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September 2017

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Refresh Your Tired Kitchen! EST.




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Annual Open Morning Saturday 30th September, 10am-12pm Weekday Open Morning Tuesday 10th October, 10.15am-12.30pm

11-18 years · independent · co-educational · day/boarding 0118 987 9608

Taster Day for Year 7 Entry Thursday 19th October, from 8.15am

Let your life speak

Copy and advertising deadline for October 2017 is 5pm Monday 11th September - for publication 22nd September 2017 The Berkshire Break - 0118 977SEPTEMBER 2017 Lane, Wokingham, Berks, RG41 4BA - 4199 - 10 Blagrove





Come and explore our range of door designs.

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You can wander between full sized, full furnished conservatories, a beautiful orangery and a stunning solid roof extension.

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UNIT 20, Headley Park Ten, Headley Road East, Woodley, Berkshire, RG5 4SW

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We're Going on an Adventure The weather in August has not been kind. In fact I would go as far as to say it has been very unkind. The sun has forgotten that when children take a break from education in the summer they need fresh air and sunshine to boost their vitamin D, their fitness and their mental health. They do not want to be cooped up inside where the immediate pleasures of duvets, Playstations and treat cupboards are all too tempting. I am very disappointed with the weather and I shall be making a formal complaint. After a few days of indoor activities where baking brownies and playing Top Trumps were the highlights, we needed out. It was still raining but feeling like Mrs Noah, I bravely planned a trip to Bracknell, tempting them with that classic combo, Sports Direct and McDonalds. One taker. Boy, they have got discerning lately! So the youngest, most compliant child and I hopped in the car, traipsed round the Peel Centre's finest and left an hour later with a single pair of shorts. He was in a sombre mood as we headed for junk food. "It's not like the old days", I said. He seemed to understand. When they were little, I could say, "Jump in the car, we're going on an adventure!". And they wouldn't ask surly questions or stare at their phones, they would just come along for the ride. Sometimes, we would pick blackberries and get caught in a downpour and have to hide in bushes, sometimes we would take a picnic and a new ball to a park and play for hours, sometimes we would just do some jobs or shopping, and take their birthday vouchers to spend to make it worthwhile. It was easy. If I had to counsel myself (and believe me, I do) I would tell myself that this last week has been an adventure. It all started on Sunday when we were discussing the planned California road-trip with a friend. "It's a shame about the coastal road being shut, isn't it?", he said. Yup. It is a shame. Now we know. So late Sunday night, we googled California's Route 1 to confirm that a large section is buried

under a landslide. Mercifully, our RV site is still open, and we can fairly easily re-route, but this got me thinking about this ever so relaxing holiday of ours and the need to check a few details. Another night. On Monday, it rained some more - I worked, the kids "played" and the boiler man failed to turn up. In the evening, we conducted a review of the road-trip route and I discovered that we are going on holiday a day earlier than I thought. Somewhat panicked, we started to go through the entire itinerary with a fine tooth-comb. By Day 3, a complete power failure plunged us into darkness and an early night. On Tuesday, we had power again, yay! I rang the bank to check that their recent erroneous letter telling me that they're closing my account was in fact all resolved after last week's lengthy telephone account review, and they confirmed they had no record of that review and that my account is still closing. If I complete an online review, they will do their own internal review and will then let me know (after the stated closure date) if my account can stay open. Bankers. On Wednesday, the oven broke. The boiler man came, it rained a LOT and I ran out of wine. Today is Thursday and I was overjoyed to start the day with a cold shower. After a phonecall to the boiler man who foolishly changed the settings, it seemed to be resolved. However, by the time the teenagers arose, both showers were on strike and excessive deodorant was required. On the plus side, it stopped raining. Tomorrow is Friday and we have 17 people coming for personalised home-made pizzas. Fear not, we don't need the conventional oven - my birthday present this year was an outdoor pizza oven! That's right folks, outdoor. Life is an adventure and I guess one's perspective on it makes all the difference. So here's to road-trips, cold showers and soggy pizzas!

BLINDS AND AWNINGS For all your Internal & External Shading Requirements

01189 770105 or 01252 875577

PowerView Making Blinds Safer

Showroom: 90 Yorktown Rd, Sandhurst, GU47 9BH . Open: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9.30am-3pm . No obligation quotations . Free parking The Berkshire Break





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o Now

t Resall for de c

The Berkshire Break



Share our Heritage Come and do something different and explore some of Wokingham's beautiful and historical venues as part of Heritage Open Days! There are plenty of places to visit throughout the week with particular focus on the weekend of 9th and 10th September. This year, we are looking to display and share historical stories about Wokingham: some we already know but we are also searching for more! So don’t miss this once-a-year chance to be a tourist in your own town and discover some of the hidden gems on your doorstep. Do come and join us at Wokingham Town Hall on Sunday 10th September, 11am-4pm, in the heart of our historic Wokingham to discover ... what happened in the Town Hall in times gone by, stories from Wokingham’s history, beautiful civic treasures, the prison cells, balloon modellers, competitions, crafts and lots more! Other participating venues include: Wokingham Library with a reminiscence morning (7th September 10.30am-12.00noon), for you to come along and share memories of the library and its history, historical displays (4th-16th September) and a history surgery (8th September 9.30am-11.30am). St. Paul’s Church (9th September 10.00am-4.00pm) will be offering guided tours or you can browse the displays in your own time and learn about its history. The Methodist Church (9th September 10.00am to 4.00pm and 10th September 12.00pm to 4.00pm (after morning worship) will showcase an exhibition of their history in the town as they celebrate 200 years of Methodism in 2017. For more information and opening times, see www.wokingham-tc.

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ART CLASS STARTS SOON This fun co is a gre urse at way to meet new friends and develop new skills.

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS TO IMPROVERS WILL LOVE THIS COURSE! GREAT NEWS for all our readers looking for something fun to do over the next few months! Our current class is full but we are now taking enquiries for our next Art Class, which starts soon. This is a new 14 week part-time art class (once a week for 3 hours).

interesting. Over the course we will explore four different media; pencil drawing & sketching, oil pastel painting and techniques, painting and blending with water colours and acrylics. Step by step tuition in the basic techniques and secrets needed to create beautiful pieces of art.

way of meeting new friends and to have a fun experience you will always remember and cherish! It is open to adults of all ages.

Meet New Friends, Learn New Skills

This part time course is over 3 months, so will give you plenty of time to master your new hobby.

Absolute Beginners to Still Life to Landscapes Places Improvers - Just Like You! By the end of the course, students Limited To maintain a high

Step-by-Step Guidance

We adapt to each student’s needs and give them all the guidance and help they need to develop their artistic skills. The curriculum is fun, comprehensive and

have created a minimum of 8 pieces of their very own original art they can enjoy forever, from simple still life and flower studies to beautiful countryside landscape scenes.

