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December 1, 2011 • 2

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What’s happening on

Collectively Independent and Moveable Feast

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The Department of Anthropology Student Mini Conference Dec. 2 3 – 5 p.m. in Room B650 The Department of Anthropology invites you to attend the presentations of three of our students: LingLing Fan, Brenda Garcia and Joanna Waszkiewicz. Refreshments will be provided. Everyone is welcome! Imaginary Adventures is presented by the U of L Theatre for Young Audiences Dec. 3 12 p.m. in the David Spinks Theatre This is a 50-minute performance that will feature a range of characters and stories created for young audiences. “Although created with ages 5 to 10 in mind, the plays are fun for those aged 5 to 105,” says Nicholas Hanson, the course professor. “While the short plays vary in topic and style, they are united by one thing: their endless fun!” Admission is free!

Janet Barriage Campus Beat

There were some serious displays of talent taking place this week in the fine arts department of the university. Collectively Independent opened this weekend on Nov. 25 at the Dr. Foster James Penny Building, the University of Lethbridge’s downtown space. You can also check out some of the artists on the online gallery at The show

will run until Dec. 6 and is free to attend, so try to stop by and check it out. It is an exhibition of digital art that showcases the work of over 70 emerging artists from the New Media program! The art ranges from video, graphic design, 3D design, animation, digital drawing, and interactive web design. There are two projectors set up in the space to show images and videos created by the artists. There are also computers so you can surf the online gallery and there are some conventional art

Club Hub

Afro Students

Student Speaker Challenge Submission Deadline Dec. 9 All applications for the 2012 Student Speaker Challenge must be submitted by Dec. 9. The question is, “Is there a systemic crisis in the world? If so, how can it be resolved?”

Soles4Souls Paul Klein and Maxine Saretsky Campus Beat Contributors

U of L Library presents NFB Film Club: A Drummer’s Dream Dec. 7 7 p.m. in L1168 A unique assembly of some of the greatest drummers in the world. Explosive talent, passion, humour and irresistible personality come together in a magical setting as seven diverse drummers create a profound and unforgettable experience. It will last for about 85 minutes. Write for Rights Dec. 7 – 8 11 – 3 p.m. in the Atrium The Amnesty International club will be hosting a letterwriting event in the Atrium. There will also be a bake sale in the Students’ Union building from 11 – 3 to raise money for Amnesty International. Come on out and support Amnesty International!

prints to check out too. Bring a date and enjoy the art! In addition to the works of our emerging talented artists being showcased this weekend, the drama and music department performed their latest production called Moveable Feast. “Moveable Feast is a theatre and dance production themed around food and viewed through a child’s eyes,” says director Lisa Doolittle. “As the show opens, the child is not aware of anything beyond her bowl of cereal. As she moves along

food chains from local to global, farm to fork, and boardroom to banquet in a series of beautiful, funny and scary scenes, she discovers there’s a lot more to food and eating than thought at first bite.” The play focuses on food education; it is topical and beautifully done. The characters are meant to stay nameless and generic but the actors brought them to life especially through the many dance numbers. The dances were choreographed by director Lisa Doolittle. Deanna Oye, Leah Liu, Lauren Ully, Calista Lonsdale, and Cam Girling performed the music for the show and they provided a dynamic mystical atmosphere. The play uses recent food studies research, interviews with the community, and consultation with U of L professors across several disciplines. The play explores food at all its stages, both locally and internationally, bringing attention to the problems with fair trade food, undernourishment around the world, and how blind we are to where our food comes from. It was a great play for both young and old! Especially around the holidays when we are so focused on what we want and not on what other people may need. If you haven’t seen Collectively Independent yet, you should try to check it out! The art is beautiful and it’s great to see the talent coming out of our school!

From Jan. 16 – 20, the ULSU will be working with Soles4Souls to collect used pairs of shoes. Shoes will be distributed through the Soles4Souls organization to citizens of less well-off countries in need of footwear. There will be collection boxes placed near the main entrance to the PE building, in the SU atrium, in the library building, and in the U-hall atrium. Going home for Christmas break is a great opportunity to grab some shoes that you no longer use so you can donate them to people that will.

Janet Barriage Campus Beat

The University of Lethbridge Afro Students Association or ULASA is a brand new club at the university. They currently have around 20 members and are growing fast. No, you don’t have to have an afro to be a member! Their main goal is to maintain a social network for Afro students at the U of L. They hope to unite African students and students with an African background in an organization that will celebrate,

promote and exhibit their culture. The ULASA is open to all Afro students in the university and also to anyone who is interested in learning about African culture. There are no membership fees required to join the club. All you need to do is contact for more information on how to join. They hope to host a Taste of Africa event this year, so watch for more information! They will also be taking part in Black History Month in February 2012.




December 1, 2011 • 3

Sara Parkin News Editor For more information on contributing to News, please contact Sara Parkin,

Tories propose to add 30 seats to the Commons Sara Parkin News Editor

With Bill C-20, the Tories are pushing to add 30 seats to the House of Commons to account for the problem of underrepresentation in provinces with rapidly growing populations. If the new legislation were to pass, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec would all get new seats in the House of Commons, bringing the total number of seats in the House to 338. The move to add seats to the House of Commons would come at a big cost to tax payers. In an attempt to counter the legislation, the Liberal Party has released a plan of their own that would redistribute seats in the House rather than adding new MPs. The Liberals’ proposed redistribution would take seats from some provinces while giving some to others in an attempt to bring each province closer to its total share of the overall population.

Yukon 1/1 North West Territories 1/1

British Columbia 36/42

Nunavut 1/1

Newfoundland and Labrador 7/7

Manatoba 14/14

Alberta 28/34 Saskatchewan 14/14

Ontario 106/121

Quebec 75/78 Prince Edward Island 4/4 New Brunswick 10/10

Seat increases by province.

Big budget decisions made by City Council on Monday Sara Parkin News Editor

Lethbridge City Council voted unanimously to pass their 2012 – 2014 budget during a meeting on Monday in which they made their final considerations for funding requests by local groups such as public libraries, Economic Development Lethbridge, as well as several other community resources. City Council had been debating several budget resolutions for close to a week before Monday’s 9 to 0 vote concluded deliberations. The council officially began budget discussions on Tuesday, Nov. 22; however, they have been in the process of talking and briefing for months. The newly passed operating budget boasts the lowest property tax increase since 1999 at only 2.89 per cent for the next three years. The last time the annual property tax increase was lower in the city it averaged only 2.67 per cent. On Wednesday, Nov. 23, City Council deliberated on a number of initiatives proposed by Lethbridge Regional Police Services (LRPS). The LRPS was perhaps the group that was hardest hit during City Council’s budget discussions last week. Every new crime-fighting initiative that was requested by LRPS was rejected by the council during their deliberations last Wednesday. A majority of City Council voted to reject 10 proposals by LRPS, including a request for more officers to investigate violent crimes, more community policing, and a specialist in computer-based crimes. Three members of council were endorsing the initiatives that the

city’s own police commission had requested, but their support was not enough to get even a single proposal passed. Mayor Rajko Dodic, the chair of the council’s finance committee Jeff Carlson, and Alderman Tom Wickersham were the only ones to support the proposals that Police Chief Tom Mackenzie had earlier outlined for the council’s consideration. The Lethbridge Herald reported that Mayor Dodic said that adopting all of the proposals made by LRPS would have added an average of about $8 to property tax bills. The city pockets more than enough money to cover the initiatives in the fines that are collected by local law enforcement, which totals around $5 million each year. Lethbridge Regional Police Service is the city’s biggest single budget expense, putting Chief Mackenzie at a certain disadvantage while presenting his proposals to the council. Also complicating LRPS quest for approval on their proposals is the fact that they are governed by a commission rather than directly by city administration; this particular distinction means city council is unable simply to select the projects that it favours the most. The initiatives proposed by LRPS were all in addition to the funding that is built into the city’s “base budget.” LRPS considered them extremely important to be addressed for the new three-year operating budget. City Council argued that the citizens of Lethbridge are content with the city’s current policing standard when they voted 6 to 3 to defeat Alderman Wickersham’s

budget resolution. Mayor Dodic subsequently proposed to reduce additional funding to LRPS by 50 per cent, but it was not enough to sway the majority of council members to vote in favour of supporting the proposed initiatives. Only Alderman Ryan Parker joined the minority of council members in favour. The chief of police said that assaults, domestic violence, and drug rings are among the concerns that must be addressed. Chief Mackenzie must now deal with the challenge of deciding which programs to make cuts to following the council’s decision in the face of new criminal activities in the city. According to the Lethbridge Herald, Chief Mackenzie has warned that community policing may take a hit as a result of the council’s decision on Wednesday. LRPS are not alone in their proposals being rejected. City Council also rejected proposals made by two other city-supported services. Public libraries, as well as Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL) saw a number of their initiatives rejected by the council. Community resources such as the local bingo association and the Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra faced rejection as well. EDL had four of its proposals denied by city council, including a request for $50,000 to go towards convention and event familiarization tours, another $50,000 to fund a computerbased “customer relationship management tool,” $10,000 for a business expansion and labour force support program, and $25,000 for a strategic planning event that was to be held in 2013.

