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Artistic Director / Founder Artistic Stylists

Taylor Wassep Antonietta Canucci Astralia resident Citta Wiskee Director of Photography Jax Aster Natzuka Miliandrovic Linda Reddevil Miaa Rebane Cover Conception Realdarknight resident Taylor Wassep Sylphia Constantine Taylor Wassep ThePierrot resident Vain Reddrose Xandrah Sciavo Yeriakth Couturier

Guest Stylists

Bailey Delwood Erovi resident JessDecember resident Moonunique resident Zzoziezee resident


by Realdarkkn

ith the death of the her mother, the devestated King goes mad with rage and sadness with the loss of having the most beautiful woman in the whole of the kingdom. He soon reliezes that he will only be happy again once he marries the next most beautiful woman in the kingdom. And that woman would be the Princess, the only equale to the departed wife of the King. With the King’s desire to marry his own daughter, the Princess demands is told by her Fairy Godmother to demand truly impossible items; including the hide of a donkey. And during the night, the Princess escapes the home, using the hide as coverage so nobody would recongize her. After her escape, the Princess found herself on a farm owned by Royality, and was thus hire by the ruiling King as a cook.

night resident The Prince of said Kingdom fell in love with this new cook, who now goes by the name, Donkeyskin. The Prince wanted a cake baked by Donkeyskin, and only by Donkeyskin. And during the baking of this cake, her ring fell into the batter and was later found by the Prince. The Prince soon decread that whomever the ring belonged too, he would marry her. With all the women in the land coming to try on the ring, all failed until Donkeyskin tried on the ring, and it fit. The Prince married Donkeyskin, and she later found out that her father, the King remarried a beatiful woman, and everyone live happily ever after.


by Tempe

here was this little girl by the name of Goldilocks, and she was playing around in the forest one afteroon. When she came upon a house. Curious, the little girl goes up to the door and knocks on it to see if anyone answers. After knocking a few times, nobody came to the door. So, Goldilocks lets herself in to find an empty house with three sets of chair, three sets of beds, and three bowls of porridge. Goldilocks walks up to the table with the porridge and looks at all three bowls. Goldilocks tries the first bowl of porridge and utters that that porridge is too hot. She tries the second bowl of porridge and utters that bowl is too cold. Finally, Goldilocks tried the third bowl of porridge and smiles while saying that bowl was just right. After finishing the bowl of porridge, Goldilocks becomes tired

est Rosca and looks to the three beds, all alined in a row. Golidlocks lays down in the first bed, but it was too hard. She moves to the second bed, and finds that it’s too soft. Finally, Goldilock lays down in the third bed and smiles and says it’s just right. Hours later, three bears arrive back home and find that someone has been in their house. Papa Bear, Momma Bear and Baby Bear found that someone had eaten their porridge. The look around and found that someone had slept in their bed’s too. Baby Bear notices that someone is sitll in his bed. Just then, Goldilocks wakes and and scream while rushing past the bears and out the door. Never to be seen again.


borther and sister, Hansel and Gretel were the children of a poor woodcutter who lived close to the forest. Their mother died years earlier and the Woodcutter remarried an awful woman who only thought of herself. During the harder months to find work, the second wife came up with a place to rid her and her new husband of these children because they children ate too much, and they newlyweds wouldn’t stave. Hansel over heard this scheme and escaped his room to find small rocks that he could use to create a trail back to their home. The next day their father, relucantly, take Hansel and Gretel in to the forest and leaves them there. Their his and his new wife’s surprise, they children found their way back. The next day their father takes them deep into the forest and makes sure they cannot make their way back to the

by ThePierr

house, but Hansel and created breakcru mark the trail, sadly and the way hom days of wandering a Gretel found this G Starving, the childr house. That is, u woman comes out children into her hou woman ask the child doing in the woods a food. She lets the and in the moring, find the kindly old a blind witch and in children up to eat the Hansel in a cage a be her slave. After up Hansel, in actua a bone of a previou witch into believe h to eat now. The w

rot resident

snuck some break umbs and a way to y, bird ate the bread me was lost. After around, Hansel and Gingerbread house. ren begin to eat the until a kindly old and welcomes the use. The kindly old dren what they were and offer them more em spend the night, to their horror, the woman is actually ntends to fatten the em. The witch locks nd forced Gretel to r days of fattening ality, Hansel found us captive, tricks the he is plump enough witch demands that

