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August 1, 2011 Issue #31

MBA Golf Tournament


Last Chance!

MBA Golf Tournament.................................1 Welcome Our New Members......................2 Directors...........................................................3 Membership Brings You Out In Front.......4 Membership Application..............................5 MBA Family Loss...........................................6 State Fund Advertising...................................7 MBA Annual Golf Tournament Info......8-9 Phil Vermeulen: Governor Signs Supported Land Use Bill..............................10 Safety Topic: Managing Stress....................11 Car Wash Fundraiser Flier..........................12 Permits & Liens.......................................13-15 Green Business Marketing Program........16 Tool Lending Library..............................17-18 Project Bid Schedule...............................19-22 Henry Curtis Ford Donates A Ford Focus For the MBA Golf Tournament...................................................23 MBA Hot Dog Day!......................................24 Abel Chevrolet Donates a Buick Enclave For The MBA Golf Tournament!..................................................25 Classified Ads..........................................26-27 MBA Calendar!.............................................28

August 4, 2011 Indian Valley Golf Course See Page 8-9 for more information

CONTACT MBA 660 Las Gallinas Avenue San Rafael, CA 94903 ◆ Office: 415-462-1220 Fax: 415-462-1225 ◆

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January 10,2011 Issue * 51 ◆


WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS! COLLINS & COMPAN Y Bruce Braabe 100 Larkspur Landing Circle, Ste. 102 Larkspur, CA 94939 (415) 925-4000 Financial Services Rec by: MBA member Refs: Aimi Dutra

FURNACE MAN, THE Mark Berardi 629 Wilson Avenue Novato, CA 94947 (415) 883-7070, CSLB #960664 HVAC Controls, Heating/ Ventilating/Air Conditioning

KREKOW JENNINGS, INC. John Blackham 312 Ninth Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109 (206) 625-0505. CSLB #954834 General Building ContractorCommercial, Industrial, Residential

MILL VALLEY BUILDERS, INC. Richard Charles 240 Redwood Hwy. #5 Mill Valley, CA 94941 (415)332-6035, CSLB #957090

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2010-2011 MBA DIRECTORS & OFFICERS President Dave Tr ahan - Patriot Mechanical Vice President Aimi Dutr a - The Dutr a Group Chief Financial Officer Jeff Mertel - Mertel Carpets, Inc. Secretary Jim Schalich - Schalich Brothers Construction

Stay up to date on all of the MBA events, seminars and weekly bulletin with all of your media sources!

PAST PRESIDENT Jeff Gr ady - Gr ady Financial, Inc. Executive Director - Safety Director Klif Knoles

Barry Arends - Morris Roofing Mark Silvia - Marin Mechanical, Inc. Tyler Doherty - Cal West Rentals, Inc. Gary Frugoli - Construction Consultant Peter Migale - Migale Painting Company Keith Dotto - Dotto Glass, Inc. Dick Ghilotti - Ghilotti Construction Company Dave Garbarino - Marin Sanitary Service, Inc. Jeff Pottorff - North Bay Landscape Management Diane Henderson- DMH Land Use Planning STAFF Paula Krause - Office Manager Barbara Jones - Membership Manager Diane Van Renselaar - Plan Room Technician Kellie Buono - Administrative Assistant/Reception Chriss Daniels - Publications Editor/Website/Media Casey Mazzoni - Legislative Analyst The weekly bulletin is owned by MBA and is available at 660 Las Gallinas Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94903 Publisher: Klif Knoles Publication Editor: Chriss Daniels Page 3 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 3 ◆


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APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP 660 Las Gallinas Avenue - San Rafael CA 94903 415-462-1220 - Fax 415-462-1225 Company Name: ______________________________________________________________ (Legal Name or as shown on California State Contractor’s License)

Name of Owner:




