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The Love More Project Magazine September 2010

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Working with the Ascended Masters brings an improved sense of peace, harmony and purpose to one’s life. This month: Yogananda

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The Love More Project is a holistic merging of media and the metaphysical. It serves as a sacred portal, allowing for the transmission of even more Love into this realm. This is accomplished through inspired media and gatherings designed to activate, educate and empower you, enabling you to experience even more Love in your life. Send feedback to:



Anna Taylor shares her experiences opening to Love, in all of its forms, and in the most unexpected of places. She shares the tender pieces of her heart with the intention of helping others on their journey to experiencing authentic Love and the courage to find their Bliss.

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Providing Divine Guidance for your questions; enabling you to open to more love, joy and fulfillment.

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September 2010


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September 2010


Gratitude & Love Blessings and welcome to the September issue of The Love More Project’s magazine, Love Letters. The articles in this month’s issue convey an energy of transition and of boldly embracing the unknown and the mystery of Life. However, as is true with most experiences of change, they also have shades of vulnerability, of searching and of introspection. These are tender and sensitive times we find ourselves in, relationships are changing, we may be looking for new employment or desiring to fulfill those dreams and longings in our hearts. It may be that we are questioning an unrequited love, as in Anna Taylor’s mellifluous piece about Big Dreams and Big Love; pondering the direction to take one’s life in, like in Paul LeBars’ article about the benefits of appropriately using Intuitive Readings to obtain guidance; or even navigating what to do as a parent when our adult child desires to approach life in an independent way, as presented in Tana Newberry’s Wings and Wisdom. Whatever transitions you are experiencing now, know that you have found a safe and sacred space here at The Love More Project. Allow us to provide you with an opportunity to rest and recharge, filling you with Love and Inspiration, empowering you through all your changes, big and small. For further information on navigating these times of transition gently and with compassion, please refer to the beautiful Goddess reading that came forward in my Namaste column this month and check out our featured video on ways to handle change with grace and ease. We are so grateful for your presence and so honored to be of service to you in this way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Founder of The Love More Project Each month The Love More Project donates to a worthy cause. This month to celebrate Love we are donating to: The ACLU– Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Project The Project fights discrimination and moves public opinion through the courts, legislatures and public education across five issue areas: Relationships, Youth & Schools, Parenting, Gender Identity and Expression and Discrimination in Employment, Housing and other areas

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September 2010

Alysia Markoe Johnson, Oracle Messenger and Creator of Angel Yoga©

Alysia is a Certified Oracle Messenger, Usui Reiki Master, Atlantean Healer™, Intuitive, Angel healer and has been attuned to work with the healing energies of unicorns. She also has recently formed her own yoga practice called Angel Yoga©, which is a unique blend of Archangel meditation and yoga asanas. Alysia offers Oracle Readings, Healings, Meditations and Workshops. She works closely with the Saints and Ascended Masters, especially Joan of Arc, whom she is in the process of writing a book of channeled messages with. Her website is:; The Angel Yoga© website is: Anna Taylor, Angel Therapy Practitioner ® and Singer Anna is an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, Theta Healing Practitioner™ and Singer. She is a sensitive intuitive who connects with the Divine (including the Angelic and Elemental realms) to lovingly guide and heal you. She offers sessions in person in West Sussex, England and also via telephone and email. For more information visit her website: Her new album, Already Here, released on Valentine's Day 2010. Described by BBC Sussex DJ Neil Pringle as having ‘an amazing voice’, Anna uses the universal language of music to lift us to a space outside of ourselves, beyond the pressures of everyday life. For more details and to order the CD, please her visit her website

