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Oklahoma rapper, Jamal James, incorporates giving with his passion. Issue 1: May 15, 2010

May 2010“The Money

Money will not buy happines all evil, Man needs roots. Mak ey. Money makes the man. Mo the sixth sense that makes it po MONEY talks, but credit has an e but I’d settle for a diamond-st sues.


Your money or your life? Run for your money. Money makes the w of Money. Take the money and ey on my mind. Bringing home t MONEY.


Issue” We all have money is-

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? I’m not made of money. world go round. For the LOVE d run. I. Make. It. Rain. Monthe bacon. Net worth. Money to

Index 17 10 On the Move

Houston Boy, May’s “On the Move” highlight, shows Oklahoma City the definition of momentum. A spotlight on his latest EP “So Ambitious” and what makes him a go getter.

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Summer Dime Activities 5 summer buget tips and activities that will keep your summer from being a bummer.

Credit Clean Up Understand the importance of a credit score. Tips for improving a credit score and guidance for your green.

Urban League Host Financial Bootcamp

Tinker Credit Federal Union’s Mr.Darius Johnson, Business Development Representative taught financial workship hosted by The Urban League. Mr. Johnson’s key points from workshop included.



Review of The Chocolate Experience, April 17th. Kiki Wyatt and Lyfe Jennings perform for Oklahoma City at the Farmer’s Market.

Q & A with Keke Wyatt

Feature Artist: Jamal James


This month’s featured artist, Jamal James, rapper, musician, owner of M.A.C. Entertainment, philanthropist, and Oklahoman shares his thoughts on giving, money, music and more.

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Fashion Front

Necessities for a fresh summer look. Featured items will not sit in the closet. Styles that convert from day to night and keep it fresh for summer.

Exclusive Fashion Find:

“Excellence In Fashion”

New Boutique in Quail Springs Mall brings a colorful, unique and exclusive line to Oklahoma City.

Events Calendar:

May - June

The best urban events after 7pm for May and June.

Back “We Stay Fly” Cover

Top Loop Magainze pictures of Oklahoma’s people in the scene. Photos by: Lola Adeyemi. Purchase at:

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Pg.18 Oklahoma’s own Jamal James tells it-His Money, His Music, & M.A.C. Entertainment...

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on On the move: Word the street Houston Boy

Hush Mode- v. To silence someone after you have proved them wrong or after charging them up. “You weren’t with Kenny last night ‘cause I was with him. Hush mode!”

By: Dawn Nauman Editor

Hulks- n. A form of american currency typically used by thuggish hustla types. Green crispy bill bixbys, thug stubbs, ghetto checks,lute, scriptures.

Fast mover Terrell Houston, aka Houston Boy, has jumped into the spotlight in Oklahoma City. Houston’s rap sheet has him down for being the vibrant host of Hot Spots TV, event host and promoter, and blog writer. Now, with the successful debut of his EP So Ambitious, he has become an O-City favorite for his eccentric personality and his lyrical content. The EP, So Ambitious, is six tracks of original material and feel good music, which was produced by Oklahoma City’s Ronnie Harris. Houston Boy said, he wanted to make music people could vibe to and something listeners could just throw in the player and listen to all the way through. “I wanted to bring a lyrical artistic message,” Houston Boy said.


The Loop Magazine Get in it

Houston Boy’s goal was to bring a different feel with this EP. “Everyone is on pill popping trap music. I want everyone to know there is still lyrical content in music,” he said. Currently, Houston Boy is in the studio working on So Ambitious II, which is to be “Bigger and badder than So Ambitious I,” says Ronnie Harris. Also, look for Houston Boy to begin working with Equilibrium, a funky, raw band like no other. Later this summer, he will be releasing a new mix tape called Man Boom Box for the fans who liked So Ambitious I. In addition to this, he has plans to start throwing fun, relaxed listening parties for different genres of music. Houston’s music is available for download on itunes and on

“Man I can’t go anywhere until I get a bulk of hulks.”

Bamboozle-v. To take in by elaborate methods of deceit; hoodwink, tricked, “We didn’t land on Plymouth rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us!” Lyrical reference: Timbaland & Magoo lyrics - Deep In Your Memory “We been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray,” Ba dink-a-dink- n.,adj Small rear end of a female. opposite of a ba dunk-a-dunk. “I’ll

hit that ba-dink-a-dink like it was some ba-dunk-a-dunk!”