EDL did get approved for its “targeted awareness” initiative at a price of $100,000. It will build on the success of their “Mind Blowing Facts” campaign. Two public library initiatives were approved by City Council during the most recent budget deliberations. The council has approved the hiring of a caretaker for the newly constructed Crossings branch, as well as approving a move to replace the outmoded bar code identification system currently being employed by the main branch downtown. At a price of $100,000 City Council agreed to the library’s proposal to buy an “integrated radio frequency identification system.” Despite the two initiatives being

successfully approved by City Council, another two initiatives were rejected. $75,000 for a fund development manager for the Lethbridge Symphony was rejected, along with a $50,000 tax relief request by a local bingo association and a request for $50,000 per year by the Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association. The city has laid out some priorities in the Strategic Plan, which include fostering open and effective leadership, promoting cooperation with provincial and federal governments, demonstrating leadership in environmental stewardship, among other things.

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4 • December 1, 2011

As the smoke clears:

A look at the weekend’s grassfires and wind storm that wreaked havoc in southern Alberta

Sara Parkin News Editor

The sky above Lethbridge was thick with smoke as two large grass fires threatened the city and surrounding area on Sunday. One of the blazes began to the west of town on the Blood Reserve and spread rapidly, jumping the Old Man River and making its way towards city limits; both the city and Lethbridge County had activated their Emergency Operation Centres by 3:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. The second blaze was larger, scorching its way through nearly 40 kilometres of ranchland starting near Magrath and stretching towards Raymond. The infernos spread rapidly, fuelled by winds that reached up to 133 km/h. The fire to the west of Lethbridge covered an area of approximately 10 square kilometres before it could be contained. It was not until early Monday morning around 3 a.m. that the flames were finally extinguished. The blaze was brought under control through the coordinated efforts of fire crews from Lethbridge, Coalhurst, Nobleford, Picture Butte and Blood Reserve Fire Services. Farmers from the surrounding areas came out to help with tractors and water trucks. While firefighters battled to contain the grassfires on the outskirts of town, others still were fighting to put out a blaze on the north side of the city in an industrial building which had lost its roof to the wind storm that had been tearing through much of southern Alberta over the weekend. There have been no injuries reported as a result of Sunday’s fires. Two homes in the path of the blaze that originated on the Blood Reserve were destroyed and another two were damaged. The blaze was in danger of encroaching on residential areas on the west side of the city, forcing the evacuation of two subdivisions on the outskirts of town. Approximately 125 people were displaced from the communities of Mountain Meadows, Sunset Acres and surrounding areas due to the evacuation orders. About 25 of those people who were displaced from their homes in the county made their way to the Fritz Sick Centre, a designated emergency shelter located in the downtown area of the city. Others sought

Fire creeps closer to farms and homes just before sunset on Sunday afternoon | John Martin

shelter with friends and family in unaffected areas of the city and surrounding area. No evacuation orders were given to residents within city limits, however, areas on the west side of the city were under evacuation alert for much of the afternoon and early evening. Residents in the communities of West Highlands and Indian Battle Heights were being advised to be prepared to leave their homes should the flames reach that far. Amidst a flurry of panic, confusion and misinformation, a number of residents on the west side fled their homes in preparation for the worst and to escape the oppressive blanket of smoke and debris that was billowing over the area. More people still left their homes in order to observe the inferno.

Misinformation spread as quickly as wildfire News of the fires spread quickly through the media, but also through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. While social media proved

useful to people who were hoping to locate and check up on friends and family during the fires, it also served to quickly disseminate information, some of which was false. In times of crisis, social media is often the main vehicle for the spread of misinformation, and Sunday’s fires were no exception. Unconfirmed and often unintentionally false reports on Facebook and Twitter led to many city residents fleeing their homes, despite emergency alerts warning people outside of certain areas to remain in their homes until the fire could be contained. There was a great deal of traffic congestion due to the number of people on the roads. Traffic on both Whoop Up and University Drive was being restricted with reports of both roads being closed at times throughout the night. Highway 3 was also closed at one time during the night. Radio reports kept residents updated on what roads were closed throughout the course of the evening. The cause of the blaze is under investigation. Due to dry conditions

in the area, Lethbridge County has a fire ban in effect. Conditions will continue to be monitored over the coming days by fire crews.

Wind storm causes widespread damage in southern Alberta Fire wasn’t the only thing wreaking havoc in southern Alberta this weekend. A severe wind storm tore its way through the south of the province, leaving a path of destruction in its wake; the downtown core of Calgary was shut down to traffic as a result. Shingles and siding were torn off houses, trees and power lines were toppled over and windows were smashed. Wind gusts of up to 149 km/h were recorded by the Calgary Fire Department atop the city’s skyscrapers, accounting for damages to some of the city’s high-rises and other buildings. The dangerously high wind speeds and the resulting damage are what led to traffic being shut down to the downtown core of Calgary. The roof of a school building was peeled

right off by the wind in the town of Nanton. Residents were advised to stay away from windows after the province’s emergency alert system was activated due to the dangerous wind conditions. Road conditions were made especially dangerous by the wind storm. There were a number of reports over the course of the weekend of vehicles being overturned by the wind on the highways. Due to the dangerous conditions, people were being advised against commercial driving on the roads between Lethbridge and Calgary. A number of power lines were downed by the strong winds and fire, leaving thousands of southern Alberta residents without power on Sunday and into Monday morning. Environment Canada is blaming a high pressure gradient that formed over the region for the strong winds. They say it was the result of a low pressure system which had moved into southern Northwest Territories.


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December 1, 2011 • 5

Matt Baird Features Editor For more information on contributing to Features, please contact Matt Baird,

PC gaming and piracy

Matt Baird

Features Op-Ed

Just as a heads up, if you’re not that big into video games, just ignore this article and go back to watching your pirated movies and television shows. Just kidding. Recently, Ubisoft, creator of such series as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and... Let’s Dance, has stated that because of software piracy on the PC, their new game, I Am Alive, will not be available on a computer

near you. As bass ackwards as this decision is, they have their reasons. Piracy does have an impact on the industry, and keeping a game off of the PC is just another stupid decision on Ubisoft’s part in an attempt to stop it. See, in an effort to combat PC piracy, many companies, including Ubisoft, are relying on “always-on” DRM (Digital Rights Management) that requires owners of the game to have a constant internet connection in order to play the game. The

reasoning behind the DRM is that, should you have legitimately purchased the game, you should have no problem of proving this by keeping your computer connected to Ubisoft servers at all times. Should you lose your network connection, or should the Ubisoft servers go down, your game will be unplayable. Sucks to be you, paying customer. Draconian solutions such as this are, frankly, dumb. However, according to the head of Driver: San Fransisco’s studio Matt Edmonson, “you have to do something.” In an interview with Eurogamer back in September, Edmonson backed the Ubisoft DRM, stating “PC piracy is at the most incredible rates.” As for Driver, “the game cost a huge amount of money to develop, and it has to be, quite rightly – quite morally correctly – protected.” However, Ubisoft DRM tends to hurt paying customers: in March of 2010, their main servers went down, causing about 5 per cent of paying customers to be unable to play both Assassin’s Creed II and Silent Hunter 5. This was an added insult to injury, as the console versions of the games had been released for both the Xbox 360 and

the PS3 in November of 2009, a full four months before the PC release. PC gaming, then, finds itself with two problems: horrible, horrible console ports to the platform, and piracy. A console port, to those unfamiliar, is when a game is designed for a dedicated console (Xbox 360 or PS3), and then that console version is simply made to run on a PC. This is a bad thing for two reasons. Console ports tend to be rushed, last minute features of games that simply allow a publisher to sell the game on another platform, and in addition to that, a PC is a very different set of hardware than a console, which leads to compatibility problems. Those of you who played GTA4, Dead Space, Saint’s Row 2, or Devil May Cry 3 on the PC know what I’m talking about. But here’s the thing. There are only two legitimate reasons for video game piracy, and here they are: 1) If you live in a place where there is no feasible way to buy the game, pirate away. That is to say, if you’re sitting there in Chile or Mongolia reading this article and you desperately want to play Skyrim and have been looking for a good reason, there it is. 2) If you’re a lover of classic titles from the ‘80s or early ‘90s and the games you want have not been on the market literally for decades, go ahead. It’s cool. Other than that, buy your games. I’m not pointing fingers here, but the fact is that videogames are a luxury product, and cost a lot of money to produce. You’re helping out the industry you love by purchasing games. It’s as easy as that. There is a nearly endless list of

Drink of the Week: White Russian Matt Baird

Features Mixologist

For those of you who enjoy Cohen Brothers films, this drink is no doubt familiar to you. For the rest of you, go and watch The Big Lebowski. I’ll wait. (I won’t actually wait for you, dear reader. If you’ve not seen it by now, you’re out of your element) The Big Lebowski is actually the only reason that you’ve heard of this drink, or can probably order it in your local bar, by the way. The movie helped to re-popularize the drink, which had mostly gone out of favour in cocktail land because, well, it’s an alcoholic milkshake. I need to be honest here, people. This is not a drink for mass consumption throughout an evening; cream sits heavy in the stomach and this drink has plenty of sugar; the latter leads to hangovers, the former a bigger waist line. For those who participate in the bowling-fuelled fun that is Lebowski Fest, that isn’t a problem: they consume White Russians in volumes that need to be measured in hundreds of litres, to

the point where a dedicated bar is required just to abide. Interestingly, if you know of this drink only because of your exposure to the aforementioned film, you probably heard it called by a different name: the Caucasian. The reasons for the name change are ambiguous at best (then again, a drink by any other name and all that jazz), but the drink resulted as an adaptation of the Black Russian, which is simply a mixture of vodka and coffee liqueur. I’m sure you can figure out why they called it a Black Russian (hint: vodka comes from Russia, and coffee liqueur is black. Put it together, Holmes). As for why the addition of cream makes it a white Russian, I’ve no idea. E-mail me your answers, kids! Fun fact: the White Russian is an integral building block for a drink many of you probably enjoy already – Paralyzers. That’s right, a Paralyzer is simply a White Russian watered down with cola. Next time you crave a jug full of paralysis, do yourself a favour, and just ask for a White Russian instead. It’s just as

tasty as a paralyzer, and it has none of the cola to rot your teeth! Besides, cream has dairy, and dairy is good for you; therefore, this drink has its health benefits (Q.E.D., W.H.O). White Russian You’ll need: Ice An old fashioned glass 1 ½ oz of vodka ½ oz of coffee liqueur And 1 oz of cream Toss your vodka, ice, and coffee liqueur into your glass, stir lightly, and then float the cream on top of the glass. Mix well (taking care not to curdle the cream, it can happen) and consume in your favourite dressing gown while bowling. Where can you go from here? Well, if you add half a can of cola, you’ve a Paralyzer. Omit the cream for 1 oz of Irish Cream, and you have a Blind White Russian. Omit the cream and the coffee liqueur, and you have a Russian Stereotype.

