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What you are now holding in your hands is a tourist guide that wants to accompany you during your vacation. Inside it you will find alternative suggestions, Athens’ secrets, colorful people and some ideas that can make your journey magical! We hope that your decision coming to Athens won’t disappoint you in any way. This city can offer you everything: from a relaxing stroll around the historical city centre to philosophical search inside archaeological places that are of unspeakable worth. Of course you can keep yourself cool at the seaside of Athens or in a pool at a hotel of the centre. Also, you will definitely find special choices for shopping, from vintage shops to big fashion show rooms. To end, your nights in Athens will be memorable! They are cheerful, with music and amazing cocktails that you can enjoy either at a beach party or in a roof garden with the view of Acropolis right in front you! The choices are countless and the Athenians are really happy that you are here! That’s why in this editorial four of them are welcoming you in their city and they describe all the things that they love in Athens in the summertime:

my athens

Asteropi Lazaridou Journalist - Theatre Writer

Athens is the most beautiful-ugly city of all ages. And this summer is clearer than ever. I don’t like vacation and the obsessive tendency to party wild like there is no tomorrow or like we weren’t alive all the previous days. I rarely leave Athens during summer and I stay behind in order to enjoy it and explore it just the way I want. Summer cinemas are of priceless meaning to me. It’s not important what movie you will watch, as long as you have a beloved friend next to you drinking a cold beer and complaining about being stung by mosquitoes. In summer I like feeling and behaving like I am a tourist in my own city. I walk around Plaka, I taste strange flavors of ice cream, I laugh when I see waiters carrying trays with huge Greek salads on top of them and I like ending up my stroll at the pedestrian area of Aeropagitou, gazing at the musicians while having a quick look at Acropolis- “Oh, what a relief –it’s still there! Something should stay stable in this life”. Food and wine are very good friends. At the “Proskopoi” square we may find a table that we will share with friends and after a couple of hours we will try to book tickets while being drunk for a destination that we will never see. In Summer, while everyone else is being burnt under the sun somewhere far away from Athens, I prefer walking for hours, either on my own or with my friends and consider of the kill like it’s New years’ Eve...

Panagiotis Ntaikos

my athens

Media Strategist - Manager Let’s get lost in the long midday. Suddenly, It’s summer again. I want to get lost, among the dancing crowd Pavlos Pavlidis- Summer I f I had to describe what summer in the city centre means to me, I would describe it with Pavlos Pavlidis’ lyrics above. For me, summer in Athens is a long, hot midday. Those midday hours when concrete is burning and you are in an air conditioned room, but then, you decide to wear a hat and start walking, searching for an oasis of cool breeze, by drinking beer with friends in the centre. Summer’s sun transforms Athens- it makes it even more beautiful, more seductive. Summer nights smell like jasmine and citronella, they are just magical and you will definitely want them to last forever. Lovely strolls are at summer cinemas, cafes with small yards or rooftops and pavements with pillows that you can sit on for hours and observe people. Personally, as a man that lately moved into a house in the city centre, I guarantee: Like Athens, nowhere.

Maria Branidou

Actress - Psychodramatist I love summer cinemas in Athens during summer! I like watching old black and white movies.- and not only. I think I can watch everything! I always leap at the chance of watching ancient drama at Irodeio or Epidavros. Those plays fascinate me! I like the yards in the city and squares wherever they are- as long as it is cool and full of space. Cold “Margaritas” with ice are of my liking too! Last but not least, I like my balcony, sitting till late at night with my friends, chatting and watching at the lit up Lycavitos.

my athens

Philip Ioannou Student

Athens, the city of contrast! Athens, with its beautiful, picturesque cobbled alleys, and the summer seaside. Athens of peace and quiet contrary to the intense and adventurous nightlife. Illuminated Athens through its historical monuments, architecture, cultural centers as well as its natural beauty: sea, parks, hills, squares. The contrary side is the scandalous and rebellious nightlife that you can find out in bars and in cozy, welcoming tavernas. Athens.. with its delicious food and colorful cold cocktails. Athens, with its friendly, welcoming people that although the financial and social difficulties, they know how to have fun and enjoy every moment. My Athens is colorful, bright, happy, alive. There is a flame that is burning people’s souls. Athens is my city and I love it for what it is. Even more now that it is summer!

Athens in two days

Day One Start your day early in Syntagma Square. See the changing of the guard in front of the House of Parliament (on the hour) and walk along Amalias Avenue. Enter the National Gardens, pass Zappeion and head towards the Panathenaic Stadium. Walk down Vasilissis Olgas Avenue, pass Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus and cross to Plaka. Allow yourself to wander around its picturesque meandering streets and stop for a coffee at one of the numerous cafés. Walk along pedestrianised Dionisiou Areopagitou street, climb the Acropolis hill and enjoy the pride of western civilisation. Once you’re done with the sacred rock head to the new Acropolis Museum before you stop for a late lunch-Greek style somewhere around Thissio station. Afternoon is time to visit Kerameikos with its ancient cemetery, the Ancient Agora and the bustling and quaint Monastiraki Flea Market. Have an aperitif at nearby Psirri district and round off the evening with a late dinner accompanied by live Greek music, or head to Gazi where you can combine dinner with late drinks.

