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For the last few years, if you mention the word “Greece” to a European citizen, the first thing that comes to mind are pictures of economic crisis. If that is not enough, Greece has received negative publicity on the front pages of European newspapers and on the broadcast news of European TV channels. At the same time, the real Greece is experiencing an enormous outflow of cultural events, that would easily fill countless newspaper pages. There is also a plethora of good news about the cultural life in Greece that needs to be communicated all around the globe. Our team wants to resist this negative surge of energy regarding our country and reveal the bright side of Greece! The one that is not concerned with financial termi-nology but highlights Culture and Art instead. The one that creates Greek branding for the theater and the art galleries. The one that rates hospitality among its top values and invites visitors from all around the globe to visit us not only to taste souvlaki and enjoy the sea and the sun but also to savor the new Greek history, which is work-in-progress. This is the side of Greece we want to introduce you to. The one which knows and loves everybody. The one which welcomes change. The one which welcomes the people who are willing to fall in love with Greece once again! 3

Athens in two days

Day One Start your day early in Syntagma Square. See the changing of the guard in front of the House of Parliament (on the hour) and walk along Amalias Avenue. Enter the National Gardens, pass Zappeion and head towards the Panathenaic Stadium. Walk down Vasilissis Olgas Avenue, pass Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus and cross to Plaka. Allow yourself to wander around its picturesque meandering streets and stop for a coffee at one of the numerous cafés. Walk along pedestrianised Dionisiou Areopagitou street, climb the Acropolis hill and enjoy the pride of western civilisation. Once you’re done with the sacred rock head to the new Acropolis Museum before you stop for a late lunch-Greek style somewhere around Thissio station. Afternoon is time to visit Kerameikos with its ancient cemetery, the Ancient Agora and the bustling and quaint Monastiraki Flea Market. Have an aperitif at nearby Psirri district and round off the evening with a late dinner accompanied by live Greek music, or head to Gazi where you can combine dinner with late drinks.

Day Two

Begin early in the day at the top end of Ploutarchou Street in Kolonaki, from where you will board the scenic funicular (runs every half hour) or walk the lovely pinelined pedestrianised path up Lycabettus hill (about 300m). Take in the breathtaking views of the Acropolis and the panorama of Athens and the Saronic Gulf sprawled at your feet. Seize the opportunity to visit the historic white-washed church of Saint George crowning the hill before taking the funicular back down. Make your way to Panepistimio station and board the metro to Victoria, from where you will cross to the National Archaeological Museum. Allow at least two hours for your visit, before stopping for light lunch at the Museum restaurant or at one of the numerous bohemian establishments lining alternative Exarchia Square. Board the metro to Syntagma station, where you will change to the Tram that will take you down to Athens’ southern coastal suburbs. Enjoy your leisurely ride, taking in the golden sea views along the way. Get off at ‘Parko Flisvou’ stop in Paleo Faliro and walk along the seaside palm-lined esplanade, stopping off for a coffee at one of the numerous cafés (we recommend a freddocinno!) and, why not, a dip in the sea. Enjoy lounging at the beach before taking the Tram back to downtown Athens and rounding the day off with dinner somewhere around Monastiraki Station with its numerous lively live-music establishments or, if posh dining is more up your street, head to classy Kolonaki Square.

Extra Hot Tips

-A one-day travel pass is valid on all modes of transport: Metro, bus and trolley. -If you’re coming from Port of Piraeus, simply take the Green Line metro from Piraeus to Monastiraki – no changes are necessary. In about 20 minutes you’re in the city centre. -Athens “fast food” is the infamous souvlaiki: Whilst not strictly healthy, it’s delicious and makes an authentic change from the Western-style burger meal. -Wear comfortable trainers for walking. -Carry plenty of drinking water with you. If you run out, bottled water is cheap.


ODEIA comes from the ancient Greek word Οδεία, meaning journey, course…

So come with us on a unique journey and discover among the various herbs, wildflowers, plants and fruits, secrets of beauty and wellness created by the sun and sea. Travel with us on this wonderful journey and let yourself in the care of ODEIA natural cosmetics.

ODEIA products are free of: Synthetic dyes Synthetic Fragrances Parabens Mineral Oil Petrolatum/Paraffin Wax

Tones of red wild strawberry and raspberry, yellow lemon and witch hazel, green nettle and aloe, purple grapes and plum, orange bergamot and apricot, all create the canvas of a Mediterranean landscape, a landscape completed with the multitude of other colors and scents stemming from the herbs, wildflowers, plants and fruits of the Mediterranean Land. In ODEIA we managed to infuse the greatness of the Mediterranean Nature in a complete facial and body care line.


What makes us unique is that main element of the aquatic phase during production is the biological lemon and orange extract, with high density of vital trace, vitamins and antioxidants. In correlation with many other valuable natural ingredients, we produce the innovative natural ODEIA cosmetics that they satisfy even the most pretentious customers.

