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Spring 2014

2 Connected by Choice

Sphere Focused Education, Brian Meek

4 Equation of Service

Interview with Brenda Baril

6 College Report 8 Lower School

Reading Madness Studio Field Trip

12 Middle School

Kids Against Hunger Finding Your Voice


Upper School

Italia! Technology at TMS Academic Awards

22 Athletics

Mark Blomberg Grace Gibbs

26 Fine Arts

Once Upon a Wall Gallery on the Green

30 Alumni

Sara LeBlond Pfeffer

32 Chosen to Lead


THE MASTER’S SCHOOL MAGAZINE Veritas Magazine is produced by The Master’s School Communications Department

Graphic Designer Kristen Kerwin

Front, Back and Inside Cover Photographer Kristen Kerwin

Contributing Photographers Bob Falcetti Jaren Havell Katie Blomberg Michaela Todd Julie Lebo Ginny Thibodeau

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

WELCOME Headmaster




“We know…therefore we do.” This phrase speaks the truth that human actions don’t simply happen, but rather they are purposefully chosen based on beliefs, convictions and reason. This is true of everything except our involuntary muscle responses like blinking, breathing and our hearts beating. Experts conjecture that the average human makes 350,000 decisions every day! Even spur of the moment decisions like swinging at a 95 mph fastball or swerving to avoid a road hazard are based upon some fundamental belief. As a school we use the terminology informed practice to describe what we do and why we do it. At the end of the day, informed practice is making decisions and performing based upon what we know, believe and reason to be true. This is why it is so important to first understand the beliefs and convictions of the school you entrust with your child’s education. Throughout this edition of Veritas you will see and read many exciting things that have transpired this past spring; everything you encounter is a snapshot of purposeful decisions based upon what we know to be true as experienced Christian educators. At TMS we have specific age divisions including ECP, Lower School, Middle School and Upper School. Like all educators we recognize that content and processes must be geared towards the age of our students. That said, we are unique in the Farmington Valley as an educational community that is CONNECTED BY CHOICE K-12. Our existence and mission is based upon a conviction that “the school years” represent the most critical years in the life of a child and should be thoughtfully connected with a view of college but more than that…a lifetime. We take this job seriously.

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

To the right of this introductory letter is a diagram that introduces a strategy that has been in development this academic year and will be formally introduced in the coming academic year 2014.15. A sphere refers to a shape that may be round or oval but in any case it must always be connected. As a school, we are intentionally pursuing a strategy of connectedness K-12 in five major spheres that shape our culture and the world that awaits our children in all of their fullness. These are super-categories if you will of subjects students encounter in education. It is our firm intention and purpose to align curriculum, faculty and student experiences in each sphere K-12. With measured execution, this strategy will leverage the strength of our unique K-12 educational community while integrating our beliefs and convictions that God is a designer of every uniquely gifted student who attends our school. Benefits of sphere-focused education at The Master’s School include: • Students will be continually encouraged in a broad based education by teachers who believe that each student is gifted. • As the K-12 educational experience continues, opportunities for students to choose studies they are passionate about will increase to fan the flame of their desire to learn. • Faculty will be increasingly engaged in collaboration within their fields (and across grade levels) leading to cohesive and constructive transitions between age level divisions. • Students will be given opportunities to exhibit their work in a capstone project as seniors. This exhibition is a reflection of their journey within a sphere of their gifting and chosen pursuit. • Faculty will be able to engage students in sphere projects that streamline and deepen the understanding of instruction. • Graduates will have transcripts and experiences that show the intentional pursuit of their studies as well as demonstrated competencies that will help them to stand out for colleges and degrees they seek.


Welcome to summer and know that we will be preparing and eagerly waiting to welcome every student at TMS in the fall! Great things are happening and we give Brian Meek God the glory.


Ar t s

Global Humanities


Sphere-Focused Education

As a Christian educational community, The Master’s School understands that each student is created with unique talents and gifts. Developing academic, social, emotional and spiritual growth in young people requires a program that is fully integrated. Since to educate means to lead or to bring out, understanding each student’s natural talent is essential. This requires both a broad experience in a variety of subjects, the identification of natural gifts in a student and also a focus in areas of that giftedness. The curriculum of The Master’s School is designed to give each student significant practice in a wide range of subject areas. It also allows for students to recognize a sphere of study where a natural talent is evident. Finally, it encourages the pursuit of excellence where ability and passion connect.