Paul LeBars, Intuitive Counselor and Reiki Master Paul is a Reiki Master level Practitioner and Intuitive Counselor. He was trained in the Usui Traditional Reiki Method and is a certified Reiki Teacher. An inquisitive student, He studies Kabbalah through the Kabbalah Center as well as Tarot, Metaphysics, Astrology, Channeling, and other healing modalities. In addition he has been a guest on radio shows such as “Metaphysical Living” and volunteers at Reiki free clinics. Paul has a BA in English Literature with a minor in Cross Cultural Studies in Language and Art from San Francisco State University, in addition to holding Certificates in all three levels of Reiki training. His mission is to empower and guide his clients to unleash the power of their Soul, have greater clarity, and lead balanced lives. His website is: Tune in to Paul on Everyday Wisdom with Megan and Paul Tuesdays at 11am PST on The Love More Project Radio Channel. Tana Newberry, Angel Therapy Practitioner® Tana is a compassionate and supportive intuitive, energy worker and cosmic student. She currently offers intuitive readings, energy sessions and a brilliant new energy installation called Multidimensional Love Infusions. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner ® and an Angel Certified Practitioner, certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. and Charles Virtue, respectively. In addition she is a Reiki Master. A life-long student of the metaphysical, Tana has studied at the American Institute of Holistic Theology and with spiritual teacher and long time mentor Tina Weston, Ph.D. Her website is Be sure to tune in to Tana on Angel Awakenings Monday-Friday 7:30am –8:00am PST and The Angel Hour Thursdays at 11am PST on The Love More Project Radio Channel.

September 2010


By Megan Gala, M.A., ATP

Opportunities to Experience Even More Love in Your Life I invited the Angels and Higher Guides of our readers to bring forward guidance on what opportunities they could follow through on this month in order to experience even more Love in their lives. I pulled the following cards using Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards (Hay House, 2004):

The emphatic energy with which these cards are bringing forward the message of Compassion and Unconditional Love requires that we take note. So many of us are experiencing inner and outer turmoil in our lives right now that it is almost a prerequisite to begin to take a more gentle approach with ourselves, as well as with those around us, before we can move forward. In fact, this is our homework assignment for the month of September. We can start by taking a deep breath and as we exhale, visualize the chinks in our armor opening. We’re so tired of carrying the Illusion and the façade is ready to drop, so allow it to. As we let go of what was, we are now more fully able to embrace what will be. We won’t get into that now, though, as this is the time to stop that cycle of self-abuse and of striving and to allow ourselves to relax in to the more compassionate, loving embrace of our Authenticity, of allowing ourselves to simply just be. This is the time to rest in our Divinity and embrace the healing power of all that we are so that when the time comes for action we will be recharged and ready to go. Until then, Beloved Ones, just be. = ) Have a beautiful month! Blessings & Namaste. Megan Gala is an Angel Therapy Practitioner®. Her focus is on empowering her clients to experience even more Love in their life and to manifest the Dreams in their Hearts. To learn more, please visit her website:

Want to learn more? Watch Megan’s monthly reading in the expanded content online. 5

September 2010

By Alysia Markoe Johnson, OM

A Journey of Self-Discovery & Peace Unfolds

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” – Paramahansa Yogananda Autobiography of a Yogi

This month I would like to introduce you to Paramahansa Yogananda. Born Mukunda Lal Ghosh in India on January 5, 1893 he chose the name Paramahansa Yogananda when he was inducted as a guru. During his lifetime, he is most famous for bringing Yoga to the west and for his book Autobiography of a Yogi. As an Ascended Master he is wonderful for those who have a yoga practice or are interested in starting one, as well as those seeking to know their Path in life. His Life Yogananda came from a very spiritual family. His Father and Mother shared a Guru with whom they would often visit, meditate and learn from. In Autobiography of a Yogi he writes, “He [his Father] never visited the theater, for instance, but sought his recreation in various spiritual practices and in reading the Bagavad Gita.” Sadly, when he was only 11 years old, his Mother died. She was visiting his elder sister helping her prepare for her upcoming

