students approached a wide variety of concepts, themes, and experiences from multiple perspectives. Our students reached out to the community in a variety of ways; having lunch with seniors at the Wallingford Community Senior Center, studying neighborhood economics in the community, and planting vegetables at Elk Run Farm. Our entire school community also demonstrated a commitment to building a diverse and inclusive community by growing the Marilyn Easton Endowment to nearly $2.2 million. This fund provides access to a Meridian education for families who may not otherwise have considered our community. Strong fiscal oversight by The Meridian School leadership team and Board of Trustees, as well as the generous philanthropy of our entire community, positions Meridian to enjoy another thriving and rewarding school year.


Our generous 2018 Fund-a-Vision donors supported Inspirational Learning Environments, which will allow our students to learn in more collaborative, flexible, and responsive spaces. In the summer of 2018, every classroom received some initial furniture upgrades to increase flexible learning space. However, we primarily focused our efforts on the second grade classrooms, which received a significant refresh with new paint, flooring, and furniture, and represent our inaugural work of giving all classrooms a makeover by 2020. We are excited about the changes we see in second grade, and are thrilled to have the generous support of our community to help us transform our learning environments. As the 2018-2019 school year began, 196 students joyfully bounded through our doors on the first day of school. During this coming year, our thoughtfully evolving, integrated curriculum will teach children to engage academically, socially, and emotionally. Working with our dedicated


and passionate staff, Elizabeth Hodgson and I will ensure that we are engaging our students in creative ways that reflect the best instructional practices in all content areas. This year, a particular focus will be on math instruction, specifically looking at how to utilize innovative techniques to reach and extend all of our mathematicians. Here at Meridian, we successfully grow our kindergartners into Meridian School graduates. Fifth graders leave The Meridian School as confident, competent middle school students ready to take academic risks, engage with new people, and contribute to their communities in positive ways. After concluding my first year as Head of School, my pride and joy in the students that Meridian sends into the future has grown exponentially. I look forward to the 2018-2019 school year with great enthusiasm. Thank you for your generosity, support, and trust that allow us to continue inspiring children to approach learning with passion and curiosity. Sincerely,

Meghan Kimpton HEAD OF SCHOOL



The Meridian School promotes a balance of mind and heart, of contemplation and action, of individuality and a commitment to the community.

Meridian School Financial Summary* 2017-2018

Investment & Other Income 1% Annual Development Fundraising 10%

INCOME Tuition and Fees


Annual Development Fundraising Investment and Other Income Draw from Endowment Total

562,541 37,851 101,058 5,768,454

Tuition & Fees 87%

Tuition Assistance 9%

EXPENSES Salaries and Benefits


General Operating Expenses Facilities Tuition Assistance Fundraising Total

893,652 513,269 539,227 85,713 5,681,851

*Financial Summary based on unaudited statement.


Draw from Endowment 2%

Fundraising 2%

Facilities 9%

General Operating Expenses 16%

Salaries & Benefits 64%


Established by The Meridian School Board of Trustees in 2015, the Marilyn Easton Endowment supports the school’s efforts to build an economically and racially diverse school community by providing access to students of color with significant need of financial assistance. Thanks to the following generous donors, the endowment is fast approaching $2.2 million. Adobe

Duncan Haas and Birgit Walbaum

Colin and Ronit Plank

Joel and Sandy Aslanian

Todd Hargrove and Jemila Dwyer

David Powers and Amy Chasanov

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Sam and Hwashing Heyworth

Brigette and Dennis Quichocho

Matt and Maile Bohlmann

David Hyde and Anitra Ingalls

Jai and Sally Rampersad

David and Rebecca Butman

Mark Jackson and Julie Zirkle

Mike Rea

Robert and Meg Butterworth

Susan Kanemori

Scott and Katie Renschler

John Choe and Judy Kuo

Taylor Kanemori ’02

Michael and Daila Christopher

Grace Lambie ’20

Doug Reston and Missy Ponder- Reston

Jennifer Coll

Tricia Lambie and Lisa Adriance

James Schlenker and Lily Chang

Clive Cook and Sara Allan

Roger Lederman and Nicole Pattamanuch

Greg Schwartz and Colleen Butler

Ronnie and Wendy Cunningham

Craig Lee and Joanna Muench

Brent and Leslie Curran

Shavette McGhee and Jamaal Hackett- Cook

Joe Shankar and Paige Hansen- Shankar

Michael Davidson and Edie Bishop Tom and Barbara Davidson Dimitri Desmons and Valerie Hancock-Desmons

