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December 27, 2011 Volume 26, Issue 3

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`(1*23*C"#$%&'*2'(*(;2%)(*:3;2(;2&*.;1*&"#a(:2*/.22()*2'()(38L>'(*.<(;:A*.;1X3)*.1?()2%&()*\%$$*%;1(/;%8A*.;1* &.?(*2'(*C"#$%&'()*'.)/$(&&*8)3/*.;A*$3&&*38*(MC(;&(*)(&"$2%;<*8)3/*:$.%/&*3)*&"%2&*#.&(1*"C3;*:3;2(;2&*38*.;A*.1?()2%&(/(;2I%;:$"1%;<*:$.%/&*3)*&"%2&*83)*1(8./.2%3;I$%#($I)%<'2*38*C)%?.:AIC$.<%.)%&/I.;1*:3CA)%<'2*%;8)%;<(/(;2L


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D*!).A()*83)*!(.:( Z3)*!(.:( 02();.$*B31I %;*A3")*C()8(:2*)(.$/*;3*&\3)1*%&*1).\; #"2*2'(*&\3)1*38*)%<'2(3"&;(&&I .;1*2'()(*%&*;3*&2)(;<2'*#"2*2'(*&2)(;<2'*38*$3?(L E3*/%<'2%$A*&C)(.1*.#)3.1*A3")*EC%)%2I 2'.2*.$$*C(3C$(&*/.A*#(*<.2'()(1 ";1()*2'(*#.;;()*38*2'(*!)%;:(*38*!(.:(I .&*A3")*:'%$1)(;b 23*A3"*#(*13/%;%3;*.;1*<$3)AI ;3\*.;1*83)(?()L*D/(;L* --Brother Roger of Taizé

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=./C$%<'2*>'(.2)(*LLL The countdown to 2012 is drawing near. Are you ready to celebrate the new year? LampLight Theatre, Fall Branch, will host its 7th annual New Years Eve Gala this Dec. 31. This special evening is intended for couples -/)('*/4,#'(1%("#9#31(%/(15#(+-'1(-/)(:'5#"(*/(15#(/#$;(<#,#0"-1#(15#(=#$(>#-"($*15(,*?#(@:'*3-,(#/1#"1-*/@#/1A( “The Not-So-Newlywed Game”, comedy, and music! Enjoy an alcohol-free event, beginning with a buffet of exquisite, catered desserts, hors d’oeuvres, coffees and teas by BJ’s Catering. Special entertainment will follow dessert and gifted musicians and singers will perform some favorite classics. Dance a little and laugh a lot as you see your friends participate in “The Not-So-Newlywed Game”. The evening will end with worship music by “Tattered Saints” and an inspirational challenge by speaker/ evangelist Billy Wayne. A prayer/toast will be given at midnight. The gala will begin at 9:00 p.m. and end just after midnight. Admission for this gala event is $25.00 per person. This includes buffet, entertainment and party favors. Reservations are required. To make reservations, call (423) 348-7610 or visit

J%C$(Ac&*DF".)%"/* 38*2'(*E/35%(&*LLL

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies will ring in the New Year with its “11th Annual Dance with the Sharks New Year’s Eve Party.” Guests will have the opportunity to explore the underwater world of Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies while they party the night away..

The New Year’s Eve Party features: Great band featuring Kevin McGuire & Friends; Heavy hors d’oeuvres (9pm to 11pm); Personal Souvenir Photo; Champagne Toast; Gatlinburg Fireworks at Midnight “Our party is unique, fun and great for the entire family. You can dance, eat and party throughout the aquarium until 1 a.m., plus just prior to midnight we all go out to the aquarium’s plaza and watch the city of Gatlinburg’s !"#$%"&'()*'+,-.(-/)(0-,,( drop. It’s always an incredible event,” said Ryan DeSear, general manager of Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. The party price is $149.99 per couple, $79.99 for singles, and $25.99 for children (3-17) plus sales tax. The aquarium is located at 1"-2!3(,*451(67(%/(15#(8-"&$-.( in Gatlinburg, TN and is open 365 days a year. The Aquarium closes to the public at 9 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and opens to party guests at 9:01 p.m. For reservations call 888-240-1358 or see us on the web at www. ripleysaquariumofthesmokies. com.



