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July 18, 2011 Issue #29

IN THIS ISSUE MBA Annual Golf Tournament...................1 Welcome Our New Members......................2 Directors...........................................................3 Membership Brings You Out In Front.......4 Membership Application...............................5 JK Pedrotti: Legislative...................................6 MBA Annual Golf Tournament Info......7-9 Phil Vermeulen: Legislative.........................10 Safety Topic: Laser Protection...............11-12 Sub Bids...........................................................13 Permits & Liens.......................................14-16 Car Wash Fundraiser!..................................17

Indian Valley Golf Course 3035 Novato Blvd. Novato Registration: 11:00 A.M - Lunch: 12:00 Noon Shot-Gun Start: 1:00 P.M. - Dinner & Awards: 6:00 P.M.

Green Business Marketing Program........18 Tool Lending Library.............................19-20 Project Bid Schedule...............................21-24

Cost: $165.00 per player includes lunch, green fees, cart, refreshments and dinner with wine and MARGARITAS on the course Dinner and wine only - $40.00 per person ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT MARIN BUILDERS ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND

EPA Seminar: July 27,2011..........................25 MBA Hot Dog Day!......................................26 Abel Chevrolet Donates a Buick Enclave For The MBA Golf Tournament!..................................................27 Classified Ads..........................................28-29 MBA Calendar!.............................................30 QSP/QSD Training Course & Application...............................................31-32 Bid Results......................................................33


KRON 4-How To Advertise Effectively, July 25, 2011....................................................34

CONTACT MBA 660 Las Gallinas Avenue San Rafael, CA 94903 ◆ Office: 415-462-1220 Fax: 415-462-1225 ◆

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January 10,2011 Issue * 51 ◆


WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS! COLLINS & COMPAN Y Bruce Braabe 100 Larkspur Landing Circle, Ste. 102 Larkspur, CA 94939 (415) 925-4000 Financial Services Rec by: MBA member Refs: Aimi Dutra

FURNACE MAN, THE Mark Berardi 629 Wilson Avenue Novato, CA 94947 (415) 883-7070, CSLB #960664 HVAC Controls, Heating/ Ventilating/Air Conditioning

KREKOW JENNINGS, INC. John Blackham 312 Ninth Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109 (206) 625-0505. CSLB #954834 General Building ContractorCommercial, Industrial, Residential

MILL VALLEY BUILDERS, INC. Richard Charles 240 Redwood Hwy. #5 Mill Valley, CA 94941 (415)332-6035, CSLB #957090

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2010-2011 MBA DIRECTORS & OFFICERS President Dave Tr ahan - Patriot Mechanical Vice President Aimi Dutr a - The Dutr a Group Chief Financial Officer Jeff Mertel - Mertel Carpets, Inc. Secretary Jim Schalich - Schalich Brothers Construction

Stay up to date on all of the MBA events, seminars and weekly bulletin with all of your media sources!

PAST PRESIDENT Jeff Gr ady - Gr ady Financial, Inc. Executive Director - Safety Director Klif Knoles

Barry Arends - Morris Roofing Mark Silvia - Marin Mechanical, Inc. Tyler Doherty - Cal West Rentals, Inc. Gary Frugoli - Construction Consultant Peter Migale - Migale Painting Company Keith Dotto - Dotto Glass, Inc. Dick Ghilotti - Ghilotti Construction Company Dave Garbarino - Marin Sanitary Service, Inc. Jeff Pottorff - North Bay Landscape Management Diane Henderson- DMH Land Use Planning STAFF Paula Krause - Office Manager Barbara Jones - Membership Manager Diane Van Renselaar - Plan Room Technician Kellie Buono - Administrative Assistant/Reception Chriss Daniels - Publications Editor/Website/Media Casey Mazzoni - Legislative Analyst The weekly bulletin is owned by MBA and is available at 660 Las Gallinas Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94903 Publisher: Klif Knoles Publication Editor: Chriss Daniels Page 3 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 3 ◆


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APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP 660 Las Gallinas Avenue - San Rafael CA 94903 415-462-1220 - Fax 415-462-1225 Company Name: ______________________________________________________________ (Legal Name or as shown on California State Contractor’s License)