Backpack- n.,v.,adj. Underground ‘non mainstream rap’

“Don’t bring any Lil’ Wayne music to Justin’s house that fool too backpack; he’s not tryin’ to hear it!”

Emo- n.,v., adj. Acting depressed. Derived from “emotional”. Originaly derived from the punk/hardcore style of music called ‘emo’

“Everytime Jr. gets drunk he starts goin’ emo on us.”

Summer dime activities them for decorations or to bag your swaps.

By: Paige Mitchell Staff Writer After a wonderful winter of wearing all the trendiest trends, eating at all the best restaurants, and taking plenty of trips, many people find themselves paying off these expenses on a tight budget. Fear not! Five Ways to have a Fun Frugal Summer:

1. Stay-cation

We all love a road trip, but what if it’s not in the budget? Try the fun activities in and around Oklahoma City. Always make sure to be open minded to trying new things.

Turner Falls located hour and 20 minutes south of OKC.

2. Volunteer for events

Don’t miss out on your favorite concerts and eventsbe a part of it! Promoters are always looking for street teams and volunteers. Contact the venue of a concert coming up ask to be apart of set up or clean up crew. Lend a hand and enjoy the show.

3. Host a “swap-a-thon”

Get some hot summer threads. Invite friends over and have them invite their friends. Everyone brings all their lightly used clothing, accessories, shoes, and handbags. They will be new clothes to you! Play some fun music and have fun swapping. *Fun Tip: Grab cute shopping bags from your favorite stores and use

4. Save some gas

People waste the most time and burn the most fuel by being determined to park close to the entrance. When really, you could have already been in and out the place by the time you get that perfect parking spot. Let us not forget the gift of tennis shoeing around town before the weather is too warm. After all, drive throughs are becoming more prominent and we could all use the extra steps on the pedometer. Bring back bumpin’ your stereo. Four windows down! Stay cool, look cool and save that drag on the gas tank.

5. Guerrilla Gardening

Hey urban city dwellers, get down on this green, urban movement. You know that boring piece of dirt in the corner? Apartment management would probably appreciate you upgrading it with some marigolds or perhaps some sunflowers. Spruce it up on the sly! Then have a swank patio party and show off your green thumb. The Loop Magazine Get in it


Theloopma Get in it

Cleaning up the credit score -It’s a dirty job, but somebody has got to do itby Lola Adeyemi Creative Marketing Director

The thinking your credit is just an invisible number that doesn’t mean anything is a mistake. A credit check is needed for everything from a cell phone, cable TV and even certain career paths. Credit should be evaluated every twelve months. Doing so allows consumers to check that all information is correct and to check for identity theft. Effective changes can be made by knowing how it’s calculated. Here’s how credit is scored: $ 35% of credit score is payment history. Pay on time. If you can’t pay on time call the customer service department see if a billing cycle

Tips to a better credit score $ Pay on time! Try setting up automatic withdrawal for a timely payment. $ Reduce loan debt. If you can’t afford the amount owed, call your lender and attempt to settle at a reasonable amount. $ Pay collection accounts first. Anything that is past due is credit effecting. $ Keep old accounts. Keeping old accounts speaks to credit history on a credit report. $ Avoid maxing out accounts. The lack of available credit on an account will effect a credit score. $ Avoid balance transfer traps. Card owners can transfer an existing balance to another credit card with a lower interest rate, but when the introductory rate goes out the interest rate can be increased sometimes up to 20%. $ Avoid excess credit. An emergency savings plan is less risky than making a large purchase on credit. $ Quick trick to build credit- go to a quick shortterm lender and get small loans and pay them off immediately.


The Loop Magazine Get in it

change can be made. $ Amount of credit owed is 30% percent. If you have a lot of credit cards that are nearing their limit by a couple hundred dollars, it could be detrimental to your score. $ Length of credit history 15 %. The longer you have a card the better. $ New lines of credit 10%. $ Different types of credit 10%. A good mix would be a car payment or mortgage, one or two major credit cards, like Visa or Discover, and two minor cards like a Home Depot or J.C. Penny’s.

