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What You Want to Attract by Aaron Potts

One of the hardest things for people to swallow when they think about improving their lives is that they are the cause for where their life is at this moment in time. We tend to consider our lives as the culmination of years and years worth of thoughts, emotions, and experiences, which is true. However, when looking back on our lives in those terms, we normally miss the fact that we were responsible for many of the moments in our life, up to and including this very moment. When you embrace the truth about the Law of Attraction, you must embrace the ENTIRE truth. The entire truth is that we attract all things into our lives - the good, as well as the bad. Each person will have their own version of how this concept has manifested in their lives, but here are 3 common examples to illustrate the point.


This is probably the most common area where people attract exactly what they are looking for, but they are also very often blind to the fact that they have done so. It is hard to swallow if you are in an abusive relationship that you somehow wanted to be in that relationship. It is difficult to believe that if your significant other was unfaithful that you somehow played a part in making that happen. It is hard to grasp the fact that you can't find "the right person" because on some level you either don't really want to, or - most commonly - you don't really even know who that person would be.


Most people are either participating in a career that they don't enjoy, or they are not getting everything that they want out of their career. It could be a matter of not liking your job, not making enough money, or simply not enjoying your co-workers. Whatever your individual issue is with your career, the fact of the matter is that on some level you are holding onto that situation. You are attracting the very things that you don't want out of your professional life.



This issue is so far out in the open for all to see, yet people routinely walk right past it without realizing the truth. If you are unhealthy or overweight, it is because you somehow believe that you are SUPPOSED to be unhealthy or overweight. On an energetic level you are sending out the vibration that you are sick, or that you weigh too much, or that you are weak. It may be because you believe that you don't deserve to live a long and healthy life. It may be that your self-esteem isn't where it should be - even if you think on the surface that it is. Each of these instances - relationships, career, and health - has their own solutions as far as how to stop attracting what you don't want. However, the bottom line is that you have to first realize that you ARE attracting what you don't want, and that is a hard pill to swallow. Do some soul-searching about the things in your life that are not where you want them to be, and ask yourself some hard questions, while demanding some 100% honest answers: ƒ ƒ ƒ

Do you believe that - despite your bravado - that you might not be worthy of the "perfect mate"? Do you think that even though you have a great work ethic, that you really aren't smart or talented enough to have a high paying job, or to have the job of your dreams? Do you honestly believe that you resonate a presence of perfect health, vitality, confidence, and self-esteem?

These questions are just examples, and you should give some thought to similar situations in your own life. Ask yourself if you are attracting the life that you desire, or if you are thinking one thing, but feeling something else entirely. The bottom line truth of the matter is that we attract our entire lives, even the things about our lives that we do not like. If you want to stop attracting certain things into your life, then you need to ‘become what you want to attract’. If you want a long-term, successful relationship full of compassion, love, and kindness, then find ways to express those same emotions to others - even to people who you have no interest in developing a relationship with. If you desire a high-paying "dream job" then start acting like an employee who deserves that type of job. Don't just become a good worker - become a good thinker and a good dreamer. If your life is lacking in the health and fitness arena, then start exercising and eating right, and start thinking positive, grateful, and caring thoughts every single day. Your body and your mind will transform automatically as a result. Stop complaining about what your life is NOT. Become the person who deserves and resonates with the kind of life that you desire, and that life will be presented to you. Guaranteed.


Article Source: http://www.eArticlesOnline

5Tips for Dating


by Evina Jacoba Hameeteman


t birth, did you get a manual as to ‘how’ to use that brain of yours? How to be

happy, how to find and keep friends and how to find that ‘special’ person, suitable for you? Have you ever learned how to date? Why is it that some people are so good at dating and others aren’t? What are they doing different? Is it just because they are

lucky? Or did they learn how to do it well? And, if so, is it possible for you to learn how to have more success when it comes to dating? How often do you examine what you do? How often do you sit down and think about what processes you use when it comes to the subject of meeting and getting to know another person? Most of us are too busy to function in this world, let alone taking the time to find out how we function and how we could function more effectively! The following tips are just a few taken from my book 'The Art of Dating'.


1. Ask powerful questions Asking powerful questions is important in finding out about the other person. For example, you can use words such as what, where and how. These kinds of words cannot lead to a simple yes or no answer. Instead they give the other person the opportunity to give a more comprehensive answer. Apart from that, you may need to ask more specific questions at certain times. For example, if she says 'I'll call you soon' you may want to ask something like 'When should I expect a call'. Asking for more specific information will avoid misunderstandings!

2. Reality checks Before you judge the other person, be aware that your beliefs and values are based on your reality, which doesn't mean your beliefs and values are right or wrong. We are all different and your dates beliefs and values may not match yours. Knowing and understanding this will make you more flexible and understanding of others, including your dates.

3. Avoid assumptions Unfortunately, assuming is something we do a lot. So, instead of thinking 'she/he is probably doing this to blah, blah, blah...', ask! It's better to find out than to do guess work. If the other person doesn't seem to respond to you straight away, it doesn't mean that he or she isn't interested. Perhaps they just need to get to know you better before they demonstrate any kind of interest.

4. Build rapport Rapport is the presence of trust, harmony and cooperation in a relationship. If you have rapport with a person you will make them feel like your ally, your partner. You can create rapport by creating commonalities! You can do this by matching their language, breathing, gestures, facial expression and voice.

5. Be confident Confidence can open many doors for you. When you are confident, people will have more trust in you and your abilities. Even, if you don't consider yourself to be a confident person....ACT AS IF YOU ARE! Article Source:


How to Deal with First Date Jitters by Dustin Cannon

First dates can be nerve wracking and downright scary, sometimes it is tempting to try to approach them like you would a project you are taking on at work like writing down a script of everything you will say and then rehearsing it in front of the mirror. While this may help you feel better in the days preceding your date, it is not likely to be of any help when the day for the actual date arrives. In fact you are likely to feel even more out of sorts. It is always best to be yourself and to let the evening play out as it is meant to. Be sincere and as genuine as you can be and let the other person see who you are, not who the "rehearsed" you is. Besides you do not want to become tongue tied if you forget your lines on your date, and going to pieces while on your date is not likely to earn you a second date. Be creative and be as original as you can be. Keep in mind, if this is the case, that you got asked out in the first place because the other person saw something in you that interested them. Calm down, relax and show them what you are all about. You have made it to the first date therefore you must have done something right. It is always beneficial to be genuine and sincere about whom you really are. Answer questions that come up on your date openly and honestly. That is what you expect from the other person after all, now isn't it? Remember that dating is the way by which we determine who is right for us and who is not. It is a lot like a weeding out process and some make the cut and others do not. Always remain positive on a first date. 7

