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Volume 56, Number 3

San Gabriel, California

Friday, F riday, November, 19th, 2010

Drama department hosts annual winter production Tr a c y L a u The drama department is back with its annual winter play. “The Marriage of Bette and Boo” a dark comedy, a serious but funny play, focusing on a dysfunctional family. Consisting of 33 different scenes, the plot for “The Marriage of Bette and Boo” by Christopher Durang, is about two separate families who become intertwined through the dysfunctional marriage of Bette and Boo. Madly in love at first, the couple stumbles along some problems later on. Boo suffers from a problem while Bette, a mother of one child, cannot produce anymore surviving children.. The families of the two do not make it any easier for the couple. Boo’s family enables his problems while Bette’s family is in denial of her problems. The cast that consists of only two returning veteran seniors Christian Hernandez as Boo Hudlocke, and Robert Roel as Paul Brennan, fresh faced cast members include Jaime Zavala as Karl Hudlocke, Laurie Ou as Emily, Juniors Jessica Guerrero as Soot Brennan, Win Pham as Father Donnelly and the Doctor, Lorena a Ruiz as Margaret Brennan, Sophomores Michelle Parra as Bette Hudlocke, Cristian Saldivar as Matt Hudlocke,

and Freshman Julie Pham as Joan Brennan. “People should definitely watch the play because people can relate to the families and the matters the families deal with, and I think students would enjoy the comedy,” sophomore Michelle Para said. “[The play] is funny and serious, it’s an interesting mix.” Traditionally, the winter play is a serious or tragic play and the spring play is a comedy. Due to budget cuts, “The Marriage of Bette and Boo,” incoporating both a comedic and serious tone, may be the only play the drama department will put on this year. “Both the cast and technical crew have put much effort and hard work into this play,” senior Roberto Roel said. “It is nice when students watch and appreciate our hard work.” Opening night will be Saturday, December 4 at 7 p.m. Matinee will be on the following Wednesday, at 3:30 p.m. Other ollowing dates will be Thursday, December 9, Friday, December 10, and December, 11 which all start at 7 p.m. The price for showings in the evening is seven dollars and the price for matinee is six dollars. Tickets sales will start Novemember 28. Students can either purchase tickets from cast members and tehnical crew members or directly from the student bank.

Photo by Alex Wui

Senior theater tech members Nadia Inzunza and Martin Quach build the stage props for the winter play, “The Marriage of Bette and Boo”. Due to budget cuts the drama department may not have a spring play this school year, so they decided to choose a winter play that featured dark comedy.

National Honor Society gives back Students donate food to local mission for the holidays Jackland Hom

Photo by Alex Wui

Seniors David Chen, Sam Huang, Brian Ly, Ricky Flores, and Jonathan Gutierrez carry donated food items to SA-8. The food drive has been extended to December 3.

Following its successful run last year, the National Honor Society here on campus has been holding a canned food drive. Originally intended to end on Friday, November 19, NHS has extended its deadline due to many requests. Known for its participation in walks and marathons, donation drives give the National Honor Society variety as it provides club members with the opportunity to take part in one of two of the club’s four pillars, characater and service. Donors now have up until December 3 to donate any canned goods to Adviser Karen Keller in room SA-8. Acceptable items include any non-expired canned foods, rice, beans, various cereals of adequate size, and even instant cup noodles. Since the start of the drive, AP Government teacher, Raymond Gin, has urged his students to donate for five extra credit points

in return per item. As a result, all of the classes combined have managed to donate over 200 items in total. Occurring right after its successful blanket drive, NHS has high hopes for the canned food drive as well. “We hope to collect more items than last year,” Treasurer Jason Yang said. All donated products will go towards the San Gabriel Mission, where the goods will be used to feed the homeless on the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. “It is always nice to see other students so enthusiastic about taking part in the local community,” Public Relations Officer Tony Duong said. Donations can be given to any member of the club’s cabinet: President Amy Nham, Vice President Jackland Hom, Secretary Jenny Chhea, Treasurer Jason Yang, Public Relations Officer Tony Duong, and Adviser Karen Keller.

Assembly informs the senior class about upcoming events and activities Monica Kwok The Senior Assembly took place on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 in the auditorium. Most senior students attended the event, which included a speech from principal Jim Schofield and announcements from scholarship coordinator Vanessa Topete and Senior Class Council advisor Nicole Manalang. Members of Senior Class

Council closed the assembly with a humorous skit that revealed that Grad Nite will be held at Disneyland this year. Topete talked about the differents of scholarships that are currently available for seniors. The third publication of scholarship lists can be found in the Career Center. “I started my first year as principal at this school when they were freshmen,” Schofield said. “So this class

is special to me.” Manalang notified the students about the new policy for the traditional senior panoramic picture. Due to incidents that occured during last year’s picture, the administration has agreed to impose a stricter policy for shirts. Seniors participating in the picture are required to drop by the Activities Office in order to obtain a form, specify details about the shirts including a descrip-

tion of the exact colors, and turn it in on Wednesday December 1, 2010. A list of approved groups will be posted in front of the Activities Office on the following Wednesday December 8, and the tentative picture date is December 19, 2010. The picture will be included in this year’s yearbook. In addition to that new development, the Senior Exclusive deadline was extended from November 19

to December 10. Over 100 Senior Exclusives have been sold as of now. They include a Grad Nite ticket to Disneyland, a SGHS lanyard, a school sweater, and a class t-shirt for the price of $110. “It’s a good deal for seniors to buy the Senior Exclusive, which includes the Grad Nite ticket to Disneyland because spots are running out and they will be sold for around $80 sep-

arately,” Manalang said. “We’re only offering 250 seats and we already have half of them filled up. So if you haven’t gotten one, get it soon.” Grad Nite at Disneyland is set to take place on Thursday June 16, 2010. Senior Class Council members Amanda Gomez, Jonathan Wong, Jonathan Trinh, Michelle Tran, Peggy Yeung, Becky Hua, and Monica Kwok are also collecting class t-shirt designs.



SAVE attends Duarte town forum on local goverment J o n a t h a n Tr i n h S t u d e n t A d v o c a t e s f o r Vo t e r Empowerment (SAVE) attended its second town hall forum this year at Duarte Performing Arts Center on Saturday, November 13. Among the speakers were mayor Pro Tem of Rosemead, Steven Ly, and mayor of Duarte, Margaret Finlay, who informed SAVE members from all chapters of Arsalyn on youth participation in local government. Sherman Indian High School was a special attendee of the forum, with history teacher, Josh Hathaway, speaking on behalf of Native America and the downplayed reservations. Preaching a message of respect for the natives, Hathaway strove to inspire the youth in learning about the culture of Native Americans. In addition, representatives James Burke and Faith Mellinger from Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit group dedicated to sheltering the poor, provided community service opportunities for members, including annual shack-a-thons where volunteers spend the night in a box on the streets to experience poverty and bring awareness to the homeless’ situation. Other issues included the concern for a bicycle network in Southern California and political corruption in local elections.


JCC holds t-shirt design contest Katherine Pham

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER, 19, 2010 Photo by Jonathan Trinh

Margaret Finlay, mayor of Duarte, enlightens attendees of the seriousness of youth participation in voicing local opinions. Finlay spoke of San Gabriel Valley’s air pollution from Vulcan Co.’s new mining plans as approved by the city of Azusa. The forum concluded with a Q and A session for the students. Regardless of a show of 40 students strong, San Gabriel’s chapter of SAVE welcomes new members who would like to expand their political horizons. “We’re still growing as a club, and it’s great for

San Gabriel’s SAVE to prove itself in our participation in the Arsalyn program,” SAVE President Kimberly Pham said. San Gabriel will be hosting, for the first time, the next Arsalyn town hall forum on February 26, and encourages any interested individuals to attend.

On December 1, Junior Class Council (JCC) will be closing the junior class t-shirt design contest, which would determine the class shirt for the eleventh graders. Since the start of the school year, JCC has been advertising their t-shirt design for the junior class, in anticipation for the spirit-filled Academic Pep Rally. “The class t-shirt is the one thing that is always the center of criticism, and the class council knows that we can’t please everyone,” JCC President Brenda Lienh said. After many students were not aware of even having a t-shirt for the class, JCC actively campaigned to publicize the competition. “This year, we’re really aiming to [satisfy] as many juniors as we can, so, by having the design contest early, we would give ourselves more time to be able to improve,” Lienh said. Beginning the contest early also provides a wider variety of choices. “There are always people who say that they can design a better shirt, so this is basically giving them a chance to turn one in,” Lienh said. Junior Class Council, as well as adviser Cecelia Revilla, will be collecting t-shirt designs until December 1.

