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Dare to go Natural Women should weave it alone this summer

Plus You wont believe what rap artist Mellokie told us

Colors That Kill

make your skin tone work for you



Film maker Thomas Glenn has another hit with

“Satellites” TLM 1

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6 Thomas Glenn


Film major at the University of Oklahoma steps away from class projects and takes film to another level.

9 Photos 11 Nicki Minaj

18 Restaurant Report

TLM dines at Cous Cous Cafe.

20 Make way for the princess

Rap artist Mellokie expresses her views as an emcee and a female in the music industry.

TLM Staff Writer, Kendacey Whittaker, gives her take on the controversial Nicki Minaj.


13 The Struggle to move on after they cheat

26 Standout Style

Oklahoma City Therapist, Kelly D. Groves, gives advice about how to deal with cheating.

16 Fro’ Real

Back ground of stomp and the latest on Stompdown 2011, “The Ultimatum.”

The best colors for your skin tone.

28 Get your Google out of my Facebook you twit!

There is talk about Google and Facebook What is your relaxer really saying? Britchbuying Twitter. What does this mean for ette Reid discusses the natural hair movefree speech and the average consumer? ment.

30 Calendar of Events 4 TLM



“They say right before you d before your eyes. Just make

Perfect words from a future film and p known as TAG II, is breaking all sort

By: Princess Kendacey Whittaker, Contributing Writer


Since 2007 he’s been putting in work and showcasing his talents across the nation. As a film major at the University of Oklahoma, he steps outside of class projects and takes film to another level. Surpassing the title of entrepreneur, not only does he own TAG II Productions, but he’s also the fuel that keeps the engine going. He writes, produces, directs and composes his own material, a task that wouldn’t be possible without a little help along the way. He’s well known on the campus of OU and his name is synonymous with excellence. He’s extremely talented in the area of film and production and has received numerous awards including Outstanding Video of the Year, Lifesavers Award, and Best Actor Award, just to name a few. His latest production, “Satellites,” a short film about self love and the misconceptions of life, has been entered into various film festivals such as South By Southwest, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and The London United Film Festival. Glenn also produces pageants for many on campus organizations and is working on his major feature film, “Gideon.” His talent doesn’t stop at making films; he’s produced pageants for various organizations on campus and even works with former local entertainer Lonnie Barker Jr. Needless to say Glenn is on his grind and has no intention of stopping anytime soon. 6 TLM

die, your whole life flashes e sure it’s worth watching.”

production mogul. Thomas A. Glenn II, also ts of barriers in the state of Oklahoma. TLM: Where does your inspiration come from? TG: It comes from classic Hollywood cinema – a lot of the ‘40s cinema. I like movies like The Big Sleep, Double Indemnity, and of course, The Godfather trilogy, which is my favorite. I also like more modern films. I’m a fan of Scorsese, Spielberg, David Fincher, and Christopher Nolan. Visionaries like that inspire me to be more visionary with the camera. God and Jesus of course – true inspiration comes from them.

another direction. I kept the whole reality theme and tried to describe what Beyonce’s Satellites meant to me, and I came up with self love. TLM: What motivates you to keep going? TG: When I fail at something, it motivates me to push myself harder. Also, my father is my biggest critic. I’m really trying to impress him. He’s never given me a compliment.

TLM: Who is your biggest influence? TLM: Tell me about Satellites. TG: Phil Jackson, the coach TG: I actually got the idea while of the Lakers. He’s smooth, he I was sitting in Arabic class, coaches in practice and when and I was thinking what if I it’s show time, he doesn’t rejust shook my teachers hand, ally have to do much. Just win and I got the knowledge he championships. That’s what I had. And that’s where Satelwant, is to win championships. lites came from. And then Beyonce’s record “I AM” came TLM: What should readers know out and it was really different. about TAG II? I thought it was an interesting TG: Well, we’re the best! concept about love. So I took (laughs). They should know the strange concept about the that I strive for perfection, even character touching his girlfriend though perfection is rarely oband knowing what she thinks, tained if ever, and that is my and taking his whole reality into goal. Perfection. TLM 7



TLM: What are your biggest fears? TG: I want to be challenged, but I’m afraid of the people around me being 10 times better than me. Competition. Which is a challenge, and I like that, but that’s my fear. TLM: Ultimately, what are your goals, personally? TG: Take care of my parents. I really want them to have everything, My dad wants to live in Malibu and I want to give my mom the world. Show them my appreciation. 8 TLM


TLM: So there’s nothing you’ve ever wanted to do. TG: No. Nothing at all.