ways we excuse ourselves from piracy. After all, it’s only a digital copy, so the producer isn’t actually losing a sale. The game is buggy. The game is expensive! You hate the developer/distributor/CEO/Bobby Kotick. The DRM is insane, etc. These may be solid facts against the game, but the fact that you went to the effort to download and play the game renders these points moot: after all, regardless of the problems you argue against the game, you’re still investing your time into playing it. Unless you’re a sociopathic masochist who pirates horrible games because they hate themselves, or pirates games and never plays them just to say they’ve done so, here’s the moral of the story: don’t be a dick. People worked hard on the product you’re enjoying. Suppress that need for instant gratification, wait ‘til it goes on sale on Steam, and then buy it. Sure, you’ll miss out on the release day hype, but that tends to be nothing but people freaking out over horse physics and internet memes anyway. Finally, to those working (or aspiring to work) in the industry, the easiest way to combat piracy is simply to make a product that people want to pay for, and not to punish those people for giving you money. If you make a really good game that people love, they’re going to be willing to shell out the dough to play it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but please, drop the invasive DRM and concentrate on making the game the best it can be. If you work hard and love the product you’re making, piracy tends not to be an issue; after all, you don’t see Valve complaining about piracy.




6 • December 1, 2011

The Man uses Sunday fires as smokescreen to intern undesirables The truth is out there Olivier O’Brien Modern Journalist

As the west side is cleaned up in the aftermath of Sunday’s fire, we have to wonder, why? How do things disappear in fires? Don’t the modern laws of thermodynamics clearly state that matter cannot be created or destroyed, but merely altered? What happened out there, while we “free” citizens were confined to our homes by provincial authorities? Where did everything go? During the hours of the emergency this reporter knows for a fact that heavy machinery operators employed by the county were called in to assist and I personally saw out-of-commission buses on the highway. I set out now to explore the possibilities. Elementary school fire safety tells us that three things are necessary for fire: oxygen, fuel and heat. Certainly, on a windy day in southern Alberta the first two are in ready supply, but where does heat play in? It was, after all, a chilly day. How was that fire started? Fire hasn’t seen major industrial use for nearly a hundred years. Was the fire a deliberate action by parties unknown? Did terrorists start Sunday’s wildfire? Small-time domestic terrorist cells whose ranks are filled by degenerate liberal slogan-spewers have been seen in Lethbridge, such as the Occupy Movement and their propaganda wing, the public library. As well as less dangerous, more traditional groups such as radical fundamentalists (pro tip: it’s of a certain Abrahamic religion with an “i” in the name), anarchosyndicalists, the S.A.A.G, and even

the Red Army Faction. But, isn’t that too easy of an explanation? Let’s take what we know as a fact about terrorists – they only strike either tall buildings, or in sandy places with no grass. In fact: there has never been a recorded terrorist attack on grass. I personally love to burn grass; I will burn it all day long if that’s what freedom costs. But, would a freedom-hating terrorist make that sacrifice? Ponder: terrorists do not burn grass, and grass was burned, therefore we must assume not terrorist. What’s the opposite of a terrorist? The Man. Who gained the most power during the state of emergency? The Man. Who possesses all the evidence regarding the fire? The Man. And what corruptive tendril of power was present in Lethbridge on Sunday? The AEMA, AKA the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. What did they do with that machinery and those buses on that dark and smoky night? Where did everything go? Did the AEMA’s g-men strike? I contacted a former mayor for answers – if he had responded, this is what he might have said: “I can’t tell you the whole story, not now, not here; it’s too dangerous. They are watching me; they’ve been planning this for months. This conspiracy runs deep, all the way up to Stelmach. The fire was a cover for something bigger.” The university’s premier conspiracy man might also have commented no less mysteriously: “The grass fire was not a terrorist action.” But why? Why would anyone want to burn that much grass? For the smoke! Billowing black clouds in the dead of night combined with overstressed cell phone networks

Bibliophile: The Book of General Ignorance, by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson Everything you think you know is wrong Rebecca Colbeck Features Bibliophile

Think Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, baseball was invented in America, Henry VIII had six wives, or that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain? Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong again. Flawed facts, misunderstandings, and badly written history books finally get the heave-ho in this humorous, downright humiliating book of re-education based on the phenomenal British bestseller. The Book of General Ignorance challenges what most of us assume to be verifiable truths in areas like history, literature, science, nature, and more. It is a witty compendium of how little we actually know about anything; it’ll have you scratching your head wondering why we even bother to go to school. This book reveals the truth behind all the things we think we know, but don’t. It will leave you dumbfounded about all the misinformation you’ve managed to collect during your life, and sets you

up to win big should you ever be a contestant on Jeopardy! (or at least provide you with enough useful/ useless information to impress your drinking buddies). Besides righting the record on common (but wrong) myths like Captain Cook discovering Australia or that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, The Book of General Ignorance also gives us the skinny on lesser points of our human history, such as how Cinderella wore fur slippers, not glass, and chicken tikka masala was invented in Scotland, not India. Thomas Edison said that we know less than one millionth of one per cent about anything. Convinced as I was as to the untruthfulness of that statement (at least in my case!), I was surprised to learn that I may not even know that much! The Book of General Ignorance, and the rest in the series are available in all bookstores, including your University of Lethbridge bookstore. Save 20 per cent on all general reading books this month with your nonperishable food donation to the SU Food Bank.

would cut communications and visibility, isolating the vulnerable. That is when they maybe struck. Were social undesirables loaded onto buses and carted to places unknown, while their homes were bulldozed? We can never know. But the circumstantial evidence has been piling up. One eye witness could have said, “I saw people being loaded into vans by men in army fatigues, it looked like a guy with a dark suit and sunglasses was in charge, but I couldn’t see through the smoke.” Who were these people that were disappeared? Local newspapers record no fatalities, no mysterious disappearances – whoever was taken had to have been marked for termination in advance and erased from the system beforehand. In the chaos of an evacuation, who

would notice that some buses didn’t head to the south side? With only vague hints at what went on, it is hard to tell who exactly got taken, let alone where and why. All we can say is that it happened, and the next time an evacuation notice comes up for you, be safe and refuse to leave the premises. But, is this conspiracy... ongoing? When I returned home after making public my intention to write this article, there was a strange car marked “repo” outside of my house. When I logged onto my computer I couldn’t find my first draft; maybe I was just woozy from all that grass smoke, or maybe persons unknown had been inside my house, so that even now they can put a spin on what I maybe uncovered. And even now, look at the heading above this

article: Features. How is it that when I drop off my hard hitting journalistic pieces they are shelved with the drinks and unfunny fluff parodies that just make one lame joke from South Park and ramble on for half a page? Did the Editor of the Meliorist take a government payoff to keep the conspiracy a secret and discredit its revealers? Surely not, you might think. You might even remember some 9/11 conspiracy pieces a while back. But these were yet more smoke-andmirrors to distract you from the fact that your friendly local campus paper has become yet another mouthpiece of the new world order. Maybe it’s time to rethink what you thought you knew about last Sunday.

Q: How long can a chicken live without its head? A: About two years. Q: What do chameleons do? A: They don’t change colour to match the background. Never have; never will. Complete myth. Utter fabrication. Total Lie. They change colour as a result of different emotional states. Q: How many toes has a twotoed sloth? A: It’s either six or eight. Q: How many penises does a European earwig have? a) 14 b) None at all c) Two (one for special occasions) d) Mind your own business Q: Which animals are the best-endowed of all? A: Barnacles. These unassuming modest beasts have the longest penis relative to their size of any creature. They can be seven times longer than their body. Q: Who was the first American president? A: Peyton Randolph. Q: How many out of every 100,000 paperclips are actually used to clip papers? A: Five. Q: What percentage of the U of L population only reads the TLF’s page? A: There are other pages?




December 1 , 2011 • 7

In brightest (week)day Not to be mistaken with Good Friday Matt Baird

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But then again, you can simply avoid all the fun of shoving crowds, dangerous working conditions, and apathetic retail clerks: wait out the weekend for Cyber Monday! According to ComScore, an internet retail statistics firm, between Nov. 1 and Nov. 26 this year, over $9.7 billion were spent at online retailers. To put that in perspective, that is the projected amount of damage caused during the 2010 flood of Pakistan (that also happened. You forgot about it, you monster). Interestingly, most of that money was spent on Nov. 16, clocking in

at a whopping $688 million. This items for the same cost as one item. raises two questions: who buys Unfortunately, this tends to spiral things online on a Wednesday, for outwards, and you are then left with one, and why did the people buying shopping bags upon shopping bags $688 million worth of goods not full of items that you saved money wait until Black Friday? Did they on, while the storeowner is slowly not hear about the sales? There counting those dollars you were gowere sales to be had, people! You ing to spend on rent, smiling to him could have saved money! or herself. But it’s okay! It was all Oh, wait, that last statement on sale. isn’t exactly true. So, pat yourself Conventionally, on the back and during advertenjoy all those ized sales periods you saved Marketing and things such as Boxing Day money on by buybusiness students ing them even and Black Friday, customers tend to when you really take note. spend two to three did not intend times as much as to buy them the they had originally first place. You intended on spendearned it; just as ing. The reasoning goes that beyou earned all that precious money. cause you are saving money on one That is, the money you used to own. item, you can then use those savIt’s alright, my dear spender. ings on another item, getting both You saved money.