Guidance for the green

$ Decrease spending can improve your budget. $ Live within your means. Don’t make impulse buys. $ Write down everything- Including current and projected spending. $ Develop an emergency fund rather than resulting to credit cards. This is an account that has three to six months worth of money, which can cover your expenses if in a pinch. $ Analyze monthly bills and ask these questions: -Is this a need or want? -Can this be cut down or cut out? -Can I wait on this?

Urban league hosts fInancial fItness bootcamp by Lola Adeyemi Creative Marketing Specialist During the month of March, The Urban League held a seven-week financial fitness series where participants received guidance on different strategies and techniques to improve their financial well being. The Financial Fitness workshop was sponsored by Tinker Federal Credit Union and was taught by TCFU’s Business Development Representative and self proclaimed barbecue specialist, Mr. Darius Johnson.

Mr. Johnson’s Key points:

Mr. Darius Johnson (above) of Tinker Federal Credit Union taught The Urban Leagues Financial Fitness Workshop.

• Knowing there is a problem: Success is not always dependent on income. In fact, many people who are earning an impressive salary struggle to make ends meat. To make a significant change, you must first understand “Yes, I am in in debt.” Admittance is the first step in fixing the problem.

•Develop a S.M.A.R.T. Goals: S.M.A.R.T. stand for Specific Measurable Achievable and Timed. Be committed to your S.M.A.R.T. goals. Write it down and post it some where you can see it daily. Be confident in your ability to get out of debt. You will need accountability. By involving those around you, you will be able to have a supportive and motivational environment. “Even tell the kids,” Darius said. It’s never too early or too late to start learning responsible habits.

•Automatically pay yourself and your children first: Setup an automatic withdrawal for your savings to come out of your check monthly. It is less hassle and it guarantees you will pay yourself.     •Construct a budget: Budgeting is the first step to financial success. “90% of the people who utilize budgets are successful,” says Mr. Johnson.  With a budget you will be able to control your day-to-day finances. Save for your dreams and turn them into your realities. Stop wasteful spending and start efficient, affective planning for short-term and long-term usage. Do this by gathering all the information related to your income and expenses. This includes anything that can be used to see a clear picture of current and future income levels and spending patterns.   The Loop Magazine Get in it


Lyfe Jennings and Keke Wyatt melt the chocolate party

By: Lola Adeyemi Creative Marketing Director

On April 17th, Lyfe Jennings and Keke Wyatt performed at the Farmer’s Market for an energized audience the Chocolate Experience Party. Oklahoma City’s talented Kenya Farmer Whitlow opened for Lyfe Jennings and Keke Wyatt. The soul-stress diva performed her single “Beautiful” from her new similarly titled album, Beautiful. Her voice was soul stirring and up lifting. She relaxed the audience with a lullaby. Soon after, Keke Wyatt performed her 2001 radio debut single “Nothing In this World” from the Soul Sista album. She also performed her latest single title after her album Who Knew, which was released this past February. After her two song performance, it was evident of her natural vocal capabilities and wide range. KeKe’s Fans were singing along to every word and catching every “Oooh” and “Aaahh”. When platinum performing artist Lyfe Jennings took the stage, he handled the audience with ease. Lyfe boldly redirected the attention of the audience back to the stage. The flat line audience instantly regained their pulse. He performed all of his recognizable singles: “Must Be Nice” from the Lyfe 268-192 album, “Never Never Land” from the Lyfe Change album, and “Let Stay Together” and  “S.E.X.” singles from The Phoenix, and “Busy” from his soon to be released album, I Still Believe.

16 The Loop Magazine Get in it

Kenya Farmer Whitlow showcases her vocals for the 2010 Chocolate Party.

Keke Wyatt poses with fan hard body model, Decari from Oklahoma City. Lyfe Jennings greets fans after his set at the Chocolate Party.

