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Meridian strives to create a welcoming, equitable and inclusive culture September 15, 2016

We believe that an excellent Meridian education thrives in an increasingly diverse community of students and faculty. We believe that a diverse learning environment promotes a deeper understanding of different points of view, and increases the level of creative thinking and problem solving. For this reason, we strive to create an equitable and inclusive culture that celebrates the contribution of the individual to the community. At Meridian, our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is a priority stated in our Strategic Plan and reflected in our institutional practices, educational program, and in our efforts to increase diversity in our school community. Please read on to learn more about the events planned for this school year!

Curricular integration of equity

In October, our faculty will have an in-service day focused on the Teaching Tolerance curriculum “Perspectives for a Diverse America.” We will be integrating aspects of this curriculum and our global competency matrix with our core curriculum. Our focus this year is to foster an educational environment that supports healthy identity development for our students.

With the guidance of the organization Equal Read, we will review our classroom library collections to ensure that available texts include those that are representative of inclusive and diverse perspectives.

Our Global Studies curricular focus will be untold stories, identity, counter narratives and cultural experiences. Students will be encouraged to make local and global as well as past and present connections. According to grade level, students will explore identity and culture, the impact of colonization.

and inclusion conversations and experiences

Involving our community in courageous conversations

and experiences strengthens our individual and collective cultural competency skills. This year we will

School-wide educational cultural competency experiences and dialogues for

facilitate discussions about teaching and parenting with identity in mind, talking about race with children, and addressing current topics like the impact of stereotypes on Muslim and Sikh communities. Students will also engage in age appropriate conversations about political differences, socioeconomic diversity, civil rights, physical abilities, and more. 

Join us for Friday Morning Meetings that focus on equity

and inclusion or global studies topics. Upcoming events includes Book It Theater presentations on December 2nd.

Increasing and retaining diversity in our school community

Parenting with Identity in Mind hosted by Rosetta Lee Tuesday, November 29th 6:30-8:00PM Meridian Gymnasium

We are establishing and cultivating community partnerships with diverse, local organizations in order to spread the word about Meridian’s educational program and commitment to equity and inclusion. Our goal is to bring awareness about the accessibility of our program through tuition assistance including our endowment. Some organizations include Families of Color Seattle and the Boys and Girls Clubs and the Wing Luke Museum.

This year, we are planning two gatherings to bring together Meridian families of color. These events provide an opportunity to discuss topics specific to families of color while building community.

Join Meridian’s Equity and Inclusion Task Force—a group of parents and faculty leaders committed to engaging the Meridian community in educational conversations related to cultural competency. The group provides ideas and relevant readings, and sponsors and supports student programs, assemblies, professional development opportunities and parent forums. We meet on the last Tuesday of each month from 8:00-9:00AM. Our first meeting will be on September 27th in the Alki Conference Room at Meridian. If you are interested in joining, please

Equity and inclusion news september 2016  

The Meridian School strives to create a welcoming equitable and inclusive culture. See our plans for this year's program.

Equity and inclusion news september 2016  

The Meridian School strives to create a welcoming equitable and inclusive culture. See our plans for this year's program.