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We are Seeking Family Day Care Educators We are seeking Educators who can work with our families. Sound like you?

by appointment only Shop 3 | Grafton Mall 6643 1555

NEW HOURS flexible role allows you work whilst caring for own children

Monday to Saturday 10am - 9pm Hypnotherapies Sundays for


Stress Management & Relaxation 11am - 8pm Confidence & Self Esteem Personal Issue Support Stop Smoking & Weightloss Support

Register your interest today! P | 02 6643 1002

Remedial Massage Therapy

COUPON FREE garlic bread & 1.25ltratdrink learn more and book with any large pizza


Holistic Touch Neuromuscular Massage Processes Myofascial Releases Muscle Energy Techniques Trigger Point Therapies Positional Releases Joint Mobilisations Passive Stretching Deep Tissue Release

MASSAGE THERAPY Special Introductory Pricing

Why Choose Our Prepaid Guardian Plan?

One of the most considerate and responsible things you can do for your family A legal means of reducing assets, which may assist in pension benefits An important part of your financial strategy A means of having an input into the way your

H O L I S T I C A P P R O A C H funeral T Ois conducted WELLNESS THROUGH MASSAGE

A F T E R H O U R S A N D O F F - S I T E T R EVisit A MENTS AVAILABLE Enquire or CBook O N TOnline A C T R H O N D A 0 4 1 1 7or7 call 8 9(02) 1 36642 6444

Whats Hot at the Warehouse Whats Hot at the Warehouse

Her Pretty Face - Robyn Harding

Crescent City Sarah J Maas

A web of deceit, betrayal and lies. Lonely, and strugglingover to fitfive intodecades the elite and academy her they son has accepted A loveinsecure story told backwards a secret arebeen willing to do into, single to mum, Frances is desperate. Then along comes Kate. have been keeping anything protect. Emily and Robbie, together for decades Beautiful, wealthy in being withmade Frances. a secret since theand dayconfident, they met. and Overonly theinterested years, choices andfriends sacrifices have Aschanged the twotheir startlives to bond, a secret threatens teardo them and sealed their fate. Didtothey the apart. right thing ? Not just a great Can evera change? Is true forgiveness lovepeople story, but story about a great love. ever possible?

My Dark Vanessa - Kate Russell

American Dirt Jeanine Cummings

One of the most controversial books of our era? You decide. A relationship between a 15-yearold girl and herAteacher. Fallingfrom in love turned him into a monster. 'Now 17 years later Vanessa debut novel prize winning American poet. Marriage, fidelity, sex, has been mademorality to redefine of her life. Sheand has live to deal with themeaning. possibility andthea greatest women love whostory struggles to find a life with thatFeeling she mayadrift haveand beenunable a victim,toand just onetoofher many. Uncomfortable, Powerful, My connect family, Anna tries toBold, assert her sense Vanessa deals withinone of the most of our age of Dark purpose by engaging short lived butcomplex intenseissues sexual affairs. However, adultery has its own morality and as her life crashes around her, Anna must discover where to go when there is no going back.

Pale Horse Riding - Chris Petit

Grown Ups Marian Keyes

A brilliant follow up of the highly acclaimed ‘The Butchers of Berlin’ 1943 Auschwitz andabout the biggest market of Europe for the goods being confiscated. A heartfelt story love, black betrayal andinaallquest for truth. August Schlegal OfficeratMorgen areofsent to investigate, but their chancesrush of getting Clemintine lostand herSSmother 6 years ageinduring the 1870’s diamond in Southern Years anddo shesurvive, must face out alive areAfrica. almost nil. Evenonif they whatwhat will bebecame the cost ?of her loved ones and a precious diamond that had brought hope to her family. A story that will stay with you long after you turn that final page.

The Heart of the Ritz - Luke Devenish

Rise of the Magicks Nora Roberts

Polly, a 16-year-old orphan is sent to Europe to live with her Aunt when her father dies. A collection talesherself of supernatural suspense “In the Talleveryone Grass” Once thereofshe13finds living at the famous Ritzincluding hotel in Paris, where co-written with Stephen King. From a fairy tale wonder land that becomes believes their wealth will protect them from the War. As Paris deteriorates and the Liberationa blood drenched stomping ground gang hunters, to amust faceless trucker approaches, a day of reckoning must be faced, for andaPolly andofher guardians discover just who finds himself in a sinister dance with motorcycle outlaws, each story is filled what they are capable of. A wartime Novel that Historical Fiction fans will devour. with shocking plot twists that will keep you wanting.