Academic Decathalon takes part in scrimmage Matador Acadec teammates compete with Beverly Hills, Alhambra, and San Marino with no avail to place in standings Duyen Dang Waking up early on a Saturday morning usually dedicated to academic relief, the Academic Decathlon Team, with a total of six students and advisor Tedd Olivos, arrived at San Marino High School at 9 a.m. on October 29 for a scrimmage. The get-together was staged between Beverly Hills High School, Alhambra High School, San Marino High School, and San Gabriel High School in an attempt to identify the progress of each school within the required curriculum. “ Seeing the other schools made me nervous,” junior Aaron Tay said. “Their reputations were intimidating.” The teams took part in a four part test with fifty multiple choice questions each, which included subjects such as Language and Literature, Economics, Social Science, and a Super Quiz. “The tests were difficult,” Tay said. “I think it was because we were not as prepared.”

A super quiz is an additional subject that remains unknown until the test begins. The subject of the super quiz differs every year. Last year ’s super quiz was on Chemistry while this year’s was focused on Geology. Each test was graded by scantron without a guessing penalty. “It was surprising that the Super Quiz subject was Geology this time,” Tay said. “Luckily, I had some knowledge beforehand.” Refreshments were offered before the awards ceremony. Alhambra had a handful of winners, while Beverly Hills swept the competition with numerous first places. “It was sad that we did not place,” junior Teddy Tea said. “But, it just shows that we have to work harder.” The team had an additional intersquad scrimmage to follow up the competition at San Marino High on Saturday November 13. They are currently focusing on Language and Literature, in preparation for the next competition.



Winter Court 2010 “Making it to Winter Court shows that teachers see me as a highly well-rounded student, and they see me as a deserving individual to be on a court because of my school activities. I have a lot of San Gabriel spirit and it shows that I like being at this school.”

“After four years of hard work and extracurricular activities, it is an honor to be recognized for my accomplishments. I am still in awe because I realized that court is not just limited to the brightest or most athletic students, but to anyone who contributes to San Gabriel.”

“To me, being in court means a time to be acknowledged for what I have done for this school. I feel that Winter Court should also have different candidates, like myself, because court should not only be about being an AP or straight A student.”

“It is an honor, I was really nervous at first, because I was not sure that I was going to make it. It has always been a dream for me to make it into court and I hope making it in will encourage other people to run for future court positions as well.”

“I maintain a high GPA while balancing my social life and extracurricular activities. I feel like I am the epitome of a student athlete. I do not have to win to be happy because being on court already means so much. I feel like I have accomplished something worth mentioning.”

“[Being on court] means a lot to me, and I am extremely humbled and excited to see what is to come. I contribute all that I can, and I am always spirited. [I think I should be Winter Queen] because I just think that I am an overall nice person who is respectful to her peers and the staff.”

Arthur Brown

“I do not believe I deserve it but I am honored that I was named a Winter Prince. I believe my achievements in football and track helped me receive this. It was a surprise to me because I never thought I would make court. I want to thank my girlfriend who convinced me to run for Winter Court.”

“Being in court means a lot. I did not think I was going to make it in, and I am still in shock. It is nice to see more diversity in court. Applying to be Winter Princess was a spur of the moment decision, but after I noticed that a lot of people supported me, I began to gain confidence.”

Tony Ma

“It feels great to be prince; it is like an award that I deserve to earn in school after four years of hard work. I never thought I would make it into court because I did not think I had what it takes. Since it is my senior year, I decided to take part in every event, including running for court.”

“I feel really honored because it was unexpected. I did not even consider myself to be ‘court material.’ I still cannot believe I made it onto court. When I walked up on stage, my legs were shaking uncontrollably and I nearly passed out. Being called Winter Princess makes me feel elegant rather than just an average teen girl.”

Johnny Trinh

Jonathan Wong

Stephen Em

All photos by Devin Hong

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3 NEWS The Club Corner

What clubs around campus are up to

Key Club helps the homeless On Thanksgiving this year, Key Club members will be pairing up with Union Station Foundation at Pasadena’s Central Park for the annual “Dinner-in-the-Park” service where volunteers assist in feeding the homeless. Union Station Foundation provides all the food, which includes all the holiday essentials such as turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Union Station also hosts a Christmas “Dinner-in-the-Park” service, also dedicated to spreading holiday cheer to the homeless or those who cannot afford a traditional holiday meal.

NHS extends food drive

Jia Guan

Following its successful canned food drive last year, the National Honor Society here on campus, will hold another drive from now until Friday, December 3. Drop offs can be made at SA8.

Art Club hosts button sale

Bianca Mendoza

From December 1 to December 15, Art Club will be taking orders for its annual button sale. December 15 will be the last day to place orders to the following: any Art Club and Paws Cause members, Newspaper and Yearbook editors, Varsity Tennis players, and Key Club officers. Prices will be two dollars per button or three dollars for three buttons. Buttons will arrive on Gallery Day next year on January 14, 2011 at the Multipurpose Room during lunch or after school from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Red Cross’ awareness bracelets

Jaci Rodriguez

Kelly Vuong All quotes compiled by Tracy Lau

The Red Cross Club will be holding their second Cause Week of the year after Thanksgiving break. It will be a canned food and sanitation materials drive to benefit the homeless and less fortunate families. Students who wish to donate canned foods or sanitation materials, such as shampoo, toothpaste, or soap, may do so at L208. The club hopes that this drive will be as successful as its first.

Briefs by Jennifer Wong, Jackland Hom, Julianne Teng, and Bianca Tran



In words drown I Jennifer Wong The pride in passivity “Are you going to Winter Formal?” asked miscellaneous boy. “Only if someone asks me,” responded miscellaneous girl. Recently, I heard this snippet of conversation on campus and couldn’t help but cringe. It seems that the only good reason a person should go to a school dance arrives from the satisfaction of having a date. Not only that, but some have the philosophy instilled in their brains that the best way of obtaining that date is to do nothing but exist. To me, that is an idea that is farfetched and unreal. It is definitely possible to have fun and enjoy yourself at dances without a date. Heck, it’s possible to have fun at any social function requiring human consciousness without a date. A date does not define you. There’s nothing wrong with going to events with friends because being single is not a symbol of inferiority. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in the first place. It’s sad to hear girls my age think out loud like this. It’s as if being asked out in front of a crowd of people is the ultimate dream. Well, it’s a dream that won’t come true if the strategy is to relish in passivity. Yes, I suppose being showcased to the world as your Prince Charming fervantly runs to you with a fancy, expensive bouquet of your favorite flowers is somewhat of a thing to want, but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen. I mean, where’s the appeal in that if everyone else is being asked in the same form and manner? That’s not very special or romantic. Why spend your time thinking about how nice it’d be to have someone ask you to a dance, when you yourself are very capable of initiating something on your own. It sounds cliché, but just make a move if that’s what you truly want. No one should feel the need to desire a date in order to go to a dance. There isn’t any requirement dictating that. The only reason boys and girls should want a date to anything should be out of pure interest. If the interest is there, if the interest is pure, then surely the fun in connection will come along naturally. It doesn’t need to be forced. The act of asking is nothing momentous. Really, it should be the amount of fun you have at the event that becomes the determining factor in your success. It may seem like some social norm, but why even give your time of day to what’s “normal,” or really, what other people define as normal when you can set yourself to focus on what you realy enjoy. Wishing on a date to come by and surprise you is like standing in front of the vending machine, hoping for some reward without initial effort and input. Now, I understand different people have different reasons for not attending a school dance, be in Homecoming, Winter Formal, or Sadie Hawkins. If money is the issue, then that’s completely reasonable. If the dances come off as boring to you, then that’s completely reasonable. If the music repulses you, then that’s completely reasonable too. But if you just want a date just for the sake of having a date— an accessory for your arm, something for the sake of a photo— then that’s completely unreasonable, and in my opinion, pathetic to boot.