Questions & Answers: A: “I did some touring inationally, a stage

Keke Wyatt

The Loop Magazine was able to catch up with Keke Wyatt. This is what she has to say about her music and her life:

Q: What is the concept behind the “Who knew” album? A: “Who Knew is basically giving my fans an opportunity to read my diary.”   Q: When you aren’t thinking about music where is your mental focus?  A: “A new beginning. Where I’d like to be in my career, my love life and what I see for me and my family. God has more for me than I could ever envision.”   Q: Who is  “Who Knew” is dedicated to? A: “My fans”   Q: What is your favorite track from this “Who Knew”? A: “Weakest” and “Daydreaming”   Q: What is your all time favorite song?  A: “I really can’t pick a favorite, I like about four or five from both of my albums combined. People really react to ‘Nothing In This World’.” Q: What is the most requested songs you preform? A: “People ask to hear ‘My First Love’, ‘Nothing In This World’ and ‘Ghetto Rose’.”   Q: While you were taking a hiatus, what were you working on?

play, writing and recording.”  Q: You said, “ I feel like my personal life isn’t anybody’s business, but I am in the music industry and people feel like when they buy your music they have the right to your life.” Would you lose your fame in order to get your privacy back? A: “I don’t view it as fame, God gave me the gift of song and that’s my way of touching people- those who are going through what I’ve gone through or what I’m going through. My music is apart of my life. There are some things though that should remain private and I’d like to hold on to that.”

Q: What motivational words do you have for anyone who is in an abusive relationship or any situation similar to yours ? A: “Find a support system, someone you can trust and confide in. You deserve better and you can do better.” Q: How did you feel about the Chocolate Experience in Oklahoma City on April 17th? A: “It was cool, there was a lot of love shown for Keke Wyatt and I’d love to come back to do a real concert.” Q: What are 3 things you will not leave home with out? A: “Dior lip gloss, Dior Eyeliner, Dior Sunglasses.” Q: What can we expect from you in the future? A: “More heartfelt music, acting on stage and the big screen.”   Q: What do you want to say to Oklahoma City? A: “I love you and THANKS for the love. It made me feel good to see that my true fans haven’t forgotten me.” The Loop Magazine Get in it


Most record labels mark a successful year by the quantity of ticket sales, album releases,mix tapes, record sales, and tours.

Most rappers mark a successful year by the quantity of cars, money, clothes, women, and status... by Dawn Nauman, editor photographed by Lola Adeyemi

M.A.C. Entertainment, based in Oklahoma City,

has marked its successful year with four clothing drives, four food drives, multiple school drives, lots of volunteering, and a major effort to reach out to Oklahoma City’s youth. At the center of it all is Jamal James, owner and current featured artist of M.A.C Entertainment, who says, “I’m not really into money. It’s only importance to me is how I can use it to give to other people.” M.A.C. Entertainment, which was a dream a few boys had in high school, has grown into a company that touches the community through service and music. To which, Jamal says, it is a no-brainer when considering how all the members of M.A.C Ent. were raised, to be a positive impact on the community. “My life is music and M.A.C. Entertainment. We help others, and I’m able to do music,” Jamal said. M.A.C. Ent. recently threw one of their signature skating parties, “The Pajama Jam,” on April 10th at Skateland. It was complete with a musical and theme tribute to the ‘90s, pajamas galore, roller skating, and a performance from Jamal and M.A.C Ent.’s next rap artist, Louis “L-1-3” Sumpter. The concept for these events is simple: FUN!


“The idea behind the skating parties is having an event where The Loop Magazine Get in it

grown ups can be kids and everyone has fun,” Jamal said. Although, with the vast reach of M.A.C. Entertainment, including community works, the skating parties, films, and the music, it’s hard for the company to be labeled, but for the record, it’s a record label. Jamal explains, “When people think of a hip hop label, they don’t think about how that label is going to help the community. We only see hip hop doing negative things. We want to reverse that. Also, many artists think they can’t really help until they make it, but why wait when you can do it right now?” His presence exudes a vibe that is not always associated with those who are striving to “make it.” This rapper gives off an unmatched sense of self, sacrifice, determination, loyalty, and pure talent. “I only know how to be me,” Jamal says. He adds, “I am a musician by nature, but I’m a rapper, a master of ceremonies, I move the crowd. I am hip hop. I was born with a mic in my hand. I didn’t have to go through a crazy life and then become a rapper. It’s what I do. You couldn’t pay me not to rap. I would rather take a job making $30,000 a year and doing music than $100,000 a year and filing papers and being miserable.”