ODEIA products are divided into 5 different lines:

All ODEIA products are certified as natural/ organic by NATRUE and BIO HELLAS, so you can be sure that have made with:

All of our products are in full compliance with European legislation and are being produced according to the demands and guidance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set by the internationally recognizable standard ISO 22716.

Organic & Natural ingredients Soft manufacturing processes

Environmentally friendly practices

Propylene Glycol Butylene Glycol Ethanolamines PEG, SLES, ALES Phthalates Polycyclic Masks Retinol

Red Line, with wild strawberry and raspberry Yellow Line, with witch hazel and lemon Green Line, with aloe and nettle

Purple Line, with grape and plum

Orange Line, with bergamot and apricot


Parrice 10

The name PARRICE is pronounced Paris [Pah-rEEs], just like the name of it’s creator, Paris Karnezis, who has spread his love for architecture from University College London to Greece by creating a resort puzzle of flat sandals, bags and handmade silk foulards. The collection emphasizes in intricate patterns and introduces a new concept in lace made by leather.

Archaic geometric patterns and warrior influences overturn and coexist harmoniously with perspex finishes and materials such as plexiglass and transparency. Abstract forms and edgings designed with brush, having illustrated to the technique of silk printing on fabric using degrade water colours, exudes elegance and intense visual interest.

Natural materials and meticulous finishes structures the collection with an emphasis on high quality but also great detail. -You can find those amazing sandals in ‘’Enny Di Monaco’’ stores- Athens and Mykonos- and in ‘’Attica’’ at Golden Hall. 11

Vintage M a r ke t s


Being one of the first to bring second hand and vintage clothes from Amsterdam, “Yesterday’s Bread” shop is a Mekka for the experienced fashionista, the punk youngster, the free spirited hippie girl, vintage-loving women who long to live in other eras or any person who wishes to dress in quality garments, yet with low prices. The iconic shop is located in Kallidromiou street in the midst of Exarcheia region, and has become a sort of sartorial temple for the underground subcultures of Athens. One can find a variety of items, such as jeans (all sizes and styles), 60’s and 70’s dresses, men’s clothes, vintage pieces by classic brands (some of which are obsolete now), leather goods as well as all kinds of shoes varying from Doc Martens, Converse All stars, VANS, to Swedish clogs, british loafers and brogues, and oh so many more. If you like making cultural statements with your personal style, or if you’re in need of shorts due to extreme Greek summer heat, just drop by our shop and we will gladly assist you. Kallidromiou 87-89 Athens, Greece +3021 0881 1233

Coo is a retro, design shop in the heart of Athens, very near Monastiraki Metro Station. The owners, Antonis Vasiliou and Giannis Vangelakis, have a background in graphic arts and photography respectively and have an experience of many years in design and decoration. They have chosen to collect and refurbish household items of decorative or utilitarian value, lighting fittings, occasional furniture and home accessories from the past decades (‘50s–’80s). In a quaint ambience you can choose among high quality items that characterized past decades, items that bring back memories, items that range between the wonderfully chick and the kitsch either because they are collectible or because they are really cheerful. Karori 13 Athens, Greece +30697 210 2309

COO 15


Retrosexual Vintage Shop has a great selection of vintage objects from all around the world. Among them there are authentic designer pieces from past decades (‘20s-’90s) in absolutely mint condition. All items are for sale as well as for rent and many of them have already been used as backdrop for shooting film scenes, retro photos etc. Joe Pepe along with το Retrosexual Vintage Shop team of researchers and craftsmen are responsible for refurbishing the merchandise. They also undertake projects of interior architecture, product design and event organizing. Retrosexual Vintage Shop’s purpose is to communicate the vintage culture and the vintage aesthetics. In this context, they endeavor to restore every object in a proper way, to study its provenance, and to keep the prices at reasonable levels. “Retrosexual is not just a shop, it is an existential experience. We consider ourselves a team that studies romanticism and attempts to recall it. Our goal is to give a new impetus to the values of the past and to leave behind overconsumerism and impersonal transactions. Plunging into the past we draw inspiration for the future”. Ageias Eirinis 3 Athens ,Greece tel: 210 5451553

The home of Greek wine

In the land of Dionysus, wine was always playing an important role in the lives of the people. From ancient symposiums to modern banquets wine holds its leading role. Greece continues the wine making tradition with 600 wineries and more than 200 local grape varieties. Visitors can taste an exotic Malagouzia, an intriguing Robola, a robust Xinomavro, a fruity Agiorgitiko and many other wines, expressing the characteristics of each region. Winepoint is the meeting place of wine lovers in Athens, offering more than 250 labels from Greek wineries. Winepoint is only a few meters away from the Acropolis Museum and Acropolis Metro Station. You can book your wine tasting, enjoy a bottle of wine or buy the wine you liked best. A fascinating journey –glass by glass- into the magical world of Greek wine.