Young at Heart

This course is a brilliant way to learn new skills you will be able to enjoy forever. It is also a great

standard to our classes and the tuition you will receive, classes are kept to small numbers – so places available are limited! We recommend that if you are interested you call us now for details. For information on dates, course fees and bookings, call now on

01344 206 365




01344 206 365 WOKINGHAM CRICKET CLUB Limited Spaces - Call now for details

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SA0298 16

The course is designed to be fun for absolute beginners who have never picked up a brush before through to Improvers.

SA0298 16

Hard Water Alert! Did you know that Berkshire is a hard water area? You’ve probably noticed limescale deposits around your kitchen and bathroom surfaces that are a struggle to clean off and then – infuriatingly – reappear within no time! This is all due to the hardness of the water, which is caused by magnesium and calcium salts accumulating in the local water as it trickles through rocks before entering the water supply and eventually our homes. There are also effects of limescale that you can’t see: your household appliances and pipes are also affected. As it builds up over time, limescale reduces the flow of water along pipes and clogs taps and valves. It reduces the efficiency of - and can ultimately damage appliances including your hot water system, your washing machine and your kettle. A solution is available! A water softener prevents limescale from being deposited on your surfaces and appliances by removing calcium and magnesium from the water when it enters the home.

Hard water

screen, bath, sinks, taps and other surfaces exposed to household water! Then there is the additional peace of mind that you are protecting your hot water system and appliances. No more descaling the kettle! But perhaps the most striking difference of all is that softened water feels luxuriously “soft”. A bath or shower suddenly becomes a richer, more enjoyable experience. Do they take up much space? No, a modern water softener is very compact. Improvements have given rise to smaller, simpler, more efficient softeners that fit comfortably in a small cupboard. A modern softener is quiet and requires no electricity and no programming. It is simply installed and then - powered only by water pressure – looks after itself. All you need to do is top it up occasionally with salt. Even this has been made easier over the years: a modern softener takes two compact blocks of salt (similar in size to standard bricks) that can be cleanly inserted into the softener in a matter of seconds. No heavy bags or scooping required! Thames Valley Water Softeners are a local family-run business with many years of installing water softeners across Berkshire and have thousands of satisfied customers. We provide most of our softeners with a 10 year guarantee and pride ourselves on an unrivalled after-care service. Why not call us today to ask for a free, no commitment installation survey so that we can offer advice on different options to suit your home? We also offer a salt delivery service or, if you prefer, you can pickup as few or as many twin-block packs as you would like for just £4.50 each from our Twyford (Hurst) or Finchampstead offices.

Soft water

It completely removes these minerals, so you no longer experience any limescale build-up around your home. Just imagine all the time and effort saved by not having to scrub the draining board, shower

Banish limescale with a TwinTec Water Softener • Enjoy a scale-free kitchen and bathrooms • Protect and improve the efficiency of your boiler • Lower your energy bills • Reduce time spent cleaning • Enjoy softer skin and shinier hair



No buttons or routine maintenance: it’s easy

Call for a free installation survey or quote Twyford: 0118 9344485 Finchampstead: 0118 9733110 The Berkshire Break



Garden Re-Design




Artificial Lawns Raised Vegetable Patches

07821 431 695

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Arty Party Discover Artists who live and work locally The aim of Wokingham Arts Trail is to provide a platform for artists who live and work locally to show their work within the local communities in Wokingham and the surrounding area. Along with this we strive to create a varied and interesting experience for the trail visitors by selecting artists using a range of media to create good quality, well presented, and innovative work. This year the Wokingham Arts trail will be held on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th September and promises to build on the success of previous years. One fact that we have learned from past visitors is how many people aim to visit every venue over the weekend – a feat made possible by keeping venues in small clusters. The central Wokingham venues are within walking distance of one other, making it easy for people to ‘park and walk’. Two of the new venues include The Hawthorns School, Woosehill, as a venue where, alongside artists’ work, art created by the pupils will be on display, and InStitch Textiles who run courses from their Finchampstead studio. There are 6 new participants and all artists will be displaying new work to delight and inspire with demonstrations being shown at many of the locations. In addition to paintings, original handmade prints, illustrations, ceramics, glass, handmade books, jewellery, sculpture and textiles will be on display and most of them will be for sale. If you like an artists’ work, you can always enquire about a special commission too. The quality of work is outstanding and this is a wonderful opportunity for the community to meet their local artists who will be present to talk about their work and inspiration. Some venues will be offering refreshments. Full details of venues and artists (including a map) can be found at

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Verandas, Glass Sun Rooms, Car Ports, Pergolas, Decking & Furniture

The largest veranda, carport, glass sun room and pergola showroom in the area. For showroom or home appointments call 01252 875577 or 01189 770105.

Verandas And More are a division of Blinds And Awnings Ltd.

Showroom: Unit 7, The Lawrence Centre, Oaklands Park, Wokingham, RG41 2FE By appointment only. Email: The Berkshire Break



Inspired by Colour The story of colour is the story of society, of fashion, of the way we live, of science, of art – in fact, of mankind itself. We look at all aspects of colour, from its history to this year’s most fashionable shades. Did you know that there was a time when green wallpaper could kill you? Or that a very expensive dye was once made from boiled snails? But first, the early history. It was back in the Palaeolithic era about 35,000 years ago - that Stone Age man began to create cave paintings in which earth pigments were mixed with resin, water or glue made from animal bones and hides. For many centuries, the most widely used natural pigments were extracted from soil and rocks, plants, insects (cochineal, for example) and animals (the distinctive Suffolk pink was made by diluting whitewash with bull’s blood). Ash and chalk were also basics; at a price, however, it was possible for strong, bright pigments or dyes to be extracted from other sources. Ultramarine blue, for example, came from ground lapis lazuli gemstones, and was once more expensive than gold (hence in art it was often reserved for painting the robes of Mary and the infant Christ), while Tyrian purple required 10,000 boiled snails to produce one gram of dye, and was employed for fabrics worn only by kings, queens and emperors. Historically, the use of colour was governed by its ease of availability – and therefore its cost. The richest colours were always reserved for the most important parts of religious and royal interiors. In the Georgian period, the "common" colours that were affordable and widely available included stone and timber colours, greys and whites – in the form of distemper and white lead. Middle class households would often use the slightly more expensive oil colours such as ‘drab’ (dull brownish grey), olive, pea green and sky blue. More expensive paints included pink, lemon, orange and straw colour, while the most costly were verdigris, ultramarine and smalt, a glittering blue. It was household income, on the whole, rather than personal taste, which determined how colourful a home could be. Everything changed from the early 19th century, however, when chemists, spurred on by the industrialisation of textile production, began to develop synthetic colours, and the price of colour began to fall. Many new colours were developed and old ones were improved – though there were exceptions. Emerald Green, for example, commercially available from 1814 to the early 1900s, was based on arsenic, and fumes from wallpaper – including designs by William Morris – printed with the ink could be deadly. The new Victorian palette included bottle greens, gold, burgundy, crimson, rose, violet and mahogany, as well as intense chemical yellows, blues and greens, the results of the invention of aniline dye colours used first for wallpapers and textiles, and then for paints. Stronger colours were mostly used for rooms deemed