Phone __________________________Fax ____________________________ Cell____________________________ E-mail Address: _________________________________________________ Website: _______________________________________________________ Mailing Address_________________________________________________ City___________________________________State_______ Zip__________ Street Address___________________________________________________ Contractor State License # _______________________Classification_______ Professional License Number or Class________________________________ (If applicable)

Do You Have Employees? __Yes__No

Number of Employees _____

Business Ownership Type: Sole Owner__ Partnership__

Corporation__ Joint Venture__

Category Listing for Directory ______________________________________

(See Categories on the Other Side)

Additional Listings_______________________________________________ (Extra Charge for Each Additional Listing) Recommended By________________________________________________ References Name___________________________________Phone__________________ Name___________________________________Phone__________________ Name___________________________________Phone__________________


A one-time Non-Refundable application fee of $100 must be paid with this application. $50 (Former members in good standing rejoining within a 6 month period) Please make checks payable to: Marin Builders Association If accepted for membership, the undersigned Company / Firm and representative agrees to abide by the provisions set forth in the MBA Code of Ethics, By-laws and any subsequent regulations, which may be added or amended by a vote of the Board of Directors or the membership and is entitled to apply for all the services and benefits offered by the Association for the membership category assigned. It is further agreed that cancellation of membership shall be in writing and that all dues and indebtedness at that time shall be paid in full. Dues are nonrefundable. Applicant further agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees if suit is instituted to collect any past due indebtedness. Member services and benefits will be suspended if dues are not received in full within 30 days of statement. I, the undersigned, Owner, Partner, Officer or Qualifying Person, have read, understand, and agree to comply with the above terms and conditions of this agreement. Signature____________________ Title________________________ Date________________________ SEMI-ANNUAL DUES General - $200 Licensed Contractors Associate - $200 Providing Products/Services to the Construction Industry

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OUR MBA FAMILY HAS SUFFERED A TRAGIC LOSS and we would like to share some family information with you. David Potts (son of Paula Krause, our Office Manager for over 23 years), age 44 of San Anselmo, was tragically taken by a rogue wave at the Nakalele Point Blowhole while vacationing in Maui with his family and friends. David, an avid sportsman and adventurer, was passionate about the outdoors, especially cycling, skiing and skydiving. David approached everything with an incomparable spirit, a great attitude and excelled at anything and all he tried to do. He met fatherhood the same way, trading in extreme sports for his new joys and responsibilities. David loved to gather people together and freely offered his home, his cooking and his desire for others to feel welcome. David was a tremendous host and thrived by making sure his family and friends alike were well cared for and always having a good time. David’s enthusiasm for life, his infectious smile and relaxed demeanor made him many friends and brought joy to all who knew him. He has left incredibly happy and lasting memories with his multitude of loved ones. He will not be forgotten. David is survived by his son Indigo, his fiance Tika, his mother Paula Krause father Paul Vincent, brothers Michael (Jacquie) and Matthew, sister Stephanie (Jeff), nieces Sydnie, Caylie, Talise and grandmother Betty Krause as well as numerous extended family members and close friends who will love and miss him forever. A trust account has been established for David and Tika’s son Indigo Harte Potts. Memorial gifts may be made to Indigo Potts at Bank of Marin with checks made payable to Paula Krause for benefit of Indigo Potts.

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We protect the people who build California. Will my supplies be here on time? Am I going to get this bid? We understand those on the job in California have more on their mind than workers’ compensation insurance. So let us put your mind at ease: you can count on the strength and stability of State Fund. We’ve never pulled out of the market due to an economic downturn, and we never will. Visit today to learn about the 6% discount on premiums we offer eligible GSBE members. Your individual business may be eligible for even more discounts. Thanks for reading…we’ll let you get back to work.

Together, we’ll help keep California working.

Member of Golden State Builders Exchanges

State Compensation Insurance Fund is not a branch of the State of California.