...celebrating life, love, and the pursuit of discounts.

Black Friday is the greatest thing to happen to the human race since the invention of gold. Heck, the only reason there was no Black Friday prior to the invention of gold was because we were too busy fighting each other over the best deal on woolly mammoth skin tunics and fire and stuff like that. Or, at least I assume we were; I’m no history major. What I am, however, is totally psyched about spending money so that I can save money. It is great! You can get a product that you neither need, want, nor really will ever use for less money than you would on any other day of the year! Besides Boxing Day. Oh, and Canada Day, Halloween, the week before Christmas, Thanksgiving, the month before school starts, Labour Day, Arbour Day, Easter, and Valentine’s day. But who am I kidding, those days don’t really count! They’re only holidays and dates surrounding holidays where retailers generally put certain items on for a ridiculously deflated price so you can buy things. Black Friday, on the other hand, is where retailers generally put certain items on for a ridiculously deflated price so you can save money. Note the crucial difference. Black Friday is all about you, dear reader. Yes, you! Black Friday is about Marketing and business stubending over your fellow man, dents, take note. This is a consumerpepper spraying him and kicking ist holiday where people are actualhim in the face so you can get that ly willing to kill each other to give discounted Xbox 360 and pay the you profits (you may adjust your Microsoft Corporation $200 (that collective boners now). Naturally, actually happened this year in a Los this violence is both shocking and Angeles Wal-Mart; I guess she was appalling: it would be much easier channelling her inner UC Davis posimply to rob the people who have lice officer). Black Friday is about already braved the pushing down Black Friday crowds and trampling in the parking lot! the 40 something You could consider year old woman Black Friday is yourself a postmodwho woke up at 5:30 a.m. to individualism at its ern Robin Hood, robbing from the poor save money at best. and giving to yourself Best Buy (also (if you thought there happened). It is was no way this could about actively happen, you are insmashing the correct). Black Friday is individualman in the skull who dared to touch ism at its best, and I for one respect the same Lagostina Pot you had our southern neighbours for celeyour eye on, causing a major fracbrating life, liberty, and the pursuit ture (you bet). Black Friday is about of discounts. you, and saving money.


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December 1, 2011 • 8

Kelti Boissonneault Editor-in-Chief For more information on contributing to The Meliorist, please contact Kelti Boissonneault,

Our truth and effort: The mad-cow crush of consumerism Kelti Boissonneault Editor-in-Chief

Last week, Black Friday saw many Canadians flocking to the border in an effort to scoop up some of the best deals on pretty much everything under the sun from American retailers. From the north side of the 49th I read news story after news story of the insanity of Black Friday and the consequent anarchy that seemed to possess aggressive bargain hunters. Two shootings and a pepper spray incident that left 20 injured seems like the sort of story that might come out of a black-box anarchist movement, or (at least with the pepper spray) from the Occupy movement. It’s not something you’d expect walking into your local Wal-mart in an attempt to skimp on spending this holiday season. The mere fact that incidences of trampling, shooting, pepper-spraying, theft, assault, battery and uttering threats happens in a mall, or a shopping centre, or a store, over a cheaply-made one-time present that will likely be broken, replaced, forgotten, or re-gifted within a year is absurd and abhorrent. With the holiday season fast approaching, there is an increased call to remember the original purpose for this time of year. Many faiths have their various takes on this time of year, but the general consensus is the holiday season is about family, friends, spending time with one another, and (if you’re from my family) turkey dinner. It is not about consumerism, gifts, money, or greed. In fact, the original message of this time of year seems to have been lost among everything it originally was against. How have we come to accept that Black Friday and bargain-hunting, consumer-driven behaviour is the norm? What makes us believe that our lives would be so much better if only we had the latest version of the iPhone, or are the first to get a copy of the latest and greatest video game? Advertisement leads the majority of the population around by tronic reader would be so much the nose. I am continually disgusted better? I don’t know about anyone every time I turn on my television else out there, but the novelty of the or surf the web with the constant electronic reader is going to wear barrage of ads that announce quite off really quick when I’m on a 10 clearly “They will not love you if you hour bus ride and the battery runs don’t get them exactly what they out. Where’s the good old fashioned want.” Worst offenders include the paper-back when you need it? Ah, concept of bestowing iPhones upon right… children, something The truth they obviously is that people desperately need …the holiday sea- have been proto organize their to son is about family, grammed over-worked, amply think this way stressed minds, friends, spending since the beand keep them on time with one an- ginning of conschedule and “in other, and…turkey sumer culture. the know” between It’s fact. Entire dinner. recess and lanpsychoanalytical guage arts. Clearly studies, on top an iPhone is someof millions of thing a fifth-grader millions (probably billions by this simply cannot live without since point) of dollars have been put into they absolutely must have access to finding out exactly what motivates their Facebook accounts 24/7. people to buy, and all the companies Also, how dare one suggest getare capitalizing on that knowledge. ting another person a book for Magazine, online, and television Christmas when clearly an elecadvertisements are deliberately for-

Illustration: Beth Porter

mulated to make you want to buy things. Shopping centres, stores, and malls are literally labyrinths of items for you to buy, designed to prey on your impulse-buying tendencies and get you lost amongst their rows upon rows of product. When you’re in a store, that store wants you thinking only about what you can instantly acquire within that store; they certainly don’t want you thinking “it might be cheaper at that other place” or “I don’t need that item right now.” It isn’t in their profit margin to care whether you can really afford that new pair of shoes because they are on sale – they just encourage you to buy it. In the words of the astute, yet somewhat belated Admiral Ackbar: “It’s a trap!” There are ways to resist the temptation to blow your entire student loan or savings account on your friends and family this year: ask them what they need rather than getting what you think they want. Not only will this ensure the

longevity of your gift as well as their year. It seems to me that the various appreciation for it, I doubt seriouscompanies out there feel the need ly if your brother really needs that to bash it into our skulls every year: new iPad, especially if his old one is if you don’t buy a big enough gift, working just fine. It is constantly a you don’t really love that person. convenient excuse for someone to That is not only offensive, it’s rigive the older version away to somediculous. I am quite sure that most one else (Mom can have this one, people in our world don’t measure that way she has one, and I’ll get the affection based on the items they new one) to feed receive from that constant need another person. to “upgrade.” Just are not as …advertisement We remember: that’s shallow as that, leads the majority hopefully. Afthe advertisement talking. You, of the population fection is not likely, are a much measured in maaround by the more practical terial culture; it nose. person than that. is measured in The other thing honest feelings that comes up this and time spent holiday season is with the people the feeling of intense guilt about you love. The adage has been renot buying a sufficient gift, or negpeated for years: money can’t buy lecting someone on your already happiness (and neither can blind over-long Christmas list. This, consumerism). once again, is a product of advertisements, and the ads are getting more aggressive with each passing


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December 1, 2011 • 9


Wind-blown Unicorn Across

November Draw Winner

Chelsea Wrightson Come to the Meliorist office to claim your prize! Try to find this unicorn hidden somewhere in this week’s Meliorist. Email the page number and a brief discription of where you found it to einc@themeliorist. ca. You’ll be entered to win our monthly Unicorn Draw. You can enter as many times in the month as we publish. Good hunting!


1- Fissure 5- Reveal indiscreetly 9- Pursue 14- Hebrew month 15- Receiver Jerry 16- la vista 17- Richard of “Chicago” 18- Draft classification 19- Mary of “The Maltese Falcon” 20- Small bud-like unit; grows apart from parent plant 22- Act of anointing 24- OPEC units 25- Recompense 26- Hire 29- Kyoto’s country 31- Chick of jazz 32- Whimper 33- RR stop 36- Spy org. 37- Hawaii’s largest industry 40- Baseball stat 41- “Slippery” tree 42- Dies 43- Freeze over 45- Meat option 47- Slithery beasts 48- Salty 51- Collar fastener 52- Calamity 54- Collection of weaponry 58- Picture puzzle 59- Author Seton 61- Pith helmet 62- Pitchers 63- Resembling a red, say 64- Not kosher 65- Martinique volcano 66- Neighbor of Cambodia 67- 3:00

Down 1- Sturdy wool fiber 2- Nice notion 3- Grange 4- Quiver

CUP - Puzzle provided by Used with permission. 5- Umbrella 6- Queues 7- “ Ventura” was played by Jim Carrey 8- Boyfriend 9- Brownish gray baboon 10- Hurry 11- John of “The Addams Family” 12- Got up 13- Makes 21- “Das Boot” setting 23- Scruffs 26- Behold, to Brutus 27- Drudge 28- Baby carriage 29- Magistrate 30- That’s ! 32- Free from contamination

33- Go after 34- Authentic 35- Sleeps briefly 38- Greased 39- Less 44- Member of the Girl Scouts 45- Numerical symbol 46- Actually existing 47- Wanders away 48- Throat problem 49- ___ having fun yet? 50- Trademark 51- Decline 53- Ship’s small boat 55- “A Doll’s House” heroine 56- Galoots 57- Hoist 60- Actress Long