There is no question as to if Jamal

James is in his element. His music and attitude leave listeners with the appreciation that he was made for this. The organic lyrics, and the clever, cool and original metaphors, paired with Jamal’s solid vocals is exactly what music needs. The rapper’s must hear track is appropriately titled, “So Fly, So Fresh.” This track demonstrates Jamal’s lyrical charisma and vocal control. Usually, preformed live with a band, completed with suite and tie, it further proves his self-assertive style, which is the meeting point for intellect and versatility. It should be noted that Jamal James is not your typical rapper.

His music has an appeal for hip hop lovers who stress the importance of content and dimension. His talent also allows listeners to be drawn in who like the fun side of hip hop. Such an inclusive approach to music permits this artist and his art to assimilate into various genres and then make them his own. This is seldom seen in the music industry. Many artist find where they fall on the spectrum of listeners and create music to that specific group. However, Jamal makes music for the entire spectrum. His sound on “The Memphis Anthem” from “The Appetizer” , “So Fly, So Fresh” , and “I really Wanna” from “Listen To Me” the EP can only be described as diverse. The lyrical diversity forces listeners to pay atten-

“I want M.A.C Entertainment to be the Def Jam of Oklahoma.”

The Loop Magazine Get in it


tion and think. Moreover, witty commentary, a bold delivery, and superior lyrical awareness are a commonality across the board. Jamal has always known the potential for his capabilities, but there was a point when he had to make a business decision. Oklahoma is not known for being a music market. Four years ago, he had to prove he was serious. After his college graduation, he moved to Atlanta with only $500. It was a difficult decision because leaving meant separating from his family, friends and beginning the struggle of leading a company from another state.

His reason for going to Atlanta


The Loop Magazine Get in it

was this “If you don’t see it, you don’t know where you fall.” Atlanta brought more out of Jamal through a higher level of daily competition. When asked about his transition from Oklahoma to Atlanta he said, “Going from the country to the city, you think you know everything, but really you don’t know anything.” This has also tested the faith he has in his talent, sound and concept of his company. Through this grind, it is obvious a fresh strength, drive and work ethic has taken over. Jamal’s “Take the fight to them!”

‘Mal’s Music: • • • • •

On My Back Straight Spittin Vol. 1 On My Back Straight Spittin Vol. 2 Homecoming The Appetizer Listen To Me” The EP

attitude has built a better understanding of him- rare in the music industry. Making it big means self and where he wants his company to be. big money, but when asked where his money would go, Jamal just smiled and said, “I want “I want M.A.C Entertainment to be the Def. Jam to take care of people because they took care of Oklahoma, ‘the’ music label,” Jamal says. “If of me. I want to hurry up and get this so I can you don’t have personal goals, what are you give. It’s more important to me to help other striving for?” people and to know something you said The dynamics of or did changed M.A.C. Ent. is what someone’s life for makes his dream the rest of their life. a possibility. The Money can be spent company is centered and it’s gone, but around the idea of emotions stay.” His group intelligence insight comes from and group success. personal experience. Jamal encourages In 2009, through the all members of the generosity of friends, team to branch off he was able to focus into their own pason music for the ension this is because tire year. “No one loves your love better than Jamal is back and you,” he says. forth between Atlanta and Oklahoma. “It’s a company His focus recently where no one is has been to put a bigger than the face with his muother, and if one sic in Oklahoma of us makes it, we through their latest all make it. It’s not community projects. about me. How can “Don’t take over the I help those around world if you haven’t me thrive? The purpose of our community taken over your neighborhood. I take care of projects is to lead people to be a part of somehome first because I’m a homeboy. I’m not from thing. Many people want to give, but need to Atlanta. If I was taking care of Georgia, that know who and where to give, so that is where would be a slap in the face because there are we come in and act as the middle man. For needs at home. We want to bring more pride example, when we do our Back to School Drive, and progress to the east side,” he says. 100% of the proceeds go to various schools in the Oklahoma City School District, but it is the Anyone who has driven west 23rd street will community who makes the donations. Therenotice the renovations, the new stores, restaufore Oklahoma City is helping their children,” rants, and art. Jamal want to take this a step he explained. further. He says, “When going east on 23rd, it’s different. I wouldn’t call the east side the worst Principles like compassion and giving are part of town, but others may. M.A.C Ent. wants


The Loop Magazine Get in it

OKC as a whole to improve.” Clarifying, he added, “The heart of OKC is the east side, so we want to get the community involved in helping each other out, kind of like the Black Wall Street days in Tulsa.” These things are said with such authority and passion that the question isn’t “If” true success will come to Jamal and M.A.C Ent, but rather “When?” With unrivaled determination and talent, Jamal cannot carry on in any other way. The sheer taste level and intelligence of Jamal’s music will turn any skeptic into a believer; he just needs your attention. When asked about his future, Jamal said, “I think I will always a have a life in hip hop. That’s why I applaud Jay-Z because he is 40 and still rapping. You can never get tired of your love. Don’t stop. Why would you? The only ones who don’t make it are those who quit.”

