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August 29, 2011 Issue #35

Election of Directors to the Marin Builders Association Board


Election Of Directors......................................1

The President of the MBA shall appoint The Nominating Committee, consisting of three (3) Directors, at least sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting of Members. The Nominating Committee shall nominate eligible members. Nominations shall be presented to the Board of Directors for their review and presentation at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Welcome Our New Members......................2

Additional nominations may be made in writing, signed by not less than two (2) percent of the general members. Each additional nomination shall be filed with the Executive Director at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting. No nominations shall be made from the floor.

Safety Topic: High Priority Safety..............................................................7-8

The list of nominations shall be listed in the corporation’s bulletin once, at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of election. The list of additional nominations shall be published in the corporation’s bulletin once, at least seven days prior to the date of election. If only the persons selected by the Nominating Committee are nominated, and no additional nominations are made, the persons so chosen by the Nominating Committee shall be voted for at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Permits & Liens........................................12-16

If additional nominations are made by members, as above stated, then all persons nominated by the Nominating Committee and the Members shall be voted upon at the Annual Membership Meeting and the person securing the greatest number of votes in each category shall be declared as elected.

Sub Bids.....................................................30-31

Directors...........................................................3 Annual Meeting & Election Of Directors...........................................................4 Membership Application..............................5 Kalb’s Q&A For Contractors........................6

California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser..........9 Learn More About The Green Economy..10 Car Wash Fundraiser...................................11 Liens/Homesteads/ Completions...................................................17 Tool Lending Library..............................18-19 Project Bid Schedule...............................20-26 MBA Health Insurance Program Update.............................................................27 Classified Ads..........................................28-29 Press Releases...........................................32-33 Membership Application............................34

Nominating Committee recommends the following candidates: Herb Moran – MOC Insurance Services Josh Townsend – PG&E Tom Barr – Ghilotti Bros. Oliver Dibble – Dibble & Company


Nominating Committee recommends the following Directors for re-election: Jeff Grady – Grady Financial Services Keith Dotto – Dotto Glass Aimi Dutra - The Dutra Group

660 Las Gallinas Avenue San Rafael, CA 94903 ◆ Office: 415-462-1220 Fax: 415-462-1225 ◆

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January 10,2011 Issue * 51 ◆


Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ 2 Page 2 Page ◆

2010-2011 MBA DIRECTORS & OFFICERS President Dave Tr ahan - Patriot Mechanical Vice President Aimi Dutr a - The Dutr a Group Chief Financial Officer Jeff Mertel - Mertel Carpets, Inc. Secretary Jim Schalich - Schalich Brothers Construction

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PAST PRESIDENT Jeff Gr ady - Gr ady Financial, Inc. Executive Director - Safety Director Klif Knoles

Barry Arends - Morris Roofing Mark Silvia - Marin Mechanical, Inc. Tyler Doherty - Cal West Rentals, Inc. Gary Frugoli - Construction Consultant Peter Migale - Migale Painting Company Keith Dotto - Dotto Glass, Inc. Dick Ghilotti - Ghilotti Construction Company Dave Garbarino - Marin Sanitary Service, Inc. Jeff Pottorff - North Bay Landscape Management Diane Henderson- DMH Land Use Planning STAFF Paula Krause - Office Manager Barbara Jones - Membership Manager Diane Van Renselaar - Plan Room Technician Kellie Buono - Administrative Assistant/Reception Chriss Daniels - Publications Editor/Website/Media Casey Mazzoni - Legislative Analyst The weekly bulletin is owned by MBA and is available at 660 Las Gallinas Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94903 Publisher: Klif Knoles Publication Editor: Chriss Daniels Page 3 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 3 ◆


Page 4◆ Page 4 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆

Please join us for our

Annual Meeting & Election of Directors Tuesday ~ September 13, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. 660 Las Gallinas Avenue, San Rafael Reservations taken at the Association: (415) 462-1220 or fax to (415)462-1225 ********************************************* Company Name _____________________________________ Person (s) Attending __________________________________

