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Sunday evening to appear in the following issue of the Meliorist. Humans vs. Zombies Oct. 24-28 Everywhere The third annual Humans vs. Zombies game is back!

Halloween Queeraoke presented by ULSU PRIDE Oct. 28 10:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. at The Mix by Ric’s in the water tower Your favourite PRIDE event is back! Come and enjoy a fabulous spooktacular night. Wear your Halloween costume! The best costume wins a fantastic prize! Invite your friends! This event is 18+. Please bring your ID. Halloween Cabaret

Andrei Sula Management Contributor While enjoying the crazy nights this past summer had to offer, I was at the same time thinking about the fact that in the fall, I would be entering the last year of my Bachelor of Management degree program. Once that journey is done, I will be facing the dilemma of how I will make my living in this world. I started working when I was 15 years old (I am 27 now) without ever having the thought of starting my own business. While the first 10 years of working a job were exciting because I had my own money and therefore some independence with it, this excitement started wearing off in the past few years. When the world financial crisis was at its peak in 2008 – 2009, despair was everywhere as people were being let go from their jobs. That is when I realized that working for someone else is like placing your financial destiny into someone else’s hands. The majority do it in exchange for the warming comfort and peace of mind it provides. The financial crisis shattered and awoke many from the bliss of being sustained by a pay check or direct deposit. It was then that I became determined to take control of my own financial destiny – I decided that I

wanted to be an entrepreneur. Presently, I want to meet like minded people. I discovered that the University of Lethbridge, for all its many cool clubs, does not have an entrepreneurship club. I thought one must exist. Companionship means a lot as many who choose this route feel like it is the entrepreneur against the world. The importance of such a club consists of a support network where entrepreneurs can bring their ideas and seek support from each other before they face ridicule and rejection from the world at large as any entrepreneur does. Another reason that such a club can be of tremendous use is the fact that there is a very fine line between being an entrepreneur and a hopeless dreamer. Entrepreneurs are often at the peril of going off on a tangent with their ideas that lead away from the workings of reality and the laws of physics. The club will provide supportive and constructive feedback to its members to help them stay on track and stay grounded on their way to reaching entrepreneurial success. One of the more important support activities that the club will offer is help with business plan writing for those ideas that will come out with a stamp of approval and support from the club’s members. I believe this club can become an avenue for the forming of synergis-

tic mind groups or think tanks that can produce insights and ideas that a single mind could not. Through this club, one can also have the opportunity to develop his or hers social skills besides their business acumen. Many forget that no matter how grand one’s ambitions are or how good one’s idea is, no successful entrepreneur has ever accomplished anything on his/her own. The realization of his or her vision largely depends on the collective work of other people. I would like to have the club

ratified and ready to hold weekly meetings starting this upcoming spring semester of 2012. To make this happen we need people to email the word “support” in the subject line to andrei.sula@uleth. ca. Include a brief description of yourself and your aspirations if you can. You will shortly be contacted for a signature in exchange for a club membership and we will be well on our way to realizing our entrepreneurial dreams.

Oct. 29 9 p.m. at The Zoo

Coast To Coast Seminar Series Nov. 1 12:30 to 1:30 at CAETL Learning Lab, L1116 CRDC

A space for diversity and acceptance PRIDE Resource Centre

IRMACS and AARMS host the Coast To Coast Seminar Series in partnership with ACEnet, SHARCNET and WestGrid. This is a series of talks presented by researchers from across Canada. These seminars are presented using Access Grid videoconferencing facilities. Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length. Please RSVP to tyler.heaton@uleth. ca.

Janet Barriage Campus Beat Club Council Meeting Nov. 10 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in SU300B If you can’t attend or send a designate, please e-mail Lisa at

Do you recognize the importance of diversity and equality in today’s society? Is it possible to have both? If you answered yes to both questions then you will be interested to learn that the U of L now has a space dedicated to celebrating diversity and promoting equality.

The PRIDE club just opened their new resource centre, the PRIDE centre, on campus. Their goal is to create a safe, welcoming, and liberating environment for all persons regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. As a resource centre they offer a library of support material and useful information. You’re also welcome to come hang out, eat your lunch, chat, and ask questions!

They are looking to add more material to the library so if you have any books about sexuality and gender you would be willing to part with they would welcome the donation. The PRIDE club is a group of People Recognizing the Importance of Diversity and Equality. They were formerly known as GALIA, a support group for gay and lesbian students. However they have evolved and broadened their focus to include all issues of sexuality and gender. Everyone is welcome regardless of your sexual orientation. Openness and acceptance are key to being a member of this club. The hours of the centre are still getting ironed out and that’s where you come in! They need volunteers to help out in the centre (you can do your homework there, so no excuses!). They need a few more people to be there for students to talk to and ask questions. If you think you might be able to help out in this regard, please go to the

room at SU058 to pick up a volunteer form. There are many places that you can volunteer or help out within the club and with other organizations around the city. Email if you have any questions about open positions or about the club! If volunteering isn’t your thing then you can attend one of their many great events! They host a movie night every week and they are doing a food drive this week! You can drop off food items on the Oct. 27 and 28 for Trick or Eat. You can also drop off your donations at the SU office. If you are strapped for what to do on Halloween then why not come by Mix by Ric’s Grill in the water tower for Queeraoke on the Oct. 28! Come and enjoy a fabulous spooktacular night. Wear your Halloween costume because there will be prizes and it’s just fun to dress up for Halloween! Check their Facebook page at ULSUPRIDE for more information!

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Campus beat

October 27, 2011 • 3

Get your zombie on at the U of L Humans vs. Zombies

Janet Barriage Campus Beat

Halloween is the greatest university student holiday of all time, other than maybe summer. Halloween gives us all an excuse to dress up as something slutty or funny or strange and unheard of. This year the U of L is getting in to the spirit of things! The popular Humans vs. Zombies game started this week. This is the third time the game has taken place in two years. So if you missed it this time around, it’ll be back in the spring. So if you didn’t take part this time but you saw everyone running around like fools, this is why you should do it! The registration: Participants were required to register in advance and sign a waiver and media consent form upon registration. Each participant was given a registration package prior to Monday, Oct. 24 which consisted of two foam balls, one headband, and one ID card – including participant’s name and game number. This game is all over the world now and there is even a handy website! Participants sign up at www. You’ll need to supply a picture to sign up but you can just grab something off Google if you don’t want to use your own picture. This website is used to report an infection, view players, as well as for communication between humans and zombies. Players have to wear their bandanas to identify what they are (human or zombie) and have their ID card on them at all times! If there are any left by the time we go to print, humans are wearing their bandanas on their upper arms. Zombies wear theirs as headbands. Bands must be visible at all times! It’s cheating to cover it up! Now, it is time to defend yourself against the horde: They don’t just send you out here

with nothing to protect yourself with. Humans are equipped with white foam balls with a blue ULSU logo. These are your ammunition and your arms are your “guns,” because these balls cannot be attached to any object, such as a stick or string. If a human tags a zombie with a foam ball, the zombie will be stunned and unable to play for five minutes. This includes no chasing and no helping other zombies! This rule is enforced by the honour code, so be nice. Humans are responsible for their own ammo. So if you throw it, you need to track it down. Zombies can’t hold or collect ammo. If they touch it they are stunned. Humans may throw their balls from within a safe zone to tag a zombie in an active zone. But if a zombie is also in the safe zone they may not be tagged. So you failed to protect yourself: Humans are turned to zombies when a zombie tags them. Participants must make sure they are not tagging in a violent way. This

is the zombie apocalypse after all, not touch football. Humans have to pass on their official game cards to the zombie that tagged them. Zombies then get to use the neat-o website to enter their kills ASAP. Do you need a break? Or to go to class? Play is ongoing whenever a player is on campus and at no point should a player remove their band to take a break. But! If you need a break you can find a safe zone. There are permanent safe zones in the library, classrooms, bookstore, residences, the gym (starting at the entrance gates), the track, bathrooms, Coulee Junction, Fresh Express, study centres, group work rooms, computer labs, faculty and staff offices, and the third level of the SU building (beginning at the bottom of the stairs, including the Zoo and patio). But be careful because we all know how much zombies like to hang out at the entrance to safe places! There are temporary safe zones too, and they are (when the game begins) all of Markin Hall, Galileo’s

Lounge, Level 0 of the SU building (not including stairs), and all of the concrete area in the Breezeway (not including stairs). But throughout the game, zombies can complete missions to remove these. Zombie missions will have no timeframe (unlike human missions) in which to complete them. Everyone will be told through their e-mail what is safe or not. There are also safe times and all humans are safe from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. During this time, zombies may not tag humans. Missions: To keep the game going, humans will be assigned one mission per day and they have a timeframe in which to complete it. Failure to complete the mission will result in “death,” and the player will turn into a zombie. Once a human has completed their mission, they will receive a stamp on their ID card. Humans will only be considered alive on the last day if their ID card has four unique stamps. There are also zombie missions to remove

the temporary safe zones, and solo zombie missions in order to earn more kills. Missions are sent to players’ e-mails that they registered on the website. Players cannot use vehicles to complete their missions because that is cheating! I’m sure everyone has a story about being disrupted because of the game. If you do play next time, then please remember that classes and regular operations of the university are still taking place! Now get fired up for next time! Maybe work on your cardio… or at least stretch before you play next time. The game ends on Friday, right in time for the Halloween cab at the Zoo! Get your best costume out for great music, drink specials and amazing costume contest prizes! First place wins a 26” LCD TV, second place is a 19” LCD TV, and third place wins a $50 Zoo gift card and a ULSU swag package. IT’S FREE! And coat check is only $1. Doors open at 9.

Tories take another shot at scrapping the long-gun registry Sara Parkin News Editor

A bill was tabled on Tuesday, Oct. 25 by the Conservatives that would see the end of the long-gun registry, something Harper’s government has long awaited; it is one of several attempts they have made since coming into power in 2006. The most recent attempt by the Tories followed the defeat of a private member’s bill which failed to scrap the registry in a vote in the House of Commons last September. Proposed by Conservative backbencher Candice Hoeppner, the bill would put an end to the registry which the Tories have thought since its inception to be wasteful and unnecessary. Defeated by the slimmest of margins, the vote was split 153 to 151. The vote occurred before the May 2011 election that gave Harper a majority government, and the coalition used that to their advantage to retain the registry. The new bill will almost certainly be passed now that Harper has a majority in both the House of Commons and the Senate. The new bill goes further than Hoeppner’s in its elimination of the long-gun registry by proposing the destruction of all the information currently contained in it. The Conservatives have voiced the fact that they will not share the information with provinces who are hoping to set up their own equivalents of the doomed federal long-gun registry.

The Tories’ new bill was introduced in the House of Commons by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. He is among three Conservative MPs who held an event at a farm near Ottawa on Tuesday after tabling the bill to discuss the Harper government’s most recent attempt to scrap the registry. He was joined by Hoeppner and Maxime Bernier. “We won’t have these records loose and capable then of creating a new long-gun registry should they ever have the opportunity to do that,” Toews said of the bill’s new proposal to destroy the records currently contained in the registry “as soon as feasible.” “Provincial governments are free to proceed as they wish but we will not assist in setting up another registry. Records held by the Canadian Firearms Program will not be shared with the provinces,” Toews also said. Beyond not sharing the information with the provinces, the database will no longer be accessible to police forces. The Coalition for Gun Control was outraged by the introduction of the new bill, a sentiment mirrored by a number of gun control advocates; they released a statement following Tuesday’s tabling of the bill saying it was a return “to the days when police recovered a gun and had to search store by store to see where the firearm was sold.” The opposition were also quick to denounce the bill’s new measures as wasteful. Jack Harris, a justice critic, said “The information that’s

there is accurate and valuable and useful and the chiefs of police want it, and this government wants to destroy it and burn it. But it’s information that has cost a fortune; a lot of taxpayers’ money has been used to collect this information under the law as it existed.” The long-gun registry has been a point of contention in Canadian politics since its inception in the mid-1990s. Introduced by the Liberal government of Prime Minister Jean Chretien, the registry is managed by the Canadian Firearms Program of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The registry was created in an effort to reduce crime by making every gun traceable. For the time being, every citizen who possesses a long-gun must legally provide basic personal and gun information which is entered into a database. Critics of the long-gun registry consider it a wasteful and costly program which serves as a needless intrusion into the lives of farmers, hunters, sport shooters, and other responsible, law-abiding gun owners. However, supporters of the registry dub it a valuable resource for police forces that use it daily to glean information that is crucial to the solving of crimes. In August 2010 an internal RCMP evaluation was made public which found the federal gun registry to be a useful tool for police. While the fate of the long-gun registry is all but sealed, the Conservatives have made public the fact

that they are not planning to target the owner screening and licensing part of the program.

