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If you ever felt you wanted to make a real difference to the life of an animal... Please consider fostering!

What are foster carers? Foster carers are people who work voluntarily for The Mayhew Animal Home and look after animals in their own home on a temporary basis, until a suitable permanent home can be found for them. What are the benefits of becoming a foster carer? The biggest benefit of fostering is that you are helping an animal, who has fallen on hard times, towards a better future. Sometimes this can be the first time in its life that the animal has felt safe, cared for and loved. If you ever felt you wanted to make a real difference to an animal’s life, then please consider fostering. Why does The Mayhew need foster carers? We never have the room to take on as many cats and dogs as we receive calls for. This is where our foster carers are vital, as their role is caring for our animals whilst they are ‘between homes’ and in need of some extra special love and attention. We have a long waiting list of animals needing to come into our Home, and not enough room to take them all - one extra foster home could really make the world of difference!

What type of animals does The Mayhew put into foster homes? We foster out dogs and cats of all ages and sizes whose only problem is that they are between homes. It is a common misconception that all animals that end up in a rescue have behavioural issues; this is rarely the case – it is usually down to the previous owner’s change in circumstances. The animals we are most likely to put out on foster are those who are depressed or stressed about being in the kennel/cattery environment, or those who simply need more quality time with people than we can provide within our facilities. A good home environment is quite simply the best for any pet animal. Am I the right person to foster? The main requirements of a foster carer are patience, understanding and unconditional love towards our animals. You can become a foster carer if you have children or other pets in your household or if you live in a flat or work part time – we will work with you to find a suitable animal for you to foster which complements your current situation.

We are looking for foster carers who can provide a minimum of two weeks care for one of our animals, although this could potentially be for anything up to six months. It would also be useful (but not essential) if you have a car at your disposal for transport to and from the Home as necessary. What support will I get? The Mayhew will be there to support you every step of the way: – Provisions: we provide all the essentials: food, bedding, toys and all other equipment needed, although anything you can provide would be very helpful. – Veterinary care: we have an onsite veterinary clinic at The Mayhew Animal home where we treat all our animals. – Travel expenses: unfortunately, as we are a small charity, we are unable to provide travel expenses. – Backup & advice: you will have a relationship with our Foster Co-ordinator and Adoption Officers who will be here to help you with any questions you may have.

How to apply There are five simple steps to becoming a foster carer for The Mayhew. 1. C  omplete the form below and return it to us or call us on 020 8969 0178 and we will send you our fostering information pack. 2. F  ill in and return your fostering application form to us. This form allows you to state the type of animal you are willing to foster and for us to find out more about you. 3. C  ome in to talk through your form and have a chat with a Mayhew Adoption Officer or Fostering Co-ordinator – this is also an opportunity for you to ask questions or raise any concerns you may have. 4. R  eceive a home visit so we can see where you would keep our foster animals as well as the surrounding area to ensure the safety of the animals. 5. I f a suitable animal is available that would benefit from fostering, make arrangements to collect your first foster!

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The Mayhew Animal Home has a vision of a world where all companion animals are wanted. We offer a wide variety of community services providing advice, care and assistance to animals and their carers whatever their circumstances. Your support in helping us achieve this goal is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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