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How to Dominate the Luxury Home Market {

a proven plan for succeeding in luxury real estate even if you are new to real estate and have no sphere of influence


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Learn the secrets of succeeding

in the luxury home real estate niche.

The Luxury Home Consortium was formed to share successful and proven methods for becoming a dominate force in luxury real estate even if you don’t have a personal sphere of influence or experience in real estate. After being asked by so many what my secret was to success, I realized the shortage of useful information that actually provides results. This organization is poised as a vital sharing resource to help guide agents in the successful pursuit of the luxury home niche. We have set up the consortium to be a one stop total solution that will enable agents to implement proven strategies without wasting time, effort and financial resources on methods and services that do not provide results. While I am sure there are a number of ways to succeed in the luxury home market, it has been my observation that most have to spend years building their businesses and working up to the luxury home niche or have a personal sphere of influence with affluent buyers and sellers. While these are viable business strategies, they serve little use to those wanting to speed up the process and/or those with no sphere. My name is Tamara Keilberg and I fall in the latter group. I have been in the real estate business for less than 5 years. I jumped into the luxury home market from day one with no sphere of influence what so ever and no real estate experience. In those 5 short years myself and one amazing buyers agent, Grace Foster, together have written in excess of $100,000,000. I am now independent with a boutique luxury home brokerage. So many others desire to achieve similar results and The Luxury Home Consortium was designed to share the recipe we have used for success and also in effort to raise the bar in the real estate profession. The “How to Dominate the Luxury Market” seminar will be a power packed day! This event will be full of valuable information and practical as well as proven methods that you can implement to launch your success in the luxury home market. Grace and I look forward to sharing in person with you the secrets that have brought us so much success and hope that your success will bring you as much satisfaction and happiness as ours has bestowed on us. Sincerely, Tamara Keilberg and Grace Foster, The Luxury Home Consortium


To avoid disappointment sign up early - Space is very limited

Enroll by Jan 15th and receive a FREE 6 month premium membership to the “Luxury Home Niche” including monthly marketing layouts, Luxury Diamond Gems, the coaches corner and no cost listings on along with your membership profile with links to your personal website. Value $750! {After enrolling you will receive a registration

package in the mail with all the lavish details for

your “ How to Dominate the Luxury Home

Market” seminar. You

will be delighted with the

arrangements we have made for your training session.

How to Dominate the Luxury Home Market Event Schedule March 4, 2009 Houston, TX March 12, 2009 Austin, TX April 2, 2009 Dallas, TX April 14, 2009 Miami, FL April 22, 2009 Chicago, IL April 29, 2009 Denver, CO May 12, 2009 Phoenix, AZ June 3, 2009 New York, NY June 10, 2009 Los Angeles, CA A Powerful Day of No Nonsense Training 7:30 am Check In 8 am - 6 pm Class Time 6 pm-8 pm Reception/Networking

Each city’s seminar will

be hosted in a luxury hotel

Cost $850.00

so you will be inspired to

Enroll by 1/15/09 and receive 6 months FREE “Luxury Home Niche” premium membership a $750 Value. Major credit cards & checks accepted

succeed in luxury.}

Register online: Register by phone: 817-703-0006

Register by email (call to pay):

Register by mail: 947 W. Glade Rd.#200, Hurst, TX 76054 Need more information or have questions: call, email or visit our website.

Don’t Miss Out-Enroll Now SPACE IS LIMITED

S e e Lu xu ry C u st o m er S e r vic e i n a ct i o n ... In addition to exceptional training & ideas for you to implement, you will be treated to luxury customer service. At its heart, luxury customer service entails raising the bar to deliver a unique, memorable experience to each client that differentiates you in such a way that clients find unforgettable & competitors find difficult or impossible to match. The perfect experience to then apply in serving your new affluent clientele.

“ To p i c s C o v e r e d ”

Be prepared for a power packed no nonsense day of learning how you can dominate the luxury home market!

The Luxury Home Niche The appeal of the luxury home market Defining the luxury home market High velocity basics to understand Captivating this segment of the market Entering the luxury home market is a start up Why niche yourself Carving your niche Understanding the luxury niche persona Creating your vision Charting your course Uncovering the Potential Researching the market scope Evaluating turnover for long term success Strike a balance Defining your territory Understanding your competition Who are the leaders in your market What makes them leaders Evaluating the ones/twos Adopting and adapting Set the rules Distinctive Branding Fostering deliberate focus Why brand yourself Understanding the power of branding Differentiate you uniquely you Establish a tone & define the perception Understand expectations Align your presence Leveraging your brand The essential mechanics Visible power Connecting with the Affluent What makes the affluent different The affluent mind-set Crafting your compatible persona Building rapport Charm school The right personal image Creme de le creme service Techno savvy Mastering magnetic attraction Influence & loyalty with the affluent