Gretel open the oven and start to cook Hansel. A plan is hatched between the sibiling without saying a word, and once Hansel is released from his cage. He overpowers the witch and both children push the witch into the oven, thus ending her wreached life. After searching her house, they find all of her gold and money and they steal it from the house and make their way home. Their father, who is still lamenting over the actions he enacted days earlier is surprised to see his children approching the house with the wtich’s gold.


by Citta

n dark nights, small children should be warned of Kuchisake - Onna, an urban legend about a melavalent spirit who appears to most as a masked woman. The woman is said to wear a medical mask, which is not an uncommon site to see in Japan. As the story goes, the spirit will walk find children who are walking along and ask them, “Am I pretty, please tell me I’m pretty.� The child, usually a child can answer in one of two ways. Either, no, you are not pretty. In which Kuchisake - Onna will kill the child with a pair of scissors she pulls from herself. If the child says yes, Kuchisake Onna will remove her mask, reviling the slash across her face and ask,

a Wiskee “How about now? Am I pretty?” Again, if the child says no, they will be cut in half. And if they say yes, Kuchisake - Onna will cut a slash on the child face that stretches from ear to ear. It is impossible for the child ro run away from Kuchisake - Onna, as she will reappear infront of the child and ask the questions again and again until she gets an answer. There are some ways to escape in actuality, from Kuschisake - Onna. One way is to give a very vauge answer, such as “so-so” or “average”. Or, if you tell her you have somewhere to be. She will pardon herself and allow you to leave. It is said too, if you offer her candies, she will let you leave as well.


by Taylor

here was once a beautiful woman who wore a green ribbon taut around her neck. And everyday, a boy would see this green ribbon and wonder why she wore it everyday. So, one day she approaches the girl and asks her, “Why do you ribbon around

wear a green your neck?”

She answers him that she will tell me later. And the boy was trapped in her beauty. So, the two began a relationship together and soon they were to marry. On their wedding day, the now man asks his wife-to-be, “Please tell me why you wear that green ribbon around your neck.” To which his soon-to-be-wife answer, she will tell him about it later. Years

r Wassep pass as the happy couple live out their lives with each other. On her death bed, the elderly man asks, “Please, before you die, I need to know why you always wear this green ribbon around your neck.� The dying woman smiles and says, okay, I will tell you why I do, but first, remove the ribbon from around my neck. As the eldery man pulls off the ribbon, and in horror, the elderly man sees the head of his wife falls off of her neck.


by Sylphia

ittle Bo-Peep has lost her sheep, and doesn’t know where to find them; leave them alone, And they’ll come home, wagging their tails behind them. Little and asleep, and dreamt she heard them bleating; but when she awoke, she found it a joke, for they were still a-fleeting. Then up she took her little crook, determined for to find them; she found them indeed, but it made her heart bleed, for they’d left their tails behind them. It happened one day, as Bo-peep did stray into a meadow hard by, there she espied their tails side by side, all hung on a tree to dry.

Constantine She heaved a sigh and wiped her eye, and over the hillocks went rambling, and tried what she could, as a shepherdess should, to tack each again to its lambkin.


nce upon a time, there were a Kingdom under the water, in a world, not unlike our own. The King has to raise five daughters alone, with each daughter only one year apart in age. The youngest daughter is about to turn 15 years old. When mermaids and mermen turn 15, they are permitted to breach the surface of the waters to gaze upon the world above, but they must return. On the day of her birth, The Litle Mermaid had her chance to go to the surface and see this new world that she has never experienced before. As she is looking around, her eyes fall on a handsome Prince on a ship, in which she falls in love with him. Just then a great storm occures, tossing the Prince from the ship. The Little Mermaid saves him and takes him to a temple close by, but leaves before

by Xanthean

he can ask who sh Little Mermaid ask if humans can live to which her gran that merfolk can years. And that h and will live on in merfolk turn to se die. Sadden by thi Mermaid knows sh Prince and become seeking out the Se Witch tel the Little can turn her huma the Little Mermaid her tounge. The L one of the most en all the Kingdom. T takes the potions an into a human. O though mute, the Li her Prince, and the Though, the Princ