September 2010

wedding. Yogananda and his father were going to be leaving to join them in the morning. While he slept he had a vision of his Mother she said, “Awaken your father! Take the first available train at four o’clock this morning. Rush to Calcutta if you would see me!” Yogananda awoke and rushed to his Father telling him that his Mother was dying and they must get to her! His Father told him to go back to bed, that is was just a dream. The next morning they went, as planned, to his sister’s and found out that his Mother had passed away. Moments like this happened throughout Yogananda’s life. He was a very spiritual and gifted child. Always striving to get closer to God, he made numerous attempts to get to the Himalayas to find his own Guru. However, he was usually stopped by his Father. Fortunately, after much seeking, he did find his Guru, Master Sri Yukteswar. He studied closely with him for many years learning Divine truths. Master Yukteswar also taught him Kryia Yoga, which Yogananda eventually brought to the west. In 1920, he left India to travel to America. For four years he remained on the east coast teaching Yoga and eastern philosophy. In 1924 he began a tour across the country speaking and lecturing on his principals and lessons. While he was on this tour he gained many celebrity followers, including Clara Clemens Gabrilowitsch, Mark Twain’s daughter. He ended his tour in Los Angels, California, where he opened the headquarters for the Self-Realization Fellowship. He taught many people during his time in Los Angeles and his legacy continues to this day. His center is still running and is a space where people can go and learn about him, his philosophy and Kryia Yoga. (Continued on Page 12)


By Anna Taylor, ATP

Heartfelt Lessons in Love and Dreaming Big. “There is a time that calls, or rather urges, for change. A time when we discover that what we thought was the truth is wrapped up in lies we have been told, or more accurately, in the ones we have been telling ourselves. There is a moment when it becomes so tiring to pretend, that it's easier just to let the mask fall away. And though we may feel naked and vulnerable, any fear becomes miniscule in comparison to our desire to be REAL. There is a time when we are caught in an inevitable wave that means there's no turning back, and a quickening occurs within the ocean of our hearts, where our deepest feelings, wishes, yearnings and dreams are bursting to be exposed. There is an instant when we have nothing left to do but to give those dreams a chance, when we dive right in and say, 'I don't just want you, I need you. I don't just believe in you. I AM you!’ And any hope that lingered around in our hiding away, is replaced by a fiery passion that fills our entire being and proclaims, 'YES I am here! YES I am alive!' There is a moment that marks the time we have been waiting for, when we find that the world was at our feet all along. A time when we wake up and embrace LOVE in all its forms: the unconditional and unexplainable, all encompassing and overwhelming, can't-be-without-itbecause-LOVE-is-who-we-are LOVE. Then life, as we know it, is never the same again...” Although I wrote those words back in March, I realize that the ‘time’ I was referring to not only described my feelings then but my whole year starting last August, as I prepared to travel to California from England to record my debut album. I had no idea then that following my heart would teach me about love in more ways than one. It had been almost eighteen months since I’d begun writing songs with Robert Berry, a producer in California, and as the money I needed to go to his


Soundtek studios in San Jose steadily poured in, my excitement had me literally buzzing! My inspired idea to create a ‘Wall of Love’ where people could sponsor one of 111 hearts (the number my Angels always give me as a sign of their presence) or a song of their choice, were indeed answers to my prayers and I was beyond grateful. I had seen the ‘impossible’ happen countless times before, but this was especially amazing to me because it felt as if my achievements, rather than being defined by the obstacles I overcame, would finally be tangible, that I’d actually have something to show for my life, something to be proud of and I was very touched that many others from around the world wanted to be part of making my dream come true. For me, it wasn’t just about making a CD, it was about the manifestation of a wish I’d held deep inside, the support I’d received for it, and the proof that it really was worth the wait – not only the wait for the money, but also for the perfect person to work with on my music, and going back even further, the agonizing wait to regain my health and strength after becoming ill as a teenager. Back then, there was no lighting bolt where I made a decision about how I was going to get through each day, but I’m pretty sure that the more time I spent barely able to move because of the pain and exhaustion, the more I vowed to dream big and follow my heart as soon as I could. I’d spent far too long suffering to settle for anything less. Some could call me stubborn, crazy or unrealistic but I doubt they’d ever walked in my shoes and to me, this dreaming big and refusing to settle was, and still is, the only way to live. So, after weeks of planning and anticipation, off I went to San Jose, my only accompaniment being the swarm of butterflies that filled my stomach! I was without my family, I had hardly spoken to the people I was going to stay with and had never even walked into a (Continued on page 11)