Day Two

Begin early in the day at the top end of Ploutarchou Street in Kolonaki, from where you will board the scenic funicular (runs every half hour) or walk the lovely pinelined pedestrianised path up Lycabettus hill (about 300m). Take in the breathtaking views of the Acropolis and the panorama of Athens and the Saronic Gulf sprawled at your feet. Seize the opportunity to visit the historic white-washed church of Saint George crowning the hill before taking the funicular back down. Make your way to Panepistimio station and board the metro to Victoria, from where you will cross to the National Archaeological Museum. Allow at least two hours for your visit, before stopping for light lunch at the Museum restaurant or at one of the numerous bohemian establishments lining alternative Exarchia Square. Board the metro to Syntagma station, where you will change to the Tram that will take you down to Athens’ southern coastal suburbs. Enjoy your leisurely ride, taking in the golden sea views along the way. Get off at ‘Parko Flisvou’ stop in Paleo Faliro and walk along the seaside palm-lined esplanade, stopping off for a coffee at one of the numerous cafés (we recommend a freddocinno!) and, why not, a dip in the sea. Enjoy lounging at the beach before taking the Tram back to downtown Athens and rounding the day off with dinner somewhere around Monastiraki Station with its numerous lively live-music establishments or, if posh dining is more up your street, head to classy Kolonaki Square.

Extra Hot Tips

-A one-day travel pass is valid on all modes of transport: Metro, bus and trolley. -If you’re coming from Port of Piraeus, simply take the Green Line metro from Piraeus to Monastiraki – no changes are necessary. In about 20 minutes you’re in the city centre. -Athens “fast food” is the infamous souvlaiki: Whilst not strictly healthy, it’s delicious and makes an authentic change from the Western-style burger meal. -Wear comfortable trainers for walking. -Carry plenty of drinking water with you. If you run out, bottled water is cheap.

Half an hour away from Athens

Who said that if you are in the city centre you can’t be in the perfect place for vacation? The region of Athens gives you a lot of alternative choices for those that want to go for vacation close to the city. Agkistri, a small island in the South of Athens and Eleusina, the historical town in the West side of the capital city are definitely the perfect choices, because they combine all you need for a beautiful weekend!

Agistri In fifty minutes away from Piraeus port, you can go the earthly paradise that will absolutely impress you! Agistri is the perfect destination for peaceful and cool summer vacation for a couple of days or more. The main characteristic of this island is the huge extends of pine trees touching the clear, blue waters of the sea- literally! Nature is raging here all along the island, and its culture, the peace and quiet that is offers, the traditional color, the nightlife, are of great value. The general view that this island represents is totally different than the one represented by other islands that are full of massive tourism, since it is one of the latest romantic destinations in Greece. It is also important that Agkistri is a place that many artists and people of Letters adore. At the port of the island which is called Skala, you will find hotels, rooms to rent, traditional restaurants and tourist shops. A good choice would be walking around the surrounding villages and rent a bike or a motorbike that are available at the port. Furthermore, you can explore Skala with the tourist train of the community in the narrow streets of the area. Agkistri is well-known for its campers too. Many people do visit the island for camping at the hidden beaches, having the chance to relax and enjoy nature, swim freely in the long -full of sand beaches. Of course there is an organized camping area. There is one more nice idea like going around the island with tourist boats since the critical geographic position of it gives you chances for more excursions to Aigina or Epidavros. Agistri is for sure very charming and makes you want to visit it again and again in order to feel the peace of Greek summer and to relax!

THE CITY If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city center you can always drive for 30 minutes and find yourself in one of the most beautiful and diverse suburban areas of Athens. In antiquity, Elefsina constituted, along with Athens, Olympia, Delphi and Delos one of the holy cities of Ancient Greece and also the ending point of the Sacred Way. In the 80s the industrial development of the city began. Nowadays Elefsina has grown up into a city that blends ancient, industrial, urban and cultural elements, in which the visitor can enjoy extraordinary walks while making something out of the experience. THE ANCIENT CITY OF ELEUSIS The Elefsina sanctuary was one of the most important religious centers of the ancient world, from the Mycenaean period to the end of the 4th century. A.D. . There, the goddess Demeter was faithfully worshiped as the goddess of the renewal of nature. The Eleusinian Mysteries were a celebration and a sacramental ceremony, held at Eleusis in honor of Demeter and Persephone. Admittedly, this was the holiest and most respected ceremony in all of ancient Greece, a celebration which demanded absolute secrecy. THE MODERN SIDE OF ELEFSINA When it comes to modern day Elefsina, visitors have a chance to walk its picturesque streets, stride in cobbled alleyways full of coffee shops, restaurants and local taverns facing the imposing archaeological site whilst offering a variety of traditional Mediterranean tastes. Perhaps the evening is the ideal time to see the real face of the city, after having visited the cultural sites and are craving a moment of relaxation. As you are walking on Nikolaidou Street from the beach to the city center, you will come across taverns, pubs, jazz clubs and wine bars that can fulfill your every desire, always welcoming visitors with their doors open.