Cheers . . 2 A.DiAkou & Porinou str., Athens, Metro stAtion “AcroPolis”

tel.: +30 210 9227050 Winepoint.Athens




A lot of people ask me ‘’How did you conceive Living-Postcards?’’. Deep in my heart I was pretty angry about the majority of people who considered of Greeks as lazy and non-workers. It was then that it dawned on me that there was more in Greeks to offer than the typical face of Greece including “moussaka”, “souvlaki” or romantic sunsets in Santorini island. Thus, I decided to create a platform through which I would display and promote all those amazingly good things/ideas that Greece has to offer, especially the ones that people from abroad ignored their existence.-Boutique hotels on the “must go” list of destinations in order to relax at their sight only. 18

Artists that provide “art for thought” and bring smiles, reconsideration or even change. Painters, photographers, modern galleries based on the fact that “art is life” and vice versa. Inspired new fashion and jewelry designers that make me proud of being Greek both when in my country and abroad. A totally new definition of “Chic and Greek”. Local, lovingly made products representing Mediterranean tastes served at high end restaurants offering the perfect chance for socializing and having fun while eating.

All those people represent the undoubtful proof to me that when you really love something, you definitely fight for it. You don’t hold back, you move on regardless of what others think, no matter what all negative scenarios express and foresee about the tough reality you owe yourself to try your best to make your dreams come true. I absolutely have faith in the young generation; I am confident that GREECE will shortly face the light at the end of the tunnel, but only through the young people carrying real and clear dreams, no crystal promises. Things are changing...Because we are changing. Iliada Kothra

Additionally, cosmetics prepared from alternative brands out of quality ingredients with respect to “mother nature”. As “pure beauty’ is everything… What’s more, new musicians who make the difference. More than the typical, traditional sounds of Greece. “More than bouzouki”.


on the beach

You get what you pay for!


Where did all these pretty girls hide away? Beware: pricing on the weekends is different to pricing on weekdays Poseidonos Avenue (opposite 62), 210 9855.169

Asteria Glyfadas

Here you can see all the Glyfada crowd and all the wannabie Glyfada residents. Plus all the Dolce and Gabbana outfits of the world. If you ask me, I get enough competition at work, I don’t need to get any more at the beach, thanks! Parking is the only freebie you get here.

Thalassea – Voula Beach

Parents’ fantasy land. Here the parents may at last enjoy a coffee in peace while their toddlers are having fun on the slides.

Vouliagmeni Lake

Rolling in the mud is not only refreshing but also sexy. 210 8962.237,

Asteras Vouliagmenis

Did I say something about competition before? Well, if you don’t measure 90-60-90 don’t even think about it. You might loose your appetite and you will end up dieting on lettuce leaves for the rest of the summer. No way! Also the bill moves up here! 210 8901.694


Remember the comments on the previous beach? Well, this is a totally different beach! Only the parking is free here, Varkiza, 210 8972.414,

Grand Beach Lagonissi

Welcome to Attica’s Miami, Greece. Your greatest choice around!

Karavi – Schinias (Marathonas) How many towels can you lay down on one beach? More than you can imagine! Free admission, minimum consumption is required, 22940 55950

The Bold and the Beautiful Freatyda - Votsalakia If you know how to dive with your nostrils uncovered then here you can find your own training area to become a stunt man. An opportunity for a new career!

Elliniko For the ones who don’t like paying for a swim and a tan.

Kavouri If you don’t go there as a family man with all the paraphernalia including children, colorful spades and buckets, prams, sun umbrellas, baby food in special tupperware, then I can assure you that you will find there a proper girl to settle down with and then you can bring all these lovely things along next year.

Limanakia Vouliagmenis The bold ones will enjoy it. The unlucky ones will end up in the nearest hospital and surely dehydrated.

Legraina A bit further away from town. A girl is gazing at the sea daydreaming, a boy is reading the sports newspaper. A beach for simple boys and girls.

Psatha Just how much noise can a 6 year old make?



Sans Voir Clothing & Accessories by Vaso Benai

“Sans Voir” means playing with eyes wide shut. Vaso Benai is the designer of the brand, a sexy and talented woman that knows very well the market and the needs of her clients. Every piece is unique, the whole collection is chic and greek , and every fashion show a big success. Above all, the clothes are from natural materials. A brand ‘’made in Greece’’ from a Greek and new bussiness woman.



Museum Experience

Museum of Acropolis

In the year 2000, the Organization for the Construction of the New Acropolis Museum announced an invitation to a new tender, which was realized in accord with the Directives of the European Union. It is this Tender that has come to fruition with the awarding of the design tender to Bernard Tschumi with Michael Photiadis and their associates and the completion of construction in 2007. Today, the new Acropolis Museum has a total area of 25,000 square meters, with exhibition space of over 14,000 square meters, ten times more than that of the old museum on the Hill of the Acropolis. The new Museum offers all the amenities expected in an international museum of the 21st century. 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Athens 11742 +30210 9000900 Monday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Last admission: 3:30 p.m.) Tuesday to Sunday: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (Last admission: 7:30 p.m.) Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. (Last admission: 9:30 p.m.) 29

Museum of Cycladic Art A museum that houses in two separate buildings approximately 3.000 objects from all phases of Cycladic, Ancient Greek and Cypriot art, dedicated to the study and promotion of ancients cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, with special emphasis on the Cycladic Art of the 3rd millennium BC. Of special beauty is the glass-roofed corridor, which connects the modern building of Neofytou Douka str. to the 19th century neoclassical Stathatos Mansion, restored as an extension for temporary exhibitions. Opening hours Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00 Thursday: 10:00 - 20:00 Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00 Tuesday: closed There are two entrances to the MCA: Main Building (Permanent Collections) 4 Neophytou Douka st. Stathatos Mansion (Temporary exhibitions) Vasilissis Sophias Ave and 1 Irodotou St.