Jack Shea

Microsoft Corporation

Francis and Mary Jo Strawbridge

Ken and Michele Miyoshi

Kurt Streeter and Vanashree Jhaveri

David and Rebecca Moe

William Sunderland and Alyssa Kreider

Glenn Draper and Kimberly Watson

Anthony Moore and Kris Lee

Dave and Marilyn Easton

Mike and Erane Myint

Todd and Heather Enoki

Howard Nakase and Jill Nishi

Tarn and Karen Faulkner

John Olson and Colleen Dillon

Kent Fisher and Barbra Richardson

Adam Orkand and Anne Theisen

Mark Foltz and Jessica Strong

Jacob Oshins and Anne Phillips

Andrew von Nordenflycht and Haeryung Shin

Jamie and Kirsten Frits

Justin Pallari and Becky Frank

Michael and Yaneth Vrentas

Christopher and Maria Gingerich

Shyamalan Pather and Emily Turner

Brad Wakeman and Nancy Carroll

Paul Gleason and Missy Stern Gleason

John Pauk and Karen McDonough

Ron and Cheryl Waldman

Gary and Sissy Peterman

Alison and Philip Grennan

Wendy Watt

Mark Phillips and Jennifer Schweickert

John Guthrie and Scarlett Hunter

Franklin Wirtz and Jessica Thompson

Rob Phillips and Jennifer Bandy-Phillips

Mike and Jennifer Zell

Stephen and Bonnie Tilghman Thomas and Lesley Todaro Wadiya Udell and Sheryl Kalbach Philip Vedovatti and Laura Ishak



The Meridian School is grateful to have a generous and dedicated community of donors. Your philanthropic support of our Monarch Fund, Auction, Fund-a-Vision, and special projects contributed $698,114 to our programs, curriculum, educators, and facilities. THANK YOU for providing opportunities for our students to explore new ideas and interests beyond what would be possible with tuition dollars alone.

Monarch Fund




Inspirational Learning Environments


Marilyn Easton Endowment





Leadership Level $10,000 & above

Celebration Level $3,500 to $5,499

Anonymous (1)

John Choe and Judy Kuo

Andrew Beers and Indira Mehta

Derek and Jessica Crain

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Brent and Leslie Curran

Glenn Draper and Kimberly Watson

Carrie and Stephen Dossick

Woods and Izumi Fairbanks

Denis and Angela Gaynor


David Hyde and Anitra Ingalls

Duncan Haas and Birgit Walbaum

Mark Iverson and Allison Capen

Joe Shankar and Paige Hansen-Shankar

Tom Laramee

William Sunderland and Alyssa Kreider

Irina Molodtsova and Vadim Jelezniakov

Andrew von Nordenflycht and Haeryung Shin

Joseph and Tere Saylor

Monarch Level $5,500 to $9,999

James Schlenker and Lily Chang Jacob Scholl and Elizabeth Steffen April and Ryan Sturgell Jim and Nancy Thomson

Laurel Alexander and Erik Cullen

Dave Wine and Kat Steinglass

Michael Davidson and Edie Bishop

Heather Zorn and Paul Koss

Katie Kramer and Steve Springer



Founders Level $1,976 to $3,499 Anonymous (1) Erik Abbott and Kate Dunlop Bergman Draper Oslund Matt and Maile Bohlmann Michael and Daila Christopher Dimitri Desmons and Valerie Hancock- Desmons

Chris Bibb and Andrea Black Sarah Bien Inez Black and Wayne Schuh Lisa Black Libby Bode and Eric Hoyle Boeing Nicki and Richard Brandt Ali Bright and Jun Domaoan Aaron and Kirstina Brown

