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The Loop Aug-Sept 2010: The Taboo Issue

Designer Tiki Doll frees herself from all restrictions to create her latest line “Dirty Candy.”

Note from the Editor You are now flipping through The Loop Magazine. We are an urban lifestyles magazine with influences from events and entertainment. The Loop Magazine is Oklahoma City based. Our mission is to highlight, uplift and unite the urban community. We cover urban sights, sounds, hype, the underground, and everything in between. Stay informed as you follow, add, friend, and check up on us! We have themed this magazine as the “Taboo Issue.� We have centered our articles and our main feature around topics that are edgy, usually not talked about, and sometimes judged. We are also introducing two new writers: Dianne Tordillo and Najah Hylton. They are two passionate and talented additions to the magazine. For this issue, Dianne has written an article that explores what allows racism to continue and how that may effect our relationships, and Najah has put together an article that exposes the realities of body image and the evolution of beauty. Look for them on the scene, and for their writing in future issues and on our social networks. I chose to feature Tiki Doll, a local fashion designer, on our cover for this issue. Tiki is a creative, free spirit who is a little taboo herself. Tiki discusses how she refuses to allow judgements and negativity to effect her. For more information email info@ theloopmagazine,net Thank you for your support, Dawn Nauman Editor-N-Chief

Staff Dawn Nauman, Cofounder and Editor-N-Chief. Lola Adeyemi, Cofounder and Creative Marketing Director. Jovanna Johnson, Social Media Intern and Writer. Dianne Tordillo, Copy Editor and Writer. Najah Hylton, Writer specializing in arts and politics.

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Pg 6 “On the Move” GW Photography talks about his success and new projects.

Pg 9

Summary of Zane’s new book “Hot the Hot Box”

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“We Stay Fly” Picture pages.

Pg. 12

“Looking past the stares and dirty looks” The Loop Magazine on Interracial dating.

Pg. 18 “Booty is in the eye of

the beholder” The Loop Magazine on Body image.

Pg. 22 Q&A with Candi Redd Pg. 24 On the Cover: Tiki Doll

Oklahoma City fashion designer talks about her art and her struggles.

Pg. 28

The Dirty Candy photo


Pg. 48

Concert Review: “The Monster’s Ball”

Pg. 50

Summer fashion disappointments

Pg. 52 Events calendar

TDoll iki pg 24

On The Move: GW Photography Oklahoma City’s GW Photography has made its way across the U.S. Glen has an eye for capturing hip hop culture and urban style. His use of color and lighting make his empowering photos stand out. The Loop Magazine caught up with Glen after his recent shoot in New York. In your own words, who is GW? Im Glen Willis Jr, the creative and talented, traveling photographer of the new generation. How did you get started? I got started in 2006 when I purchased my first camera. It was a hobby until I realized that this was my calling. This is what I’m meant to do for the rest of my life. While I was shooting for fun, I was noticed by a make up artist. We began to talk about things we would like to do. Then we were signed to a modeling agency. My very first shots came out looking like magazine prints. That’s when I knew I had a gift. I wanted to figure


out how I could advance my talent; I didn’t want to look like the average photographer, so I started networking with some fashion icons in New York and New Jersey. After working with a very popular fashion group, Juice Krew (Tokyo Diiva), in 2007. My career and fans went sky high. Then I became the

most requested photographer in many states. What keeps you going? The main things that keeps me going are my motivation to always out do myself and my loyal fans and clients who always give me that extra boost of confidence. I have always had dreams and aspirations to be the best, and the ever changing fashion world keeps me on my toes. What do your day-to-day activities look like?

Going to work, getting a lot of new clients photo shoot request, new ideas for new events, new concept, and techniques for better pics... What can we expect next from you? You never know what comes to me: Alter Ego “Split Personality” Tour, “ALTER EGO/Multiplicity” calendar, hosting fashion parties, and my fashion show this fall. The tour will cover: • New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, an Massacheuttes, and Dal- 7

las in August 2010. • Tulsa in September 2010. How do you manage your time? I manage my time excellently with the help of my assistant. She is in charge of the entire photoshoot booking process, she makes it easy so that the only thing on my mind is getting the perfect shot, and she makes sure my clients stay happy. If you could work with any one, who would it be? Kanye West. I love his style, his swagg, an his personality. He is an icon in the rap industry and it would be my pleasure to work with him. Also, Lil Wayne and Aneesa from Mtv’s Real World. What is a quote you live by? Don’t settle for less if yor want the best. If you could shoot anywhere, where would it be? Japan, Africa, and Brazil. What advice would you give to a person who would like to start a career in photogarphy? To never give up on your dreams. It’s a challanging business to be in, but as long as you have the eye for greatness and the heart of the willing, anything is possible. Being successful does not come to the weak, but the driven.