ELEUSIS AESCHYLIA FESTIVAL The Aeschylia festival, whose name in honor of Aeschylus, has been the leading cultural event of Eleusis since 1975 and takes place in September, in the same period that the Eleusinian Mysteries were held in ancient times. In 2015 the festival was awarded by the European Festival Association with the quality label of the «EFFE» program (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe), which aims to unify festivals with significant artistic contribution across Europe. Most of the festival’s events take place in an abandoned industrial site, the Old Oil Industry building in Eleusis beach, which shows the close historical connection of the city with the industrial activity of modern Greece. The main program consist of a large number of events from many fields of arts such as theater, concerts, dance, art exhibitions, installations, performance s, video arts and cinema by many famous Greek and foreign artists. ELEUSIS 2021 Greece is proud to host the event of European Capital of Culture for 2021, and Elefsina has received a well-deserved candidacy for the part, competing against Rhodes and Kalamata. Its campaign, Eleusis 2021 has been designed to prove precisely why Elefsina is the ideal candidate to contribute to the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe and highlight the common cultural features of Europeans. The main idea of the Eleusis program is summarized in the phrase «Transition to EUphoria». The vision for the artistic program is incited by the challenge of sustainability, and nourished by the belief that art and culture are the “keys” to building a sustainable future.

Imam Baildi around the world playing Greek music!

Their name originates from the traditional food that all people love in Greece. It’s summer, juicy, with a mixture of fresh vegetables, mush and spices. It’s exactly the same with that specific band! It’s fresh and young. It mixes up with great ease old classical Greek songs from the decade of 50’s and 60’s with contemporary sounds as well as hip hop, electronic music and Greek bouzouki. For this reason, by combining East and West, past and present, they have turned out to be one of the most favorite bands in Greece that participates in plenty of festivals around the world creating big musical Greek parties! If you ever come by any of their concerts it would be a great chance to go and have a splendid time! --What is the most special trait of Greek music that makes it different? Greek music itself is a unique mixture of East and West. When a foreigner listens to Greek music, they can identify sounds that are more exotic but at the same time they can understand them because these sounds have a lot in common with East’s tradition. We believe that the combination of exotic with common sound makes Greek music charming in foreign listeners’ ears. How would you characterize your music? It is very difficult to categorize our type of music because it depends on the song that we choose to prepare. The style might be totally different- hip hop, Latin, electronic music etc. As a consequence, our music is a mixture of different sounds and styles compared to the old Greek sounds. How does it feel travelling around the world and playing Greek music? We have been to 22 countries and have felt –everywhere- that Greek music is approved and beloved by all. Especially when it comes to the songs that we play, people understand when they listen to a mixture of old and new sounds and they like that it comes from songs mainly unknown to them. Audience abroad, and especially in Southern Europe, when they go to a concert, they are determined to have fun. So, they focus on the concert from the beginning and when the band is cheerful and energetic there is feedback. Even when they don’t know some songs’ lyrics, the energy of a band and the feeling coming out of the music is an international language itself. From our point of view we feel very lucky to visit new places, meet new people and listen to different music. It helps us to become better.

What is the most famous song in your concerts? “Akrogialies deilina” is a song that carries people away in concerts in Greece and abroad. They often ask to play the song “Simeioma” (The note*) that makes us really happy, because its composition is ours. People get really excited and start dancing in the part of the program with Dj Set with MC Yinka. Is there a place or a festival that has made the most intense impression on you? Concerts are always a surprise for both audience and artists. You might go to a place that doesn’t seem interesting and still have a splendid time because the concert was good and the «chemistry” with the audience was amazing. Of course, big festivals like Roskilde, Lowlands and Sziget that we have been to, have a great atmosphere. A small live concert in a beach during summer can also be that good. What would you recommend a tourist to see in Athens? We would recommend walking along the narrow paths of the historical triangle Syntagma- Omonoia- Monastiraki which is the old business centre of Athens. You can find historical shops with other modern places created by young people the last few years. Which part of Greece do you choose for your vacation? There are plenty of places that can’t be counted which are beautiful just because they are not so touristic and have a pure and authentic side. What should be mentioned and everyone should try to do is to meet the people of the place they visit, because they can tell them useful secrets of that place. Where can somebody find you? Until the middle of September we have approximately 20 concerts around Greece and Cyprus. All our concerts can be found at: and in our official Facebook page.