important (not to mention the fact that deeper colours helped to hide the soot produced by oil lamps), while white and lighter colours were considered more appropriate for bedrooms. In a reaction to these bold Victorian colours, perhaps unsurprisingly, Edwardian hues became softer and paler and, ever since, colour has followed the roller-coaster of fashion as well as inevitable scientific advances: from the "greenery-yallery" of the Aesthetic movement to the brilliant white produced by the introduction of titanium dioxide in 1916, and from the sorbet colours of the Fifties right through to the on-trend pinks, blues and greens of 2017. These days, ready-made paint colours are inspired by historical periods, fashion themes, travel, architecture, the natural world – or you can have them specially mixed to any hue you desire. It’s fair to say that the modern world of colour has no limits. This Year's Most Fashionable Colours ... GREENERY: Colour authority Pantone’s colour of 2017, Greenery is described as ‘a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew’. Greenery is ideal for adding pops of colour in the form of cushions, cupboard fronts or vases. MILLENNIAL PINK: Also known as Tumblr Pink and Scandi Pink, Millennial Pink is a soft, dusky pink that was inspired by Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel and the rose gold iPhone. It’s been called gender-neutral and post-pretty, and it’s literally everywhere. DENIM DRIFT: Dulux’s colour of the year for 2017, Denim Drift is versatile and easy to use in every room of the house, from kitchen cupboards and soft furnishings to floor coverings and entire walls. It’s easy to co-ordinate with, too.


Caroline York Quality curtains, blinds & soft furnishings The Berkshire Break



Wokingham 0118 9732288 Fabrics - Poles - Tracks - Blinds - Fitting WWW.PAVILIONPAVING.COM

Bostons Barbers

Specialists in resin bound

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Unisex Hairdressers

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A real ALTERNATIVE to block paving, All types of groundwork undertaken A real ALTERNATIVE to block paving, asphalt or concrete Driveways, paths, patios & car parks

asphalt or concrete

All types of groundwork undertaken All types of driveway or patio surface, Driveways, paths, patios & car parks All types of groundwork undertaken

Indian sandstone, concrete slabs, tarmac,

Driveways, paths,gravel patios car more parks and&many

All types of driveway orgarden patio brickwork surface, undertaken All types of Indian sandstone, concrete slabs, tarmac, All types of driveway or patio surface, Commercial gravel and many more & Domestic

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Commercial &brickwork Domestic All types of garden undertaken CSCS Registered, NVQ level 4 skill sets 10 year guarantee, 30 years' experience Competitive rates Commercial & Domestic

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for consultation Call now 0800 9078516 WWW.PAVILIONPAVING.COM for free or consultation 07799 0800 217674 9078516

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07799 217674

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Showroom Opening Hours Friday 9-3 Monday to 10:30-2:30 on Saturdays

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Bedrooms, Home Studies and Bespoke Furniture The Berkshire Break


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Address: Unit 12, Metro Centre, Toutley Road, Wokingham, RG41 1QW.

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Film Reviews Dunkirk (2017)

as the film beautifully pays homage to those who lost their lives defending our country. Dunkirk is epic in its visuals, its audio, its scale and most importantly in the way it values and respects the individual, selfless acts of humanity carried out by the men on that beach in 1940. 10/10 In cinemas now.

Dunkirk gave me a strange feeling when I watched it; the enormity of terror and loss that is depicted creates a mournful tone, and yet the film excited me more than any other in recent months due to the new bar it sets for cinematography, sound design and visual storytelling. For me the most impressive aspect of Dunkirk is its mesmerising original score and sound. Hans Zimmer’s music for this film is a masterpiece - it incorporates his signature techniques and samples such as ticking and pitch incline with psychological trickery, to create the illusion that his music is always increasing in volume and intensity. The score is utterly cohesive and feels like one continuous song rather than a work consisting of various smaller pieces of music. Zimmer’s unique sound is regularly punctuated by the piercing and harrowing sounds of war; bullets crack and whip unexpectedly and German bombs scream and howl as they fall, creating a palpable sense of what waiting on that beach in France would have been like. Christopher Nolan has cleverly avoided making Dunkirk a grey and bleak looking film, which would have been so easy to do. Instead, he opts for more passionate and hopeful colours such as washed out blues and hazy oranges, that create an ironic contrast between the horror of the subject and the beauty of the setting. Dunkirk is also a master class in modern visual storytelling, very little is said or explained explicitly; instead the audience is trusted to understand what is going on. Nolan correctly assumes and understands his audience’s intelligence, creating an overwhelmingly respectful tone,

The Big Sick (2017) The Big Sick tells the charming yet heartbreaking true story of Pakistani born comedian Kumail Nanjiani, and the clash he faces between his family values and his own feelings. Nanjiani plays himself in this story which gives a fantastic sense of authenticity to the film - this is helped by the fact that he and his wife Emily (whom the film centres on) also wrote and produced the movie. Like many of its characters and dialogue, The Big Sick is a very colourful film, giving a feeling of hope and joy, even when the film touches upon heavy subjects. The film is at its best when it manages to balance these heavy themes such as disease and culture clashes, with its awkwardly funny and endearing dialogue. Although this occasionally makes the film’s tone difficult to digest, it helps to create a highly unique and joyful story about hope, love and loss. The Big Sick is endearing and heart-warming and whilst it is by no means perfect, it serves as a great alternative to cinemagoers wanting to watch something lighter than Dunkirk. 8/10 In cinemas now. Bill Robinson

Carpets & Flooring Specialists A local independent family owned business, dedicated to delivering a high quality service from start to finish. With over 20 years combined experience in domestic & commercial flooring, we are sure to be able to meet your flooring needs. " These guys are quite exceptional and their attention to detail and effort to do THE best job possible is quite noticeable. The finish of the job and the way the guys conducted themselves was excellent ... it was a pleasure to have you with us for a few days!" David Cliff, David Cliff Estate Agents

Our mobile Showroom will come to you! Chose the perfect flooring for your home, then we will fit it using our team of reliable, trustworthy experts. We treat each of our customers homes as if it were our own ... We move furniture for you, uplift and dispose of your old flooring, and leave your new floor freshly vacuumed and ready to enjoy!

01344 249 300 The Berkshire Break

07789 883 031 13


Wokingham Choral Society warmly invites you to join our friendly choir for an


Thinking about selling your Car or Van?