Two women. Four men. Two love triangles. Three sections: Curveballs, Bases Loaded, and The Sweet Spot. Reading has never been this hot because once again, Zane is taking you outside of the box. Zane, the African-American author known for sizzling erotica, has a new book coming out. The Hot Box is set for release on Aug. 10, 2010.Summer 2010 will be hotter than ever thanks to New York Times bestselling author’s Zane. Summary: Two women plus four men equals nothing but drama. The term “hotbox” is a baseball drill that can be played with three or more players and two to four bases. The players take turns between being fielders and runners, ultimately trying to tag the rest of the players out. In “The Hot Box,” best friends Milena and Lydia are playing another version of the game along with Jacour, Yosef, Glenn, and Phil. In this game, love is involved and the only problem is that the men do not realize that they are playing.

Pre-order at or $15.59. Hot Box to be released August 10, 2010

the mysterious and handsome stranger, to win Milena’s heart, soul, and body that hasn’t been touched by a man in nearly a decade.

Lydia is the opposite of Milena. She does not believe in recycling her virginity. In fact, she utilizes her sex daily to get what Milena is a veterinarian who has lived a she wants. Working part-time as a grosheltered existence since leaving Jacour at the altar. Jacour had recently signed an cery cashier is simply not the life she desires. Residing with Glenn, her lover eighty-five million dollar contract with the of three years, she also appears to be New York Yankees but Milena could not sleeping with his best friend, Phil. Glenn have cared less once she discovered his is her Mr. Right but Phil is her “Mr. Good doggish ways. Jump ahead eight years Sex.” Lydia dreams of getting away from and Jacour has returned to rural North small town America but, until then, she Carolina to win Milena’s heart back, is prepared to do whatever it takes to However, there’s a serious problem. Milena continue to get her bills paid… on time. Everything is fine until Phil decides to has a new man, who has seemingly apchange the parameters of their relationpeared out of nowhere. What ensues is a ship, forcing Lydia to make a choice that competition between Jacour and Yosef, 9 she is not prepared to make.

Loop Photos

We Stay fly Mouse on Da Track and fans at his show at Fritz’s II.

Lil Duval dances to Waka Flocka at his show in Tulsa.


Lady Gaga brought her Monster’s Ball to OKC. Read about Dawn’s experience pg. (Left) Tyga of Young Money gave a high energy performance to a screaming crowd at The Farmer’s Market.

(Left) Ushindi Spears, Mrs. Smiley and friends at “Stop the violence” parade. (Above) Helen Washington at Sunset Sunday’s tribute to the king of pop.

Looking Past the Stares and Dirty Looks The Loop Magazine on Interracial Dating by Dianne Tordillo Staff Writer/ Copy Editor When thinking about the topic that has divided society for many generations, Alicia Keys’ music video for “Unthinkable” comes to mind. In the song, she passionately sings about being ‘ready’ to undergo a life-altering decision to pursue a forbidden love. Although Ms. Keys has been rumored to have actually been singing about her own “unthinkable” controversial relationship rapper/producer Swizz Beatz, the video has, instead, fittingly portrayed some of the trying issues that interracial couples have encountered throughout the years. The video accurately depicts the infamous stares and dirty looks that interracial couples receive from opposed individuals. In extreme cases, this can lead to family disownment and feeling obligated to maintain secrecy of the relationship. When my editor, Dawn, suggested interracial dating as a ‘taboo’ topic for me to discuss, I had to take a second to determine whether being ‘down


with swirl’ still even is taboo these days. Even seeing terminology like swirl – a word commonly used in the urban community for referring to dating another race, or describing a multiethnic person – starting to pop up in mainstream society, signifies us of our racially evolving world. And other racially-motivated slang, including blackxican, blasian and redbone, have similarly prevailed and have been used now, more often than any other time in history. What this tells us is that we’re currently living in an era where more people are entranced by a new wave of appreciation for blending racial boundaries and dismissing the typical stereotypes that come along with them. It also tells us that interracial dating is taking baby steps to be a more accepted practice (emphasis on the baby steps). According to the Pew Research Center’s 2010 report on social and demographic trends, almost all millennials accept interracial dating and marriage. Millennials are children born 1980 to 2000, or as I like to call them, the social-media age. What sets them apart from the older generation are things like the Internet, lower likelihood to vote, college education, cell phones etc.

Photo by: Lola Adeyemi

Many optimists obviously find it inspiring that our world is starting to see beyond color, especially when witnessing more minorities appear in the media. Who could blame them? For those who are still experiencing the brunt of interracial stigmas, there are many loose strings and inconsistencies that need to be examined when attempting to understand reactions to race.

the toxic act of prejudice. However, the little amount of social pressures that we’ve experienced still won’t be enough to make us turn against society and call everyone a racist.