Puzzle answers on page 19

Letters Dear Editor, And to Mikyla Hindson, Thank you very much for taking the time to patiently explain your thoughts on this topic. I really appreciate that someone is willing to step up and talk about this. Now perhaps I need to clarify some of my points. Firstly, as a pro-lifer, I do not want to say that I am taking the responsibility for the future life of the unborn. I did say “acting on behalf of the unborn,” but this action is a calling on society to acknowledge their rights. Compare it with someone who is shedding light on the genocide in Sudan, or on the female homicides in Juarez. These are good causes to stand up for, but at the same time no one is offering to feed these people if they are not killed. Of course, I would wish that no one had to suffer any kind of deprivation, but I cannot take it on myself to prevent everything. I am simply taking a stand on ONE issue facing humanity. There may be other issues which need to be addressed, like poverty or some “injustice[s]” throughout the “eighty or ninety year” lifespan of a person. But the presence of other issues is not the absence of this one, and is no reason to refrain from fixing this problem. You also said that it is not my responsibility to speak for the unborn. Is it not good to speak for the victims of the genocide and homicide mentioned above? Then I also feel a right to speak for the victims of abortion. In fact, I feel a responsibility to stand up for the rights of my fellow human being. Regardless, the prospect of what MAY happen in the future to a person does not justify killing him/her. Suppose a two-year old were put into this scenario. Imagine its family was plunged into poverty or the parents suffered

some tragedy. Could we justify killing this child because there is a very dim prospect for his/her future? Absolutely not. For born people we all realize that the right to life is a fundamental human right, and thus must be upheld even in the face of other forms of deprivation. This should also be applied to the unborn. You say there are “bigger issues at play” than life. But food clothing, education, love, and care, which you mentioned, are not bigger issues than life. They are sub-issues, if you will. The right to life is more fundamental than the right to any of those things. I agree, they are very important, but still not as important as life. Eliminate the suffering, not the sufferer. I also appreciate your concern over the personal issues that are involved with having children. I heartily agree that it is a very sensitive matter, and also that adoption is a complex decision. (As a side note, many women can testify that living with the decision of a past abortion is even more difficult.) However, that does not change the nature of abortion. “Stranger” as I may be to the personal issue, that does not nullify my argument. My argument is based on logical reasoning and science, so to throw out my argument on the basis of my gender or experiences would be an ad hominem fallacy. Please, I don’t mean to be insensitive. But as stated in my original article, abortion remains the killing of a human being, and this makes it unacceptable. You say that the only person who can make the choice to abort is the woman involved. But along the same reasoning I say that the woman involved has no right to make that choice, because it is the child’s issue. No one has the right to take away someone else’s right to life. Cheers, and thanks again for your response,

Send your letters to

Finland: $79,652 Norway: $208, 721

Canada: $31,017,614

Denmark: $147,564

New Zealand: $763,147

United Kingdom: $19,630,065 Ireland: $1,271,391

Belgium: $43,601

Spain: $18,912 Czech Republic: $15,076

Australia: $19,714,714 United States: $10,969,440

Netherlands: $264,359

South Africa: $291,343

World Total: $84,435,598

Finland: $79,652 Norway: $208, 721

Canada: $31,017,614

Denmark: $147,564

New Zealand: $763,147

United Kingdom: $19,630,065 Ireland: $1,271,391

Belgium: $43,601

Spain: $18,912 Czech Republic: $15,076

Australia: $19,714,714 United States: $10,969,440

Netherlands: $264,359

South Africa: $291,343

World Total: $84,435,598

12 • December 1, 2011

Students’ Union

ULSU Note Bank wants your old class notes! Ever missed a class and needed the notes? Ever looked for supplemental materials and had difficulty finding them? The ULSU will be collecting your old notes to create our new Note Bank! The Note Bank will compile students’ old notes from courses here at the U of L and allow all students to access and download these notes when they need them. Keep an eye out for drop boxes in December and January, there are plenty of prizes to be won and you’re entered into the draw with each note submission! Notes can also be submitted electronically at

Ender Bender, Ender Bender, Ender Bender’s on its way! Everyone’s favorite ULSU Holiday event returns to the Zoo. This year’s promises to be a great holiday celebration. Just like last year, Ender Bender 2011 is all about holiday cheer and friendly togetherness! There is no better way to embody these sensibilities than with a good ole fashioned Ugly Sweater theme! There will be prizes for the Top 2 Ugliest Sweaters with 1st place winning a 19-inch LCD TV and 2nd place will receive a $50 Zoo Gift Certificate. So dig into the back of your closet or your friends’ closet and proudly don your best knitted finery at this semester’s best holiday affair. Ender Bender takes place on December 9th with the doors yawning open at 11am. Coat check will be available for $1.

ULSU Mobile App Now Available! iOS


Blackberry Check for more details!

CAUS ‘Get Out The Vote’ Campaign in Full Swing: Get Involved!

Zack Moline SU President

The Council of Alberta University Students’ Get Out The Vote Campaign for the next provincial election is well underway on campus. Over the next five to six months the ULSU will be collecting pledges from students who commit themselves to voting on election day. Alongside the pledge to vote, the ULSU will ask students to provide their contact information which will then be used to create a voter database. With the database the ULSU will be able to provide students with information on how to vote, organize election events such as a vote mob, and remind students to vote on election day and help them get to their polling station. Overall, the campaign is seeking to maximize the number of students voting next election. The last few years in Alberta politics have been amongst the most tumultuous and interesting seen in almost two decades. We’ve witnessed the rise of two new parties, numerous floor crossings, three new party leaders including a new Premier, and an imminent election in which the governing Progressive Conservatives appear to be challenged for the first time since 1993. If there were a time to vote for the first time, it would most certainly be now: this election is

going to be exciting. There are currently over 200,000 students in post-secondary institutions across the province. If we were all to exercise our vote we would have enormous political power. Students would be the most influential demographic in numerous constituencies and as a result the Government would act more decisively on our issues. Students looking to pledge can do so online at or in person when given the opportunity at numerous

points throughout the campaign. There will be a table setup next week in the atrium where students can interact with the campaign and pledge to vote. Students excited to get involved in the execution of the final stages of the campaign next semester can do so by contacting the ULSU Volunteer Coordinator Mike Solberg at su.volunteer@ Alberta is about to get interesting, uleth, it’s time that you pledged to vote!

Upcoming Events: -UofL Bookstore Sale benefitting the ULSU Food Bank begins - Dec. 1 -Flames Game in the Zoo Dec. 1 at 7pm -Flames Game in the Zoo Dec. 6 at 7pm -Flames Game in the Zoo Dec. 8 at 8pm -Ugly Sweater Ender Bender - Dec. 9 Doors Open at 11am -Flames Game in the Zoo Dec. 13 at 6pm


meliorist the

December 1, 2011 • 14

Billy Davey Entertainment Editor For more information on contributing to Entertainment, please contact Billy Davey at

LOOM Epyllion (Independent)

Gescha Crayon Politics (Soul Datta)

The Decemberists Long Live the King (Capitol Records/ EMI)

The album is filled with slow-building four to seven minute-long songs that are not for the faint of attention span. While the vocals on “Promise Land” will capture you in a trance, Epyllion must be given time to bloom. But sometimes the bloom doesn’t come, and you’re left with the feeling that a wet towel has been dragged over your head very slowly. It seems LOOM is trying for a progressive minimalist and soft rock combination but is left, awkwardly, in the middle. However, they can’t all be Kate Bush, and some tracks and parts of others are truly stunning, such as “Around Again” and “Grown.” If this album was a landscape, it would be very flat, even for an attempt at minimalism.

Crayon Politics is a very colourful album in its instruments and smooth hip-hop rhymes. “Wake,” which also features Awol One and Cam the Wizard, is a confident and serious sounding collaboration. Gescha is backed by a very real sounding band of guitar, bass, drums, and more. This is very refreshing, considering hip-hop’s obsession with electronic generated rhythm. The tracks don’t only sound the exact opposite of sloppy, they also surprise with versatility in tracks like “Love Pirates” and “Breathe.” Midway through the album you will realize Crayon Politics is a hiphop album like no other; it radiates with the class of hiphop’s early years while trail blazing its own sound.

Long Live the King starts with a down-to-Earth acoustic tune called “E. Watson,” which is a simple dance between an acoustic guitar and a singer. But, the album isn’t without some electric sound waves; “Burying Davy” features a guitar solo that brings the song, and album, to a different level. From a stinging slide guitar on “Row Jimmy” to the poetic and plain vocals, the album doesn’t contain any duds. It, however, is a measly six songs long. The poetry of the lyrics is not accompanied with a lyric book in the album, which leaves you constantly re-listening to the songs, trying to hear the stories—the proper way to listen to a folk album.