TLM: If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing? TG: I actually thought about this last night. I was confused. I was thinking if this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing…if this isn’t what God wanted me to do with my life, what on earth would I be doing? You know? I really don’t know anything else.


Thomas Glenn,

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10 TLM



By: Princess Kendacey Whittaker, Contributing Writer


With alter-egos including the crazed maniac, Roman Zolanski, and the very sexual Nicki Lewinski, everyone in the urban world can’t keep their mouths shut about the first lady of Young Money. TLM Staff Writer, Kendacey Whittaker, gives her take on the controversial Nicki Minaj.

She is rapidly becoming a household name in the hip hop world. As the hottest female MC in the scene, Nicki Minaj has no expectation of leaving her throne anytime soon. After signing on to Young Money, a record label founded by Lil Wayne in 2003, she quickly climbed to the top of the charts with hit songs like “Your Love” and “Right Through Me.” In addition to releasing hit songs, Minaj debuted her first album Pink Friday, which hit stores last November. Needless to say, she’s been on her grind since her days behind the limelight, and her hard work has definitely been paying off. Minaj has a way with lyrics. She’s been bringing something different to the rap game that most people have never expected from a female artist. She has the talent to lyrically destroy any of her male counterparts in a rap battle and the sexuality to melt their hearts at the same time. However, her newfound fame has its TLM 11

downsides. Her persona has raised a lot of eyebrows since she popped up on the scene. Some people believe she’s way too animated, and that it’s just a mask to cover up the ‘real Nicki,’ as if they know who that really is. Some say she’s the black Lady Gaga – overthe-top and shocking in every way possible. As for any plastic surgery that she’s been rumored to have done in the course of her big break, she is smart to stay on the hush, continuing to keep spectators guessing. Unfortunately, critics still also like to label her a knock-off Lil Kim, which even drove Minaj to create the song, “Romans Revenge,” as she fired shots at the hip hop veteran. In return, Lil Kim constructed a diss song titled “Black Friday,” which in my opinion, failed in comparison. I guess these factors about Minaj just adds more to her appeal. Instead of sticking to plain old boring Nicki, she’s the Nicki Minaj – a persona that no one can duplicate. After listening to her album Pink Friday, I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s just another misunderstood artist. To all her haters, her critics, and the people who like to pass judgment, just give Nicki a chance!

12 TLM

forgetting to


The struggle to move on

after they cheat By: Lola Adeyemi Owner, Creative Marketing Director Standing at the door with her arms crossed, she waits, glaring at her cell phone. She had been frantically pacing around her apartment, waiting for her boyfriend of almost four years to arrive. The door opens. He walks in and an argument begins, the same repetitive way it’s began for the last couple of years. In a raised voice she says, “Where have you been?” Her frustration started to build up. “You’ve been with that girl again, haven’t you?” she accuses. “No, that was three years ago! But I should ask you the same question,” he replies with a sarcastic tone.