Perhaps it’s because our family and friends’ unconditional support and acceptance has played such a role that’s allowed us to grow accustomed to stop taking notice of anyone who opposes our dating choices. It could also be that our upbringing and our I confess. Having been in an interracial particular way of handling situations relationship for a couple of years now, have made us less concerned about my boyfriend and I still see a significant measuring “interracial acceptance,” population who naturally feed into overall. 13

Generally, it’s all about perspective. One mixed couple’s way of measuring the public’s interracial acceptance may actually differ from other couples who have different beliefs, upbringing, and residing location. Thus, it’s this varying factor that makes the question challenging to answer. Having said that, my wonder still persists: is interracial dating still taboo? In one column I wrote for another publication, I stated the following: “…as long as the idea of race exists, racism and the idea of racial superiority will continue. Many experts already claim the idea of ‘different races’ doesn’t exist. Would [individuals opposed to interracial relationships be more open to the idea] if race wasn’t categorized?” What drove me to express this statement was an encounter last year with a self-professed bigot, who refused to date outside his race based on these three factors: •parental influence •bad experiences •racial stereotypes He insisted on supporting these factors even ones that sounded absurd enough have been concocted from his own imagination. This sparked my conclusion about race and the extent of its superficiality. If the emphasis on skin color, eye shape and hair texture didn’t exist, and if our entire history did not permeate such racially devastating events such as slavery, the trail of tears, Japanese internment, and segregation, and lastly, if the entire practice of racial categorization has been voided from our use completely,

then maybe race probably wouldn’t be as touchy of a subject as it is today. Realizing that countless factors play major roles in trying to measure interracial acceptance, it’s easy for anyone to now see why racially-themed debates will continue to divide society. Race alone is a complex topic. I agreed with one peer when he said that location is key when trying to examine the progressive state of interracial acceptance. Many would conclude that urban metropolises like New York City and Los Angeles are great examples of locations with large racially-accepting communities. And other states, such as Mississippi or Alabama, may fall short, given their history and contrasting demographics compared to the first two mentioned states. In 2008, the Pew Center’s Social Trends statistics remarkably indicated that Oklahoma counted 23% of its newlyweds that year had spouses of a different race/ethnicity, placing higher than the newlyweds in others states like California (22%), Texas (18%) and New York (13%). Oklahoma deserves a kudos for these 2008 statistics, but has it kept its numbers up since then? We could only hope. Knowing Oklahoma’s reputation for being a predominantly white, conservative state, it’s about time we actually do something liberating – freeing ourselves from this segregated bind and exploring other cultures to not only expand our knowledge, but also to extend the love beyond just within one’s own race. As Ms. Keys’ “Unthinkable” lyrics suggest, “Time is only wasting so why wait for eventually? If we’re gon’ do something ‘bout it, we should do it right now…” 14

Celebrities speak on Interracial dating “…We reflect on this awful past and recall that if a Black man even looked at a White woman, he would have been lynched, beaten, jailed or shot to death… Our minds understand that people of all races find genuine love in many places. We dig that the world is full of amazing options. But underneath, there is a bite, no matter the ointment, that has yet to stop burning. Some may find these thoughts to be hurtful. That is not my intent. I’m jut sayin’.” -Jill Scott, Essence Magazine, April 2010

“My dick is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fuckin’ David Duke cock…I always thought Holly Robinson Peete was gorgeous. Every white dude loved Hilary from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And Kerry Washington. She’s super hot, and she’s all white-girl crazy. Kerry Washington would break your heart like a white girl. Just all of a sudden she’d be like, ‘Yeah, I sucked his dick. Whatever.’ And you’d be like, ‘What? We weren’t talking about that.’” -John Mayer, Playboy Magazine, March 2010


“It’s amazing how good it feels when someone knows how to love your body! I am having withdrawals from a certain guy lol :)…so turns out I prefer chocolate over vanilla…. interesting.” -Amanda Bynes, Twitter, February 2010

“If it wasn’t for race mixing, there would be no video girls. Me and most of my friends like mutts a lot…yeah in the hood they call them mutts.” -Kanye West, Essence Magazine, 2006

“When you have everyone else who is willing to explore, but a Black woman is like, ‘I want me a brother,’ well, if the brothers are out and they’re open to date everybody and the majority of Black women aren’t willing to look twice when a man outside of their race is sending them messages, then that makes our percentage rate lower and the chances of finding love, because we’re only looking in one specific place for finding love…” -Regina King, Vibe Magazine, May 2010

“When I was in high school I found myself totally enamoured [with] this guy. But I didn’t want all my high school friends to know that I’d fallen for a white boy. I didn’t want to be judged by that. So I hid him.” -Paula Patton, BET, April 2010


Booty is in the eye of the beholder Examining beauty in its many forms

By Najah A. Hylton Staff Writer

It seems there are certain cues still taken too much from MTV and BET videos. A “hot” woman no longer has to be as thin as Keri Hilson or Christina Milian.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but what if the beholder Alicia Keys and Beyoncé have made it needs glasses? hot to have “thick” thighs and a generous derriere. But a woman built like It’s a readily-acQueen Latifah or Missy Elliot back in cepted idea that the ‘90s won’t get as much love. various cultures consider different attributes to be beautiful. Some prefer the plumpness of fertility, others the thinness of discipline.

There are two sides to the argument of weight: 1. A woman should be

content, for the most part, with her natural physique. If you’re “thick,” work that. If you’re thin, be glad.

2. Everyone should be in

their best possible shape, exercising and maintaining the diet necessary to stay out of the “overweight,” “obese,” or “morbidly obese” categories on the BMI calculator. 18

apartment complex. We can all agree that a certain level of fitness is essential to a fulfilling life. However, I don’t think the first argument gets enough credit. What if there were no fast food and we all still walked and labored rather than being sedentary? Some women would still have bigger hips, fuller busts, and heavier muscles. That’s nature. We’re all different. It’s been a long time since TV screens or hip hop lyrics have told us that big women are beautiful. Many of us go through life thinking we’ll only ever be “pretty for a big girl” and that the only man we can land is a “chubby chaser.” Between the two, the second argument is obviously the more prevalent. Scientists have proven time and time again that being overweight is positively correlated to health risks – especially in minority groups.