nne resident

he is. Curious, the ks her grandmother e as long as them, ndmother explains live for over 300 humans have souls n Heaven, whereas ea form when they is news, the Luttle he must be with the human. Thus, she ea Witch. The Sea e Mermaid that she an, but in exchange, d will need to gift Little Mermaid has nchanting voices in The Little Mermaid nd begins to change Once fully human, ittle Mermaid finds ey two fall in love. ce is set to marry

a neighboring King’s daughter. The Prince does not want too because he doesn’t love this Princess. He only will marry the girl he saw in the temple after he was saved. Unbeknowest to the Little Mermaid, the Princess was the temple girl, and the Prince thought she was the one who saved him. The Princess and Prince marry, leaving the Little Mermaid heartbroken and sad that she did not find true love, and gave up being a mermaid for him. Just then, her sisters bring her a knife that she can use to kill the Prince, and let his blood drip on her feet, she will be restored to a mermaid once again. But the Little Mermaid couldn’t do it, she saw he was truly in love, and with that, throws herself into the sea, turning to sea foam. Her sister’s tell her that she strove with her heart to gain an immortal soul.


by Yeriakth

ittle Red Riding Hood was on her way to be with her sick grandmother, who lived deep in the forest. Little Red Riding Hood’s mother told her to stay on the path and not to tread off of it. On her way to her grandmothers, a wolf spys Little Red and has set his gaze upon her, knowing that he wants her. Along the way to grandmother’s house, she meets this wolf, who finds out where the little girl is going and tells her to pick some flowers for her grandmother. As it would be a nice gift to bring her. As Little Red picks flowers, the wolf makes his way to grandmother’s house and strips her of her clothing and eats her. The wolf uses her tattered clothing as a disguse and waits for Little Red to get to the house. Once Little Red has a boutque of flowers, she is off again to grandmother’s

h Couturier house and finally reaches it. Little Red enters to see her grandmother is dead, and the wolf want her to get into bed with her. Knowing fully what is happening, Little Red gets into bed with the wolf, but before he can eat her, she asks if she can use the wash room. Knowing this could be a trick, the wolf ties a string around her ankle as to not allow her to escape. Little Red makes her way to the wash room and removes the string from around her ankle, tying it to an exposed piece of wood. Little Red escapes out the window and runs back to her mother. Leaving the wolf waiting and full after his meal.


poor miner offers his daughter to the King and tells him that his daughter can spin straw into gold. The King, interested, imprisons the daughter into a room and tells her to spin straw into gold by the next day, or he will have her head cut off. Scared and alone, knowing fully well she cannot spin straw into gold, a small imp-like creature appears infront of her. He tells her that he can spin straw into gold and will only do it if she give him her necklace. She gladly exchanges the necklace for his ability and he begins to spin the straw. The next morning, the King finds the room is full of strawlike gold. Surprised, the King has the girl moved to a larger room, and told the very same thing as the day before. And of course, that night, this creature returns and asks for

by Troub

her ring in exchan And of course, the King finds the ro So the King takes largest room he h That night, the cre the girl knows sh to bargin with. Th he will spin the str if she give him he To which she agree The King returns and sees the gold girl has spin. He he offers her mar Years later, the now to his first child, creature comes to cl Queen, too attache to give her first b with the creature o creatue tells the Q can guess his na

ble Dethly

nge for his ability. e next morning, the oom full of gold. s the girl into the has in his castle. eature returns, but he has nothing left he creature tell her, raw into gold, only er first born child. es, glad to be alive. the next morning d he believes the e is so happy that rriage to his son. w Queen give birth and of course, the laim his prize. The ed and unwanting born away bargins one last time. The Queen that if she ame in three days

time, she will leave her alone and not the the child. For tewo days, the Queen quessed and quessed, but couldn’t quess his name. So, the night before the third day, the Queen goes for walk in the forest. And comes upon the creatures camp, where she sees him dancing arond a fire singing, “tomorrow, tomorrow, I ‘ll go to the King’ house, nobody knows my name, I’m Rumplestiltskin.” With that, the Queen knows his name. And the morning of the third day, the creature appears in front of her to claim his prize. But before he can, she utters his name and he gets so upset that he lost his prize, he jumps out the window and is never seen from again.