Goldman Sachs

Susan Brown

Anne and Grant Greig

John Buchinger

Mark Jackson and Julie Zirkle

Stephen Buerk and Tonya Zeppelin

Adam Lacy-Hulbert and Lynda Stuart

Roger Buick and Betty Repacholi

Craig Lee and Joanna Muench

David and Rebecca Butman

Kevin and Christine Lee

Robert and Meg Butterworth

Mark and Alicia Litton

Camille Callner

Emile Litvak and Karly Kaplan

Angelica Camargo

Ashley McClelland

Andrew Camp

Jesse McClelland

Ofelia and Benito Capuyan

Microsoft Corporation

Sean Carroll

Andrew Miller

David and Lianne Caster

Dorey Miller

Alice Chang

Mindful Therapy Group

Lisa Chang

Ken and Michele Miyoshi

Dan Cherkin and Wendie Bramwell

Anthony Moore and Kris Lee

Seif Chirchi and Rachel Yang

John Olson and Colleen Dillon

Mikael Christensen and Jamie Fletcher

Brigette and Dennis Quichocho

Club Monaco Gaming LLC

Cory Shelest and Emily Gable

Alex Cohen and Dana Kovalchick

Anthony Smith and Angelina Merola

Jennifer Coll

Adam Szofran and Lisa Maves

Clive Cook and Sara Allan

Ron and Beatrix Taylor

Doug and Romy Coppinger

Ross Thomas and Nicole White Thomas

Anne Marie Cordingly and Bill Hinman

Oscar and Ruth Velasco-Schmitz

Bruce Cordingly and Anne Marie Ruljancich

Wendy Watt Ken Whelan and Alexandra Schmidek

Community Gifts Mary and Shawn Allen Anna Alonzo and Seth Pollack AmazonSmile Foundation David and Alma Andrade Joel and Sandy Aslanian AT&T Dave and Chari Avolio Bank of America Amy Barry Michael and Jiun-Fei Beeler

Brian Cromer and Renee Devine Ronnie and Wendy Cunningham Sharon Current Rebecca and Chad Dale Zelie Dancause and Raphael Gottardo Bertalan Danko and Hajnal Jolsvai Tom and Barbara Davidson Nick DeVogel Matthew and Elizabeth Dubin Jeremy Elliott and Laura Shepard Todd and Heather Enoki James Ewing Jennifer Ewing and Florian Thiel Expedia


Marika Fagan

Lovrovich Orthodontics

Mark Foltz and Jessica Strong

Nancy Manzo

Catherine Fonner

Austin Marsh

Erin and Sam French

Laurel and Aaron Matthew

Lexi Garrity

Erin McDougall

Landon Gauthier

Shavette McGhee and Jamaal Hackett- Cook

Ben Gitenstein and Emily Cherkin Jonah Goldman and Jacqueline Payne Johann Gomez and Jamee Smith Garrett Goody Alison and Philip Grennan Todd Hargrove and Jemila Dwyer Shai and Kim Herzog Sam and Hwashing Heyworth David and Martha Hill Elizabeth Hodgson Carson Hoel Keith and Brenna Holkins Damien and Maria Huang Jackie and Tyler Hughes Intellectual Ventures Political Action Committee Emily Iverson Pam Jones Leah and Hans Juhle Wenjoo Jun and Marshall Van Beurden Brandon Kanemori ’93 Susan Kanemori Taylor Kanemori ’02 Max and JulieAnn Kanter Richard and Julia Kassissieh Meghan Kimpton and Jeremy Koren Emilia Kister and Ted Poor Eric Kitts and Yana Koubourlis Matthew and Amy Klainer Tim Koeppe and Erika Teschke Kirsten Koester Koh Orthodontics Rita Koss The Kula Foundation (Red Robin) Tricia Lambie and Lisa Adriance Raymond Larsen Lydia Laurant Roger Lederman and Nicole Pattamanuch Peter Leonard and Beth Fishman