Mel Genttner

A call for arrest Canadians call for Bush behind bars

Kelti Boissonneault Editor-in-Chief

Oct. 20, 2011 saw former US president George Bush Jr. in Sur-

rey, BC to speak at the Surrey Regional Economic Summit. Outside, approximately 200 activists gathered calling for the arrest of Bush while he is on Canadi-

an soil. The group is calling for the former president’s arrest due to his admitted knowledge of torture and other war crimes during his term. Dianne Watt, mayor of Surrey,

told reporters that it was up to the international court to prosecute Bush for his crimes. The protestors outside the conference, however, made their opinion loud and clear by shouting “Praise George Bush for an unending war on drugs and terror and the poor. Too bad about a million dead, at least the rich are safe in bed.” Chris Bennett, an activist at the rally, pointed a finger at Canada’s own Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who maintained a close relationship with Bush during his presidency, as well as afterwards. According to the Canadian Press, while Bush was on Canadian soil a representative for the Canadian Centre for International Justice approached the courts to approve a draft indictment against Bush. A justice of the peace accepted information alleging Bush was behind the torture of four men who were detained for years in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. The group claims to have 4,000 pages of documents supporting its case against Bush under the Canadian criminal code. Over 50 human rights organizations and individuals, including

Amnesty International and Lawyers Against the War (LAW) have signed a letter in support of the indictment. Prior to Bush’s arrival in Canada, Gail Davidson, a Vancouver attorney and founder of LAW, called for the barring of Bush from entering our country on grounds of his human rights abuses. Since no barring took place, the next step, according to these organizations, will be to arrest Bush and charge him formally under the Canadian statute. Final approval for such a prosecution is passed by the federal Attorney General who, according to the group, has not responded to any of their requests for assistance. While Bush was inside at the conference, a calm barricade of several dozen RCMP officers blocked off a portion of the street leading up to the venue where the conference was being held. Protests remained peaceful and no arrests were made. The protestors faced the police officers and chanted “do your job, enforce the law!” in reference to their desire to have Bush arrested.

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October 27, 2011 • 5

CRCGA nominated for Green List

Jon Martin

News Contributor

Every year, the City of Lethbridge gives recognition to individuals, organizations and businesses in our community who have been nominated for the Lethbridge

Green List for taking action to better the environment. This year’s nominees were recognized during a ceremony at the Galt Museum on Friday, Oct. 21. Among those nominated for the list this year was the Campus Roots Community Garden Association

(CRCGA) for their efforts in helping people connect with their food, other gardeners and the outdoors, and live an alternative and active lifestyle that reduces their carbon footprint. Since 2009, the CRCGA has been working hard, planning, constructing and maintaining a

campus and community space for growing local and organic food. In addition to operating the organic community garden on campus, the CRCGA hosts events to encourage sustainable living and community development. This year, the community garden is hosting a workshop series which includes topics such as preserving the harvest, vermicomposting, permaculture and companion planting. More information about CRCGA is available at The University of Lethbridge was also recognized on the Green List for starting a pilot composting program to expand composting on campus, including the introduction of composting bins into the Piikani student residence. Details on all nominees can be found on the City of Lethbridge website: Pages/Green-List.aspx.

Western Canadian universities outshining eastern counterparts Report suggests prairie and B.C. regions becoming ‘epicentre’ of post-secondary education, out-competing Ontario Graham Cook The Peak (Simon Fraser University)

BURNABY (CUP) — A recent study by the Higher Education Strategy Associates (HESA) reports that Western Canada is the new epicentre for post-secondary education. The Toronto-based firm specializes in measurement systems, data collection, and strategic development and also founded the Canadian Education Project. Alex Usher, president of HESA, suggested that “the intellectual centre of gravity of Canada is shifting west much faster than people realize.” The past two decades have seen the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria, the University of Alberta, and the University of Saskatchewan outcompete prestigious Ontario schools such as Queen’s, McMaster,

and the Universities of Waterloo and Western Ontario for academic talent, as well as funding. Usher added that it was “noticeable that more of the excellence money is heading west these days with no new money [in Ontario].” This was shown when the Canadian government created 19 Excellence Research Chair awards, new $10-million prizes to go to leading researchers who had established programs at their home universities. Two researchers at both the Universities of Waterloo and Toronto received recognition, while other Ontario schools struggled, with the University of Ottawa gaining one and Queen’s failing to qualify for any. Meanwhile, the University of Alberta won four and UBC won a total of $24 million. The issue also lies in politics, says Usher. In Ontario, none of the leading parties are promising any increases to post-secondary funding. In contrast, B.C. NDP leader Adrian

Dix is claiming that they will reinstate the tuition freeze that was scrapped by former Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell in February of 2002, while Christy Clark’s Liberals are telling voters that they will implement new grants. Without any new financial support, post-secondary institutions in Ontario are in a tough situation. While some schools might be able to ease financial woes by attracting the high-tuition fees of international students, Usher felt that “institutions are limited in options in terms of meeting their bills for the next little while ... I am bleak about Ontario; this is what happens when you have a $15-billion deficit.” The situation looks to have become even more complicated, as on October 6 a Liberal minority was elected in Ontario with Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives forming the official opposition. While Hudak has promised to increase post-secondary investment

by $600 million annually, they also plan to scrap the province’s $30-million foreign scholarship program pledged by the Liberals. Usher’s view is that Dalton McGuinty and his Liberals have given Ontario what could be their best years for higher education funding, but that things have been deteriorating for a while. “Twenty years ago, you could have made a case that three or four of the top seven or eight universities in the country were in Ontario. I don’t think you could make that claim today.” The report illustrates that universities and colleges in western Canada have been thriving for the past two decades, compared to their eastern counterparts. While things look promising for the region as a whole, this news comes just days after Times Higher Education’s latest rankings showed Simon Fraser University slipping out of the top 200 schools worldwide.

Gadhafi dies, Libya rejoices Sara Parkin News Editor Libya rejoiced on Oct. 20 when news of Moammar Gadhafi’s death spread throughout the world. Gadhafi was killed when he was caught in crossfire between rebel fighters and the forces of the ousted Libyan leader, sustaining a shot in the head. Gadhafi’s death comes just months after the fall of Tripoli to rebel forces on Aug. 22. He was killed in Sirte, one of the final pockets of loyalist resistance in the country that has been rife with civil war since February. The interim rulers of Libya declared the country liberated on Sunday, Oct. 23 after an eightmonth civil war. The nation is now set to begin what is meant to be a two-year transition to democracy. A joyful ceremony that celebrated the end of Gadhfi’s 42 years of tyrannical rule was clouded by the pressure that NATO forces are putting on Libya’s new government to investigate Gadhafi’s death. For eight months the Libyan people, who are traditionally divided by complex tribal and cultural tensions, put aside their differences and united against Gadhafi’s despotic rule. Now that Gadhafi has been killed, many fear that tribal rivalries will become the enemy from within and threaten the country’s move towards democracy.

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6 • October 27, 2011

Tories looking to force unions to open books Opponents argue private member’s bill represents excessive intrusion Henry Gass The McGill Daily (McGill University)

MONTREAL (CUP) — Canada’s unions may be forced to disclose annual financial statements to the federal government if a private member’s bill passes. Russ Hiebert, Conservative MP for the South Surrey-White RockCloverdale riding in British Columbia, tabled Bill C-317, “An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act (labour organizations),” in Parliament two weeks ago. Under the bill, every labour union in Canada would be required to file a standard set of financial statements each year with Revenue Canada. “The Federal Government provides substantial public benefits to unions as they perform this valuable task for Canadians. My bill is designed to provide for the financial disclosure of how those public benefits are used,” said Hiebert in a press release, referring to the federal tax exemptions granted to unions. Hiebert was unavailable for comment due to meetings. “With public disclosure, Canadians will be able to gauge the effectiveness, financial integrity and health of their unions … The principle is, just like charities, labour organizations receive a public benefit and the public should be informed how that public benefit is being used,” continued Hiebert in the press release. The bill is accruing significant opposition. Jinny Sims, NDP MP for the Newton-North Delta riding in British Columbia, called the bill “absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary.” “It is an attack on the union movement. This government

has made no secret that they see the unions as barriers, as getting in the way of some of their agenda, and this is another way to undermine the union,” said Sims. “I think that whenever any of our institutions have this kind of intrusion and oversight it hurts all Canadians, because if you’re going to do that with unions, what’s the next step? If you’re going to do it with the unions, let’s do it with the private corporations as well,” she continued. The bill is in its second reading in the House of Commons. Sims, a former president of the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation — which represents 41,000 public school teachers in the province — said union finances are already well monitored. “Russ Hiebert is behaving as if union funds are public funds. People pay to be members of a union, and there is an incredible amount of oversight into the funds,” she said. “The business of union dues and how they are handled is the business of those people who belong to that union. It is not public money. It’s money that belongs to members of that union,” she continued. Lerona Lewis, president of McGill’s largest on-campus union — the Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill (AGSEM), representing over 3,000 members — does not see the bill as a problem. “You can go online to look to see what was spent, when it was spent, and so on,” she said, adding that transparency was “something we believe in anyway.” AGSEM’s financial statements are public on the website of their parent union the Confédération

Victor Tangermann

des syndicates nationaux (CSN). Molly Alexander, an advisor to AGSEM from the Fédération nationale des enseignantes et des enseignants du Québec, another CSN subsidiary, said they were fine with the bill so long as “it doesn’t become just more bureaucracy and more paperwork.” “Constitutionally … the [AGSEM] executive is required to present a budget and financial statements to its members,” she said. But Lewis expressed the concern that C-317’s proposals were not worth the potential costs for unions. “Probably you’ll have to hire another person to just meet those requirements, and if you multiply all the unions ... are you creating more bureaucracy to solve

a real problem?” she asked. A website in support of the bill — — states on its home page that “using electronic filing, the annual filing expense incurred by unions and by the federal government should be negligible.” The website also states that “public disclosure will demonstrate that unions spend their money wisely, effectively and obtain good value for members’ dues. To suggest that this is somehow an attack on the NDP or the labour movement is a fiction.” Peterborough Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro recently accused unions’ leaders of “seeking to buy influence” with the NDP. Sims noted that a bill to reform union political contributions would

have to amend the Elections Act, while C-317 proposes amendments to the Income Tax Act. “So far the Elections Canada, the people who investigate, have said they’ve got nothing of substance, and once again it is the Tory backbenchers throwing out all kinds of allegations,” she said. Sims continued to state that Conservatives are “creating a kind of excitement out there to detract from the fact that we have a lot of people in Canada not working.” “I think the biggest chill factor in this is that this government actually believes they can go in and investigate how people spend their money, money belonging to a group,” she added.

Our adventures in women’s studies, and what we found there Wherein we also review a course Danika Jorgenson, with contributions from Madison Webber, Sabrina Roberts and Bri Krushelnicki Features Op-Ed

When I first walked into my Women’s Studies 1000 class, I came face to face with the scariest professor I had ever met. She demanded more academic excellence than any of my other professors. She made the course out to be a lot of hard work, and it seemed like she wouldn’t accept less than the best. As it turned out, she held true to her word. I had readings assigned every class that explained the world. Seriously, they explained the world. A feminist analysis of sports or the politics of location will blow your freaking mind. I finally understood why I felt like crap about my body, but I also learned what people were doing across the globe in order to change the pervasiveness of those feelings. My eyes were also opened to the struggles of people globally, and I was outraged. Out of my outrage came inspiration for change that lasts even now. I was also required to leave the classroom and explore the world that I learned about. One of the assignments was to analyze the campus in terms of access for the differently-abled. I always knew the campus was awkward to get around,

but I had no idea just how awkward it would be if I was just a little bit older, a little bit younger, had crutches, etc. I also had the opportunity to participate in group work that facilitated discussion and analysis. Through the guidance of my professor, I was able to relate to my peers and sometimes (often) clash with them in an ultimately supportive environment. In class we discussed those things that affected me on a daily basis, whether I knew about them before or not. Though I first judged the people I walked into class with, my prof’s group work and discussion moderation taught me not to do so. Even now, I have great respect for everyone I took the class with; they are all phenomenal people with great ideas. Now, the assignments. The assignments were hard. The essays that would pass in my other classes would not pass with my Women’s Studies 1000 prof, and because she made us bust our butts for everything, I am a better writer now. I am also a better speaker and a better team player. This was due in part to the open dialogue she encouraged with her students. Some marks were given for speaking to her during office hours, and I took full advantage of that. She also encouraged further reading and investigation, and always independent thought. I recall often

Suffragette’s at the New York State Fair, 1915

disagreeing with what was said in her class, and she would always open the floor to encourage discussion. Now I am in higher-level women’s studies classes. My professors still encourage independent thought and discussion. They still require that I bust my butt every single time, on every single assignment. They also give me more opportunities than I have had in any of my other courses. Because of my women’s

studies classes, I get to attend events that I would otherwise not be able to attend. I have the opportunity to meet and network with leaders in our community (I actually got to hug a major Canadian leader this past week), and support our community in a tangible way – both for class credit and for personal growth. Trust me, there is no reason not to take a women’s studies course. You will learn things across the

disciplines that will enhance every aspect of your education. You will learn more about the world you live in. You will feel the weight of hopelessness and suffering, and you will be filled with such optimism for change, as well as pride in the other people who have already facilitated that change. As corny as it may sound, I became a better person after taking a women and gender studies course, and you will too.