Advertise & sell all vehicle makes & models with us for FREE!

on Thursday 14 September 2017 at 7.30pm at Emmbrook Senior School, RG41 1JP

Trade it Auction is the new vehicle advertising alternative designed specifically to buy and sell vehicles. We provide you with the choice of Classified listing's, Fixed Price purchase now or to run your own exciting live Auction listing with a reserved price.

We will be singing from: Karl Jenkins' "Armed Man" choral suite, Allegri's "Miserere", and Faure's Requiem "in Paradisum"

Our website is safe and secure to use and does not show personal details or phone numbers on an advert listing, we provide an internal messaging system for only our approved members to communicate. Join us now and create your own professional and detailed vehicle advert to easily share across your own social media networks. Our advertising is ideal for you if you have been quoted a price at the dealers or a car buying service. Try an Auction listing starting at the price they quoted and see how much more you could get with us! What do you have to lose? It's FREE vehicle advertising!

Find out how we can sell your car by visiting

For more details see

or contact Angela on 07810 574765

Auction | Reserved | Fixed Price | Buy Now | Classified | Guide Value Enhanced Details | 20 Images | Video Descriptions


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Patios Turfing Artificial Lawns Paths Driveways

. . . . .

Block paving Fencing Shed & shed Bases Tree Work Complete Garden Design

For a FREE quote, please contact us:

0118 437 8278 07702 574 542

The Berkshire Break



Local Events Please Note: this listing is a guide only; details may be subject to change after publication - to avoid disappointment please check with the event organiser.

To submit an event, please email details to by the deadline (see Front Cover). All entries should be non profit making and will be included subject to space.








Camberley & District Silver Band, friendly, family oriented brass band.

St Peter’s Church, Frimley GU16 7AQ

From 7pm



2nd Sat

RSPB ‘Date with Nature Walk', Dinton Pastures Country Park.

Main Car Park, RG10 0TH

9am – 12.30pm

£2 / U16 Free wokinghamandbracknell


Wokingham Heritage Open Days, explore Wokingham's beautiful and historial sites, full details p5





8th Fri

Crowthorne and Sandhurst Art Society, Demonstration Rob Wareing – Portrait in Pastels.

St. Sebastian’s Memorial Hall, Nine Mile Ride RG40 3BA

7.30 – 9.30pm

Visitors £4

01276 600 007

9th Sat

Concert, The High Voltage Singers and the Woodford Singers, see p17 for full details.

The Oakwood Centre, Woodley



0118 969 8695 0118 934 5998

9th Sat

Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society, ‘Nebhetepre Mentuhotep: The Great Reunifier’, by Sarah Griffiths.

Coronation Hall, Headley Rd, Woodley RG5 4JB


Visitors £3


12th Tue

Yateley & Crowthorne Big Band Society (YCBBS) present two record recitals from the golden age of swing.

Sandhurst Community Hall, Yorktown Road, Sandhurst



01252 661 037

12th Tue

Twyford and Ruscombe Floral Art Club, ‘Going Just a Little Bit Potty’, with Jackie Page.

Charvil Primary, Park Lane, Charvil, RG10 9TR


Visitors £5

0118 934 5892

13th Wed

Energy Share Meeting, share your skills, knowledge and experiences, learn about various holistic therapies.

Bader Room, Oakwood Centre, Woodley

7 – 9.30pm



14th Thu

RSPB Indoor Talk, Brian Clews ‘Berkshire Wildlife’, the diversity of Berkshire’s birds, insects and mammals.

Village Memorial Hall, Finchampstead RG40 4JU

7.45 for 8pm

£2.50 / £3 wokinghamandbracknell

14th Thu

Choir Taster Evening, Wokingham Choral Academy, see p17 for full details.

Emmbrook Junior School, Wokingham

7.30 – 9.15pm



14th Thu

Open Rehearsal, Wokingham Choral Society, see opposite and p17 for details

Emmbrook Senior School, Wokingham

7.30 9.45pm


07810 574 765

16 – 30th

Art Exhibition, ‘Around the World in 80 Washing Lines’, see p17 for full details.

Riverside Museum, Reading



16th Sat

Community Surgery, informal open discussion for local residents, Town & Borough Councillors and Police.

Town Hall, Wokingham

10am – 12noon


0118 978 3185

16th Sat

Spinners, Weavers & Dyers Open Day, all materials provided, see p17 for full details

Charvil Village Hall, Park Lane, RG10 9TR

11am 4pm


16th Sat

Come and ‘Dance through the Decades’, in aid of Alexander Devine Children’s hospice, see p17 for details.

Hurst Village Hall



see p17

16th Sat

Sonning Village Show, see p17 for full details.

Sonning CofE Primary 2 – 5pm School, Ligug Way, RG4 6XF

Adults 50p


18th Mon

Epilepsy Action, are you, or someone close to you, living with epilepsy? Come along to this local group.

Bradbury Centre, Rose St, Wokingham, RG40 1XS

2 – 4pm


07780 720 896

19th Tue

Wokingham Art Society, demonstration by Paul Simmons who will be painting a Café Scene in Watercolour.

Methodist Church, Rose Street, Wokingham

7.30 – 9.30pm

Visitors £4


21st Thu

Hurst Morris People’s taster sessions, enormous fun and great exercise. Also 28th.

Hurst Village Hall, School Road, Hurst RG10 0BP



0118 932 0571

21st Thu

The Wonderful Women of Woodley WI, Lisa Talbot, Personal Shopper from the Oracle in Reading is coming to talk to us. New members always welcome

Chapel Hall, Loddon Bridge 7.30pm Road


23rd Sat

Crowthorne and Sandhurst Art Society, Demonstration – Sonia Bacchus Acrylic and Oils – Portrait / Self Portrait.

St. Sebastian’s Memorial Hall, 7.30 – Nine Mile Ride RG40 3BA 9.30pm

Visitors £4

01276 600 007

23 – 24th

Wokingham Arts Trail, please see p9 for full details.

11 venues in the Wokingham Area

10.30am – 5.30pm



27th Wed

Lunchtime Concert, The Blackwater Valley Quintet, buffet St Eligius Church, lunch included. Please book. Arborfield Green


Donation 01252 372 320

27th Wed

Heartstart Course, learn life saving skills inc. CPR and how to deal with choking. British Heart Foundation.

Victory Hall, Church Road, Farley Hill, RG7 1TR

7 – 9.30pm



28th Thu

Woodley and Earley Arts Group, demonstration in Acrylics, ‘Urban Scene’ by Hashim Akib.

The Oakwood Centre

7 – 10pm

Visitors £4


29th Fri

Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning, at Wokingham Theatre to raise money for Macmillan Nurses. Raffle etc.