Personally, I have always been bigger than I want to be, but I am blessed in that plenty of people tell me I am beautiful. I am currently working toward being more fit. Relatively good fitness and the compliments of my associates have never been enough to keep me from thinking I am fat and therefore ugly. I love cheerleading, yoga, dancing, and hot weather – all of which of- 19

“...never been enough to keep me from thinking I am fat, and therefore, ugly.”

Beyond that, none of us wants to be the woman who can’t get on the floor to play with her child or the man who can’t climb the stairs in his friend’s

ten involve skimpy clothes and skinnier people. I am more than accustomed to being the biggest girl in the group. I have always thought that life would be easier, better, and more fulfilling if I were thin. Some parts of that mentality have changed. I still fundamentally believe in hard work. It builds character; it’s good for the soul. But I don’t believe that “looking happy” has to mean looking skinny. There’s still the underlying issue of body image. I’ve been complimented enough times in twenty-two years to


believe that I’m attractive. But when my mirror image doesn’t reflect what I see on TV and in magazines, it’s hard to believe that “beautiful” and “hot” are different things. I still hope to run a marathon someday. I want to be fit enough to experience the P90X trend, simply because I’ve always liked a challenge. I want to go on a post-graduation yoga retreat because I believe in mind over matter and the interconnectivity of my spirit and my body. But I’m starting to also believe that I can be happy even if I don’t lose 50 pounds. I am beautiful, and if the beholder disagrees, it must be his eyes and not me.

All I have to do is look at these pages to realize that anyone who can’t see how “fat” can be “phat” is simply not looking in the right places. By Najah A. Hylton Staff Writer Last December, I started a fitness blog and one of the first posts said, “I want my body to be like my college degree will be, like my bank account should be, like my apartment should be - something I worked hard for, and people can tell. I am happy. And I’m on my way to looking like I feel on the inside.” My only other “big girl” friend advertised these blogs on her page: • • Both are maintained by women who would be categorized as overweight or obese but who are undeniably fashionalbe and beautiful. The second is a semi-low-key blog maintained by a “big girl” with a fabulous wardrobe. The page is resplendent with photos of Gabi and her fabulous friends as well as anecdotes about life.


Q&A: Candi Redd

Female MC, Candi Redd, has been growing in popularity since the recent buzz from her hit, “Independent Bitches.” This Houston rapper performed for supporters on May 28th at Fritz II. The Loop Magazine caught up with Candi Redd after her show. Q: You have seen much success from “Independent Bitches.” Tell me what the last year has been like for you? A: Non-stop grinding, either on the road, in the lab, or spending time with my son. Q: What do you feel you are bringing to the game that has not been seen from former female MCs? A: I bring: Energy, lyrics, sex appeal, sophistication, class, originality, humble, hard worker, song writer, A great entertainer all in one package. Q: What does the word “Independent” mean to you? Why is it important to be independent? A: To be Independent is to be self-sufficient, think for your self and be in control of your destiny. It does not mean not needin a man for anything. It is important for, not just women, but for everyone to focus on being independent. If you are living off of somebody or allowing somebody to make all the decisions for you, and when that person makes the decision to up and leave, you are not stuck in a bad position, especially in the case where children are involved.


Candi Redd with Oklahoma’s Music Man and Dj Grind Daily of Definition Djs.

Q: Are there any other areas of the entertainment industry you would like to break into? Any hidden talents? A: I would like to do everything from artist development, producing, song writing, movies, sitcoms, video-directing, script and playwriting. Q: Tell me what your current projects are. A: The album “Redd Turn Head” is coming soon. Code Redd is available on or candiredd. The new project “Redd Alert!” will be in ya mouth, August. Q: In what direction do you think your music will move next? Are you working with any other artists? A: I think the next move for me is for people to see that I’m not your average Texas artist. I can write and record all kinds of songs and I’m not limited to dance music. I’ve worked with Jaytel, Magno, Bun B, E-Class, Webbie, Cl’ Che, K-Rino, Just Brittany, Super Jay, Kat St. John, Rasheeda, Kandi of Xcape, whom you may also remember from House wives of Atlanta, Bless, Chuck Way, Tre-100 and more... Q: Who would you like to do a collaboration with? A: I would like to work with other humble talented artists Q: What is a typical day like for you? A: Fast and not enough time in it to do

everything that needs to be done. Q: What are you doing to ensure success for yourself? A: I don’t worry about ensuring anything but staying out of trouble, caring for my child and keeping The Most High 1st. The rest of that stuff will fall in place. Q: Tell me how you felt about Oklahoma City? A: The last time I came was my 3rd time coming. I enjoyed myself. I love your casinos, hospitality, Terry Munday, Dj Big Rich (Oklahoma’s Mixtape King), Kenyatta, Cool Keith, Wild Child, DJ TNT, and DJ Grind Daily. Your clubs stay open past two. Super Jay is one of the coolest artist I’ve worked with there.