Be enthusiastic about the topics that come up but do not be so much so that you appear phony. Being a good listener goes a long way when it comes to getting to know another person. Keep in mind that while you are nervous the other person most likely is too. It is natural for both individuals in a first dating situation to have butterflies in their stomach. At the beginning everything is new and fresh but you have no history to draw on therefore it is exciting but also problematic to get to know someone new. Nevertheless it is always worth it to take a chance on a new person. The two of you have things in common so let those things help connect you and make you less nervous. Ask open ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer but do not treat the date as if it were an interview for a job. A date is supposed to be a fun way to become acquainted with another person, as opposed to a grueling ordeal. Ask to learn more about topics that interest you that the other person brings up. This will encourage them to do the same with you. It cannot be emphasized enough; the most important way to deal with first date jitters is to simply allow the evening to progress as it may and to be yourself. You want to be liked and accepted for you so make sure you show the other person what is special about you. Article Source:


How to Get Mr. or Ms. Right The First Time by Jennifer Flanders

So, you can’t seem to find Mr. or Ms, Right? You’ve searched high and low and still come up empty handed. Maybe you’re tired of finding the same type of people with the same set of issues, and their goals, dreams, interests and personality just don’t mesh with yours. Did you know Online Dating can take the hassle out of finding the perfect person? With computer generated matching systems, technology has taken the error out of dating. It’s important to go into Online Dating with an open mind. First, don’t prejudge yourself or the people who turn to Online Dating, rejecting conventional methods, for whatever reasons. Second, don’t let yourself feel like you’ve failed at the dating scene and this is your last resort. You’re just “exploring your options”. And third, stay level headed and remain safe. Don’t give your information out to anybody who asks or sends you theirs. Make them work for it! Remember, you are worth it! Obvious necessities for online dating include a computer or laptop and internet connection. Other not so necessary but useful tools would include a list of qualities you possess and that which you are looking for in a potential partner. This should be well thought out and not done spur of the moment, like when the service prompts you! Okay, moving on to the fun stuff! Here is a list of essentials to optimize your Online Dating experience:


Put Your Best Face Forward For obvious reasons, it’s a good idea to give prospective dates an idea of what you look like. You really don’t want to form a mutual interest with someone to ultimately find that neither of you is attractive to the other. The same goes for that prospective date, they should have a photo available for you to view. A vast majority won’t even browse profiles of other members without photos. A good photo to use here would be of you alone, not a large group of partying buddies or girlfriends.

Keep Things Interesting Your personal greeting should be upbeat and give a brief description of yourself. You should re-word this greeting occasionally so things don’t get boring and update your picture just as often, or add to an online collection. Give them something to keep coming back for. If you speak about yourself in a positive light, it will draw people to you, making them want to know more. It will encourage them to read on, and that’s what it’s all about!

I Said Be Confident, Not Conceited As important as it is to highlight your finer attributes, don’t rave on about what a fabulous kisser you are. It’s a good idea to brag about important things that another serious dater would find compelling, but it’s not advisable to explain how you came by that unspeakable tattoo or how you hold the record for the most shots in 15 minutes. Real people are interested in real things like, careers, children, goals, ambitions, religious affiliation and common interests. Leave the other stuff for the date!

I Thought You Said You Had a PhD Okay, honestly, if I have to tell you not to lie, maybe Online Dating isn’t for you. You’d do much better at the bar scene. Honesty is always, hands-down, the best policy. Do you want to be lied to? I hope you said no... Lying gets to be a confusing tangle of remember what really happened and what you said happened. Unless you are prepared to document every conversation you have with all your prospective dates, for future reference, try just sticking to the truth. Do Unto Others... It’s nice to be nice. At some point there will inevitably be someone interested in you, that you do not share the same feelings toward. Rather than blowing them off or being cruel in the telling, try subtle honesty, say that you would like to continue your search and feel that the two of you aren’t right for each other. Remember, what goes around, comes around. You don’t want to be waiting on a sucker punch, do you? This is just a general rule of thumb, kind of list. It’s always important to follow your instincts when it comes to deciding on a partner. Be sensible, be fair, be nice and have fun!

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The Biggest Mistakes Women Make During Sex with Men by Rod Phillips

Compiled from a lot of emails over the years asking for help with relationship issues in general and sex in particular, we've compiled this list of the gravest errors women can make when it comes to getting down 'n' dirty with their menfolk! 1. Behaving like he's a mind reader - or dropping "clues" about what you want

This is a very feminine game, but it won't get you what you want. Men just don't think that way, and it's disrespectful to later blame them for something they could never figure out from such indirect communication. Drop the games, and be direct. Good communication is everything in a relationship. For example, if you want oral sex, ask him to go down on you. If you're embarrassed about it, use language which makes your meaning clear: "I'd like you to kiss me down there" will do - anything that gets your meaning across. Though you may find it difficult, if he's working on bringing you to orgasm, he'll need feedback to make sure he carries on enthusiastically. Losing yourself in your bliss and not saying anything will make him wonder if you're asleep or uninterested, at which point he'll most likely stop or move off the ‘spot’. 2. Resenting him when you don't get what you want

What, didn't you read number 1 above? If you want more foreplay, then you need to say so. If he charges straight into your erogenous zones after a few minutes of kissing, then you need to educate him about what you want. Men are much more quickly aroused than women on the whole, and they simply need slowing down. One great way to do this is to make sure you get an orgasm before you have intercourse. You can always distract him with a spot of fellatio, or by licking him all over. As a woman, you're likely to be more creative than he is, so maybe you can apply your creative skills to sex, and improve it for both of you! 3. Not realizing that "Women come first"!

Well, maybe not in everything, but it's not a bad rule to follow during sex. Men lose interest very rapidly after they've ejaculated. Like it or not, that's how they are biologically built (in fact they are programmed to sleep after sex), and unless they're especially sensitive, once they've reached orgasm, they won't be much interested in your satisfaction. The best way to


deal with this is to have extended foreplay which includes him giving you oral sex or pleasuring you with his fingers until you reach orgasm, and then it's his turn. This way he'll be very turned on, and enjoy a big orgasm when he does cum inside you - or in any other way. Also, in case you don't know, men really do like the sight, smell and taste of your vulva! 4. Being much more critical of your body than he is

It's hard for women to believe, but it’s true. In general, men are much less critical of your body than you are. When you start hiding it during sex, or refusing to enjoy certain sexual positions because you fear what he might think of your body, he's likely to get very disenchanted, very quickly. If you need reassurance that your body is OK, remember rule number 1: ask him for it. Say, for example, "I'm feeling a bit insecure about my tits/butt/belly/whatever. Do you find them attractive?" or, "Do you like my body?" It’s as simple as that. 5. Not being assertive during sex

It's an old, old stereotype: men lead, women follow. Well, that certainly shouldn't be true all the time in sex. Even if you like him to be masculine and dominant during sex, or even if you like to feel as if you're being "taken" sometimes, it's just as nice for him to see your assertive side. Take the lead from time to time, give him a treat, a woman on top or rear entry will push all his sexual buttons and make him wonder if his birthday has come early. 6. Being critical of his performance