The Book Warehouse Grafton carries new release plus popular backlist titles, bargain books for all ages, art supplies for beginners or professionals plus a beautiful range of gift cards and wrap. The Book Warehouse Grafton carries new release plus popular backlist titles, bargain Drop in at Street Grafton all your or reading needs, art supplies and gift ideas. books for89 allPrince ages, art supplies forfor beginners professionals plus a beautiful range of gift cards and wrap. Drop Walden in at 89 Prince Street Grafton for all your reading needs, art supplies and gift ideas. by Henry D. Thoreau The Book Warehouse Grafton

available at Walden by Henry D. Thoreau available at The Book Warehouse Grafton

Lightning Ridge with Northland Our Lightning Ridge Tour is a nice little 6 day tour departing Monday 28 March, 2022. You’ll have a chance to have a swim in the artesian pools in Moree on way to Lightning Ridge and on our return journey home. The artesian pools just make your body feel “better”. There’s also the artesian pools in Lightning Ridge too so you’ll just have to pack your costumes for this one! Lightning Ridge is a fascinating place, full of wonderful characters, unique attractions and then there are the Opals. There’ll be an opportunity for you to go and see if you can find some Opals too on this tour. Your shout for drinks that night if you find any ! Ha ha. As an added bonus we also have a full day touring at The Grawin. Again another unique place in Australia. Both “the ridge” and “Grawin” bring back lots of childhood memories for me because when I was a child my father

worked in Opals. He worked for a wholesaler in Sydney and we would always have Opals in our home. Dad’s boss Les, had a “shack” at “the ridge” and we would spend many a holiday up there digging for Opals down various mines, eating from our fridge (a tin hung from the wall) and not forgetting the outside dunny. We would watch the miners with their big machines digging the holes in the ground and then sit for hours fossicking through all the mounds of leftover dirt. Most of our days would be spent clambering down the mine holes that Les owned, on very sparse wobbly rope ladders and we would enter into an Aladdin’s Cave full of darkness and frogs (yep probably snakes too but what you don’t see, you don’t know about!) With our pick axes and buckets, we would spend hours just scratching underground. You’d

find a bit of colour, pick it out, lick it and see if the colour was real or just your imagination. At the end of the day your mouth was so dry from “eating” and licking pieces of stone all day!. Buckets and buckets of dirt would be winched up top by those whose job it was to stand guard at the top of the mine. They would listen for any instructions from down below, send down water, food, update us on any impending bad weather and generally just make sure we were all okay underneath. Their job, after emptying the buckets was also to sift through our dirt buckets and see if anything shined in the sunlight. At the end of the day we would ascend the wobbly ladder with dirt and grit in our eyes, up our noses, in our ears with our smiles from ear to ear after having another fun filled day of picking. An outside shower was rigged up at the back of the shack with a hessian makeshift curtain and you’d watch the stars as you let the water dribble on you to get wet, turn off the bucket shower, soap up, turn on the bucket and rinse off – all in the space of time that it took your bucket to empty. If you ran out of water, bad luck. You just had to dry off the soap suds as best you could! My poor dad having 4 daughters and a wife who all needed showers, had to lug that heavy water bucket around all the time for us.

of the Opal shops with his purchases safely tucked in his pockets and once we returned to the shack, he’d have to bury his stash until our departure back home. We were always on the watch for locals to pay us a visit. Mum and Dad always taught us watch out, keep up our guard but always talk and be friendly with them. I’m sure my mother was nervous wreck herself battling cash, opals, locals, snakes and spiders but she always made sure all us kids enjoyed our special holidays. We were never robbed, threatened or provoked. God certainly looked after us!

From time to time we’d head into town to grab a treat or stock up on supplies. Dad would chat to the various Opal dealers to purchase Opals wholesale for his boss. I often am amazed at how my Dad had to carry his boss’s cash for these transactions. He would have had thousands of dollars stashed on him back in those days! Dad would then walk out

Even if you’ve been to Lightning Ridge years gone by, you’ll always see something different each time you revisit. Remember it’s the journey, not necessarily the destination! So what I guess I’m saying is that I’d love you to join us on our visit to the ridge. I’d love to share some of my childhood memories with you all!