He knows that if there is a storm,

soon there will be sun because it can’t rain forever. “For me failure wouldn’t be possible. I got to make my mama happy. I have to make my mama proud. I can’t come home for good until I have that Grammy. When I have negative thoughts, I just call my partners and remember that I’m doing this because I can, and I remember how many people I would be letting down by giving up. I can’t see failure,” he said. Obviously for Jamal James, not being over taken by failure is nothing more than having a far stronger determination to succeed. While doing this, he has shown Oklahoma City that the power of one determined person can make a difference, but the power of a small group of determined people can ake hange.

M.A.C. Entertainment team dressed in custom robes for their Pajama Jam Skating Party. From Right to left: Jamal “Mal” James, Louis “L-1-3” Sumpter, James “Jay Rid” Ridley (M.A.C. films), Courtney “Chubb” Moses, Skylar “Boo” Rogers, and Prince “PJ” Mason. Not pictured, Brandon “Prez” Braylock. Photo by: J. Wiggens of Concept Productions.

More ‘Mal and M.A.C. Ent:

• May 22: Jamal will hit the stage at 10 p.m. at Bell Isle Brewery with the band, Equilibrium. 1900 Northwest Expressway, located inside 50 Penn Place. • 4th Annual Spring Clothing Drive: M.A.C. Ent invites everyone to clean out their closets in the name of giving. There are no clothing specifications. All items will be donated to The City Rescue Mission and The Jesus House. • 4th Annual Back to School Drive: July- Labor Day. Monetary and school supply donations are accepted. Last year donations went to Willow Brook Elementary School, Kipp Academy, Moon Academy, and Dunbar Elementary. • Kid’s Carnival: Mid June, M.A.C. Ent will be holding a summer carnival for kids.

“Catch Up!”:

•Stay up to date with events and performances by becoming a fan of M.A.C. Entertainment LLC on • James “Jay Rid” Ridley, the master behind M.A.C Films, creates videos of all M.A.C. events, performances, and music videos. Catch up at: • Catch up with Jamal! Network with him on facebook at:

• Full playlist of Jamal’s music can be found at: malthekidd • Connect with Jamal on twitter at:

Fashion Front: Spring 2010 By: Jovanna Johnson Fashion Writer

It’s summer time, so it’s time to put up the long sleeves, snow boots, and large jackets and time to bring out your short shorts, sassy sandals and colorful tanks. Following the trend is great, but break out of the box, go against the norm, and be a trend setter. Adding personal uniqueness to a style is even better.


“Be B Be Dif Be Y

Time to show off those legs and great figure! Summer dresses are the best way to be cute, but sophisticated as well, not to mention cotton maxi dresses are comfortable and look great with metallic gladiator sandals.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are one of the unique style of sandals. The crazy Greek and Egyptian look is what make the sandals different and fun to wear. The sandals add a great put together look with dresses, shorts and jeans. There are many different options when it comes to the height, strap design, and color. Gladiator sandals are a must have for summer.


The Loop Magazine Get in it

Bold. fferent. You�


Jumper shorts, aka Rompers, are a one piece garment. You might have worn something similar to this when you were a toddler, but these sassy numbers are becoming very popular with ladies who aren’t afraid to rock a Onesie. It gives of a fun, fashion forward, flirty vibe. Make your statement by adding a pair of colored heals with matching accessories, a classic pair of tennis shoes like converse, or even our old friend the gladiator sandal. This outfit is great for a casual day out with the friends or even for an evening date.

The Loop Magazine Get in it


watches Nooka is a New York based design company. The watches are a modern style of watch that will give the wrist a futuristic look. These watches are so crazy and unique looking its hard not to want one. With a huge variety of styles and colors, you can walk around with one of the best watches around. They are so unexpected and an eye catcher.