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014



EQUATION OF SERVICE Interview with Brenda Baril




Is it true that you were the first to be issued a contract for hire at TMS? I was. The school was just launching and had placed an ad in the Hartford Courant. I had just graduated from college and decided to apply for it. It was a different type of interview than the others I had done elsewhere. I was interviewed by about ten people and asked questions that not only involved my background and teacher training, but also about my belief system and who I was as a person! It was such an intense, personal survey! I walked out of the interview and thought, oh well, I tried my best. Del Tomkiel, one of the founding members of the school, told me after I walked out of the room they all looked at each other and went “yep, she’s the right one.” And so I was hired.

“I think math is fun; expressing that through the way you teach helps the majority of students to look at it more positively. The teacher is key to making that happen.”

Brenda Baril

Lower School Math Teacher, Retiring After 38 Years of Service


Photograph by Bob Falcetti

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

When the school started, there were just two elementary teachers. The other teacher and I team taught; the school was small so we did a lot of things together. It had a multi-age flavor, strong community base and very individualized instruction.

What kept you at TMS for so many years? When I came to work here, I knew God had opened up the door and called me. There’s a big part of me that really loves the school. The Master’s School has been a very special, unique educational setting in which to teach. From my experience, I see it as very different from other Christian schools with which I am acquainted. It is definitely set apart from public schools. As a teacher, I have enjoyed the freedom to explore, experience, and evaluate the disciplines I have taught. It has fueled my own personal love of learning resulting in an openness to seek excellence in my practice. Although I looked at other possibilities, I always felt that this was where God wanted me to be. My years here have been a “gift”. What is different now than when you first started? The launch pad for the school was a very clear educational philosophy which set it apart. The same philosophy exists today, but what has changed is the size and dimension of the school. It is really in the support systems and size of the school that I see change. From facilities to a well-grounded curriculum, to a more comprehensive age range and a larger school body, the school has grown from its foundation to be and do more than what was possible at its inception. In so many ways, the school strengthened over the years. What is the same?

If you could say one thing to the new Lower School math teacher, what would it be? To enjoy teaching the children and to express your love of math through the way that you teach. Carefully creating a comfortable place in which to learn and to grow is critical.

Brenda Teaching Math, 1980

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

That the community is a faith based community. Perhaps the most important part of The Master’s School, the staff, is still comprised of incredibly wonderful people. It never ceases to amaze me how God calls such incredibly skillful people to His school. I am surrounded by excellent teachers who really care about their students who extend themselves readily to their students as well as to their colleagues. I joined a staff of people of that caliber in 1970 and it is still true today. We attract the same type of parents, ones who are very invested in their children’s education which makes for a strong correlation between home and school. Our parents want the best for their children, and the teachers do as well. The teachers still desire to teach well and see each student as an individual. They desire to model and live out their lives before their students and to help them to seek God personally. Faith is alive here on this campus, it’s real in our hearts and is a part of all that we do. Our love of God and the desire to live out our lives in a way that would please Him is something that is true for all of us, and that was very true from the conception of the school.


PREPARED College Report

The Class




Going Places

With over a million dollars* awarded in scholarships, graduates from The Master’s School are prepared to excel in their future endeavors!

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

* based on an average per student calculation


Students are Attending: Boston College Boston University Duke University Fashion Institute of Technology Gordon College Hofstra University Indiana University Liberty University Manchester Community College Nyack College Palm Beach Atlantic University

Penn State Quinebaug Valley Community College Quinnipiac University Salve Regina University Syracuse University Stony Brook University University of California-Irvine University of Connecticut University of South Carolina University of Rhode Island Wheaton College