Name of Owner:




Phone __________________________Fax ____________________________ Cell____________________________ E-mail Address: _________________________________________________ Website: _______________________________________________________ Mailing Address_________________________________________________ City___________________________________State_______ Zip__________ Street Address___________________________________________________ Contractor State License # _______________________Classification_______ Professional License Number or Class________________________________ (If applicable)

Do You Have Employees? __Yes__No

Number of Employees _____

Business Ownership Type: Sole Owner__ Partnership__

Corporation__ Joint Venture__

Category Listing for Directory ______________________________________

(See Categories on the Other Side)

Additional Listings_______________________________________________ (Extra Charge for Each Additional Listing) Recommended By________________________________________________ References Name___________________________________Phone__________________ Name___________________________________Phone__________________ Name___________________________________Phone__________________


A one-time Non-Refundable application fee of $100 must be paid with this application. $50 (Former members in good standing rejoining within a 6 month period) Please make checks payable to: Marin Builders Association If accepted for membership, the undersigned Company / Firm and representative agrees to abide by the provisions set forth in the MBA Code of Ethics, By-laws and any subsequent regulations, which may be added or amended by a vote of the Board of Directors or the membership and is entitled to apply for all the services and benefits offered by the Association for the membership category assigned. It is further agreed that cancellation of membership shall be in writing and that all dues and indebtedness at that time shall be paid in full. Dues are nonrefundable. Applicant further agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees if suit is instituted to collect any past due indebtedness. Member services and benefits will be suspended if dues are not received in full within 30 days of statement. I, the undersigned, Owner, Partner, Officer or Qualifying Person, have read, understand, and agree to comply with the above terms and conditions of this agreement. Signature____________________ Title________________________ Date________________________ SEMI-ANNUAL DUES General - $200 Licensed Contractors Associate - $200 Providing Products/Services to the Construction Industry

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After getting a budget signed and everyone back on the payroll, the emphasis this week was committee hearings to meet this week’s second house policy committee deadline. Next week will be less busy than the previous two as the legislature winds down for summer recess on July 15. It is the first time in recent memory there has been a summer recess since the budget is normally hanging in the balance.

Several key measures were acted upon this week and the results were favorable for GSBE. AB 720 (Hall) – Sponsored by CIFAC and strongly supported by GSBE, AB 720 amends the Public Contract Code to prohibit a county who voluntarily elects to operate under the Uniform Construction Cost Account Act (Act) from being able to use “Road Commissioner” authority granted under Public Contract Code. The bill brings clarity to two conflicting provisions of the Public Contract Code. The California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Act was established to ensure a fair, open and transparent bidding and accounting process for public agencies that volunteered to joined the Act and adheres to its rules, in exchange for more flexible bidding and advertising procedures. The original intent of the “Road Commissioner” authority was to allow rural counties that were unable to get contractors to submit competitive bids in their area a method to get paving work completed. Today, many counties signatory to the Act have abused this authority by doing millions of dollars worth of new road construction annually, without any accountability of cost. Member counties who abuse the “Road Commissioner” authority and use it for new public works road construction projects are eliminating the opportunity for contractors to bid on the work, reducing the job potential for their workers and preventing the public from knowing if they are getting the best value for their tax dollars. AB 720 passed the Senate Governance and Finance Committee.