“To me it’s freedom... to do what ever, when ever I want... Clothes are my platform, my voice. It’s like poetry to a poet. I can speak on any subject through clothes.”- Tiki Doll

By: Dawn Nauman, Editor-in-Chief Photos: Lola Adeyemi, Creative Marketing Director

Oklahoma City designer and “reconstructionist,” Tiki Doll, has “ripped” all preset rules, “stitched” her own label, and “laced- up” her own idea of complete fashion freedom. She calls it “Dirty Candy,” and it “seams” Dirty Candy just doesn’t give a damn! These clothes rake against the grain, charge down the path less traveled, fracture all social norms, and mosh in the crowd instead of following it. Some would say they might best be worn while listening to Jimmy Hendrix at full volume. Tiki Doll began searching for her voice as a designer at Langston University. While working towad a degree in psychology, she quickly realized it was not the right fit or her, and her stand-out-inany-crowd style craved a place that accepted and demanded her kind of fashion expression. So, it’s easy to see why Tiki Doll’s decision to move to Dallas to attend The Art Institute is what she calls the best decision I ever made. “I was surrounded by everything I was missing at Langston. Everything I could’ve dreamed to be surrounded by, every thing I needed, was right there. It was diverse in every way. It was a challenge, but a good one,” Tiki said.

said. I was always that person who people looked at as weird, but then I embraced it.” The most important thing that living in Dallas brought out of Tiki was the freedom to be herself fully and without apology. “I was around people who could be themselves and were reaching their goals. Before, I was caught up with what other people wanted me to be. I can’t put myself in a box. I can’t limit myself. I have to do what feels right,” she says. It was Tiki’s limitless, confident flow that allowed Tiki to create her latest line. “It’s none of my business what people think of me,” she says. I couldn’t be the designer I am if I did. I don’t have time to care about judgments.”

Dirty Candy is the result of what she calls, “just letting go.” Tiki puts all of herself into her art and this represents a growing period. “This was me learnShe recalls that she might have allowed ing to accept who I was. Taking all of other opinions to influence her when she my flaws and embracing them. They was younger. “I always stood out,” she

are mine, from my messy hair to my chipped nails; they are all mine.” The philosophy behind Dirty Candy is finding beauty in imperfection. It fits, considering most of the materials come from her favorite place to shop: thrift stores around Oklahoma City. Tiki says she has often found herself wide-awake in the middle of the night cutting and ripping T-shirts and sewing patterns. The collection took her a little over three months to create. “I didn’t stress about it. I knew it would get done. I was free,” she said. When worn correctly, Dirty Candy has an attitude that is grungy, edgy, and contains dangerous levels of glam. Tiki has brought her clothes to life on the runway with a group of strong-stepping models who are nonconforming, free spirits who exude confidence as they rock the clothes. With these shows, she gives her audiences an experience. “I want people to feel something. I want people to be inspired. Nothing is more beautiful than giving someone that jolt to follow their dreams,” she said. Fearless expression is what has allowed Tiki Doll to create the Dirty Candy clothing line and establish herself as a designer. She advises everyone to do what feels good because when it comes to fashion, “You are the canvas, the clothes are the paint, and it doesn’t have to make sense to anybody but you.”

(Above) Tiki’s inspiration, her daughter, Ms. Kaitlyn McCarroll.


The Dirty Candy Collection

Frank is Tiki’s man behind the scenes. He organizes her models and shows. Basically, he makes it happen. He brings a high level of taste and edge to Tiki Doll’s team and is currently pursuing his own career in the fashion industry

Thank you to The Underground for allowing us to shoot in such a great location. Also, a special thanks to everyone who participated in the photoshoot:

Michelle Pitts Samatha Evans Kayla Black


Jessika Brittain Amy Hoover Lainie Lawson

Jonathan Garfield Breon Williams Dominque Johnson Tim Anderson

Eric Epperly Models:

Tiki’s Assistant, Ravion Cyrus 47

My experience at the Monster’s Ball By Dawn Nauman, Editor-N- Chief

At midpoint in the concert, I wasn’t at all surprised to look up and see Lady Gaga covered in blood. As she rolled around on the stage wearing a leotard made of long hair with her pale butt cheeks out, two men proudly tonguekissed centerstage. Stage left, they were pleasantly watched by a seven-foot-tall transgendered person named “Posh” who was playing the maracas off-beat wearing assless chaps.

minded...I just wasn’t ready. The concert was very theatrical all the way down to the dancing. Even the dancing to Gaga’s pop music had strong elements of classic jazz. The theme of the whole concert was helping Gaga and her friends make it to “The Monster’s Ball,” the best party in town.

Now, follow me because this is where it gets a little shaky. Their car broke down, so they had to take the F-Train to Glitterway, and then take Glitter-way to “The Monster’s Ball.” After they got off the F-Train, Lady Gaga put on her nun’s hat, latex, transparent dress and a monster’s I blame myself. I should have prepared myself better emotionally for “The Monster’s hand (like the alien hand from the movie “District 9”). Ball.” As it was, I was flying blind.