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Vintage M a r ke t s 21


Being one of the first to bring second hand and vintage clothes from Amsterdam, “Yesterday’s Bread” shop is a Mekka for the experienced fashionista, the punk youngster, the free spirited hippie girl, vintage-loving women who long to live in other eras or any person who wishes to dress in quality garments, yet with low prices. The iconic shop is located in Kallidromiou street in the midst of Exarcheia region, and has become a sort of sartorial temple for the underground subcultures of Athens. One can find a variety of items, such as jeans (all sizes and styles), 60’s and 70’s dresses, men’s clothes, vintage pieces by classic brands (some of which are obsolete now), leather goods as well as all kinds of shoes varying from Doc Martens, Converse All stars, VANS, to Swedish clogs, british loafers and brogues, and oh so many more. If you like making cultural statements with your personal style, or if you’re in need of shorts due to extreme Greek summer heat, just drop by our shop and we will gladly assist you. Kallidromiou 87-89 Athens, Greece +3021 0881 1233


Coo is a retro, design shop in the heart of Athens, very near Monastiraki Metro Station. The owners, Antonis Vasiliou and Giannis Vangelakis, have a background in graphic arts and photography respectively and have an experience of many years in design and decoration. They have chosen to collect and refurbish household items of decorative or utilitarian value, lighting fittings, occasional furniture and home accessories from the past decades (‘50s–’80s). In a quaint ambience you can choose among high quality items that characterized past decades, items that bring back memories, items that range between the wonderfully chick and the kitsch either because they are collectible or because they are really cheerful. Karori 13 Athens, Greece +30697 210 2309



Retrosexual Vintage Shop has a great selection of vintage objects from all around the world. Among them there are authentic designer pieces from past decades (‘20s-’90s) in absolutely mint condition. All items are for sale as well as for rent and many of them have already been used as backdrop for shooting film scenes, retro photos etc. Joe Pepe along with το Retrosexual Vintage Shop team of researchers and craftsmen are responsible for refurbishing the merchandise. They also undertake projects of interior architecture, product design and event organizing. Retrosexual Vintage Shop’s purpose is to communicate the vintage culture and the vintage aesthetics. In this context, they endeavor to restore every object in a proper way, to study its provenance, and to keep the prices at reasonable levels. “Retrosexual is not just a shop, it is an existential experience. We consider ourselves a team that studies romanticism and attempts to recall it. Our goal is to give a new impetus to the values of the past and to leave behind overconsumerism and impersonal transactions. Plunging into the past we draw inspiration for the future”. Ageias Eirinis 3 Athens ,Greece tel: 210 5451553

O l i v e Garden


This summer, Olive Garden restaurant takes us through the “Tastes of Greece”, a journey to the exquisite Greek products. The Olive Garden menu is based on the Greek products PDO (protected designation of origin) and PGI (protected geographical indication). You can taste the refined flavors or enjoy our signature cocktails at the brand new outdoor bar. Acropolis, Lycabettus Hill, Hymettus, Parnitha or the Saronic Sea? From whichever point you choose, the 11th floor of the Titania hotel, offers the most magnificent and panoramic view of Athens! The Olive Garden is ideal for enjoyable evenings where below the city lights, play the most important part, you can savor the romantic atmosphere until 2:00 a.m., where the roof garden bar remains open. Relax, enjoy, taste. From this point the city seems magical and life more beautiful! Opening hours: Olive Garden Restaurant: 11.00am – 12.30am / Bar: 10.00am – 02.00am Beverage prices start from 8€ - Food prices start from 18€ Reservations: +30 210 33 26 260

on the beach


You get what you pay for!


Where did all these pretty girls hide away? Beware: pricing on the weekends is different to pricing on weekdays Poseidonos Avenue (opposite 62), 210 9855.169

Asteria Glyfadas

Here you can see all the Glyfada crowd and all the wannabie Glyfada residents. Plus all the Dolce and Gabbana outfits of the world. If you ask me, I get enough competition at work, I don’t need to get any more at the beach, thanks! Parking is the only freebie you get here.

Thalassea – Voula Beach

Parents’ fantasy land. Here the parents may at last enjoy a coffee in peace while their toddlers are having fun on the slides.

Vouliagmeni Lake

Rolling in the mud is not only refreshing but also sexy. 210 8962.237,

Asteras Vouliagmenis

Did I say something about competition before? Well, if you don’t measure 90-60-90 don’t even think about it. You might loose your appetite and you will end up dieting on lettuce leaves for the rest of the summer. No way! Also the bill moves up here! 210 8901.694


Remember the comments on the previous beach? Well, this is a totally different beach! Only the parking is free here, Varkiza, 210 8972.414,

Grand Beach Lagonissi

Welcome to Attica’s Miami, Greece. Your greatest choice around!