AB 780 (Calderon) – Strongly supported by GSBE, AB 780 provides that in the event of a future increase or decrease in the state sales tax, public works contracts must provide for an adjustment in a contract that was entered into prior to the tax change to compensate the contractor for the increase that was not factored into the contract and compensate the public agency in the event of an unanticipated decrease in the sales tax. Statute addressing this circumstance was enacted in 1989 and 1991 when the sales tax was temporarily increased but these provisions were not part of the tax bill enacted in 2009, so contractors have had to absorb the additional tax. This bill will only apply to any future adjustment to the sales tax increase. AB 780 passed the Senate Governance and Finance Committee. AB 1210 (Garrick) - The state requires construction contractors to develop storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs) in order to prevent the contamination of local waterways from a construction site’s storm water runoff. This requirement, as outlined in the Construction General Permit Order 2009-0009, also requires that only qualified individuals prepare and inspect the SWPPP. Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSDs) and Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSPs) must meet one of several prerequisite qualifications and are required to attend a state-sponsored or approved training course. Under AB 1210, only one person is deemed qualified for the QSD – the registered civil engineer. Under AB 1210, no longer could a registered professional hydrologist, for example, be qualified as a QSD or any other qualified person that has taken the approved training course. The State Water Resources Control Board has spent years drafting the Construction General Permit 2009-0009. It also gave the construction industry two years to appropriately train and test employees to conduct both QSD and QSP work. This bill completely negates these two years of training and is unfair to those construction companies and individuals that invested resources into ensuring compliance. The bill was held this week in the Senate Business and Professions Committee after opposition from the construction industry. The chair gave the author the option of trying to address the opposition’s concerns with amendments. Given that the deadline for policy committee has passed, the bill would require a rule waiver which takes a 2/3’rd vote of the house. GSBE opposed this measure. Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 6 Page◆ 6 ◆

It’s time for our Annual Golf Tournament We would appreciate your support and participation! All proceeds from this tournament go to the Marin Builders Association Scholarship Fund! We just held this year’s awards ceremony where we gave $20,000 in scholarships, and overall have awarded close to $1,000,000 since the program’s inception. We have had great support throughout the years, and are asking for your participation and support of this year’s Golf Tournament. The Association would appreciate any help you could offer – IT’S FOR THE KIDS! Suggestions: Items for golfer goodie bags Raffle Prizes Lunches/Dinners Gift Certificates Tickets to sporting events Products or services from your company Other items you can provide Tee Signs: $125

Not to be forgotten: Will you be playing in the Tournament? When: Thursday, August 4 Where: Indian Valley Golf Course Registration: 11:00AM Lunch: Noon Shot-Gun Start: 1:00PM – Scramble format Dinner and Awards: 6:00PM We appreciate your support and hope you can join us!

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Marin Builders Association Annual Golf Tournament Thursday ~August 4, 2011 Indian Valley Golf Course 3035 Novato Blvd. Novato, CA

Registration: 11:00 A.M. Lunch: 12:00 Noon Shot-Gun Start: 1:00 P.M. (Scramble Format) Dinner & Awards: 6:00 P.M. Cost: $165.00 per player (Includes lunch, green fees, cart, refreshments, dinner with wine and MARGARITAS on the course)

Dinner and wine only - $40.00 per person

ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT MARIN BUILDERS ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND Make your reservations early. Tournament limited to 144 players. Return registration form with payment to Marin Builders Association, 660 Las Gallinas Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94903 or fax to ( 415) 462-1225. Please make reservations by July 25th. NO cancellations or refunds after August 1st. _________________________________________________________________________

Golf Reservation Form Player ________________________

Company _____________________________

Index or Average Score _______










************************************************************************ *Pay by Visa, MasterCard or pay online*

Company Name_______________________ Contact Person_____________________ Address ____________________________


Check enclosed made payable to: Marin Builders Association Scholarship Fund □Visa □Master Card #___________________Expiration Date______ 3-digit code _____ Signature___________________________________ Page Page ◆98 Page 8 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆

PagePage 18 ◆ 9Page 9 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆

Kalb's Q&A for Contractors By David Kalb, President of Capitol Services, Inc.