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

Photograph by Kristen Kerwin


LOWER SCHOOL March Reading

Reading Madness



What could possibly be better than reading your favorite storybook? Seeing your favorite storybook character come to life, of course! That is just what happens each year at The Master’s School. March has been deemed Reading Madness month in the Lower School. Students are asked to read each night for twenty minutes as well as surrender all electronic devices for an entire week. As part of celebrating the students’ accomplishments, special activities take place each Friday of the month. One Friday might be to read with your favorite buddy (stuffed animal or human!), and another may be to wear your comfy pajamas to school. However, the day that everyone looks forward to is Storybook Character Day. Students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character. In prior years we have seen characters from Purplicious, Madeline, Fly Guy, Arthur, Eloise, and many others. This year was no exception. Armed with their favorite storybooks, teachers joined in on the fun as well! Our very own science teacher, Mr. Gilmore, dressed as Huck Finn, complete with bare feet and white paint on his face! The children had a blast trying to guess and find out exactly who was who. It was a day to remember for us all!

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

Students and teachers have already begun to plan and dream about what character they will choose for next year’s Storybook Character Day. In the Mari Beth Hixson meantime, The Master’s School continues to be a school that is Kindergarten Teacher “mad” for reading!


Photographs by Kristen Kerwin

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014


LOWER SCHOOL Tapeworks Studio


My Mosaic – Spoken History of our Lives

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

An across-the-curriculum project began with a little seed that began to take root in the fifth grade social studies class this past fall. As we studied a variety of people groups living and immigrating to the United States in the 1800s, it was clear that some students had no idea of their family ancestries. So students interviewed their parents and some of their grandparents; it was often a surprising and delightful experience. New discoveries were made about past relatives. We compared backgrounds and experiences and shared similarities and differences.


“I was excited that my family heritage was from around the world in a lot of different places! - Nolan Grandell

Photographs by Jaren Havell

As the year unfolded, it was clear that each person’s heritage was important in understanding the variety of people groups living in the United States. The thought came to take this even further: to write a script in Language Arts and then professionally record it. The script became a class project, where we wrote together, shared ideas and edited as we went along. Then came our practice with oral speaking; reading clearly, concisely and with enthusiasm. We were getting ready to record! At that point in time, it seemed like a natural extension to invite some instrumentalists from the fifth grade band to play in the background while the script was read. With the help of TMS band teacher, Chelsea Dunford, and Lower School music teacher, Nancy Turner, the students were ready and capable of recording the script. The instrumentalists, singers and oral speakers traveled to Tapeworks Studio in Hartford, CT to record and successfully complete this project. Each fifth grade student will receive their own finished Greta Blanchard CD (complete with student artwork created with Lower School art teacher Sylvia Wallis on the cover) of this collaborative project! Fifth Grade Teacher

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014 11


Photographs by Jon Bishop

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014 MIDDLE SCHOOL Kids Against Hunger

Kids Against Hunger TMS Middle School students packaged over 11,000 meals for the Kids Against Hunger Campaign! The students experienced a model of the dispersion of resources in the world through a simulated hunger banquet, with some having little and others having much. Jon Bishop, Director of the Middle School, observed, “It was amazing to see students share with one another and to realize that there was a clear difference between what we need and what we want.” The process began in late February when local pastor Dick Dill communicated to the students the drastic food needs of the Haitian people. He challenged them to raise $1,000, enough money to package 6,000 meals. After various fundraising events, the Middle School students raised over $1,700 dollars!

“Students were able to see the result of their fundraising in the goods that were purchased and the final product created for the Kids Against Hunger Campaign. I am so proud of their efforts!” Landa Leavy, Middle School Teacher Photographs by Katie Blomberg

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

With the funds raised Pastor Dill purchased hundreds of pounds of rice, soy and dehydrated vegetables. The students then weighed and sealed the dehydrated food. In three hours of work, the students prepared over 11,000 meals, averaging 200 meals packed per student!



Find Your Voice

Students in the Middle School often hear the phrase “find your voice” in their classes. They hear it as they write and as they attempt to clearly articulate their views. They hear it in social interactions as they look to develop a unique school culture and listen to it as they pray, serve, learn, and worship. John 10:27 states, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” The motto “find your voice” extends far beyond the natural, every day world of middle school students in that Jesus instructs us to listen to His voice above our own. Jesus knows us and wants us to follow Him.