Nothing, but nothing, will turn a man off faster (especially if he thinks he's doing well), than being critical. If he orgasms too soon for you, if he doesn't give you enough pleasure, if he's too rough or he touches you too hard or soft, or whatever, the answer does NOT lie in criticism! Instead, find a way of gently expressing your feelings and tell him what you would like instead. For example, "When you don't look at me when you enter me I miss the feeling of intimacy with you" or "I like it when you do that, but I'd like it even more if you slowed down, touched the side of my clitoris, thrust harder/softer...." and so on. 7. Treating his penis as if it were your clitoris

Which means - handle it more firmly. He'll soon tell you if you’re doing it wrong. In general, men masturbate with much more pressure than is acceptable for a woman because a woman’s clitoris is simply too sensitive. You need to do it differently for him, especially as he approaches orgasm; during which time he will most likely require a firmer touch. Having said that, he will still enjoy the feather light touches from your well-lubed hand in the early stages of sex play. 8. Refusing oral sex

Well, this may be contentious, but I'll say it anyway. Most women don't really understand how important oral sex is to men. Sure, you know men like it (how could you not!), but you may not understand how important it is. This isn't some crude male desire to dominate you. Men love oral sex because the intimacy and trust of the act is a signal of your love. Taking his penis into your mouth is not just a sign of accepting his penis, but also signals to him your total acceptance of him as a man. In his mind, this may be an act of the greatest possible intimacy. By the way, just because you’re giving him oral sex doesn’t automatically mean you have to let him ejaculate in your mouth, let alone swallow his semen; just the act of oral sex alone will be satisfying enough. Article Source:


Juicy Tips for Better Sex by Leah Holden

It is no doubt that sex plays a major part in maintaining a healthy and long lasting relationship. Many researches and surveys conducted over the years have concluded that one of the main keys to a happy and fulfilling relationship is great sexual experience. Yet, many people are having problem enjoying sex with their partners. There are many reasons for this problem. The more common ones are psychological, cultural, or early childhood experience. The good news is, as long as the individual or couple realizes that sex is a big factor in saving their relationship, they are willing to change. I have outlined below some juicy tips for better sex. Experimenting gives you the confidence to orchestra and enjoy a better sexual experience with your partner, and allows you to have a more pleasurable time during the sexual encounter. The first tip is to take the initiative. Taking the initiative will break the ice and also excite your partner. Always be on the look out for adding novelties to your sex life. Sex does not always need to be performed in the bedroom. It can be done in the kitchen, in the basement, in the car, on the beach or even under the stairs. It can be preformed almost anywhere you wish, the location is only limited by your own imagination.


Create a sexy mood and the right kind of environment for having sex. Pull down the curtains and light candles in the bedroom; you can also try scented candles. Playing soft music in the background will also add spice to the sexual environment. Having foreplay in the bath or shower can prove to be a totally different experience because it builds up the overall excitement. Also try using a vibrator or sex toys with your partner to help building up his or her anticipation. Try out newer positions when having sex. This will again lead to more excitement and add a lot of spice in the whole sexual act. Ask your partner to do different things on you and tell him/her which things turn you on. Sex is a pleasurable activity that does not have time limits. Sex ends when both the partners are completely satisfied. Sex is not a duty that should be completed in a fixed period of time. Try different types of stimulations on your partner every time you both have sex. Try to masturbate your partner instead of letting him or her do the act on themselves. At the end of the day, let your imagination run wild, do whatever is necessary to arouse yours and your partner's sex drive and enjoy the experience.

Article Source:


How Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight by Colin Holcomb For thousands of years green tea has been used by both the Chinese and Japanese as both an herbal medicine and a beverage. Recently the use of this tea as an herbal medicine gained notice in the western world as a part of the medical profession. The antioxidant and chemotherapeutic effects of the green tea have been studied in recent years. Both Switzerland and the United States have conducted recent research that indicates a strong connection between green tea and weight loss. An issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Urology published in December 1999, indicated a study where certain compounds in green tea extracts might promote weight loss. A group of ten healthy young men under went a research study at the University of Geneva under Dr. Abdul Dulloo. The men, who ranged in size from lean to mildly overweight, were given a typical American diet. With each meal the men were asked to take a capsule of green tea or caffeine. The results showed that more calories were burned on average by the men who took green tea capsules. This showed that it might not be a myth at all when it comes to the connection between green tea and weight loss.


Green Tea and the Fight against Fat The idea that green tea can be an active combatant against fat may be another way that green tea and losing weight may be connected. The fat content of a body must be reduced in order to truly lose weight and get healthy. A recent study showed that every day for three months those who drank a bottle of tea fortified with green tea lost more body fat than those who drank regular tea. There seems to be a link between green tea and losing weight even if the exact connection isn't known, at least in the case of losing fat. Another possible connection between green tea and losing weight might be the fact that green tea, unlike any other tea, has the ability to satisfy people. There is a good possibility that a person will eat less and thus lose weight by drinking a glass or two with a meal. In addition you can't rob your body of hydration with green tea since there are no sugars or additives that cause fat and water weight. So, with your next meal, don’t be afraid to have a cup or two of green tea.

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Quick, Inexpensive Facial Masks for Healthier Skin by Craig Fischer

Salon facial treatments can be expensive, so if you’re on a budget or if you simply want a facial regimen that won’t take a lot of your time, you can make your own facial mask to encourage healthier skin right in the comfort of your home. Milk of magnesia is effective as a deep-cleansing facial mask. Moisten cotton balls with milk of magnesia and gently dab on the face, taking care to avoid the eye areas. Leave the milk of magnesia on your face for ten minutes. To remove, use a washcloth that’s been dipped in warm water. Follow it up with moisturizer. A paste made from oatmeal, honey and lemon juice makes for a cheap but effective facial mask for those who have oily skin. Apply the paste generously on the face, leave it on for ten minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. A good facial mask for dry skin consists of one egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of sour cream. Using a cotton ball, apply the mixture onto clean skin, leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. For normal skin, mixing half a cup of finely ground almonds and witch hazel into a paste makes a good facial mask. Apply the paste evenly on the face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Gently wipe the paste off with tissue or cotton cloth before rinsing the face with warm water.

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SHOULDER AND BACK ACNE --– PREVENTION AND CURE 101 by Richard Hargreaves Shoulder and back acne (bacne), like most types of acne, can develop at the puberty stage and can continue even into adulthood. Bacne is quite difficult to treat compared to acne on other parts of the body. Aside from not being readily visible and being hard to reach, the back is also the body part that you lay on most when you sleep, and the pressure applied on the back worsens the condition of your back acne.