Bacon Mary and the Green Eyed Screamer Matt Baird

Bacon Mary

Features Mixologist

Halloween is, hands down, the greatest holiday of them all. Not only do you gather with friends and family, but you get to transform yourself into someone that is not, well, you. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to phrase this phenomenon, but the idea of the costumes we choose acting as a projection of our inner selves is a mire of symbolism that I really do not want to get into in Drink of the Week. What I do want to get into, however, is booze. As such, we have two drinks that will scare the daylights out of you this week: one for you, the discerning drinker, and one to give to the people who show up to your Halloween parties uninvited. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which is which. First off is the Bloody Mary. I’ll go on the record here, I hate these abominations. It’s a mix drink consisting of whatever dry condiments and vegetables you have left over from Thanksgiving, the tomato juice in the back of your fridge, and vodka. It originated in New York by actor George Jessel in 1939, and back then it was nothing but half a glass of vodka and the

You’ll need the following: A dash of salt A dash of pepper 3-4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce A dash of hot sauce 1/4 of a lime’s worth of juice 2 oz of vodka 1 cup of tomato juice 1 slice of fried bacon Brown sugar

equal of tomato juice. These days, you find Bloody Marys that look like someone took a Caesar and then added half a salad bar and the remainder of the drink. Regardless, it’s a fine Halloween fare, and should not be ignored, especially with the addition of bacon! Secondly, we have the Green Eyed Screamer. It is a flaming drop shot, and that means you drop the shot into the drink. Not on the

counter, not on the floor, and not on anyone else at the party. It’s not rocket science, people. Also, don’t leave the absinthe burning too long, or your shot glass will be too hot to handle. Speaking of absinthe, I’m going to dispel that whole green fairy myth right now, and damn Viktor Olivia for ever making that stupid painting in the first place. Absinthe does not cause hallucinations. It is not banned in

Rim the glass with your brown sugar. Add the pepper, salt, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce into the bottom of your glass, followed by the lime juice, as well as the vodka. Mix well, and then add your tomato juice. Follow it up with the slice of fried bacon for garnish – celery sticks be damned! Alberta, it is not the devil’s liquid, and it is not a liquid you should take shots of in the coulees while talking about the fall of the Roman Empire. I know that last bit from experience. In the early years it was mixed with everything from poisonous substances (to get its bright green colour) and straight grain alcohol (to get its high alcoholic content).

Green Eyed Screamer You’ll need the following: A glass of cheap, low quality brew (here’s looking at you, Keystone) 1 1/2 oz of absinthe. Pour your beer and your shot of absinthe. Light the shot on fire, and drop it in the brew. Let the green mix a tad, and drink. NOTE: Absinthe is anywhere from 50-70 per cent alcohol, and as such should be treated with care. Drink it responsibly, folks.

If you’ve ever drank nothing but absinthe and suffered from severe hallucinations, that’s called the placebo effect under the effects of alcohol. Treat good absinthe like you would a good bottle of scotch. As such, use the cheaper stuff in this drink; you wouldn’t mix your 19 year old single malt, and you had better not drop $70 on something you’re going to be dropping into a glass of Keystone.




8 • October 27, 2011

The dead make the best stories Famous assassinations in history you should know

Kelti Boissonneault Editor-in-Chief

History is literally a tale of who killed whom, how they did it, when, and why. Some of the craziest, coolest (also most tragic), and most random assassinations are listed here in brief. Don’t get me wrong, assassinations are typically bad things, but they do tend to make a story every reporter/novelist/ conspiracy theorist dreams of. Here are my top 10 favourites.

10. Lee Harvey Oswald

– Accused of shooting JFK (also on this list) whilst in Dallas. As the case against Oswald persisted, Jack Ruby in turn shot him before he could be tried. Oswald died Nov. 24, 1963 at the age of 24.

9. John Lennon—Lennon’s music still resonates, even with the Bieber-crazed youth of today, which says something. He was one of the most successful musicians in history, as well as a popular peace activist. He was shot and killed on Dec. 8, 1980. His murderer, Mark David Chapman, is still in jail, and has yet to provide a coherent motivation for the murder. 8. Malcolm X – Also known

as Malcolm Little, X is often seen as the man behind the Black Power movement of the 1960s and

‘70s. He was killed whilst giving a speech on Feb. 21, 1965. He was shot a total of 16 times by three separate men, one using a sawn-off shotgun. He was 39.

7. Franz Ferdinand – For those of you who have temporarily forgotten your high school history, this is the guy whose death was a major catalyst for World War I. He and his wife were shot and killed by members of the Black Hand while in Sarajevo, Austria. Ferdinand was killed on June 28, 1914 at age 50. 6. Jean-Paul Marat – A leader of what I like to call the “guillotine brigade” in the French Revolution, Marat had signed the death warrants of over 1,000 people. You can imagine he was on a few hit lists. The story of his death is epic, however, when Charlotte Corday, a Girondist, walked into his bathroom, pulled a butcher’s knife from her corset, and stabbed him to death in the bathtub. Bad. Ass. 5. Abraham Lincoln – As President number 16 for the USA, Lincoln was the guy who was responsible for fighting the Civil War and ending slavery in the states. Lincoln was at the theatre when John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate spy, snuck in and shot him on April 14, 1865. Lincoln,

remembered as a father of the nation, was just 56 when he died.

4. Mohandas Gandhi – Gandhi, arguably the world’s most famous peaceful protestor, was shot and killed by Hindu radical Nathuram Godse while on a nightly walk. Gandhi died Jan. 30, 1948 and a memorial was later erected at New Dhelhi. 3. Julius Caesar – Of all the political leaders in history, you have to admit that Caesar is pretty badass. A Roman political and military leader in the first century (C.E) who became the dictator of Rome after leading a bloody civil war. The senators of Rome took a bit of an exception to him, and as many as 60 senators were present at his death, when several of them stabbed Caesar to death. His body, according to sources, had 23 separate stab wounds. He was killed on the Ides of March, and was 57 when he died. His death also marked the end of the Roman Republic, and the start of the Roman Empire. 2. Martin Luther King Jr. – Famous for his “I have a dream” speech, King was a main proponent of the American Civil Rights Movement that would eventually abolish racial discrimination in the United States. On April 4, 1968, while

standing on the balcony of a second-floor motel room, King was shot. James Earl Ray later stood trial for the murder.

1. John F. Kennedy – The 35th president of the United States and one of the most recognizable conspiracy stories in world history, JFK’s assassination has been the

stuff of legend for the near 50 years since it happened. Lee Harvey Oswald shot him, according to the government, on Nov. 22, 1963 while in Dallas, Texas. It will be super-interesting in 2013 when the documents surrounding JFK’s assassination reach the 50 year mark and will be released to the public.

Phonespotting One man’s descent into social media deprecation Olivier O’Brien

Features Contributor

Editor’s Note: I discovered this article in a Pastebin link sent to me over Facebook at four in the morning. It has been edited for content and vicious rambling. The author has been missing for over three days, and any attempts to contact him have failed. Should you see Mr. O’Brien, please, contact him immediately on his cell phone; for some reason, he has not been answering his calls. I am addicted to middle-class crack. I have now gone nearly three days without my fix, and I do not know how much longer I can go. My regular supplier, a Palm Pre, began to ignore my calls a couple of days ago. Barely a month over warranty. Figures. Now I’m scrambling to find a new supplier, cruising up and down dirty alleys, looking for Bell outlets, or anyone who sells handsets. Smart-phones are strong stuff. I first got drawn in last year when my old regular phone broke, and the mobile pusher offered me a free upgrade to black tar mobility. With it I could check my e-mail and Facebook whenever I compulsively checked the time; what could go wrong? Nothing really. I haven’t stabbed anyone for a pre-paid minutes card, or been caught selling three-year contracts in front of schools. But now that the fix has run dry it’s a different story; I was so desperate that I went outside. Cruising the dirty cell-phone aisles of the local best buy, looking for a smart-phone that wasn’t cut with powdered Tylenol. Of course they gloatingly keep the grade AAA uncut

Asian stuff up front. Stuff that’s well beyond the hapless student junkie budget. The whole expedition ended up being a miserable failure, and to rub it in I missed the bus home because I stopped carrying a watch long ago. And now I’m alt-tabbing between my overdue article, the online Bell store, and Facebook where I’m pestering my friend at Bell to look into potential replacements. So I guess you could say I’m feeling a little antsy. Maybe this is some kind of physical withdrawal. After years of all that EMP radiation next to my temple, genitals and more recently thumbs (one of these probably counts as civil service), I’ve become somehow dependent

on it as a source of energy, and I certainly feel jittery and cold. (P.S.: He’s online now, the Bell guy. I hope he answers my message; maybe he’s looking up the brands I sent him right now. I could get a Samsung, those are pretty good; they are fast acting, hit you hard – I’ll keep you updated. Oh, and I guess I’ve been easily distracted too... and he still hasn’t answered.) It’s not that I’m not normally a quivering pile of neurosis; it’s just that I’m usually so good at pretending. Losing your little glass-andplastic buddy is so socially crippling, not that my phone and I never got anything done while we were

hanging out. People could be trying to contact me right now! Moreover, I can’t contact them to let them know they can’t contact me. The Bell guy logged off without answering my e-mail. I’m going to cut him with my broken touchscreen. Oh God, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean that; I just have a lot of stuff going on right now. II’m... I’m better now. I left my laptop open on Skype, Facebook, and MSN. It’s not the same. Oh, [expletive deleted], MSN. Really? My last log-in predates my first cell phone. It was my gateway

social media; I guess there was something before the first phone. It just won’t do anymore. I don’t even know anyone who uses anymore. Maybe if I make another account on my laptop, I can leave myself encouraging messages “Don’t quit now, you’re almost there, looking better everyday – go for a walk” A WALK!? WHAT IF SOMEBODY TRIES TO [expletive deleted] PHONE ME? I know myself; I’ll leave myself compliments – cutting messages, dry scorn, like glass dust. “Don’t worry; now your friends will go out of their way to contact you, and you’ll feel all the more loved for it.” [Expletive deleted]! They’ll leave me to die alone in the dark! No, the laptop was a bad idea. Just reminded me of what I didn’t have. A recovering meth addict in a crystal shop. [Expletive deleted] I guess I could read my course materials... [expletive deleted] bad idea – I should make a little fake smartphone and give it fruit and flowers, and then the cell gods will bring me a new one. I haven’t had fruit in the house since I found some in the liquor store parking lot. I’ll have to go out, but I can’t leave my land line. Is there some kind of underlying problem here? Man, I really gotta get my [expletive deleted] together. I was lying down on the bathroom floor, cold porcelain like cool glass on the face. I get it, it’s like there’s a part of myself I can’t see anymore. My public face is missing. I should cut off my pinky and watch it through a window, shove it little notes, and maybe I’ll put it next to my little cell phone idol. I’m getting irrational without my phone – I should cut off the pinky toe. Then I’ll still be pretty. … Call me?




October 27 , 2011 • 9

The A, B, and C’s of why YOU should donate to CKXU this Fundrive Aaron Trozzo

CKXU General Manager

A – is for Antenna. Ours is a piece of shit. B – is for Board. Mixing board, to be more specific. Our current board is 15 years old. We think. C – is for CD Players. *Error 200.* ‘Nuff said. D - is for Diarrhoea. Every Fundrive, we get supplied coffee and other various bits of junk food. It’s a fact of life. E – is for Evolution. In order for something to develop, it must experience change over time. Because CKXU is as much of an organic entity as any complex living creature, it requires input from a viable source to keep it continually moving, shaking, and growing. Input in this case, is equal to cash. Cold. Hard. Cash. F – is for Friends Card. They’re $20. Discounts at liquor stores, sexxxy shops, food joints, and a pile of other places around town. What else do you need to know? G – is for Greg. H - is for Happy Fundrive. By donating, you’ll make it even happier. I – is for iPod. If you’re currently listening to one, shut it off and tune into 88.3 FM. Somehow. Do it. Make it happen. Don’t ask questions. No. Shh. Don’t fight it. J – is for Jam-packed! This relates to our programming schedule! It’s totally jammed with awesome shows! Check it out online at www.!

ered head, 20 lbs uncooked turkey, one dual layer chocolate cake, 65 sticks of men’s deodorant, and so much more!

K – is for Krang. Like from Ninja Turtles? You remember him? The evil walking, talking lobotomy? Yeah, he’s part of the CKXU Crew. He’s waiting out Fundrive in the Technodrome hundreds of feet beneath the university. If we don’t make our goal of $12,000 this year, he and his foot soldiers are going to invade the U of L and force all of you into submission. Oh, and the Ninja Turtles won’t save you... They’re not real.

U – is for Unique. CKXU is Lethbridge’s true alternative. Go ahead and try to find a more versatile radio station in the southern Alberta area. Let me know if you find one. V – is for Vacation. We all need one. CKXU has the ability to take you to places without even having to leave home. Or something. W – is for Whale.

L – is for Lobotomy. As in the evil walking, talking one? Keep that in mind.

X – is for Xylophone. I’m sure this instrument is used in a lot of music we play. Hmm, can’t name anything off the top of my head...

M – is for... wait for it... MONEY! Donate some! We’ll totally make it worth your while! Uhhmm, ahem, in a totally non-suggestive sense. N – is for New Equipment. CKXU will utilize the proceeds of your donation to upgrade old, outdated equipment.

swearing our way through the entire renovation of our space! Yay! New paint! Now grab a paint brush, slacker.

and Crocheting Club), colouring books, stainless steel water bottles, hot sauce, stickers, key chains and FRIENDS CARDS!

P – is for Programming. CKXU will continue to offer quality programming as long as we have functional equipment to operate on. Catch my drift?

R – is for Renovation. We’re in the middle of one. We’re finding that it’s quite a process. When it’s finished, you’re not going to recognize the place. The new and improved CKXU is upon us.