We loved the ridge holidays. The vast dry dusty roads that took us there. We’d break up our journey watching the wild emu’s trying to race us down the road. We would play spotto on how many other animals we could see – kangaroo’s, koalas, lizards, snakes, birds of all varieties. Some of my best family holidays are memories from the ridge. Fortunately a lot of things have changed now at the ridge and they are much more civilised! (thank goodness) They love tourists, have great attractions for us to visit and are much more safety conscious! But the real rawness and beauty of the ridge is still there.

A chance to get out of the house and back on the road touring with your friends at Northland Coach & Travel.

UPCOMING TOURS 6 DAY TOUR Lightning Ridge Tour

10 DAY TOUR Longreach Tour

Monday 28th March to

Tuesday 26th April to

Saturday 2nd April 2022

Thursday 5th May 2022

It’s been a little while since we’ve journeyed to Lightning Ridge. It’s a fabulously unique place in Australia.

Join us in experiencing clear skies to amazing sunsets and meet the local stockmen and shearers. There is a lot to love about Longreach—A true Outback Aussie Adventure!

5 DAY TOUR Sunshine Coast Tour Tuesday 10th May to Saturday 14th May 2022 Oh how we have missed our jaunts up the highway, over the Qld border and up to the Sunshine Coast. It’s been a while and we all need to escape the onset of Winter (soon-ish) and enjoy some Vitamin Sea.

Mystery Day Trips Thursday 24 February 2022 | Tuesday 22 March | Tuesday 5 April Bookings are essential

CONTACT US Phone (02) 6643 1212 | Email | PO Box 45 South Grafton, NSW 2460

Vegan Table

Delicious, easy & Vegan - the best way to eat!

lentil & mushroom masala curry PREP TIME 10 mins


SERVES 4 people



• • •


• • • • •

Decent splash of olive oil 1 large clove of garlic, grated 1-2 inch piece of fresh ginger (peeled if that is your preference), grated 2 brown onions, sliced 1 cup of dried red lentils 2 cups of vegetable stock 5 flat top mushrooms, sliced Roti bread for serving (optional)

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

In a pot, bring the olive oil to a medium heat. Add the garlic and ginger and cook until fragrant. Add the onion and cook until soft. Add the lentils and vegetable stock, bring to the boil and down to a low-medium simmer. Cook the lentils until almost tender, stirring occasionally. Add the mushrooms and cook until soft. Serve whilst hot as is or with roti.


Boy in the Bowtie Gets his groove back I have never been one to back away from health & fitness. I am luckily one of those people that enjoy keeping fit. Similar to a kelpie dog, I operate best when I’m sent for a run. Now, this isn’t to say that you’ll find me splashed across the cover of a fitness magazine spilling all my health tidbits, making it look and sound easy when it is in fact the opposite.

I always try to jump back on the wagon full force, trying to beat my best run times, lifting heavier and generally showing myself I haven’t lost any condition after over a month off. This was all well and good in my 20s, nowadays it is a much, much different story. It is with this in mind that I have tried a different approach this time around. I have started off easy, going back to basics and easing myself into fitness. Remembering why I like to keep fit helps with motivation and so does the positive impact it has on my mental health. I decided that instead of putting my body through the ringer this silly season, I am going to try a different approach. Rather than take a drastic dive off the wagon, I am going to have a ‘free day’ once a month. A day where I can do things that bring me joy and nourish my spirit. That might be enjoying a meal out with friends or something not involving food at all. I call it a free day as I don’t think food should be seen as a ‘treat’ and I don’t like to think of fitness as something I am ‘cheating’ with when I enjoy a beer or a piece of cake.

I mean, I look like I keep active but I also look like I don’t say no to a good snack. That is until the annual cures of the silly season strikes. We all know the silly season can take its toll on the best of us. The end of year functions, holidays, all the events that revolve around a good bevvy and a good feed. And this is why January is the hardest month for me, both physically and mentally. Every year January rolls around and every year, I take an olympic gold worthy dive off the health & fitness wagon. It's this time of the year where all routine goes out the window and I allow myself to indulge in all the finer things in life. It is also this time of the year when the wardrobe becomes just that little bit more snug than it should be. I always notice that when my fitness So, let’s hope that this year is a little lot bit different takes a downturn, so too does my mental health. from every other year. This silly season won’t see a dramatic change in my routine and health, it is So, once January has become a distant memory it's becoming harder and harder to bounce back so I am time to get my groove back a la Angela Bassett in doing this to make life a little easier on me. And hey, ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’ (just minus the who doesn’t love it when things are easy?! Make handsome younger man sweeping me off my feet). 2022 the year for you, the year you want it to be!