There is an internal connection between the buildings. Fee includes same day admission to both wings. There is no extra charge for entrance to temporary exhibitions, unless stated otherwise. 30

National Archaeological Museum of Athens The National Archaeological Museum is the largest museum in Greece and one of the world’s great museums. Although its original purpose was to secure all the finds from the nineteenth cen-tury excavations in and around Athens, it gradually became the central National Archaeological Museum and was enriched with finds from all over Greece. Its abundant collections, with more than 11,000 exhibits, provide a panorama of Greek civilization from the beginnings of Pre-history to Late Antiquity. The museum is housed in an imposing neoclassical building of the end of the nineteenth cen-tury, which was designed by L. Lange and remodelled by Ernst Ziller. The vast exhibition space - numerous galleries on each floor accounting for a total of 8,000 square metres house five large permanent collections: •The Prehistoric Collection, which includes works of the great civilizations that developped in the Aegean from the sixth millennium BC to 1050 BC (Neolithic, Cycladic, Mycenaean), and finds from the prehistoric settlement at Thera. •The Sculptures Collection, which shows the development of ancient Greek sculpture from the seventh to the fifth centuries BC with unique masterpieces. •The Vase and Minor Objects Collection, which contains representative works of ancient Greek pottery from the eleventh century BC to the Roman period and includes the Statha-tos Collection, a corpus of minor objects of all periods. •The Metallurgy Collection, with many fundamental statues, figurines and minor objects. •And, finally, the only Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Collection in Greece, with works dating from the pre-dynastic period (5000 BC) to the Roman conquest. Patission (28 October) 44, Victoria +302132144800 Monday 13:00-19:45 Tuesday-Sunday 8:00-14:45


The Byzantine and Christian Museum The Byzantine and Christian Museum, which is based in Athens, is one of Greece’s national museums. Its areas of competency are centred on – but not limited to – religious artefacts of the Early Christian, Byzantine, Medieval, post-Byzantine and later periods which it exhibits, but also acquires, receives, preserves, conserves, records, documents, researches, studies, publishes and raises awareness of school groups (in Greek language) of ever of both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Vasilissis Sofias 22 Kolonaki 213 2139572 Tuesday-Sunday 8:00-15:00 closed Monday 32

A journey into Culture

You never get tired of travelling around in this country. Every island, every village and every rural town here have got a whole story to tell, as long as you have the will to listen to it, to tune in, and grasp the essence. You might spot the story by knowing the people who are different in every village and every town. However, all these people share something in common. They share the same cultural heritage. What has the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation done in the field of cultural heritage? It has joined the dots to create a museum network, that spans all Greece and spreads knowledge and light in an already luminous country of sun.

Silk Museum Soufli

This museum network takes the road less travelled. A few years ago, would it cross your mind that a museum could reside in an industrial plant, an olive press, a warehouse or an old coal mine, instead of in cold marble paved rooms that often bear no connection to the exhibits they host. Nevertheless, what could be more interesting than getting introduced into the history of a location by visiting a place that has left a mark on the area and has defined the area’s present and future! A plain olive press or a plain warehouse could be safeguarding the richest history!

Museum of Marble Crafts Tinos

Many could argue that investing in culture in times of hardship, like the current one, is a luxury. However, in reality, investing in culture is a necessity, indeed a very urgent one, if we want to help ourselves rise up to the surface again. This is the only foundation in Greece that organizes and manages, in close collaboration with the local authorities, and the Ministry of Culture, a model network of seven thematic museums in the Greek hinterlands: the Silk Museum in Soufli, the Open Air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana, the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparta, the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production of Lesvos, 34

Open Air Water Power Museum Dimitsana

Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil Sparta

Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production Lesvos

the Roof tile and Brickworks Museum N. & S. Tsalapatas in Volos, the Museum of Marble Crafts in Tinos, and the Environment Museum of Stymphalia. The network is expected to expand with the Museum of Silver Crafts in Ioannina and the Chios Mastic Museum.

the historical archives that keep reminding us that we, normal people, are capable of creating history too. It is worth mentioning that the Foundation’s Library holds 57,000 Greek and international books.