Simple Ways to Clear Up Back Acne As with other acne conditions, people who suffer from back acne are constantly in search for a cure. However, prevention is just as important as the cure. The observance of proper hygiene and a change in lifestyle can help prevent back acne. Even if the skin disease is cured, these same measures must be taken routinely to keep back acne from resurfacing. Below are some do's and don'ts to treat back acne and to keep your skin bacne free. The measure you should immediately take once you find out you've got bacne is to stop wearing tight fitting clothes. Tight clothes can irritate the skin. If you have sensitive skin, this can make your bacne worse. Thoroughly wash your body everyday, especially your back using a back brush. Frequently change your bed sheets, as it is conducive for bacterial growth. Bed sheets also allow bacteria easy access into your body. Engage in a diet that is low in sugar and fat but is rich in vitamins. This prevents back acne by preventing the buildup of excess oil on the skin. Refrain from touching or squeezing your bacne. This will spread the bacne to other parts of the body. Drink plenty of water. Consult a doctor for severe conditions. Ensure that you follow your doctor's advice despite the difficulty.

Your One-Step Shoulder and Back Acne Cure Although prevention is definitely the preferred option, it will definitely please you to know that there's an easier and faster way to clear up back acne. Try Acnessential, this is a 4% niacinamide cream that comes with no side effects. You will also see results fast, and it doesn't take much effort to use. You only need to apply it once everyday, and voila! clear skin will soon come your way! 4% topical niacinamide (sometimes called nicotinamide) was the subject of a recent university study done at the prestigious New York College of Medicine, and it was found to be as effective at treating acne as the leading topical prescription cream, Clindamycin. The niacinamide cream had further benefits over the Clindamycin, in that it is derived from a natural B vitamin (niacin), and the body doesn't build up a resistance against it as it does to Clindamycin (which is an antibiotic.) The fact that no prescription is necessary also makes it more convenient and cost effective.


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Bali, The Earthy Paradise by Putu Eka Sariningsih

Sited in the middle of Indonesian archipelago, first discovered by the European sailors, Bali has to be one of the “must visit” world’s tourist destinations. Bali not only has attractive views and exotic tourism, but the hospitality of the people there is something you rarely find in a metropolitan city. Travelers are mesmerized by not just a part this beautiful place, but by almost all this island has to offer.


The Balinese people are deeply rooted in the Hindu culture, with temples from ancient age spread throughout the island. There is no day without celebration toward the Gods and the daily life and activities of the people reflect their spiritual culture. Everywhere you go you will find a ritual ceremony or offerings, on the streets, in the temples, even near big trees, or any other place believed to consist of holy spirits. Bali is also known as “Heaven on Earth” or “Island of Thousand Temples”. In Bali, you will find many temples from centuries ago that have stood thru the ages with their own unique and stunning presence. Besakih Temple, the mother temple of all temples in Bali, is nestled on the slope of Bali’s highest mountain, Mount Agung. Two other famous temples are Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot Temple. Uluwatu Temple is on the edge of a cliff and is inhabited by groups of monkeys. Right below that temple, most surfers find Uluwatu beach, a paradise for any surfer. Tanah Lot Temple is a 16th century temple that is beautifully perched on a rocky silhouette at the seaside. It’s here where many people come during the sunset to spoil their eyes and get lost in the moment. Accommodation in Bali range from small Hotels or Inns that offer good rates with standard services, up to Hotels with luxurious rooms, wonderful views and exclusive services; some of which are located high on cliffs or hills that capture extraordinary views. For the surfer or beach lover, you may want to visit Kuta, the southern coast of Bali located about 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. Here you will find tranquil white sand beaches stretching over 6 miles. Enjoy its fantastic waves, soak up some sun with other topless sunbathers, or just relax your body and soul. But don’t forget the night life, chill out at a café or bar with the easy listening “Gamelan” Balinese traditional music. Between sunbathing, exploring the island, and all around relaxing, you may want to shop for gifts to take back home. There are plenty of shops that offer things such as wood carvings, stone statures, paintings, and even gold and silver jewelry at reasonable prices; bargaining is suggested. In Bali, the fresh air surrounds you with sweet smells, warm breezes, and the sounds of song birds. Once you experienced Bali, the island will capture your soul. Bali is truly a tranquil island and an earthy paradise. Article Source:


Jet Over to Kauai by Caitlin Moore Kauai is Hawaii's northernmost isle and is known for its lush vegetation, array of activities, and scenery that can shift from mountains to deserts to beaches in the blink of an eye. The Aloha State is hardly lacking in picturesque, postcard-worthy scenes, but Kauai stands out as a true winner when it comes to choosing your vacation destination. An interesting feature of Kauai is that it's not the typical resort-dotted island. Yes, if you want to dance the night away at a luau while sampling the traditional fare, or lay out on a spectacular beach, you'll find places to do so. However, don't be alarmed if you find yourself practically alone on the shores of North Shore or catching a glimpse of a rare species of flower within a nature preserve. Appreciators of nature will be thrilled by Kauai's offerings. The west side of the island is where you'll find Kokee State Park, where acres of beautiful land will reveal flora and fauna like you've never seen before. Waimea Canyon makes for a great stop as well, as it is known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific." Between the mountainous interior of the island and all the hike and bike opportunities that you'll find there, your adventurer's soul will never be disappointed during your visit to Kauai. Many beaches make for great surfing and swimming, but some have the potential to pose a danger to even experienced travelers. When lifeguards are not present, it is important to exercise caution if you decide to take a dip. Visitors reluctant to take risks should stick to beaches like Hanalei Beach Park, Anahola, Wailua, and Kekeha, which are all overseen by life-saving professionals.


As mentioned before, Kauai's North Shore is definitely a point of interest for those looking for an authentic experience. The striking cliffs of the Na Pali coast and the heartstopping Lumahai beach have both been immortalized on the big screen, so there must be something appealing about them. If your interest has been piqued, don't forget to head north at some point during your trip. Other activities include golfing, helicopter rides, snorkeling, and whale watching. Each season has its bright spots, so be sure to check with the locals as you plan your itinerary. Watching a pod of whales during their migration period or feeding a school of tropical fish will no doubt end up being standout moments in what's already shaping up to be a phenomenal trip. Lodging can be found on all parts of Kauai, so whether you seek a beachfront condo or a quiet mountain retreat, you'll surely be satisfied. Think ‘vacation rentals’ in Kauai if your goal is to escape the influence of the outside world and establish your own schedule. A villa with plenty of bedrooms, showers, and its own kitchen means you can avoid contact with the outside world as much as you want. This garden isle is filled with secrets waiting to be discovered, so stray from the beaten path on your next vacation. In other words, while a trip to Kauai will offer the traditional Hawaiian sights and sounds, be prepared to end up wide-eyed and breathless on more than one occasion due to the surprises that it also holds.