Like rising summer temperatures, optimism is on the upswing as contractors begin to see opportunity again in the Golden State. Our first question comes from one such an optimistic Californian. Another contractor actually answers his own question, but for everyone’s benefit we ‘employ’ my expertise in explaining it for all... Q: I was reading your Kalb's Column and I thought you would be the perfect person to answer my question. I am currently living in California and want to open a construction company. My father has the experience and is willing to take the exam for a General “B” license. I want to form a S-corporation. I know I must form the corporation first before my father applies for the license. My question is does my father need to act as an RMO under my corporation and own 20% stock, or should he just apply for his own license. Thank you in advance, A: When forming a corporation, you have choices on the qualifier. Your father can be a Responsible Managing Employee (RME) or Responsible Managing Officer (RMO). If he will be the RMO, ownership percentage can be anywhere from 0 to 100%. There is no requirement that he own 20% of the company. To save time and money it is best to apply for the corporate license and have your father sit for the exam. There is no need for him to first apply for ‘his own’ Sole Owner license. Q: We have noticed a trend towards some corporations becoming "100% employee owned". One of these general contractors recently submitted exemptions to a public agency, stating that since they were all "owners", no Worker’s Compensation Insurance was required. This is not the first time we have heard this, although this is the first time an agency has informed us that this has occurred. As you know, under California law, any company with employees must provide Worker’s Compensation. I think the Exemption this company has on file with the Contractors Board is improper. If you publish my question, please withhold my name. A: As many of my readers know, I never use anyone’s name or any identifying information in my columns. When people ask me questions by email, phone or fax, I answer them as best I can and, if published, always make sure there is complete anonymity. What you’re describing is likely an ESOP (Employee Share Option Plan). This is a benefit plan that allows employees to become owners of stock in the company they work for. Under a typical ESOP plan, companies usually provide their employees the opportunity to acquire the company's shares over a period of time. Employee ownership can mean many things, ranging from a few executives owning stock in their companies to the ownership of a company by most or all of its employees. Without knowing the specific make up of the company in question, I cannot speak to whether they’re acting properly or trying to ‘game the system’. Nevertheless, you’re correct, simply being a “100% employee owned” would not exempt them from needing Worker’s Compensation. Even the claim, ‘employee’ –owned suggests insurance would be necessary. If in fact they have employees (but have filed an Exemption), this is a serious violation and may result in disciplinary action being taken by the CSLB and CA Department of Industrial Relations. During several of the Contractor Board’s recent sting operations, companies that had employees but had filed an Exemption form (under penalty of perjury) were targeted. While knowledge is power, knowing where to go for the answers is half the battle. Get expert assistance immediately when you call 866-443-0657, email <> , or write me at Capitol Services, Inc., 1225 8th St. Ste. 580, Sacramento, CA 95814. Research past columns at Page 18◆ 10 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 10 Page â&#x2014;&#x2020;

Safety Topic: Laser Safety Laser-emitting tools and equipment are common to many work situations. Lasers in printers, grocery store scanners, construction tools, and laser pointers are generally lower powered and designed to be safe, but when they are misused or handled improperly, they can pose a hazard. Because lasers emit high-intensity, directional light beams that vary in strength, they are a particular hazard to the eyes. If a worker looks directly into a laser beam for an extended period of time, focused laser light can burn the tissue of the retina and cause a startle reflex, flash blindness, permanent vision loss, or complete blindness. Tissue damage and burns can also occur if body parts are exposed to laser light for an extended period. Workers should keep body parts out of the laser beam and NEVER look directly into a laser. Even low powered lasers can cause damage if workers stare into them. Lasers should never be deliberately pointed at another person. Horseplay with lasers is a hazardous game that could result in vision loss. The lasers used in printers are sealed within protective housings that do not allow the laser beam to escape. These lasers are designed to shut off if the protective housing is opened. Workers should ensure that the protective housing on laser products is intact and functional. Only trained and certified laser operators should open the housing and perform maintenance on lasers. Note that while office photocopiers do not use laser technology, they do use visible and ultraviolet light. It is safest to photocopy with the cover down; if the cover must be up, the user should avoid looking into the light source.

Grocery and retail store scanners are used to scan product prices. They can be used in wands or flatbed configurations, depending on the cash register layout. These scanners use quickly moving laser lights that sweep back and forth over barcodes. They are designed to keep the laser moving and prevent it from focusing on a single spot and causing damage. Additional safety features include a shut off mechanism that turns the scanner off after a few seconds and a short light beam (300 millimeters) that prevents extended eye exposure to the laser beam. Laser pointers are higher-powered lasers that focus and pinpoint the laser light for use in lectures and presentations. For this reason, workers must take extra precaution to avoid staring into the laser and never point the laser at another person. Construction tools such as saws and levels also use this same laser technology; the same safety rules apply. Workers should ensure that the laser tool they use (be it pointer, saw, or level) is certified for consumer use; some imported lasers may not meet safety standards. Workers should be familiar with the type of laser that they use at work. Training and knowledge of proper laser use and procedures insures a safe workplace.