Karavi – Schinias (Marathonas) How many towels can you lay down on one beach? More than you can imagine! Free admission, minimum consumption is required, 22940 55950

The Bold and the Beautiful Freatyda - Votsalakia If you know how to dive with your nostrils uncovered then here you can find your own training area to become a stunt man. An opportunity for a new career!

Elliniko For the ones who don’t like paying for a swim and a tan.

Kavouri If you don’t go there as a family man with all the paraphernalia including children, colorful spades and buckets, prams, sun umbrellas, baby food in special tupperware, then I can assure you that you will find there a proper girl to settle down with and then you can bring all these lovely things along next year.

Limanakia Vouliagmenis The bold ones will enjoy it. The unlucky ones will end up in the nearest hospital and surely dehydrated.

Legraina A bit further away from town. A girl is gazing at the sea daydreaming, a boy is reading the sports newspaper. A beach for simple boys and girls.

Psatha Just how much noise can a 6 year old make?

Couleur Locale

The Coffee-Bar ‘’Couleur Locale’’ is located in the centre of Athens, near Monastiraki square. It is distinguished for its breathtaking view from its RoofGarden, where you can admire the impressive hill of the Acropolis. In ‘’Couleur Locale’’ you can enjoy the best of services from our experienced and friendly staff and taste all kinds of coffee and cocktail as well as appetizing dishes. The familiar and unique environment will make you feel at home within a few minutes. Discover it! Normanou 3, Athens Monastiraki +30 2167004917


Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil In 2006 “Moires” was registered in Greece as a family business but our love in olive tree inspired us to be turned into a bigger professional company which mainly exports a unique Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil called “Moires”. “Moires” are known as the Fates who were three mythological goddesses. The uniqueness of the Greek mythology reminds us of the uniqueness of the premium quality of our extra virgin olive oil. Following the tradition of thousand years, we joined our forces with local farmers and a group of expert agriculturists to produce an unique Extra Virgin olive under strict specifications and supervising in order to ensure the high quality of the product according to eco-friendly methods. “Moires” is a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is produced by cold extraction, with Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O)- Kalamata, exclusively from handpicked selected ”Koroneiki” olives from certified producers which contain high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants. It is such a fruity oil with grassy tones and a peppery punch. Its acidity is less than 0.5%. We store our Olive Oils in stainless steel, to preserve their individual flavors ensuring the freshness available for a long time. “Moires” Extra virgin Olive Oil concerns to people who want to taste an excellent quality product for themselves and their children. “Moires” Extra virgin Olive Oil was awarded a Gold medal of the Terraolivo Competition which is the most important international Olive Oil competition in the area of the eastern Mediterranean and Asia because of the number of 500 samples from more than 60 production areas. #Be Smart, Eat Smart


Museum Experience

Museum of Acropolis

In the year 2000, the Organization for the Construction of the New Acropolis Museum announced an invitation to a new tender, which was realized in accord with the Directives of the European Union. It is this Tender that has come to fruition with the awarding of the design tender to Bernard Tschumi with Michael Photiadis and their associates and the completion of construction in 2007. Today, the new Acropolis Museum has a total area of 25,000 square meters, with exhibition space of over 14,000 square meters, ten times more than that of the old museum on the Hill of the Acropolis. The new Museum offers all the amenities expected in an international museum of the 21st century. 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Athens 11742 +30210 9000900 Monday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Last admission: 3:30 p.m.) Tuesday to Sunday: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (Last admission: 7:30 p.m.) Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. (Last admission: 9:30 p.m.)

Museum of Cycladic Art A museum that houses in two separate buildings approximately 3.000 objects from all phases of Cycladic, Ancient Greek and Cypriot art, dedicated to the study and promotion of ancients cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, with special emphasis on the Cycladic Art of the 3rd millennium BC. Of special beauty is the glass-roofed corridor, which connects the modern building of Neofytou Douka str. to the 19th century neoclassical Stathatos Mansion, restored as an extension for temporary exhibitions. Opening hours Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00 Thursday: 10:00 - 20:00 Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00 Tuesday: closed There are two entrances to the MCA: Main Building (Permanent Collections) 4 Neophytou Douka st. Stathatos Mansion (Temporary exhibitions) Vasilissis Sophias Ave and 1 Irodotou St.

There is an internal connection between the buildings. Fee includes same day admission to both wings. There is no extra charge for entrance to temporary exhibitions, unless stated otherwise.