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MOROCCO by Martha Vasquez

Morocco is a place where sand embraces the sea and snow. Its charismatic beauty is such that it lures visitors from around the world. The southern coast of Morocco converges in the Western Sahara whereas its northern sides are enveloped by the bedazzling snow capped Atlas Mountains. The Atlas Mountains not just add to the scenic splendor, but also safeguards Morocco against its hostile neighbor, Algeria. The area between the mountains and Morocco’s Atlantic coast is covered with fertile plains. Beautiful gorges venturing into the sand and stony terrain of the Sahara Desert can be witnessed at the edge of the Anti Atlas. Moroccan cities are both Islamic as well as European in nature. Fes, perhaps the oldest city in Morocco, is also known as the heart of Morocco. Fes el-Bali, or Old Fes, is one of the largest living medieval cities in the world today. Its magnificent gates and walls add to its grandeur. The Moroccan city of Marrakesh, the former capital of Morocco, is known for its rich culture and heritage and vibrant markets and festivals, making the spring and autumn seasons ideal for exploring. To keep its visitors entertained, the city of Marrakesh presents a plethora of activities by magicians, storytellers, snake charmers, and acrobats. Whereas, in the city of Rabat, it displays a perfect confluence of historical events and contemporary developments.


Casablanca, a city further away from Oriental romanticism than any other in Morocco, is fairly impressive. It's a very clean and efficient modern city with big, lively boulevards, and high, white, well-kept buildings. Other wonders of Morocco include Ait Benhaddou, the most exotic and best-preserved Kasbahs in the entire Atlas area. Its beautiful huge square in the center of town makes for one of the world’s greatest spectacles. From open-air food stalls to storytellers, snake charmers and musicians, here you will find every source of entertainment. If religion and culture is what brought you to Morocco, then any time of the year the Hasan II Mosque, the world’s third largest religious monument, is seldom left unvisited. The exterior of the mosque bears a French design while its interior is dedicated to the Moroccan style. Roman ruins can also be found in Morocco in the city of Volubilis; it boasts the largest Roman ruins in Morocco. The origins of Volubilis can be traced back to second and third centuries AD. Whichever your reason for visit Morocco, the rich history, spectacular views, or religious and culture, you won’t be disappointed. Article Source:


Traveling to the Philippines: Exploring Sagada on a Shoe-String Budget by John Grant Urban dwellers would normally prefer to rove around the metropolis and explore every side street in search for ideal refuge, rather than traveling to remote provinces. However, there are more than enough reasons to explore the parameters of this archipelago, taking into account its bountiful land and marine resources which makes for an ideal sanctuary. Among the many interesting regions in the Philippines is the mountainous terrain in northern Luzon where a determined explorer can take a fulfilling jaunt to Sagada, a serene mountain community in Mt. Province. The adventurous travelers would customarily take a 10-hour bus ride from Manila to Banaue, Ifugao (via Solano, Nueva Ecija route). In Banaue, travelers have the option to take the day off and trek along the well-engineered Banaur Rice Terraces or take a jeep ride to Bontoc, and from there, one can catch a bus to the tranquil region of Sagada in Mt. Province.


Sagada has economical lodging houses and hotels in which to spend the night. A traveler can get a bedroom for two and a well-scrubbed common bathroom with sufficient amount of water in an overnight abode. Even though electricity and water are accessible in these highland regions, one of the guidelines in remote areas is not to expect for urban amenities. However, the lack of adequate necessities is not a hindrance to any devoted backpacker. Indeed, the remarkable view of the mountains, sight of abundant natural resources, and exposure to mountain community are enough reasons to enjoy the trip. Trekking along the narrow mountain trails of Batad and Bangaan Villages in Banaue is one of the many leisure options where panoramic views of the terraces can be enjoyed. To keep track of the trail, a number of villagers can be hired by the hour as tour guides. The trip is truly breathtaking and for an amateur trekker, the long hours of walking should not impede them in reaching the other side of the trail. There are a number of brooks along the curvy mountain range that are guaranteed to quench one’s thirst during the hours of hiking. Meanwhile, the aweinspiring endpoint is an antidote to muscle pain. Experiencing these remote splendors is comparable to realizing the pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow, but these wonders boasts of scenic and unspoiled layers of rice fields forming a colossal amphitheater, truly a hiker’s paradise.

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Kill Bills by Tom Justice

Get Rid of Some "Extras" The key to financial freedom is building wealth. The key to building wealth is eliminating all your extra bills so you have money to save. The average consumer's credit report carries quite a burden from these bills as well. Let's start with what hurts the most. Eliminate any habits you currently have, like smoking, drinking, candy, coffee, collecting junk, etc. Most habits cost money, and if it's a habit, it can't be healthy for you in the long run anyway. You will be surprised how much cash you will pocket if you just quit one or two of these habits (if any apply of course). By giving up a habit you are not only saving money and maybe even your health, but you are also gaining self-discipline to help you mature financially.

Dine In or Carry Out? Let's look at the two separately and then together. If you eat out once a week, even at $25 per week, you are spending $100 a month; pretty simple math. Along with eating out, let's say you get carry-out (drive-thru), three times a week at $5 per visit. This equals $60 a month. These figures are below average, but even so, this is $160 in one month that could be used to eliminate some other debt. Pack a lunch for work. Try cooking at home. It's a fraction of the cost, it tastes better than "fast food" and it is usually healthier. If you can't eliminate eating out then try cutting it in half for starters.


Grocery List (or lack thereof) Many consumers head to the grocery store with no plan or list. Big mistake. This is what grocery stores are designed for. Go ahead, walk down each aisle and tempt yourself with row after row, shelf after shelf of junk food and extra stuff that you don't need. A list could save you 50% alone. Fifty percent that could be put towards wiping out those irritating loan payments. A grocery list serves two purposes. It saves you quite a bit of money which you notice immediately. Secondly, it allows you to be prepared for the upcoming week, month or however often you shop. You can make out a daily meal plan ahead of time so you know exactly what you need to purchase and approximately how much cash you will need.

Sell Some Stuff Everyone has stuff lying around collecting dust. Remember the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure"? You could probably knock out a couple of stagnate bills with some of those collectibles sitting in a box in the closet. You would be surprised to know that an object you have absolutely no interest in could sell on an auction site and pay off that hospital bill that's been chasing you around like a mad hornet.

Cash, Cash, Cash Only buy with cash. Plastic looks the same when you spend it, when dollar bills disappear, you feel the impact, especially when you start to get a shortage of them. You might think a little longer about your purchase when you’re holding onto that $100 bill just before you hand it over to the cashier. Start a cash envelope system, at least one for each, gas, food and clothing. Like any new system, it will take a few times before you get the right amount in the envelopes. You will immediately start to notice a large impact on your budget and will find it worth while. If you buy something with cash you don't owe on it. If you apply these various techniques and ideas, you will start to knock chunks off your overall debt. This will get you closer to achieving financial freedom and your credit report will begin the long awaited healing process. Start today.

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FOREX – The Foreign Exchange, $1.3 trillion, that’s a safe estimate of the amount of currency that’s traded on the Forex every single day. Trading on the Forex is one of the fastest growing income generating opportunities in the world. All it takes to start is a small investment (many dealers will start you off with as little as $250), some knowledge of the world markets and of trading. Oh, and, according to those that do it every day and live off changing dollars to pounds to francs and back, common sense, some practicality and a lot of faith are a big help.