Magical RJ Balog

Entertainment Writer

The year is winding down and the closing stretch Oscar push is upon us. The first batch of holiday films is getting through, and Martin Scorsese’s Hugo already shines, going above and beyond and sticking out as one of the year’s definite best. The film brings to life the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, written and illustrated by Brian Selznick, in a magical and enchanting way that only Scorsese could do. The story centers around a young orphan boy named Hugo Cabret, who lives within the walls of a train station in 1930s Paris. Hugo lives a sad and lonely life tending to the station’s many clocks and spending any free time he has trying to rebuild an automaton robot found by his deceased father. The title role of Hugo is played by Asa Butterfield who not only has the coolest name in the world, but is also almost guaranteed to have many leading offers now for his remarkable portrayal of our main protagonist. Scorsese has created a wondrous world inside the station that is truly amazing. Amidst the many travellers are the shops and shop keepers that are equally enchanting. Bookstores overflowing with books piled high, French cafes crowded with musical bands and espresso steam, flower keepers and toy makers await potential custom-

ers, and all are mindful of the station security. Behind the walls Hugo is surrounded by giant clocks and cogs that make for a wonder world of chutes and ladders all at Hugo’s disposal – a world of his own. The book is said to blend classic storytelling with beautiful drawings, both by Brian Selznick. It’s not a picture book or a novel but a mixture of both, and it’s said they go hand in hand as they are both essential elements of the story. Scorsese doesn’t disregard where the material came from, masterfully layering the real settings with dazzling features that look like they were taken right from a book. This is also Scorsese’s first big release attempt at 3D and it’s a rare occasion that I’d actually recommend it. I am not a fan of 3D technology, but this is a film where it really adds to the tone. The 3D isn’t forced at you with random objects flying through the screen but rather it emerges in a subtle style like smoke from a train, snow falling from the skies or just flickers of ash dancing across the screen. The supporting cast for Hugo is extraordinary. Every character is done so elegantly it’s like you know exactly who they are just from seeing their interactions together, and it’s almost as if they each have a tale of their own within the overall story; the station patrons looking for love or romance, the young adventurer, the wise old historian, the cruel lawman, or the tragic tale of our protag-

onist. Chloe Grace Moretz continues to shine as another great young actor that already shows a high maturity and understanding of acting. Sacha Baron Cohen gave a terrific performance as the station inspector. Cohen provided the role of both comedic relief and cruel villain that truly shows off how tremendous of an actor he really is. Cohen goes from the laugh of the screen right to the most hated man in the theatre in the blink of an eye. Emily Mortimer and Christopher Lee both give great performances even though their roles aren’t huge in screen time. Sir Ben Kingsley gave an exquisite performance and truly stole the show as my favourite character. Kingsley portrayed the real life filmmaker George Melies, which is said to be Selznick’s primary inspiration for the book. Kingsley’s acting and Scorsese’s direction give this character real depth and emotion that really sticks with you. In many ways this is like Scorsese’s ode to classic cinema. The scenes showing the pioneering work for cinema are some of the most creatively dazzling and emotionally drawn in Hugo. It’s hard to describe other than to say that you really have to see it yourself as it highlights the origins of cinema and really shows that it’s not something that should be forgot. This in many ways mirrors the underlying motif of the film of finding your purpose and following your dreams. As the

film proclaims that “films have the power to capture dreams,” Scorsese brings our dreams to life, creating reality out of imagination just as the early filmmakers did. Hugo’s quest to fix the automaton is truly inspirational as he alludes that losing your purpose is like being broken. Mixing the background of spinning gears and machines with the objective of fixing not only the automaton but also himself showcases the deep emotional aspect of the film. The world that

Scorsese creates in Hugo is one of magic brought to life through our dreams. It is truly touching to see the characters grow and fight to find purpose amidst the hardships of reality and the burden of feeling broken. Hugo leaves a strong emotional impression that’s sure to stay. A great watch for fans of film of any age, and a truly touching story. Follow my blog at yourdailyloaf.




December 1, 2011 • 15

Double Dose: Novels in verse Zoë Migicovsky Entertainment Writer Novels in verse are a unique format that, when done well, can be an engaging and interesting way to tell a story. Two debut novels that do this particularly well are Exposed by Kimberly Marcus and the upcoming release May B. by Caroline Starr Rose. Exposed by Kimberly Marcus is told from the perspective of 16-yearold Liz. She is a Photogirl, somebody who is confident in everything she can capture behind her lens, until one day the subtleties blur and, in the aftermath of a shocking accusation by her best friend Kate, everything changes. Was the world Liz was so used to seeing not the real one after all? What happens when you may lose everything you love? An emotional and powerful novel told in verse, Exposed is both raw and poetic in style; there is a lyrical nature to Marcus’ writing that makes it beautiful and compelling to read. Not only would this book be perfect for fans of authors who write novels in verse on serious topics, in particular Ellen Hopkins (author of Crank), but even those unfamiliar with the genre will find Exposed an easy transition from conventional storytelling. In addition to taking a risk with the format, Marcus takes on an extremely difficult subject matter in a thoughtful and intelligent way, making it relatable while not diminishing its seriousness – the specific subject of the novel is best left for the reader to uncover. The end result is a story that breaks the reader’s heart in more than one way.

May B. by Caroline Starr Rose is an upcoming release due out on Jan. 10, 2012 that is appropriate for a younger audience than Exposed, but has just as much emotional strength at its core. When May B. begins, May has been sent to work on a neighbour’s prairie home to help provide for her family. May wants to be a teacher, but how is that possible when she can’t even read right? Things go from bad to worse when May is abandoned and trapped away from her family for a long winter. Fighting for her life, May also begins to fight for her dream by trying to find her own way to read, and her own way home. Despite being a fairly short novel with a quick moving story, May B. doesn’t lack for emotional resonance. Adding in small historical details to bring the setting to life, the novel features an incredibly brave young girl who has to overcome incredible odds both from the outside and from within. The story also provides a perceptive look into what it was like to deal with dyslexia before it was a recognized and understood condition. Ultimately, May B. is a moving story of survival – a quick book to read, but the memory of it will last much longer. Overall, novels in verse can be great not just for reluctant readers but also for individuals looking to find something a little unconventional. Whether you’re looking for a serious issue book like Exposed or historical fiction such as May B., it’s definitely a format worth considering.

Dec 1

Dec 2

Open Mic with Reneee Werenka and friends @ Good Earth Coffee House 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Happy House with Jesse Northey @ SAAG 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Open Mic @ Old York 8 p.m. World AIDS Day concert with Leeroy Stagger, John Wort Hannam, Matt Robinson and friends @ Owl Acoustic Lounge 8 p.m.

Alyssa McQuaid @ Mocha Cabana 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Davidson Porter Trio @ Ric’s Grill 8 p.m. Open with Cory Oryniak and Dave Tilsley

@ Jimmy’s Pub 9 p.m.

Dec 4

Dueling Pianos with Kyla Mallett Helping Randy Epps Cal Toth Yourself @ Ric’s Grill @ Average Joe’s @ SAAG 9 p.m. 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. All Day Jeff Stuart and the L.A. Beat Open Jam Hearts with Colleen @ Owl Acoustic Brown Lounge @ The Slice 9 p.m. 9:30 p.m. Open Mic Billie Vegas @ Owl Acoustic @ Lethbridge Lounge Casino 9 p.m. 9 p.m.

Dec 5

Dec 3

6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Dec 6

New Orforld String Quartet @ University Recital Hall 2 p.m.

Gravity Crash with the City Prophets @ Moose Hall 7 p.m.

Open Mic @ Bo Diddly’s 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

HBO3 @ Trianon Wine Bar 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Riviera Paradise Blues Trio @ Mocha Cabana

Dec 7

Cal Toth @ Ric’s Grill 8 p.m. Zojo Black @ The Slice 9 p.m.

Dayglo Abortions with Parapsychotic, Gender Bender and Scallywags @ The Vent 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan with Sweatshop Union and Peter Jackson @ The Stone 9 p.m. Open Mic @ The Slice 9:30 p.m.

Hey! Wanna post your band’s concert? Your phallacious Level 8 gallery opening? Email your events to e.editor@!

••• Got nothing on the go? Go to an event. Write an article. Contribute it to The Meliorist.


16 • December 1, 2011

A person who is scared of having a full stomach of Vietnamese Noodles is said to have Full-Phophobia. To the couple thats not together, but still together, but not together.. girl, get over it, youre hot he’s not! To the girl in the backwards hat, you are so cool! i wanna be your friend (or more;) ) I realized today I use Facebook too much when I looked for the “Like” button on the TLF’s. Like

thanK you to our nUrsing professor who decided to not show up for cLass. could it get worse? yes, she played a podcast of another Instructor. Wow…tuition dollars Got well spent! To the girl looking to make out with a homeless teenager, If you’re expecting an answer from me, it would help if you told me a little more about yourself… like your boob size:)

TO the people who complain about the way the drama department casts. it’s called having talent, maybe you should take it as a hint, your not that good!!! Studying is a combination of student and dying. Yup, makes perfect sense now. January 16th-20th–ULSU Shoe Drive Donate shoes you no longer need to those that do! Grab some shoes over Christmas break!

Coffee is for closers

Dear conspiracy theorists and pro-life protesters: No one cares except for you. Seriously, shut up and gtfo of our student newspaper and the atrium. Or better yet, get a life.

Movember has made me realize that a moustache can make any regular north american guy look like a paedophile. :)

Guess I’ll just have to gather the nerve to ask out that cute girl from class next semester.

ladies – tights are NOT pants …. just sayin.

To the girl who was talking about how having sex 10-15 times a day is impossible. You just haven’t met me yet ;)

To the girl thats right for me, I hope we meet some day soon.

To the person who complained that only certain people get into Drama shows. Ever notice that those people have talent? Get use to the real world.

Quote: “All im sayin is that them occupiers should outsource their protests to eastern europeans cuz they know how to get it done.” -Oilers Fan. fair enough… The Red Bull delivery in Psych 2820 was obviously staged and not at all funny. Maybe next time? Thanks for comin out. You left too early! (The curly haired girl eating a green apple on the pool bleachers) I was gonna say hi! I’ll be there Thursday noon til three. Brown haired guy Twitter freaks, please refrain from using hash tags in the tlfs. These were around long before your precious twitter rose from the seventh level of hell.