Students partake in the power of politics

In an age where we are bombarded with scandalous tabloids, reality TV shows, and the socially-centered media, it is no wonder that the level of interest and knowledge in politics that lies in the youth today is degraded. However, just because the mindless topics of entertainment today may easily overshadow the concerns of government, that does not mean we should allow it to do so. Two weeks ago, an event concerning the entire nation ensued, yet it is doubtful that very many of us teenagers will have it come to mind naturally. It was the United States Midterm Elections. Although a mock election was held here on campus, barely anyone would’ve understood the candidates and propositions in question had it not been for the brief introduction our history teachers threw upon us shortly beforehand. A subject that determines how our country is run, that impacts our lives everyday as well as the rules we follow is obviously an important matter, yet our age demographic today still overlooks incredibly the important aspects of politics. Politics and government may come off as complicated or boring, but if we just look at the subjects in relation to ourselves, it really is not. National and worldly issues should concern everyone, because they in fact affect everyone. As high schoolers, we may not be able to vote and participate directly, but that does not mean we should not prepare ourselves for the future by getting accustomed to the type of issues that are already present. Think about it. If we do not take the initiative and if we do not take the effort to get involved

today, then the pool of politically-educated individuals qualified for representing our generation invariably shrinks tomorrow. It is just like Plato once said, “those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” We do not have to wait until the 12th grade to learn about government and politics. You see, the best reality show out there is not on HBO or MTV; it is on just about every other channel, and it is called the news. Current events seem to be widely unpopular with our age group, but we can keep up easily by simply reading, watching, and discussing the news, whether we access it by magazines or the internet; what matters is that we are willing to endeavor. Staying informed and knowledgeable about politics is a habit we can build now. It is never too late to start, and now is just a good of a time as any.

Photo courtesy of

Regardless, I will walk out of this high school proud Tracy Lau Seven more months of school left. Seven more months left tomake memories before I leave San Gabriel, but making memories is the last thing onmy mind. My mind is about to explode from trying to finish these college applications in time. The hardest part is figuring out what to put on those darn applications. Looking back on my past four years of high school, these college applications make me feel that I have nothing to show for, nothing really stood out about me. I started regret that I did not do enough for the past four years. I saw all these Tumblr posts, AIM statuses, and Tweets, about feelng unaccomplished and this showed that I am not the only one feeling this way. A number of seniors felt like he or she was not competent enough to even apply for college. That got me thinking; did we all not do enough? As much as I hate to say it, I regret not being more socially active in school. But do I take that as a negative toward my college career? No. I mean, yes I should have joined more clubs or stayed in the clubs that I was in, but do I regret not committing to it? Never. Why would I be in a club that I don’t even like the people that are in it or be in a club that I don’t believe in? And as far as friends go, I know who they are. I’m not going to cry over friendships that have been broken or friends that I drifted apart from, it happens for a reason. Throughout these four years, I’ve made new friends and made new enemies. Everything may fall apart but things come together

in the end, and I know this for a fact. As far as grades go, I, for one, am not one of the top ten of the class. As sad as I am over that, so what? Over 500 other students at this school aren’t in the top ten either. I’m not going to let this hinder me from applying to the schools that are deemed “out of my league.” It’s not like I’m applying to Harvard or something, but I don not need someone to tell me that a certain school is “too good for me.” There is no reason forpeople to stop me to applying to those “good” school. What is a “good” school anyways? It’s not about the title just as long as you get the education that is best suited for your major. Anyways, as I was mention earlier, I don’t have the best grades a student can have, I have As and Bs and Cs. I’m not touting it around but I’m not ashamed of it either. I was at first, but I thought “Hey, I worked for those grades and I’m not going to say all these “what if’s.” I did the best I could and I got what I deserve.” I can’t say much for the people who gave up on school, but for the people that have constantly dived head first into books and schools, I commend these students, because these are the real brains of the school, dedicated students who persevere no matter what. It’s been four, well almost four, long years of high school, and I am ready to leave. But I refuse to step out of this school as a student who regrets but as a student who is proud of my work, even if it was mediocre at times. I am going to leave this school with my head up and with my not-so-perfect grade point average with dignity, and I know that it’s okay. Katy Perry sang it perfectly in ‘Teenage dream’: no regrets, just love. And to all the other seniors and underclassmen, I hope you do not leave this place with regret either. Illustration by Jenny Bui




High school is nothing like what you see on television P e g g y Ye u n g Living life as a teenager is nothing I expected it to be when I was a kid. I imagined life when I got older to be joyful and carefree. Instead, my days as a teen are full of stress and I do not have any time to myself. The balance between school, a social life, and afterschool activities are borderline chaotic. Grades have always been the biggest concern to me. Perfect grades came with a pat on the back and a good job in elementary school, but as the years went on good grades were just expected. Getting a bad grade was just out of the question and it resulted in harsh disciplinary actions, stress from trying to please parents and avoiding that disappointing look on their faces as they see the grades. Perfection was expected out of everyone. Despite worrying about grades, extracurricular activities become the second most important thing in my life whether it be sports, music lessons, clubs, or maintaining that status of being able to take on more challenges than just grades. In this society, perfection is what everyone strives for, good grades are what everyone wants,

talents are what everyone wants to be gifted with, and popularity is what everyone secretly wishes for. Being a straight A student with the right amount of extracurricular and the right amount of popularity will move you far in life, but not everyone is capable of that. I am an average Joe in my high school. Not a jock, not a nerd, not an artist, nor am I a part of the popular crowd. I break dress codes, oversleep and come tardy, complain about life, school, parents, and people. I try to blend in because I do not want to be picked on, I smile even when bad days come in a clump. I stay up late trying to finish homework because I procrastinated until the day before the due date. I am far from being perfect and everyone knows that being perfect is impossible but the need to be perfect is far too great to just ignore. I find myself struggling with my grades to avoid the disappointment, pushing myself to be perfect on the volleyball court

or the swimming pool, or balancing time to still have friends to share in the high school experience. No matter how hard I try, there is no reaching perfection for me. The best is only what I can believe to be my best because I tried as hard as I could. The grades I get are the grades I deserve, and my status on the volleyball team and swim team are what I have achieved. Perfection is impossible, but I have tried my best and that is why I can say that this is what I deserve and what I have achieved.

Illustration by Jenny Bui

Excuse me, do not talk about me like you know me N i k k y Tran

Illustration by Jenny Bui

In the world of high school, gossip is just another common factor. Many people take part in it, intentionally or unintentionally. The old saying “words will never hurt me” is dead wrong. Words do hurt, and when the whole school is in on the conversation, it is quite a lot to try to ignore. Unfortunately for the kind and modest people out there, there are others that seem to think they can spread gossip about whoever they want, to whoever they want. Who died and made you royalty? I have always wondered if the awfully ignorant perpetrator ever considered their victim’s feelings and the consequences of stirring up potential drama. From my own experiences, the offender never gave a flying buffalo about how I felt. In these unfortunate circumstances, the victims of the gossip spreading around school faster than Cryptococcus fungus is going to have to stay strong throughout the




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period it lasts. In all honesty, there is not much we can do to stop the spread of gossip. Self-centered, insensitive people are going to be self-centered, insensitive people. Nothing justifies speaking badly about someone. What I hate even more is when feebleminded jerks talk about people they don’t even know in the first place. How can you make out that someone has low standards if you have never talked to the person? How can you call someone stupid if you have never actually met them? The thing is, it is wrong to judge someone you have never talked to, let alone somebody you do not know. Good people spread gossip by accident and usually apologize afterwards; bad people make everything loud and clear for the world to hear. I try my best not to spread other people’s dirty little secrets because I know how easily false assumptions are made and how much it hurts to hear things like this about yourself. In the world of high school, gossip is what some shameless, mean people live to spread. Many people enjoy talking about the grimy details of someone else’s life, whether it be past or present, loudly or behind closed doors. The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is dead right. This is to all you disrespectful dirtbags out there: if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all.