Some background The market began in the 1970’s with the introduction of free exchange rates and floating currencies. It’s the open market where the world’s currencies are exchanged and traded with few regulations. Because of the open nature of the market, nearly anyone can trade and make money. The volume of trading and the enormous number of players makes it almost impossible for any one trader to manipulate the market. The market is open 24 hours a day, from Sunday evening to Friday evening, and there are always trades to be had. This makes it one of the most liquid and constantly moving markets in the world While most transactions are made in lots of 100,000, marginal trading allows traders to start trading with an investment of as little as $250-$500.

Marginal Trading- The Blockbuster Earner Marginal trading simultaneously makes trading on the foreign exchange market so possibly profitable


– a great risk. Trading on the margin is simply trading with borrowed capital. Depending on your dealer, you can purchase $100,000 worth of currency for as little as $500. If your trades are on target, you make a profit on the entire $100,000 lot – minus dealer commission, of course. If, on the other hand, your trade ends up losing you money, you could end up being liable for far more than the $500 you originally invested. So that’s why one of the strongest bits of advice you’ll hear from most experienced Forex traders is ‘Keep your eye on the margin’ – or even more strongly, ‘Don’t ever trade on the margin’.

A few important tips to make quick money on the forex * Buy low, sell high. Yes, it’s a cliché, but there are many people who forget that the market runs in patterns of dips and rises. Keep your eye on the pattern and buy when the exchange rate dips, then sell when it peaks. * Remember to cut your losses. No one, no matter what they tell you, runs a 100% profitable system. What they do have is the knowledge to get out of a trade before it goes further south. Decide ahead of time how much you can afford to lose and if you make a trade that is decreasing in value, once you reach that number, sell. Don’t hang on ‘in case it turns around’. *Understand the situation in the country whose currency you’re trading. The economy and politics of a country have a profound effect on the exchange rate of its currency. Keep your ear to the ground and be prepared to move based on what you hear – because everyone else will. * Select a system that fits your lifestyle. System is what it’s all about, according to traders who make money in the market. A system helps you decide in advance exactly how much you can afford to lose, and set stop, sell or buy orders based on those figures. Pick a system, live by your system, and don’t second-guess your system. * Focus on the bottom line. Especially if you’re day trading, you’ll find that you lose at least as often as you win – but you can still come out ahead if you plan your strategy and system in advance. By deciding in advance how much you can afford to lose in a trade, and when you should take your profits and cut them loose, you’ll make a profit even when most of your trades are losers. * And remember, remember, remember, to upgrade your knowledge before taking the Forex leap. Treat Forex trading like a regular business. You can’t make money without knowledge, skills and a good attitude. Study, take notes and practice – then go out there and make some serious money. Article Source:


Apple iPhone It’s All About Brilliance by Adam Jaylin


Apple is a leading brand in the arena of technology and has given some of the best gadgets to the customers. Their most recent venture into the manufacturing of mobile phones has proved to be highly successful and largely welcomed. Everyone has appreciated the revolutionary music device iPod by Apple, and the same response has been given to the iPhone. The iPhone has a great design and highly fashionable look. The multi touch screen interface can control various functions with great ease. It’s most amazing features are its music player which has the same high-end music features that are present in the iPod, and its wireless Wi-Fi that helps you to connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot and surf the internet. The iPhone supports high speed internet connectivity with the help of EDGE and GPRS technology; this provides you fast speed and reliable data transfer over the internet This incredible gadget comes with a music library and the users can easily manage the play lists of their favorite songs. They can sort the library by using various parameters like genres, compilations, play lists, videos, etc., and easily download new music tracks and songs from iTunes using the Wi-Fi connection by accessing the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store. The handset can also play videos so the users will be able to enjoy great movies and television shows on its screen. Although, the videos can be set in various modes, they can only be viewed in landscape orientation and can easily switch between full screen and wide screen mode. The Apple iPhone comes with Safari Web Browser and the WebPages can be opened in the landscape or portrait orientation, an advanced 2 mega pixel camera with which can easily shoot images and videos, special software for viewing the images, uploading them, and even sending them as email attachments, Bluetooth 2.x+EDR that can be easily connected to wireless earphones and other devices, a mammoth storage capacity available in an 8 GB or 16 GB version, and you can easily watch videos or television from the internet on its 3.5 inches large LCD screen that gives immensely wonderful displays. The innovative touch screen gives resolution of 320 x 420 mega pixels and is sheathed with high quality scratch proof glass. This awesome phone gives you a great experience. But with all these wonderful features, it’s easy to forget that the Apple iPhone is also a telephone. You can easily make calls to your loved ones and communicate with great call quality with features like call merging, call conferencing, and caller identification. Will all these great tools at your fingertips, it’s no wonder why the Apple iPhone holds the credit for being one of the most advanced telephones today.

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Blu-ray, Set to Take the World by Storm! by Paul Colbert The Blu-ray Disc belongs to a new generation of optical discs capable of staging high density data. Blu-ray technology is based on a blue-violet colored laser. The blue laser operates at a wave length of 405 nm, while older technology such as DVD’s and CD’s are based on red and infrared lasers that works at 650 and 780 nm. Since the wave length is shorter with a blue laser, the new Blu-ray technology makes is possible to store much more information The advantage with the Blu-ray technology is that the laser beam can be focused much more tightly at the surface of the disc. Tight focus means that a smaller spot will be produced on the surface on the disc, and when the spots become smaller there will naturally be room for more information on each disc. The minimum spot size of any laser depends on a naturally accruing phenomenon called diffraction. The narrow beam of light sent out from a laser will always diverge into a wider beam eventually, due to the natural diffraction of waves. Diffraction will also occur when the waves meet an obstruction. By reducing the wavelength of a laser, we can affect the diffraction. In Blu-ray technology, the diffractions is also affected by the fact that the lens used to focus the light has a higher numerical aperture than the lenses found in ordinary DVD’s - 0.85 instead of 0.6. Blu-ray technology based appliances are also equipped with a dual-lens system of supreme quality, and the


cover layer has been made thinner in order to prevent unwanted optical effects. All this makes it possible for a Blu-ray laser to focus on much smaller spots. The optical improvements are accompanied with a new method for encoding data which makes it possible to store even more data on the Blu-ray disc. The standard for Blu-ray technology has been developed as a joint venture between several major manufacturers of PC’s and consumer electronics, including Sony and Philips. The group is called the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). The first Blu-ray recorder was launched in Japan in 2003, by Sony. Today, Samsung, JVC, Matsushita (Panasonic) and LG Electronics are all examples of companies using Blu-ray technology in their products. Hewlett Packard release desktop PC’s equipped with Bluray technology in late 2005. The main competitor for the Blu-ray technology is the HD DVD format which is also capable of storing more information than a normal DVD. The Blu-ray technology does however allow for more information per layer than the HD DVD format - 25 GB compared to 15 GB. The Blu-ray technology will on the other hand most likely be more expensive to support, at least initially, which can make the HD DVD a tempting alternative. In a Blu-ray disc, the data is stored extremely close to the surface. This made the first Blu-ray discs extremely vulnerable to scratching and many users preferred the tougher HD DVD discs. Since 2004, all Blu-ray discs are coated with a clear polymer called "Durabis" which makes them much more durable. According to the developers of Durabis, the TDK Corporation, a coated Blu-ray disc will work even after being attacked with a screwdriver.