Wokingham Theatre, Twyford Road, RG40 5TU

10am -1pm £4


30th Sat

Musical Spectacular, A440 Mixed Voice Choir, singing music for all ages, also featuring Woodley Festival Young Finalists of Music 2017, in aid of Rebuild South Africa

Woodley Baptist Church


0118 969 9956

The Berkshire Break



£10 in advance


Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering

Primary to Secondary School

A one day course for people in the voluntary sector and community groups.

A 2-week course for parents on how they can help make the transition easier

This qualification will benefit anyone working in a situation where food is prepared, cooked and served; it is relevant to all catering operations. Successful completion of the training programme and assessment will enable candidates to understand:

Week 1

 The terminology used in food safety.  Legislation relating to food businesses and food handlers  Food hazards and containing the risk of food poisoning  Product and equipment temperatures  Minimising bacterial multiplication  The importance of high temperatures in the supply of safe food  That food handlers can pose a risk to food safety  Appropriate storage conditions for different foods  The importance of cleaning in food premises  The need for high standards for structure & equipment to promote good hygiene in food premises.

 Building self esteem, independence and resilience and listening to your children’s fears and worries. Week 2  Routines, homework, friendships and extra curricular activities.

Thursday 5th October – 12th October 2017 7- 9pm

There is an examination at the end of the course and certificates will be issued to all who pass within 6 weeks of the course date.

Fee £15.00

*PLEASE NOTE: Photo I.D. is required to sit the examination.

A newly designed 5 week course to cover all the basic actions needed to get started with an Android tablet

A great way to try before you buy.

£50 Fee

*Includes Certificate

Small, tutor led classes with a maximum of 10 learners. To cover:

To cover:

PLEASE NOTE: Lenovo Yoga tablets will be supplied for use during this course.

9:30 am – 5 pm

(9:15 Registration – Course starts promptly at 9:30 am)

A newly designed 5 week course to cover all the basic actions needed to get started with your iPad.

Small, tutor led classes with a maximum of 10 learners.

 Use the Settings app, and WiFi connections, updated and different operating systems  Touch screen actions and use of virtual keyboard, using WPS office app  Downloading new apps and using Play Store, grouping and deleting apps  Using the Internet and various browsing options  Using the Camera app and sharing photos

Thursday 28th September 2017

 Using the Settings app, updates and WiFi connections  Touch screen actions and using the virtual keyboard (Notes and Reminders apps)  Using the App store  Grouping and deleting apps  Using Safari / Siri and Spotlight Search  Using the camera app and sharing photos

Wednesday 20 September – 18th October 2017 th


Learners need to use their own iPads which must have at least 50% battery life at the beginning of each session.

1.00pm – 3.00pm Fee £50

The Berkshire Break

Wednesday 20th September – 18th October 2017 10am – 12 noon Fee £50



Community News Open Rehearsal Wokingham Choral Society warmly invites you to join our friendly choir for an Open Rehearsal on Thursday 14 September 2017 at 7.30pm at Emmbrook Senior School, RG41 1JP. We will be singing from Karl Jenkins' "Armed Man" choral suite, Allegri's "Miserere" and Faure's Requiem "in Paradisum". Our rehearsals are led by our talented musical diector, Patrick Allies, and are great way to learn classic choral music. They are also a wonderful way to unwind, make friends and develop your singing voice. Our choir has a well-earned reputation as one of the best choral societies in the area, and our regular concerts are enjoyed by audiences and choristers alike! For more details see or contact Angela on 07810 574765,

time, on Thursday evenings at Emmbrook Junior School, Wokingham. We do not do auditions but aim to steadily build our vocal skills, musical technique and enjoyment of singing during our rehearsals, whilst making sure we always enjoy ourselves. Our Christmas and summer concerts are very well supported by audiences of family and friends, and raise money for local charities. So, join us on Thursday 14th September 2017, 7.30-9.15pm, at Emmbrook Junior School, Wokingham. To make sure you reserve your place for the free taster session, email or visit our website: Around the World in 80 Washing Lines Conceptual abstract artist Mahlia Amatina invites you to discover Around the World in 80 Washing Lines, an interactive autism-friendly art exhibition depicting unique washing lines across the globe. The exhibition will tour both galleries and launderettes in the South of England, inviting visitors to discover the story behind each garment and washing line. The exhibition will also feature free, educational workshops for primary school children. The exhibition visits the The Riverside Museum, Reading: 16th – 30th September. For further information please get in touch with Lucy Field or Jessica Alley at Little Red Rooster on or or on 07506756914.

Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Free Open Day and Exhibition on Saturday 16th September from 11am to 4pm at Charvil Village Hall, Park Lane, RG10 9TR The Berkshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers will be holding an Open Day with free “drop-in” taster sessions (all materials provided) where you can try your hand at Spinning and Weaving with the help of our friendly and knowledgable members. There will also be an Exhibition of members work, a “Sheep to Shawl” display and information on natural and synthetic dyeing in the “Dyers Corner “. No need to book, light refreshments will be provided and plenty of free parking spaces are available. For more information about the Guild please see our website :

Summer Concert The High Voltage Singers and The Woodford Singers are combining forces again for an exciting summer concert called September Song in The Woodley Theatre on Saturday, 9th September at 7.30pm. Tickets £10. There will be a wonderful mix of jazz, swing, rock and roll, plus many upbeat, toe-tapping sounds. Plus, there's a special surprise for you at this concert ... so you will just have to come along to find out! Join us and enjoy a happy evening of fabulous entertainment. Reserve your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as the seating is allocated here, and they are selling quickly. Please contact Jacky on 0118 934 5998 or Allan on 0118 969 8695. Refreshments by The Brown Bag Café. Raffle in aid of Just Around The Corner Independent Living Project.

The Forest Singers Just moved into the area? Looking for a choir? Then come and join the Forest Singers. We are a mixed voice choir of about 30 members and sing a wide range of music - much of it on the lighter side. Auditions are not required, so come and see for yourself at Embrook Village Hall on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm starting on Sept 13th. Subscriptions are set very low and enjoyment expectations very high! Singing is very good for you. More details from our musical director on 0118 973 6554. Dance through the Decades in Aid of Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Come and join for one night only at the ‘Hurst Hippodrome’ to Dance through the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. This event will take place at Hurst Village Hall on Saturday 16thSeptember from 7.30pm to midnight. We're raising money for Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service which was set up in 2007 when its founders - John and Fiona Devine - realised there was a pressing need for a children's hospice in Berkshire. The Charity is working to build and run a children’s hospice which will provide specialised palliative care, much needed respite care, support for families and an essential community outreach team. There will be music all night and a fully licensed bar with ‘Happy Hour’ from 7.30-8.30pm. Tickets are £10 each and are available to buy online from: Contact Vicky 07957 150543 or Becky 07809 148922 with any questions.