Business Showcase


Mandy Bowling started working as part-time receptionist in 2008. Upon her 10 years of service an opportunity arose to purchase the business in February 2018 and she is delighted to now own the business she had spent so long building from within as an employee.

How long has GRAFTON WELLBEING CENTRE been in operation & how did it begin?

Grafton Wellbeing Centre began in 2002, operating from Duke Street whilst total renovation was taking place at new premises at 93 Fitzroy Street, Grafton where we still reside today.


The centre offers a range of therapiesincluding: • • • • • • • •

Massage Acupuncture Chiropractor Psychology Homeopathy Counselling Physiotherapy Chinese Medicine

We also stock locally made sleep creams, magnesium, comfrey and CBD pain relief Creams. A huge range of incense and burners. Gift packs of tumblers, soaps and heat packs.

Treating your mind, body, and soul using a range of therapies.


You can expect to feel welcome as soon as you enter the Wellbeing Centre. The staff are friendly, caring and offer support where needed. We engage in supporting the community needs. We pride ourselves on supporting the community and its well being. We are also happy to offer local business artisans a place to sell their wares where they can link in with wellness. We also have Gift Vouchers available in store.

What are the 3 most important factors of WELLBEING?

At the Wellbeing Centre we offer a range of wellness services for the mind, body and spirit and as such we like to think peace of mind, physical health and social connection are the 3 most important factors of well being.

MANDY BOWLING GRAFTON WELLBEING CENTRE Grafton Wellbeing Centre pictured above

Call (02) 6643 3466 Visit 93 Fitzroy Street, Grafton Fax (02) 6643 3664








2 7

TOUCH OF PARADISE DAY SPA SALON 81 Prince Street Grafton Marshmallow Discovery Gift Pack | 32.95


ISCREAM 4 91 Prince Street Grafton Single Scoop Waffle Cone (28 Assorted Flavours) | $4.50

GRAFTON POWER PRODUCTS 7 119 Prince Street Grafton Husqvarna Auto-Mower 550 | from $5775.00

THE CHOP SHOP BY DIMATTIA HAIR 2 57 Prince Street Grafton K18 50ml | $95.00

THE CHOP SHOP BY DIMATTIA HAIR 5 57 Prince Street Grafton Eleven Hydrate Trio Pack | $52.95

CLARENCE VALLEY OFFICE SUPPLIES 3 62 Prince Street Grafton Vertipro Desk Riser (Electric) | $480.00

TJ'S BOUTIQUE 6 96 Fitzroy Street Grafton VW Kombi / Love Bug Models (Assorted Colours) | $14.95 each

7 Minute Workout 1 MIN | STANDING HURDLES From standing position, lift leg straight up bending the knee, then arch away from body and to the floor. Alternative left and right legs for duration. 10 SEC | STANDING REST

1 MIN | ALTERNATING SIDE LUNGES From standing position, step diagonally forward with left leg, dropping the right knee towards the floor. Touch left ankle with right hand, repeat otherside and alternatate for duration. 10 SEC | STANDING REST

1 MIN | CLOSE PUSH UPS From a plank position, lower your body to the floor and push back to plank position. Repeat for duration.. 10 SEC | LYING REST

MIN| ALTERNATING | WALL SIT MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS 11Min Standa with restingbring against To begin, downward your From plankback position, kneebare up towall. chest, hold forslide 2 seconds and until straignt knees are at right angles with the wall (as per image). Remain for duration. leg back to floor, alternate knees for duration. 10 SEC | STANDING REST 10 SEC | STANDING REST

MIN| |ALTERNATING ALTERNATING BICYCLE CRUNCHES 11Min BICYCLE CRUNCHES Lyingon onback, back,knees kneesbent bentand andhands handsbehind behindhead. head. Bring Bringleft leftelbow elbowtotomeet meet Lying right knee, then right elbow to meet left knee in a cycling style for duration. right knee, then right elbow to meet left knee in a cycling style for duration. 10 SEC | LYING REST 10 SEC | LYING REST