A true friend is there to help you when your down. A true friend is there when no one else is. A true friend will make you laugh. A true friend is there when you need them most. :) If you open registration for the 25 of November have the reservers off every single class so people can actually register for their schooling! The doormen at studio are power hungry losers, who must only know nasty slutty girls because they’re the only people they let in. To the person in Econ 2900 on Friday who couldn’t be bothered to put their phone on vibrate while texting: are you kidding?? IT’S CALLED RESPECT. Thank you for the distraction!

Guys, there’s no such thing as a “friend zone”. However there is a “I’m not attracted to you, get over it zone.” Stop with the pity party and move on if my friendship isn’t enough.

To the LibraryReally? Opening at 1pm on a Sunday?? Some of us want to be productive and get things done before then. Can we please change the time to a reasonable hour? Thanks When the mind goes beyond the thought of “the me,” the experiencer, the observer, the thinker, then there is a possibility of a happiness that is incorruptible. - J. Krishnamurti

meliorist the

should be an archaeologist, because I have a MASSIVE bone that needs to be inspected. On Sunday girls in Markin called 911 so police would open a classroom so they could watch a movie. WTF?! People who NEEDED the police might have needed to get through. Brains much? Logan and Adam keep it real :P you guys are so hot. If at first you don’t succeed, then maybe you just suck. -PEHQ Boys Shout out to the farmers who put out that fire on Sunday. Sincerely PEHQ boys It’s nice to see that the apartments on the Westside are wind proof. I should only have to pay half my rent considering half the building blew away. -PEHQ Boys FIRE!! Oh God, run for you life! We’re all gunna die! Slave Lake! Slave Lake! Every man, woman and child for themselves!… Oh wait. The fire depot is awesome. Disregard. we good. Dear Leftist Profs: If Capitalism/making money and profits is sooooooo bad, why don’t we cut your salaries in half and redistribute to the students? That’d sure lower tuition! You’re just flopping all over this page.

When a professor uses a ‘That’s what she said’ joke, you know your university experience is complete. To the cute blonde girl who was taking tickets at the play on Thursday night. You

To the Monday afternoon Madrigal singers on the fifth floor. Your singing was wafting throughout fine arts – it made my day!

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December 1, 2011 • 17

Nicole Meech Sports and Lifestyle Editor For more information on contributing to Sports and Lifestyle, please contact Nicole Meech,

Mourning Movember:

A formal goodbye to facial hair Nicole Meech Lifestyle Editor

As November, or more appropriately Movember, comes to a close, we will have to say goodbye to all the perv staches, caveman beards, and perhaps even the pre-pubescent attempts at facial hair. Although some may be disgusted as our campus men transformed from “hobo chic” to just plain hobo, they did it in honour of men’s health – more specifically for prostate cancer. Movember has transformed into a worldwide phenomenon with more than 1.1 million participants registered as “Mo Bros” or “Mo Sistas” through the Movember Canada organization and Prostate Cancer Canada. This year, Canada was able to raise over $25, 956, 599 for prostate cancer. The worldwide grand total was $69, 295, 065! Movember has been successful so far in broadcasting the need for health changes, attitudes, and general knowledge about prostate cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. The organizational goal

is to grow awareness every November and catch up to women’s health awareness. Not only is Movember gaining awareness just through facial hair, but the two major sponsors are Schick (note the large advertisement in the PE building) and Mercedes Benz. Movember gave men a chance to raise funds, gross some people out, turn some people on, and also participate in a variety of contests to further promote the fundraising. Movember Canada hosted a variety of national prizes to be distributed on Dec. 9, including but not limited to the following: BMOC Top Campus: award based on the top school network Team Mo: a 10 and 11 person team that raised the most money Best Mo Space: best Mo Space page The Mo Mo: individual who has raised the most money Draws: a $50 and $100 draw Brushes with Fame: best picture of your mo with someone famous

Local businesses are even going out of their way to promote the cause: The Stone in Lethbridge celebrated the end of a successful month through hosting a Movember party on Sunday, Nov. 27 – all proceeds from the $10 cover charge went towards Movember fundraisers. U of L personal testimonies

Brad Jenkins “Movember went well this year. Started on the 1st like you’re supposed to because I can’t stand when guys take a running start and then brag about how awesome of a ‘stache they can grow. Came in somewhat thin at first, so I grew a bit of a beard along with it but after

about 2 weeks it was looking more respectable... greasy but respectable, so I chopped the beard. Funds are low so I actually went out and applied for jobs with it... not surprisingly, no bites yet. “I made my own Mo Space on the Movember website. Sadly I didn’t get nearly the amount of support or donations I was hoping for but any amount is better than nothing, so I’m proud nonetheless and looking forward to next year. Tip of the cap to all the guys who grew one, especially if they tried to raise some money as well since most of the girls around campus will always hate the look of Movember, but they find the charity aspect very endearing, so your stock with them jumps a little bit if you do it for the cause.” Trevor Hincks “It’s great to see all the support around campus; I think this year there were more moustaches roaming the hallways than I’ve seen any other year. I think everyone’s starting to realize the significance of this month – it’s not just about

greasy facial hair, these guys are actually growing ‘staches for a cause. Even the men who don’t necessarily fundraise for the cause are still supporting prostate cancer through their growth efforts, because ultimately the goal is to increase awareness in general. If I had to describe the result of my facial hair I would say it’s gritty yet skilful, and I look forward to another Movember next year!”


The preventable in-between for males between is often not thought of, but according to research at the University of Rochester Medical School, one in every five guys ages 18-25 experiences sub-fertility.

Nicole Meech Lifestyle Editor

The majority of you who will read this article are in your late teens and early 20s, and fertility is probably the last thing on your mind. Or maybe conception is something that you will consider within the next few years. We hear many sad stories about couples who want a baby but are faced with infertility – the inability to reproduce (based on the male, female, or both). The in-

What is sub-fertility? The technical definition according to the Britannica Encyclopaedia is the condition of being below average fertility but still being able to achieve fertilization. As a man you may not even give fertility a second thought and probably just assume that when the time comes you will be able to “get ‘er done.” This may not be the case though. A few factors come into play when defining male sub-fertility: - The testes don’t produce enough sperm (a normal amount is between 15-20 million sperm per millilitre of semen).


The little white guys don’t move fast enough to make the big journey into the woman’s uterus A handful of his sperm are misshapen – maximum fertility means that at least four per cent of sperm must be in perfect form

(a chemical that mimics the female sex hormone estrogen) are among the most common. This hormone interferes with the body’s normal balance of androgens, the messengers between the brain and the reproductive system. While males naturally contain a small dose of estrogen, too much can kill sperm.

Why is sub-fertility an issue? In our modern day society, there’s not a whole lot of anything that doesn’t affect our bodies in a negative way. From pesticides and preservatives in food to different chemicals found in products we use every day, we often don’t think of how exactly our bodies are being affected. In a study of the most common additive chemicals, researchers at the Cornell Institute for Reproductive Medicine discovered that endocrine disruptors and xenoestrogen

The Student Lifestyle Drinking. Smoking. More drinking. As students, we may not think twice about the implications of binge drinking or smoking. Might as well get it out of our system while we’re young, right? Unfortunately, such a lifestyle can cause spermicide. Smoking pot can cause sperm to lose its ability to cling onto an egg long enough to fertilize it while binge drinking prohibits the body from absorbing zinc, a mineral needed for strong sperm.


Interestingly enough, if you’re a regular sauna or hot tub user, your sperm may be in trouble too. The testicles hang outside of the body for a reason: to keep cool in order to produce sperm. Although there’s no solid research to prove it, professionals have speculated about the amount of heat radiation caused by laptops and cell-phones kept on the lap. Let’s also not forget about that freshman 15. Packing on some extra weight is also linked to increased estrogen levels – and therefore subfertility. Hope? Luckily, sub-fertility is not a permanent condition and can be altered with a few lifestyle changes. The life-cycle of sperm is between 54-72 days, so if a man stops spermdamaging behaviour then there’s definite hope for baby making!


meliorist the

December 1, 2011 • 18

Women’s basketball

fourth quarter surge lifts Vikes over Horns Cristy Duce

Sports Contributor

With both teams coming off of Friday night losses, the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns women’s basketball team and the University of Victoria Vikes looked to improve their records heading into the semester break. Due to a fourth quarter surge by the Vikes, their record will improve to an even .500, while the Horns fall to 2-6 on a 69-59 loss at home. The Horns continued with their balanced scoring attack with four starters hitting double figures. Deanna Dotts led with 13 and Natalie Nichols contributed a double-double with 12 points and 11 rebounds. Lauren Taal and Kim Veldman each added 10. Second-year guard Cassandra Goodis, who stands second in Canada West for assists, held on to the ball a little more often and led the Vikes with 16 points, while Jessica Renfrew chipped in 15 and pulled

down 8 boards. The Horns came out with a much different look than the night previous against the UBC T-Birds. College-transfer Katlyn Olsen cashed in on a quick three pointer merely seconds into the game, which fifth-year guard Laureen Taal followed up with one of her own, foreshadowing a much improved shooting performance from the entire Horns offense. The Horns expanded their lead during the second and third quarters, only to have the Vikes close in before both buzzers, a Goodis three sending both teams to their locker rooms at half. Though the ‘Horns led much of the game, including a 12 point advantage in the third quarter, the fourth began on a 19-4 run for the Vikes, running the score to a 50-62 differential before they were quieted by a Taal three. Deanna Dotts was assisted by Natalie Nichols to a quick lay-up and that, along with a Kim Veldman jumper, closed the gap to 57-62. The deficit proved too

much for the Horns to climb out of however, as the Vikes pushed the lead back to 10 at the final buzzer.