Sonning Village Show Sonning Village Show will take place on Saturday September 16th at Sonning CofE Primary School between 2pm-5pm. Entrance is 50p for adults and children are free. The annual event showcases the finest crafts, and the biggest and best produce in the area – including fruit, vegetables, yummy cakes, jams and chutneys – with prizes for the winning entrants. There will also be a variety of stalls from people in the local community – this includes a craft stall, fete games like Hook A Duck and Lucky Dip, along with a Tombola. In addition there will be Maypole Dancing, Bulmershe Gymnastics Club gym display, Circus Skills, Tug of War and Peg’s Challenge, plus a bouncy castle and climbing wall. The Scouts will be manning the BBQ and all produce will be available to buy at the end of the show. The whole day finishes in the evening at The Sonning Club where there will be live music and a BBQ with entrance just £2 from 7pm. Where: Sonning CofE Primary School, Liguge Way, Sonning On Thames, Reading, Berkshire, RG4 6XF.

Always wanted to sing? Ever thought of being in a choir? Well come and give it a try with the Wokingham Choral Academy at our free Taster evening on Thursday 14th September. We are a sizeable, local, non-auditioned choir for those who wish to start singing from scratch, or refine existing skills. We sing a mix of all music from the classical to the modern, traditional to pop. But above all we sing to have fun! Keep Thursday evenings free - we rehearse, during school term

WADE Festival Wokingham Lions have teamed up with the WADE Day Care Centre to organise the WADE Festival. There will be 10 real ales on offer, cider, wine, soft drinks and food and music throughout the day, featuring numerous performers including Pauly Zarb, the Gas Trick Band and The FiLF. Saturday 16 September, 11:00am until 10:30pm, Adults £8.00 (includes a drink), Children (under 14) Free. WADE Day Centre, 40 Reading Road, Wokingham, RG41 1EH.

The Berkshire Break



Enchanted Barn Interiors

Annual Open Day Saturday 9th September 10am-5pm Complimentary refreshments, goodie bags, sale items, 10% off all full price items Redlake Lane, Off Easthampstead Road, Wokingham, RG40 3BF

furniture / lighting / mirrors / wallpaper / fabric / accessories The Berkshire Break



Friendly Fashion Maison B ... Fabulously French Fashion

Becky and "Maison B" look forward to welcoming you and offering you a bespoke service, to help you stand out from the crowd.

Do you love fashion but find the high street just a bit boring? Did you know Wokingham has a brand new fashion showroom within walking distance of the town centre? Captain Tortue is the leading company for selling clothes in a social setting. Local fashion lover Becky has recently opened a purpose built garden boutique where you can peruse all the latest from the beautiful Captain Tortue range. Captain Tortue clothes are designed in the south of France and all our fabrics and prints are exclusive to us. The detailed fabrics and cuts flatter the female figure beautifully. You will find pieces that will carry you through not only the 4 seasons, but will compliment your wardrobe for years to come. Contact Becky for a different shopping experience. Come on your own or bring a friend or two to browse together. Refreshments provided and ...

10% OFF

for all NEW customers if you bring this feature. Sizes range from 4 to 24 and we also cater for little girls aged 4 – 10. There are four brands within our range including sports wear, sleep wear, casual wear, semi formal and accessories offering a truly eclectic mix. You can find "Maison B" at 11 Meadow Road, Wokingham, RG41 2TE (by appointment only).

We are also currently recruiting for part-time fashion consultants - contact Becky on 07966 807379 or for more details.

For more info call free 0800 328 0006

Struggling to find a job or know someone who is? Join us for friendly, practical support to help you step confidently into employment. Introduction session : Wed 27 Sept | 11.00 am |Woodley Hill House

The Berkshire Break



Your Local 24/7 Security Service Provider

• Maintenance & Monitoring • Callouts & Upgrades • Intruder Alarms • CCTV • Access Control & Intercoms • Automated Gates • Residential & Commercial

ith your Unhappy w mpany? security co over rates!

w take SCS offer lo ice contract r fo your serv Pay monthly

Units 4/5, Redlake Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 3BF


0118 978 3381


Do you own land that might be suitable for residential development?

AC DECORATING SERVICES Tel: 0118 907 6266 · 01344 442 402

If you do we want to hear from you.

Mob: 07539 640 482 Tel: 0118 907 6266 · 01344 442 402

We buy sites and manage the planning process Email: Mob: 07539 640 482 Alan Ward at little or no expense to the owner. Email: We can buy land outright or on an option agreement. If you would like to talk to one of the development team on a confidential basis then please call us on 01494 854 003 Tel: 0118 907 6266 · 01344 442 402 or email us at AC DECORATING SERVICES card.indd 1Mob: 07539 640 482


Guardian Roofs

17/5/16 13:52:40


17/5/16 13:52:40


17/5/16 13:52:40

. Orangeries . Home Improvement

The Berkshire Break



Green Fingers Houseplants Go Home

aphids or fluffy patches of mealy bug, you can purchase a brilliant biocontrol to sort them out in a totally environmentally friendly way that is also completely safe for you and your pets. For more information, visit www. Once the plants themselves have had a check over, I always inspect the pots, including the surface of the compost and beneath the base and rim of the pot itself. If you can, and as long as the plant won’t be damaged in the process, gently ease it out of its pot and check the root ball. This may sound a little extreme but all of these more ‘hidden’ and out of the way places provide perfect places for stowaways: the pests which live in the garden but would appreciate spending the cooler weather in your house - things like vine weevils, slugs and snails. Not the sort of house guests you or your plants would appreciate, I’m sure. When the check over is complete, gently scrape away the uppermost surface of the compost and replace with the same quantity of fresh, similar compost, wipe down the sides of the pot and take your plants inside, taking care not to put them anywhere which is too hot, too dry or too draughty for their liking. Once your old favourites are safely re-installed in their old positions and are free from unwanted guests, you may like to treat yourself to a new houseplant or two. There are some wonderful (and amazingly good value) houseplants readily available in garden centres now and you’ll often find some gems in the supermarket too - how about a marvellously elegant moth orchid (Phalaenopsis) or two? I treated myself to a couple when I was working at The Woburn Abbey Garden Show this summer, and they’ve proved to be a beautiful reminder of a lovely show and I know that even with my sometimes erratic care they should keep on performing for years to come!