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What? Wireless Air Travel? Yeah, It's Here by Jawahn Thompson

In early 2007, OnAir arrived. OnAir is a service that uses satellite technology to enable air travel passengers to use wireless devices such as mobile phones, Internet connections from computers, and PDA’s during a flight. The debate over the use of wireless technology during flight has been going on for years, and now that it’s here, the debate is likely to heat up. The first wave of this technology will not be available on US flights. Airbus, the plane manufacturer who has created this technology, sold it to Air France, who had the service available to passengers in early 2007. Two other airlines, British airline BMI and TAP Air Portugal, are both considering using OnAir. So what is the debate all about? Who wouldn’t want the convenience of using their cell phone during a long flight, getting important e-mails on their PDA, or having the luxury of surfing the Internet to pass the time? Apparently, lots of people, and for some very valid reasons.

The Safety Consideration There has been an ongoing concern that the use of mobile phones and other devices that use wireless technology could interfere with the plane’s navigational equipment. Recent technological advances in both navigational equipment and cell phone technology seem to negate this concern, but not everyone is convinced. There is concern that the navigational equipment on older planes may still be affected.

The Mobile Phone Debate Okay, suppose the safety issue is taken care of and there is no concern that wireless communications technology will interfere with the plane’s navigational equipment. What objection is there to the use of mobile phones during a flight? Surveys have shown that the majority of air travelers are against the use of mobile phones on an airplane because it would be downright annoying to sit next to someone who is receiving and making phone calls. Common sense would seem to tell you that people wouldn’t really be as inconsiderate as to have hour long conversations on their mobile phone during a flight. But experience has shown us when it comes to the mobile phone; most people lose their common sense. If people will hold loud personal conversations in restaurants and grocery stores and on buses, or drive using a handheld mobile phone in states where it has been made illegal, then it is not too unreasonable to believe that people will not use common sense consideration during air travel.


It’s easy to see the scenario. Business travelers will receive, what they deem to be, a very important business call and end up talking longer than expected. Or a mom who just wants to check on her children will end up having to chat with each one of them before she can hang up. It’s no wonder that air travel passengers are concerned that the use of mobile phones will become an annoyance during flights. Some people are already nervous just about flying. But when you add a cramped, overcrowded plane to the mix, the constant threat of terrorism, the restrictions on what can be carried onboard, and now the addition of an inconsiderate mobile phone user, someone might just snap.

What About Internet Connection? Travelers aren’t as adamantly against the use of Internet connections for computers and PDA’s, those devices are quiet. Many passengers already use their laptop computers on a flight; it’s just not connected to the Internet when they use it. Being able to send and receive e-mail messages while on a flight could be convenient for most people, particularly business travelers. There doesn’t seem to be much of a debate over these devices as long as safety is not a concern.

What Can Be Done? When should you start being concerned with this issue? As of right now, US carriers don’t seem to be considering using OnAir or any service like it. A report on MSN Travel said that the airlines that they asked – AirTran, Spirit, and US Airways – all said that they have heard their passengers say they don’t want mobile phones used on planes and are against adding the services. However, the question is, if these services do catch on in Europe, and proves to be profitable for the carriers who use it, will the US carriers jump onboard? In an era of shrinking profits, will they be able to resist? So if the trial run AirFrance is giving OnAir proves to be successful and the US carriers jump onboard, what can be done to insure mobile phone usage does not become a problem? One solution is to have limited or no cell phone usage times. Perhaps next to the little light above your seat that lets you know if you need to have your seatbelt fastened, there could be another light that lets you know if it’s the proper time to use your cell phone. Cell phone usage could be restricted on long flights and on flights that are overnight when most people would want to sleep. Another solution is to give the crew the ability to disable the voice function on devices during restricted times. During those times text messaging and e-mailing would be allowed, but talking would be disabled.

Whichever the outcome over OnAir and wireless technology during air travel on US carries, one thing has always remained constant in this technological age, and that is ‘technology is always evolving’. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

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What You Should Know About Wines by Lee Dobbins

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by fermenting grapes or other types of fruits such as elderberry, plum or blackcurrant. Wines that are not made from grapes are called country or fruit wine, and other wines that are made largely from materials such as starch are called rice wine, barley wine or sake. Beverages that come from other materials that are fermentable, such as honey, are not really wines. Wines that are blended are not inferior. A lot of winemakers all over the world use multiple varieties of grapes in order to produce different wines. The following are different types of wine and varieties you may encounter in your wine-tasting adventure.

Cabernet Sauvignon This is a variety that is considered the most famous among the producers of red wine. The best one comes from France in Bordeaux. However, there are already areas in the US that produce wines that are just as great-tasting in their complexity and richness which usually come from California, specifically in Napa Valley.

Chardonnay This has been considered the white dry wine that is most purchased all over the world. This wine is aged inside barrels of oak, resulting in an aroma and flavor that is strong and rich. Chardonnay has a character that tastes fruity with a buttery and vanilla component.

Chenin Blanc This type of wine has been considered common and inexpensive. The grapes used for this wine are grown widely in the United States, specifically California. Chenin Blanc is fruity and blends well with the more popular Chardonnay, thus adding to its acidity and fruity quality.

Grenache This is considered as the grape plant variety that is most planted. Grenache actually tastes sweet, but does not have much character unless if it is vinnified well. This variety is usually grown in areas where there is drought and heat that is quite extreme.


Merlot This type of wine is ranked along the same lines as Cabernet Sauvignon, but more lush. Merlot's flavor is actually full-bodied with various flavors available such as plum, cherry, and even chocolate.

Pinot Blanc This type produces a dry, soft and fruity white wine, the taste of which is compared with Chardonnay. Pinot Blanc actually has tasteful hints of spice and apple and has a high acidity. Unfortunately, Pinot Blanc does not age very well and is less complicated that Chardonnay.

Pinot Gris The grape used for this wine are brown in color. This wine is white and crisp and dry with a rich spicy flavor.

Pinot Noir This grape is considered as one of the premier ones in France, specifically in the region of Burgundy. The grapes, though a bit difficult to grow, when grown well, actually taste complex and rich. It tastes more like raspberries, cherries, and mint.

Riesling Considered as a great wine among the other wines in the world, Riesling needs to grow in one of the cool climates, such as Germany. Its acidity is quite high and is very fruity and floral in taste. This wine also ages quite well.

