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The Big Bounce Curator: Matt Cornell 6pm to 10pm Saturday 29 April


Run Order 6:15 – 7:00 Vanessa Marian will lead her "Groove Therapy" open level dance workshop - (the only way to watch it is if you’re also doing it). 7:00 – 7:30 Free BBQ in the courtyard - cooked courtesy of Joshua Thomson. 7:30 – 7:45 Adam Warburton with dancers Sean Cheng and Paulina Bocian, will perform “Our House". House dance is a dance style that was born out of New York in the 80s. The music originally came from Chicago. The term 'House' was an abbreviation of 'Warehouse', a venue in Chicago where a lot of this music was first played. 'Our House' is a performance about House dance and club culture. Welcome to 'Our House'. 7:45 – 8:00 Angela Goh will perform “Predictable Dances" Predictable Dances is an ongoing project since 2014, where for each performance I engage the services of a psychic to predict what will happen during the performance. Then I perform the prediction. It is very simple. There is nothing else to really understand about it other than that a dance is prophesized and that it comes true, and so it is just a dance that is meant to be. Predictable Dances is not surprising, nor seductive, it just is. There is nothing to fight for or to figure out, all that is needed is to sit back and let the future breeze past the present for a moment, without desire or meaning, but together with a dance that does nothing other than fulfill its own prophecy. In this moment, we don’t have to ask anything of the dance, like why it exists, what it means, or what it is doing here, because for a moment dance becomes just another given fact. It is just here, and that is the only reason it is here. Just because. Predictable Dances is the moment when chance becomes fate. 8:00 – 8:45 Panel discussion with the performing artists on what, how and why for all of their efforts. Please note: This will be recorded and podcast next Tuesday on 8:45 – 10:00 Sezzo Snot will have us dancing beyond our-selves with a specifically tailored DJ set.

Installations (on all night) Small Black Room: Lizzie Thomson - "The Dawn of Nothing� (a work in progress) Lightbox Mezzanine: Salazar Quas - "Utopian Slippage" A large co-alescence of memories of simultaneous cultural happenings. This mÊlange of graphic reconstructions present, re-present, and celebrate a cultural spectrum of East and West; of roots, patriotism, and the chastity of cultural heritage and of institution versus independent establishmentarianistic practices. They propose that the viewer consumes a glimpse of a societal bubble in all it's brewed offerings and envelope one's own participation in the think-space ironically provided by it's adopted minimalism. Floatated societal spheres. All works made from paper/compressed card and wood framing. Back Stairwell: Jake Kuzma and Troy De La Harpe - "LK 10" Some of the various dance techniques used in the film are ticking and liquid. At times the lights lap over each other and are moved in a linear sequence creating a wave. To finish the film (spoilers) there is static glitchy movement. This technique is known as ticking and similar to dime stopping and locking. Ticking is often most effective when the dancer can apply pressure to surface to gain friction and grip. Usually this is done with the dancers own body but for LK 10 Kuzma and Troy used a glass door to achieve cleaner ticking. 3 Images on Mezzanine: Emma Fishwick - "microLandscapes" This is about distance that of land and time and how those three interweave These three images are distilled responses from a larger interdisciplinary performance work, microLandscapes. Curated and performed at Next Wave Festival 2016, the work comprises of dance, video, sound, image and sculpture.

BBQ Chef Josh Thomson. Thanks Legs on the Wall for your BBQ. PACT Salon: The Big Bounce Crew Thanks Style Impressions Krew. Aidan Millar-Powell. Nick Atkins, Dee Jefferson and Brer Adams.


Curator’s Welcome Thank you for coming to The Big Bounce, where you can learn dancing, watch dancing, talk about dancing and just do some dancing. I wanted The Big Bounce to be all of those things in rapid succession as a challenge, as an opportunity. The talking and watching can be a seductive diversion from oneself dancing but they can also be symbiotic (rather than parasitic), this is what I hope we will have fun practising together. And, that our zooming in and out, from cellular to celestial, from being in the moment to considering the long-now will humble us, destabilise dogmas, be disarming and pleasurable. Matt Cornell

Performing Tonight Angela Goh | Vanessa Marion | Sezzo Snot | Adam Warburton | Sean Cheng | Paulina Bocian

Installation Artists Emma Fishwick | Salazar Quas | Jake Kuzma & Troy De La Harpe | Lizzie Thomson

Thank You PACT Salon is proudly supported by the City of Sydney through the Matching Grant Program and Create NSW.