National Archaeological Museum of Athens The National Archaeological Museum is the largest museum in Greece and one of the world’s great museums. Although its original purpose was to secure all the finds from the nineteenth cen-tury excavations in and around Athens, it gradually became the central National Archaeological Museum and was enriched with finds from all over Greece. Its abundant collections, with more than 11,000 exhibits, provide a panorama of Greek civilization from the beginnings of Pre-history to Late Antiquity. The museum is housed in an imposing neoclassical building of the end of the nineteenth cen-tury, which was designed by L. Lange and remodelled by Ernst Ziller. The vast exhibition space - numerous galleries on each floor accounting for a total of 8,000 square metres house five large permanent collections: •The Prehistoric Collection, which includes works of the great civilizations that developped in the Aegean from the sixth millennium BC to 1050 BC (Neolithic, Cycladic, Mycenaean), and finds from the prehistoric settlement at Thera. •The Sculptures Collection, which shows the development of ancient Greek sculpture from the seventh to the fifth centuries BC with unique masterpieces. •The Vase and Minor Objects Collection, which contains representative works of ancient Greek pottery from the eleventh century BC to the Roman period and includes the Statha-tos Collection, a corpus of minor objects of all periods. •The Metallurgy Collection, with many fundamental statues, figurines and minor objects. •And, finally, the only Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Collection in Greece, with works dating from the pre-dynastic period (5000 BC) to the Roman conquest. Patission (28 October) 44, Victoria +302132144800 Monday 13:00-19:45 Tuesday-Sunday 8:00-14:45

The Byzantine and Christian Museum The Byzantine and Christian Museum, which is based in Athens, is one of Greece’s national museums. Its areas of competency are centred on – but not limited to – religious artefacts of the Early Christian, Byzantine, Medieval, post-Byzantine and later periods which it exhibits, but also acquires, receives, preserves, conserves, records, documents, researches, studies, publishes and raises awareness of school groups (in Greek language) of ever of both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Vasilissis Sofias 22 Kolonaki 213 2139572 Tuesday-Sunday 8:00-15:00 closed Monday

Athens — Piraeus — Beaches

Explore and Enjoy,

Athens, Piraeus, Attica Beaches & Islands with us! ry

15 Eve




4 LINES | 36 Bus stops | wifi






City Sightseeing Bus Tickets e-ticket now available please book your ticket now and get 10% discount.




ΟΤΕ GROUP TELECOMMUNICATIONS MUSEUM The OTE Telecommunications Museum conserves and showcases significant collections, closely linked to the history of Hellenic telecommunications, most certainly of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE), as well as the history of Greece and the development of Greek society. The Museum opened up to the public in 1990 and is housed in a privately owned building, in the district of Nea Kifisia. It is a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums) . The Museum collection of telecommunications exhibits comprises over 4500 items and substantial archival material, among which, manual telephones, Morse telegraphs, a collection of rare telegraphs, wireless communication systems, telephotography devices, teletypes (telex), fibres, as well as one of the first Greek television studios . The Museum main activities, which are offered free of charge, include daily guided tours for schools, university students, other groups and individual visitors. Each year new educational programmes are designed and hosted at the Museum’s premises. Children,

teenagers, families and other social groups can enjoy activities and experiments inspired by telecommunications . The OTE Museum of Telecommunications, one of a kind in Greece, is one of the few technology museums, contributing thus to the conservation of our country’s industrial heritage and technological tradition.

USEFUL INFORMATION ADDRESS - CONTACT 25 Proteos str., 145-64 Nea Kifisia Athens Telephone: ++ 30210-6201899 fax: ++ 30 210-8078119 web site : e-mail: OPENING HOURS Monday-Friday: 09:00-16:00 Public Holidays: Closed ADMISSION Free EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES-GUIDED TOURS Programmes are free of charge and address groups of children, schools and adults. Prior booking required. HOW TO GET THERE Closest train station: Kifisia station Bus 504 Thrakomakedones–Kifissia (Galini stop) Bus 522 Kifisia-Adames A from Kifisia (5th Nea Kifisia bus stop) Bus 523 Kifisia-Adames B from Kifisia (Galini bus stop) Bus 721 Kifisia-Acharnes from Kifisia (Galini bus stop)

alternative neighborhoods in Athens


The alternative neighborhoods in downtown Athens are waiting for you to discover them! Exceptional cafÊs, bistros, contemporary art galleries, restaurants, little patisseries with homemade sweets, traditional Greek kafeneia, vintage shops, bookshops, antique shops, and countless other options lie within the colorful neighborhoods of downtown Athens. Should you like to experience the authentic Athens, follow this guide‌


The Koukaki neighborhood (Syngrou-Fix Metro Station – Athens Metro Line 2) houses a lot of traditional Greek kafeneia that serve Greek coffee and the dish of the day. You will also find there many cocktail bars, fish and chips, Mexican cuisine and other kinds of street food, and even one underground club with a drag show! The Acropolis Museum is a major attraction of the area. In the autumn, the National Museum of Contemporary Art is expected to opens its doors to the public. Last but not least, a walk up to Filopappou Hill is worth the effort because it offers a panoramic view of the city.