MIN| REVERSE | ALTERNATING 11Min PLANK MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS Fromaa sitting plank position, to chest, hold for buttocks, 2 secondsat and straigten From position,bring placeknee yourup hands beside your beginning leg back to floor, alternate knees for duration. of minute rise to create a straight line between your heals and your shoulders, hold for duration. 1010 SEC | STANDING REST SEC | SEATED REST

MIN| SUPERMAN | SUPERMAN EXTENSION 11Min EXTENSION Lyingflat flaton onyour yourstomach, stomach,place placeyour yourarms armsstraight straightout outininfront frontofofyou you(like (like Lying superman), from this position lift arms off the floor and retract (see image) superman), from this position lift arms off the floor and retract (see image) tocreate createright rightangles angleswith withyour yourarms, arms,reset resettotosuperman supermanposition, position,then thenrepeat repeat to forduration. duration. for

work all done GreatGreat work all done

What the Seaweed Seaweed provides flavour, nutrients and texture – it’s a must - have for sneaking nutrients into food for fussy eaters. Seaweed is densely nutritious, cleansing, and balancing. A lot of the food grown on land, in soils which are increasingly depleted, lacks many micronutrients, minerals and trace elements we need for optimal health. By simply adding a small serving of any of seaweed into your daily diet increases simple nutrients to improve health. Seaweed’s status as a 'vegan superfood' grows daily. So many forms are available, from the well known Kelp, Wakeme, Nori and Kombu (recipe below) to the lesser known, Dulse, Irish Moss, Sea Lettuce and Sea Chicory. Pacific Harvest, are trusted seaweed specialists, and proudly stocked here at GoVita. All Pacific Harvest seaweeds are sustainably harvested, and tested for contaminants. To make it easier to eat just a little seaweed everyday, there products range from single seaweeds to be cooked to your liking or small sample pots of easy to use sprinkles (my personal favourite on eggs or added

to a salad. Come in to store and see our range, and maybe even try this simple and nutritious recipe. The name kombu comes from konbu, the Japanese word for kelp seaweed. Here are three reasons to start cooking with kombu 1. Delicious flavour: the fine white powder on dried kombu strips and leaves is an amino acid called glutamine, which naturally rises to the seaweed’s surface as it dries. Glutamine is the source of the wonderful savoury umami flavour that kombu provides, and eliminates the need for artificial flavourings. 2. Multiple health benefits: brown seaweed like kombu is nature’s best source of iodine, which is vital for thyroid function, along with iron, calcium, trace minerals and vitamins A and C. Glutamine is required for making protein for muscle tissue, protecting intestinal health, and supporting the immune system and liver detoxification. 3. Digestive system hero: Kombu also contains glutamic acid, an enzyme which acts as a natural tenderiser and breaks down complex sugars.

SIMPLE KOMBU 3 litres of water 1 kombu strip (or two kombu leaves)* 1 small onion, including skin for colour, roughly sliced 1 small carrot, roughly sliced 1 handful of dried shiitake or porcini mushrooms 1 celery stick 1 clove garlic slice of fresh ginger (optional) Fresh thyme, parsley and coriander stalks METHOD Place all the ingredients except kombu in a large pot, cover, slowly bring to a simmer and simmer gently for 15 minutes. Turn off heat and add the kombu. (Note: Never boil water you soak kombu in, as this will have a negative impact on flavour and nutrient content.) Steep kombu for 10 minutes or more, according to taste. If using kombu leaves, these can be chopped along with the mushrooms, when they are all softened, and returned to the stock. *Kombu strips are tougher than the leaves, and impart a stronger flavour.

Shop 28 Grafton Shoppingworld @govitagrafton P (02) 6642 6443

Prince of Cologne Calvin Klein Defy For those not in the know, Calvin Klein Inc. is an American fashion brand started by Calvin Klein at the end of the 1960s. The brand is famous for its minimalism and classic style, and helped launch the craze for designer jeans in the 1970s when Klein began adding his name on the back pocket. Today, Calvin Klein is known worldwide for their jeans, casual collections, underwear collections and was at the very height of its perfumes in the 90’s with its iconic releases such as Eternity, CK1 and Truth. The company's "cK" logo is as recognisable as its brand name and adorns many products in their line. The company's first perfume, Calvin, was launched in 1981. Calvin Klein has since launched a series of successful perfumes that, for many, capture the spirit of the decades in which they were introduced, including Obsession (1985 for Women, 1986 for Men), cK One (one of the first fragrances marketed as unisex, in 1994), and