Q – is for Quality Initiatives Program. CKXU applied for and received the QIP Grant offered through the University of Lethbridge Students’ Union in the spring of 2011. This is why our on-air broadcast booth is out in the volunteer lounge at present. We’ve been patching, painting and

S – is for Swag. During Fundrive, we offer a wide variety of swag items in return for donating. This year, we have CKXU Fundrive branded t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, ceramic coffee mugs (complete with CKXU single-serve coffee sachets), hacky sacks and wristbands (carefully crafted by the U of L Knitting

T – is for Tote Bag. All the swag items listed under the letter S will fit perfectly in the CKXU Fundrive tote bags. Other suggestions of things you can probably fit in the tote bags are as follows: (Disclaimer: items in the following list are based on their maximum individual volume and in no way should said items of said list be combined in any way; otherwise voiding guarantee of tote bag capacity.) Approximately 30 apples, many handfuls of grapes, 1,200 – 1,500 condoms, one mandolin or ukulele, one sev-

O- is for Old Equipment. CKXU will utilize the proceeds of your donation to implement new, upgraded equipment.

Z – is for Zeitgeist. This word can be defined as “the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people.” I don’t know the proper use of this word and I’m too grammatically deficient to effectively utilize it in a sentence. But it seems like a powerful way to say that we’re having the time of our lives down here at CKXU during Fundrive 2011. We hope that the CKXU bug bites you and you too become infected with the strange obsessive musical tendencies of our wild organization. To pledge, call our donation line at (403) 329- 2400, go to www.ckxu. com, or drop by the station on the first floor of the Students’ Union building. We’re next to the Meliorist and the Students’ Union. Thanks bundles.

Our Truth and Effort: Define “freedom” Kelti Boissonneault Editor-in-Chief

Voicing an opinion is exhausting. You have people constantly yelling at you from all directions, telling you how wrong you are all the time, and the attacks get pretty personal. No wonder it’s easier to stay quiet and not speak at all. That must be why many of us simply sit on our hands and don’t give voice to our views. No one likes to be told they are wrong. No one likes to be shouted at. Perhaps it’s a lesson I will learn one day: sit down, shut up, and be a good little puppet. Today is not that day.

Perhaps, in some ways, they are. I personally find them a little admirable. No, I do not sympathise with their cause; I think freedom of choice is just as important as freedom of speech. As a woman faced with that reality, I find those images entirely distressing and I’m very certain I’m not the only one. However, I admire the club for exercising their rights: freedom of speech, and of expression. I do find it ironic that those artists last year received intense criticism, even censorship, regarding images

they displayed. I find it ironic the university took action against that display, but not the display of foetuses in public spaces. Yes, I went there: I referenced the Great Penis Debate of 2010/11. Deal with it. I’m sure our fantastic artists will do something equally as controversial this year. It’s their freedom, after all. Last week’s editorial pointed out the flaw in our state of humanity, and this week’s will expand upon this. Only through harsh judgement of ourselves can we aim to be better.

Only through listening to each other can we learn the basis of our selfjudgement. While it is important to remember to be vocal and speak out, it is also important to remember to allow others to do the same. You may not always be right, but you always have the right to stand up for what you believe in. I stand by this newspaper. I stand by every article we have published this year, despite the fact that many people disagree with them, because I am comfortable enough with my worldview to tell you about it.

I encourage, entreat, implore, and beseech you: speak out. You can write on anything you want, no matter the cause, and because you have the right, because you have the freedom, you will see it in print. That is what independent media is. We are the voice of everyone, and we don’t work well when no one is speaking. Send me your letters, articles, complaints, opinions, and rant-sessions at einc@themeliorist. ca. This is your time to shine; take every opportunity to do so.

Only through listening to each other can we learn the basis of our selfjudgement.

This year the Meliorist has already tackled some big issues. We gave voice to 9/11 conspiracy theorists, which seemed to tick off a lot of people. The general consensus of letters I received was “why even publish that garbage?” We published because to someone else it wasn’t garbage. Not everyone will always agree with what we say; we don’t expect them to. Why get so riled up about it? We published TLFs written by students that were very controversial, and got flack for that. We write about civil protests, social movements, and all the things the young people of the world, hot-blooded and bull-headed, are supposed to care about. Things have been going on around campus that have angered, upset, and alienated some of our students. We have seen controversy, mockery, downright cynicism, and anger at pretty much every move we’ve made this year. I warned you. Go back: back to our first issue printed on the first of September. Read it again. Read past the farewell to Layton, ignore the TLFs for a second, and return to the opinions page. There’s a quote from that editorial that I choose to reiterate now: “I fully intend to aggravate, irritate, stimulate, and motivate you to participate in your world.” That, as your Editor-in-Chief, is my job. Don’t like it? Too bad. It’s my freedom. It’s been a personal rule that I publish every signed opinion letter sent to me. I’ve done so if the author permitted it. It’s sad, I think, that so few have been sent in. Do so many of you really have nothing to say? Disappointing. I thought for certain I’d have pissed some of you off by now, and more than just the 9/11 debaters. I suppose I’ll have to find some other way to engage my readership. Recently, there has been some controversy surrounding the prolife group on campus and the poster campaign on campus. People have been offended; my guess is they will continue to be so. While I certainly do not support the campaign, I cannot be against it either. It’s a freedom, and one that generations upon generations have fought to achieve. Good on you, pro-life club for exercising it. People have criticised the club as being extremist, graphic, and belligerent.

Elizabeth Porter

meliorist the


mel•io•rism (meel’e riz’m, me’le e-), n. the doctrine that the world tends to become better or may be made better by human effort

Letters Concerned Students To the Editor, We just wanted to express our disappointment with Zack Moline and the Student’s Council for their inept handling of the U-Pass. We are (or at least most of us) strongly in favour of having a fair U-Pass on our campus but we are disappointed in the poor negotiating done by the Student’s Council. The City of Lethbridge will make close to a million dollars a year from this without any guarantees of service increases, improved bus times or a fair opt out clause. This was an atrociously negotiated deal done by a group of students that clearly don’t know what they’re doing. Sincerely, A group of concerned UofL students

••• Re: Mr. Yeoman To the Editor, Mr. Yeoman’s response is an artfully woven integration of false assertions and misrepresentations that might easily take in anyone who has never studied the case. They might not know that the buildings were designed to withstand even multiple impacts from Boeing 707s, very similar to Boeing 767s, or that most of the jet fuel was consumed in those massive fireballs. The modest fires that remained burned neither hot enough, nor long enough to cause the steel to weaken, much less melt. And if they had, then their effects would have been some gradual tilting and sagging, not complete, total and

abrupt demolitions. I have explained all of this many times, where “Portland 9/11, Jim Fetzer” is my most recent presentation. NIST sampled 236 pieces of steel and found that 233 had not been exposed to temperatures above 500*F, the temperature of an ordinary office fire, and the other three around 1,200*F. No steel-structure high rise has ever collapsed due to fire—and most certainly the towers did not. If that would do it, there would be no need for controlled demolitions: just set an office fire and let it do its thing. Buildings would be “collapsing” everywhere. All you need to know to understand that the government has been lying to us is that gravity operates in one direction (down), while explosives exert their force in every direction. Look at any videos of the demolition of the Twin Towers. They are not collapsing but being blown apart from the top down. With a collapse, there is a stack of “pancakes” equal to about 12% of the original height of the building, but these were destroyed below ground level. They were turned into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust, which remained suspended in air and was eventually blown out to sea . Check out my “New 9/11 Photos Released”. These buildings were constructed with massive core columns that were six inches thick in the subbasements and tapered to ¼” at the top. The mass of the steel for the upper-most portion of the North Tower above the impact, for example, represented only 1.4% of the mass of the steel. It is absurd to claim, as Yeoman does, that it could overcome the lower 98.6%. Below that point, the buildings were stone-cold steel. And, as John Skilling, whose engineering firm designed the building, points out, each floor was constructed with

a safety factor of 20, which means it could support 20 times its expected live load. For them to collapse would have required violations of laws of physics and of engineering. Yeoman does not mention that the top 30 floors of the South Tower pivoted to one side before it, too, was converted into dust. Nor does he mention that there were explosions in the subbasements of both buildings prior to any reverberations from above. Gordon Ross and Craig Furlong, “Seismic Proof: 9/11 was an inside job”, have established that these explosions occurred 14 and 17 seconds before impacts were recorded and drained their sprinkler systems of water, which otherwise would have extinguished those very modest fires and removed the fabricated reason for their “collapse”. I explain these things in my presentations, which include that WTC-7 came down in a classic controlled demolition at 5:20 PM, but which the BBC reported had already occurred at 4:57 (23 minutes early). Yeoman’s claims about the alleged terrorists are also confused or unfounded. Regarding Atta’s speaking Hebrew, he asserts that “Atta’s slight acquaintance with a Palestinian named Amal wasn’t enough to make her his ‘girlfriend’.” But it was the stripper, not Amal, who made this observation. He suggests that, had the Mossad been involved, it would have targeted the UN instead of the World Trade Center. But Israel has a history of “false flag” attacks, some of which I have discussed in “False Flag attacks in Argentina: 1992 and 1994.” The idea was to pin the blame on Arab terrorists or even the Palestinians, as Preston James and I explained in “Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots”. This was deliberately staged as an attack upon the US, not on the UN.

Elias Davidsson has shown that the government has never proven that any of the alleged hijackers were abroad any of those planes. David Ray Griffin has explained how we know that all of those alleged phone calls were faked. Col. George Nelson, USAF (ret.) has observed that, out of the millions of uniquely identifiable parts of those planes, the government has yet to produce even one. And the NTSB, for the first time in its history, did not conduct investigations of any of those four crashes. The NIST reported that it had found no evidence of the use of explosives at the World Trade Center but, when pressed, admitted that it had not looked for any. Likewise, if you do not investigate plane crashes, you will be able to deny that you found any evidence of fabrication or of fakery. As I have previously observed, Flights 11 (North Tower) and 77 (Pentagon) were not scheduled to fly that day and the planes corresponding to Flights 93 (Shanksville) and 175 (South Tower), according to FAA Registration records I have in hand, were not deregistered until 28 September 2005. Perhaps Yeoman can explain how planes that were not in the air could have crashed on 9/11 or how planes that had crashed could have still been in the air in 2005? PK earned his “B.S.” (we know what that means), as I have pointed out, and now Yeoman has his “Ph.D.” (piled higher and deeper). I am afraid there are many who would mislead us about what is known about 9/11 and that some of them are here. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. McKnight Professor Emeritus University of Minnesota Duluth Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Comments from

After picking up yet another issue of my campus newspaper, which I do weekly, for some reason this week I actually sat down and decided to read. The letter from the editor and chief left me both confused and distraught over the points that were made in such a concrete manner. The way the writer of this piece has defined our existence is not only narrow minded but negative in all aspects. With the pointing out of our sheeplike qualities to things like social media, fast food chains, and Justin Bieber. But I think she has missed the point and the boat completely. Yes, we consume in large ways, yes there are people walking this earth that value oil and gold over art and honor. But that does not speak for all of this so called “ generation of individuals “. Our world as we know it can either be taken in this slight and negative manner or it can be examined further and found that not too deep under our “sheep-like” cloaks there are many strong, courageous, and forward people. Who have devoted their lives to bettering our earth, educating our further generations, and above all teaching the values of individual rights and freedoms. We are not neck deep in half eaten hot dogs, for those

who come after us might see us as a specimen to dissect and may see the progression that our world made during these so called “selfish” eras of human existence. They may see our uprising and our strength to not only choose our own leaders, but pull an under dog political part like The New Democratic Party our from the ashes and into plain sight. They can choose to see that not only in North America but world wide people are revolting against their governments and dictators. And successfully creating a safer life for their children and grandchildren. In our own backyard of Canada, we have achieved so much that many would have thought impossible, I am for one am married to some one of the same gender which I never believed would be, and that makes me proud of my Country and the imprint that it will leave for our future historians. To step back and take a look at culture in our own community, from Occupy Lethbridge, to the large and vast aboriginal population that we share our community with. Is so rich with culture that it seeps our the seams and gathers people from across the world to their ceremonies. Others may chose to see this population as over consumers as well, of alcohol, gambling and, government social

services. But the aboriginal people of Lethbridge are a gem that has never really been tapped into. With the over throwing of residential schools the scholars of the future may see that change is possible, even the most irreversible damage has left these people untouched and continuing to strive to be the very best that they can be. As well it has never stripped them of their culture that deserves the utmost respect and honor. The term “love thy neighbor” is one that people to hold very strong to, I myself have found that in times of need when I could not even feed myself, many hands were offered to me to pull me up and keep me pushing forward. The people who volunteer at those organizations are far from selfish. If anything the people of our own country that struggle to survive will one day hopefully be remember not as followers of corporations but as examples of strength, that through all the negative odds that the world we live in today they rose above and still held steady to the saying “ love thy neighbor”. Historians may choose to see that when disaster struck in North America that many were there to guide and give as much as they possibly could. Many of them were the so called celebrities of the moment, dedicating their time to rebuild

our world. So I would like to ask that before such a article is published that deems us to a fate of doom and embarrassment, that many sectors of the world and our Country are researched. You may find, editor and chief, that you may have a little twinge of pride in the way we have progressed. You could argue that all the points you have made are true, I’m not saying they’re not. But the future is not for you to tell, or mine to tell. But I do know this, you need to look more than skin deep. I find this article installed a sense of hopelessness, but in my opinion our world doesn’t have to be viewed in such a way. I feel our community and world is far from hopeless. I have faith in our future because I believe in the power of the people in this world today. Concerned

••• Re: Fear Editorial What a load of self-righteous, over-dramatic, hyperbole. The irony of this article is that its content seems to confirm what its author claims to fear the most: being labeled shallow, devoid of substance, and cliche.