by Astrali

here once was a Queen who named her only daughter Snow White because her skin was so fair. The queen died, and Snow White’s father married a new Queen, who was evil, vain and wicked to the core. Every morning she would stand in front of the mirror and say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” The mirror always answered, telling her it was herself. That is until one day the mirror said that Snow White was the fairest one of all. The Evil Queen ordered one of her servants to take Snow White to the forest to have her killed and return with her still beating heart. The servant, feeling sorry for Snow white, let her go and brought back a wild pig’s heart to show the queen he had done the deed.

ia resident Snow White, alone and hungry in the forest, came across a little cottage with seven tiny beds. When the dwarves came back from work they found Snow White and said she could stay with them if she cleaned and cooked. They all lived happily until one day when the mirror told the Evil Queen that Snow White was still alive and living with the dwarves. The Evil Queen disguised herself as an old woman and went to the cottage while the dwarves were at work. She gave Snow White a red apple that was poisoned. When Snow White took a bite of the apple, fell into a dee, deep sleep like death. The dwarves were very sad and built a glass coffin for her. One day a Prince came by and saw how beautiful Snow White was, and bent down to give her a kiss. Snow White woke up and they were live happily.


miller was offered wealth by the devil if the miller gave him what stood behind the mill. Thinking that it was an apple tree, the miller agreed, but it was his daughter. When three years had passed, the devil appeared, but the girl had kept herself sinless and her hands clean, and the devil was unable to take her. The devil threatened to take the father if he did not chop off the girl’s hands, and she let him do so, but she wept on her arms’ stumps, and they were so clean that the devil could not take her, so he had to give her up. She set out into the world, despite her father’s wealth. She saw a royal garden and wanted to eat some pears she saw there. An angel helped her. The pears were missed the next day, and the gardener told how she appeared. The king awaited her the next day and,

by Antoniet

when she came agai made her hands out birth to a son, an news to the king, to battle, but the m along the way, an the letter, changin she had given birt The king sent back care for the child n devil got at that le again changed it, should kill the qu and keep the queen The king’s servant produce the heart, sent the queen and the world to hide. T a forest, and an an a hut, and helped The king returned they discovered th tampered with. The

tta Canucci

in, married her and t of silver. She gave nd his mother sent who had gone off messenger stopped nd the devil got at ng it to say that th to a changeling. k that they should nonetheless, but the etter too, and once saying that they ueen and the child n’s heart as proof t despaired, and, to killed a hind and d her son out into The queen went into ngel brought her to her nurse her son to his castle, and he letters had been king set out to find

his wife and child. After seven years, he found the hut, and lay down to sleep with a handkerchief to cover his face. His wife came out, and when the handkerchief fell, directed her son to put it back on. The child grew angry, since he had been told that the Father in heaven was man’s true father, but no one on earth. The king got up to ask who they were, and she told him. He said that his wife had silver hands, but she had natural ones, to which she replied that God had given them back to her. Then she went to retrieve her silver hands that had fallen off and returned to show the king.


king named Milluccio once saw a dead raven on stone, and fell in love with the thought of a wife as black as the raven, as red as its blood, and as white as the stone. It affected his health until his brother Jennariello asked what was wrong with him and finally learned the story. Jennariello set out by ship. He bought a falcon and a splendid horse, and a beggar persuaded him to tell his story. The beggar then begged at a magician’s house, and Jennariello saw that the magician’s daughter, Liviella, matched his brother’s dream exactly. Jennariello dressed as a peddler and showed Liviella hoods, handkerchiefs, and other goods, and persuaded her to come to the ship to see his better wares. Then he sailed off with her. Liviella lamented, but Jennariello told her why, and described his brother to

by Vain

her so vividly that this man. On the v flew up. They talke other that the falco Milluccio’s eyes the him, but if Jennarie did not bring him th would turn to mar would break Milluc time he rode it, b warned him, or did horse, he would tu that a dragon would Liviella on their w if Jennariello warn bring him Liviella, turn to stone. Je his brother the hor and then instantly k wedding night, Jen a sword and fough when his brother vanished, and he