11â&#x2014;&#x2020; Page 11 Page 17 Marin Builders Association â&#x2014;&#x2020; WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆

Safety Topic: Seguridad para Abogados Ejercer como abogado generalmente es más que un trabajo a tiempo completo. Las investigaciones legales, las escrituras, comparecer en juzgados, las visitas a clientes y mucho tiempo conduciendo el coche producen fatiga y estrés. El uso de computadoras, conversaciones telefónicas, y expedientes de casos pesados aumentan el riesgo de lesiones ergonómicas. La interrelación con clientes y con el público expone al abogado a violencia en el trabajo. Entienda los riesgos y prepare estrategias para prevenir lesiones. Muchas horas en la oficina pueden resultar en lesiones ergonómicas; considere una evaluación ergonómica o use herramientas en línea para evaluar su estación de trabajo. Mantenga una buena postura con la pantalla y el teclado colocados directamente enfrente suyo. Use muebles de oficina ajustables para adaptarlos exactamente a su altura apropiada de trabajo. Use una estación de conexión permanente (docking station) para su computadora laptop o sincronice su PDA a su computadora de mesa. Llamadas telefónicas frecuentes o prolongadas requieren audífonos; evite sujetar el teléfono entre el hombro y el cuello. Los movimientos fuertes y repetitivos pueden causar lesiones, por lo que se debe evitar golpear las teclas del teclado; opérelas suavemente y con presión uniforme. Coloque la mano suavemente sobre el ratón, no lo agarre con fuerza. Apréndase las teclas de acceso directo para reducir el uso del teclado y el ratón. Tome descansos cortos con frecuencia a lo largo de su sesión de trabajo; al menos 30 segundos cada 30 minutos. Alterne sus tareas a lo largo del día para reducir la fatiga. La iluminación fluorescente indirecta reduce el resplandor y la fatiga visual. Levante los archivos de casos y documentos pesados usando las técnicas correctas para levantar objetos pesados. Mantenga la cabeza hacia adelante y levante el peso con las piernas, no con la espalda. Mantenga la carga cerca del cuerpo. Divida los archivos pesados e incómodos de manejar en partes más pequeñas. Guarde los archivos que se usan con frecuencia al nivel de la cintura para evitar tener que alcanzar demasiado lejos o doblar la cintura. Cuando saque un archivo del estante, no lo trate de agarrar con una sola mano. Use las DOS manos para sujetar el lomo (una mano arriba y la otra abajo). Un portafolio con ruedas y mango largo puede ayudar a llevar los suministros de oficina, computadora laptop y documentos de trabajo. Use un carrito para las cargas pesadas.

Plazos cortos y el ritmo rápido de trabajo pueden causar estrés excesivo y prolongado, junto con síntomas físicos tales como problemas de digestión, dolores de cabeza y alta presión arterial. La angustia, irritabilidad, insomnio y depresión son síntomas de exceso de estrés. Procure atención médica para sus síntomas. Use técnicas de relajación y respiración profunda para reducir el estrés. Evite programar más trabajo del que puede hacer y pida ayuda. No trate de ser perfecto y no espere la perfección en otras personas. Duerma lo suficiente, haga ejercicio y mantenga su buena salud en general. Las personas atareadas y bajo presión hacen muchas cosas mientras conducen. Comer, hacer llamadas telefónicas, enviar mensajes de texto, leer y arreglarse distraen al conductor de lo que sucede en el camino. Las autoridades de tránsito calculan que conductores distraídos causan entre la cuarta parte y la mitad de los accidentes vehiculares. Cuando conduzca, tenga las dos manos en el volante, y la vista y la atención en el camino. Si es NECESARIO hacer una llamada telefónica desde el coche, use un teléfono de manos libres y abrevie las llamadas. La interrelación con el público y con los clientes requiere seguridad personal y en el sitio de trabajo. Controle el acceso a las oficinas internas y haga escoltar a los visitantes. Considere características de seguridad tales como alarmas y barreras en los mostradores de recepción. Tenga los números telefónicos de emergencia cerca de cada teléfono y prográmelos en los teléfonos celulares. Establezca procedimientos para la casa, la oficina, el juzgado y las visitas a los centros de detención con clientes. Deje un itinerario con el personal de su oficina cuando salga. Capacítese sobre cómo calmar a un cliente nervioso. Sepa cómo y cuándo usar la defensa personal. Identifique los expedientes de clientes con historial de violencia o incumplimiento. Prohíba en su oficina las armas y los clientes ebrios o bajo los efectos de las drogas. PageBuilders 14 Page 12◆ Page 12 Marin Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN

ADVERTISEMENT FOR PREQUALIFICATION & BID Project: Sonoma State University Center: Three story approximately 130,000 SF student union building on the Sonoma State University campus including associated sitework. Requirements: Only Prequalified Subcontractors are allowed to bid. The following trades / bid packages need to be prequalified due to a lack of bidders showing interest during the first prequalification process: General Construction (BP 6.1), Building Insulation (BP 7.2), Fireproofing (BP 7.3) Overhead Doors (BP 8.2), Entrance Smoke Guards (BP 8.3), Folding Type Smoke Door Assemblies (BP 8.4), Glass & Glazing (BP 8.5), Flooring and Wood Flooring (BP 9.5 and 9.6), Painting & Wall Covering (BP 9.7), Operable Partitions (BP 10.3), Elevators (BP 14.1), Integrated Audio Visual Systems (BP 27.1). If your company has already prequalified on these bid packages, you do not need to re-submit the prequalification documents. To request the project specific prequalification documents required to bid the above listed Bid Packages, and to verify your current Sundt prequalification status, contact: Debra Lytle at If you are not currently prequalified with Sundt Construction or need to renew, please submit online at: call 1.800.407.6192 Project Specific Prequalification Submittal Due by: 21 July 2011, 5:00pm The State of California requires contract participation goals of a minimum of three percent (3%) for Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises. BID INFORMATION: Bid Due Date: 28 July 2011, 2:00pm THIS IS A CALIFORNIA PREVAILING WAGE PROJECT QUESTIONS / CONTACT: Tom Camden Sundt Construction Inc. 2860 Gateway Oaks Dr., Suite 300 Sacramento, CA 95833 Tel: 916-830-8000 Fax: 916-830-8015

Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 13 Page 13

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County of Marin Community Development Agency Building and Safety Division Building Permit Applications Received for Processing Week Ending: Saturday, July 9th, 2011 Address 80 Westwood Dr Kentfield 10 West Pier Sausalito 465 Vista Grande Greenbrae 6 Park Ave Bolinas 418 Median Way Mill Valley 33 Luzanne Cir San Anselmo 25 Lincoln Ave Stinson Beach 8 Irving Dr San Anselmo 199 Hillside Ave Kentfield 608 Galerita Way San Rafael 916 Alturas Way Mill Valley 600 A St Point Reyes Station 2125 Elderberry Ln San Rafael 82 Calypso Shores Novato 334 Durant Way Mill Valley

Owner Nelson David C Vieten David Mc Lennon Daniel Mac Donald Nathaniel Courtney Michael Goefft L Michael Gansky Lisa Rigg Douglas G Battelle John Downing Jeffrey Goldsholle Gerry W Marin Ecumenical Kaopua Allan Nackord Katarina A Mac Phee K Bruce

Work (23) Interior Remodel (92)Boat Moved Ito Existing (53)(54)(60)(61) Replace Roof Pv Roof Mt (60) Pv - Roof Mounted 5.85 (54) Foundation Repair (29--0/1)(12)(13) Rebuild S.F. (60) Photovoltaci Roof Mount (62) Demolition Framing (58) Replace 5 Windows Pv - Roof Mt (60) Photovoltaic Roof Mounted (53) Re-Roof - New Cool Roof (53) Re-Roof (51) Replace Furnace

Value $20,000 $0 $49,200 $17,000 $32,000 $30,000 $420,000 $45,906 $1,000 $0 $17,131 $148,000 $7,000 $12,000 $2,800 Total Value


Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page Page 16 15

Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 16 16 Page 17 ◆

Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 17 Page 18 ◆

Page 19◆ Page 18 Marin Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN PageBuilders 14 ◆

Page Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 19 Page20 17 ◆


Bid list subject to change prior to bid date, please check with association.