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Apathy 1. Absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement. 2. Lack of interest or concern for things that others find moving or exciting. 3. Freedom from emotion of any kind. 4. Absence of interest in or enthusiasm for things generally considered interesting or moving.

Apathy 1. Absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement. 2. Lack of interest or concern for things that others find moving or exciting. 3. Freedom from emotion of any kind. 4. Absence of interest in or enthusiasm for things generally considered interesting or moving.

October 27, 14 • October 27, 2011 Trick Drive




Students’ Union


The leaves are changing, carved pumpkins litter front steps and that frightful night of candy collection fast approaches, ‘tis Halloween. In the spirit of this sugar-infused soiree, 10 on-campus clubs have taken it upon themselves to engage in some friendly competition, the ULSU Trick or Eat Food Drive. They are canvassing the community collecting edible, nutritional donations for those in the U of L community who are in need. For more information or if you would like to make a donation, email VP Internal Lisa Rodych at or stop by SU180.

Zombie Infestation continues on campus The Humans vs Zombies battle rages on across the University of Lethbridge campus. As the game draws to a close, the last stronghold of humans fight off the Zombie onslaught. A roaring success, this semester’s event saw over 270 students participate in this ever-growing game. Once the game concludes at 4pm tomorrow, all participants are invited to come to the Zoo. The survivors, zombie with the most kills and human with the most missions will all be awarded prizes. These will also be announced later in the evening at the Halloween Cabaret.

Grad Photos available on campus

Nobody loves having them taken but every family member you know wants one! DeJourdan’s returns to the U of L campus so that you can appease your great aunt Millie’s incessant squawking about your lack of emotional reciprocation whenever she sends those cookie-filled care packages! DeJourdan’s will be in SU Ballroom B from Nov. 7 - 9. Head to for more information and follow the links to book your appointment today.

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Grading System Reform: Do We Need It? Andrew Williams VP Academic

For any student who has ever missed an assignment, you know how badly this can hurt your mark in a class. This is due to the fact that grades are distributed in such a way that punishes missed assignments very harshly, a system which many people would defend. While I’m not convinced that missed assignments are over punished (and that’s coming from somebody who has missed his fair share of assignment deadlines!), there are some interesting arguments stating that our current grading system is “systematically unfair” to students. Douglas Reeves, Chairman of the Leadership and Learning Center of Colorado, argues that students are “over punished” for missed assignments. Let us consider the following grade scheme: A=80-100 B=70-79 C=60-69 D=50-59 F=0-49 This grading scheme, in my experience, is common at the University of Lethbridge. Now Dr. Reeves suggests that, in order to receive a mark of a D- at 50 or 51, a student’s work must be deemed “wretched”. Given that the student does not turn in their assignment, their work is deemed “abysmal”. In this system, we would be claiming that “abysmal” is five times worse than “wretched”.

Todd Pettigrew, an Associate Professor of English at Cape Breton University, suggests that we revamp the grading system to correct this. How, you may ask? Well, don’t get too excited yet, but this is the new

grade scheme he proposes: A=80-100 B=60-79 C=40-59 D=20-39 F=0-19 I know many of you are likely drooling at the thought of a marking scheme such as this one but, like I said, don’t get too excited. While it may seem that it would be easy to now achieve a mark of an A or B in nearly any class, Todd’s system does not aim to make achieving higher

marks easier for students, rather to decrease the negative effects of a missed assignment. Todd is not suggesting that an assignment which would normally get a failing mark of 40% now be

given a C, but that this assignment be given a 16% under the new system. As he puts it, “the numbers are different but represent the same thing. The new system means that one disastrous failure or one missed assignment in an otherwise decent performance doesn’t cause a student to fail the whole course”. The argument, then, comes down to whether or not you believe that missed assignments and terrible marks are over weighted in the current system. What do you think

about the two different systems discussed? Do we need to take a look at the grading system we currently have, or is it fine as is? Post a TLF or write to the editor with your opinion! Sources: Pettigrew, Todd. “The Grading System Needs a Rewrite.” Macleans On Campus. 13Jul2011: n. page. Web. 7 Sep. 2011. <http://>. Reeves, Douglas. “Remarking the Grade, From A to D.” Chronicle of Higher Education 14Sept2009. n. pag. Web. 7 Sep. 2011. <http://>. Upcoming Events: -Humans vs Zombies - Oct. 27 -28 -Trick or Eat Club Food Drive Oct. 27 - Nov.1 Halloween Cabaret in the Zoo Oct. 28, Doors open at 9pm - Flames Game in the Zoo -Nov. 1 at 7:30pm -Flames Game in the Zoo - Nov. 3 at 5:30pm -Flames Game in the Zoo - Nov.4 at 5:30pm -Tshirt Contest Top 5 Voting Dealine - Nov.4 -Grad Photos by Dejourdan’s Nov. 7 - 9 -Flames Game in the Zoo - Nov. 8 at 7:30pm Remembrance Day - Nov 11 (ULSU offices closed) - Imaginus Poster Sale - Nov. 14 16 Flames Game in the Zoo - Nov.15 at 7pm -Open Mic Night - Nov.17 at 5pm

Pre-Med C l u b makes Big Donation

On October 24th, Pre-Med Club President Melanie Sanderson and Club Treasurer Adam Steed stopped by the ULSU office and presented SU President Zack Moline with a $4oo donation to the ULSU Food Bank. The funds were raised at the PreMed Clubs annual Hoof-It 5k & 10k Run held on October 15th.



meliorist the

October 27, 2011 • 15

Crossword Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Autumn is your time to rule, so get out there and have some fun this Halloween season. A word of caution though: your leader-takes-all personality might get on a few peoples’ nerves. Avoid angry-looking Freddy Kruger types who might be packing a little more than some rubber claws this All Hallows, as situations could devolve into your worst nightmare. If partying is your thing, be careful of one-nighters and random hook-ups, with Mars shining bright in the sky, condoms are definitely advised: it’s your reproductive peak that night! Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Stop asking questions pronto because you may not like the answers. Just assume a positive air and yes, you’re always wrong, so chill out and just accept it. While your usual bubbly personality wins you definite brownie points the rest of the year, keep it toned down while out on All Hallows, particularly with anyone dressed up as Tinkerbell; that little fairy will kick your ass hardcore, despite your wicked-ass costume. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Ease up! Take in a few drinks, toke a little chronic and relax! Business can wait until November. Rushing into anything this week will fail epically. Also, step out of your comfort zone and do something you usually wouldn’t. On this night of All Hallows, definitely watch out for spooks and spectres. Put aside logic for the night and keep your eyes open for a good match with anyone dressed funny: the sense of humour will do you good. Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Your costume rocks this year, but may stir up some feelings of jealousy. Watch out for others dressed similarly but definitely not rocking it has hard-core as you. Stay out of back alleys, and watch out for some spunky kids trickor-treating sans supervision: those little bastards can be downright mean. Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Try stepping out of your comfort zone this Halloween and getting more into the groove of a vibrant nightlife. Between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., remember to keep the party going and resist the urge to crowd-float and wallow. Jam to some tunes or spark up a lively conversation with someone you don’t know, but be careful: sending the wrong signal can get you in to trouble this week. Avoid train tracks and werewolves. Aries (March 21- April 19) Tone it down this All Hallows and let someone else make the party plans, you’ll be happy you did! Not having responsibility can actually be fun, so go out and jam instead of staying in. If you bump into a sexy Dracula, have some fun, but avoid Elves and any animal-based costumes as they spell trouble for you the night of.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Avoid rubbing up against too many costumed fiends the night of as you might just rub someone the wrong way. Try to tone down that stubborn streak and go with the flow until it takes you to the river’s edge. If you find yourself heading to the river bottom at all, stay away. It’s going to be your doom. Gemini (May 21 – June 20) While you might like going out and partying, try staying pretty close to home and taking things slow. Cuddling up with a few intimates and watching your favourite monster flick might be the best thing for you this night. Death is sure to come if you encounter any goblins or ghouls, however, so keep close to the fairy rings and light a red candle against them! An incense with tang will get you far this night. Cancer (June 21 – July 22) If you’re determined to go out Halloween, travel in a large group with close friends. Don’t imbibe too much, as a situation will arise where you need to keep your head. If you aren’t into it that night, then stick close to home and don’t be persuaded to change your mind; it’ll be the worst last decision you ever make. Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) While rocking out and having a good time should be your aim this All Hallows, don’t forget to check on the people around you to keep them hopping and bopping. Your fiery personality and stunning character can make you the life of the party, and quickly turn to disaster. Avoid people dressed as politicians; they won’t like the way you laugh. Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) If you’re in the mood to party this Halloween, go for it full force. Be careful of decisions, however, and if you get a bad vibe from that cute caveman in the corner, run. Tonight is not your night to be adventurous. In fact: caution should be your top priority. It’s possible to have fun without imbibing too much, and that should be your tactic. Keep on alert for any overly-aggressive Pisces lurking about: they’re all focused on something you might not be interested in. Libra (Sept. 23 – 0ct. 22) While you might have the opportunity to make someone’s day with a little white lie, it’s going to backfire big time. Stick to the truth, even if it hurts. You’re going to suffer a little bit because of the position of the moon, but you can get around this by picking up your empathy. Try not to point out the obvious and avoid object costumes (presents, bananas, etc.) because getting taken in by comedy will wind up not funny at all.

(CUP) — Puzzles provided by

Across 1- Ancient Athens’s Temple of _ ; 5- Rubs out; 9- Seine spot; 14- Leak slowly; 15- _ accompli; 16- Uneven; 17- River in central Switzerland; 18- Salver; 19- Angered; 20- Beget; 22- Caterpillar rival; 23- Besides; 24- One who osculates; 25- Attempts; 29- Remove hair; 32- Ambush; 34- Captivated; 39- Came down to earth; 40- Diarist Nin; 42- One of the Simpsons; 43- Medieval musician; 45- Passionate; 47- Dread; 49Mends a shoe; 50- Thin candles; 54- “Seinfeld” uncle; 56- Mine prop; 57- Gramineous; 63- “ _ by any other name…”; 64- Light air; 65- On _ with; 66- Metal pin; 67- Plains native; 68- Fast fliers; 69- Snow conveyances; 70- Clublike weapon; 71- Smoke deposit;

Down 1- Quickly, quickly; 2- Back; 3- Architect Saarinen; 4- Blueprint detail; 5- A lot; 6- Capacitance units; 7- Decree; 8- Eye sore; 9- By the day; 10- Sign of spring; 11- Actor’s parts; 12- Grenoble’s river; 13- Passover feast; 21- Tabula _ ; 24- Russian drink; 25- Did the butterfly; 26- Anklebones; 27- 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet; 28- Diner orders; 30- Makes well; 31- Black bird; 33- Tall tales; 35- Bread spread; 36- 100 dinars; 37- Salinger girl; 38- 24 hour periods; 41- Bit of film, to a photog; 44- Goals; 46- General _ chicken; 48- Aztec god of rain; 50- Autocratic Russian rulers; 51- Month of showers; 52- Establish as the truth; 53- Alleviated; 55- First name in cosmetics; 57- Glimpse; 58Comic Rudner; 59- Miss; 60- _ facto; 61- The Green Hornet’s sidekick; 62- Formerly, formerly;


Unicorn Find Look for this Unicorn hiding somewhere in the pages of The Meliorist. Email the page number you find it on to einc@themeliorist. ca to be entered into our monthly unicorn draw. Good hunting.

Answers on page 23

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The Government Inspector gives a hilarious look at corruption Billy Davey

Entertainment Editor

If there is anything I learned from The Government Inspector, it’s that you should always know exactly who you’re talking to and the fourth wall of theatre is merely a suggestion. The characters, however, did not realize anything until it was too late and really funny — but that’s how it usually goes for government officials, right? When first walking into the theatre, we were handed the show’s program, which made it obvious that director Nicolas Hanson believes The Government Inspector is still a relevant satirical presentation of our modern government. Inside the program, in the director’s note, Hanson listed and explained some of the

Canadian government’s follies, such as misused money at a G8 summit, John Baird violating treasury board rules, and the Sponsorship Scandal. He ends by writing “I hope that you find the characters on our stage funnier than the clowns in our government.” While trying to decide who is funnier is a very close call, I was at least comforted in the fact that the play was a satire. However, I sometimes find myself wishing our real government was the satire. That aside, the performance kept the audience giggling and laughing from start to finish... and after the finish, sitting alone in the library or at home, studying, and remembering the hilarious metafiction. The characters all had large and bright (not bright as in intelligent) personalities that were very fun

to watch scramble around in confusion. The mayor, played by Bret Gartley, was an especially lively and entertaining character who seemed to bask in his own confident naivety and corrupt nature. Bobchinsky, played by Andrew Legg, and Dobchinsky, played by Andrew Merrigan, made an absurd duo that was so innocently simple in intelligence that they became a joke in themselves. The audience would let out premature giggles just seeing one of the ‘chinskys enter a scene. Marya, played by Kelly Malcolm, was ridiculous on sight, always evoking the kinds of looks a parent gives an unwanted child from her father the mayor. Marya became even more ridiculous every time she spoke. As the plot rolled along, the “government inspector” and his

companion were the only characters who significantly developed. Khlestov, played by Devon Brayne, and Osip, played by Emma Sinclair, were forced to play different roles as they discovered who the townspeople thought they were. Khlestov and Osip would argue in private about their next move and once other characters were on stage they would try to act according to how they thought the townspeople would be pleased. The play even featured some between-set entertainment and a dance number. The dancers were a part of the Troyanda Ukrainian Dancers, and they were directed by Dean Mackendenski, the artistic director and choreographer. The set, which was bright and a very pleasing sight, was designed by James McDowell, and it also

came with a large window that Khlopov, played by Kyle Schulte, would regularly jump through. The costumes, designed by Leslie Robison-Greene, were also a pleasing display, complementing the characters’ quirky attitudes and fitting in perfectly with the setting. The Government Inspector was originally written by Nikolai Gogol and published in 1836. It was a satirical look at the widespread political corruption in Imperial Russia. The play has since been translated and adapted numerous times. The version used on the U of L’s Main Stage was by Morris Panych and was produced by special arrangement with the Playwrights Guild of Canada. The production, which was the first Main Stage play this season, set an excellent tone for the upcoming plays at the U.