“Rah, Rah, ah, ah, ah, Gaga, ooh la la”

Let me brief you on what “The Monster’s Ball” is, so, like me, you don’t have to find out the hard way. Lady Gaga described it this way, “The ‘Monster’s Ball’ will set you free. ‘The Monster’s Ball’ is a place where all the freaks are the people outside.” Shortly after that statement, Ms. Gaga, stated, “I have locked all the doors to the outside.”

During this point in the show, Gaga addressed the audience. She did this while holding her “Disco Stick.” A “Disco Stick” is a long staff that has a football-sized crystal on the end of it with an extremely powerful light.

Gaga explained that at “The Monster’s I’ll be honest. I was scared at “The Monster’s Ball,” you could only preach love and Ball.” It was too much for me. I’m not close- unity. She asked that everyone forget their insecurities and people who made 48

them feel like they weren’t good enough, or pretty enough, or couldn’t write a song good enough because “The Monster’s Ball” was a night of “liberation and selfcelebration.”

German dancer’s legs, it was only her in a little party dress still stuck on going to this monster’s party.

She closed her monologue by saying, “Repent little monsters for Gaga is coming...I bet the church outside won’t be happy I said that. Well, I really don’t give a fuck.”

So, tell me why, when we finally get to this long awaited monster’s ball, this giant mechanical deep sea fish pops out of the middle of the stage? Oh, yeah. It had one of those fins that dangles a little light over its head so it can see. Guess who? It was the “Fame Monster.”

I should say I really dislike musicals, also.

“I have a pretty big dick. I’ve heard there are big dicks Eventually, Gaga and her friends So, the whole in Oklahoma. were joined by a woman dressed in “Monster’s Ball” all black playing a white harp. Gaga was a wash. I DANCE!!!” informed us that this was an angel to figured we got Following that note, Gaga called out the Oklahoma City gays. The stage was then flooded with prancing men wearing jock straps and tennis shoes who were dancing to Gaga’s song “Boys, Boys, Boys.”

lead us closer to “The Monster’s Ball.” Soon after this, Gaga was lifted 50 feet into the air wearing a fiber optic wedding dress with a moving, mechanical head piece. After her musical numbers, Lady Gaga would address the crowd. She had such great quotes as: “I have a pretty big dick. I’ve heard there are big dicks in Oklahoma. DANCE!!!” and “You all are not clapping loud enough. I am like Tinker Bell. If you don’t clap loud enough, I will die. Do you want me to die?”

a concert and a ball, and that’s why the tickets were priced so high. End of story, Gaga was consumed by the “Fame Fish/ Monster.” Although, that didn’t happen until she had another suggestive floor rolling scene with the tentacles of the “Fame Fish.” It didn’t stop there, though. Lady Gaga came back after being eaten by the fish. She was wearing a dangerous metal bikini with sparklers attached to the cups and crotch region.

The crowd loved every second. Personally, I needed to sit alone for awhile to Two hours in to the concert, we still hadn’t process. However, Lady Gaga fans knew gotten to the damn “Monster’s Ball.” I was what they were signing up for. They came so over stimulated, and I didn’t even want dressed in Lady Gaga costumes and were to go to the ball anymore. Plus, Gaga’s ready for their liberation. What they say stage friends were slowly dipping off on about her is true. She is a true performer her because this fake ball was on the bad and entertainer. She went full force the side of the fake town. So, after she rolled whole time. I’d give it four stripes for the around covered in blood between some fear factor. 48

‘Wear’ they do dat at?

Three looks I don’t want to see Jovanna speaks out against fashion disappointments she saw this summer. People, people, people. I’ve noticed that some ladies and gentlemen have decided to step off the fashion train and some have chosen to ride it out for too long. Think twice before showing up to the scene in the following looks: Jovanna Johnson, staff writer and social media intern

1.) Oversized Clothing- “Lookin like a fool wit’cha pants on the ground!”

Saggy pants and big long T-shirts are out of style now. Nobody wants to see your draws guys. Just get pants that fit! Fitted shirts are what’s in now and are very attractive on males.


2.) Jerseys- “Micheal

Jordan himself couldn’t save you now.” They have been out of style for years now. It’s great to support a sports team, but let’s just stick to hats. Jerseys make a female think that you’re what I call “Dusty.” You’d want to stay clean-cut and classy. I’d rather see a man in a nice, collared, fitted shirt, or even a graphic T. Avoid faded jerseys with a huge numbers on the front and back!

3.) Ballerina Skirts-

“What is this Glee?!”

Last time I checked, ballerina skirts were for ballerinas not for going out to the club or day-to-day wear. Are you going to break out in a song and dance? I look at it as being tacky, uncouth and downright unfashionable. Seeing females trying to rock ballerina skirts in the club with heels makes me feel like I am in a Cinderella movie. It’s time to stop shopping in the toy section at WalMart and start shopping like 51 grown women.

Events Aug& SEpt Friday 20--

Saturday 21--

Sunday 22

The Greek 90’s Skate Party 11:00pm - 3:00am Skate Land, 300 Bizzell, Midwest City, OK

Back In Session: OU Back 2 sKOOL Part 10:00pm - 2:00am The Red Room, 114 W Main St., Norman, OK

Confession Sundays 9pm - 2am Buddha Tao Ultra Lounge, 2737 W. Memorial, Oklahoma City, OK, 21 & up.