The Loop Magazine Get in it

Super Sunglasses Super Sunglasses are the first brand to produce a complete range of colorful fashion sunglasses. These glasses are hand made in Italy and are made with the best material. They come in all kinds of styles and colors, some are retro and some are more on the grown and classy side. Super Sunglasses are rocked by: Kanye west, Lil Wayne, and Rihanna.

The Loop Magazine Get in it


Excellence In Fashion

is a store in Quail Springs Mall. It is the perfect location to get inspiration for a new style or to improve the one you already have. It has unique and affordable apparel that brings a Miami Beach vibe to Oklahoma City.   The company’s motto is a “Passion for Fashion”.   It can be seen in every garment the store carries. Excellence In Fashion’s has clothing for men and women.  The store has sizes ranging from 0-15. In the near future, Excellence In Fashion will carry plus sized garment too.  They also carry many accessories, everything from handbags to shoes.   Excellence In Fashion is fun, music filled, and vibrant.  Stop by today and ignite a true passion for clothes at Excellence in Fashion.   For more information: Call (405) 748-7080 email To connect with them on Facebook, search Excellence In Fashion.


The Loop Magazine Get in it

Kim Plunkett

Kim Plunkett

Mary Ann Maestre

Mary Ann Maestre

Julie calvert

Julie calvert

May Send your events to : Subjuct line “Event for Calendar”

Saturday 15th:

•“The Cool Crowd”, Conservatory 891 N. Western. Hip Hop Showcase-$7. • “Sage Lounge” 217 N. Central Ave. Jazz, no cover. • “We Got That Paper”, Coke-A-Cola Bricktown Event Center. Cost: $10, 18 to Enter.

Sunday 16th:

• “Confession Sunday”: Buddah Tao, 2737 W. Memeorial. Ruby Room (Weekly) 64 N. Oklahoma, 21+ • “OKC Gong Show”: On Broadway Two, 530 S. Broadways Ave • Live! Jabee performs at Brown Sugar Lounge , 8109 NW Expwy, 9pm- 1:30am

Tuesday 18th:

• “Ladies Night” at Skyy Bar Ultra Lounge 4025 S. Robinson Ave.

Wednesday 19th: • Club Rodeo (Weekly), 2301 S. Meridian Ave.

Friday 21st:

• “Jam Session” (Weekly) Good Fellows Lounge, 6101 N. Santa Fe, 21+ $10 cover all night. • “Friday Night Lights” (Weekly) Cantina Loredo, 1901 NW Exwy. Penn Square Mall , 21+. • PLAYDATE OKC’s “1yr PLAYANNIVERSARY” Cox Convention Center (Grand Ball Room - 2nd Floor) cost: $10, 9:00pm.

Saturday 22nd:

ï Club Rodeo (Weekly), 2301 S. Meridian Ave.

Thursday 27th:

• NEW!!!“Temptation Thursday”: Live! Hurricane Chris! Lansbrook Event Center, N.W. Expressway Just West of Macarthur, 18+ To Enter, Free Before 10:30pm, $10 After 10:30 • “Exculsive Thursdays”(weekly) Club mangoes, 4401 W. Rendo Ave, OKC. free before 11pm.

Friday 28th: • Live!

Mouse on the Track and Candi Redd! Fritz 2, 1164 N. McAr-

• Spring Jam Rodeo, Spencer OK 50th St. and Douglas. $8 “The Entourage Party” Lava Lounge, 3925 N. Lincoln. 10 pm-2am.

thur Blvd.

• “Queen of Sheeba 4 yr Annv.” 2308 N. McArthur 5:30 pm4am Jazz, Etheopia, Chifera, regae, & hip hop music. $20 includes dinner.

• “Jam Session ” (Weekly) Good Fellows Lounge, 6101 N. Santa Fe, 21+ $10 cover all night.

• “Summer Jam Music Fest.” Club 101 Norman, 1051 12th Ave. Norman. 10 pm-2am • “Le Chic Saturdays” (Weekly) 10:00pm, Kangs Bistro 6600 North Olie Ave, Ladies FREE before 11pm, Men FREE before 10:30pm

Sunday 23rd:

• Paseo Arts Festival, Paseo District, 10am- 8pm

• “Friday Night Lights” (Weekly) Cantina Loredo, 1901 NW Exwy. Penn Square Mall , 21+.