TLM 13

This scenario is common among couples that have dealt with an issue of infidelity in their relationship, and whom have decided to continue to be together after the fact. The couple would usually forget to forgive, and instead keeping track of each other’s wrongdoings and adding onto the “relationship score board.” “Victims of the other party’s transgressions can fall into the bad habit of continuously resurfacing the [incident] because the actions caused them either emotional pain or discomfort,” said Kelly D. Groves, an Oklahoma City therapist. In some occurrences, one person cheating may cause bitterness 14 TLM

within their partner, causing him or her to retaliate. Ultimately, the cheated eventually becomes the cheater. “Two wrongs don’t stop a fight,” Groves said. “Cheating, in order to ‘get even’ only continues the cycle of pain and ship to come back to anger.” a peaceful state and for the couple to move For further facilitation of forward, “both parties a healthy relationship to must strive to function transpire after a transgresas a unit, rather than as sion, both parties must individuals looking for an agree to forgive, forget upper hand over their and move on,” Groves significant other.” Groves pointed out. said. “A healthy, positive relationship should focus Sometime, forgiving isn’t on the positives of their as easy as saying the relationship, and learn words “I forgive you,” from the negatives.” but Groves says failing to do so will cause stunted Now, when faced with growth of a relationship. decisions to move forContinuing to mention ward in a relationship the incident of infidelity is following a transgression, “an attempt to cause the both parties have to ask same pain or discomfort themselves if they have to the transgressor,” he the capacity to move said. on. If not, the likelihood for a healthy relationship In order for the relationis diminished.

Groves’ 4 things to keep in mind after your partner cheats:

1. Evaluate if you have

the capacity to forgive the person and/or if you have the capacity to forgive yourself. 2. Be able to identify when you find yourself keeping a tally of wrong doings or keeping a relationship scoreboard. 3. Be willing to seek professional relationship guidance. 4. Be willing to let the other party go if you cannot forgive them.

Theloopmagazine @theloopmagazine TLM 15

16 TLM

‘fro real By Brichette Reid Contributing Writer

we are beautiful, naturally, and this needs to be shown to the world. There is an underground battle going on between the natural hair movement and the era of the weave. This movement is not visible because of its versatility. Natural hair has so many subtle styles that in some cases, you’re not able to tell that the woman even wore her hair naturally. From a pressed style that resembles relaxed hair, to a big Afro, natural hair takes so many forms. The era of the weave is bigger than ever before. Anyone can turn on the TV and see celebrities with their long hair and think that that is the only way to be glamorous. The fakeness of the celebrity world has infiltrated into our reality. The only way to be beautiful is to look like the porcelain dolls known as Beyonce, Rihanna, and all other weave-wearing celebrities.

Black women are told from the tender age of 3 that their hair is only pretty when relaxed. Subconsciously, what’s being perpetuated is the thought that what we are born with is not beautiful enough. Everyone already knows about the history of America and the pressure Black women continue to have to look more Caucasian. This pressure has been passed down to If we embrace the beauty of what this generation without our knowlBlack women are born with, that could be a powerful change in America. edge.

Hopefully this natural movement is not a phase disguised as something bigIt is a common belief that relaxed hair is just “what you are supposed to ger. A woman with natural hair has a do” as an African American woman, certain confidence about her because there is nothing fake about her. She is which in turn, has developed into a presenting herself to the world with evgenerational curse. We must tell our young women that they are beautiful erything she was born with. That takes courage in a world where what you are just the way they were created. born with is inadequate. It is time to let The American society is a very plastic our Black women know that you are the most beautiful when you show the and artificial culture. As Black womworld you’re true self. en, many of us need to realize that TLM 17

Cous Cous Café By: Bola Adeyemi Contributing Writer Cous Cous Café is a cozy restaurant on the corner of May and NW 61st Terrace that brings exotic cuisine to Oklahoma. Their menu mainly consists of authentic traditional Moroccan (North African) cuisine. Although the location temperature, usually served over saffron rice. is small and simple, Cous Cous The Tagine pot locks in all the aromas and offers big taste. flavors of the spices and meat until the pot I visited Cous Cous Café twice is opened, sort of like the traditional pressure and had two different experi- cooker. Some of the spices used in traditional Moroccan cooking include ginger, saffron, ences on both. olives, garlic, cumin, turmeric, pepper and paOn my first visit, I went about prika. 8 p.m. on a Saturday night. The staff was very friendly and The Non-Tagine menu consists of grilled or helped answer all of our ques- braised meats, vegetables served over rice, or salads. tions. Cous Cous Café’s menu is easy to understand, with two main categories to choose from: the Tagine section, or the Non-Tagine section. A Tagine is a traditional Moroccan cone shaped pot that cooks stew and meat slowly at a very low 18 TLM