Euphoria (2005 for women, 2006 for Men). Klein's license for perfumes now belongs to Coty. The Calvin Klein Defy fragrance features a daring contrast of invigorating freshness and powerful woods. Crafted by Master Perfumer Anne Flipo with help from Senior Perfumers Pascal Gaurin and Loc Dong of IFF, the fragrance defies expectations and evokes the ethos of the campaign opening with an addictive blend of citrus highlighted by crisp Bergamot and fresh Lavender Absolute. The heart of the fragrance and star ingredient, Vetiver Oil, is responsibly sourced from Haiti and provides a vibrant earthiness and irresistible rugged texture that complements a rich and alluring base of Amber notes. This fragrance has received a throng of bad reviews from the fragrance community for its lack of risk (ironic considering its name and the marketing campaign that followed) and the fact that the fragrance had no real staying power.

Calvin Klein fragrances seem to have flatlined in the last decade or so, with Defy being the first stand alone fragrance from the brand in over 10 years. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to be both trailblazer and profitable in the mass market, I do feel Klein and Cody have been playing it far too safe and are at real risk of becoming irrelevant in the fragrance world.



Anne Flipo

That all being said, Defy is a pleasurable if not challenging scent for the modern man. The masculine and woody-fresh scent is captured in a modern and minimalist glass bottle carved with curved rounded edges and sharp linear lines, representing the duality of vulnerability and courage on the path to defiance. The cap and carton pay homage to Calvin Klein jeans with a matte textured blue denim-inspired, embossed finish and striking silver branding.

Best Range IN TOWN

Calvin Klein I feel is at the heart of easy to wear no fuss fragrance that will not offend (ever) but will also not be overly memorable for any reason. But as always, fragrance and scent is highly subjective, our mediocre may well be your absolute favourite! Go and find out...


Natural Beauty with Allure Derma As we all tiptoe out of 2021 and peak around the corner to see if it is safe to walk through the door of 2022, I wouldn’t be alone in thinking WTH have we just been through and is there an end in sight. If nothing else, 2020-21 have taught us to expect the unexpected, as well as realising, none of us look like those supermodels during zoom calls and keeping away from the fridge in lockdown is harder than first expected. SO with highly irritating terms such as RAT’s and JABS flying all over the place we are happy to say Allure Derma is still that safe space to come and recharge away from the craziness. Stepping through the door is a bit like coming home, minus the screaming demands of children, a cranky partner and the evening meal waiting to be cooked. To many, it is a safe space to just take a bit of time out for yourself, to feel important and to invest in your future self. So many of us tend to put ourselves last, believing that if everyone else is happy and taken care of, then somehow the happiness will find its way to you via the miraculous force of osmosis…… so how is that working out for you?? The reality is, if your cup is empty, if its battered and has holes in it…. Regardless of how good

the wine is, it won’t sustain you. Therefore we encourage you to always take care of yourself. Now self care can take on many forms, eating well, getting the exercise your body needs, meditating, ignoring that phone call from someone who is going to suck the life out of you. The self care we provide is one that has you invest in your future self. Its taking care of the vessel we travel around in and to maintain and enhance those parts of us that the world sees. In doing so, it gives you a sense of quiet confidence to go about the rest of your day with one less worry. We take the time to walk you through the process of what time is doing to us, both on the surface and well below that. Having an understanding of why and how we age the way we do enables you to feel a little more in control of the process. So what exactly is Allure Derma ? We are a well established, locally owned and operated Cosmetic Skin Clinic, since 2014, providing Cosmetic Injectables, Medical Laser procedures, Management of Vascular, pigmentation and skin tone and texture concerns, Hair reduction and general skin concerns. We are not your average Cosmetic skin Clinic…. As we

strive to ensure that the procedures you undergo provide naturally beautiful outcomes. If we are performing Cosmetic Injectables, the ultimate goal is enhancement of your natural features and to ensure those features still appear in proportion and to look like you were born with them. We are also proud to provide Gold Standard Medical devices not generally available outside of metropolitan areas. Our Cutera Excel V Laser and Tixel 2 are unique in what they do and the outcomes prove they are quality machines. We are all aware of outcomes that are less than desirable and this often makes us wary of further pursuing the options of anti ageing treatments. We throw more money than we realise at OTC or online “Beauty Products” that promise the world, but sadly just cannot deliver.

