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Amy Hillberry I feel I have been slacking with my wisdom-giving lately. So before I leave this building of knowledge I want to give you all a few words of advice that I wished I would of known at the beginning of high school. I hope it’s obvious enough. 1. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs, no matter what the circumstance. 2. Use every opportunity to your advantage. 3. You want to go out with that girl or that guy? Go ask them out. 4. Afraid to get back with your ex because they hurt you emotionally? Talk to them about it. If it works out then it’s for the best, if not then at least you tried. 5. Go outside your comfort zone to dance in public or sing karaoke. High school is the perfect time for this because people will forget it anyway. 6. If a friend or sibling is having a bad day, comfort them. Even a

Nathaniel Kats

Freshmen year there’s these two friends Connor and Jacob. Connor is the confident middle school athlete who makes the high school football team. He’s a bit of a jerk. Jacob is the shy, nice guy who doesn’t talk, but when he does everyone listens. Once they made it to high school Jacob made the choice to try his best and get good grades Connor made somewhat of an effort so he didn’t get kicked off the football team, A year goes by and the two are sure they’ll always be friends Sophomore year, Connor has made the choice to ignore his friend, and lie to his parents whenever he goes to hang out with the guys on varsity to drink or take drugs. Jacob is the guy who can barely get up the courage to talk to a girl but somehow has a girlfriend. Jacob has learned the truth about Connor and is trying to help his friend. Their friendship is being tested. It’s junior year. After winning the state championship Connor decides to go to a party. He gets so drunk that on his way home a cop


smile or hug can make their day better. 7. Carpe Diem 8. Be slow to get angry and slow to speak. Listening is a very valuable tool. If I could have done high school all over again I would have followed these rules to the tee. High school is not a time to sit in the corner and be afraid. Let out your personality, because if you are waiting until college, you will be very disappointed. In any circumstance, with any outcome, I encourage students to remain confident in themselves and with every decision they make because regrets are easy to make and hard to redo. So I ask you to learn from my screw ups and at least dwell on my ideas if they are epic enough for you. Good luck and have fun.

pulls him over, being a former graduate of Connor’s high school and a former football hero himself he lets him off with a warning and a ticket. “After all one bad choice won’t ruin his future,” he thinks. Jacob on the other hand decides to go and hang out with his girlfriend. His girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant and that the baby isn’t his. Somehow word gets out and rumors spread at school. The shame is so great that his girlfriend moves away without telling him, the worst part is that one of the people who spread these rumors is Connor. A year goes by and the two don’t even know each other anymore. It’s senior year. Jacob is the guy who lost his girlfriend due to immature gossip, and is still trying to make college plans. Connor is the star athlete who is also addicted to drugs and alcohol. Connor has a full-ride scholarship to the university of his choice that is until a teammate catches him taking drugs and turns him in. Connor doesn’t graduate. Instead he goes to jail, then rehab for the next couple of years. Jacob graduates and is offered a scholarship to Oklahoma University. A year goes by and the two are no longer friends. This story isn’t new. It happens every day. All that changes is the names. We’re all someone in this story. We’re either the good guy or the bad guy. We all have friends like Connor or Jacob the thing that determines who we are is the choices we make. In high school you will make choices just like these or others that have similar consequences. I hope you make the right ones.


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The Marquee's Senior Edition 2009-10