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Interpretive dance Jonathan Trinh An ode to the bro code “Punch me in the face.” And, everything will be alright again. That is, according to the “bro code.” A while back, I was so fortunate to overhear the dialogue between two young men in front of me as they discussed their love statuses. And before you accuse me of eavesdropping, let’s let it be known that when outside voices are being used, conversation is going to be heard. Anyway, one of the guys, who had admittedly and blatantly stolen his friend’s girlfriend, had justified his wrongdoings through what he referred to as the bro code— he claimed to have given his friend a free punch to his face. But, the friend refused the offer, and their friendship dwindled down to nothingness. And as much as I’d like to believe that punching people in the face is the solution to all problems, I just could not comprehend the reasoning behind such an offer. Was it some sort of a well-disguised apology? After all, isn’t striking your friend in the face a gesture of understanding and forgiveness? While I’ve surely heard the bro code mentioned in conversations previous to this encounter, I never stopped to wonder if such a set of rules even existed. My detective skills equipped, I turned to my handy dandy search engine: Google. What emerged were several variations of the code, but all versions had the main elements and ideas intact. Essentially, the sacred bro code is comprised of rules and laws that all bros, men defined by their machismo, are to follow. As expected, any display of effeminacy is immensely shunned. After necessary research, I was rather disappointed to discover what some of my fellow males are succumbed to following. Sure, not all of us are obligated to be drones of the bro code, but it seems to be a measure of masculinity and pride in our current generation. It’s like the perfect complement to the man card— a nonexistent emblem of dignity— so popular at our school. And, for the record, who hasn’t committed a man card violation? I’ve never even stopped to notice how relevant the bro code is in high school setting. I recall a time when someone felt anxious to request a bro for permission to ask the bro’s ex to a dance. And when I say ex, I mean a girl who had been involved with the bro momentarily a fair while back. I mean, I can understand the inherent awkwardness in the situation, but why should such a fact deter you from pursuing your feelings? Are you simply going to suppress your emotions to prevent code defiance? I understand that there exists a definite line of respect between friends and relationships. However, that line is not that dull and stupid. Does your bro own her? No. Then why are you asking him for permission? If your friend and she are no longer involved, it should be your bro to respect the fact that she has accepted your advances. In the end, the bro code is simply primal and embarrassing. If these rules are to be abided by only “true” men, I don’t see where I stand in the spectrum of manhood, and I could care less. It’s absolutely necessary to understand that not all members of the male sex are bros. Rather, we’re a much more evolved form of our gender.




Self-diagnose your knowledge Jennifer Wong Health and Safety was probably one of the most beneficial high school courses here. Even though it has been cut from our curriculum, we still need to understand that not everything the world tells us is right. In fact, let’s test your knowledge about health and see how well you can discern common truth from common myth. 1. How effective is a condom in preventing pregnancy? a. 50% b. 84% c. 97% d. 100% 2. What do you do when you get a nosebleed? a. Stick wads of tissue up your nostrils as clogs and breathe out your mouth. b. Lean backward to prevent the blood from coming out. c. Lean forward to let the blood drain out into tissue and pinch your nose. d. Stand in front of a mirror and pretend to be a red waterfall. 3. True or False? It is possible to get sick from being in the cold without suitable clothing. 4. You have a fever and you are overheating. What do you do? a. Stay under a blanket b. Stay under a blanket but open the window c. Rest without bedsheets d. Eat ice cream 5. How much water should you drink everyday? a. Enough to make your urine clear b. No more than 5 cups c. Around 8 cups d. Depends on weight

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Jennifer Wong

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1C, 2C, 3F, 4A, 5D

To sanitize or not to sanitize Calvin Lam It claims to be the best emergency substitute for soap and water. It claims to be a purse’s best friend. Best of all, it claims to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria. Can hand sanitizer really be such a god-sent miracle? Unfortunately, it may not be the perfect panacea, but that does not go to say it has its benefits. Hand sanitizer, also known as hand antiseptic, dates back to 1996 in Bakersfield, where a student by the name of Lupe Hernandez conjured up an idea for an efficient cleansing system to be installed in hospitals. Today, Hernandez’ inspiration has become more than simply reality, with just about every hospital, daycare center, and handbag carrying the alcohol-based cleanser. Hand sanitizer functions by removing the outermost layer of oil on the skin, therefore preventing bacteria inside the body from surfacing to the top.

However, according to associate professor Barbara Almanza of Purdue University, a majority of the bacteria are harmless, and its removal may actually be exposing us to more risks than protection. As a result, skepticism to extreme claims such as the “99.9 percent” is not uncommon. In fact, the claim itself may not even be a reliable statement at all. Regina Bailey, biology guide for <>, says that manufacturers base this claim on tests done on inanimate objects, not on variable surfaces such as the human skin. Due to this, testing results turn out to be much more constant than if they came from actual skin, which would lead to more inconsistent results than the 99.9 percent. Not surprisingly, the Food and Drug Administration warns that hand sanitizer be used only as a supplement, not a replacement, to the basic soap and water. As a quick emergency clean, nevertheless, the little white bottle serves its dutiful purpose. In the end, it still comes down to the plain, old-age procedure of rubbing and washing in water when we want to ensure a good cleansing of our hands. Then, perhaps our mothers were right after all.




It’s that time of the year again: our fellow students left and right are coming down with the sniffles. At some point we realize we are not quite sure how to take care of ourselves—are we supposed to stay hot or cold when we have a fever? Myths are broken down this month, and information on things that will help you be take care of yourself are all here ready to be absorbed. There are too many fun things to do to be stuck in bed all day!

Food for thought With these alternatives, you can avoid sugar that gives you quick, unwanted energy that won’t last past lunch. With whole wheat toast that has fiber, you can boost your digestive system. By eating organic turkey bacon, you can eat less0 Compiled by Jenny Bui. Lunch and dinner alternatives at:


Poptarts/Toaster Strudel Minute Maid Orange Juice Bacon and Eggs Sausage


Organic Turkey Bacon Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Whole Wheat Toast Organic Eggs Cereal Bar

1083 395 Calories


Busting common health beliefs one at a time Jonathan Trinh

“SWALLOWING GUM TAKES YEARS TO DIGEST” Gum base will actually come out in


There is no direct relationship between amounts of sugar and hyperactivity in children. They’re just really energetic.

Needles and herbs are the way to go Jenny Bui For as long as I can remember, all of us have been under the care of the oh-so-deliciouscherry-tasting-syrupy-substance as medicine. As we all got older, we got used to taking pills when we had a headache, cold, or fever. At times, these things can never be enough One thing that is a major concern to many people during the winter season is the cold and flu season. Of course, buying an over-the-counter non-drowsy Sudafed can be easily done within ten minutes, but organic alternative medicines are better for the immune system. Charles B. Inlander from the People’s Medical Society has substitutes for medicine. One of Inlander’s methods is to gargle a sore throat to moisten it and dab a small amount of mentholated salve under your nose so it can open the nasal passages and soothe irritated skin near the nose. These herbs and remedies might be different from the usual pills or liquid medicines, but in some senses they are more organic since they are mainly from plants. One of the most unique alternative medicines is acupuncture. For instance, Theo, a

helle All I

“CRACKING YOUR KNUCKLES WILL CAUSE ARTHRITIS” Cracking one’s knuckles may weaken fingers,

but there is no concrete evidence linking it to arthritis.

ic s by M ation llustr

“EATING TURKEY MAKES YOU SLEEPY” Tryptophan, the chemical that causes drowsiness, is present in equal levels in turkey, beef, and chicken. Turkey is usually eaten with an enormous holiday meal, which is usually accompanied by alcohol. Both of these factors cause the sleepiness.


two or three days in the same shape it went in

thirteen-year old female husky, has suffered from arthritis and an inflamed spinal disc, limiting her to many activities. But with a trip to her veterinarian, Theo has been able to run around. Acupuncture treatments where needles are injected into certain places of the body along with homeopathic remedies have been widely use as alternative medicines. Most people shudder about injecting numerous needles into their bodies, but acupuncture has been an effective traditional Asian practice for decades. Whether it’s effective or not, acupuncture and most alternative medicines such as herbs never seem to have major side effects, as opposed to the typical off the counter drugs. Alternative medicines can also be natural herbs and supplements. Some of the most common ways these medicines are used are for wound healing. For a long time in history, people have used herbs on wounds. Today, we have creams, but these medicines can be just as effective. For instance, taking zinc before a surgery can actually reduce healing time, and bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple stems, reduces swelling and boosts the immune system. Needles punctured through your body, relaxing yoga, and herbs may seem like a hassle compared to a quick gulp of liquid medicine, but alternative medicines can be a little bit better with less side effects and a new change in life.