By Pippa Greenwood This year I didn’t get a summer holiday but I’m proud to say that my houseplants did – no need for costly air fares or over-priced hotels and dodgy meals out however, because they spent the summer in the garden. Most houseplants grown widely up and down the country need to be just that, plants in houses, but come the summer it usually gives them a real boost to get the higher natural light levels, refreshing (relatively warm) rainfall and seriously fresh air. But now that September is here it is time to bring them indoors. The daytime temperatures are generally warm enough in almost all areas of the country but there will soon be some noticeably nippy nights and these can do untold damage, especially to some of the more tender varieties. Before bringing them in though, it is essential to put your plants through their paces; think of it as being a bit like going through Customs on your way back from your seasonal break! First I go over them checking for dead, damaged or dying leaves, and then use a sharp pair of scissors to remove these, cutting back neatly into clean, healthy growth. Next it is time to inspect the stems, foliage and any flowers for pests and diseases. There is often a wide range of these problems that can infest or infect your houseplants, and it always pays to bring them in totally clean. Look out for white powdery mildew deposits, often accompanied by a bit of leaf yellowing, and check for greyish fuzzy fungal patches caused by the notorious Botrytis or grey mould - this will often start out on an already dead part of the plant such as a faded leaf or flower, but is often associated with yellowing, petal browning and dieback too.

Also look for pests like scale insects - tiny brownish elliptical insects which feed beneath leaves or on soft stems, often producing copious quantities of sticky, sugary honeydew - or aphids, which may be found clustered on the more tender, newer growth. If you find any infestation, it is essential it is dealt with before the plants go inside, as once the pots are back indoors the pests will flourish in the now warmer and more protected conditions, and will soon multiply and may even spread to other healthy plants, causing potential chaos! Most problems like these, if caught early, can be dealt with by using a sharp pair of scissors or secateurs to snip off infected areas, or by some careful picking off by hand. If you find scale insects, The Berkshire Break

Visit Pippa’s website for her ‘Winter thru’ Spring Collection’ of gorgeous UK-grown garden-ready vegetable plants ready for delivery in September. You’ll also find many gardening items including growing frames, SpeedHoes, SpeedWeeders, raised bed kits, Nemaslug and other nematode controls, copper tape, pullout EasyTunnels, signed books and lots more besides. 21



Purple Dot Roofing 0118 961 9942 07973 680 970


We supply, install and maintain one the most comprehensive ranges Weof supply, install and maintain one of stoves, fi res and fi replaces in the area of the most comprehensive ranges of

Tel: 456486 www.warfi stoves, fires and fireplaces in the area Tel: 01344 456486 Moss End Garden Village, Warfield, Berkshire, RG42 6EJ

Moss End Garden Village, Warfield, Berkshire, RG42 6EJ The Berkshire Break




www.warfi eldstoves.comresLtd Warfi eldStoves&fi



Solutions p27


APPLY For courses starting September

A Levels | BTECs | Apprenticeships | Community | Business & Enterprise | Work based learning Be part of the college with the best FE results in the Thames Valley.

01344 868600 Solutions p.29 The Berkshire Break



A+ Rated


Standard on all windows


too HOT or too COLD Fit a replacement Conservatory roof and use it all year round


Replacement Roofs


Doors Proud members of

Where reputation matters

0800 1804047

Showroom: Unit 60, Suttons Business Park, Sutton Park Avenue, Earley, Reading, Berkshire. RG6 1AZ Open: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm and Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm The Berkshire Break




Across 1. 4. 9.

10. 12. 13. 15. 16. 20. 21. 25. 26. 28. 29. 30. 31. Down 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. 8. 11. 14. 17. 18. 19. 22. 23. 24. 27.

Solutions p.27

Mother, say (father split) (6) Avoid speed – it's bad! (8) Former duo's odd flight (6)


Sara mostly eats fish (8) Observe an item boiling (8) It's not just fun Ira ruined! (6) Nothing surrounds a tack (4) Record back below loot (7) Boy in discomfort is a champion (7) Current from red dynamo? (4) Fits out line ending jokes (6) Massive moose run wild! (8) Blokes sot in error refers to (8) Bold or heartless sweetheart (6) Great work Theodore aimed for (8) Bag a pain in a short street (6) Good gaps line rewritten (8) Old country duff hero aids (8) Nothing got Hun agitated (6) Country led by yours truly (4) Close bug producing risk (8) Retain funny tone deafness (3,3) Foodstuff secretaries taste (6) Hazy kinsman after sides (7) Very old cent in a surgery (7) Stone perhaps damaged, one added (8) Cast Simon had to rebuke (8) Aye, a number without vision (8) Inherit from fourth recluse (6) An artist beheaded her after a revolution! (6) Car's occupants enraged a fleet (6) Cone designed in the past (4)

Solutions p.27 Easy ... and Hard

Pictograms 4 words


Pictograms 4 words

Pictograms Pictograms

4 words



Solutions p.27


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ER 4 words


The Berkshire Break 4 words




Clear Cut Gardens ad Dec 2015 226 x 171_Layout 1 09/12/2015 17:06 Page 1



tree care

H All driveway work undertaken H Free quotes H

Tree felling Crown reducing and thinning Stump grinding Domestic / Commercial Fully insured Free quotes and advice

• Garden walls • Tarmac • Patios • Fencing Please contact Andrew: 0118 348 1633 or 07990 761 750 Email: Where reputation matters

Cleaning Services 0800 774 7800 07765 434 969

T: 0118 968 0765 M: 07515 122375 E:

CJS Cleaning

Our reputation is spotless

ad copy-1.indd 1

01/08/2017 15:34:04

No VAT Senior Citizen Discount

Leaflet distribution just £24+vat per 1,000! Limited availability

Call Carolyn on 0118 977 4199 or email

The Berkshire Break




Fish and Chips 1. What sport does the title character play in the long-running cartoon strip Billy The Fish in the British comic Viz? 2. What brand of crisps were launched in the UK in 1985 with the slogan "the big chip from the big country"? 3. Would you find a fish's dorsal fin on‌ a) its back; b) its side; or c) its tail? 4. First broadcast in 2010, Rock And Chips was a prequel to which other TV show? 5. What type of fish is generally thought to have been named after the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea? 6. First broadcast in 1977, what do the letters stand for in the title of the American TV series CHiPs? 7. Which cartoon character would often fish for catfish with Muskie Muskrat and Vincent van Gopher? 8. A golden robot called Mr Chips is the mascot of which TV game show? 9. Also the name of a type of fish, what is the name of Nemo’s father in the film Finding Nemo? 10. Which darts commentator once said "the atmosphere is so tense, if Elvis walked in with a portion of chips, you could hear the vinegar sizzle on them"?

Spot the Difference 1. Keyboard upside down. 2. Screwdriver handle. 3. Circle button on computer. 4. Paper in bin. 5. Bolt on floor. 6. Button on computer front. 7. Missing bolt on front of computer panel. 8. Tie/bow tie. 9. Green square button. 10. 'Mend' / 'Fix' on the top book. 1. Football 2. McCoys 3. a) its back 4. Only Fools And Horses 5. The sardine (after Sardinia) 6. California Highway Patrol 7. Deputy Dawg 8. Catchphrase 9. Marlin 10. Sid Waddell Fish & Chips

Hidden phrase: despise school and remain a fool - German proverb

1. Hook, Line And Sinker 2. Top Of The Morning 3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Hidden Phrase


Education Class Coach College Course Degree Diploma Doctorate Exam Form Games Gown Hall Head Honours Master Music Nursery Pupil Scholarship

School Student Study Term Test Textbook Tuition Tutor

Find the words associated with education in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase

The Berkshire Break



Solutions opposite The Berkshire Break



Small Ads Advertise here from just ÂŁ15 or ÂŁ30 per month!