Expert Positioning What makes an expert Evolving into an expert From new or generalist to expert & authority Perception is everything Develop world class ability Passion required Raise the bar Being better is better The power of deliberate practice The authority of mature confidence Charismatic Selling Reality check- real estate is sales Developing personal power The magic of charisma Evangelism as a form of selling The heart of a sale Socratic questioning It’s all about the prospect Finding no is the fastest way to yes Rainmaking Flipping the funnel Pinnacle performance The Art of Negotiating Define expectations early on Make a decisive and wise first move Wear the other shoe Catch a clue Poker face When to hold & when to fold Steering the course Keep emotions in check Invent options for mutual gain Fair is a range-find the flexibility Learn to listen Exclusive Concierge Services The allure of exclusivity Value added service VIP treatment Creating exclusive service that is tangible Upscale homes & guides Exhaustive relocation book Lifestyle directory Promoting your exclusive publications

Mining the gold in those leads Gracious gifts Seizing the Opportunity Opportunity knocks Creating a buzz Think outside the box Evoke the contrarian in you Idea grid-creativity in motion Invisible networks Prospect pods The nitty gritty that matters Inspiring action The 80/20 rule Tenacious Follow Up It takes a system Pipelines deliver prospects to closing A winning strategy Don’t be short sighted Buyers are liars Track everyone Make great notes Automate follow up Vary contact methods & evaluate Document everything Just do it-be accountable Extraordinary Marketing Marketing 101 Perception is visible A master plan Brand marketing Property/listing marketing Buyer marketing Specialty marketing Internet marketing Consistency & continuity is key Achieving marketing momentum Influential Cultivation Who knows you Reaching your target market Tell a story History of farming How to limit scope Forget awards & be real Results are not instant Don’t give away the farm Building rapport on paper Job #1 is getting listings Merit Acquires Listings/Sellers I got the appt - marketing works Earn your merit badge Preparedness

Scientific CMA Packaging for a WOW factor Familiarity The home tour The presentation The close Implement & communicate Top Drawer Buyer Services The art of working with buyers Dedicated buyer’s agents Meaningful events Mastering the market Proficiency in luxury amenities Exploring unlikely opportunities Buyer presentation packaging Be memorable & obtain loyalty In the car From offer to closing & beyond Rule Your Time Remember time is money A balancing act Expect the unexpected Use technology to save time Eliminate wasted time Planning logically Taming procrastination Everyone is dealt the same time Scheduling, delegating & interruptions Power Triad: Goals-Priorities-Achievement Powerful Business Positioning What matters Invest in yourself Create & document systems Setting luxury standards Personal growth Growing a staff Indispensable buyers agents Be a visionary leader Creating a culture What comes after success

What’s Included

Exclusive 220 page Perfect Bound Book ”Dominating the Luxury Home Market” Complete Marketing Sample Package Actual samples used in the presented seminar strategy Official Standard Membership with The Luxury Home Consortium Certificate of Completion Issued by The Academy of Luxury Real Estate & The Luxury Home Consortium Complimentary Valet Parking At your luxury seminar location Refreshment & Food Continental Breakfast 7:30-8:00 Morning & Afternoon Breaks {provided with beverages & snacks} Gourmet Lunch Buffet at hotel Reception from 6 - 8 pm {with complementary hors d’oeuvres and spirits} Discounted Hotel Rate Request additional information

How to Dominate the Luxury Home Market


a proven plan for succeeding in luxury real estate even if you are new to real estate and have no sphere of influence


Benefits of Attending • Put success on the fast track in luxury real estate even if you are new to real estate and have no sphere of influence. • Utilize branding as a core business strategy. • Identify the behaviors and skills of a successful luxury real estate expert. • Maximize opportunity by differentiating from other agents and brokers. • Learn to win the confidence and trust of prospects. • Increase success by building relationships by offering solutions and expertise. • Ensure results with sound sales skills and artful negotiation methods. • Create an impressive and results oriented marketing plan for you, your services and your listings. • Plus many more...

Who Should


Real estate agents, including new agents, experienced agents, brokers and anyone considering a career in luxury real estate who desire to build and/or revitalize their existing or new practice. Those seeking effective selling skills and marketing methods for fast success in the niche market of luxury real estate. Those open to applying or adapting methods that have proven successful in creating a powerful luxury home expert brand and selling your competitive advantage.

The Luxury Home Consortium 947 W. Glade Road, Suite 200 Hurst, Texas 76054 817-703-0006 Office

How to Dominate the Luxury Home Market  

The Luxury Home Consortium Seminar Brochure. Luxury Real Estate

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