Page 4◆ Page 5 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆

Victory In Battle With Franchise Tax Board BY: Phil Vermeulen, Legislative Advocate Throughout the legislative session, bills are frequently "gutted and amended." Often times, the "gutted" bill morphs into something that isn't good for our interests. AB 1424 (Perea) is a perfect example. The measure was "gutted" back in June to become a bill for the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) that would allow them to, among other things, suspend the contractor's license of the top 250 (now 500) largest tax delinquencies in the state. I should add, FTB has attempted this bill at least 2 previous times in the past, but our opposition, in concert with the Contractors' License Board, has successfully beaten back their efforts. While our position absolutely supports the fact that all delinquent taxpayers SHOULD pay their taxes, our concern has been that the Contractors' License Board has an existing process for the FTB to utilize that would suspend a contractor's license for delinquent taxes (and this applies to ALL delinquencies, not just the top 250 or 500). The problem with AB 1424 is that it would have allowed FTB to make the suspension unilaterally and then inform the Contractors' Board at a later date. Our argument was that there is no need for the bill since the existing process is already in place. Thankfully, our concerted efforts paid off today! Assemblyman Perea has informed us today that the section dealing with their suspension ability with the Contractor's Board has been removed. In return, I have just written a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee removing our opposition. Chalk another one up to the victory column!

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SAFETY TOPIC: CAUGHT OR CRUSHED INJURIES Each year, workers suffer approximately 125,000 caught or crushed by injuries that occur when body parts get caught between two objects or entangled with machinery. These hazards are also referred to as “pinch points.” The physical forces applied to a body part caught in a pinch point can vary and cause injuries ranging from bruises, cuts, and scalping to mangled and amputated body parts, and even death. Workers in field, industrial, and office settings are all affected by caught or crush hazards to some degree. Get training and learn about the caught/crush hazards and pinch points specific to your tasks, tools, and equipment so you can take precautions. Dress appropriately for work with pants and sleeves that are not too long or too loose. Shirts should be fitted or tucked in. Avoid wearing loose and dangling jewelry. Tie back long hair and tuck braids and ponytails behind you or into your clothing. Wear the appropriate, well-fitting gloves for your job. Look for possible pinch points before you start a task. Take the time to plan out your actions and decide on the necessary steps to work safely. Give your work your full attention. Don’t joke around, daydream, or try to multi-task on the job – most accidents occur when workers are distracted. Read and follow warning signs posted on equipment. If you value all that your hands can do, THINK before you put them in a hazardous spot. Machinery can pose a hazard with moving parts, conveyors, rollers and rotating shafts. NEVER reach into a moving machine. Properly maintain and always use the machine and tool guards provided with your equipment; they act as barriers between the moving parts and your body. Don’t reach around, under or through a guard and always r eport missing or broken barriers to your supervisor. Turn equipment off and use lockout/tagout procedures before adjusting, clearing a jam, repairing, or servicing a machine. Caught/crush hazards are not limited to machinery. Vehicles, powered doors, and forklifts can pose a crush hazard unless they have been blocked or tagged out. Never place your body under or between powered equipment unless it is de-energized. Doors, file drawers, and heavy crates can pinch fingers and toes. Take care where you place your fingers. Test the weight before lifting, carrying, and placing boxes; an awkward or heavy load can slip and pinch your hands or feet. Get help or use tools to move large and/or heavy items. If you have ever slammed your finger in a door, you can appreciate the pain associated with this common type of caught/crush injury. Take the time to learn about the caught/crush hazards in your workplace so you don’t learn about the consequences first hand.