Subject to VAT at 20%

The Berkshire Break is delivered to 25,000 homes across Woodley, Lower Earley, Twyford, Shinfield, Spencers Wood, Sonning, Charvil, Wargrave & Hurst. Great for small businesses, items for sale, holiday properties etc. Very effective & excellent value. Call 0118 977 4199 or email


PJL Window Cleaning

Open Wed - Sat

Gutter Cleaning Commercial & Domestic

0118 934 3171

07782 550 279

Ladies & Gents Hair Salon

YOGA CLASS Gentle yoga, starting September, at Winnersh Community Centre. Thursday mornings 10.30 to 12. If you are interested, please email for information:


Garden Design, Landscaping & Maintenance. Paving, Fencing, Decking, Driveways. Contract Lawn Mowing, including large areas with ride on, Digger & Operator Hire. Call Alex on 07775 439086

"Polite and efficient and helpful"

1st & 2nd FIX CARPENTRY KITCHENS, EXTENSIONS, ROOFING, REFURBS, ALL BUILDING WORK Fully Insured, City & Guilds, Guarantees, Free Quotes

Call James: 07983 354 223 0118 975 7763

Citizen No VAT - Senior Discount

. . . . .

Tree Surgery Stump Grinding Garden Services Hedge Cutting Fencing

Specialists in all aspects of tree services Over 14 years experience Contact Sam today:

The fun, free, friendly guide to your corner of Berkshire

0118 437 8278 - 07702 574 542

Alena's Mobile Hair and Makeup

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Mobile Hairdressing Service in Berkshire 22 Years Experience Ex Top Stylist at Toni & Guy Unisex Cutting, Styling and Colouring Wedding & Special Occasion Hair & Makeup

07908 481161

St Paul's Cathedral Millennium Dome Tower Bridge Nelsons Column Buckingham Palace BT Tower Houses of Parliament Wembley Stadium London Eye Royal Albert Hall

Tel: 07851 721879/80 Web: Email:

Denture Repairs 1 hour service 7 days a week 0118 969 2124

Children's Page The Berkshire Break


is a personal & business support service offering comprehensive virtual PA services and lifestyle support.




Tradeperson Insurance

Competitive Prices - Excellent Service Call Rebecca NOW on 0118 979 2121

The oldest building is St Paul's Cathedral. It was built in 1697. There are 14 people on Henry's bus.

Index of Advertisers Academic Tuition Abacus Tutors


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Barber/Hairdresser Bostons Barbers


Blinds & Awnings Blinds & Awnings


Brickwork AP Brickwork & Driveways


Car Auction TradeitAuction 14 Care Homes Sunrise Senior Living


Carpentry Blueprint 12 Wise 20 Carpets & Flooring Carpetwise 9 Floorteck 13 Cleaners CJS 26 Domestique 5

CAP Money Course Wokingham Choral Society Wokingham Heritage Woodley Business Festival

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Fashion Maison B, Captain Tortue Gardeners Oakland Landscapes Owen Thomas

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Interior Design Enchanted Barn


Job Opportunities MMR 4 Kitchen Design exact Kitchens


Kitchen Refresh Dream Doors

Front Cover

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Conservatories Sandford Warm Roofs


Resin Drives Pavilion Paving


22 Back Cover

Schools Leighton Park

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Driveways & Paving D&S Driveways Wokingham Driveways

Security SCS 20

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Skip Hire RS Skips



Stoves Warfield Stoves



Television Services Pro Digital TV AV


Events Arts Trail

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Valuations Lockdales 8

Water Softeners Thames Valley Water Softeners

Hairdresser Forresters 4 Holiday Clubs Downshire Golf Complex

Tree Surgeon Clear Cut

PLEASE NOTE: Copy and advertising deadline for October 2017 is 5pm Monday 11th September, for publication on 22nd September 2017. w: e: t: 0118 977 4199

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The Festival of Business Woodley 11th October 2017 The Oakwood Centre, Woodley 5.30pm - 8pm

Tickets £5 each









The Festival of Business Woodley (FBW) is an annual event organised by a voluntary committee from members of the Woodley Business Club.   Celebrate the strong business community In Woodley and the surrounding areas of Sonning, Twyford, Winnersh, Earley etc.

Connect the business community

Sponsored by:

Through presentations, networking and a Business Expo.

Doing business locally

Supported by:

Encourage local business owners to do business with each other.

Development and Growth

Follow us @BizFestWoodley Design Courtesy of

What do you need to grow your business? Come to the Festival of Business Woodley this year and find what you are looking for.

Festival of Business Woodley

For full details and to book a place please visit:

Printing Courtesy of The Berkshire Break



Roofing Matters Weare areaaWokingham Wokingham based based roofing We roofingcompany companyestablished establishedsince since2001. 2001.We Wetake take onon allall areas ofof roofing and everything everythingininbetween, between, areas roofingfrom fromrepairs repairsto torenewals renewals and offering be easier. easier. offering a no obligation obligationquotation, quotation,contacting contacting us us couldn’t couldn’t be Callusustoday todayonon 0118978 9784375 4375 or 07539 07539 839 bybyemail Call 0118 839167 167oror emailatat andand wewe will bebedelighted will delightedto tohelp. help. IfIfyou RoofingMatters, Matters, youaren’t aren’tsure sureabout about using using Roofing here aboutus. us. hereisissome somemore more information information about OPERATING SINCE SINCE 2001, OPERATING 2001, SPANNINGALL ALLTYPES TYPES OF SPANNING OFROOFING ROOFINGWORK, WORK, INCLUDING: INCLUDING: FELT/RUBBER RENEWAL FELT/RUBBERFLAT FLAT ROOF ROOF RENEWAL ROOF WORK ROOF REPAIR WORK INSTALLATION PITCHEDROOFS ROOFS INSTALLATIONOF OF NEW NEW PITCHED PITCHED RENEWAL PITCHED ROOF ROOF RENEWAL FASCIA, RENEWAL FASCIA,SOFFIT SOFFITAND AND GUTTERING GUTTERING RENEWAL ROOF ROOF CLEANING CLEANING LEADWORK LEADWORK CHIMNEY POINTING CHIMNEYWORK WORK INCLUDING INCLUDING POINTING · Level specialisingininslate slatetiling tiling Level22NVQ NVQqualified qualified roofer roofer specialising Fully registered Fullyinsured insured and VAT registered