3-D movies produce triple the profits for only a third of the original quality in return Hana Ngo


‘The Deathly Hallows’ ends a journey to a world of witches, wizards, and muggles Devin Hong

Since the success of James Cameron’s “Avatar” in 3-D released on December 18, 2009, movie directors seem to be jumping onto the new craze: the 3-D bandwagon. Movies nowadays are moving forward from the “boring old 2-D” to the “exciting and interactive 3-D.” Hollywood seems to just keep shooting out 3-D movies one after another. In October, three movies were released in 3-D: “Saw 3D,” “Jackass 3D,” and “My Soul to Take.” Coming out this month in 3-D is “Megamind,” “Tangled,” and “The Nutcracker,” and many more movies will be following that as well. Some movies seem to fare well with 3-D, but most of them are a disappointment and a waste of money for both the consumer and producer. The only two ways to make 3-D movies are both equally expensive. The movies are either filmed in 3-D or filmed in 2-D then formatted into 3-D during post production. To film a movie in 3-D, special cameras are required or else the quality is not right, and these cameras are not cheap. The other way is easier to film, and the formatting costs from about $100,000 to $150,000 a minute. Due to the higher costs of making the film, ticket prices go up as well. With the rise of ticket prices, sales in the box office goes up for these movies. According to <>, from the $8 billion of box revenues, 20% of it came from the sales of 3-D movies. These 3-D movies may also cause problems to some people. Some viewers may experience nausea and headaches because of their less-than-perfect eyesight and how their eyes adjust to the movie. Instead of a viewer enjoying a movie in 3-D, which they had paid for, they deal with pain and suffering. Along with the craze of 3-D movies at the theatres, these movies can come home to you. On the market for consumers are 3-D TVs, 3-D Blu-ray players, and 3-D glasses. These items are not cheap, either. Prices for 3-D TVs range from $1,000 to $4,000, 3-D Blu-ray players from $200 to $400, and the glasses $130 to $150 each. The 3-D does not stop there either; people are also able to buy 3-D computer monitors as well. Is it worth wearing glasses just to watch a movie with special effects? Those with glasses have to deal with the troubles of wearing both their prescription glasses and the 3-D glasses. Along with that, people are already dealing with the overpricing of snacks and drinks. And now, they also have to deal with the movie ticket prices for these 3-D movies. Is it really worth the extra four dollars to deal with pain and a loss in your wallet just to watch things shoot out at you? Honestly, Hollywood needs to tone down the 3-D movie trend, and instead release only those movies that are actually worth being put into 3-D, because most viewers are content with just watching a movie in 2-D.

After ten years of limitless magic, the Harry Potter series comes to a close with part one of the final installment of the series, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” On November 19, theaters nationwide will premier “the movie of the decade” at midnight, expecting crowds of millions, drastically ranging from the rambunctious rugrats to the eccentric elderly, to line up in the late hours so that they will be the first to view the epic. The second part of the finale will be premiering at a later date on July 15, 2011. The movie itself is based on J.K. Rowling’s iconic book of the same name and produced by the dynamic duo, David Heyman and David Barron. Both are heavily experienced in the magical world of Harry Potter with Heyman having produced every single Potter movie up to date. The fictional character of Harry Potter has influenced many and has an unprecedented fan base that has turned the series into an icon of the generation. Today’s pop culture is heavily influenced by the works of Rowling, spawning strong fan bases of communities on popular social networking sites such as Tumblr and Facebook. For some, Potter is not just a character in a book; they grew up with Potter and treat him as they would any other friend that they have spent the last ten years of their life with. Having been filmed simultaneously, all major filming was completed for both the first and second part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” on June 12, 2010. The decision to split the film was meant to preserve the story so that movie cuts would not cheat the movie viewers

out of the epic story Rowling has written. Fans have been anticipating this movie for years, as it will be the first part of the final installment of the series. With the end of the two parts of “Deathly Hallows,” the series reaches its final conclusion, as there will be no further releases from Rowling and consequently, no more movies to be based on Rowling’s content. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson are, of course, all returning to play the lead roles as the legendary trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The three have been inseparable since their Hollywood premiere in 2001. With the end of the filming of the entire Harry Potter series, they must make a tearful goodbye and be slowly incorporated back into the muggle world. Their wizarding days have finally come to a close; they are big kids now. In the upcoming movie, the teenage wizard Harry Potter takes his final struggle against the super-villain, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named: Voldemort. At this point of the story, Voldemort took over not only the magical world, but also the muggle world where the normal population resides. Potter must overcome his many magical obstacles to unveil the secret to Voldemort’s immortality to finally put an end to his evil reign. Along the way, Potter discovers and utilizes the mysterious Deathly Hallows to help him in his quest and uncovers the many unpleasant truths about the wizarding world. Will you be one to witness the end of Harry’s journey? Don’t miss the movie of the decade and don’t miss the chance to unite with other Potterfans as the movie opens on November 19.

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Illustration by Jenny Bui

The Universal Studios Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida have a theme park dedicated to the Harry Potter series. It features a number of authentic replicas of places in Hogsmead— Olivander’s Wand Shop, The Three Broomsticks, Zonko’s Joke shop and this replica of the Hogwarts Castle.

‘Black Swan’ reveals a dark side of classic ballet E l a i n e Tr u o ng

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“Black Swan,” the latest masterpiece of Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream), details the intense lives of two competitive ballerinas as they go head-to-head for the lead role in a New York City ballet production of “Swan Lake.” Opening on December 3, the film does its best to show viewers ballet— an eloquent and seemingly beautiful art form— in a new light, or lack of, in a nightmarish and dark way that consumes the earnest Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman), the main character. Portman’s character, in her painstaking search for perfection, loses herself, but in the former spot of a harmless and ambitious young girl emerges a devious and disturbingly appealing side of darkness as fast and simple as a perfect pirouette. The film centers around the competition between Nina and Lily (Mila Kunis), intensified by Nina’s controlling mother and former prima ballerina, Beth. Nina’s hallucinations grow destructive throughout the film— a freakish scene in the trailer shows a sharp feather emerging from Nina’s shoulder. Ultimately, the biggest contrast of all is the chemistry between Nina and Lily, forcing viewers to ask if Portman and Kunis, though complete contrasts, actually become the same person. The role demands a ballerina who can play the innocent White Swan and transform into the dark Black Swan.

The tale of Swan Lake is weaved in with the film’s plot and approach, starring Vincent Cassel as The Gentleman, Barbara Hershey as The Queen, and Winona Ryder as The Dying Swan. The trailer shows the film’s plays on ambiguity, with the mostly black-and-white set design and the prominence of mirrors. In one of the film’s many psychological illusions, Nina’s reflection turns around while her back is facing the mirror. One of the most significant scenes shows an out-ofcostume Nina facing a collage of mirrors, its placement suggesting the character’s sequence of transformation and how parts of her innocent face deteriorates with each stage of transformation. “Black Swan,” premiered at the Venice Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival and was deemed by The Daily Variety as “a wicked, sexy and ultimately devastating study of a young dancer’s all-consuming ambition.” “Black Swan” is already on the roster for the U.S. Independent Filmmakers’ Awards and in line for a Golden Lion. Costume designer Amy Westcott incorporated designs by the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte, which calls for costumes as intricate, beautiful, sensitive, and perfected as the characters themselves. The score by Clint Mansell only augments the scenes and like the black swan, slowly takes over the dialogue. “Black Swan” blatantly shows a peculiar but inherent form relatable to the audience, undeniably keeping you on your toes from beginning to end. En pointe, of course.

Natalie Portman, in full “Swan Lake” regalia, stars in “Black Swan,” a tale of an ambitious ballerina. It is anticipated to not only be a crowd pleaser but also a possible Oscar winner.



‘CoD: Black Ops’ reaches target Barry SooHoo

with up to four friends that are physically with them. The main goal of this mode is to kill all the zombies in each level, but dying ends the game. “Call of Duty: Black Ops” was released in three different versions. The normal version just included “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” However, customers were also given

Image courtesy of

The seventh in its series, ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops,’ was released to the public on November 9. The game received thousands of pre-orders and made a record breaking $360 million dollars on the first day it was released. such as crossbows and ballistic knives have also been added to the already huge library of weapons from the previous games. Another mode that can be played that has nothing to do with the main story line is the Zombie Mode. In this mode, players can play

True story of ‘127 Hours’ of tragedy I re n e H o n g Released on November 5, in limited engagement for select theatres, “127 Hours” impresses audiences all over the country. It is an inspirational story of one’s determination to live. “127 Hours” recounts the story of Aron Ralston, a hiker, venturing through the remote areas of the Utah Canyonlands National Park and his desperate attempts to free himself from a boulder. Ralston goes off into the mountainous terrain of Blue John Canyon only to find himself stranded under a rock after falling into the isolated canyon. He informed no one of his trip and therefore expects no one to come looking for him until it’s too late. Ralston has two options to choose from this point. He could do the unthinkable, cut off his arm and live, or face death. Stuck with his arm pinned under a rock, Ralston goes to the extreme to live. All he has left is 150 milliliters of water, a dull pocketknife and a camcorder. With dwindling supply of food and water, Ralson rations his supplies to last five days. Ralston grows delirious and flashes back to the mistakes he has made and dreams about the life that he could have had. With his new determination to live, Ralston makes that decision that will free him and give him a second chance to live. He summons up the strength and amputates his arm with the knife and escapes. A film that encourages us to keep moving forward despite the obstacles against us is definitely a must see movie this year.