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Marin Builders Association Annual Golf Tournament Thursday ~August 4, 2011 Indian Valley Golf Course 3035 Novato Blvd. Novato, CA

Registration: 11:00 A.M. Lunch: 12:00 Noon Shot-Gun Start: 1:00 P.M. (Scramble Format) Dinner & Awards: 6:00 P.M. Cost: $165.00 per player (Includes lunch, green fees, cart, refreshments, dinner with wine and MARGARITAS on the course)

Dinner and wine only - $40.00 per person

ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT MARIN BUILDERS ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND Make your reservations early. Tournament limited to 144 players. Return registration form with payment to Marin Builders Association, 660 Las Gallinas Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94903 or fax to ( 415) 462-1225. Please make reservations by July 25th. NO cancellations or refunds after August 1st. _________________________________________________________________________

Golf Reservation Form Player ________________________

Company _____________________________

Index or Average Score _______










************************************************************************ *Pay by Visa, MasterCard or pay online*

Company Name_______________________ Contact Person_____________________ Address ____________________________


Check enclosed made payable to: Marin Builders Association Scholarship Fund □Visa □Master Card #___________________Expiration Date______ 3-digit code _____ Signature___________________________________ Page Page ◆98 Page 8 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆

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Governor Signs Supported Land Use Bill BY: Phil Vermeulen, Legislative Advocate Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that we strongly supported that extends the life of active tentative subdivision maps and parcel maps for an additional two years. AB 208 (Fuentes; D-Sylmar) facilitates the smooth recovery of the housing market by extending the life of active tentative subdivision maps and parcel maps for a period of two years. As an urgency measure, the bill took effect immediately upon being signed. Our position has been that AB 208 will help California’s economy as well as local economies by legislatively extending the expiration date of existing and unexpired tentative tract and parcel maps, including approximately 2,500 tentative maps, containing nearly 330,000 housing units. These maps represent hundreds of construction projects, thousands of construction jobs and significant revenue to the state. This measure is necessary so that when the economy recovers, the housing sector and construction industry will be poised to recover as well, providing new affordable housing for California’s working families. Will California remap give Democrats two-thirds majorities? Sacramento Bee Columnist, Dan Walters, wrote earlier this week that Gov. Jerry Brown and his fellow Democrats in the Legislature were frustrated this year in seeking a few Republican votes to close the state's budget deficit by asking voters to approve billions of dollars in tax extensions. Support from at least two Republicans in both legislative houses was needed for the two-thirds majorities required to pass the special election constitutional amendment that Brown and Democrats sought.

Commissioners made a number of minor adjustments in their draft maps last week and are to have another review later this week in anticipation of releasing them for public review late this month and adopting a final plan in August. Analysts on both sides of the political aisle have plumbed the new maps for their political content – a factor the commission is not supposed to be considering – and agree they would give Democrats a very strong opportunity to win 27 Senate seats and 54 in the Assembly, two-thirds majorities in both houses. All 80 Assembly seats will be up in 2012, plus half of the 40 Senate seats, with the remainder on the ballot in 2014. Paul Mitchell, a Democratic political consultant who runs Redistricting Partners, is one of several analysts who have tracked day-to-day changes in the maps being drawn by the 14-member Citizens Redistricting Commission. He concludes that the Democrats' 27/54 goal is within fairly easy grasp, with several additional seats in both houses considered "swing" or winnable by either party. Tony Quinn, a Republican redistricting expert, last week sharply criticized the commission for, as he alleged, allowing partisan considerations to enter the process, and the state Republican Party is threatening to challenge the maps via referendum.