I chose from the Non-Tagine section mainly because it came with a salad, and I was in the mood for some green. I had braised lamb chops over saffron rice and a side salad, while my friend ordered the Lamb Shank Tagine with mixed vegetables over rice. About 15 to 20 minutes later, we received our food. I was absolutely intrigued by the lamb

shank Tagine that my friend ordered and was not at all impressed by my braised lamb, rice and salad combo. The lamb shank Tagine came in a traditional Tagine pot and when the waitress opened it, we were filled with excitement. The lamb was filled with beautiful colors, sensual aromas, heat and invitation.

My second visit to Cous Cous Café

was a bit different. I had experience under my belt so I was going to use that to my advantage. I went with a different friend so she was the Moroccan cuisine virgin and I was able to guide her through this journey. We went on a rainy, cold afternoon and we started off with the delicious hot Moroccan tea, which has fresh mint leaves and comes pre-sweetened. The environment included college kids Facebook-ing, so it felt comfortable for us. This time I ordered the Lamb Shank Tagine and my friend ordered the Chicken Tagine both with mixed vegetables over rice. Like my first visit, I was equally impressed with the pre-

sentation of both Tagine dishes. The lamb meat was fall-off-the-bone tender, the sauce was delicious and the tea was heaven. I also helped myself to my friend’s Chicken Tagine, which also tasted tender and delicious. We also tried a variety of Cous Cous Café’s cookies and pastries they offer for desert. On this second time, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, the staff was great, and the food was delicious. I definitely encourage anyone who is interested in taking a small trip outside of burger-and-fries-ville, to give Cous Cous Café a try. The menu price is between $10-15 a plate, which is worth it for the food, experience, and great service. For optimum enjoyment on your visit, you should stick to authentic Moroccan food, and try the traditional Tagine cuisines, which come in lamb, beef, fish, chicken and vegetables. I also advise you to try the hot Moroccan tea. Take your taste buds on an inexpensive vacation to Morocco and go to Cous Cous Café. TLM 19

Make way for the Princess By: Dianne Tordillo, Contributing Writer & Editor


ellokie has long been identified the Princess of her hometown, Tulsa, but she’s actually been calling herself ‘Queen’ lately. Yes, she admits it, but she has every right. Not many female emcees from Oklahoma has reached a caliber of success as Mellokie. Here, she gives a preview of her life, her music and her experience as a woman in such a maledominated industry.

20 TLM

Eight years ago, Melanie J. Fields and her cousin, Juanisha was listening to Devin the Dude’s interlude, “Bust One for Ya.” Playing around with recording music, Fields decided to flip the track and turned it into a song titled “Michael Dro,” a song that eventually caught the attention of many in her hometown of Northside Tulsa. Seeing people’s positive reactions and hearing the many requests for more tracks from the young talent, Fields considered this her musical calling. When she graduated from Booker T. Washington High School, the 18-year-old packed her stuff, said goodbye to her supportive family, and moved to New York to pursue a music career. Now at 24 years old, with one album and several mix tapes later, the widely-respected singer, writer and lyricist has solidified her career with her unique, sexy and powerful music style, being one of the few female hip hop entertainers who represent Oklahoma, and who represent it well. And the fact that she’s all about girl power only adds to her appeal. There are more sides to “Mellokie” than meets the eye. For one, she has added the producer title to her name, as well as even starting to dabble in some audio engineering. Secondly, she juggles her music persona with a regular 9-to-5 job, working at a Tulsa hospital. “At the end of the day, I have to make a living just like everyone else,” she said. “One day, that won’t be a problem, but I am very humble and