Friday Night Fights “Best of the Best” Rap Battle 9:00pm - 4:00am Rick’s Pary House 227 227 SW 25th/ Commerce St., Oklahoma City, OK

The Bachelor Bonanza (a Chance at True Love) 9:00pm - 2:00am Ice Event Center & Grill, 1148 N.E. 36th Street, Oklahoma City, OK

Show off Sundays 10pm-until Ice Event Center, 1148 NE 36th St, Oklahoma City, OK. Artist Show Case. 21 to enter.

t n i t e

Fancy Fridays 10pm - 2am ICE, 1148 NE 36th, Oklahoma City, OK, Swagger Vs. Sexy Contest- Cash prize to winner, Everyone free before 11pm and $10 after, DJ XKAL, late night food and drink specials


Flawless Fridays 10pm - 2am Venu, 222 E. Sheridan, Oklahoma City, OK, $5 before 11pm, first 20 ladies in free.

Freaky Fridays: LIVE! PARTY BOYS IN CONCERT! PHI-NIX, 2715 Spring Lake Dr, 18 to enter every Fri.


Wednesday 25R.I.P. “Death of Tha Sum- Fashion Show: Dirty Canmer” All Black Party!!! dy The Sequel 10:00pm - 2:00am 7:30- until IAO Art Gallery, 706 W Club Fusion, 8932 S. WestSheridan, Oklahoma ern Ave., Oklahoma City, City, OK, $10 Entry & $20 Oklahoma for VIP Thursday 26Swagger Sway Saturday’s Secret Thursdays 10pm - 2am 10pm - 2am Kangs, 6600 N OLIE Okla- Bourbon Street 100 E. California homa City, Oklahoma, Free before 11pm, 5 Star Oklahoma City, OK, 21 & Chick Contest $100 cash up. prize. 21 to enter. Sax in the City Jazz & R&B The Leo and Virgo Birth- 9pm - 2am day Bash Brown Suga Lounge 10pm - 2am 8109 NW Expressway, Free Cantina Loredo- Penn before 10, Military free all Square Mall, Oklahoma night. 21 to enter. City, OK, All Leo’s and Virgos Free until 12am.

Friday 27-Thug World Auto Show 4:00pm - 8:00pm The PHI-NIx, 2715 Spring Lake Dr, 18 to enter every Fri. Friday Night Fights “Best of the Best” Rap Battle 9:00pm - 4:00am Rick’s Pary House 227 227 SW 25th/ Commerce St., Oklahoma City, OK

e h t The Fifth Quarter 9:00pm - 1:00am Farmer’s Market, 311 South Klein, Oklahoma City, OK, Free before 9:30pm and $8.00 dollars after

Sex Education 10:00 - 3:00am Farmers Market, 311 South Klein, Oklahoma City, OK. $5 before12am w/college ID, 18 to enter. Fancy Fridays 10pm - 2am ICE, 1148 NE 36th, Oklahoma City, OK, Swagger Vs. Sexy Contest- Cash prize, free before 11pm$10 after, DJ XKAL, food and drink specials Flawless Fridays 10pm - 2am Venu, 222 E. Sheridan,

Oklahoma City, OK, $5 before 11pm, first 20 ladies in free.

Friday 3--

27th Annual Arcadia Festival and Rodeo 7:30pm - 11:30 Saturday 28-Arcadia, Oklahoma, Sept 3rd - Block Party and TalSwagger Sway Saturent Show 8:00-Midnight day’s for the youth (Downtown) 10pm - 2am Sept 3rd - Rhythm & Blues Kangs, 6600 N OLIE OklaMusic 7:00 - at the Park homa City, Oklahoma, - Admission $10 for more Free before 11pm, 5 Star information contact: Chick Contest $100 cash James Woodard (405) prize. 21 to enter. 396-2510 Performances by Local Sensual Saturdays and Regional Rhythm & 10pm - 2am Blues Bands Cantina Loredo- Penn (Sept 4th - 3:00 Parade Square Mall, Oklahoma Downtown City, OK, All Leo’s and 4:40 - Vendor Booths Virgos Free until 12am. open - after parade Sunday 22 T-Shirts, Games, Food, Moon-Walk, Hats Confession Sundays 8:00 - Rodeo 9pm - 2am Sept 5th - 12:00 Noon Buddha Tao Ultra Lounge, Vendors Booths Open 2737 W. Memorial, Okla- 3:00 - Gospel Extravahoma City, OK, 21 & up. ganza 8:00 - Rodeo) Sept. Thursday 2-

. p o Lo

Rodeo Admission - Adults Secret Thursdays $8:00, Children (6-12) $5 10pm - 2am and Children under 6 Bourbon Street Free 100 E. California Oklahoma City, OK, 21 & Fancy Fridays up. Sax in the City Jazz & R&B 10pm - 2am ICE, 1148 NE 36th, Okla9pm - 2am homa City, OK, Swagger Brown Suga Lounge 8109 NW Expressway, Free Vs. Sexy Contest- Cash before 10, Military free all prize, free before 11pm$10 after, DJ XKAL, food night. 21 to enter.