The 2001 redistricting, done by the Legislature and approved by then-Gov. Gray Davis, was a bipartisan gerrymander aimed – successfully – at freezing the partisan status quo. The new maps, however, make big As the months-long talks collapsed, the Democrats said they'd adjustments to improve the likelihood of Latino gains in the Legislature, and that also translates into try to pick up enough seats in the 2012 elections to secure two-thirds margins, thereby cutting the GOP out of future tax fractional Democratic gains. issues. And the redistricting plans now nearing approval by For instance, two Senate districts now held by the new independent redistricting commission could set the Republicans Anthony Cannella and Sam Blakeslee stage for achieving that goal, either in 2012 or in 2014. For would acquire strong Democratic registration margins. Republicans who had actively pushed for the adoption of an independent reapportionment commission back in 2008 when Both were among the five senators who negotiated with it was adopted by the voters, this could become the reality of Brown on taxes. the old saying "be careful what you wish for!" Page 18◆ 10 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 10 Page ◆

Safety Topic: Managing and Reducing Stress Stress is an everyday fact of life. When you have too much stress, or it lasts too long, it can be harmful. At work, unmanaged stress can lead to illness or injury, low productivity, and unsafe acts. But not all stress is bad. The best level of stress is that amount which improves a person’s performance without causing harmful side effects. You can manage stress and make it a more positive force in your life when you identify your stressors, understand them, and take charge of the stress by relieving or preventing it. Using alcohol or drugs will not help you manage your stressors. In some cases, it can add to your stress. In any stressful situation, you have choices. You can: Accept it - Some things are out of your control and all you can do is accept them and learn from them. Seek helpful advice or support from friends or coworkers. Avoid it - Stay away from recurring situations or sources of constant frustration. Remove yourself from the situation or rearrange your surroundings. For time related stress, plan ahead. Alter it - Communicate your feelings to your employer or supervisor. Change your feelings or ask someone else to change their behavior. Ask for help with your job or take advantage of your company’s Employee Assistance Program. Adapt to it - Learn to cope with the situation or look at it as an opportunity. Focus on the positive things in your life. Try to make time for the activities you enjoy. Maintain a healthy lifestyle including exercise, meditation, and a balanced diet. It is important for employers, supervisors, loss control personnel, and workers to recognize stressful jobs, situations, and signs of stress in themselves or in their coworkers before accidents, injuries, or violent incidences occur.

Safety Topic: Manejo y reducción del estrés El estrés es parte cotidiana de la vida. Cuando una persona tiene demasiado estrés, o éste dura demasiado tiempo, puede ser nocivo. En el trabajo, el estrés sin control puede conducir a una enfermedad o lesión, baja productividad, y acciones peligrosas. Pero no todos los niveles de estrés son malos. El mejor nivel de estrés es aquel que mejora el desempeño de la persona sin ocasionar efectos nocivos. Usted puede manejar su estrés y convertirlo en una fuerza positiva en su vida cuando identifique las fuentes del mismo, las entienda, y conquiste su estrés aliviándolo o evitándolo. El uso del alcohol y las drogas no ayuda a manejar las fuentes de su estrés. En algunos casos, puede inclusive aumentar su estrés. En cualquier situación estresante, usted tiene alternativas. Por ejemplo, usted puede: Aceptarlo – algunas cosas están fuera de nuestro control y lo único que puede hacerse es aceptarlas y aprender de ellas. Busque buenos consejos o apoyo de sus amigos o compañeros de trabajo. Evitarlo – Manténgase alejado de situaciones recurrentes o fuentes de frustraciones constantes. Aléjese de la situación o cambie el arreglo de sus alrededores. Para el estrés relacionado con el tiempo, planifique con antelación. Cambiarlo – Comuníquele sus sentimientos a su patrón o supervisor. Trate de cambiar sus sentimientos o pídale a la otra persona que cambie su comportamiento. Pida ayuda con su trabajo o tome provecho del Programa de Asistencia a Empleados de su empresa. Adaptarse – Aprenda cómo manejar la situación o véala como una oportunidad. Enfóquese sobre las cosas positivas de su vida. Trate de hacer tiempo para las actividades que disfruta. Mantenga un estilo de vida saludable, incluyendo ejercicio, meditación y una dieta balanceada. Es importante para los patronos, supervisores, personal de control de pérdida de empleados y para los empleados mismos, reconocer tareas y situaciones estresantes en el trabajo, así como los signos del estrés en sí mismos y en sus compañeros de trabajo antes de que ocurran accidentes, lesiones o incidentes de violencia. 11◆ Page 11 Page 17 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN

Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 16 12 Page 12 ◆

PageBuilders 14 Page 13◆ Page 13 Marin Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN

County of Marin Community Development Agency Building and Safety Division PERMITS ISSUED FOR WEEK ENDING SATURDAY, JULY 23RD, 2011 Owner Contractor Address Parcel # Construction Emj Investments Llc MARK MOHTASHEM CONSTRUCTI 150 Pine Ave Woodacre 172-380-01 (53) Reroof Bliss-Steiner Angela BLISS CONSTRUCTION & RMDL 747 Estancia Way San Rafael 180-146-13 (23) Kitchen Kearney Kristel R OWNER 500 Los Cerros Dr Greenbrae 070-061-27 (21 0/0) Remove Goldsholle Gerry REAL GOODS SOLAR, MARIN 916 Alturas Way Mill Valley 050-023-55 Pv - Roof Mt Kneeland Stuart HOLLERAN, DANIEL 545 Quietwood Dr San Rafael 164-104-06 (23) Kitchen Fierro Lisa WESTERN EXTERMINATOR CO 387 Marin Ave Mill Valley 049-152-31 (13) Replacing Wolf Eugene M SIMPSON SHEET METAL, INC 55 Montecito Rd San Rafael 016-041-67 (51) Replace Segreto Nancy L ARMUSEWICZ, RICH 12 La Cuesta Dr Greenbrae 070-121-07 (23) Kitchen Lawrence Hugh G CROWN RIDGE ROOFING,INC. 15 A Dock Sausalito 901-040-15 (53) Re-Roof Golden Gate Baptist STATE ROOFING SYS. 300 Storer Dr Mill Valley 043-261-26 (53) Re-Roof Gaidano, Cary GAIDANO & SONS PAINTING & 200 Miller Creek Rd San Rafael 164-521-45 (22-0/0) Remodel Hawkins Heather C KASTEN BUILDERS 522 Northern Ave Mill Valley 049-102-01 (21,22-0/0,13) Morgan Janet L FONTANA CONST. CO. 193 Dipsea Rd Stinson Beach 195-320-42 (21-0/0,22,12,13) Kissil Diana FARINATO, PAUL CONST. 1014 Erica Rd Mill Valley 200-171-04 (21,22--0/0) Henderson James Edward REINHARDT ROOFING INC 225 Bayview Dr San Rafael 186-071-03 (53) Re-Roof Basnight Andrew H GUTIERREZ ROOFING CO. 209 Edgewood Ave Mill Valley 047-031-02 (53) Re-Roof King John L A1 SUN 73 Calypso Shores Novato 157-310-18 (60) Solar. O Connor John F MORRIS ROOFING 406 Maple St Mill Valley 049-101-70 (53) Re-Roof Cooper. Alan OWNER/BUILDER 5223 Red Hill Rd Petaluma 125-040-46 (50) Electrical Lund Gabriel W MODERN METHOD ROOFING CO, 122 Trish Dr Novato 125-242-05 (53) Re-Roof Ang Wende L TOMBS CONSTRUCTION 2101 Las Gallinas Ave San Rafa 164-253-07 (22 0/0)Office

Value $38,000 $20,000 $11,310 $17,131 $40,000 $24,000 $15,772 $55,000 $7,372 $15,870 $25,000 $480,000 $430,000 $100,000 $14,700 $131,070 $16,446 $19,045 $9,990 $6,530 $36,000