Page177 ◆ Page 7 Page Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆

SAFETY TOPIC: LESIONES POR ATORAMIENTO APLASTAMIENTO Cada año, los trabajadores sufren aproximadamente 125,000 lesiones por atoramientos o aplastamientos que ocurren cuando las partes del cuerpo quedan atrapadas entre dos objetos o se atoran en la maquinaria. Estos peligros también se conocen como “puntos de pellizco”. Las fuerzas físicas que se aplican a las partes del cuerpo atrapadas en un punto de pellizco pueden variar y causar lesiones que van de moretones, cortadas y cabelleras arrancadas hasta partes del cuerpo destrozadas y amputadas, e incluso la muerte. Los trabajadores en el campo, la industria y entornos de oficina se ven afectados por los peligros de atoramiento o aplastamiento hasta cierto grado. Obtenga instrucción y aprenda sobre los peligros de atoramiento o aplastamiento y los puntos de pellizco específicos de sus tareas, herramientas y equipo para que pueda tomar medidas de precaución. Vista la ropa adecuada para el trabajo con pantalones y mangas que no estén demasiado largas ni holgadas. Las camisas deben estar metidas en el pantalón. Evite usar joyas holgadas y colgantes. Amarre el cabello largo y meta las trenzas o colas de caballo detrás de usted o dentro de la ropa. Use los guantes adecuados y que le queden bien para su trabajo. Busque posibles puntos de pellizco antes de comenzar una tarea. Dedique el tiempo a planear sus acciones y decida los pasos que son necesarios para trabajar con seguridad. Preste toda su atención al trabajo. No bromee, sueñe despierto ni trate de hacer varias cosas a la vez; la mayoría de los accidentes ocurren cuando los trabajadores están distraídos. Lea y siga todas las señales de advertencia colocadas en el equipo. Si aprecia todo lo que pueden hacer sus manos, PIENSE antes de colocarlas en un lugar peligroso. La maquinaria puede presentar un peligro con sus partes móviles, las bandas transportadoras, los rodillos y los ejes rotativos. NUNCA meta la mano en una máquina en movimiento. Mantenga adecuadamente y siempre use los protectores de la máquina y las herramientas provistos con su equipo; funcionan como barreras entre las partes en movimiento y su cuerpo. No meta la mano alrededor, debajo ni a través de un protector y siempre reporte a su supervisor las barreras que desaparezcan o se quiebren. Apague el equipo y use los procedimientos de trabado y etiquetado antes de ajustar, despejar un atascamiento, reparar o realizar el mantenimiento de la máquina . Los peligros de atoramiento o aplastamiento no se limitan a la maquinaria. Los vehículos, las puertas eléctricas y los montacargas pueden presentar un peligro de aplastamiento a menos que estén bloqueados y etiquetados. Nunca coloque su cuerpo debajo o entre equipo energizado a menos que se le haya quitado completamente la energía. Las puertas, los cajones de los archiveros y las cajas grandes pueden pellizcar los dedos de las manos y de los pies. Tenga cuidado al colocar los dedos en algún lugar. Pruebe el peso antes de levantar, transportar y colocar cajas; una carga difícil o pesada puede resbalarse y pellizcar las manos o los pies. Consiga ayuda o use las herramientas para mover artículos grandes y/o pesados. Si alguna vez se ha golpeado un dedo en una puerta, ya conoce el dolor que causa este tipo común de lesión por atoramiento o aplastamiento. Dedique tiempo a aprender sobre los peligros de atoramiento o aplastamiento que hay en el lugar de trabajo para que no tenga que aprender las consecuencias por experiencia. Page Page ◆98 Page 8 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆

PagePage 18 ◆ Page Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN 9 9 ◆

Page 18 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page Page 10 10

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County of Marin Community Development Agency Building and Safety Division


Owner Contractor Address Parcel # Construction Moresi Alfonso PERFORMANCE ROOFING 49 Bridgegate Dr San Rafael 164-570-15 (53) Reroof Mc Gue Daniel OWNER 205 Laurel Grove Ave Kentfield 071-111-53 (53) Re-Roof Richter Leslie OWNER 935 Vernal Ave Mill Valley 048-163-03 (53) Reroof Oxfoot Associates JENKINS CONSTRUCTION 121 Marine View Dr Dillon Beach 100-183-03 (21--0/0) Remodel Zirkelbach Adam MC LERAN INC. 230 Blackstone Dr San Rafael 164-221-38 (53) Re-Roof Ingoldsby Christopher RKS ROOFING CONSTRUTION 1125 W California Ave Mill Valley 048-202-45 (53) Re-Roof Solle Hans RENEWAL BY ANDERSEN 311 Evergreen Dr Kentfield 075-203-04 (58) Replace Emerson William MATTHEWS, JOHN T AND JACK 11800 State Route 1 Point Reyes 119-183-03 (58) Replace Finn Brian WEDGE ROOFING INC. 3 Blue Oak Ct San Rafael 164-581-14 (53) Reroof Berry Michael CREATIVE ROOFING OF N. CA 75 Lancaster Ave Kentfield 074-121-28 (53) Re-Roof Murdock Bryan MC LERAN INC. 204 Helen Ave Mill Valley 051-244-02 (53) Re-Roof Harkcom Billy CHARLES WINDOW AND DOOR 87 Skyline Ter Mill Valley 048-233-76 (58) Windows County Of Marin WAVCOMM 500 Tiburon Blvd Tiburon 055-051-15 (65 ) 3 Antennas Ba Davis Llc JAMES FLANAGAN BUILDER 396 Pinehill Rd Mill Valley 050-151-33 (56) Install Windows Salkever Alexander ATHERTON CHRIS 375 Marin Ave Mill Valley 049-152-20 Replace Windows Guglielmo Bernard ROL CONSTRUCTION 17 Oak Crest Dr San Rafael 180-391-23 (23) Kitchen Remo Rector Janet PATERSON FINISHES 24 Mariele Dr Fairfax 174-083-08 (12) Trellis Maffei James OWNER/BUILDER 1037 Bel Marin Keys Blvd Novato 157-301-03 (23-0-0) Remodel Reid Cherry CALETTI JUNGSTEN 343 Lowell Ave Mill Valley 050-121-66 (56.58.92) Viader Delia TOTAL CONCEPTS 141 Buckelew St Sausalito 052-422-17 (58) Replace Fox Louis OWNER 451 Meadow Way San Geronimo 169-191-04 (22--0/0,59,55) Brandenburger Eleanor GANNON CONSTRUCTION CO 19 Cypress Ave Kentfield 071-172-22 (23) Remodel Dance Palace SUNSHINE ROOFING 503 B St Point Reyes Station 119-196-01 (53) Reroof