The Petralona area which lies southwest of the Acropolis (Petralona Metro Station – Athens Metro Line 1) has many little restaurants that serve homemade dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine as well as unusual delicacies not to be found anywhere else. Athenians visit often the Petralona restaurants because they are famous for their tasty dishes and their reasonable prices. In Petralona you may also try Greek wine made by local producers and admire the neoclassical style houses at the upper reaches of the neighborhood. Of course you may also enjoy a classic film at the famous open-air cinema Cine Zefyros.

Pagrati In Pagrati (Evangelismos Metro Station, – Line 3), besides the monumental Kallimarmaro Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games took place, you will find the favorite haunts of artists, musicians, writers, journalists and other notorious Athenians. Amongst them there are restaurants that offer dishes by well known chefs and pop culture bars with unconventional aesthetics. It is worthwhile to make a visit to the parks of Pagrati, to the Byzantine and Christian Museum or to the garden of the Athens Conservatory where dancers and street artists do their rehearsal.


Kerameikos (Kermeikos metro Station – Line 3) was named after the unique archaeological site of the area which used to be the cemetery of ancient Athens. The neighborhood is also known as “Gazi” because of an old gas plant now transformed into “Technopolis” which is a hub of cultural events. There you can enjoy concerts by Greek and international artists, exhibitions, festivals, bazaars or visit the Industrial Gas Museum. Above all, Kerameikos area I famous because the nightlife there goes on until early in the morning. It has a variety of cafés, restaurants, stages for live performances, gay clubs, clubs with Greek dancing music and lots of bars that offer strong alcohol!

Kolonaki Step into luxury at the posh area Kolonaki. This is the best place for you to indulge in window shopping, visit high-end boutiques, stroll through galleries and end up enjoying a glass of wine in one of the numerous bars located at its Square. Athens has its own aristocratic district with a long tradition in handcrafted jewelry. Yield to spending temptation at Voukourestiou Street and blend in with the trendy crowd that goes by as if walking down a catwalk! Kolonaki has long had a unique prestige. Indeed, for years all the Athenian elite has been gathered in its cafĂŠs and patisseries. There, they would discuss, gossip and act with no inhibitions. Many times, anonymous people would rush there to see what was going on. All the important politicians and all the rising stars of theater and music used to hang out there... And maybe the years have passed, but still the streets of Kolonaki keep a little of their old glamour. Kolonaki extends from Panepistimiou Avenue to the Concert Hall (where there is a metro station) and from Sina Street, which separates the district of Neapoli, to Vassileos Constantinou Avenue. Kolonaki in Greek means little column and it was named after an old marble cylindrical column of 2 meters height and of 30 cm diameter found in the area and restored at the right ladder of Deksameni Square.

Considered as an oasis in the middle of the city, with rocky slopes covered with pines and low shrubs the hill provides a significant habitat for 64 bird species. According to mythology, goddess Athena removed a piece of Mountain Pendeli, to boost the heights of her temple on the Acropolis hill, but while en route, bad tidings imposed the goddess to drop the rock in the middle of the city. On the top of the rock, a large openair ampitheater hosts world acclaimed musicians throughout the summer period offering unique moments to Athenians and visitors. The summit is crowned with Ayios Georgios Chapel and the “sine qua non” traditional bell tower. On a clean and clear day, one can even watch the island of Aegina, with or without the telescopes. Lycabettus, the older of the names for this mountain, means “where the wolves go” or “path of the wolves” since in the ages of Pericles, it is believed that wolves used to roam freely in this mountain, in this last haven in Attica. The wolves are definitely gone, but the forest and the view are still here! The top of the hill is an excellent spot to watch the sunset and indulge yourself in a mystic view of the city. Now! Turn around, to watch the moon rising across the Mountain Hymettus. Active travellers may climb; romantic ones can take a great ride with the Funicular Railway.


Athens sprawls across the plain of Attica and like many European cities, is built on seven hills. Lycabettus, at 300 meters above the sea level, is the highest peek overlooking the Attica Basin offering unique views from above.

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Handmade marble ring Museum of Marble Crafts, Tinos

Enamel espresso cups PIOP Museum Network

Small Pansy ring The Open Air Water Power Museum, Dimitsana

PIOP Museum Shop in Athens In the heart of Athens, in the Spyromiliou Arcade, you will find the PIOP Museum Shop of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP). The unique objects available in the shops of the PIOP Museum Network are also available in Athens. PIOP’s publications, jewels, toys and decorative objects, are some of the original presents and souvenirs the visitors will find in the PIOP central shop. All items are inspired by the subject matter of each Museum of the network and are especially created for PIOP.

