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ROYAL BARGES PROCESSION 2012 Experience of a life time


Royal Barge Procession

กระบวนพยุหยาตราชลมารค is a ceremony of both religious and royal significance

which has been taking place for nearly 700 years. The exquisitely crafted Royal Barges are a blend of craftsmanship and traditionalThai art. The Royal Barge Procession takes place rarely, typically coinciding with only the most significant cultural and religious events. During the reign of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, spanning over 60 years, the Procession has only occurred 16 times. The Royal Barge Procession, in the present, consists of 52 barges: 51 historical Barges, and the Royal Barge, the Narai Song Suban, which King Rama IX built in 1994. It is the only Barge built during King Bhumibol's reign. These barges are manned by 2,082 oarsmen. The Procession proceeds down the Chao Phraya River, from the Wasukri Royal Landing Place in Dusit, Bangkok,

ROYAL BARGES PROCESSION 2012 Experience of a life time

It began during the Ayutthaya period in 14th century. Western visitors witnessed and wrote about the "immense procession with 200 boats" upon their arrival in Thailand in the 18th century. During the processions, the oarsmen were kept in rhythm by the beating of drums, with accompanying music. In 1767, Burma invaded Thailand, and amid the destruction, hundreds of the barges were burned and destroyed. General Taksin rallied the Thais and established the new capital atThonburi. King Taksin ordered the reconstruction of the barge fleet, and used a fleet of 115 barges to carry the holy image of Buddha to the new capital. General Chakri succeeded General Taksin on the latter's death, and moved the capital to present-day Bangkok. General Chakri, the first king of the Chakri Dynasty, named King Buddha Yodfah, or Rama I, began the Royal Kathin Ceremony Procession. The Kathin Ceremony is the presentation of Kathin robes and the earning of merit in tribute to and support of the Buddhist Monks.



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“The Suphannahong”

“The Anantanakkharat ”

Resembling a mythical swan, or hong, adorned with gold lacquer and glass jewels, with a crystalline ball and tassle dangling from her mouth. This 46-meter craft was carved from a single trunk of teakwood, and was launched 13 November 1911. There is a golden pavilion on board to house the king and his royal family.

Anantanakkharat as name for King of Serpents. Originally built in the Reign of King Rama III. The current Anantanakkharat was built during the Reign of Rama VI(King Vajiravudh), and launched on 14 April 1914. The bow is carved into the 7headed Nakkharat, the mystical snake-like creature, in gold lacquer and glass jewels.

“The Narai Song Suban HM King Rama IX ”

“The Anekkachatphuchong ”

("the Garuda") is the only barge built during the reign of King Bhumipol. It was built under commission by the Royal Thai Navy and the Thai Department of Fine Arts and was launched 6 May 1996 to coincide with the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Bhumibol Adulyadej's accession to the throne.

("the Variety of Serpents") is the oldest of the four Royal Barges, being the actual barge built during the reign of Rama V (King Chulalongkorn). While no mythical figure is readily visible on the bow, numerous small ornamental Naga figures are carved into the bow.


“Krut ”




๕ ๖๗๘๙ Ekachai class are the two barges with a gold painting of a horned creature that is half-nāga halfdragon and they are not equipped with cannon

Kurt Class are the two barges with Garuda figure heads with Nagas caught on their wings and feet.

Suea class are the barges with the painting of a tiger, with the names of the barges are clearly written on the bow.

PRESERVATION The dock that stored the barges, located in the Bangkok Noi district, was then turned into the National Museum of Royal Barge. Only eight important barges, including all four Royal Barges, are displayed in the museum due to space constraint. The remaining are kept in the dock next to Wasukri Pier.

consist of four barges with Varana figure heads , Pali Rang Thawip, Sukrip K h r o n g Mueang, Krabi Ran Ron Rap, and Krabi Prap Mueang Man.

consists of two barges with halfbird, half-ogre figureheads

National Museum of Royal Barge

Location Address: Tel Operate hours Entrance fees

13.761947,100.484658 Arun Amarin District, Bangkok noi, Bangkok 10700 02-424-0004 Daily, 9am-5pm 30B


HIGHLIGHT The Royal Barge Procession 2012 (Royal Kathin Ceremony) Actual 9th November 2012 Full dress rehearsal 1st & 6th November 2012 1pm —7pm Rehearsal 21,27 September 2012 4, 8, 12, 19, 25, 29 October 2012 2pm onward Between Tha Chang to Pra Pin Klao Bridge

SUGGESTIONS Thammasat University & Venice Vanich Details Seated, Meal, beverages & guide are included Price: 900B - 5,000B (Special discount from AIS—mobile operator)

New Siam River Side Details Via hotel room (cant open window during actual ceremony) Price: 1,390B - 2,990B Reservation 02-282-2795

Reservation 02-271-9095

@ 6 Public Piers (N9-N12) Details Seated on the piers only 4 rows available Price: 300B - 700B Reservation 02-623-6001-3

Arun Residence Details Via hotel room (cant open window during actual ceremony) Price: From 3,500B Reservation 02-221-9158-9

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The Royal Barge Procession 2012  

The Royal Barge Procession 2012, Bangkok, Thailand

The Royal Barge Procession 2012  

The Royal Barge Procession 2012, Bangkok, Thailand