Value $11,000 $15,000 $8,200 $42,000 $17,100 $13,000 $8,398 $7,000 $8,690 $13,153 $10,900 $10,981 $10,000 $14,600 $12,000 $16,000 $10,000 $100,000 $48,000 $12,000 $25,000 $93,000 $9,000

County of Marin Community Development Agency Building and Safety Division

COUNTY OF MARIN PERMITS RECEIVED Building Permit Applications Received for Processing Week Ending: Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Address Owner 77 Starbuck Dr Sausalito 234 S Ridgewood Rd Kentfield 74 Rock Rd Kentfield 9 Reed St Mill Valley 152 Morning Sun Ave Mill Valley 20 Sunny Oaks Dr San Rafael 131 Jamaica St Tiburon 80 Idlewood Rd Kentfield 87 Bay Vista Dr Mill Valley 147 Carlotta Cir Mill Valley 233 Evergreen Ave Mill Valley

Work Value Jeschke Paul Stern Richard B Whiting Kenneth Shalhoup Dawn Edwards Bruce Neudert Hermann Belluomini Joseph Antipa Ronald Veto Daniel Dayton Brian Malvino John

(60) Ground Mounted P.V. Sys (60) Pv - Roof Mount (10) Spa (11) Retaining Wall (23) Remodel (13) Retaining Wall (60) Roof Mounted Pv System (12) Garage (21-0/2) Addition (22--0/0) Internal Remodel (54,92 Rebuild Roof

$14,950 $51,816 $20,000 $10,480 $25,000 $16,000 $13,500 $35,000 $250,000 $20,000 $7,500

PageBuilders 14 Page 12◆ Page 12 Marin Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN



Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page Page 13 13


Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page Page 14 14



Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page Page 15 15


CITY OF SAN RAFAEL PERMITS ISSUED Coming In September 5th’s Issue! Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page Page 16 16


FOR THE COMPLETE 15 PAGE REPORT EMAIL: CHRISS@MARINBA.ORG OR CALL 415-462-1220 X103 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page Page 17 17 ◆

Page 18◆ Page 18 Marin Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN PageBuilders 14 ◆

Page Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 19 Page19 17 ◆


Bid list subject to change prior to bid date, please check with Association.

Page 20 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 20 ◆


Page 21 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 21 ◆


Page 22 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 22 ◆


Page 23 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 23 ◆


Page 24 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 24 ◆


Page 25 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 25 ◆ ◆


February 21, 2011 Issue #8 Bid list subject to change prior to bid date, please check with association.

Page Page 26 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ 30 Page 26 ◆

e at Win MValley n India Course f l Go

Page 27 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 27 ◆

Classified ads are provided free to MBA members & staff. Please advise if position is filled or commodity is sold.





Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Part-time Bid Runner An established, family–owned, San Rafael based construction company is seeking an experienced part–time Bid Runner. Flexible hours range from 5-10 hours per week. Responsible for delivering bid documents. Must be dependable, punctual, and have excellent penmanship. The ability to listen and write quickly and accurately under pressure is crucial. Must have the confidence to meet strict time deadlines. Receives bid pricing and subcontractor information over the telephone. Reliable vehicle necessary and a clean driving record. Mileage reimbursed.