Page 21 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 20 ◆


Page 22 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 21 ◆ ◆


February 21, 2011 Issue #8 Bid list subject to change prior to bid date, please check with association.

Page Page 23 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ 30 Page 22 ◆◆ ◆

February February21, 21,2011 2011 Issue Issue#8 #8


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Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 25◆ Page 24 ◆

Page 26◆ Page 25 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆


e at Win MValley n India Course f l Go


Page 27 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 26 ◆

Classified ads are provided free to MBA members & staff. Please advise if position is filled or commodity is sold.





Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Part-time Bid Runner An established, family–owned, San Rafael based construction company is seeking an experienced part–time Bid Runner. Flexible hours range from 5-10 hours per week. Responsible for delivering bid documents. Must be dependable, punctual, and have excellent penmanship. The ability to listen and write quickly and accurately under pressure is crucial. Must have the confidence to meet strict time deadlines. Receives bid pricing and subcontractor information over the telephone. Reliable vehicle necessary and a clean driving record. Mileage reimbursed.







Did you know? The weather website is and its free. You can put up to 3 zip codes per email address and it will alert you to the upcoming weather!

Please apply to and put “Bid Runner” in the subject line or fax to 415.455.9274.

For Sale

16” Portable Delta Radial Arm Saw $5000 On a Trailer with Racks with Rollers Attached Easy Job Site Set-up for a Day or Months 3 hp, 240 volt, 4-3/4” max depth of cut Carbide Blades, Lockable Waterproof Cover Contact John, E-mail: John@JRavizza. Cell: 415-730-9779

Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

is seeking an independent contractor to support a startup division within. This is a contract, commission based position that will help promote product and secure new clients. A background in asphalt products is a plus. Please email resumes to

Page 28 Marin Builders Association ◆ WEEKLY BULLETIN ◆ Page 27 ◆

Classified ads are provided free to MBA members & staff. Please advise if position is filled or commodity is sold.












WANTED GIANTS TICKETS! If you have Giants tickets that you would like to sell or give away, please call 415-462-1220 or email

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TBA - Marin Builders Association Holiday Party

TBA - Crab Feed

February 2012


TBA - BAPAC Fundraiser


for details

Please go to our website

July 2011 ~ February 2012

January 2012

TBA - PG&E Mixer



TBA - Marin Sanitary Service Mixer September 14- San Rafael Chamber Business Showcase MEMBERSHIP DRIVE




July 20 & 21 - OSHA 10 Training August 4 - Golf Tournament July 27 - EPA-RRP Training July 20 & 21 - OSHA 10 Training


MARIN BUILDERS ASSOCIATION CALENDAR JULY 2011 - FEBRUARY 2012 Please go to our website,, for details

Marin Builders Association Calendar ◆

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Stormwater Specialists Mary A. Larsen, President

Lic. #472571 - QSD, TOR, CPSWQ, CPESC 8698 Elk Grove Blvd., Suite 224 Elk Grove, CA 95624 M) 916-230-0370 - F) 916-405-4180

Marin Builders Association

New Construction General Permit Stormwater Compliance Staying Compliant What’s it Going to Cost Me? Team Training - Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP) & Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD) $500/each, CESSWI or CISEC Cert approx. $500/each & 5 Days out of the Field

Sampling - Turbidity & pH Meters approx. $1,000.00 for both Risk Level - Risk Level 1, 2 & 3 - BMPs Controls, Receiving Waters, Tracking & Dust Control, Dewatering, Additional Permits, Production Impact

Monitoring - Inspections, Sampling, REAPs, Weather Reports & Monitoring Reporting - SMARTS Uploading NOI, NOT & Annual Report, Obtaining (NOI) & Terminating (NOT) Permit Coverage

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Stormwater Specialists, Marin Builders Association, and the Northern California Engineering Contractors Association

QSP/ QSD Training Course Beginning September 2011 All Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSPs) and Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSDs) shall have taken a State approved course and passed the State test.