God-fearing…and I know whatever will be, will be.” Last, but not least, she lives and breathes representing Oklahoma. Take her stage name for example. She wanted people to know right off the bat where she’s from. So, she took her high school nickname, “Mell” and tacked it onto a term commonly used to describe a native of Oklahoma – “Okie.” But unlike Beyonce’s “Sasha Fierce” alter-ego, Fields claims that the “ Mellokie” to Melanie Fields, is no different from each other. “Mellokie is a part of Melanie,” she said. “I’m the same no matter what name.” Her musical style is a unique blend of hip hop, R & B, pop and blues, as she describes it. Because there aren’t many female singers who rap, or female rappers who sing, and who actually kill the mic while doing it, Mellokie’s rarity in the music industry gives her complete entitlement to her alternate handle, Princess of tha Thugz, a title that plays off Tulsa’s commonly-referred alias in the urban community – “Thugtown.” Her admiration for multi-talented women in hip hop says a lot about her style as an artist. She favors such icons as Lauryn Hill and Bernanadette Cooper, women who both sing and rap alike. Bernadette Coopeer’s influence on Mellokie even drove Mellokie to name one of her mixtapes “The Bernadette Cooper Edition,” which is available for download on

TLM 21

the online mixtape source, Datpiff. com.

doing something right. “They love it. They’d want to do music together, and get my CDs, and then later want another one because by then, their girls have already discovered my CD and won’t give it back,” Mellokie said, before laughing. “I get much respect as an artist, and at the end of the day, real recognize real.”

“Bernadette Cooper was a writer, singer and producer of the singing group “Klymaxx” in the 80’s. I listened to her growing up, and my dad had [her group]’s album, along with Bernadette’s solo album,” Mellokie said. “I had never heard Having yet to break out of a woman rhyme the underground scene, before, but homegirl Mellokie isn’t worried about what the was spittin’, and turns around and sings like crazy. I loved it! I see a lot of future holds for her music career. myself in her and that’s why I used the “Whatever happens, I just want to name…” remain in control, and not lose myself for nothin’,” she It’s only said. understandable that being such an Mellokie started making innovative woman in appearances and the male-dominated performing in 2005, in cities hip hop scene including Dallas, New York, would heighten the Norman, Langston, Joplin competition. But truth and of course, Tulsa and is, she’s gotten more Oklahoma City. She has love from the guys one album out to date, than she expected. “Northside Story,” which can be purchased on iTunes. Her “Who would have second album, “Northside ever known that I Story 2,” and her third album, would have dudes “Diamond in the Rough,” are sayin’ any bars still in the works. off [my song] ‘Top Notch,’” she said. She currently finished a mixtape with fellow Tulsa Seeing grown men lip-synch to her women-empowering lyrics , as well as artist, CO2 Da Great, titled “Mello2,” hearing other male rappers interested as well as solo mixtape, “Miss Black Tulsa.” She plans to go on tour some in collaborating with her on music time soon. projects lets Mellokie know that she’s

“Whatever happens, I just want to remain in control, and not lose myself for nothin’.”

22 TLM

adver tise. NOW NOW NOW






An uncompromising demand for Stomp! Stompdown 2011 “The Ultimatum” By: Dawn Nauman Owner, Editor On April 30th University of Oklahoma will host the annual Stompdown Step show and competition. The Stompdown Regional Step Show is currently one of the largest step shows in the southwestern region, with an annual attendance of 1300 students. It is hosted at the University of Oklahoma by the Black Student Association and the National Panhellenic Council. Stompdown traditionally consists of 10 acts with a celebrity guest host. Last year’s host was Willie of the vocal group, Day 26. The surprise celebrity host will be revealed at the end of April. This year’s theme is “The Ultimatum,” meaning this is an uncompromising demand. Stompdown is known for setting the stage with the coldest steppers from coast to coast. This year’s prize is $2,500. To be one of the acts in Stompdown, register online or by downloading a paper application at The stomping goes down at the Lloyd Noble Center, 2900 Jenkins Ave. #315 Norman, OK. Tickets can be purchased from 24 TLM


Step Dancing is an exciting style of dance where the person uses their whole body as an instrument. This performance creates a complex rhythm of steps, clapping, and spoken word. The main focus of the dance is on the feet, thus commonly known as “Stepping.” This style of dance evolved in the early 1900s on college campuses by newly established sororities and fraternities. Step dancing is highly appealing to young people, but it isn’t a craze. Stepping is an important form of cultural heritage. Many influences of Step Dancing

OMP! come from African based traditions like “Boot Dancing.”