Did you know? The weather website is and its free. You can put up to 3 zip codes per email address and it will alert you to the upcoming weather!

Please apply to and put “Bid Runner” in the subject line or fax to 415.455.9274.

For Sale

16” Portable Delta Radial Arm Saw $4000 On a Trailer with Racks with Rollers Attached Easy Job Site Set-up for a Day or Months 3 hp, 240 volt, 4-3/4” max depth of cut Carbide Blades, Lockable Cover Contact John, E-mail: Cell: 415-730-9779

Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

is seeking an independent contractor to support a startup division within. This is a contract, commission based position that will help promote product and secure new clients. A background in asphalt products is a plus. Please email resumes to

Page 28 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 28 ◆

Classified ads are provided free to MBA members & staff. Please advise if position is filled or commodity is sold.












WANTED GIANTS TICKETS! If you have Giants tickets that you would like to sell or give away, please call 415-462-1220 or email Page 29 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 29 ◆


Page 30 30 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page ◆


Center Point, Inc., is requesting bids for the Renovation of a two story building of 1925sq feet in San Rafael, CA. The scope of work includes reconfiguration of three bedrooms and one bathroom on each floor to two bedrooms and two bathrooms on each floor; expansion of entry way and deck; replacement of roof and exterior staircase; installation of fire rated windows, heating and ventilation systems and fire sprinkler system; and exterior siding. Work will be bound by all relevant regulations to satisfy the Lender involved in the rehabilitation construction project (The California Department of Housing and Community Development) funding requirements. For information and complete package of required bid forms, contact Miguel Garibay at 415.492.4444 ext 2, Center Point, Inc., 135 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA. 94903. Bids will be received until 3:00 p. m. on Friday October 7, 2011 in Center Point Inc., Corporate offices located at 135 Paul Drive San Rafael, California, at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. The plans, bid package and specifications are on file at the Agency Corporate offices and available upon request. A fee may be charged for documents (Plans-Drawings) provided by Center Point Inc. The IFB package can also be found in our website A bidders conference and walk-through-inspection of the site is scheduled for September 7, 2011, at 1:00 PM. Local, minority, disadvantaged and women owned businesses are encouraged to apply. 

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Press Release Ghilotti Bros., Inc. /RM Harris JV Recent Bid Winner Highway 101 HOV/Bridge Widening, Novato, CA

San Rafael, California – August 23, 2011 – The long awaited Novato Narrows Highway 101 HOV/Bridge Widening project has recently been awarded to Ghilotti Bros., Inc. /RM Harris JV. The $25.18 million dollar contract is just another of many projects Ghilotti Bros., Inc. (GBI) will have worked in collaboration with Caltrans. This is the 41st contract to be awarded to GBI by Caltrans since 2006. The project consists of adding and constructing two HOV Lanes, one along the northbound  and one along the southbound lanes of 101 from Hwy 37 to Atherton Ave. in Novato, CA., the widening of three bridges; the Novato Creek Bridge, Franklin Avenue Overhead Bridge and Olive Avenue Bridge, placement of 55,000 tons of base rock, 18,000 cy of lean concrete base and 52,000 tons of asphalt concrete pavement, construction of sound walls and retaining walls, misc. drainage and drainage structures, structural section repairs to on-ramps and off-ramps from Hwy 37 to Atherton Ave., asphalt concrete overlay of existing freeway on both north and southbound lanes from Hwy 37 to Atherton Ave., traffic meters at ramps, signage and striping. It is estimated that once the work is completed, drivers will see 1,200 fewer hours of delay daily on the freeways including relief for delayed drivers, several whom live in Novato and surrounding areas.

While GBI is recognized as an industry leader in partnering, this will be another project partnered by GBI and Caltrans to ensure the project success. At GBI Partnering is a way of life. Our teams approach to all projects in the spirit of cooperation with open and honest communication. We utilize formal partnering with internal and external stakeholders to establish mutual project specific goals to create high performing teams. Partnering provides a collaborative approach to identify, mitigate and address potential issues, as well as establish and maintain communication among the parties through the completion of a project.

Ghilotti Bros., Inc. as been the recipient of the following project related awards for our excellence in partnering.       