the option to upgrade to the “Hardened” and “Prestige” editions which include more extras. For twenty dollars more, “Hardened” includes a case with a collectable medal, a Playstation Network or Xbox Live avatar, and extra maps for the Zombie mode. “Prestige”

includes all the extras that “Hardened” had as well as a working RC-XD remote controlled video surveillance vehicle based on the kill streak in the game and the transmitter to receive video from the car. “Call of Duty: Black Ops” has already beaten its predecessor, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” in number of pre-orders despite “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” holding the record number of pre-orders before. Also, just in the first twenty-four hours of its release, “Call of Duty: Black Ops” sold $360 million breaking the previous record of largest video game launch. “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” being the newest game in the “Call of Duty” series, has a great legacy to live up to. Fortunately, it seems to be doing just fine. Gaming magazines and web sites have praised “Call of Duty: Black Ops” in all areas. For example, “Game Informer,” one of the most well known gaming magazines, gave it a score of nine out of ten. As a result of truly great development, gamers everywhere rejoice at the amount of content that has been added without sacrificing the fun of the gameplay.

‘False Priest’ - Of Montreal Monica Kwok The word “traditional” would be the last word one would use to describe the band, Of Montreal. Their psychedelic take on pop music spans over ten years, and teeters on psychotic. But, despite their almost insane style, they have managed to present themselves as something of a beautiful wreck. Their newest release, “False Priest,” offers a new edge with glittering theatrics, shocking melodies, and a pinch of soul. They upped the precedence by adding in collaborations with Solange Knowles and Janelle Monae. These collaborations are probably the best tracks on the CD. In place of their signature extravagance, Of Montreal smooths things over with a mild, soothing song titled “Godly Intersex.” His overlapping theme of vocal falsettos tends to overpower listeners in several tracks, but the songs are still versatile and pleasing. Though this new side of Of Montreal is refreshing, it lacks an over arching theme and as a result, seems like a hasty compilation of scattered memories. It is never quite clear what meaning, if any at all, Barnes is trying to express. Overall, “False Priest” is a pleasant ghost of the band’s quirkiness serving as a highly intoxicating soundtrack, a collection of broken memories, and an intriguing masterpiece in the musical “False Priest” the tenth album by indie-pop group Of Montreal, was museum of Of released on September 14, 2010. Montreal. Image courtesy of

The seventh installment of the widely popular “Call of Duty” series, “Call of Duty: Black Ops” was released on November 9. Developed by Treyarch and released for the Playstation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360, “Call of Duty: Black Ops” is one of this year’s most anticipated games. As with all “Call of Duty” games, “Black Ops” is a first person shooter game where the player sees the field as the soldier in actual combat would. Players can hold two weapons with them ranging from shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, and even grenade launchers. When enemies are close enough, players can use a melee attack that guarantees a kill. “Call of Duty: Black Ops” takes place during the Cold War era. The player gets to control a soldier whose mission is to infiltrate the Soviet Union to sabotage or kill various enemies with playable locations including Cuba and Vietnam. Although the storyline may seem short, “Call of Duty: Black Ops” really shines in the area of the multiplayer mode. Fixing flaws from the previous game,

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” “Black Ops” adds features such as challenging friends to a fight and choosing the map you want the battle to be in. Other things include an online split screen mode so that friends with the same console can play each other and customizable character designs. New weapons and equipment



‘Sonny-er’ days ahead for Demi Lovato Jackland Hom

the fullest. People of the world who choose to put Demi down for her brave decision, step a few minutes into her shoes and experience what When I think of Disney, I think of fairies and lawn gnomes; you it’s like to be under so much pressure. know, the seven little dwarves. What I have pictured Disney to be Oh, wait. You would never be able to do so because it takes more throughout the years has definitely been altered with people like Lind- than a large amount of guts to go through everyday life as a celebrity. say Lohan and Miley Cyrus. Do not get me wrong here. They are both Not that I would know, but I am pretty sure that it is not some as simple extremely talented, but both the spotlight and the pressure to be perfect as some first grade mathematics worksheet. role models has gotten the best of them throughout the years. Emotional distress and cutting were not the only things that caused Then, you have people like Hilary Duff and Raven Symone who, her eventual collapse. Earlier this year, Lovato shared a romantic relawhen you glance at them, look like their only imperfection is tionship with fellow Disney star and stud, Joe Jonas, of the iconic Jonas that one un-plucked eyebrow hair or that dry spot on Brothers. Like all of Jonas’ many other flings, this one did not last their face that they forgot to moisturize. very long. Soon enough, Ashley Greene, “Twilight” vampire, Recently, Demi Lovato, well-known songstress was seen strolling down Robertson Boulevard hand in hand and actress of the hit Disney Channel show, with Joe Jonas. Still heartbroken from his decision to end “Sonny with a Chance” and movie series, things with her, seeing Greene and Jonas together only “Camp Rock,” entered rehab for emotional added to Lovato’s incapability to pull herself together. distress and an out-of-control attitude Soon after her decision to enter rehab, Lovato’s <>. >. Allegations have estranged father, Patrick Lovato, began to speak out been made about Lovato being admitted about his daughter’s actions. This caused controversy into a rehabilitation center for alcohol in that Lovato’s immediate family, her mother and and cocaine addictions after allegedly step-father, responded furiously to Patrick Lovato’s being seen snorting lines at a too-machoice to blindly speak to People Magazine about his ture-for-her-age party. These assumpdaughter, whom he has not been in contact with for tions were shot down by both Lovato’s quite some time. publicist and family members. Questions have quickly surfaced about whether A role model and idol to many, Demi or not Lovato will be returning home for the ThanksLovato has definitely gotten the better giving festivities, but those ludicrous inquiries were end of the stick for what she has gotten shot down when her publicist made a statement just herself into. Given Miley Cyrus, the a couple days ago about Lovato choosing to whole world’s population would stay in rehab for a speedier treatment. be wreaking havoc over how Now, is Disney still a place full of pixie much of a harlot she is or how dust and magic wands? I think not. It she deserves to be in rehab takes young girls, manufactures them because she cannot act or sing into generic actresses, then throws them to save her life. out into the real world of Hollywood The point I am trying to on their own two feet. With her Disney make here is, Demi Lovato willChannel show tweaked until she makes ingly took herself to rehab, and I her return, Lovato has all of the loving, feel like it takes some really big emotional support of her family, peers, guts to do something so bold and most importantly, her millions of and mature. A lot of slander has fans around the world. Stars like Miley Image courtesy of been spoken of Lovato ever since Cyrus may have started to disappear from Two weeks ago, Demi Lovato voluntarily entered rehab on the her entry into rehab. the Disney scene, but rest assured, Demi However, I am here to voice claim of ‘emotional distress.’ All rumors claiming her intense use Lovato will make her Yahoo! News-wormy opinion and defend her to of drugs and other issues have been denied by her publicist. thy comeback soon enough.





11/05 @ Alhambra 11/12 @ Schurr


11/04 @ Alhambra

F ro s h

11/04 vs. Alhambra 11/10 vs. Schurr

28-13 38-28




28-26 36-37




3-0 1-3


3-0 3-1


2-0 2-1


2-0 2-0



11/11 @ Warren

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL CIF 11/09 vs. Santa Ana Valley 11/11 vs. Gabrielino


11/02 vs. Schurr 11/04 @ Bell Gardens


11/02 vs. Schurr 11/04 @ Bell Gardens

F ro s h

11/02 vs. Schurr 11/04 @ Bell Gardens

Boys Basketball With the end of the fall sports, the varsity boys basketball team takes the spotlight with a variety of new players holding potential. Senior Harmon Lu, however, remains as the only returner for this year’s team, and the team will be coached by four year veteran, Coach Jason Meador. The current roster contains seniors Juan Pulido, Jesus Mendoza, Walter Sanchez, Tony Vong, junior Brandon Tran, and sophomores Daniel Ramos, Phillip Ly, Justin Tan, Eric Alvarez, Gabriel Ruiz, and Jason Valdez. The Matadors hope to rebuild this year’s team from JV and Frosh players. “We are kind of building from scratch [this year]. Hopefully by league, we’ll be ready,” Meador said. During the previous year, the team held an overall record of 14-12 overall and 3-7 during the season. The Matadors will make their debut against El Monte at home on December 6.