How can one detach the history of Mitilini and Sparti from olive oil, the history of Volos from roof tiles and bricks, the history of Chios from mastic? How can one visit any of these places and not try these local products? Now, not only can you try these products but also you can watch their history unfolding before your very eyes. You can understand how these products came to life, how much they have changed over the years and how they have managed to give character a whole area! And how these products forged the life, the personality and the everyday life of the inhabitants of these areas. It is a real journey in time! The same rationale is shared among the rest of the activities organized by the Pireaus Bank Group Cultural Foundation. These activities include research and educational programmes, book editions, and activities related to the recovery and management of

Environment Museum Stymphalia

The museums of the Foundation act as hubs of everyday life that “invade” with a multitude of interesting events, the social life of the towns that they occupy and also act as laboratories of knowledge aiming to educate the public in understanding the past and different cultures. At an international level, the Foundation is a member of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and is accredited by UNESCO as a consultant for intangible heritage matters. Due to its remarkable contribution in cultural matters, in 2012, it was awarded the Europa Nostra Award, in the category “Dedicated Service”. If you are in for a web ride, visit their website:

Roof tile and Brickworks Museum Volos 35

OTE Telecommunications Museum The OTE Telecommunications Museum conserves and showcases significant collections, closely linked to the history of Hellenic telecommunications, most certainly of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE), as well as the history of Greece and the development of Greek society. The Museum opened up to the public in 1990 and is housed in a privately owned building, in the district of Nea Kifisia. It is a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums) . The Museum collection of telecommunications exhibits comprises over 4500 items and substantial archival material, among which, manual telephones, Morse telegraphs, a collection of rare telegraphs, wireless communication systems, telephotography devices, teletypes (telex), fibres, as well as one of the first Greek television studios . The Museum main activities, which are offered free of charge, include daily guided tours for schools, university students, other groups and individual visitors. Each year new 36

educational programmes are designed and hosted at the Museum’s premises. Children, teenagers, families and other social groups can enjoy activities and experiments inspired by telecommunications . The OTE Museum of Telecommunications, one of a kind in Greece, is one of the few technology museums, contributing thus to the conservation of our country’s industrial heritage and technological tradition.

USEFUL INFORMATION ADDRESS - CONTACT 25 Proteos str., 145-64 Nea Kifisia Athens Telephone: ++ 30210-6201899 fax: ++ 30 210-8078119 web site : e-mail: OPENING HOURS Monday-Friday: 09:00-16:00 Public Holidays: Closed ADMISSION Free EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES-GUIDED TOURS Programmes are free of charge and address groups of children, schools and adults. Prior booking required. HOW TO GET THERE Closest train station: Kifisia station Bus 504 Thrakomakedones窶適ifissia (circular bus route, from Kifissia train station to Galini stop) Bus 522 Kifisia-Adames A from Kifisia (bus terminal : Train station-5th Nea Kifisia bus stop) Bus 523 Kifisia-Adames B from Kifisia (bus terminal: Train station- Galini bus stop) Bus 721 Kifisia-Acharnes from Kifisia (bus terminal : Platia Platanou- Galini bus stop) 37

Caroline Rovithi visual artist & designer


Caroline Rovithi is a visual artist & designer . She has worked for many years as a creative director for the largest publishing companies in greece. In 2004 she founded the creative agency Unlimited creativity which later (2007) became part of V+O communications ( her latest venture is: “making stories happen” at: An online concept store & gift boutique where she designs & produces high quality & stylish gift items for every occasion.

She started exhibiting her artwork (portfolio : in 2002, and so far she has had 12 exhibitions as a solo artist including her latest at Artexpo New York in March 2011 and participated in 7 group exhibitions. She participated with her paintings in various events such as : “Athens Fashion Week”, “love Day” by Cartier , the “Cowparade Athens 2006” (international public art exhibition that has been featured in major world cities) with 3 “cows” and with 4 “hearts” at the “hearts in Athens – 2008 “ public art event, “1+25 artists “ auction in aid of the Special Olympics and also designed the coke bottle that represents greece in Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta. She has illustrated ,created & published successful books in Greece in co-operation with Fereniki Publications. 39

10 Athenean Houses by Marilena Vainanidi w w w. s p i t i s h o o t . c o m












contemporary greek design . fabulous memorabilia 100 adrianou str. 10556 Plaka Athens . GR . +30 210 3253740 email: .


