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Weekly Issue  II  

A Major  New  Schedule   By:  Jaeden  Krenrich  

Paw Print   September  18,  2015  

Manzano Monarchs beat the West Mesa Mustangs last night 21-13 The Monarchs  now  have  a   2-­‐2  record  

For all high schools, a major schedule change has been placed into action this year. Due to budget cuts and the requirement of teachers to fulfill more collaboration time, the schedule has had many outrageous and positive reactions. Albuquerque Public Schools has placed the same amount of time in each class per week, but it has a different sequence in the schedule, making students have all classes everyday, three times per week. Students say the schedule is stressful because they have to take their classes everyday. "There will not be enough time for in-class tests and stress is put on too many students because they

have their classes everyday," Bernise Rivera said. Some students do prefer this new schedule because they see their teachers more often, they have a short day on Thursday, and they do not feel bored in a long class. Many students describe it as refreshing. "This schedule also would be decent for all middle schools and high schools to follow because they will have their classes everyday, making them feel refreshed," Rivera said. Some students believe this schedule is helping students to be more productive. Teachers have

Way to  go  Lady   Monarchs  for   defeating  the   Albuquerque   Bulldogs  3-­‐2!  

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The Marriage  Refusal   Kim Davis, a Kentucky County Clerk, started refusing to give marriage licenses to same sex couples claiming it went against her religious beliefs. Davis is a newly born Christian, and she started refusing to give out the licenses three weeks ago. Davis then spent the night in jail for refusing to issue the samesex marriage licenses. Davis is strongly opposed, for religious reasons, to signing the licenses, even though it is one of her primary job functions to issue them. "Thank you all so much. I love you all so very much," she said. "I just want to give God the glory. His people have rallied, and you are a strong His people have rallied, and you are a strong people. We serve a living God who knows

His people have rallied, and you are a strong people. We serve a living God who knows exactly where each and every one of us is at. Just keep on pressing. Don't let down, because he is here. He's worthy." Davis said when asked how she would thank her supporters. Davis, who said issuing the licenses would violate her conscience and go against her religion, plans to return to work in Rowan County, Kentucky, this week and won't resign from her post, attorney Mat Staver said. While in jail, Davis was very calm, and resigned. She read her bible, and waited to be released. When asked if the stay in jail was worth it, Davis smiled and nodded her head. [Jazzie Rioux]  

A Major  Schedule  Change   Cont.     because they have one less preparation period : Thursdays are their collaboration period half of the school day, and one of their block- schedule days, they deal with every class. Some teachers care more about the student's opportunity to learn, and find the schedule more unfair toward students. Teacher Coach Sparago believes the schedule is not fair to students because classes are shorter during the day. Coach Sparago added up how many minutes were in each class per week, compared it to last year's schedule, and concluded that there are the same amount of minutes per class with either schedule in a week. He does not agree with the sequence of the schedule. When asked if he thought the schedule was fair toward teachers, the response was, "I don't think it matters, but it is not fair to students. We see them more often, but we do not have enough time to teach," Coach Sparago said. A new schedule is unpredictable for high schools, but this current schedule has affected students' and teachers' time budget in one setting. Even though each class has the same amount of time last year, the students find it more stressful because they see their classes more often throughout the week.


"I have no idea what the schedule will look like next month, or next year," Coach Sparago said.

Legend is a movie about two mobsters from Britain. Tom Hardy, of Inception, Band of Brothers, and other successful movies stars in this film. It should do very well, based on its cast and interesting plot. It comes out October 2nd. The Martian is about astronaut Mark Watney, becoming stranded on Mars, after his crewmates believe him dead. He must survive on his own, with only a potato and the equipment NASA gave him, as well as his ingenuity and sarcasm. Matt Damon plays the titular astronaut, and based on the trailer, this movie will be great. The Martian debuts October 2nd, go see it. Pan is a prequel to the children’s movie Peter Pan. It is about a young boy who is taken to Neverland, and eventually becomes Peter Pan. Featuring Hugh Jackman, this movie should be somewhat decent at best. Reboots and retcons never go well. It debuts October 9th. [Montel Guzman]  

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  It’s too early in the elections to say who’s going to be the Republican nominee, however, it’s definitely not to early to ask how Donald Trump has been able to garner so many votes. Is it his glossy, golden hair, or is it his incredibly stylish “Make America Great Again” hats? It’s hard to say, but whatever it is, voters from both parties seem to love him. The main problem with Republican candidates is that, in order to win the primaries, many voters go as far right as they can to get every vote. However, most go too far right and inevitably fall off the political likeability cliff. Trump seems to hold his ground: with insults. Trumps loves to insult people, but the insults are very strategic. The two main people in the spotlight are Fox news reporter Megyn Kelly and Senator John McCain, both of whom almost every liberal seems to dislike. Trump has managed to convince almost every Republican and is now diving into the sea of Democratic voters. This tactic has made Trump look more as a candidate who takes things issue by issue rather than a candidate who only commits to a certain party’s agenda. His staunch “I will not apologize” attitude has made him come across as the superior candidate. Another reason why Trump’s campaign has been a success might be because he doesn’t have to go to New York before he goes to Iowa. Trump’s populist rhetoric has given him a good push but, his wealth also seems to

tspeak louder than his words. Today, voters are have become very aware of corruption in our political system. However, Trump cannot be bought. Companies can’t buy his influence because he needs no popularity or money. Much of the campaign has been financed by his personal wealth. This evokes a sense of genuineness in his speeches that not all candidates can boast about. Everything he says comes from his own thoughts and ideas not from Company X. Additionally, the success of Trump Organization shows a lot about who Trump is as a person. His property holdings are numerous, and multiple hotels have been built all across the world. Whether people believe real estates dealings are comparable to foreign diplomacy is up to voters, but Trump has most definitely shown that he can work internationally and negotiate deals that always benefit his company. Beyond political rhetoric, there’s one last reason to explain how Trump has gotten into the spotlight: the spotlight itself. Every large media empire showers Trump with attention as if he’s opened up a new line of useless Kim Kardashian perfumes. Even Lincoln Chafee has good ideas, but until he picks a fight with a veteran or Fox new reporter, he’s not budging from his 0 percent. In big televised media, reporters have realized that if you want to improve ratings, it’s better to put on a show than focus on the real issues in this election. Today, Trump is almost unavoidable and is being talked about constantly. We’ve all been waiting, but it seems that Trump just will not fold. [Shubham Chadha]


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