“Boot Dance” started in completely dark coalmines where slaves were made to work. Work boots were given to handle the rough conditions they were forced to work in. They didn’t see the light of day from Monday to Saturday. They worked from sun up to sun down. The only opportunity for them to see the light was on Sunday. On that day, they rejoiced, exercised and danced in their work boots. “Boot

dancing” sounded like the African drums of their homelands. Originally, Step Dancing was used to grab the attention of possible pledges. In the 1950s and 1960s, like most things, Step Dancing was highly affected by the music of that time period like The Temptations, Four Tops and other R&B groups. Now, stepping combines many dance elements and difficult moves. Unique style is an important aspect to each group. This means Stepping can include anything from military fatigues to high heels, tuxedos, and hand held props. This remains a large part of the pledge process for most African-American sororities and fraternities and many Latino organizations. Because these Greeks are worldwide, step shows and competitions are also held in places like Africa and Europe. TLM 25


STYLE In fashion, colors have an important role to play. Major fashion statements generally come from complementing colors. Bright, primary or secondary, colors can be limitless if done the right way. Certain colors look better depending on your skin tone. Some vibrant colors can easily make you appear tanned, while others can even make you look pale and washed out. To stand out, another thing one can focus on is patterns. Designs and shapes can easily make an outfit more eye-catching, with endless options including animal prints, stripes and abstract arrangements. One disclaimer, however, is to remember not to pair too many different patterns together. When it comes to busy 26 TLM

By: Jovanna Johnson, Social Media Specialist & Staff Writer

Fashion is a fun way to express yourself. It’s your way of showing your personality and creativity. So, throw open your closet and ask, “How can I make this outfit different?”

designs on a piece of clothing, balance them with subtle colors, so you don’t over-do it. Know the difference between standing out and doing way too much. The most successful book on seasonal color analysis was Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful (1980 ). According to the Color Me Beautiful method of determining the best colors for your skin tone, eye color and hair color, your personal color palette can be broken down into four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Winter women have black, very

dark or cool-toned hair. Her skin is pinkish if light, olive if medium and blue-ish if dark. Winter women’s eyes are generally dark brown or bright blue. She looks better in silver jewelry than in gold.

By: Daniel Simon, Staff Writer

navy blue, red or hot pink look great Pure white is better for her than cream. on almost all winters, while beige, Bright, pure, cool colors such as jewel orange and gold make winters look tones suit winter women best. Great washed out. colors for winter women are bluetoned reds, cobalt blue, royal blue, Spring women have golden true purple, black and pure white. blonde, reddish-brown or auburn Dark skin tone and high-contrast winhair, along with warm skin tones. Most ters can wear the brightest and darkspring women have porcelain-colored est of these jewel-tone colors, while skin and blue, green or hazel eyes. lower contrast winters will want to tone Gold jewelry suits spring women better them down a little, but not too much, than silver does, and cream looks betas winters look terrible in powdered or ter against their skin than pure white. muddied colors like pastels or heathSprings look great in clear, but warm ers. Bright, warm colors such as true colors like peach, golden brown, ivory orange might work, but winter women and coral. They should avoid black will still look better in cool tones. Black, TLM 27

and white, which are too stark, and muted colors, which clash with their clear, bright coloring.

Summer women have cool

skin tones, pale hair and eyes, and low contrast between their skin and hair, which means they look good in cool-toned but muted colors such as soft neutrals and pastels. Examples of colors that look best on summers include powder blue, dusty pink, mauve, lavender, plum and pale yellow. Intense, vivid hues, including black, white or orange, are too harsh for summers.