Technopolis City of Athens

Technopolis City of Athens is a unique cultural complex, which promotes development, heritage, entrepreneurship, education, public awareness and inclusion Technopolis City of Athens has become a hub of cultural events within one of the city’s most important industrial monuments, thus upgrading a historic area of the capital and creating another focal point in the cultural identity of Athens. Every year, a wide variety of cultural events are held in Technopolis: music, dance, theatre and performing arts, plastic and applied arts, educational programs for children, temporary exhibitions, as well as initiatives for the development of entrepreneurship and the promotion of innovation, attracting over 700,000 visitors annually. Technopolis City of Athens offers quality entertainment, educational and cultural activities in reasonable prices while at the same time it supports the social work of the city’s major organizations. The gradual transformation of the Technopolis site into a hub of diverse events and activities combined with the newly designed Museum Path offers visitors the chance to stroll in an area full of images, knowledge and feelings. The charm of another era transpired by the imposing gasholders, the chimneys and the old retorts adds a special quality to every event or activity that takes place in it. Sunday January 27, 2013, was the grand opening of the Industrial Gas Museum in Technopolis. The objective of the Museum is to highlight-illuminate unknown till now aspects of the modern and contemporary history of Athens, as well as to supplement the capital’s large network of archaeological museums. This way Technopolis acquires a dual function; as a hub of cultural and artistic events and as the first Industrial Gas Museum, whose history is so interconnected with a major chapter of the history of Athens. Monday May 5, 2014, Technopolis inaugurated INNOVATHENS, a Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. INNOVATHENS aims at supporting the creation of a network where creative people with innovative ideas, well established entrepreneurs, academics, mentors and researchers exchange knowledge, stimuli, technical know-how, experience and good practices through professional meetings, lectures, presentations, workshops, career & entrepreneurship days, competitions and innovation festivals. Technopolis City of Athens: 100 Pireos Street, Gazi, (+30) 210 3475518, (+30) 210 3453548

September Tuesday 1st Dimos Anastasiadis & special guests Wednesday 2nd Fotini Velesiotou Thurday 3rd Sokratis Malamas Friday 4th Breakin’ Mozart Monday 7th Foivos Delivorias Wednesday 9th Hainides Friday 11th Pavlos Pavlidis & the B-Movies Sunday 13th Athens Skirt Ride Sunday 13 th Alkiviadis Konstantopoulos “A crazy-crazy ABC” Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th Giannis Haroulis Friday 18th until Sunday 20th 6th Athens Bike Festival Friday 25th until Sunday 27th InHeritage Sautday 26th & Sunday 27th Athens Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival October Thurday 1st - Sunday 4th Disrupt Startup ScaleUP Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th The Meet Market Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th Break the Chain Festival

A fascinating journey - glAss by glAssinto the mAgicAl world of greek wine

greek wine tasting from 13:00 to 20:00

Travel all around Greece, from North to South and from the Ionian islands to the Aegean sea, glass by glass. Get to know the Greek wines, vineyards and a tradition of more than 4.000 years in winemaking. Taste 8 unique wines made from indigenous grape varieties and take a journey over unspoiled islands, emerald seas, picturesque villages, high mountains, rivers and lakes.

2 A.DiAkou & Porinou str., Athens Metro Station “acropoliS� RESERVATIONS tel.: +30 2109227050 Winepoint . Athens

w w w. g re e k w i n et a s t i n g . e u


Yannis Sergakis Adornments

Yannis Sergakis is the descendant of a well-established family of Greek diamond traders. He was drawn into the alluring world of precious stones while still a child, when he spent hours observing his uncles in their showroom. Soon, Yannis began collecting and trading jewels. Much later, he realized that his true passion was not collecting but creating jewellery. Not a conventional route, but one that indicates his deep love and appreciation for the fine art of jewellery.

After studying gemology and design at the Gemological Institute of America, Yannis Sergakis worked as a trader alongside his family until 2004, when he set up his own business. More interested in creating exquisite jewels than signing them, he started collaborating with renowned jewellery houses in Greece and abroad. Over thirty collections later, with the maturity of a designer who has spent a decade honing his craft and the assertiveness of someone whose sought after pieces sell at the world’s most exclusive boutiques, Yannis Sergakis has taken the most important step yet – creating his own signature line. 57

Eclectic Flavours Food Products

EON Flavours is a range of products by Eclectic Flavours, made with superior-category, highest quality extra-virgin and organic extra-virgin Greek oil. Eclectic Flavours deeply supports the spread of high quality products coming from various parts of the Greek land. As the prestigious Greek olive oil constitutes an irreplaceable edible for centuries, our brand is and will keep reinforcing its emergence. EON originally meant “life” or “being” and over time it was understood to mean “age”, “forever” or “for eternity”. It is a Latin transliteration from the koine Greek word αιών (ho aion), from the archaic αιών (aiwon). Eclectic Flavours deeply supports the spread of high quality products coming from various parts of the Greek land. As the prestigious Greek olive oil constitutes an irreplaceable edible for centuries, our brand is and will keep reinforcing its emergence. 58


LIKE US: Prosopa restaurant - official


Four alternative neighborhoods in Athens

The alternative neighborhoods in downtown Athens are waiting for you to discover them! Exceptional cafÊs, bistros, contemporary art galleries, restaurants, little patisseries with homemade sweets, traditional Greek kafeneia, vintage shops, bookshops, antique shops, and countless other options lie within the colorful neighborhoods of downtown Athens. Should you like to experience the authentic Athens, follow this guide‌


The Koukaki neighborhood (Syngrou-Fix Metro Station – Athens Metro Line 2) houses a lot of traditional Greek kafeneia that serve Greek coffee and the dish of the day. You will also find there many cocktail bars, fish and chips, Mexican cuisine and other kinds of street food, and even one underground club with a drag show! The Acropolis Museum is a major attraction of the area. In the autumn, the National Museum of Contemporary Art is expected to opens its doors to the public. Last but not least, a walk up to Filopappou Hill is worth the effort because it offers a panoramic view of the city.