she wanted to see voyages, two doves ed, and one told the on would pick out e first time it saw ello warned him, or he bird, Jennariello rble; that the horse ccio’s neck the first but if Jennariello not bring him the urn to marble; and d eat Milluccio and wedding night, but ned him, or did not Jennariello would ennariello brought rse and the falcon killed them. At the nariello went with ht the dragon, but woke, the dragon had Jennariello

imprisoned as a traitor that night and sentenced to die the next. Wishing to die known as innocent, he told Milluccio his story, and turned to stone. Liviella had twin sons. One day, while she was gone, an old man asked Milluccio what he would give to restore his brother. Milluccio said his kingdom, and when told life was needed, offered his own; when the old man said his sons’ lives were needed, he killed them and put the blood on the statue, which restored them. Liviella returned and was grief-stricken, and went to the window to throw herself out. The old man, her father, stopped her, and told her that he had punished them all for their acts against him, but the punishment had been enough. He restored the babies to life.


by Jax

here was once a young locksmith, and told his father one day that he wants to travel the world and seek it;s fortune. The father gave his blessing for this trip, gave the young man some money and he was off; looking for work. Unable to find work as a locksmith, a trait he hated, he decided to change his occupations and become a hunter. During is travels be found other Huntsmen whom he asked if he can apprentice with them and learn how to how. They agreed and the young man now learned how to hunt. Soon, the young huntsmen came across three giants roasting an ox. As the giants started to eat the meat, the young huntsman shot the meat from the giants hands. Confused, the giants called out for the shooter to show himself, to which he did. Calling himself the Skilled

x Aster Huntsman, the Giants tell him about treasure that is in a castle and that guarded by a barking dog. So, to show off the Skilled Huntsman’s skills, he kills the dog and allows the Giants to storm the castle where the treasure is. When the huntsman enters the castle, he finds a sleeping Princess under a swinging sword. It is said that whomever holds this sword has no opponent. To save the Princess, who has now captured his heart, he tricks the Giants to come into the castle to get the Princess. In doing so sealed their fate, as one by one, the Skilled Huntsman cut off their heads and saved the Princess.

by Linda


n unn girl home only a loaf of bread th soul has given goodhearted perso so she goes out int to see what mig gives a hungry ma to three cold chi her cap, her jacke In a forest, she child begging fo since it was dark be seen, she give away. As she stan left at all, sudden earth before her, and she finds he different shift of The story ends wi


named, orphaned is poor and eless; she has her clothing and hat a kindhearted her. She is a on, however, and to the countryside ght happen. She an her bread, and ildren she gives et, and her dress. e sees a naked or a shift, and k and she cannot es her own shift nds with nothing nly stars fall to becoming talers, erself wearing a the finest linen. ith her being rich.

by Miaa by Miaa

A long time ago, there lived two woodcutters, Minokichi and Mosaku. Minokichi was young and Mosaku was very old. One winter day, they could not come back home because of a snowstorm. They found a hut in the mountain and decided to sleep there for the night. On this particular evening, Mosaku woke up and found a beautiful lady with white clothes walking around outside. She slowl made her way into the hut. She breathed on old Mosaku and he was frozen to death. She then approached Minokichi to breathe on him, but stared at him for a while, “I thought I was going to kill you, the same as that old man, but I will not, because you are young and beautiful. In sparing his life, she threated the young Minokichi that he cannot speak of what happened that night to anyone,

aa Rebane Rebane

or she will come back and kill him. Several years later, Minokichi met a beautiful young lady named Oyuki and married her. She was a good wife. Minokichi and Oyuki had several children and lived happily for many years. Mysteriously, she did not age. One night, after the children were asleep, Minokichi said to Oyuki, “Whenever I see you, I am reminded of a mysterious incident that happened to me. “ After finishing his story, Oyuki suddenly stood up, and revlied that she was indeed this spirit that he met years earlier. She knew she spoke of his experience, and was ready to make good on her threat. But she could not come to kill Minokichi. He was the father of her children. She then melted away, never to bee seen from again.

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