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Love Lane Kitchen

Mattituck, Long Island.

New Yok City is chock full of authentic resturants infused with an abundance of a curtural ambiance. One October evening, my boyfriend and I felt the need to escape from our busy life in Mannhattan and do something a little out of our ordinary weekend agenda. I always heard wonderful things about out east Long Island; espically in the small town of Mattituck. So I did a little research and came across Mattituck’s so called“Main Street”- Love Lane. Yes, there’s an acual street called Love Lane, how charming does that sound? That Saturday we ventured out to Love Lane. In our travels we drove past the vast amounts of farms, colorful amber leves, and stunning winneries; (a heck of a lot better than a normal subway ride!) We parked the car by Mattick’s quiant littile train station next to their local convience store. We walked up and down Love Lane and peeked through the cheese bistro, the antiqe store and the homede fudge shope. I asked some of the locals where the best place to eat was and they recommend Love Lane Kitchen. My boyfriend and I walked right in and the hostess sat us outside in their mini floral garden. It was so cute! The feeling was so warm and cozy. The aroma from their coffee smelled so decident. They had over ten roasts to choose from! Of course I had to order a capachino. Along with my capachino, a huge

bowl of homemade poorage with fresh berries. Once the capachino came, my jaw droped. I have never, I mean never seen a capachino so perfectly made before! I didn’t even know a capachino could look like this. It looked so good, I was nervous to drink it. It was truly a work of art. It taste just as good as it looked. Normally when I order one, its spilling onto the table once the waitress/waiter places it in front of me. So, I was very pleased! The poorage was fresh and fluffy, I had the entire bowl. Love Lane offeres an array of meals to choose from; breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have everything from homemade pancakes, omaltes, soups, salads, sandwitches, burgers, fish and steak. On our way home we stopped off at a small winnery to watch the sun go down with a huge huck of white cheader cheese purchased from the cheese bistro. It was a perfect ending to our lovely trip to Love Lane. Escape from the hussle and bussle of the city and travel to the the rural end of New York to Love Lane Kitchen. I highly recommend it!

Love lane Kitchen  

Love Lane Kitchen