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CntrlR Studios Pricing Policy Our philosophy on recording music is based upon truly helping producers and artists collaborate in a safe, secure, and professional environment. In House Producers & Engineers Robert Robbins aka “MeatBeatz” (Hip Hop – R&B – Pop) Michael McNally aka “MP” (Classical – Hip Hop – Rock – Metal – Acoustic – Jazz – Sound to Picture – Voice Overs) Ellie Trimble (Rock – Dance – Acoustic – Metal – Hip Hop – Sound to Picture – Live Sound) Outside Producers 50-50 Split We cap sessions at 5 hours for each client. It is possible that you leave work without getting paid hourly..our pricing policy allows artists to pay for studio time monthly. If you’re a hip hop producer looking to use some of the best digital gear money can buy for your beats & artists be sure to read the Artist’s Bounce Policy below. Buy Ins – Rent Free Operation Outside Producers have the option to “Buy In” to our facility as well. We have 3, 6, & 12 month contract/leases available to house your gear and allow all CntrlR’s clients to utilize. Arrangements are made on a case by case basis but those with vintage amplifiers, keyboards, synthesizers, outboard hardware, consoles and other unique & useful tools of the trade are highly considered by our management team. All OUTSIDE producers & engineers must be adequately trained in DAWs & must apply to CntrlR Studios via paper or online application & interview with Studio Manager prior to operating inside our facility.

Artists $100/bounce* 5hr Recording Sessions = FREE. Mixing, and Mastering Free. You pay only for the bounce to disk. We can deliver in mp3, WAV, AAC format on a CD or as part of one of our official release packages ** What if I’m only trying to record for a couple hours? What if I bounce just 1 song? Is $100 worth it for one or two songs? Good questions. Here’s another question: “Do you have to bounce at the end of every 5hr session? Answer: No The absolute best thing about CntrlR is that fact that you can bounce monthly! You could literally record every day for a month at 5hrs a piece and pay $100 at the end of the month and collect ALL of your material at once on a CD or sent to your email.

Label Packages Website + iTunes Singles & Album + YouTube Channel + Management + Graphic Design + Copyrighting + Music Licensing Helping great music reach the masses is CntrlR’s greatest responsibility. Artist selection for label inclusion is based upon the individual or collective musicians’ use of our studio. This way, our quality of our relationship between producer, artist, and manager is solidly forged and everyone involved understands the band or artists’ goals and musical direction. We figure 6 months gives everyone enough time to get comfortable working together, enjoy their time in the studio, and make really great music together. We have just enough relationships built already that would allow us to put the right music in some great paid gigs.

Bounce Pricing Philosophy  

$100/per bounce. 3hr session per day limit. Bounce at end of week or end of month.

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