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

Throughout this school year, our students have been presented with the opportunity to hear God’s voice. Engaging speakers have shared with us in chapels and retreats, conveying His truth and wisdom. From our peers, to our teachers and members of our community at large, students have followed His voice, each in a unique way. Students have acted upon His calling in an academic setting as principles of truth are interwoven in each class. While this exposure to God is wonderful, it is in the response of the students that we find the greatest reason to celebrate. They have visibly responded to His voice through their exemplary work in school, evidenced by their integritybased interactions with teachers and one another, and through their call to serve those in need.


Our students are learning to find their voices and they are open to hear His voice. I am honored to witness the students follow His calling, in turn becoming a voice for Him in a world Jon Bishop sorely in need of the Word. Director of the Middle School

Photographs by Kristen Kerwin

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

Middle School Cross Sculpture Display



Un’avventura Italiana!

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

Our trip to Italy this year gave us a unique ability to be immersed in the Italian culture and surroundings of Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Venice and the fashion capital of Milan! We bargained for leather bags and belts; traveled by gondola, ferry and railway; witnessed the craftsmanship of a glass-blowing artist at Murano Glass; and saw the natural beauty of Siena, the Mediterranean Sea, Assisi and Venice. We visited museums and saw Michelangelo’s David and the Duomos in Siena, Venice and Florence. So much to take in! To round out our trip we ate delicious Italian cuisine and gelato, attended a “Serie A” professional soccer game, and the last night we enjoyed our own go cart grand prix! We had a blast and will not soon forget our amazing Michaela Todd adventure. Class of 2014


Photographs courtesy of Michaela Todd

Veritas Magazine • Spring Michaela Todd Class of 2014






The 2013 school year was an exciting year for technology at The Master’s School. The introduction of a one-to-one program in the spring of that year was the culmination of over three years of research, planning, and infrastructure upgrades. The school set out to establish a new era in learning, promoting excellence in education and providing the best resources available. The 2013-14 school year began with a palpable level of excitement for the integration of the new devices. However, it soon became apparent that the students struggled to keep their batteries charged and the machines running properly. The original tablets we chose met our requirements, namely all-day battery life and a full pen-enabled windows environment, but also revealed new challenges, such as the unwieldiness of multiple pieces of equipment, overly optimistic durability claims by the manufacturer, and inordinately long charge times. Despite these challenges, students were taking notes, collaborating with other students and teachers, accessing rich multimedia content, and performing research and active reading, in and out of the classroom.

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

Within eight months of rolling out the new equipment, the school began looking to replace those devices with something a bit more robust. The school set out to find a device that met all of our original specifications, but also addressed the challenges which were discovered. The technology team finally selected a convertible laptop as the device best suited for our environment and our students.


The Master’s School is pleased to deliver the latest technology in our classrooms, leveraging Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 to enable an enhanced learning environment. We look forward to a full year of enhanced teaching and learning in the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. We hope you are equally as excited to be a part of this new era of education at The Master’s School. I would like to thank the community of employees and volunteers who assisted my team in unboxing, imaging, and prepping devices for students. I would also like to thank our technology vendor, Whalley Computer Associates, for their support. It was awesome seeing the community pull together to get things done. While you may think the support you provided was insignificant, it really did make a big difference. I appreciate each and every one of you, and the dedication that Jaren you have to the school and to your fellow co-workers.

Havell IT Manager

Photograph by Kristen Kerwin

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014


Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014



Sarah King Honoring Kaley Chamberlain with the Jeremiah 29:11 Scholarship Photographs by Kristen Kerwin