Saturday 29th:

• Paseo Arts Festival, Paseo District, 10am- 8pm. • “Le Chic Saturdays” (Weekly) 10:00pm, Kangs Bistro 6600 North Olie Ave, Ladies FREE before 11pm, Men FREE before 10:30pm

• “Confession Sundays” (Weekly): Buddah Tao, 2737 W. Memeorial. • Ruby Room (Weekly) 64 N. Oklahoma Ave.

Thursday 20th:

Tuesday 25th: • “Ladies Night” at Skyy Bar Ultra Lounge 4025 S. Robinson Ave.

• “405-918 Connection” Mangos, 4401 W. Rendo Ave, OKC. SPECIAL GUEST HOST RAMAL THE HOME TOWN HEAT OF TULSA! 21+, $10 after 11.

Tuesday 25th:


Wednesday 26th:

• “Ladies Night” at Skyy Bar Ultra Lounge 4025 S. Robinson Ave.

Sunday 30th:

• Live! Meant2B, Brown Suga Lounge, 8109 NW Expwy. 9pm-1:30am. • “Confession Sundays”: Buddah Tao, 2737 W. Memeorial. • Ruby Room (Weekly) 64 N. Oklahoma, 21+. • The Final Exam College Edition, Farmers Market, 9pm -3 am, 18+,

June $10 after 10:30.

• Paseo Arts Festival, Paseo District, 10am- 8pm.

Tuesday 1st:

• “Ladies Night” at Skyy Bar Ultra Lounge 4025 S. Robinson Ave.

Boy’s and Girl’s Club, 1pm-8pm. In

the House: Meant to Be, Presidential Trapp House, Kert Dogg, Chris McCain, Grindaholics, Sky Boogie, Young Star...Concert and Half time show. Farmers Market 311 South Klein. Confession Sundays: Buddah Tao, 2737 W. Memeorial. • Ruby Room (Weekly) 64 N. Oklahoma, 21+. • “Confession Sundays”: Buddah Tao, 2737 W. Memeorial.

Wednesday 2nd:

Tuesday 8th:

Thursday 3rd:

Wednesday 9th:

• NEW!! “Temptation Thursday” (Weekly): Lansbrook Event Center, N.W. Expressway Just West of Macarthur, 18+ To Enter, Free Before 10:30pm, $10 After 10:30

Thursday 10th

ï Club Rodeo (Weekly), 2301 S. Meridian Ave.

• “Word Pulp” (Repeats), Qeen of Sheeba, 2308 N. McArthur. Open mic poetry slam.

• “Exculsive Thursdays”(weekly) Club mangoes, 4401 W. Rendo Ave, OKC. free before 11pm.

Friday 4th:

• Paseo Arts Festival, Paseo District, 10am- 8pm • “Jam Session ” (Weekly) Good Fellows Lounge, 6101 N. Santa Fe, 21+ $10 cover all night. • “Friday Night Lights” (Weekly) Cantina Loredo, 1901 NW Exwy. Penn Square Mall , 21+.

Saturday 5th:

• “Le Chic Saturdays” (Weekly) 10:00pm, Kangs Bistro 6600 North Olie Ave, Ladies FREE before 11pm, Men FREE before 10:30pm

Sunday 6th: •

“Players Ball” Fundraiser for

ì Ladies Night” at Skyy Bar Ultra Lounge 4025 S. Robinson Ave.

Club Rodeo (Weekly), 2301 S. Meridian Ave.

ì Temptation Thursday” (Weekly): Lansbrook Event Center, N.W. Expressway Just West of Macarthur, 18+ To Enter, Free Before 10:30pm, $10 After 10:30 “Exculsive Thursdays”(weekly) Club mangoes, 4401 W. Rendo Ave, OKC. free before 11pm.

Friday 11th:

Live! Dorrough-”It’s My Turn to Shine” Concert / Car and bike showParadise City. Check for more details as they are updated. ìJam Session î (Weekly) Good Fel lows Lounge, 6101 N. Santa Fe, 21+ $10 cover all night.


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WE STay Fly Photos by: Lola Adeyemi

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