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What is Children’s Cancer

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What is Children’s Cancer

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The range of children’s cancer is wide reaching. From different types of leukaemia (which account for a third of childhood cancers), to tumours (most common in the brain) and sarcomas, there are many types which all affect the body in different ways.

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Diagnosing a child with cancer is just as varied as the number of different cancer types. In a lot of cases, blood tests will be used to check the blood’s chemistry and cell count. Biopsies help determine whether a tumour is indeed cancerous by removing a small portion of it from the body (either with a needle or with minor surgery). Different scans (X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound) can pick up on what areas are possibly affected, while actions such as a bone marrow test, audiogram and GFR test work on specific areas of a child’s body to determine whether there is any cancer. Finding causes for children’s cancer is difficult. No definite causes for many types exist and it isn’t the fault of parents, who often worry that they’re to blame. It’s also uncommon to have multiple children in a family get cancer at an early age as cancer types aren’t infectious and aren’t caused by family history. Finding the right course of action can be difficult. At the LOC we provide only the best private treatment for children’s cancer in the UK. We take what is a very tough experience for any family and try to help as best as possible to ensure that every child receives the best care imaginable.

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