Girls Basketball The top two returners on this year’s team include seniors Amaris Taghdis and Jessica Jimenez. The varsity team’s league record from last season was 0-9 and their overall season record was 2-20, but Coach Lyle Honda believes that the team this year could face many challenges. Coach Honda has been very impressed with the girls’ effort so far, stating that “the girls have worked hard both summer and fall and have dedicated long hours to improve their fundamentals, “Coach Honda said. “My goal has been to build a program that the girls can be proud of,” Coach Honda said. The Lady Matadors will begin their season with a tough first couple of games, beginning with their first preseason game against Saint Joseph-Lakewood on November 29.

CO-ED CROSS COUNTRY 11 / 4 L E A G U E F I N A L S Boys Varsity

6th Place

Girls Varsity

5th Place

Boys Frosh/Soph

6th Place

Girls Frosh/Soph

5th Place

Girls Soccer In anticipation of an exciting season, the varsity soccer girls train five days a week with practices at Almansor Park on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as practices in the center quad on Tuesday and Thursday. The Girls Varsity Soccer has a total of sixteen members, thirteen of which are returning: juniors Heidy Armenta, Rachel Chui, Crystal Gomez, Nallely De La Rosa, Stephanie Lopez, and Marielos Navarro, seniors Damarix Cordero, Manuela Ornelas, Ana Robles, and Elizabeth Tarango, sophomores Natalie Cabrera, Michelle Hernandez, and Karen Lam. “[I am] happy to have a lot of returners and [am] expecting to have a lot of exciting games [this year],” Coach Amanda Blackwood said. The team welcomes students to come to their games for support.

Co-ed Wrestling Under the new head wrestling coach Alex Cabral, the Matador Wrestling team begins the new season with high hopes. Cabral graduated San Gabriel High School and attended Cal-State LA, soon becoming an instructor of Jiu Jitsu with seven years of experience in wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as four years as assistant coach. The team has an estimate of 25 members with about 10 returning. Key players include junior Mackenzie Ferro, sophomore Gabriel Larios, and former junior team captain Joseph Villalobos . A total of four members last year advanced to CIF. Despite the new members’ lack of experience in wrestling, the year is expected to start off strong. “I am ready to coach this team to victory,” Cabral said.Practices began on November 15 and is held from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. upstairs on the east wing of the Matador Arena.

Boys Soccer The Varsity boys soccer team will start its winter season with many returners. The team’s veteran roster includes sophomore Pablo Garcia, juniors David Rivera and Mark Zuniga, and seniors Armando Montellano, Rogelio Ramirez, and Gilmer Tenes. Coach Ernie Espinoza has hopes for the team to make a solid comeback. “The boys are able to give it their all to compete with Bell Gardens, Montebello, and Schurr,” Coach Espinoza said. With a 9-12 score under their belt, the varsity boys will begin preseason on November 30. Information compiled by Calvin Hwang, Michelle Le, Matthew Quach, Byron To, and Alex Wui. Photos by Ricky Wai, El Camino Real


Lady Matadors end with a disappointing CIF closure against the Gabrielino Eagles

Photo by Alvin Truong, El Camino Real

Middle hitter Anarose Bui prepares to spike the ball. The Lady Mats lost 1-3 against the Gabrielino Eagles, advancing to the second round of CIF with a league record of 8-2. Stephanie Mohamed The San Gabriel girls varsity volleyball team made it past the first round of CIF against the Santa Ana Valley Falcons at the Matador Arena on Tuesday November 9. The Lady Mats won the game in three sets and in the first set was a score of 25-12. The second set score was 25-14 and Coach Larry Kanow began to put in bench players because the starters were doing so well. “I thought we did our best offensively and defensively,”

senior middle blocker Tiffany To said. The Lady Mats were pumped to play against the Gabrielino Eagles on November 11. The players concentrated on an efficient game strategy to beat the Eagles, being aware of Gabrielino middle blocker Amanda Watkins. Watkins, who was 6’4 feet tall, proved to be a tough opponent. It was tough for senior outside hitter Sharon Diec, who made continuous hitting mistakes that caused Coach Kanow to input another senior outside hitter, Stephanie Mohamed,

who gained two kills that got the score up to 3-9. The first set score ended with 13-25 and the Lady Mats did not do as well as they thought they would, going into the next match. The second set was close and aggravating to the Matador fans since the Lady Mats were about to end the match with 25-17, but began to get anxious and let it slip and the score ended up being 24-26. In the third set the Lady Mats began to fight back and won the match with 25-20. “We were nervous in the beginning, but [Coach] Kanow told us it was just a game. No one was dying, so there was no need to be afraid of playing the game,” junior setter Emily Heng said. The fourth set came along with a disappointing score for the girls, ending with a score of 22-25. Last year the San Gabriel girls volleyball team lost on the road against Santa Monica High School in a second round CIF match also. Now many of the underclassmen are working hard in order to get ready for the next year and make the seniors proud.

Dynamic doubles takes first place in league and moves to CIF Individuals J e n n i f e r Wo n g Talk about “sleight of hand and twist of fate” when the number one doubles team this year was close to never happening at all. Captain senior Cindy Luong and Cocaptain sophomore Nana Akahoshi were made doubles partners this season after Luong’s initial partner, whom she had been paired with last season, made the decision to become a singles player this season. Though at the moment it seemed Luong had lost her court companion, it later turned out to be a blessing in disguise for if anyone stood out this year on the varsity tennis team, it was these two. This year, their league record together is 193— the very best out of all the doubles teams in the Almont League. Including preseason, the Photos by Hong two have gone 33-5. Yes, they can count their losses with one hand. Not only that, but Luong and Akahoshi have triumphed to become the Almont League Doubles Champions, making that the third year in a row that a duo from the San Gabriel Tennis team has earned that title.“I am really proud of us, and I never imagined that we would get this far.” Luong said. In addition to Luong’s and Akahoshi’s successful skill on the court, the duo has



also earned itself an irreplaceable role on the team. “It makes my job easier when I have a Captain and Cocaptain that the entire team will devote their attention to,” Coach Steve Akiyama said. “It is hard when no one respects the person in charge, but with Cindy and Nana, I saw it easily that the team respected them.” Unfortunately for Akahoshi this year, Luong will be graduating, leaving her to fend for herself next season, whether she decides to play singles or doubles. This is not the first time Akahoshi will be going through that however. Last season, she also played as number one doubles alongside a graduating senior. Although they have already set a substantial season for themselves, the pair is still not quite done and will be fighting to take their athletic skill as far as possible. Luong and Akahoshi are competing in the doubles division for the CIF Individuals at Whittier Narrows Tennis Center in El Monte. The matches will commence November 19 at 7:45 a.m. and includes 32 out of the 128 qualified doubles teams from leagues throughout California. From there, the top 16 teams will move on to the semi-finals at Seal Beach Tennis Center on December 2 to determine who will be the CIF Doubles Champions of 2010.

Practice allows players to quell their thoughts Calvin Hwang It is seconds before the fourth quarter ends with the Matadors trailing by two points. Wide open for a shot, senior point guard Harmon Lu feels the pressure and weight from his teammates and fans, but he manages to recall his drills during practice, allowing him to nail the three-pointer just before time runs out to take the victory. Described by Lu as “shaky, cold, and the inability to control speed,” the feeling of nervousness hits all players at least once during their athletic career. According to Article Intelligence of < Art/160369/11/Ways-to-HelpYouth-Athletes-Overcome-Fearand-Nervousness.html>, nervousness occurs when “excessive nerves and fears inhibit peak performance in athletes.” Although this can lead to many mistakes, for Lu, it just means more practice. Lu believes that nervousness arrives from the fans who are always demanding a competitive and amazing match, putting pressure on him and his team to win the game. According to Advance My Athlete

of < dealing-pre-game-nerves>, there are numerous common symptoms of nervousness: excessive sweating, irritability, fidgeting and inability to sit still, easily confused, dry mouth, and inability to concentrate. While this feeling may lead to unusual errors, Lu dismisses the feeling completely in order to succeed and win. “Even the best players make mistakes, [I just] don’t think about it,” Lu said. “Just play the game; easier said than done, [but I] try not to think of the pressure and just have fun. However, keeping an eye on his team along with Lu is varsity basketball coach Jason Meador. “It’s natural, everyone is a bit nervous, you just go back to what you know with some experience,” Meador said. Meador sees practice as a way to remedy the feeling of nervousness so the game can be more natural for each player. Keeping motivation up is also a big step to calm the nervousness in players at time. Advancing from the freshman team to varsity in just one year, Lu has various sources of motivation: arising challenges, love for the sport, and weight loss. “I started out without knowing anything [in basketball]. I didn’t have a vacation for three summers because of practice,” Lu said. Whether it is feeling of anxiety or pressure in a game, practice and motivation can do more than just perfection.