County of Marin Community Development Agency Building and Safety Division Building Permit Applications Received for Processing Week Ending: Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 Address Owner 131 Stirling Way Inverness 3250 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Fairfax 3250 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Fairfax 3250 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Fairfax 100 Shoreline Hwy B 2540 Paradise Dr Tiburon 31 Oakcrest San Rafael 85 Bay Vista Dr Mill Valley 5 Forres Way Inverness 19 La Cuesta Dr Greenbrae 49 Liberty Dock Sausalito 24 Mariele Dr Fairfax 451 Meadow Way San Geronimo 47 N Knoll Rd (Community Bld.) 263 N San Pedro Rd (Common Area) 12691 Sir Francis Drake Blvd Inverness 122 Trish Dr Novato

Work Value Menke Anne M (21,13) Remodel And Deck David&Allison Spampanato (12) Parking Deck David&Allison Spampanato (11) Retaining Wall David & Allison Spampanato (20--1/3)Single Family Residence Ca-Shoreline Office Center Office (33) Remodel Office Hart Robert (60) Roof Mounted Pv System Del Norte Hoa (11) Ret. Wall Johnson Ralph M (13) Deck Bennett Maria (21--1/1) Remodel Gist Jeb (12,21--0/0) Add To Garage Flemming Nielsen (29--0/0,13) Replace Burned Rector Janet K (12) Trellis/Porch Fox Louis D (22--0/0,59,55) Replace Roof Housing Authority Of Marin (23) Remodel In Community Housing Authority Of Marin (23) Remodel Fox Peter Y (53) Reroof Lund Gabriel W (53) Re-Roof

$50,000 $75,000 $35,000 $1,090,000 $22,600 $25,000 $30,000 $40,000 $40,000 $50,000 $150,000 $10,000 $25,000 $19,200 $68,500 $6,000 $6,530

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Page 17◆ Page 17 Marin Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN PageBuilders 14 ◆

Page Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 18 Page18 17 ◆


Bid list subject to change prior to bid date, please check with association.

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February 21, 2011 Issue #8 Bid list subject to change prior to bid date, please check with association.

Page Page 21 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ 30 Page 21 ◆◆ ◆

February February21, 21,2011 2011 Issue Issue#8 #8


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Steve Robertson/Fleet Sales Mgr. (707) 769-2311 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 23◆ Page 23 ◆

Page 24◆ Page 24 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆


e at Win MValley n India Course f l Go


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Classified ads are provided free to MBA members & staff. Please advise if position is filled or commodity is sold.





Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Part-time Bid Runner An established, family–owned, San Rafael based construction company is seeking an experienced part–time Bid Runner. Flexible hours range from 5-10 hours per week. Responsible for delivering bid documents. Must be dependable, punctual, and have excellent penmanship. The ability to listen and write quickly and accurately under pressure is crucial. Must have the confidence to meet strict time deadlines. Receives bid pricing and subcontractor information over the telephone. Reliable vehicle necessary and a clean driving record. Mileage reimbursed.







Did you know? The weather website is and its free. You can put up to 3 zip codes per email address and it will alert you to the upcoming weather!

Please apply to and put “Bid Runner” in the subject line or fax to 415.455.9274.

For Sale

16” Portable Delta Radial Arm Saw $4000 On a Trailer with Racks with Rollers Attached Easy Job Site Set-up for a Day or Months 3 hp, 240 volt, 4-3/4” max depth of cut Carbide Blades, Lockable Cover Contact John, E-mail: Cell: 415-730-9779

Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

is seeking an independent contractor to support a startup division within. This is a contract, commission based position that will help promote product and secure new clients. A background in asphalt products is a plus. Please email resumes to

Page 26 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 26 ◆

Classified ads are provided free to MBA members & staff. Please advise if position is filled or commodity is sold.