Semillon This type of wine comes from white grapes that contain low acidity and has a roundness that is peachy. Though Semillon is an inexpensive wine, it partners well with Sauvignon Blanc.

White Zinfandel This wine is light blush pink in color and is usually made in the United States, specifically in California. The grapes called Zinfandel are red in color and separates quickly from its skin when they are crushed and fermented, resulting in its light pink color. Zinfandel white grapes are made in a style that is sweet in order to balance it with the grape's acidity.

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Tips on Choosing Your Next Bottle of Wine by Gary Rollins

Tonight’s the night. You’ve got that special dinner party with friends and you want it to be perfect. You’ve got the menu completed, but the question is which wine will compliment the meal best? Here are some tips for choosing fine wine. Lighter foods need lighter wines while heartier foods need full bodied wines. For example, fish is a light food and thus a wine like Pinot Noir goes very nicely because it is also light. The way the food is prepared will also influence the type of wine you choose. Whether your meal is grilled or roasted as well as the spices you use will affect your wine choice. Bitter foods need a fruity wine that will compliment it, such as a Chardonnay or Merlot. Shiraz or some of the other heavy tannic red wines go great with a grilled steak because the fat in the meat tones down the bitterness in the wine. Foods that are salty or oily go much better with a wine that is higher in acid like Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc. Sweet foods do much better with a slightly sweet dry wine such as a Riesling or


Chenin Blanc. Dry wines, both red and white, work well with a wider selection of foods, so if in doubt go this route. A general rule of thumb is that you want your wine to offer a nice contrast from your food but you don’t want it to clash. The most important tip to remember is that wine is about taste, and taste is a personal choice so trust your taste buds. It’s always a good idea to test a wine before purchasing it, and don’t base your wine buying decisions on what your friends or family say. Use your own palate to make your choices. Be patient, learning to buy good wine has quite a learning curve. The best way to learn is try many different wines and expand your wine cellar. People tend to find a wine they like and then stick with it, spending little time experimenting with other wines. Why not explore other wines and find some other great choices? Always put together your wine cabinet with thought. Think about your budget, the types of food you most often serve, and how much entertaining you do. Set aside the most expensive wines for those special occasions and serve the less expensive, but still delicious, wines for your daily use. The price of wine doesn’t dictate the quality. Of course many would like you to believe it does, but the British Columbia wine industry is proving that’s just not so by producing some top quality wines at a fraction of the cost of imported wines. Of course, with some things, best may cost more, but there are plenty of excellent choices and it really does pay to shop around. These tips for choosing fine wine will have your wine cabinet looking very healthy in no time and your wines will compliment your meals nicely!

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Choosing Colored Contact Lenses is a Must by Kanishk Manchanda

There was a time when we used glasses that would change its color when in the sun. They were the two-in-one option of the bygone days. Now, we have contacts with the same two-in-one function. These are colored lenses that correct the vision and give a different color to your eyes.


There are a number of well known brands offering them. It is advisable that you settle for a known brand rather than going for something cheap manufactured by the unknown aliens, for saving in this area may not only be unhealthy but may also make you pay much more in medical bills. Besides, what's the point in purchasing a cheap lens and then imagining all the damage it might be doing to your eyes. That would mean buying a lens and getting a headache for free. The next step is to buy the right lens. In this category there are mainly three different kinds of lenses available. These are visibility tints lenses, opaque color tints and light filtering tints. These lenses are made in emulation of our own eyes, which makes them look astoundingly natural. It's much like wearing an additional eye and if you buy a good quality lens it feels comfortable enough for you to forget you are wearing a lens at all. While choosing lenses you must consider your complexion as well as the color of your eyes so that whichever lens you pick looks best on you, giving you an all round makeover. So, for those who have a fair complexion the right colors are blue, light green and violet, and if your complexion is rather dark settle for something bright and reflective. If you are one of those with a reddish tinge on skin or hair, what looks particularly good on you is light brown. Green or gray are your colors if you have those crystal clear blue eyes. However, visiting the eyes specialist is a must for those who have a vision problem so that the right kind of lenses could be chosen for you. Moreover, it is important that you take medical advice on whether or not you should wear lenses at all. Most of the time there is no problem wearing lenses, but this additional precaution ensure that possible individual complications are detected beforehand and do not catch one unprepared. Eyes are precious, delicate and complex, so every possible care should be taken to keep them healthy. Regular visits to the eye specialist are one of the important precautions that one must take. But when you do get those pair of colored contacts, choose the ones that suit you best, and enjoy the mini makeover it provides.

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Dressing Rich by Angela Ayles

Look for quality: You don’t have to break the bank to buy quality garments. Just look for items within your price range that have excellent cuts and classic colors.


When looking to buy a quality coat, make sure the inner lining is well

constructed. If this finishing element is well made, you can rest assured that the rest of the garment is too.

Avoid looking like a fashion victim: One crucial element to dressing chic is to avoid looking like a walking billboard. More than one initial display of a designer name in one outfit makes you a fashion victim. Prominently displayed logos, real or knock-off, look cheesy and cheap. If you want to emulate a celebrity, think Gwyneth Paltrow, not Paris Hilton.


Pay attention to details: Looking chic doesn’t have to be really expensive. Cheaper fabrics look more expensive if they are ironed. Change a cheap cardigan by replacing ugly plastic buttons with motherof- pearl ones. Dressing chic is all about focusing on the details that make a garment stand out.

Pick clothes that flatter: Chic clothes never bunch, hang, sag, or constrict your breathing. They should graze over your silhouette, highlighting and enhancing your figure. If it doesn’t flatter your figure, leave it on the rack. If it doesn’t fit well, it will NEVER look good.

Focus on fabrics: There are lots of options for beautiful fabrics, even if you are on a budget.

Rule of thumb: Stick with fibers that can be found in nature. With proper maintenance they will keep their shape and wear beautifully. Keep an eye out for sales to get great deals on cashmere sweaters, and gorgeous silk tops for evening looks.

Update your shoe wardrobe: A great pair of shoes really finishes an outfit, so make sure you appropriate footwear. A pair of black pumps is a staple that you can’t live without. They work great with a suit for work or with dark denim and a sparkly top for evening. Some other great shoes to invest in: a pair of classic boots, an open toed pump, and flirty flats. A great pair of strappy sandals for evening, and a stack-heeled boot for walking in should round out your shoe wardrobe.

Invest in classic pieces: If you are going to hand over your hard earned dollars for an expensive designer piece, make sure it’s a classic that will transcend trends and last more than one season. Think Manolo Blahnik, Chanel, or Ferragamo for shoes, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes for bags, and Dior shades.

It’s all about the attitude: Whether your outfit cost $100 or $1,000, the trick to looking like you spent a fortune is all in how you wear those duds. Focus on good taste, confidence, elegance, and maintain an air of mystery, and no matter what you wear, you will always have what the French call a certain,

je ne sais quois.

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Sexy Singles Magazine Fall 2008  

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