Jane’s Addiction The Great Escape Artist (Capitol)

Evanescence Evanescence (Wind-up)

Ryan Adams Ashes & Fire (Capitol/PAX AM)

Starting with a bassy track, “Underground,” besides the chorus and guitar solo, is mostly reliant on the bass and percussion. “Curiosity Kills” has some infrequent riffs from the lead guitar, which are completely worth waiting for, with constant rumbling from the drums. The album’s most satisfying rhythms, in tone and consistency, come in “I’ll Hit You Back.” Clever lead guitar rhythms and melodies stay constant through the entire music journey of The Great Escape Artist. “Broken People” is the album’s most emotional song, with a rough rhythm and pricing melody. The album finishes with “Words Right Out Of My Mouth,” a heavy and fast-paced (compared to the rest of the album) track – perfect to close with.

Evanescence is always a refreshing heavy rock band because of Amy Lee’s vocals. “What You Want” features violins that are almost a necessary part of the track. Most of the songs start softer and gain in intensity; “My Heart Is Broken” demonstrates this best, instrumental-wise. “Erase This” and “Lost In Paradise” are great demonstrations of the change of intensity from verse to chorus for Lee’s vocals. “End of the Dream” doesn’t amaze in any remote way, but it is followed by “Oceans,” which is an incredibly pleasing track that leads the album to its closing. Ending with “Swimming Home,” the track starts very softly and remains so, and this is a shift from the ordinary in the album.

“Dirty Rain” and “Ashes & Fire” begin the album with a similarity and difference in their sounds and lyrics. “Dirty Rain” is a song filled with sorrow but gives a motion of moving forward. The tracks continue in a sombre tone that always has an undertone of moving on. “Do I Wait” embodies the album’s soberness in its entirety, while having “Chains of Love” immediately after raises the feeling towards optimism. After the album’s midpoint, the tracks seem to lack intensity and the album drifts from sombre to drowsy. “Kindness” has a chorus and “Luck Now” has verses that offer more variety that let the artist explore more alternative country.




October 27, 2011 • 17

Night Seeker and Monster Truck rock Lethbridge Billy Davey

Entertainment Editor

A character’s band from Fubar and a group called Monster Truck – I have to admit, I expected more comedy than actual musicianship. Deaner’s band, Night Seeker, and their opener, Monster Truck, made Monday feel like Friday on Oct. 24 at the Stone. The rock bands both performed with a lively crowd that didn’t move from the front of the stage for a moment. “This whole Night Seeker thing, I mean, people just kept e-mailing me and writing me and saying ‘when’s Night Seeker going on tour?’” said

Paul Spence who is better known as Deaner. Spence was swarmed with fans upon entering the Stone; he gladly took pictures, talked to people, and gave autographs before his show. When asked how long he will be using the Deaner character, Spence replied “I guess until it’s not fun anymore.” But, seeing him in Lethbridge leads me to think he won’t stop having fun for some time now. Monster Truck opened the night with some great rock n’ roll that proved to be very high level and exciting. “They’re just a real rock band,” said Deaner, praising the band’s awesome control of hard

rock. Monster Truck definitely has the talent to headline tours and the Fubar tour will hopefully give them a large enough fan base to do that. Following the talented group was, of course, the Deaner and Night Seeker. Surprisingly, Deaner didn’t crack as many jokes and focused on putting on a great show. He lived up to the motto of “Night Seeker gets in your fucking head!” The show included many shot-gunned Pilsners, bras, and inside jokes from the Fubar movies. “I love both... They’re not synonyms with each other. One of them is the live aspect and the other one is the artistic aspect, more

Halloween throwback

The idea of having thousands of spiders infiltrating your house and community could make anyone’s skin crawl. Arachnophobia utilizes some classic styles of suspense thrillers, but compared with present day style it can come off as a little silly. What lasts though are some good uses of classic suspense and probably the most badass final battle you’ve ever seen, complete with a Macgyver-ing Jeff Daniels and a screaming eagle mother spider. John Goodman also gives us the coolest exterminator anyone has ever seen. Good Stuff.

RJ Balog

Entertainment Writer

Halloween is a joyous time of year. I often find myself envious of those youth still able to dress up and go trick or treating. Even more so I’m reminded of the last year I tried, continuously being denied candy on the basis of my age. So I guess there’s a time in life when it’s not socially acceptable to dress like Batman and prowl the streets with a suspicious pillow case, but there are still ways that an adult can embrace an event like they were young. Horror movies are of course a staple for the Halloween holiday, and everyone has their favourite goosebumper. It’s almost a given that if you’re feeling the Halloween spirit you’ll probably watch classics like The Shining, The Exorcist, Poltergeist, the original Nightmare on Elm Street, or any standard vampire or werewolf flick. But what about some of the other greats that may be forgotten or sidelined when up against a heavy hitter of

a horror? Well, let’s go through a quick rundown of some of those golden oldies. Hocus Pocus Alright, I know this one’s a little goofy, but the simple fact is that this movie is awesome. The Sanderson sisters are brought back to life 300 years after being hanged, back for one night only – and all because the dumb virgin Max lit the blackflame candle. “It’s all a bunch of Hocus Pocus!” Sure thing, Max, but now Bette Midler’s lurching around stealing the youth from all the kids in town. If that’s not a scary premise, I don’t know what is. Throw in a talking cat and a bumbling zombie and you got yourself a top notch Halloween humour show. Arachnophobia As a kid, this movie was scary as hell. As an adult, it’s still pretty entertaining, but for different reasons. Fear of spiders – pretty common fear right? That’s where Arachnophobia got it right.

The Halloween Tree 1993 was a good year for film. We got Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, and Mrs. Doubtfire. 1993 also gave us a timeless classic and one of my personal favourite Halloween movies. The Halloween Tree is a cartoon film that follows four friends on a quest to get back their friend’s soul from creepy old Mr. Moundshroud, who resembles the old Nosferatu, using children’s souls as jack-o-lanterns to light his tree. Now our group of super friends isn’t about to let that happen to everybody’s favourite pal. Join the kids as they learn the origins of each of their costumes, and as they discover the true meaning of Halloween. Taken from a story from Ray Bradbury and led by the voice talents of Leonard Nimoy, The Halloween Tree doesn’t disappoint. So that’s just a quick reminder of some of the fun Halloween movies from years back. What would be on your list of timeless classics? The Frighteners or Halloween, or maybe it’s one of those Halloween/ Christmas hybrids like A Nightmare Before Christmas or Gremlins. This Halloween, dig through your video cassettes and see what you can find.

of a craft. Whereas music is all about the live show and bringing a spectacle to the people,” said Spence about his acting and musicianship. Deaner said he is well received across Canada, with no real differences from west to east coast: “Yeah, people love us in the Mac and in Edmonton... I wouldn’t even necessarily say Alberta, I mean BC, they love us too... pretty much across Canada.” The first Fubar movie was released in 2002 and shot Spence and David Lawrence into stardom across Canada. The sequel was released in 2010 and added to their fame. The two are very popular in Alberta, where the movies are set.

They also started acting and learned to improvise at Loose Moose Theatre Company. “Yeah, without that I wouldn’t know how to improvise... it was free, you just kind of volunteered and you got to go on stage sometimes,” said Spence. Spence said he doesn’t really consider himself an actor but more of a musician and writer. “I do quite a bit of writing. [I’m] working on a script for Bruce McDonald right now. [It’s] basically about a bunch of teenagers in a rock band,” revealed Spence. He also expressed much optimism for his future as a writer: “hopefully Steven Spielberg will direct one of my scripts, and then I can buy a planet.”


18 • October 27, 2011

Atonal music is only a ‘to’ away from anal music, it sounds like ass. - man in Prime Form with tight intervals guys, if you ask me on a real date (dinner, coffee or whatever) your chances of getting some action are WAY higher than if you ask me to come over and watch a movie. so get on it! You know what sucks? Tim Hortons doesn’t take Tim Cards anymore :( Thank you to the U of L Fitness Center for turning down the shower heat. Makes showering with a bunch of dudes much more bearable, now only if there was a massage parlor… I think everyone should smile. Smiling makes you feel better and makes those around you feel better. To those of you that smile at people, YOU ROCK!! To the girls rockin out in the blue dodge sx 2.0, we need to party together. Sincerely, Plaid Man Do you wish you had a lightsaber? Do you own a ChiaPet or partake in Bonzai sculpting? Do you play video games? If you answered “Yes” to any of these… seek us out. Anyone in Psych 2110 believe that aborting isn’t killing? Proof is in the science, it’s a living baby. Even at conception. Kudos to Forgie for teaching well :) It is common knowledge among men that women who smoke are easier. Post tonal music theory: your face is a vector of pointillistic dissonance!

maybe people dont realize, but if you don’t tip your waitress, because of mandatory tipouts to kitchen & bar, she is PAYING for you to be there. not cool. there are alot of males with backpacks and shoes. you need to be more specific princess You know why only 300 people bought passes? Because the rest of us couldn’t afford them. If you pay for them maybe you won’t waste money or gas on a parking pass. Why do so many inconsiderate people crank their music up at the study centre? People go there for concentration and quiet not to hear bad tastes in music. Use a lab instead please. Is that a wallet in your pocket or are you happy to see me? Ah no, it’s my oversized smartphone. Cheers to Olivier O’Brien who has given me something other than the TLF’s to read in the meliorist “Watch out” says that bird! Honey Badger thinks Grad School is cool! You want to be like Honey Badger? Find out about grad school at the “What’s Next?” info event in AH100, Oct 26, 123pm. Food&bevs supplied.

To the girl I sit next too in class, Wish I could tell if you were interested in me. I think you should let me know. Geography majors make me weak in the gneiss Everyone realizes that voting for UPass now, means we get a 1 year trial before another vote to permanently ratify it is held. Right? I dont use the gym but I have to pay for it, I dont listen to CKXU but I have to pay for it, I dont use the womens centre but I have to pay for it. Dont be so crass Vote UPass Get your head Out of your ass Save some money By using the bus To get to class If the University is allegedly so much like the real world, we should get paid overtime for writing tests on a Saturday. Thanks Math 1410. Love PEHQB’s LM. Who you finna try? -Love PEHQ Boys

To Defenestrate- the act of tossing someone unceremoniously out of a window. That has to be the best verb I have ever learned.

i dont understand why in every class i go to, when i sit down everyone has to sit at least one seat away from me? Is there something wrong with me? Not sure what I did…..

voting yes to the upass because i’m sure people protested healthcare too, and where would we be without it?

To all the girls who said they wouldn’t be afraid of asking a guy out in philosophy of love and sex why don’t you prove it?

meliorist the

The war on terror lately can be summed up with boom headshot Osama, boom headshot Gadhafi, finally the billions of dollars spent on terror saw results. PEHQ boys I wish there was a weekend where all the RA’s would leave town and we could actually have some real fun around this place. to the guy who found my USB stick in the 24h study centre, contacted me, and returned it: you are a gentleman and a scholar. KJ To the 2 guys that come in late to Knes. 2110 everyday, please sit at the edge instead of disrupting everyone as you take the spots in the middle. Consideration please! To the blonde girl who works at subway: It was so little but your compliment on my hair totally brightened my day! Thank you! Dear Annoying classmate: If you really believed the world was gonna end in 2012, I guarantee you wouldn’t be wasting your time/money on school. Sincerely December 2012 survivor. A pretty face does NOT mean a pretty heart dear people who use the 24h study centre for 24h socialising – this is a quiet area. stfu. kthnxbai. Lez be honest if you are a resident of Lethbridge are you a Lethbian? I love that the sports teams which can not even qualify for Canada West, get all of the funding from the University.

Submit your TLFs at WWW.THEMELIORIST.CA or to THEMELIORIST@GMAIL.COM. All TLFs must be submitted via a valid uleth account. Keep in mind that slanderous or offensive TLFs my be edited or omitted. The TLFs do not reflect the views or opinions of The Meliorist Publishing Society.