September 2010

By Tana Newberry, ATP

Divinely Inspired Answers to Your Everyday Questions Dear Tana, I’ve been thinking: a parent feeling anxiety about the normal problems facing young adults creates tension in their own life, which can adversely affect relationships with one’s spouse and friends, as well as one’s general outlook on life. Can you ask the angels… how does a parent let go and allow one’s grown adult children to solve their own problems? -Dino S. Walnut Creek, CA Dear Dino, . The angels sympathize with your broken heart, and they honor your stage in the life process and all the opportunities it affords you. There is no greater love in this life than that of a parent for their child, and you are certainly wanting only what is best for yours, which leads to your desire to help them. However, because you, as a parent, are willing to sacrifice your needs, relationships, or your overall outlook on life for your child, your boundaries and the ability to “live and let live” can sometimes get cloudy. The angels tell me that your adult child or children are working on their divine mission and are in the process of learning. They are doing what the angels are

Septembert 2010

lovingly calling “research and development”. What they learn and experience in this time of their life will help them and others down the road, but the longer it takes to learn the lesson, the longer it will be until they can help others with their knowledge. The angels suggest gently asking yourself if you are standing in the way of your child or children finding their own way or prolonging their lessons by attempting to “save them from themselves.” If our lives are compromised as a result of trying to help someone else, sometimes we are trying to force something that just isn’t for us to change. I see that there are many saints, as well as angels, helping your family at this time and if you feel guided to you can learn more about them and what they do. Fittingly, the angel card I pulled for you is “Have You Asked The Angels For Help With This?” Release the situation to the angels and your heart will be on the mend. Now is the time to have faith that everything happens for a reason, which the angels tell me you know. They ask you to apply this faith to your family and believe that love will save the day.

Dear Tana, . I would like to know what the angels have in store for my partner and I. Will we marry? Will we become parents? -Colin S. Concord, CA Dear Colin, . What I see when I tune in to your energy and that of your relationship, is that you go from steady relationship to starting a family-like structure when you make the commitment to live together. Your bright future and the family which you desire arrives effortlessly, as this new set-up is perfect for giving you the opportunity to share your lives with one another. You and your partner have much love to share with this world and the world is ready for you to embark on this journey. Heaven and the angels are on board as well as the souls that you will welcome into your hearts and raise as your own. Tana Newberry is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® in the San Francisco Bay Area. She hosts Angel Awakenings, The Love More Project’s morning show Monday-Friday and co-hosts The Angel Hour Thursdays at 11am PST.

To ask the Angels a question, please email: Tana


By Paul LeBars, Intuitive Counselor

Inspirational Tools for Everyday Life The Realms of Possibility There is a lot of mystery surrounding what exactly an intuitive or psychic reading is and what it can be used for. As a result, many people are unclear with what can be achieved during an intuitive reading. For many people, psychic readings are seen as a gimmicky, fun thing to do, and a form of entertainment. There are others who use readings as a way of engaging in some sort of intuitive “Peeping Tom” behavior to determine how someone else is feeling or thinking about them or to be told how to proceed in a certain relationship or endeavor. People with these mindsets, may take the information given at face value and thereby relinquish their power to the reader. However, readings can also be used to empower an individual and provide them with guidance, healing and inspiration on a variety of topics. The vast range of outcomes for a reading can be overwhelming and is one of the reasons for them remaining shrouded in mystery. It is also one of the reasons why it is important to be clear on your motives for seeking an intuitive’s insights so that you can best understand how to integrate the