Jenna Adendorff

Journalism/Yearbook Award

Academic Awards Samuel Ibiezugbe

Bible, The Master’s Student Award

Olivia Bates

French Honor Society, The Master’s Student Award

Atarrah Kelly

Science Career Scholarship

Kaley Chamberlain

Jeremiah 29:11 Scholarship

Brittney Curry

Journalism/Yearbook Award

Hannah Dunn

The Master’s Student Award

Shelby Felix

Spanish Award, Mount Holyoke Book Award

Marissa Fenn

The Master’s Student Award

Elizabeth Gibbs

The Master’s Student Award

Do Kim

Mathematics Award

Zachary Orletzkiy

Eleanor King

Jonathan Riendeau

Journalism/Yearbook Award

Ezra Lagan

The Master’s Student Award

Jordan Lagan

Alumni Association Award

Rebecca Rienow

Chemistry Award, Lauren E. Avezzie Scholarship Award

Model U.N. Award

Michaela Todd

Joshua Lebo

Bible Award

AP Biology Award, Harvard Prize Book Award

Connor Lisle

Cortney Hill

The Master’s Student Award

Alexa McDermott Stephen Mwangi The Master’s Student Award

French Honor Society Award

Adetunji Okunyade

Bob and Betty Jacks Award, The Master’s Student Award

History Award

Emma Holden

English/Writing Award, The Master’s Student Award

Mathematics Award

Grace Gibbs English Award, The Master’s Student Award The Master’s Student Award

Elijah Oates

Joseph White

Faye M. Philipp Belman Memorial Book Award

Barbara Wright

The Master’s Student Award, Alumni Association Award

Doris Wu

Speech and Language Enrichment and Writing Award

Veritas Magazine • Spring

John Carmon Honoring Zach Orletzkiy with the Bob and Betty Jacks Award


Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

ATHLETICS Mark Blomberg


Mark Blomberg Class of 2014

It has been my incredible pleasure to watch Mark Blomberg grow in character, leadership, and height. I’ve had the privilege of coaching him in Ultimate Frisbee for four years; he has proved to be one of the most valuable members of our team.

Photographs by Julie Lebo

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

Primarily playing as a handler (a designated thrower), he has a strong ability to control the game speed. This attribute often calms the rest of the team down when they are uncoordinated and rushed during a play. Mark also is an excellent defender and has grabbed or knocked down dozens of the opponents’ throws. Although my time as his coach is over as Mark is matriculating David White to college, I am Ultimate Frisbee Coach confident that he will Upper School History Teacher continue to grow as he pursues the glory of God both on and off the field.


Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014



Photographs by Julie Lebo

Grace Gibbs has been an integral part of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team during her time at The Master’s School. She has been a great leader on and off the lacrosse field for the past two years.

Grace Gibbs

Class of 2014

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

During her time on the team, Grace has been a key part of both our offense and defense. Her teammates have learned to depend on her skills on the field and look to her as an example of godly character off the field. We will all miss Grace on the lacrosse field next year as Katie Blomberg she heads to Wheaton Varsity Girls College. Lacrosse Coach


FINE ARTS Gallery on the Green

NEXT- Emerging Talent Participants Paintings and sculptures from six students from The Master’s School were displayed in the “NEXT- Emerging Talent” show at the Gallery on the Green in Canton.

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

The show featured artwork by students from public high schools in Avon, Bloomfield, Canton, West Hartford, Simsbury and Farmington, as well as students from The Ethel Walker School, Miss Porter’s,


Sculpture by Yiwei Xu

Painting by Michaela Todd

Painting by Izzy Johnson


The Master’s School, Pathways Academy for Technology and Design and the Gilbert School. Awards and scholarships were given to many of the students, including the Frank Haviland Award to TMS senior Keara Schoenhardt for her oil on canvas work “Black and Blue,” and the Neu-Haviland Celebration Award to TMS senior Michaela Todd for her oil on canvas piece titled “Grazing”.

James DeCesare Upper School Art Teacher

Photograph by Olivia Bates

Photograph by Kristen Kerwin

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

nting by Keara Schoenhardt

“Exhibiting their finest work in a professional gallery-setting, along with other emerging Connecticut artists, was truly a special kind of arts-education for our students!”


Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

FINE ARTS Performing Arts


Photographs by Kristen Kerwin

Once Upon



This spring twenty-four students in grades 8-12 worked together to produce an original work entitled Once Upon a Wall. Adapted by director Hannah Blough from the French play Les Romanesques, Once Upon a Wall was a costume comedy that featured sword-fights, secret meetings, scheming parents, bumbling bandits, and true love conquering all. This production allowed the participants to take part in the entire creative process, even deciding on the title. Nine members of the cast learned the art of stage fencing (lead by fight captain Jonathan Riendeau) to create the five action sequences in the production, while another team (lead by costume designers Violet Kim and Ryann Soltero) worked hard to assemble the dozens of costumes. Students also helped construct and decorate the set designed by Upper School Art Teacher Jim DeCesare. It was truly a team effort! We were especially grateful to have had the participation of five seniors this year: Grace Gibbs, Kane Russell, Doris Wu, Tocasso Wu, and Dawn Xie. They will be missed! Even while persevering through snow delays and tight deadlines, memorizing an abundance of material and balancing classes and homework, all of these talented students demonstrated a passion for the art form and truly rose to the occasion. They loved Hannah Blough theatre, and that was the charm—all the charm. Music and Drama Teacher

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014 29

ALUMNI Sarah LeBlond Pfeffer

Gold Medal Graduate

Sarah LeBlond Pfeffer completed her MA in Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Sacred Heart University in December 2013. She also received the Gold Medal of Excellence in Communication for her academic success, having earned a 4.0 GPA and excelling in leadership roles within her department.

Veritas Magazine • Winter 2014

Sarah recently had the opportunity to speak on an alumni panel at the Sacred Heart Communication and Media Studies undergraduate senior night where she was able to share insights on her higher education and career experience.


Photograph by Robert Falcetti

Sacred Heart University Chapel

While focusing on public relations, the master’s program at Sacred Heart University allows for learning skills along the entire communication and media spectrum. Sarah also created a short film, “Project Limulus,” about a horseshoe crab conservation project, that was accepted into the Beneath the Waves Film Festival. Sarah is currently pursuing her career path at South Kent School as the Communications Coordinator, where she is responsible for web content, press releases, photography, the creation of promo videos, graphic design, and more.

Sarah LeBlond Pfeffer TMS Class of 2005

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

“I am thankful for my time at The Master’s School and look back on it fondly. Having gone to a private school also gives me some insight now that I work at an independent school.”


Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014


Photographs by Ginny Thibodeau





On Friday, March 21, The Master’s School hosted its annual Gala and Auction at The Riverview in Simsbury. The theme of the event was Chosen To Lead and it was a beautiful evening celebrating all the ways the school and its members have been chosen to lead. The theme verse for the event was 1 Peter 2:9, “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” Highlights of the evening included a silent auction featuring various (and huge!) themed baskets compiled from donations by parents of The Master’s School, artwork created by TMS students and faculty members and a chocolate torte prepared by TMS alumna Eslie McDermott that sold for $2,600 in the live auction! There were also many donations from area businesses and generous sponsorships from local companies. We were especially blessed by our Premier Sponsor: Rockville Bank Foundation, Red Sponsor: L&R Benefits, White Sponsors: Realized Solutions Inc., Ruark Consulting, LLC, Media Sponsor: The Valley Press and Table Hosts: Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing, Inc. and Whalley Computer Associates.

Because the Gala and Auction is the school’s largest fundraiser, the best news of the evening was the record-setting attendance and recordbreaking proceeds donated to the school. The Gala proceeds were able to add $75,000 to The Master’s Touch Annual Fund. Funds donated to The Master’s Touch Annual Fund allow us to continue to offer a high quality education with excellent faculty on a campus which is ever growing to meet the needs of a time such as this. Praise be to God and thank you to everyone who supported the Gala. If you would like to help support the school financially, please consider a gift of any size to The Master’s Touch Annual Fund. Sharon Machuga

Director of Development

Veritas Magazine • Spring 2014

Attendees, which included current parents, faculty and staff as well as alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, sponsors and friends of the school, enjoyed excellent fellowship and food and were treated to two video presentations. The first was a hysterical spoof on the hit TV show Undercover Boss. It featured former Headmaster Don Steele as “Undercover Headmaster” as well as current faculty and students. The second put a spotlight on our amazing students and teachers as each answered the question of what they thought they have been chosen to do. If you were not able to attend or would just like to see these videos again, visit


The Master’s School 36 Westledge Road West Simsbury, CT 06092

Veritas, Spring 2014  
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