The Petralona area which lies southwest of the Acropolis (Petralona Metro Station – Athens Metro Line 1) has many little restaurants that serve homemade dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine as well as unusual delicacies not to be found anywhere else. Athenians visit often the Petralona restaurants because they are famous for their tasty dishes and their reasonable prices. In Petralona you may also try Greek wine made by local producers and admire the neoclassical style houses at the upper reaches of the neighborhood. Of course you may also enjoy a classic film at the famous open-air cinema Cine Zefyros.


Pagrati In Pagrati (Evangelismos Metro Station, – Line 3), besides the monumental Kallimarmaro Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games took place, you will find the favorite haunts of artists, musicians, writers, journalists and other notorious Athenians. Amongst them there are restaurants that offer dishes by well known chefs and pop culture bars with unconventional aesthetics. It is worthwhile to make a visit to the parks of Pagrati, to the Byzantine and Christian Museum or to the garden of the Athens Conservatory where dancers and street artists do their rehearsal.



Kerameikos (Kermeikos metro Station – Line 3) was named after the unique archaeological site of the area which used to be the cemetery of ancient Athens. The neighborhood is also known as “Gazi” because of an old gas plant now transformed into “Technopolis” which is a hub of cultural events. There you can enjoy concerts by Greek and international artists, exhibitions, festivals, bazaars or visit the Industrial Gas Museum. Above all, Kerameikos area I famous because the nightlife there goes on until early in the morning. It has a variety of cafés, restaurants, stages for live performances, gay clubs, clubs with Greek dancing music and lots of bars that offer strong alcohol!


This Summer, everybody is out… in the Garden of the Concert Hall!

There is a Garden in the city which is in full bloom all year round and every summer welcomes our favourite artists and promises cool, starlit nights, full of melodies. For the sixth summer in a row, the heart of music beats strong in the heart of Athens: in the Garden of the Concert Hall! Let’s lie on the grass, let’s sip our drinks, let’s meet up with dear friends to dance, dream, and fill our hearts with nostalgia, along with the musicians of the city. This summer there will be accomplished Greek performers in the Garden and for the first time, there will be classical music… outdoors. Every Wednesday in the Garden, small and big music ensembles will perform favourite classics. We will celebrate in the Garden the Day of Music, this big European fiesta, in a glorious way with lots of music. The day will end with a big party!

Athens State Orchestra “The charm of the voice: Extracts from treasured operas and operettas” Wednesday, September 2, at 8:30pm Thanos Mikroutsikos’ concert Friday, September 4, at 8:30pm Nikos Portokaloglou & Winged Guitars Monday September 7, at 8:30pm “Βella Italia” Soprano Natalia Kantzia Tenoro Yiannis Christopoulos ATTIKA Plucked Strings Orchestra Wednesday September 9, at 8:30pm Dimitra Galani in the Concert Hall Garden Featuring Giota Negka Friday September 11, at 8:30pm Marietta Fafouti “GOLD” Opening Angelika Dusk Sunday September 13, at 8:30pm Mariza Rizou “A moment in the Garden’s light” Monday September 14, at 8:30pm “Nocturnal Confession” With Dora Bakopoulos piano Ioulita Eliopoulou, Dimitris Katalifos recitation Wednesday September 16, at 8:30pm Alkinoos Ioannidis Friday September 18, at 8:30pm Giorgos Andreou, Tania Tsanakllidou, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Rita Antonopoulou Wednesday September 23, at 8:30pm Panos Mouzourakis’ concert Participants: Pantelis Abazis, Eleonora Zouganeli, Kostis Maraveyas, Lavrentis Machairitsas, Lakis Papadopoulos Friday September 25, at 8:30 pm

Open Air Cinemas

Cine Dexameni

The open air cinema Cine Dexameni, established in 1905, is a small, cool oasis in the heart of the city. It resides in a setting that is reminiscent of a charming Greek island in miniature. An ideal Athenian spot to enjoy the wonders of the Seventh Art, sipping a drink and the scent of jasmine. This historic Kolonaki cinema used to house the traditional Greek shadow theater. Then, in 1991, the officers of the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP) decided to bring back the days of glory and they converted the place into an open air cinema, which is operating up until today. The cinema sits on top of an ancient aqueduct; the name “Dexameni� means reservoir in Greek. Plateia Dexamenis, Kolonaki Telephone +30210 3623942 & +30210 3602363. 70