Class Dates August 29th 30th & 31st 2011 8:00AM - 4:00PM *Register by August 28th Location

Marin Builders Association 660 Las Gallinas Avenue San Rafael, CA 94903 Cost QSP $450 / QSD $575

MBA & NCECA Members Military & Government Discount $100 off each S torm water S peci ali s ts Mary A. L ars en, Pres i den t TOR, QS D , CPS W Q, CPE S C 8698 E lk Grove Blvd # 224 Elk Grove, C A 9 5624 Phone: 916.2 30.0370 F ax: 916.405.4180 m ary @sto rm wate rspe cial m www.sto rm wate rs pe cial m

September is around the corner… is your training in order? QSP/ QSD Training Course Mary & our Stormwater Specialists Team are bringing monthly QSP/QSD Training to the MBA. If you can’t make it, we’ll bring your QSP/QSD Training to your Team of 8 or more. We make your Success our #1 Priority! *Anywhere in California Mary A. Larsen, is a California General Permit Trainer of Record (TOR), and is offering two courses to meet the requirements of the California State Water Resource Control Board approved training course as defined by the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) for individuals intending to become Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSP), or Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSD). This 2 and 3 day course is intended for anyone dealing with Stormwater whether or not they intend to take the exam and become a State Certified QSP or QSD. The QSP course is intended for inspectors and is focused more on the field application of the General Permit, while the QSD course is intended for those wishing to write and implement SWPPP's and is also a great source of information for those reviewing and certifying SWPPP's.

Register Today - Seating is Limited!

For Registration or Course information please Contact Andres Silva 707-280-2510

Registration Name: ___________________________________

Title: ___________________

Company: __________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ City: __________________________ Phone: (___)____________________

State: ________

Zip: ______________

Fax: (___)________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________ Please select which course:

 QSP $450  QSP MBA/NCECA Members $350 Check enclosed

 QSD $575  QSD MBA/NCECA Members $475

Payment at training 

Payment Online

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Bid Results Project Information Project Name: City of Suisun Department of Public Works July 12, 2011

Preliminary Bid Results: General Contractor: Ghilotti Construction Bid Amount: $413,751.00 General Contractor: MCK Services Bid Amount: $419,873.45

General Contractor: Martin General Bid Amount: $493,783.00

General Contractor: Ghilotti Bros. Bid Amount $439,984.65

General Contractor: JA Gonsalves & Son Bid Amount $ 808,421.00

General Contractor: GD Nelson Bid Amount $493,984.65

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Date: Monday, July 25th Time: 11:00 AM Place: 660 Las Gallinas Avenue San Rafael, CA 94903

Sponsored by:


Please join Matthew Hageman for this very special opportunity. -Marin Builders Association Scholarship Recipient 2005 & 2006

How To Advertise Effectively...No Matter How Big the Business Is     

How can a small business advertise successfully? What does your business stand for in the marketplace? The five most common mistakes business owners make with their advertising How to track the results of your advertising What role should the Internet play in the marketing of a small business

John Gutbrod has been a Senior Marketing Consultant with Jim Doyle and Associates for more than 6 years. He works with businesses to develop marketing strategies and results-driven advertising. John has over 25 years of experience in advertising sales and media management, including ad agency, TV, and radio management. John has extensive experience working with small and medium-sized businesses to help them increase sales and market share. He is a self-proclaimed disciple of Jim Doyle’s marketing philosophy and the remarkable results they produce.

If you would like to come to this presentation– Simply reserve your seat by contacting Barbara Jones at (415) 462-1220 or email her at Matthew Hageman

Work# (415) 561-8689

Cell# (415) 246-2276


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