Autumn women have warm

skin tones like peach for light skin tones, golden beige for medium skin tones or golden brown for dark skin tones. Most autumn women have golden brown eyes, and their hair can be golden blonde, reddish or dark brown. Their hair and skin tone have depth and richness, so spicy, gold-toned, earthy colors look best on them. Camel, beige, olive, orange, gold and dark brown are great colors for autumns-think fall foliage and spices. Autumns are also the only people who can wear rich warm grays successfully. Autumns should avoid black, white and most cool colors, which will wash them out.

28 TLM

CALENDAR April 1 April 15 The DJ Keilo Experience @ Club Venu, Bricktown Okc, 10:30- 2am.

Chocolate Party @ Remington Park Track North Hall Banquet Room featuring Kandi, Bobby V, Kenya SoulSinger, Jeremy Operation Shutdown @ Good- Jackson and the Soul Band. fellas (5101 N. Santa Fe), Okc. Doors open at 8pm

April 2

Janet Jackson @ Verizon Theatre in Grand Praire, Dallas, TX.

Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj @ American Airlines Center, Dallas Texas.

Plies @club Phi-nix, Okc.

Lil Jon @ City Walk, Oklahoma City, OK.

April 7

Arpil 16

Wordpulp @ Sapphire Lounge, Chocolate Party 105 KJamz B’Day Party, Kandi, Bobby Bricktown Okc. Valentino, and Jermy Jackson Band @ Rose Bowl Event Center, Tulsa, OK. Tickets $25, $45 and $65, (918)494-9886. Lady Gaga @ Bok Center in Tulsa, OK.

April 4 April 9

April 28

Black and Red Affair @ Sapphire Lounge, Bricktown Okc. Men of Love Tour Joe and K-Ci $5 for women dressed in read and Jojo @ Riverwind Casino, and $7 for men dressed in Norman, Ok. black. TLM 29


google out of my

acebook you


You have one pending friend request from Big Business. What happens when companies have our personal information-By: Daniel Simon Staff Writer Google and Facebook are now considering buying Twitter for $500 million this year. These buyouts of smaller companies are alarming.

Facebook has turned away from its initial mission. Now Facebook is about luring advertisers in because of the sensitive data that Facebook records and tracks for each of its users.


Advertisers now slam Facehas turned bookers with personal ads that are meant to bring in away from its Similarly, YouTube was more money. bought by Google in 2006 initial mission.” for $1.65 billion and as a Most alarming is since 2004 result, the website clearly changed to a way for large corporations to make even more money through ads. Once it was a site that fostered creativity and information sharing. Now every time you want to watch a video on YouTube, you’re slammed with spam, advertisements, and corporate-owned channels that are only seeking to make more profit. The very nature of YouTube dramatically shifted. Twitter and Facebook were originally applications for consumers to stay connected to their friends, share multimedia and their thoughts on issues.

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the increase Facebook’s ablility to share all user’s personal data with large corporations. Large corporations are not concerned with apps or sharing media, their first priority is to increase their bottom line. Grabbing concerns of legislators regarding the user’s right to right privacy. The Internet holds all information posted on Facebook forever and companies will use this information as long as they want to. Curently, there is no way to be “deleted from the internet.”

Facebook shares phone numbers and contact info with third parties Mary Hodder, chairman of the Personal Data EcosystemConsortium, sees this as Facebook’s willingness to change the rules of the game. She points out: What’s good for corporations is not always good for America. Just look at big businesses’ grasp on American journalism. Every cable news network is owned by a big business. Journalists are fearful to report on business scandals and their overreach out of fear of losing their jobs. We have seen the drop of journalistic integrity and virtues in recent years because of big businesses. Soon they will take over too many aspects of our lives. If Google eventually owns YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, then what will stop them from tracking our ISP addresses if we paint these companies in a negative light? How do we know they aren’t doing this now?

“People never thought when they were posting this data [such as their phone numbers] that it would be accessible to anyone but friends. There’s a real mismatch of expectations around that. Even if Facebook comes back with new protections, they’re still saying, ‘Hey, get over it, your data is public.’ I feel badly for users that Facebook’s approach is ‘You give us anything and it’s all fair game.’” TLM 31


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