Elisabeth McLaughlin Aida Mengistu Jenny and Al Merati David and Rebecca Moe James and Kelley Moline Zachariah and Rachel Morgan Howard Nakase and Jill Nishi Gregory Narver and Priscilla Cypiot Jennifer and John Nelson ’90 Daniel Niland and Freya Horn Lasse Nord and Jennifer Winick Rick Olson and Paula Zook Pacific Office Automation Kathleen and Randy Pagulayan M (Parama) Paramasivam and Jaisri Gangadharan Brian Parks and Jenny Ellis Gwyneth and Dhaval Parmar Amee Patel and Scott Scully Shyamalan Pather and Emily Turner John Pauk and Karen McDonough Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy Ryan and Michelle Perham Mike Perkowitz and Erica Goldsmith Gary and Sissy Peterman Sebastian and Kara Petry Rob Phillips and Jennifer Bandy-Phillips Jason and Brenna Profit Lakshminarayanan Ramalingam and Preeth Thulasiram Chris and Kate Raykovich Karen Rea Mike Rea Joan Reynolds Mychal and Sunita Richardson Alan Roth and Blair Perilman Dale H. and Steve Ruth Kellie Satre

Jan Lindner

Alison Maitland Scheetz and Peter Scheetz

Brien and Lisa Lindstrom

Alissa Scheffler

Michelle and Kenneth Lo

Cara and Ben Scheffler

Larry Scheffler

Kelsey and Jonathan Vollmer

Robin Scher and Andrea Morland

Michael and Yaneth Vrentas

Todd and Karen Schultz

Wally Pets

Sabeena Setia and Glen Shapiro

Crystal Wang and Glyn Lewis ’85

John Simensky and Kimberly Bell

Meredith and Bob Ward

Holly Simpkins and Lew Guenther

Chris and Anne Weber

Harley Sitner and Cathy Summers

Larissa and Duff Weber

Clayton Slominski and Margo Snow

Well With Art

Peregrin Spielholz and Anneliese Schleyer

Wells Fargo

Kurt Streeter and Vanashree Jhaveri

Eric West and Jeff Wise

Spring Streetman

Kennedy White

Regis Thevenet

Nancy White

Jim and Jess Thomson

Shannon and Laura Wilkinson

Stephen and Bonnie Tilghman

Kelley Williams

Anthony and Kimberly Todaro

Molly Wilskie-Kala

John and Susan Tomlin

Franklin Wirtz and Jessica Thompson

Gary Torgerson

Kaylee Witt

Charles Trafford and Deb Zaret

Anna Woodard

Jessica Urdaz-White

Mariel Young and Brian Kilgore

Cristina Valdes and Cuong Vu

Mike and Jennifer Zell

Philip Vedovatti and Laura Ishak

Dan Zink


Corporate and Matching Gift Donors

In-Kind Giving Andrea Morland Photography


Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

AmazonSmile Foundation

Spanish Caravan Catering

AT&T Bank of America Bergman Draper Oslund Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Boeing Club Monaco Gaming LLC Expedia Google Koh Orthodontics The Kula Foundation (Red Robin) Lovrovich Orthodontics Microsoft Corporation Mindful Therapy Group Pacific Office Automation Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy Wally Pets Well With Art Wells Fargo

“ Our children’s love of learning and

curiosity about the world around them have blossomed while at Meridian. The school’s emphasis on hands-on projects, field trips, community service, and the Global Citizens Exchange has both challenged and inspired our kids. As parents, we are happy to support Meridian. Our volunteerism and our philanthropy have made us feel more connected to this amazing community.” ~ MEG AND BOB BUTTERWORTH Meridian parents since 2011 10



Kimberly Watson, Chair Leslie Curran, Vice Chair Andrew von Nordenflycht, Treasurer Edie Bishop, Secretary

Sara Allan Sandy Aslanian Allison Capen Taylor Kanemori ’02 Tim Koeppe Shavette McGhee Rebecca Moe Lasse Nord Gary Peterman Rob Phillips Jen Zell, Emeritus

Ex-Officio Members: Meghan Kimpton, Head of School Sean Carroll, Faculty Representative Paige Hansen-Shankar, Parent Association Representative


Non-Profit Org U.S. POSTAGE



We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact the Development Office with any corrections. 206-632-7154 x304

The Meridian School Annual Report 2017-2018  
The Meridian School Annual Report 2017-2018