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The Lost Voices

20 years ago, in the summer of June 7, 1987, the air was warm and fresh, in the morning of Mercy Hospital you could hear two cries from two twins that had just been born; One with Blue eyes and one with green eyes. The only difference with their eyes; which gave away who was who. In that second everything was perfect until in that minute that everything changed and their lives would be never be the same, in that second everything changed.

The first twin that was born was Mary Katherine, Mary, went to a family from Rapid City, Iowa, Robert and Elena Thompson. As the years went by; MK grew strong and wise, she was a smart A student, she cared about others, she loved to helped the elderly. She would take care of sick dogs.

The other twin, Kate, went to another family, the Turners, Mitchell and Amy Turner.

Kate grew angry and stubborn. Since the day she came into this family she felt out of place. Then one day this older woman came into their lives, first she made a visit to Rapid City, into the little pet smart to see Katie, she seem to look familiar to Katie. As she walked into the shop Katie could see her age as she looked

at the older woman her wrinkles were growing by the minute. Kate on the other hand, grew with perverseness flowing through her veins every day. Since the day she came into this family she felt out of place and provoked by her parents. When at the corner of her eye, she sees a woman that seems to look familiar like she had met her before. The woman came over with a smile on her face, “wow my dear how you have grown”, saying it soft and mumbled. As the woman touched her face her face, Kate at that moment then her face away to turn away from this woman without a snipe of hesitation; “My dear what is the matter”? Her mouth seem to form a specific shape showing the words,” who are you? As this question came out; the woman paused with silence creeping through body showing no movement, as if she had a secret. The next few hours were a blur; as the shops went from open to close; as the second on the clock ticked faster; making time slow down.

That final night Kate looked at the woman that had just told her the truth.” You mean to tell me I have a twin? From the look of the woman she could tell that she wasn’t kidding she was telling the truth. Where is she? As she looked at the woman the woman looked but that was all; yet no answer. Who are you? How do you know all of this! “I knew your mom; “your sister is in this state, but in another city. “ How do you know? “I met her the same day I met you; she looked so happy I didn’t want to tell her.” As the words slowly out of the old woman mouth; Kate was going to find her sister so that their voices weren’t be lost but found.

The Lost Voices  
The Lost Voices  

two twins separted at birth