* indicates Canadian artist



OCT. 27

OCT. 29

Open mic @ the Zoo 5:30pm

Halloween party with Mark Irving and the Janni Lee Band @ Whispers Restaurant and Lounge 8pm

Romi Mayes @ Geomatic Attic 8pm

OCT. 28 CKXU Appreciation

Happy Hour @ Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG) 5pm to 10pm Herb Hicks Jazz Quartet @ Mocha Cabana 6pm to 9pm Mark Irving @ Whispers Restaurant and Lounge 8pm Colleen Rae @ Lethbridge Casino 9pm


October 27, 2011 • 19

Unzipped @ Front Row Pub 9pm

OCT. 31

Bring Out Your Dead @ Black Tomato Lounge 9pm

Open mic @ Owl Acoustic Lounge 9pm

Colleen Rae @ Lethbridge Casino 9pm

Weber Brothers band @ The Slice 9:30pm

Halloween Howl with Fast Times @ HB Lounge 9pm

Zombie Cowboy night @ The Stone 9pm

Bone Thugs N Harmony with Dizzy @ The Stone 9pm Hallow-WEEN— Ween tribute night @ Owl Acoustic Lounge 9pm

Zoë Migicovsky

Entertainment Writer

Halloween is a creepy, magical, spooky time of year. And what better way to celebrate than picking up a holiday-themed read? To help you narrow down your choices, I’ve included a list of some of my favourite books for that bewitching day. This list is limited in the sense that I can only include books I’ve actually read, and the books themselves are listed in no particular order. 1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern This is an incredibly creepy, beautifully written tale of two magicians’ progenies who are used as pawns in an ancient battle. This novel is captivating, spellbinding and romantic; and as a September 2011 release, it is just in time for the holiday. 2. The Witches by Roald Dahl

Boogie Patrol @ The Slice 9:30pm

OCT. 30 Open mic @ 1010 Pub 9pm Kamila MArtell and the N’er do Wells @ The Slice 9:30pm

For something a little more lighthearted, who doesn’t love Roald Dahl? This tale of a seven-year-old boy who runs in with some real witches who hate children is a perfect Halloween read regardless of age. 3. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde A classic, poetic, and beautifully written book, Wilde’s only novel tells the story of a man whose soul is transferred into a portrait that reaps the consequences of his evil. Lyrical and full of witticism, this book has a dark undertone that will have you nervously looking in the mirror long after you turn the last page. 4. The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells Although most of us have seen or heard some version of this often borrowed-from novel, there’s nothing like picking up the original story of an invisible serial killer to get you

Buffaloswans and Rambling Dan Frechette @ The Slice 9:30pm

Nov. 2


Randy Epps @ Ric’s Grill 8pm

Wanna post your

Psycomantium @ The Slice 9pm L.A. Beat open jam @ Owl Acoustic Lounge 9pm

band’s concert? Your fallacious Level 7 gallery opening? Email your events to e.editor@!


Nov. 1

Got nothing on

Open mic @ Bo Diddly’s 7pm to 10pm Elliott Brood with 100 Dollars @ The Slice 9pm

the go? Go to an event.

d orme u inf o y ! n s p w in to t kee deris vents r e u f M o The hain the c with

checking the windows and doors before you go to sleep at night. 5. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury Bradbury’s dark and magical story of what happens to two boys when a wicked carnival comes to town has an entire cast of creepy twisted characters to keep your heart pounding and your nightmares vivid. 6. Dreamcatcher by Stephen King King has plenty of spooky books to choose from, but the one that’s stuck in my mind is this graphic and grotesque novel about four friends reuniting in the woods for a hunting trip – but of course, things don’t go as planned. I’d definitely make sure you leave the lights on when you’re reading this one. 7. Coraline by Neil Gaiman Another author with a talent for the creepy, Gaiman’s Coraline is

Write an article. Contribute it to The Murderist.

subtly chilling tale of a young girl who discovers an alternate world, one that initially seems perfect but turns out to be very, very wrong. This may be a short and simply written book, but its incredibly eerie storyline makes it perfect for Halloween. 8. Midnighters Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld A trilogy set in a small town where a secret hour exists at midnight when all the dark things come out to play. Several teens born at midnight don’t freeze during this hour like the rest of the town and so get to experience firsthand the spooky, ancient creatures that want to eat them. 9. Cryer’s Cross by Lisa McMann A haunted desk is at the centre of this novel about disappearing teenagers and secret messages. This freaky tale is heavy on the romance but has enough horror to make it perfect for a dark and stormy night.

10. Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton Not for the squeamish, this is horror meets romance when a teenage girl learns she can use her blood for magic, only to be caught doing so by the new boy in town. As powerfully wonderful as the blood magic is, she knows that beneath the surface something dark is lurking. She tries to figure out if it has something to do with why her father killed her mother. What she uncovers turns out to be more horrific than she could have imagined, and the end result is a unique and enthralling story. These are just a few of the many creepy tales available that are perfect for night-time reading. No matter what book you’re picking up for this Halloween season, have a wonderfully magical time.

Your body on...

Binge drinking vs. binge Halloweening Nicole Meech Lifestyle Editor

Halloween is a wonderful time of year – it gives us a chance to release the inner child in us by eating lots of candy, dressing up, and scaring people for the fun of it. Although as children we didn’t have the luxury of drinking shots that taste like candy, we didn’t make our costumes as slutty as possible, and we probably didn’t scare people as inappropriately as we may now. But I’m afraid the children have the upper hand for this occasion – through a wonderful thing called a metabolism. Kids can eat all the candy they want without a care in the world. Their hips won’t get any bigger, their asses won’t get any flabbier, and they don’t have to worry about growing any extra chins. So with that said, how do we compare binge drinking and binge candy eating? Listed below is the battle between booze and candy as it streams through your body. It’s up to you to decide which process you prefer your body to go through this Halloween, if any. Binge Halloweening We all love an excuse to pig out

on junk food, especially when it’s mini sized! There’s just something so satisfying about unwrapping those tiny bundles of joy that makes it hard to stop. So how bad can candy bingeing really be? Not so bad since it’s portion controlled? But that doesn’t quite work out because most mini chocolate bars come at 90 calories a pop, multiplied by... okay, you get the picture. So here’s where I break down the process of what candy actually does in your body after you swallow. Since candy is primarily made of simple sugars, it will most likely take the path straight to your blood stream. A hormone called insulin is then released to help the sugar pass through your tissues. If you consume more sugar than your body needs at one time (and let’s be honest, that’s most of the time), then the sugars are sent to your liver for later use or converted directly to fat. If you’re eating candy

on an empty stomach to satisfy your sweet tooth, your blood sugar levels will skyrocket which strains the cells i n

your blood vessels. Consequently, this will raise your blood pressure which puts a strain on your entire body, not to

mention the noticeable strain on your mood. Binge drinking Like candy, if your stomach is empty when you consume alcohol, it will go straight to your stomach. If your stomach is full, the liquor will take a much slower route through your bloodstream to your liver. Your liver only works on one speed, so if you’re drinking faster than your liver can process, everything else in your body that needs to be broken down will be put on hold. If you continue to consume alcohol before the liver can catch up, the alcohol gets backed up into your bloodstream and travels to your brain. In your brain, nerve cells are disrupted in the hippocampus (which controls memory), the cerebellum (which controls movement), and the prefrontal cortex (which controls mood). For those of us who prefer

the sugary drinks, this adds an additional factor to your already overwhelmed body – because of the insulin spike, you may start sweating excessively and crave salty, fatty foods. Once your liquor intake starts to slow, the alcohol in your body can become neutralized and turned into carbon dioxide (which you can breathe out). Unfortunately you can’t breathe out the mass amount of calories you took in. While your liver was occupied your body stored the calories as triglycerides (a type of fat). Those bad boys are now hanging out in a little place called your abdomen, the unhealthiest place to store fat. The choice Unfortunately it seems pretty obvious which choice your body prefers. While Halloweening has its downsides, it’s always possible to burn those calories you just consumed (heart health aside). Drinking on the other hand leaves you no other option but to lay down until your body stops aching. There’s no exercise in the world that will reverse the damages you do to your liver while binge drinking. But because we’re young, why not celebrate Halloween in style – with a little bit of both!

Halloween Recipes

Spiderweb Munch

Adapted from Nestle Ingredients 1 (12-ounce) package semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 cup creamy peanut butter – divided use 1/3 cup powdered sugar 3 cups toasted rice cereal Instructions 1. Heat morsels and 3/4 cup peanut butter in small, heavy-duty saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly until smooth; remove from heat. Add sugar; stir vigorously until smooth. 2. Place cereal in large bowl. Add 1 cup melted chocolate mixture; stir until well-coated. Place on ungreased baking sheet. Using small metal spatula, shape into 10-inch circle with slightly raised 1-inch-wide border. Pour remaining chocolate mixture in center of circle; spread to border. 3. For the spider web: Place remaining peanut butter in small, heavyduty plastic bag. Cut tiny corner from bag; squeeze to pipe concentric circles on top of chocolate. Using wooden pick or tip of sharp knife, pull tip through peanut butter from center to border. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until firm. Cut into wedges.

Pizza Mummies!

From Disney Family Fun Recipes Ingredients 1. English muffins 2. Pizza sauce 3. Black olives 4. Scallions 5. Red or green pepper 6. Cheese sticks or slices Instructions 1. Heat the oven to 350º F. For each mummy, spread a tablespoon of pizza sauce onto half of an English muffin (toast it first, if you like). 2. Set olive slices in place for eyes and add round slices of green onion or bits of red or green pepper for pupils. 3. Lay strips of cheese (we used a pulled-apart cheese stick) across the muffin for the mummy’s wrappings. 4. Bake for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the muffin is toasty.

meliorist the


October 27, 2011 • 21

Horror... or whore? A lesson for the ladies Nicole Meech Lifestyle Editor

As a child, Halloween used to be about dressing up as your favourite character and getting jacked for a night of trick or treating. Ten years later, most of us still get jacked for Halloween – interestingly the costume sizes haven’t changed but our ability to metabolize candy sure has. If you type “Halloween costumes” into any search engine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to

find that there are few costumes for women that aren’t promiscuous. While I’m not one to judge, I thought it would be useful to provide some tips to ensure that your skimpy costume doesn’t get you into trouble for the night. 1. Make sure to use double sided tape, especially if your costume is strapless. This can help prevent a disaster, unless of course nudity is a must when you party. 2. Wear shoes that your feet can stand to be in all night long

– although those five inch heels may feel sexy at the beginning of the night, it won’t be long until you’re barefoot because the pain is unbearable. Being barefoot and intoxicated is a recipe for disaster, so just keep telling yourself that those New Balances really are sexy and really do compliment your costume perfectly. 3. Wear water-proof makeup. You don’t want your Lady Gaga costume turning into an “I just broke up with my boyfriend” look, do you?

4. If you’re wearing a wig, make sure to keep it away from any open flames. Pretty self-explanatory. 5. No piggy backs! While this may seem like a smart idea at the time, your exposed ass and possible chance for injury are not the best factors working for you (trust me, I have personal experience in this department). 6. Don’t pull any pranks if you really don’t look like yourself – drunken friends may take a turn for the worse because of it.

7. Keep an eye out for sex offenders – a skimpy costume is a lure for even the most wholesome boys. There you have it ladies, your recipe for success! While these tips can’t guarantee you a safe night, they can be kept in the back of your not-so-sober minds. If you really can’t part with that oh-so-revealing costume, maybe a few less shooters will help keep your body parts in check. Happy Halloween!


Now that I’ve got your attention M. Deschanel

Lifestyles Contributor

As young adults, those of us without any particular regard for tradition or religion are doing what young adults have arguably always done: having sex. It’s important! Sex perpetuates the species, provides rigorous exercise (and is good for a healthy heart!), and provides minutes-to-hours of unequivocal adult fun. In today’s world everyone knows

about sex. Children at a young age are taught “good touch and bad touch” and we’ve had sex-health classes since grade school. Cosmo and other major publications all print articles on sex all the time: sex moves, sex tricks, sex stories, sex woes, sex columns, sex advice – the list goes on and on and on. While I’d like to offer you a whole and revolutionizing new view of sex, you’ll have to look elsewhere for that. I’m a student, and I’m only interested in two things: making the grade without going broke, and earth-shattering orgasms. While I can’t offer much advice on how to achieve either (everyone is different; you have to find a system that works for you), I can offer to take a load off your mind: send in questions! I will do the leg-work on the research and get back to you with what the professionals recommend. It’ll save you that six-bucks-an-issue Cosmo rag, as well as give you some sound advice. Since I don’t actually have a question this week, we’re going to go with covering the basics (the stuff we all know but some of us persist in not doing).