Both teams will break until January when the University of Saskatchewan will visit Victoria and the

U of L will travel to Trinity Western to take on the Spartans on Jan. 6, 2012.

Men’s basketball

Hot shooting Vikes dispatch Horns Cristy Duce

Sports Contributor

After upsetting a nationally ranked, undefeated UBC team last night, the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns men’s basketball team were hoping to rewrite another David and Goliath story tonight against the University of Victoria, but were overpowered by the lethal three-point shooting of the Vikes, falling 90-59. The Vikes shot a deadly 73 per cent from beyond the arc on the night, including 10-11 in the first half, producing a 24 point half time lead—a giant that the Horns couldn’t seem to vanquish in the second period. Senior guard, Ryan Mackinnon, sitting third on the Canada West scoring list, led all scorers with 23 on the night, featuring a 5-5 threepoint performance in the first half that secured the Vikes a comfortable lead at the break. His sharp-shooting efforts were augmented by the double-digit performance of four of

his teammates, including Michael Acheampong and Mike Berg who came up with 14 points apiece. The Horns’ offensive effort rested on 13

Women’s hockey

Horns rebound to block Cougars U of R Sports Information Sports Contributor

University of Lethbridge goaltender Crystal Patterson and her teammates pulled out all the stops on Saturday night with a 4-0 shutout win over the Regina Cougars in Canada West women’s hockey action at the Co-operators Centre. Jenna-Marie Durnin, Megan Bailey and Kirsten Reeves with two goals put up the winning total for the Pronghorns while second year goaltender Crystal Patterson stood solid in net, stopping all 33 shots to secure the 4-0 win. The Pronghorns’ victory improves their record to 8-4-0, tying them for first in Canada West with 16 points while the Cougars drop to sixth place with a 4-6-0 record. The first two periods were fairly evenly played with both teams exchanging several power play oppor-

tunities. At one point the Cougars were able to keep the Pronghorns off the board while being down two skaters in the latter part of the second period. Despite their efforts on the penalty kill, the Cougars were unable to ward off Lethbridge’s Reeves as she opened up the scoring with a power play goal at the end of the second period. The third period saw three quick unanswered Pronghorns goals as Reeves, Durnin and Bailey added the final goals in the final four minutes of the game. Lethbridge veteran Shelby Ballendine recorded assists on three of the team’s four goals in the victory. Lisa Urban stopped 21 shots in the loss for Regina. The Cougars will be back in action next weekend at the University of Alberta while Lethbridge will have a week off before taking on the UBC Thunderbirds at home.

points from both Dominyc Coward and Logan Reiter, with Coward also leading all rebounders with eight. Last night against UBC, the Horns

came out of the starting gates with defensive pressure and transition offense, forcing the T-Birds to compete in a match more suited to the

Horns’ depth and quickness. Tonight, however, the crowd watched a different style of play—the Horns succumbing to a Victoria-dictated slower half-court game that allowed the Vikes to use their size and inside presence to their advantage. The Horns showed signs of momentum, including a second quarter fast break dunk by Logan Reiter that sent the crowd to its feet, but the dominant rebounding of the Vikes as well as their impressive shooting performance extinguished the Horns’ efforts toward a comeback. The Horns will look to adjust their tactics going into the semester break, perhaps picking up the stone and sling of a run-and-gun tempo that has served them well in the past. With the loss, they fall to 4-4 on the season and will meet up with Trinity Western University in Langley on Jan. 6. The Vikes remain undefeated at 8-0 and will play the University of Saskatchewan at home the same night.

classifieds • •

JOBS JOBS JOBS!!! Let us introduce you to CES (Career & Employment Services). CES is a student service office dedicated to assisting you with your Career and Job Search needs. We’re within the Career Resources Centre in AH154, along with Applied Studies and the Management and Arts & Science Cooperative Education programs. CRC office hours are 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 4pm Monday-Friday. Go to our website for more detailed information on our services: ross/ces.

WORKSHOPS to December 19: Please SIGN UP for workshops at CES (AH154) or email

CES Resume/Cover Letter Workshops: * Thurs, Dec 8, 1:40-4:15pm * Tues, Dec 13, 9:30am-12pm * Wed, Dec 14, 2-4:30pm * Mon, Dec 19, 2-4:30pm

CES Career Portfolios Workshops: * Fri, Dec 9, 9-10:30am * Thurs, Dec 15, 1:40-3pm

CES Networking & Job Search Workshops: * Tues, Dec 6, 3-5pm * Mon, Dec 12, 1-3pm

CES Interview Techniques Workshops: * Thurs, Dec 1, 3-5:30pm * Wed, Dec 7, 10am-12:30pm * Fri, Dec 16, 9:30am-12pm

Visit our website and click on the student section to find our new online job board!

• • •

• •

Audio Visual/Admin Support, Claresholm ~ Lethbridge College (Dec 14) Search Engine Evaluator - Chinese Simplified, Various Locations ~ Leapforce Inc. (Dec 31) Remote Control Car Demonstrators, Med Hat ~ InStore Focus (Dec 31) Director, Leth – Safety City Society of Lethbridge and Area (Nov 30)


• •

• •

Summer Postings Traditional Ecological Knowledge Facilitator, Cgy ~ TERA Environmental Consultants (Dec 9) Production, Leth ~ Hytech Production Ltd. (Dec 15) Parent Seed Technician, Kimberley ~ Hytech Production Ltd. (Dec 15) Agribusiness and Agronomy Opportunies, Bow Island/Vulcan ~ Parrish & Heimbecker, Ltd (Dec 15) Parliamentary Guide, Ottawa ~ Library of Parliament (Jan 13) Canola Breeding Technical Assistants, Leth ~ Monsanto

• • • •

• • • • •

Administrative Assisant I, Leth ~ University of Lethbridge (Dec 2) Financial Aid Advisors, Leth ~ University of Lethbridge (Dec 2) Remediation and Reclamation Environmental Specialists,Cgy & Southern AB~Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc. (Dec 2) Programmer,Cgy ~ Orchestrate Inc. (Dec 2) Accounting Technician Intern, Stettler ~ Leschert & Associates (Dec 5) Nurse Officer- Inventory (Registered Nurse), Grande Cache/Drumheller/Bowden/Prince Albert ~ Correctional Service of Canada (Dec 7) Sales and Marketing Manager, Cgy ~ Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc. (Dec 7) Field Research Agronomist, Edm ~ Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc. (Dec 10) Outside Sales Rep, Leth ~ Shaw Communications (Dec 17) Management Associate, Med Hat/ Leth/Cgy ~ Canadian Western Bank Group (Dec 17) Front Office Manager, Leth ~ Sandman Hotel (Dec 17) Community Support Worker, Leth/Claresholm ~ Independent Counselling Enterprises (Dec 17) Assistant Instructor: Horses of Hope Prog, Evansburg ~ Brightwood Ranch (Jan 1) Parliamentary Information and Research Service Internship Program, Ottawa ~ Library of Parliament (Jan 11) Intake Coordinator, Cgy ~ Arete Human Resources (Jan 16) Admin Support II, Leth ~ University of Lethbridge (Dec 1) Games Coordinator, Leth ~ 2012 Alberta Summer Games (Dec 1) Medical Receptionist, Edm ~ Venture Financial Corp (Dec 2) Retail Development Rep, Various Locations ~ CPG Connect (Dec 2)

Instructional Technology Manager, Leth ~ Lethbridge College (Dec 6) Market Analyst, Acheson ~ SMS Equipment (Dec 23) Daycare Jobs, Halifax ~ Scotia Personnel (Jan 20) Marketing Manager, Edm ~ Cash Store Financial (Dec 9)

Temporary •


December 1, 2011 • 19


Canada Inc. (Feb 1) Research Assistant/Tutor, Deep River ~ Deep River Science Academy (Feb 1) Research Technician, Taber ~ Ag Quest (Mar 1) Camp Councillors and Camp Specialist, Various Locations ~ Canadian Camp Staff (May 31) Christian Summer Camp Staff for Underprivileged Kids Camp, Evansburg ~ Brightwood Ranch (May 31)


• • • • •

Community Peace Officer - II,Cgy ~ Rocky View County (Dec 1) Parks Canada, Waterton ~ Resource Management & Public Safety Specialist (Dec 7) Project Coordinator, Leth ~ Lethbridge College (Dec 10) Research Assistant, Edm ~ Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd (Dec 17) Instructors, PN Program, Leth ~ Lethbridge College (Dec 16) Instructional Technology Manager, Leth ~ Lethbridge College (Dec 6) French Immersion Teacher, Peace River BC ~ Make a Future (Dec 26)

Crossword Answer

Career and Employment Services


Kindergarten French Immersion Teacher, Salmon Arm ~ Make a Future (Dec 2)


Entry Level English EFL/ESL Teacher/ Instructor/Tutor, Various Locations ~ DW Recruiting Service (Dec 8) TEACHING OPTIONS, South Korea ~ KORJOB CANADA RECRUITING (Dec 23) Teach English in South Korea, South Korea ~ Avalon English (Feb 3) Math/Science/English Teaching Positions, UK ~ Engage Education Canada Au Pair, United States ~ Scotia Personnel (Jan 20) Children’s Camps 2012, United States ~ Scotia Personnel (Jan 20)

For details of the postings and information on the application processes go to ces and check out the WorkopolisCampus Postings section.

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