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CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications AUTUMN 2012

Why choose The Marketers Forum? Join the best " Established in June 2004, the Marketers Forum Ltd (TMF) has quickly established an outstanding reputation for innovation and excellence. You will be joining likeminded ambitious marketers who also strive to be the best. Ethos Quentin Crowe Managing Director

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You are treated as professionals rather than students. Your tutors are selected for their current industry experience and a love of teaching. Your courses are designed to fit your lifestyle requirements as well as your career development needs.

Just a quick email to say thank you for all your support and help last year! I thoroughly enjoyed the courses and teaching style at the Marketers Forum and I wish you all the best for the future. Kevin Broome Marketing Manager South West Trains

Comfort and Convenience

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Convenient West End (Charing Cross) location All centres have been carefully selected for their comfort, with state of the art training rooms and air conditioning. Tea, coffee and the essential (sugar-hit) biscuits are included.

Exceptional pass rates


We have achieved 18% above national average pass rates since starting in 2004.

Keep ahead of your competition


Free evening Masterclass sessions from leading industry practitioners' throughout the programme.

Why choose the CAM Diploma? ü 

The only true Marketing Communication qualification designed by the industry for the industry. Established in 1970 and now under the umbrella of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The CAM programme focuses on helping you develop relevant skills.


Provides an integrated approach to the disciplines of the marketing communications industry, giving you the breadth of knowledge to advise both internal and external clients on the best ways to communicate a product or service.


Your CAM programme will give you confidence to devise, plan and execute marketing communications programmes that work.


A CAM qualification will enable you to be a valued employee that is more productive and progress you to increasingly demanding roles where versatility, responsibility and accountability are vital.


In short a CAM qualification helps you to be ahead of the competition. You will be more confident in carrying out any marketing communications role, be it for a client, agency, not-forprofit or charity organisation.

Course Overview § 


There are 5 course units for you to complete to obtain the CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications.

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Marketing & Consumer Behaviour Advertising Integrated Media Public Relations Direct Marketing & Sales Promotion

(Assignment) (Exam) (Assignment) (Exam) (Exam)

Examinations are held in June and December.


You will be required to submit an assignment for Marketing & Consumer Behaviour and Integrated Media. Advertising, Direct Marketing & Sales Promotion and Public Relations are all assessed by 2 hour exams for each unit.

Course Overview Marketing & Consumer Behaviour This unit aims to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary in managing marketing communications and brand support activities. •  Explain the role of the marketing plan and communications plan within the context of the organisation's strategy and culture •  Understand the marketing planning process and the links between each stage of the process •  Explain the role of marketing communications and how the tools of the communications mix can be coordinated effectively •  Develop marketing communication and brand support activities based on an understanding of the salient characteristics of the target audience •  Explain the importance of developing long term relationships with customers, channel members, agencies and other stakeholders and transfer such knowledge to the development of marketing communications •  Suggest suitable methods to influence the relationships an organisation has with its customers, any marketing channel partners and other stakeholders, using marketing communications Advertising This unit aims to ensure knowledge and understanding of the process of advertising, advertising planning and measuring effectiveness. •  Explain the role and structure of advertising in the marketing mix, the communications mix and society •  Explain the structure of the advertising industry and be able to identify the relationships between the advertiser, advertising agencies, suppliers (e.g. research, production) and media owners •  Set appropriate advertising objectives, strategies and budgets •  Understand how to plan strategies for creative and media execution •  Describe the controls on advertising; social acceptability, legal controls & voluntary constraints, and be able to apply them to given advertisements •  Select appropriate methods for measuring the effectiveness of advertising

Course Overview Integrated Media This unit aims to provide you with a knowledge and understanding of the function of various media within the marketing mix and communications mix. •  Explain the role of different media in the marketing mix and the communications mix •  Identify the relationships between the advertiser, advertising agencies, media buying and media planning agencies and media owners •  Set appropriate objectives and strategies and allocate budgets for different media •  Present an overview of media available and their characteristics, including electronic media, and methods of planning and selection •  Select appropriate methods for measuring the effectiveness of communications media Direct Marketing & Sales Promotion This unit aims to provide you with an understanding of the disciplines and techniques of direct marketing and sales promotion at an operational level. •  Describe the relationship of direct marketing with other marketing communications tools •  Explain the role of sales promotion, merchandising, point of sale and field marketing in the context of various sectors and in terms of consumer, trade and sales force/employee promotions •  Develop, manage and maintain a marketing database •  Devise, implement and control appropriate direct marketing and sales promotion campaigns to meet defined objectives •  Apply the principles of testing and measurement and financial controls which support direct marketing and sales promotion campaigns •  Explain the ethical, legal and self-regulatory environment around the disciplines of direct marketing and sales promotion •  Justify and manage budgets for individual campaigns

Course Overview Public Relations This unit aims to provide you with an awareness of the role of public relations in relation to the many different publics with which an organisation is concerned. By the end of this module, you will be able to: •  Define the nature of public relations within a range of organisational frameworks" Explain and work within the legal and self-regulatory constraints under which public relations operates •  Use the various techniques and skills required for effective public relations, including their characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and costs •  Explain the media channels employed in public relations in different contexts •  Analyse situations and identify whether PR is the most appropriate tool to use


Prices (Valid until 30


September 2012)

Purchase the complete course all 5 modules to receive a DISCOUNT! Ex VAT All 5 modules (Standard Package) £2800 (Essentials Package) £2400 OR Pay as you go - Individual units (each) Marketing & Consumer Behaviour £650.00 Integrated Media £650.00 Advertising £650.00 Public Relations £650.00 Direct Marketing & Sales Promotion £650.00 Other Charges TMF Administration & Registration Fee £100.00 Payable to CIM You will also need buy CIM – Annual membership (VAT exempt) Exam Fees per unit (x3) (VAT exempt) Assignment Fees per unit (x2) (VAT exempt)

Incl VAT £3360 £2880

£780.00 £780.00 £780.00 £780.00 £780.00


£140.00 £65.00 £85.00

Package Prices

Frequently asked questions


How do I book? Go to and complete the online booking form


Entry requirements You can register to do the CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications with any degree qualification or relevant marketing and work experience.


When are the Registration Closing Dates. The closing date for registration with CIM is 5th October 2012 for the December 2012 assessment sessions.


You can register for the course at The Marketers Forum anytime before the course commences. Places are limited to 15 so it is advisable to book as soon as possible.


Sponsorship. If you have a sponsor for your course we can arrange for the invoice to be forwarded directly to them. Payment is required within 14 days or the start of the course whichever is sooner.


Interest Free Payment Plan. If you are self-funding we require a £200 deposit upon submitting an online booking form and then the remainder of your course fees will be split over six equal monthly instalments. There is no charge for this service but penalties will be applied for late payment of instalments.

TMF Contact Details

Main Office Address: The Marketers' Forum Group The Bridge 12-16 Clerkenwell Road London, EC1M 5PQ Tel: 0844 272 5837 Twitter: MarketingLondon Website: Office Contacts: Sarah Blackshaw l Communications Manager Marketing / Enquiries / Administration / Website Carl Jones l Operations Manager Operations / Accounts / Enquiries Abby Beckley I Administration Assistant Enquiries / Administration / Accounts

CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications  

This qualification is for anyone working in marketing or looking to move into Marketing Communications in agency or client side roles. The...

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