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Learner Quick Start Guide 1.


Log in using your username and password.


Click on your chosen assessment to start it.

Read the assessment instructions.




You can close the assessment at any point and your answers will be saved. Click your assessment’s current status to continue it.

On completion of your diagnostic assessment, click to view your Individualised Skills Plan (ISP).

Click to continue onto the learning resources for areas where you require further practice.




Click or pull down on the page turner to move through the learning resources.

There are 3 types of learning resources that you work through. The 1st are learning pointers/examples.

Practice skills can be taken unlimited times, with right/wrong answers shown on each page turn.

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Learner Quick Start Guide 10.




At the end of each topic is a summative test. Score over 70% to pass and sign off the topic on the ISP. The English reading section has partial tutor marking.

If you pass the summative you will be moved onto the next section. If you do not pass you will be taken back to the start of that topic.

The Maths Functional Skills Preparation Assessment has no tutor marking.




Each maths level has Functional Problem, Number, MSS and HD sections which are signed off on successful completion of the Functional Skills Preparation Assessment.

The Functional Skills Preparation Assessment for English writing is all tutor marked. For the Reading section there is partial tutor marking.

English writing has a Self Help Preparation Task. Print and complete a check sheet as part of the self marking process. The reading section does not have this step.



PDF versions of the learning points, examples and Practice Skills are available for tutors to print if you do not want/are not able to work on-line.

There are links to external functional skills assessment sites to be found on the SkillsBuilder Assessments course page.

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Functional skills learner guide  

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