information you receive into your life. How a Reading Works As an intuitive, it is my understanding that readers are given the opportunity to look at a collage of information and the broad spectrum of possible outcomes for their client. Given the focus of the reading as well as their own vibration, they are then drawn to the information that stands out to them. This is why different readers can deliver similar information in different ways; they all have a different point of reference on the spectrum of possibilities. Ideally a reader will tap into the realm of possibilities for their client and give them signs in order to make the best choices and confirm what their own inner guidance is already telling them. There are various levels of Psychics and Intuitives out there, just as there are various levels of abilities in athletes. We can all play most sports depending on our physical abilities and desire to do so, however, the amount someone practices and for how long also determines how good of a player they may be. This is also true for intuitives. Some are born with special abilities and then there are those who are born with

average abilities and develop their gifts over time through training and practice. I believe that we are all intuitive and that this is our greatest gift given to us by the Creator to navigate through life. However, what we choose to do with this gift is up to us. I gained insight into the significance that readings can have in one’s life as I embarked on my own spiritual awakening and sought out readers to assist me. Throughout the process I was curious as to how it worked as well as what was the appropriate role for a reading to have in an individual’s life. In other words, how much power should we give them? After receiving many readings from some very well known psychics and intuitives over the course of the past two years, I have been able to put together my view on what happens when readers are “tapping into you” and how best to use the information given, as well as how this has influenced the type of readings I provide for my clients. What a Reading Can Offer You In my work my main goal is to empower others to be in touch with their own guidance and intuitive abilities. As a result, this

September 2010

is also in my awareness when I receive readings. I always ask myself if what I’m hearing resonates with me. Does it feel like Truth? For me, a successful reading leads the client to the best possible outcome for their life, without their being told exactly what to do. As I mentioned previously, during a searching phase of my life I received many readings by wellknown psychics many of which exemplified the power of a successful reading. One of the first was from Sonia Choquette who encouraged me to ‘go for it’ and start my work as an intuitive and a healer. In another reading, Colette Barron Reid received guidance that I would make a great intuitive counselor and I may want to explore a course of study in Transpersonal Psychology. These readings served as signs, pointing me in the right direction for my life, but it wasn’t until I was blessed to get through on Doreen Virtue’s popular Hay House Radio show that all the pieces came together and I realized what a powerful tool readings can be in guiding us to fulfillment on our path

I called Doreen to see if I was on the right path in thinking about going to graduate school. I was going through a lot of changes and since we can all get clouded at times in making decisions I felt it was important to receive guidance from a trusted source. I had been searching for a direction and had just applied to one school

September 2010

when I received my reading from Doreen. She gave me a lot of wonderful information and said I would get into grad school with no problem. She also gave me guidance that she thought I should explore another school the Angels were guiding her to tell me about. At the time I thought, “Why is she telling me about another school? I already applied to one!” However, I noted the information down, along with my questioning and continued to pursue my application at the original school. However, about a month later I found out that I had not been accepted and my ego was crushed. Frustrated, I thought, “She said I’d get in! Was she wrong?” Confused and dejected I put my dreams of going to graduate school on the back burner. A few months later though, the desire to go back to school was still burning in me and I decided to explore the school Doreen mentioned. As I researched it, I found that it had a program called Transpersonal Psychology, just like Collette Baron Reid had brought forward in her reading for me! I went to an information session and was amazed at how warm everyone was that worked at the school. I was also really excited about the program and what it could enable me to do with my work and how deeply its offerings resonated with my interests and goals. I decided to apply and after just a few weeks I was accepted! I had goose bumps as I realized my Angels and Guides had led me to the best possible place for me. What was even more

