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about the maker INSPIRED BY THE WORLD, HANDCRAFTED IN NASHVILLE, TN Designer Lindsay Farrer created Simon & Ruby out of a story of loss and yearning, that of her great-grandmother Ruby, who lost her ďŹ rst love Simon to the distance, and eventually the casualty, of war. Ruby's longing for Simon was vast but delicate, one born of the understanding that part of her heart would always live somewhere else. That nostalgia, the need to return to the people and places of our past, was familiar to Lindsay. It often washed over her like homesickness, a yearning not for an address she left behind, but for the experiences of her travels. The Simon & Ruby line of fashion jewelry is inspired by wanderlust and the sweet agony of missing a place. Lindsay designs her handmade jewelry for globetrotters and those with an unshakable sense of wanderlust, for the free spirits and the wanderers who know that exquisite aching all too well. She creates unique jewelry, objects of beauty that are more than tokens of travels for the wanderesses who wear them. They are wistful reminders that our hearts can live in many places, sometimes all at once. | @simonandruby

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antigua, guatemala Antigua, Guatemala has the distinction of being one of the places in the world that I’ve travelled to the most. Not only was it one of my first experiences abroad, but my parents also lived in Guatemala for a good bit of my adult life. The city of Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for its cobblestone roads, brightly colored walls, and lush flora. The bougainvillea-covered walls of the city lend a romantic air to this incredible place. My picks for Antigua include pieces that sport artisan pendants inspired by the traditional textiles of Guatemala. They’re a modern take on the shapes found in many of the woven fabrics of the area.

fabric of guatemala

Pieces from the “Eternal Spring Collection” and “Signature Collection”

Central Coast California A few years ago, I spent time out on the Central California Coast admiring the rocky outcroppings popping up amidst the vibrant blue ocean waves. The ride down Highway 101 was unforgettable and left me with such a sense of wonder. My picks for the California Coast include deep blue and light aqua tones with pops of white that remind me of the crest of the crashing waves.

western wonder Pieces from the “Canyon Road Collection” and “Signature Collection”

ireland Every time I travel, I threaten to have somewhere send my things, because I’m never coming home. The closest I’ve ever really come to being 100% serious was in Ireland. In fact, I fully intend to live there one day. From the stunning vistas from the Clis of Moher to the winding roads through the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland never disappoints. My picks include earthy designs highlighted with green and gold, the perfect pairing for sure.

pastures & pairings

Pieces from the “Signature Collection�

monument valley The road trip I took earlier this year included a quick day trip through Monument Valley. The warm & dusty reddish tones of this area framed by the intensely blue sky made for a breathtaking combination. The land that stretched our before me looked completely untouched by man. My picks for Monument Valley include those rusty, natural tones with carved horn and bone accents.

gems from the dust

Pieces from the “Eternal Spring Collection,” “Signature Collection,” “Charmed & Oro Collection” and “One Of A Kind Collection”

new orleans Last, but certainly not least is New Orleans. Never have I been someone with more spirit, charisma, and interesting history that this grand city. From house to house throughout the Bywater area, you find bold, contrasting colors with gingerbread woodwork and front porches overflowing with plants of all kinds. It is a feast for the eyes and an endless source of inspiration. Traditionally, I’d go for intense colors and statement pieces, but I’m choosing a different style for this one. The scrolled ironwork that you find throughout the city inspires my picks for New Orleans. This detailed metal serves as a beautiful accent to all of the colorful homes. These pieces are monochromatic with a hint of metallic sparkle.

in spirit of nola

Pieces from the “Charmed & Oro Collection” and “Signature Collection” | @thelocallady

The Local Lady : On The Road with Simon & Ruby  

Explore destination and intricate jewelry design with Simon & Ruby founder, Lindsay Farrer. This Local Lady travel look-book is perfect for...

The Local Lady : On The Road with Simon & Ruby  

Explore destination and intricate jewelry design with Simon & Ruby founder, Lindsay Farrer. This Local Lady travel look-book is perfect for...