and drink specials

couples, The DINNER/EN- parties: “Pretty Boy, Pretty TERTAINMENT will be from Girl Swagg”, “Silk, Satin Takeover 4: Fancy Edition 7:00pm-10pm. and Lace”, “The Throw9:30pm - 3am back” and “Wet and The Palace Addiction II “The Relapse” Wasted”. Dreamteamokc. 300 E. Main St & Crawford Burbon St. Cafe, 100 E. com Ave. Norman, OK California, Oklahoma City, 18 to enter, $10. OK, 21 to enter, ladies free Confession Sundays until 11pm, $10. 9pm - 2am 1st Fridays Buddha Tao Ultra Lounge, 8pm - 2am Live! Link- Chocolate Ex- 2737 W. Memorial, OklaBuddha Tao Ultra Lounge perience homa City, OK, 21 & up. 2737 W. Memorial 9pm - 2am Oklahoma City, OK, 21 to ICE, 1148 NE 36th, Oklaho- Thursday 9enter. ma City, OK, 21 to enter, $10 to enter. Secret Thursdays Wakka Flocka Flame Live! 10pm - 2am 10pm - 2am Sensual Saturdays Bourbon Street Paradise City, 4720 W I 40 10pm - 2am 100 E. California Service Rd 73128, OklaCantina Loredo- Penn Oklahoma City, OK, 21 & homa City, OK. Square Mall, Oklahoma up. 18 for males, 21 for guys. City, OK, All Leo’s and VirCall 405-551-3866 for more gos Free until 12am. Sax in the City Jazz & R&B information. 9pm - 2am Swagger Sway Saturday’s Brown Suga Lounge 10pm - 2am Saturday 48109 NW Expressway, Free Kangs, 6600 N OLIE Okla- before 10, Military free all SO FLY SO FRESH: The Har- homa City, Oklahoma, night. 21 to enter. lem Renaissance Formal Free before 11pm, 5 Star Chick Contest $100 cash Friday 10Ball prize. 21 to enter. 7pm - 2am Fancy Fridays Lansbrook Event Center Sunday 510pm - 2am 6009 NW Expressway Oklahoma City, OK 3rd Annual All White Party ICE, 1148 NE 36th, Oklahoma City, OK, Swagger History, Entertainment, 9pm - 2am Vs. Sexy Contest- Cash and Food. IAO Art Gallery, 706 W. Dress Code:1920’s-1930’s Sheridan, 21 to enter. Saturday 11FORMAL M.A.C. Ent. will be filming Labor Day Hotel Takeover Swagger Sway Saturday’s Stone Garden Hotel, 6200 10pm - 2am footage for the SONG/ VIDEO “SO FLY SO FRESH”, N. Robinson 2 Blocks West Kangs, 6600 N OLIE Oklaof 63rd & Broadway Ext. homa City, Oklahoma, $35 for singles $60 for Oklahoma City, OK, Four Free before 11pm, 5 Star 54

Get in th

Chick Contest $100 cash prize. 21 to enter. Sensual Saturdays 10pm - 2am Cantina Loredo- Penn Square Mall, Oklahoma City, OK, All Leo’s and Virgos Free until 12am. Friday 10Fancy Fridays 10pm - 2am ICE, 1148 NE 36th, Oklahoma City, OK, Swagger Vs. Sexy Contest- Cash Saturday 19Wordpulp Poetry & Live Music Festival 5pm - 10pm Will Rogers Park Outdoor Amphitheater Oklahoma City, OK, Poetry Slam for a fun-filled evening of activities the whole family will enjoy.

Mr. Rhymes (Rapper) Anna Kinder (Musician) Kashlee Banx (Poet) Carlton Dorsey (Musician) Candace Liger (Poet) Clayton (Musician) Grace The Sky (Poet) Jason Apple (Musician) Host: Joncia Johnson Poetry Feature: Lauren Zu- Kendal Grier (Poet) niga (Oklahoma City, OK) Kyle Miller (Singer) Krysis (Poet) Musical Feature: Reality LiL Re (Rapper) (Oklahoma City, OK) Crystal Abercrombie (Poet) Hi-Def DJ.... G-McK Photography & Video...... Redwood Enterprising L Squared, Maurice Lee, Willing Stasis Studios Scoot Beatz, Ri’ce the 4th, Confirmed artists so far are Mo-Man (Poet) Day of Tragedy (Band) as follows: M.A.C Entertainment Jamal Al Wrek (Rapper) Scorpio (Poet) “Mal” James (Rapper) Mannie Hager (Poet) Rob Sturma (Poet)

Roosevelt Cooper (Musician) Rai (OK Poet) Bryshawn Cooper (Rapper) SOUL (Singer) Helen Washington (Thunder Dancer) Victor Zuniga (Musician) Cicely Johnson (Singer) Danny Strack (Poet) Kevin Sandbloom (Musician)

he Loop

Vendors.... Bronko BBQ Pit Cake Designs By Cakes ARTBEAT


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