2011 2010 2009 2008 2006 1997 1990

International Partnering Institute Partnering Champion Award Caltrans – Excellence in Partnering – Bronze Award and Excellence in Partnering – Gold – Route 101/580 Connector Caltrans – Excellence in Transportation and Excellence in Partnering California Department of Transportation Certificate of Recognition Caltrans – District 4 - Tranny Award – Central Freeway Replacement Caltrans- Excellence in Transportation – Powell Street, Emeryville American Public Works Association – Contractor of the Year

About Ghilotti Bros., Inc: As one of the leading construction companies in the Bay Area, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. has established a permanent presence as a premiere general engineering contractor with projects spanning over numerous county lines. With our strong complement of dedicated employees and our family-owned heritage, now in its third generation, GBI is excited about its future outlook in continuing its 97-year legacy in the Bay Area. As GBI approaches our centennial celebration, we can reflect on three generations’ worth of change and transformations in the construction industry. GBI has always prided itself on being at the forefront of the industry, keeping an edge on the competition. Throughout our history, there has been a constant principle that has guided our way by means of our philosophy to, “Earn respect by doing a job well, treat employees with courtesy and respect, and do good work for the community,” as enumerated by our founder, James Ghilotti.”

Contact: Kelly Mullane, Office Manager Ghilotti Bros., Inc. 415-454-7011

Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 32 Page ◆ 32

HLC, Inc. Lynne Mowry, Advertising 707-431-9663 x54

Matthew Owen Joins Hudson Street Design of Marin San Rafael, CA, August 22, 2011

Hudson Street Design of Marin, a division of HLC, Inc., is pleased to announce that Matthew Owen has joined their professional sales staff in San Rafael. Matt was formerly a Sales Representative for Collier Warehouse in San Francisco and Truitt & White in Berkeley. He specializes in residential window, door and hardware specifications and sales. Matt has worked closely with many local homeowners, contractors and architects over the last 2 decades and is known for his product knowledge, high energy, commitment to customers and proactive approach. Matt is a great resource for the clients of Hudson Street Design of Marin and will help lead the showroom to the next level of excellence in customer service and product selection. Hudson Street Design of Marin is located at 3773 Redwood Highway in San Rafael, 415-924-8300 and

Marin Builders Association â—† WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 33 Pageâ—† 33

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP 660 Las Gallinas Avenue - San Rafael CA 94903 415-462-1220 - Fax 415-462-1225 Company Name: ______________________________________________________________ (Legal Name or as shown on California State Contractor’s License)

Name of Owner:




Phone __________________________Fax ____________________________ Cell____________________________ E-mail Address: _________________________________________________ Website: _______________________________________________________ Mailing Address_________________________________________________ City___________________________________State_______ Zip__________ Street Address___________________________________________________ Contractor State License # _______________________Classification_______ Professional License Number or Class________________________________ (If applicable)

Do You Have Employees? __Yes__No

Number of Employees _____

Business Ownership Type: Sole Owner__ Partnership__ Corporation__ Joint Venture__ Category Listing for Directory ______________________________________

(See Categories on the Other Side)

Additional Listings_______________________________________________ (Extra Charge for Each Additional Listing) Recommended By________________________________________________ References Name___________________________________Phone__________________ Name___________________________________Phone__________________ Name___________________________________Phone__________________


A one-time Non-Refundable application fee of $100 must be paid with this application. $50 (Former members in good standing rejoining within a 6 month period) Please make checks payable to: Marin Builders Association If accepted for membership, the undersigned Company / Firm and representative agrees to abide by the provisions set forth in the MBA Code of Ethics, By-laws and any subsequent regulations, which may be added or amended by a vote of the Board of Directors or the membership and is entitled to apply for all the services and benefits offered by the Association for the membership category assigned. It is further agreed that cancellation of membership shall be in writing and that all dues and indebtedness at that time shall be paid in full. Dues are nonrefundable. Applicant further agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees if suit is instituted to collect any past due indebtedness. Member services and benefits will be suspended if dues are not received in full within 30 days of statement. I, the undersigned, Owner, Partner, Officer or Qualifying Person, have read, understand, and agree to comply with the above terms and conditions of this agreement. Signature____________________ Title________________________ Date________________________ SEMI-ANNUAL DUES General - $200 Licensed Contractors Associate - $200 Providing Products/Services to the Construction Industry

Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 34 Page ◆34

MBA Weekly Bulletin, Issue #35  

Weekly Bulletin, Issue #35

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