Cine Thisio

Cine Thisio, established in 1935, is one of the oldest open air cinemas in Athens. Every spring and summer, it serves as the regular meeting point for open air cinema lovers. There, they can enjoy the new releases as well as old classics in an exquisite spot in the historic center of Athens. After all these years, Cine Thisio still maintains its traditional charm, offering luxuriant surroundings and a magical view of the Parthenon. It is no accident that it was declared the best open air cinema in the world by CNN (February 2012) and then also was mentioned as “the most spectacular outdoor movie theater in the world� by Christian Blauvelt, editor of BBC. For those who wish to thrill their eyes and mind as well as their palate, they can try a plethora of sour cherry treats, homemade liqueur with brown sugar or an ice cold soft drink at the cinema snack bar. Greek cheese pie, fish roe from Mesolongi with a sip of homemade tsipouro from Agrinio are also good savoury alternatives. Apostolou Pavlou 7, Thisio Telephone: +302103420864, +302103470980 Mobile: +306943828371 & +306986849589 | 71

Cine Aegli

1903 was the year that marked the first screening with a French film at Cine Aegli. Cine Aegli is set in a verdant garden with excellent acoustics and provides tasty treats at the snack bar combined with great customer service. All this renders the historic Cine Aegli the ideal spot to find everything that an open air cinema can offer. Spectators may opt for a one off experience by choosing a more private screening on the little balcony, where they can have food and drinks. Of course, people visiting Cine Aegli may also visit the adjoining, famous Aegli cafĂŠ or the Aegli restaurant, before or after the screening. Zappeion Garden, entrance at Vasilissis Olgas Telephone +302103369300 72

Ciné Paris Ciné Paris opened its doors to the public for the first time in 1920. The idea of an outdoor movie theater came from a Greek hairdresser who had spent a lot of years of his life in Paris and he had dreamt of connecting Athens and Paris through the cinema. Thus, a building that housed both an indoor and an outdoor movie theater was built in the early ‘60s. However, in the late ‘60s the complex was closed due to the crisis that overcame outdoor movies theaters. In 1986, the open air cinema re-opened under new management and since that time has offered screenings in Plaka, one of the most charming neighborhoods of Athens, right under the Acropolis. The spectators enjoy a magical view of Athens up on the “Roof Garden” of Ciné Paris. A great idea for a summer night in downtown Athens. Kydathineon 22 Athens, Plaka Telephone +302103222071 & +30210-3248057


Laḯs – Greek Film Archive

The building that houses the open air cinema today used to have different storage and industrial uses in the past. Up to 2003, it used to house a petroleum products warehouse and a car repair workshop. The Laḯs building, which is a listed building, combines two different features. The ground floor is an example of an industrial building, whereas the open air cinema on the rooftop incorporates elements of popular eclecticism. Inside the building of the Greek Film Archive, the sound, picture and other screening equipment is designed to meet the highest standards used in today’s leading movie theaters and film archives in European capitals. The equipment of the building was designed so as to make possible the screening of any type of film, video or digital image in the auditoria, the reading room or the library. Visitors, besides enjoying the screenings at the open air cinema (250 seats), may admire various exhibits of the Museum of Cinematography (e.g. old projectors, audiovisual viewer), use the library and the digital reading room, the two foyers, the snack bar and the small gift shop. An attractive package in one of the most lively districts of Athenian nightlife. Iera Odos 48 & Megalou Alexandrou 134-135 Kerameikos, Athens Telephone: +30210 3609695 & +30210 3612046 74

5th Athens Open Air Film Festival

Having won the first prize at the Tourism Awards 2015, in the Cultural Tourism category, the Athens Open Air Film Festival returns in Athenian neighborhoods for the 5th year in a row! From June to September, the festival organizers find beautiful spots all over the Greek capital and they reveal the beauty of them by organizing screenings, concerts, visual arts happenings and other free interactive events. Events location: Downtown Athens / Open air Cinemas / Akadimia Platonos Park/ Ermou pedestrian precinct/ Plateia Avdi, Metaxourgio/ Dionysiou Areopagitou / Museum courtyards The events organized by the Athens Open Air Film Festival include: • Film screenings • Concerts • Interactive events • Participation of artists from various areas of art 75

• Visual arts happenings by young artists Program: Classic films of international filmography, Greek films, films from diverse thematic categories, and silent movies accompanied by a live musical performance. The 5th Athens Open Air Film Festival is an institution that celebrates the art of cinema, yet invites other forms of art to join in the celebration. Greek beauty Premiere: This year, in order to celebrate its fifth anniversary, the Athens Open Air Film Festival raises the curtain with a unique event combining the projection of a classic silent film with a live musical performance at a location which hasn’t been revealed yet. Information Telephone +302106061413















TRIANONCINEMA TRIANONCINEMA yesterday, today, forever

The magic world of cinema, at home in Athens. Trianon cinema, one of the oldest classic cinema houses of Greece is the first and only one with electric roof that opens during summer. Trianon continues on its arthouse path inviting films from all over the world. Open since morning, waiting for you to explore its library with rare books about the filmmaking universe, having two special screenings every night, it is a great option for cinema lovers who want to have an unforgettable experience.

Trianon Cinema, Kodrigktonos 34 Str. (Victoria Metro Station) | Tel. 2108215469,


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