WANTED GIANTS TICKETS! If you have Giants tickets that you would like to sell or give away, please call 415-462-1220 or email

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for details

Please go to our website

August 2011 ~ February 2012

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Stormwater Specialists Mary A. Larsen, President

Lic. #472571 - QSD, TOR, CPSWQ, CPESC 8698 Elk Grove Blvd., Suite 224 Elk Grove, CA 95624 M) 916-230-0370 - F) 916-405-4180

Marin Builders Association

New Construction General Permit Stormwater Compliance Staying Compliant What’s it Going to Cost Me? Team Training - Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP) & Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD) $500/each, CESSWI or CISEC Cert approx. $500/each & 5 Days out of the Field

Sampling - Turbidity & pH Meters approx. $1,000.00 for both Risk Level - Risk Level 1, 2 & 3 - BMPs Controls, Receiving Waters, Tracking & Dust Control, Dewatering, Additional Permits, Production Impact

Monitoring - Inspections, Sampling, REAPs, Weather Reports & Monitoring Reporting - SMARTS Uploading NOI, NOT & Annual Report, Obtaining (NOI) & Terminating (NOT) Permit Coverage

Compliance - Exposure, RFQs, Violations, Legally Responsible Person (LRP), Water

Quality Board & Fear Factor

Solutions & Success

Education - MBA Member Associations Education & Training for Team and Your Customer Owners Who are the Legally Responsible Persons (LRPs) Bidding - Specifications, RFI’s, Budgets & Due Diligence, Level the Bid Field Upfront Management - Relationships, Scopes, Trade Trainings & Regional Water Board Goals

- Cost Effective Compliance & Water Quality

Opportunity - Competitive Marketing Advantage, Green Building, Complete Customer Protection & Another Value - Added Service to Offer Your Customers

The New Construction General Permit is Here to Stay! Turning Challenges into Competitive Advantages QSP/QSD Training

SWPPP Development

Stormwater Management


Regulatory Compliance

Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 29 Page ◆ 29


Stormwater Specialists, Marin Builders Association, and the Northern California Engineering Contractors Association

QSP/ QSD Training Course Beginning September 2011 All Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSPs) and Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSDs) shall have taken a State approved course and passed the State test.

Class Dates August 29th 30th & 31st 2011 8:00AM - 4:00PM *Register by August 28th Location

Marin Builders Association 660 Las Gallinas Avenue San Rafael, CA 94903 Cost QSP $450 / QSD $575

MBA & NCECA Members Military & Government Discount $100 off each S torm water S peci ali s ts Mary A. L ars en, Pres i den t TOR, QS D , CPS W Q, CPE S C 8698 E lk Grove Blvd # 224 Elk Grove, C A 9 5624 Phone: 916.2 30.0370 F ax: 916.405.4180 m ary @sto rm wate rspe cial m www.sto rm wate rs pe cial m

September is around the corner… is your training in order? QSP/ QSD Training Course Mary & our Stormwater Specialists Team are bringing monthly QSP/QSD Training to the MBA. If you can’t make it, we’ll bring your QSP/QSD Training to your Team of 8 or more. We make your Success our #1 Priority! *Anywhere in California Mary A. Larsen, is a California General Permit Trainer of Record (TOR), and is offering two courses to meet the requirements of the California State Water Resource Control Board approved training course as defined by the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) for individuals intending to become Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSP), or Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSD). This 2 and 3 day course is intended for anyone dealing with Stormwater whether or not they intend to take the exam and become a State Certified QSP or QSD. The QSP course is intended for inspectors and is focused more on the field application of the General Permit, while the QSD course is intended for those wishing to write and implement SWPPP's and is also a great source of information for those reviewing and certifying SWPPP's.

Register Today - Seating is Limited!

For Registration or Course information please Contact Andres Silva 707-280-2510

Registration Name: ___________________________________

Title: ___________________

Company: __________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ City: __________________________ Phone: (___)____________________

State: ________

Zip: ______________

Fax: (___)________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________ Please select which course:

 QSP $450  QSP MBA/NCECA Members $350 Check enclosed

 QSD $575  QSD MBA/NCECA Members $475

Payment at training 

Payment Online

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