empowering, was that at no time was I told what to do, I was simply given signs and guideposts and allowed to follow my own free will and trust the information and guidance I was given. It was very exciting to watch it all unfold! Having had these amazing results from receiving readings and through my experience in working as an intuitive, my suggestion to anyone seeking an intuitive reading, whether it be by calling in to a radio show or a full session, is to keep an open mind. The information you are given may not make sense at the time, or it may not be what you want to hear, but as long as the session feels good, write down the information and keep it in the back of your mind. You never know when the guidance may become relevant in your life. However, if a session doesn’t feel good or presents you with negative or fearful information then by all means let it go. Remember that you always have the power of Free Will and can do what you choose with any information given to you in an Intuitive Reading. And while readings can be helpful in steering you in a direction for your Highest Good, ultimately, you, not a psychic reader, controls your realms of possibility; enjoy the process of life, the amazing journey of you! Paul LeBars is an Intuitive Counselor in the San Francisco Bay Area. He cohosts Everyday Wisdom on The Love More Project Radio Channel Tuesdays 11am PST. 10

Continued from Page 7 professional studio before, but I had also never been so sure about anything. I knew it was meant to be. Singing in the vocal booth for the first time was both terrifying and exhilarating - a bizarre combination of emotions that had me wanting to run for the nearest exit yet feeling totally at home all at once. It’s honestly difficult to describe what those three weeks were like. I’d imagined it for so long but nothing came close to the reality. I remember sitting listening to Robert play the piano for one of the tracks and my eyes filling with tears as it hit me – yes, I was here, yes, he was playing music for our songs, and no, I could not remember ever feeling so much joy! The days spent in the studio seemed to balance out everything else I’d ever been through. Of course, I can’t say I liked any of the suffering I had previously experienced, but being there, wrapped up in such a special moment, somehow wiped the slate clean and made it all okay. I was 5,000 miles away from England, with a man I had written an entire album with just by communicating via email and having the best time ever! It was life - changing and miraculous. I loved every minute. But just as I thought I’d found my bliss, Heaven had other ideas to open my heart even further in the most unexpected way. The Angels had told me years before that ‘passion breeds passion’ and that

September 2010

when I was living mine, more passion would follow. And they weren’t wrong. No big deal for a 29 year old you might think, but it was for me. I’d always been someone who found it easy to love, and yet had never really loved anyone in particular. In fact, I used to think I might be some kind of alien and wondered if it was ever even possible for me. And then, totally out of the blue, right in the middle of launching my dream, I found myself meeting and falling in love with maybe the most unavailable man on the planet! I was so mad at the Angels for allowing this to happen. The romantic in me who had long believed that my patience would pay off and I would marry the first person I adored was absolutely crushed. Where was my fairytale? And why after such a wait, would they let me feel so deeply for someone blatantly out of reach? I was heartbroken for a while. Not because anyone had badly hurt me but because I was terrified I may not get another chance at love and that if I did I’d have to settle for second-best. It also seemed totally unfair to be dealing with this when I was supposed to be feeling on top of the world. It unraveled so much emotion within me, I was overwhelmed and for a while, I lost sight of what making my album was about. Following my dreams did not feel so good anymore, especially if I had to do it alone. It was as if I had been totally exposed and with my 30th birthday approaching it was easy to get caught up in a million different thoughts of success and failure, each based on how much I’d done, what I’d earned and other societal values, which of course,

did not fit with my teenage promise to make happiness my priority at all. I knew deep down that just a few short years ago I would’ve given anything to have created a CD, to be working, to even have a week where I did not want to jump out of my own body. But perhaps questioning everything I believed in was the point of it all? I could finally say I felt the kind of love that had eluded me my whole life and I realized that perhaps I wasn’t so different from others, as I had previously thought. My health challenges had made it near impossible to have a career or social life right through my teens and into my early twenties, and my confidence, well…I didn’t have much of it living in a body that had not only caused me years of illness but was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby. Underneath the ‘I can do anything’ and ‘I am just the same as you’ beliefs I shared with the world, I was often screaming, ‘Can’t you see me? Can’t you see who I really am? I am a woman too!’ and yet the feelings that I could never be as attractive as other people, that there was no one who would want me, had kept me in the dark. But how could I ever really miss something I hadn’t experienced? And how could I ever know what else I wanted without first allowing one dream to come true? I couldn’t until recently and I do see the gift in that. They say time is a great healer and it’s true. I won’t pretend to find it easy. This whole year has been incredibly challenging and feelings - about myself or others - don’t just disappear! But I am so thankful to the man who helped me discover another way to love and for the 11