1. If you’re not into it, that’s okay! Some people have chosen to remain abstinent until either marriage or death. Totally cool! In a culture where sex is pumped up as the thing to do, it takes a lot of guts to hang back from the crowd and say “it’s not for me.” Like everything important in life, it’s a personal choice. Keep it personal. For those of you out there who subscribe to abstinence but still want some good book-learning, feel free to ask questions anyway. Going into it educated

can make for a really fun first time once you and your partner have finalized the vows! 2. If you’re into it, don’t forget the life jacket! If you embrace sex culture (used in the context of “I am sexually active”) then please, please do what your parents/teachers/ doctors/nurses/experts and I am telling you and be responsible about it. Responsibility doesn’t just revolve around whom you take to bed, but also what kind of protection you’re using, and how you broadcast yourself. No one likes a promiscuous partner no matter what the rap videos say. 3. Know your limits, play within it. If you’re sleeping with a partner for the first time (or the second-millionth) and they suggest something you’re not sure about (usually a fetish), don’t feel pressured to play in. If you’re not into even light ass smacking, and they like to ride you like a jockey, crop and all, communication is your best bet. Talking to your partner about what you like, don’t like, would like to try, are totally not interested in trying, and what’s out of bounds is not only acceptable in the bedroom, it’s expected. If your partner is a good one, they will respect

your boundaries. If they push the issue, you might want to push them out the door. Again: you all know this. It’s been beaten into our heads enough times that what I’ve just said is nothing new. I will start talking about new stuff when people start e-mailing in. If you guys don’t e-mail in, no problem! I’ll just go back to writing that paper I’ve been putting off for a few weeks. But seriously, don’t be shy. Just e-mail me through s.editor@themeliorist.

ca (which is Nicole’s e-mail, but she’ll forward things along) or through the paper in general. It’ll get to me. If I don’t answer your question one week, you’re on my list, so be patient. I look forward to doing the leg-work for you guys in all things kinky, creepy, hott, heavy, and icky. Submissions can be anonymous; just put a pen name down, or use the traditional “from concerned girlfriend” or whatever. Now remember: play safe and let the good times roll.


meliorist the

October 27, 2011 • 22

Pronghorns Highlights

Men’s hockey

Patterson and the Horns shut out Huskies Pronghorns Athletics Sports Contributor

Lethbridge – Coming off a big win in their regular season home opener, the Lethbridge Pronghorns looked to complete the weekend sweep over the visiting University of Saskatchewan Huskies, and the Horns were up to the task, edging the Huskies 1-0 in Canada West action on Saturday night. Boxscore The first period saw both teams struggle to find their rhythm early,

and despite scoring chances by both, neither team was able to make the most of their opportunities. It was Megan Bach who managed to notch the game’s only goal, late in the first, beating Huskies’ net-minder Vanessa Frederick with a glove side wrister, which just trickled over the line. Saskatchewan forward Cara Wooster came as close as she could to an equalizer, narrowly missing the back of net as she rang a hard shot off the crossbar towards the end of the period. The Horns and Huskies would exchange scoring chances for the remainder of the

second, but neither team would be able to generate a differencemaker prior to intermission. Lethbridge, looking to extend their lead in the pivotal third period, managed to set up a number of good scoring chances, despite efforts by Glenda Edie and sophomore Erica Williams, who were both unable to find the back of the net. The pace of the third period had the crowd on their feet. With the Huskies desperately seeking a lone goal to force overtime, Lethbridge’s Crystal Patterson was tested repeatedly in the crease. Despite some frantic efforts by Sas-

katchewan late in the period, Patterson rose to the occasion, corralling the loose pucks and solidifying her second shut-out of the season. The Horns improve to 3-1-0 after this weekend’s back to back wins while the Huskies fall to 2-2-0. Lethbridge Pronghorns Women’s hockey is back in action next Friday night, Oct. 28 at Nicholas Sheran Arena when they host the University of Calgary Dinos in the front half of a home-and-home series. Game time is 7:00 p.m. The Huskies return home to host the Alberta Pandas next weekend.

Oct. 22 Saskatoon - Kyle Bortis scored with just six seconds left in overtime to lead the University of Saskatchewan Huskies to a 3-2 win over the visiting University of Lethbridge Pronghorns Saturday night in Saskatoon’s Credit Union Centre.

Rugby sweeps the province Brandi Van Eeuwen (prop), Kelsey Willoughby and Juhee Thompson (back row), fly half Murphy-Burke, and Moleschi and Cassandra Orr (back three). Alberta was represented on the all-star team by hooker Carmen Hobbs, lock Louise ChaVerie, centre Chelsea Guthrie, and Alanna Fittes from the back three. The Horns also took both major player awards in the 2011 season, with Moleschi taking home rookie-of-the-year honours while Willoughby was named the Canada West MVP. Lethbridge qualifies for the CIS Women’s Rugby Championship hosted by Trent University in Peterborough, Ont. Nov. 3-6 as the lone Canada West representative.

Scoring summary

U of C Sports Information Sports Contributor

CALGARY – The University of Lethbridge Pronghorns won their sixth straight Canada West championship Sunday afternoon with a convincing 41-0 win over the Alberta Pandas at Calgary’s McMahon Stadium. In the early game, the host Dinos scored a try in the final minute to upend the Victoria Vikes 20-15 for their first-ever playoff victory in CIS competition. Gold Medal Game: Lethbridge 41, Alberta 0 The Lethbridge Pronghorns found

the end zone just 40 seconds into the game and rode that momentum to a 41-0 win over the Alberta Pandas to win their sixth consecutive Canada West women’s rugby banner. Canada West rookie of the year Kayla Moleschi broke through the Pandas’ defensive line right off the opening kickoff, racing to the goal line to give the Horns an early lead – and they never looked back. The Horns maintained their pressure for most of the first half, earning a penalty goal try for Laura MurphyBurke eight minutes in. She split the uprights to make it 10-0, part of an 11-point day for her kicking the ball that included four converts. Tiffany Wideen scored a try just over the halfway mark of the first half, and Juhee Thompson

notched a buzzer-beater for the Horns in the waning moments of the opening period to give Lethbridge a 20-0 lead at halftime. Lethbridge would add three more converted tries in the second half. Moleschi added her second of the day, while Brandi Van Eeuwen and Genevieve Ahart added one each to make the final 41-0. The Pandas did have several chances within 10 metres of the Lethbridge goal line, but the Horns defence stood up and turned over the ball each time to keep the Pandas out of the end zone. Following the game, the Canada West all-stars and award winners were announced, with both Lethbridge and Alberta represented well. Lethbridge’s all-stars include

First half LETH – Kayla Moleschi try(Laura Murphy-Burke convert), 7-0 LETH LETH – Laura MurphyBurke penalty goal, 10-0 LETH LETH –Tiffany Wideen try, 15-0 LETH LETH – Juhee Thompson try, 20-0 LETH Second half LETH – Kayla Moleschi try (Laura Murphy-Burke convert), 27-0 LETH LETH – Brandi Van Eeuwen try (Laura Murphy-Burke convert), 34-0 LETH LETH – Genevieve Ahart try (Laura Murphy-Burke convert), 41-0 LETH

Men’s soccer Oct. 23 Victoria - The University of Victoria Vikes men’s soccer team held off a late charge from the Lethbridge Pronghorns to move back into first place in the Canada West standings following a 1-0 win over the Lethbridge Pronghorns (1-10-1) on Sunday at Centennial Stadium.

Women’s soccer Oct. 23 Winnipeg - In what looked like one of the Manitoba Bisons’ most impressive performances, their opponents, the Lethbridge Pronghorns, were equally as impressive, forcing a 1-1 tie on University of Manitoba turf on Sunday afternoon.

classifieds Career and Employment Services JOBS JOBS JOBS!!! WELCOME BACK EVERYONE!! Let us introduce you to CES CES is a student service office dedicated to assisting you with your Career and Job Search needs. We’re within the Career Resources Centre in AH154, along with Applied Studies and the Management and Arts & Science Cooperative Education programs. CRC office hours are 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 4pm Monday-Friday. Go to our website for more detailed information on our services:

UP-COMING EMPLOYER INFORMATION BOOTHS & SESSIONS: Please sign up in CES to get times and locations (AH154 or ces.

website: for more information.


Information Sessions Information Sessions •

RCMP – Nov 2 3-4pm

CMA Information Session –

Nov 8 – 6-7:30pm •

Operation Wallacea – Nov 16 11am-1pm

WORKSHOPS to November 11: Please SIGN UP

for workshops at CES (AH154) or email

CES Career Portfolios Workshops:


* Fri, Oct 28, 11am – 12:30pm * Wed, Nov 2, 10-11:30pm

CES Networking Workshops: * Tue, Nov 1, 12:15-2:15pm * Fri, Nov 4, 1-3pm * Mon, Nov 7, 3-5pm

ON-CAMPUS RECRUITING (OCR) On-Campus Recruiting is the process by which employers recruit students for full-time and summer positions for NEXT YEAR! Fulltime positions can start any time between January and September 2012, while summer positions generally start in May. Employers often come to campus to conduct their interviews. You must sign up for OCR in CES! (AH154) Go to our

InStore, Various Locations – Tasters for Demonstration (Dec 31) TD Canada Trust, Leth – Customer Services Rep (Oct 31) Future Shop, Leth – Seasonal Sales Associate; Seasonal Customer Services Rep; Seasonal Gaming & DVD/CD Sales Rep; Seasonal Merchandiser (Nov 1) Premier Service, Leth – Mystery Shopper, Restaurant (Nov 30) Davids Tea, Leth – Sales Associate (Nov 1) Lethbridge College – Instructor/Child Development Professional (Oct 29) Crossmark, Fort MacLeod – Data Collection Associate (Nov 17) Brand Momentum – Vendor Sales Assist (Nov 17) Community Neurorehab Services, Leth/Cgy/Edm/


October 27, 2011 • 23

Brooks – Kinesiologist (Nov 18) Chanet Taylor, Leth – Dependable Nanny (Nov 22) Leapforce Inc, Work From Home – Search Engine Evaluator (Dec 31)


• •

• •

CES Resume/Cover Letter Workshops: * Mon, Oct 31, 1:40-4pm * Thur, Nov 3, 3-5:30pm * Tue, Nov 8, 9:30am-12pm * Thur, Nov 10, 9:30am-12pm

Cargill, Varioius Locations – Various Summer Positions (Oct 28) Richardson International – Various Locations – AgriBusiness Summer Students; Agri-Business Full Time Assistants (Nov 28) TD Canada Trust, Various Locations – Commercial Banking Associate (Oct 31) Parrish & Heimbecker, Bow Island/Mossleigh/Vulcan – Agribusiness & Agronomy Summer Positions (Dec 15) College Pro, Leth – Summer Franchise Managers (Nov 15) Bayer CropScience, Various Locations – 2012 Summer Sales Associates (Nov 8) Monsanto, Various Locations – Technology Development Assistant; DEKALB Assistant; Canola Agronomist (Nov 18) Canola Breeding Tech (Feb 1) PetroBank, Cgy – Accounting Summer Student (Oct 28) Pioneer, Alberta – Agronomy Trial Intern (Dec 5) Deep River Science Academy, Deep River – Research Assistant/Tutor (Feb 1)


• •

• •

KWB, Edm – Accounting Tech (Oct 31) BCT Structures, Leth – General Labourers (Oct 31) Dillon Consulting, Toronto – Professional Consultant (Oct 31) Cargill, Various Locations – Various Positions (Oct 28) Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Montreal/Winnipeg/Cgy – Industrial Field Positions (Nov 1) Streamline Automation, Cgy – CNC Application Technologist/International Installation Tech (Oct 30) AUX Sable, Cgy – Commercial Operations Analyst; Field Development Analyst (Oct 31) TD Canada Trust, Various Locations – TD Agriculture Services Associate; Financial Services Rep Trainee (Oct 31) Cargill, Viking – Agronomist in Training (Oct 28) Alltech, Cgy – Office Manager (Nov 1) Excel Homes, Leth – Estimator (Oct 31) ERBC, Cgy – Recruiter (Oct 31) Quadra, Grande Prairie – Account Sales Manager (Oct 31) Woods Homes, Leth – Family Support Counsellor (Nov 4) Budget, Leth – Manager of Budget Rental (Nov 3) Saskatchewan Parks & Rec, Regina – Consultant/ Parks & Open Spaces (Oct 31) Autonomy Systems, Cgy – Software Development Support; Software Developer (Dec 11) Dillon Consulting, Various Locations – Professional Consultant (Nov 1) Davids Tea, Leth – Assistant Manager (Nov 1); Manager (Oct 31) All Nations Healing, Fort Qu’Appelle – Registered Nurse (Oct 30) Enviros, Rocky Mountain House – Addiction Support Worker (Nov 4) City of Calgary – Bylaw Enforcement Officer (Nov

• • •

7) Home Depot, Various Locations – Loss Prevention Investigator (Nov 16) Trico Centre for Family Wellness, Cgy – Fitness Centre Coordinator (Nov 16) AmerisourceBergen Canada, Cgy/Edm – Field Program Nurse (Nov 17) US Department of Commerce – Commercial Service , Cgy – Intern (Nov 18) Golds Gym, Leth – Retail Salesperson (Nov 19) Investors Group, Cgy – Financial Advisor (Nov 30) Summerhill, Grand Prairie, Cgy, Spruce Grove – Program Rep-Temp (Nov 6)

• •


• •

Pegasus Recruiting, South Korea – Teachers in South Korea (Dec 31) Walt Disney International Programs, USA – Walt Disney World International College Program (Dec 31) Aclipse, Thailand/South Korea – Teach English in Asia with Aclipse (Dec 31) Avalon – Teach English in South Korea (Oct 30) Scotia Personnel Ltd – Daycare jobs in Bermuda;

Child Care in USA; Teaching in South Korea; Hospitality/Hotel Jobs across UK; Child Care in Europe, UK, Asia, Australia; Daycare in Nova Scotia; Children’s Camps in UK & Italy (Oct 31) Disco International, Boston/Los Angeles – Japanese-English Career Forums (Nov 13) China Internship Program – 2011 Internship Programs (Oct 30) S-Trip – Various Locations – Destination Staff (Dec 1) ACLE, Italy – Summer Camp Tutoring 2012 (Mar 15) Aclipse, South Korea – Teach English in Asia-Travel & Earn Money! (May 31) Youth Challenge International, Tanzania – Youth Ambassadors (Oct 28) Africa Outlook, Nairobi – Create Social Change – intern or Volunteer in Kenya (Nov 20) TFA Recruitment, South Korea - English Teacher in South Korea (Nov 19)

For details of the postings and information on the application processes go to and check out the WorkopolisCampus Postings section.

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