The world of anti ageing is ever evolving and it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between genuine, ethical outcomes and Utter BS. We are very proud in knowing that we still have some of our absolute original clients, that place their trust in what and how we do what we do and keep coming back because they know they are in Safe Hands. So for whatever reason you are looking to invest in yourself, the health and appearance of your skin or to help maintain or enhance your features in a naturally beautiful way, then maybe it’s time to step through our door, into that safe and nurturing space and let us take some of that worry away. Visit Allure Derma Cosmetic Skin Clinic at (Upstairs) 129 Prince Street Grafton Call (02) 6642 8662

DIY Artisan Necklace Holder Whether you want to make something for yourself, or a gift for that someone special, Artisan Necklace Holders are a great way to create something that lasts and can be created in such a way to make them one of a kind.

The Supplies you will need • • •

An interesting piece of wood, aged or driftwood would be ideal. But it may depoend on your decor. 4 or 6 different (or the same, depending on your decor) cabinet/cupboard handles/knobs. Medium Sandpaper, just to soften the surface and save yourself from splinters or catching.

• • •

How to Create Step 1 – Go hunting for the perfect piece of wood. Keep in mind that this piece will likely be hung in a bedroom so keep the weight low. Dridtwood os great for this as the sea takes a lot of wieght out of the wood. Also keep in mind you'll need a somewhat flat section for your handles to attach to. Step 2 – Prep your wood. You can be as particular as you wish. You may either just give it a light sand to smooth it out, or you may varnish or paint your piece, its up to you and your decor!

A Drill and a screwdriver (Depending on your chosen handles). Adjustable bolts (making sure the bolts will fir your knobs). Hanging Loops (use these to screw onto the back of your piece for easy hanging later.

Step 3 – Lay your piece out and with a greylead pencil, measure and mark even spaces for where you want your handles. As a wall piece, its generally a rule to try and keep the piece somewhat symetrical. If you work off 5 handles, start by finding the centre and work outwards. Step 4 – Once you are happy with your marks for the handles, you will need to pre-drill the holes so the wood doesn't split when screwing in the handles. Depending on the thickness of your piece, you may need to use custom bolts that you can adjust the length of by cutting them. Step 5 – Place your bolts through your piece back to front, and screww on your knobs, use your screwdriver to hold the bolt in place while you turn your knobs on tight. Step 6 – Pre-drill some holes on the back of your piece to secure the hanging loops (where these go will depend on your wood piece, generally either one centrally, or two on either side will suffice. Then hang your one-off piece and decorate it with all your amazing necklace pieces!

Within the Chamber 2022 has already gotten off to a great start for The Grafton Chamber of Commerce, with our first Business After Hours and Breakfast meetings both well attended. Having the chance to get out and about now, meet face to face and share what we have all encountered in the last couple of years has been wonderful. Small Business Month (March) is all about “Rebuild, Recharge, Renew” and we are looking forward to some great networking events where we can show off what Grafton Businesses have to offer, as well as how we can support each other wherever we can. The last couple of years have been tough for many, but moving forward, now is the time to come together and build on what we have been doing over the last few years. Our new executive team are passionate about our local region and have some amazing ideas on ways to build an even better Chamber for our members. Our Business After Hours and Breakfast meetings will continue this year, but also keep your eye out for other things that may pop up from time to time – Follow our page on Facebook for all up to date events and happenings, and hopefully we will see you soon.

Around Town Twilight Farmers Market Over the last few years there has been a welcome event being hosted around Grafton. This event has grown exponentially (even through the hardships of the pandemic) to become a very popular Thursday Evening event in Market Square of Grafton. An array of delicious food venders often participate as well as local produce farmers and artisans alike to sell there hard work to the locals who attend. On the lush green grass, under the canopies of some of Grafton's most striking Jacaranda Trees is the Thursday Twilight Farmers Market, boasting some 20 to 30 stalls usually, this weekly event is a much loved staple for the Grafton community.

A perfect evening outing straight after work to grab a quick snack and browse the wares, or to have dinner (and dessert) while you do your weekly fresh produce shopping with kids in tow. If you haven't yet experienced the Grafton Twilight FarmersMarket on a Thursday evening, you need to make some time and pop in to have a look! You can find out more about the Market and its whereabouts on any given Thursday by searching 'Grafton Twilight Farmers Market' on Facebook and liking thier page.

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