(Continued from Page 6) special connection we continue to share as friends. It is my dear friends and angels with their unconditional support who bring me back to my centre and remind me of the mysterious nature of life which, while often uncomfortable in its uncertainty, is also very magical. Ultimately, no matter what twists and turns our journeys may take, it’s all about LOVE in the end – doing what we love, being in love, sharing love, and feeling it for ourselves and the choices we make. For when we leave this mortal coil we won’t remember or be asked a lot except, ‘How much did you love?’ and ‘What made your heart sing?’ So listen. Dream. Love. And don’t wait for everything to be perfect until you do because you’ll be waiting forever. There is a time and the time is now. Anna Taylor is an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Theta Healer and singer located in West Sussex, England.

CATCH ANNA LIVE: Thursday September 2nd: Anna will be the guest on The Angel Hour on The Love More Project Radio Hour. 11am PST. Sunday October 31st - The Yoga Show, Olympia, London (Anna's performance will be at 3.30PM) The show runs from Oct 29-31st . Anna and Loveursoul will be sharing a stall selling her CD and other products as well as giving readings.

September 2010

On March 7th, 1952 he attended a dinner for the Indian ambassador. At this dinner he spoke of the importance of India and their contribution to world peace. He read his poem “My India” which has the words "Where Ganges, woods, Himalayan caves, and men dream God—I am hallowed; my body touched that sod" As he said the last words, he slid to the ground, dead from a heart attack. Previously he had been quoted as saying "A heart attack is the easiest way to die. That is how I choose to die." He left a powerful mark on the world and still continues to teach and help people as he lives on in spirit. Working with Yogananda Paramahansa Yogananda is a wonderful Master to work with if you enjoy Yoga. He can help you understand which postures are best for you and when you should push a little harder or ease up. He is also wonderful at helping you find your own path. When visiting him in meditation, ask him what you are here for. He is never critical and always radiates love. I also highly recommend his book Autobiography of a Yogi, as the words and energy contained within will change your life and are a wonderful way to connect to his spirit. I was introduced to Yogananda when I was working on creating my own style of Yoga called “Angel Yoga.” I instantly fell in love with him. His spirit is one of total love and beauty! When you

work with him, his energy is unmistakable. I have had the pleasure to have worked with him during meditations and also to have channeled messages from him on numerous occasions in my workshops. He is very useful in helping me find what is right in my world and also in finding strength to follow my own path. Naturally, he has also helped me immensely with my Yoga practice. However, he is not just for people who do Yoga, so feel free to work with him even if you don’t have a regular practice.

“Faith is something that we all say we do blindly. This is not the truth. Faith is something that comes from a place of courage and bravery. When one acts upon faith, one is stepping out into the world of truth and trust. When we act of faith, we usually know the outcome. Or at least what we strive to have happen. When we hold tight onto this idea, the fear and loss of vision will be wiped away!” - Channeled from Yogananda

Alysia Markoe Johnson is an Oracle Messenger and creator of Angel Yoga. She facilitates weekly meditation classes on the Ascended Masters in Southern California, where she also resides. 12

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Experience the Joy of working with the Angels as you learn about these beautiful Beings of Light and how they can assist you in every facet of your life. Listeners can also call in to receive free mini-Angel readings! Call in number: 347.989.8386 Friday: New Wave Parenting

12:30pm-1:30pm PST

Explore the New Wave of Parenting and open to a new ways of parenting consciously and nurturing your family's connection to Source. Can’t make the live broadcast? All the shows are archived!

Content designed to Activate, Educate & Empower you to experience even more Love in your life.

Love Letters September.2010  

Love Letters provides content desgined to activate, educate and empower you to experience even more Love in your life.