Cindy Tran: an enthusiastic Hello Kitty fan Duyen Dang Video games, computers, and a texting plan are among some of the most common items on a teen’s wish list. With a personality to stand out rather than to fit in, senior Cindy Tran prefers a Hello Kitty item for her collection over a brand new limited edition computer game any day. From the day she was born, Tran has always found the famous kitty icon attractive. The love for Hello Kitty seems to be hereditary in her family because her two older sisters had already developed an affinity for Hello Kitty before Tran was even born. “I don’t recall my first encounter with Hello Kitty,” Tran said. “But I remember that my dad would always take us to a Sanrio store every Wednesday after dinner.” Tran first worked at a spa in Sherman Oaks but later resigned because of the dull atmosphere and the fact that her co-workers and clients were all over twenty-five. After a couple months of unemployment, Tran applied and succeeded in obtaining a position at a Sanrio store. Contrary to her previous job’s atmosphere, Sanrio provided her the ability to embrace the inner kid in her. On a regular work day, Tran would be seen with a smile on her face as she wrapped gifts for her customers while adding stickers, ribbons,

and cute little trinkets on them. “It’s just fun going to work every weekend and being in a room filled with Hello Kitty merchandise,” Tran said. “It’s really fun seeing people’s reactions when they walk through the door.” Teens commonly collect postcards, seashells, or iPods, but once again, Tran manages to succeed in taking the spotlight with her Hello Kitty agenda, notebook, wallet, coin purse, necklace, lipstick and Halloween costume. In addition to her Hello Kitty collection she brings to school, Tran’s collection at home consists of slippers, pajamas, and even a toaster. “It doesn’t help that I get an employee’s discount.” Tran said. “I try to control my spending, but it’s so hard to resist. I kind of have a big obsession.” While it is not the most common thing to collect, there is not anything alienable about Tran’s elaborate Hello Kitty collection. While most teenagers would arrive home and metamorphose into a common couch potato, Tran would be relaxing in her Hello Kitty pajamas and robe while stirring hot chocolate in her Hello Kitty mug and waiting for Hello Kitty shaped bread to finish toasting in her Hello Kitty toaster. Photo by Devin Hong

Genetic engineering can change society for future generations Monica Kwok “The year was 2081, and everyone was finally equal.” This is the first line of the dystopian science fiction short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. In the story, equality was achieved by handicapping the gifted in order to ensure that no one is inferior or superior, in that matter, to anyone else. This billion dollar industry of genetic engineering has the potential to change society. It has the ability to rid us of disease and to give humans control over life and death, while its misuse has the same ability, the very same power, to destroy values, morals, and lives. Genetic engineering is commonly known as the development and application of scientific methods, procedures, and technologies that permit direct manipulation of genetic material in order to alter the hereditary traits of a cell, organism, or population. Specific genes that are encoded in DNA can be modified to achieve a desirable trait. This is accomplished by what is known as recombinant DNA technology. By using recombinant DNA technology, diseases and genetic disorders can be, one day, fully eliminated. With this new development, human beings now have the power to find cures for disease that were once thought to be incurable. This is all pretty great, but some may argue that the next step will be going too far. Parents today are now willing to pay the appropriate price to ensure that their Junior is perfect. These procedures may seem like something out of a science fiction story, just like the one mentioned

earlier. But instead of handicapping the gifted, we will have to power to just make everyone gifted. But when gifted is among gifted, what’s so special about that? For now, the possibilities are endless. And they are, indeed, being explored. The creation of life is supposed to be something of a miracle. Now, it has been reduced, if you will, to commercialization. Now, “human made organisms” are patentable, and assigned a monetary price. If human life can be patented, who’s to say that a company wont make a new breed of humans, that are capable of anything, thus, the best workers the world has ever seen? Because the supreme court defines “human made inventions” as patentable goods, they would be the property of the company that “made” them. If life is patentable, a new line of living beings may be created for the purpose of serving others. One might see this as slavery. In January 1865, Congress passed the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery and, 11 months later, it was ratified by the states. That was years ago, and now, with opportunities like these, humans might be tempted to create a new class of slaves. This is very reminiscent of the 1930s when Adolf Hitler ordered the sterilizations of the genetically undesirable in order to come up with one master race. Here is the plot of “Harrison Bergeron” in a

nutshell. The government was so keen on the whole idea of everyone being equal that they took it to a new extreme. Anyone who was strong had to wear weights to keep them burdened. Anyone who was beautiful had to undergo a transformation to lessen their beauty. Anyone who was intelligent was disturbed from thinking by required headphones. That way, everyone, was really equal. Scientists can take the power that has never been invested in any human before. They will have the power between life and death. Then again, a lot of things were once thought to be outlandish, but now that life is involved, who’s to say where to draw the line between innovative and beneficial and abuse of that power? “The year was 2081, and everyone was finally equal.” This was the opening line for the story that redefined equality. Will genetic engineering do the same?

every production. Before Burton began his career, he worked for Walt Disney Pictures after attending California Institute of Arts. His style did not seem to fit the happy-go-lucky Disney image, and he soon left Disney. His early works of “Frankenweenie” and “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” jump started his career. This offered him the opportunity to create “Beetlejuice” that starred Alec Baldwin along with many other popular productions. Today, his most famous works have starred Johnny Depp. Movies such as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Edward Scissorhands”, and “Alice in Wonderland” are widely known and loved around the world. These collaborations have not only boosted Johnny Depp’s popularity, but have also created a great friendship between Burton and Depp. Today, at the age of 52, Burton

WORD. Famous hallway quotes, Volume Seventeen

“Do you have a waterproof shield that I can put on my head?”

-Student asking for an umbrella.

“Don’t chew with your mouth closed.” -Student eating lunch.

“Two minutes or three minutes. Whatever feels right to you.” -Student heating up lunch.

“I feel funny holding it. It’s too big.” -Student holding a guitar.

-Teacher in class discussing lesson plans.

Illustration by Jenny Bui

“Vote for your mom!”

-Teacher telling students who to vote for.

“I crashed into a parked car once.” Illustrations by Jenny Bui

Spooky monsters with a creative edge, grotesque guys with scissor hands, and a not-so-adorable version of the White Rabbit have been the major highlights of Tim Burton’s career. Joining the film industry around 30 years ago, Burton has become a well-known and high profile director on the streets of Hollywood. His movies and artistry has caught the eyes of millions of fans across America. According to <www.timburton. com>, Burton grew up in Burbank, California in the 1960s, and he al-

ways had a fascination with dark horror films such as the works of Roger Corman. It was these likings that helped shaped Burton’s style as eccentric and very different around Hollywood. Because of his little world, crazy imagination, and strange liking for science fiction and horror, the audience and fans can actually be amazed and catch a glimpse of his world through his works. Growing up, Burton always considered himself an artist before a filmmaker, just like he stated, “I grew up watching things like ‘The Brain that Wouldn’t Die’ on Saturday afternoon television. There’s a guy with his arm ripped off and blood smeared all over the wall… I never saw it as negative. I find that stuff, when it’s not rooted in reality, to be cathartic.” Because of his eccentric way of thinking, Burton can be of the few directors that bring a little spunk in

what’s the

“We’re going to do drugs tomorrow... and Monday, too!”

Quick, snip, cold, and cynical Tim Burton and his creative work Jenny Bui

Tell Me

has a big fan base and more works coming out in 2011. To honor his last 40 years of artistry, he recently published a book filled with archives and film concepts from his major motion pictures. Burton has become a legendary director and producer inspiring, captivating, and awing many people throughout the decades. His creativity, works, and movies have revolutionized entertainment in extra-ordinary ways.

-Student telling class about her biking experience.

“If you study drunk, you’d do better on the test drunk.”

-Teacher telling class fun facts.

All quotes overheard by The Matador staff.

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TM - November 2010  

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