Mighty Wallet made from a single sheet of TYVEK. The Environment Museum of Stymphalia Central shop Spyromiliou Arcade 21 10564 Athens +30 210 3224923, +30 210 3225689 Working hours: Monday- Wednesday- Saturday: 10:00-18:00 Tuesday- Thursday- Friday: 10:00-21:00

Open Air Cinemas

Cine Dexameni

The open air cinema Cine Dexameni, established in 1905, is a small, cool oasis in the heart of the city. It resides in a setting that is reminiscent of a charming Greek island in miniature. An ideal Athenian spot to enjoy the wonders of the Seventh Art, sipping a drink and the scent of jasmine. This historic Kolonaki cinema used to house the traditional Greek shadow theater. Then, in 1991, the officers of the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP) decided to bring back the days of glory and they converted the place into an open air cinema, which is operating up until today. The cinema sits on top of an ancient aqueduct; the name “Dexameni� means reservoir in Greek. Plateia Dexamenis, Kolonaki Telephone +30210 3623942 & +30210 3602363.

Cine Thisio

Cine Thisio, established in 1935, is one of the oldest open air cinemas in Athens. Every spring and summer, it serves as the regular meeting point for open air cinema lovers. There, they can enjoy the new releases as well as old classics in an exquisite spot in the historic center of Athens. After all these years, Cine Thisio still maintains its traditional charm, offering luxuriant surroundings and a magical view of the Parthenon. It is no accident that it was declared the best open air cinema in the world by CNN (February 2012) and then also was mentioned as “the most spectacular outdoor movie theater in the world� by Christian Blauvelt, editor of BBC. For those who wish to thrill their eyes and mind as well as their palate, they can try a plethora of sour cherry treats, homemade liqueur with brown sugar or an ice cold soft drink at the cinema snack bar. Greek cheese pie, fish roe from Mesolongi with a sip of homemade tsipouro from Agrinio are also good savoury alternatives. Apostolou Pavlou 7, Thisio Telephone: +302103420864, +302103470980 Mobile: +306943828371 & +306986849589 |

Ciné Paris Ciné Paris opened its doors to the public for the first time in 1920. The idea of an outdoor movie theater came from a Greek hairdresser who had spent a lot of years of his life in Paris and he had dreamt of connecting Athens and Paris through the cinema. Thus, a building that housed both an indoor and an outdoor movie theater was built in the early ‘60s. However, in the late ‘60s the complex was closed due to the crisis that overcame outdoor movies theaters. In 1986, the open air cinema re-opened under new management and since that time has offered screenings in Plaka, one of the most charming neighborhoods of Athens, right under the Acropolis. The spectators enjoy a magical view of Athens up on the “Roof Garden” of Ciné Paris. A great idea for a summer night in downtown Athens. Kydathineon 22 Athens, Plaka Telephone +302103222071 & +30210-3248057

6th Athens Open Air Film Festival

Having won the first prize at the Tourism Awards 2015, in the Cultural Tourism category, the Athens Open Air Film Festival returns in Athenian neighborhoods for the 5th year in a row! From June to September, the festival organizers find beautiful spots all over the Greek capital and they reveal the beauty of them by organizing screenings, concerts, visual arts happenings and other free interactive events. Events location: Downtown Athens / Open air Cinemas / Akadimia Platonos Park/ Ermou pedestrian precinct/ Plateia Avdi, Metaxourgio/ Dionysiou Areopagitou / Museum courtyards The events organized by the Athens Open Air Film Festival include: • Film screenings • Concerts • Interactive events • Participation of artists from various areas of art • Visual arts happenings by young artists Program: Classic films of international filmography, Greek films, films from diverse thematic categories, and silent movies accompanied by a live musical performance. The 5th Athens Open Air Film Festival is an institution that celebrates the art of cinema, yet invites other forms of art to join in the celebration. Information Telephone +302106061413

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Technopolis City of Athens Technopolis City of Athens is located in the old city's gasworks, a rare industrial monument which has been transformed into the most vibrant multicultural space of Athens with more than 900.000 visitors per year. Live music shows, exhibitions, performances, screenings and educational programs are just some of the 800 events that take place every day at Technopolis. Visitors can also… Learn about the old plant and the gas production line through a path of 14 stops recommended by the Industrial Gas Museum Discover the Watchtower and enjoy the Athens panoramic 360° view Attend workshops and seminars on entrepreneurship, innovation and new technologies at INNOVATHENS Pay a visit to the Industrial Gas Museum Shop and choose from a variety of gifts, souvenirs, jewelry and books Use the AthensBikes available in Technopolis, the first bike sharing station in the city, and explore Athens Enjoy your coffee or drink in the unique industrial space of the Technopolis Café and taste our new menu Climb, find balance and…sharpen your wits at Sky Walk, an ultramodern action park, in complete safety 100 Pireos str. Gazi 11854, Athens near Kerameikos metro station +30 210 3475518 |

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Its all Greek to Me #athens  

Athens City Guide Summer 20126

Its all Greek to Me #athens  

Athens City Guide Summer 20126