Z%)(*3;*2'(*J3:5 The North Carolina Department of Agriculture (NCDA) is on the hunt for the best chefs in North Carolina. B5#(!"'1(Got To Be NC Competition Dining Series sponsored by Pate Dawson Company/Southern Foods will begin this year with the seventh annual Fire On The Rock Chef’s Challenge. The Fire On the Rock format is the basis for a new competition dining series to be launched statewide this year. Additional cities and locations will be announced soon. The 2012 Fire On the Rock competition begins January 24 and 25, 2012 at Crippen’s Country Inn & Restaurant in Blowing Rock. Chefs from Watauga, Ashe, Avery, Caldwell and Wilkes counties can apply. Two chef teams will compete one-on-one at each dinner, and the winner will advance to the next round. It’s a single elimination bracket series of 15 dinners, leading up to a !/-,('5%$)%$/()*//#"(-1(<"*++#/C'( Country Inn & Restaurant between the two top chefs during the Blue Ridge Wine and Food Festival on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. Blowing Rock’s Jimmy Crippen has

been tapped to produce and emcee the statewide series after successfully developing and hosting Fire On the Rock. “Fire On the Rock has been so successful that the concept has taken off statewide,” Crippen says. “I’m so proud of our chefs and the spark they started with this competition. The chef battles super-charge the winter season here in Blowing Rock. It’s about incredible food and serious fun. We want everyone to come out and enjoy the '#"*#';(D:1(!"'1A($#(/##)(15#(35#2'EF Restaurant owners or chefs can #/1#";(G-35(-++,*3-/1(@:'1(!#,)(-(1#-@( of three. To see the rules and apply, download the forms available at www. !"#%/15#"%3&;3%@(%"(3%/1-31(D,%$*/4( Rock restaurateur Jimmy Crippen at 828-265-9075. FORMS ARE DUE TO JIMMY CRIPPEN BY DECEMBER 31, 2011. Fire On The Rock Chef Challenge follows an “Iron Chef”-style format— but with a twist. Paying guests get to sample each course in a blind tasting alongside a panel of culinary and celebrity judges. The public AND the judges select the winner. Each dinner

features six courses prepared by two chefs cooking elbow to whisk in the Crippen’s kitchen. Each team builds the courses around a “secret” North Carolina ingredient selected by the NCDA. The ingredient is revealed less than an hour before the chefs start to prep the night’s meal. The public is encouraged to come to each event. Tickets are $49 each. Beverages and tip are not included. Book tickets now at www.crippens. com. In a change from previous competitions, there will be no stage show this year for the Fire On The Rock !/-,';( Crippen says the public clamored to 1-'1#(15%'#(!/-,()*'5#'A('%(15#.C?#( restructured the last challenges to be dinner battles, just like the preliminaries were in previous seasons. In its inaugural year, the series

is sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Pate Dawson Company/Southern Foods. HB5#(3%/3#+1(!1'(*/($#,,($*15(%:"( established programs,” says Tim Parrish, NCDA Marketing Specialist. “It’s a great way to showcase fresh local product and the chefs that prepare it.” The goal of the competition is to promote local North Carolina ingredients and talented chefs from across the state. Malcom “Mac” Sullivan, CEO of Pate Dawson Company, participated

in the Fire On the Rock Challenge last year. “We saw incredible potential at last year’s ‘Fire On the Rock,’” Sullivan says. For more information, visit www. !"#%/15#"%3&;3%@;

Chetola Lodge winning team, “Fire On the Rock 2011”: Chef Michael Barbato, Hunter Hallmark, Colin Hendricks




The next juried artist on display in the Arts Depot’s Spotlight Gallery is Barbara “Jake” Carter of Greeneville, TN. This exhibit, entitled “Let the Light Shine” opens on Thursday, January 5, 2012. A meet the artist reception will be held on Sunday January 8, 2012 from 2-4 p.m. The exhibit continues through February 18, 2011. Barbara Bible Carter, or “Jake” as she is known by most of her artist friends, has always had a love of watercolor. She worked exclusively in that medium until recently when she began exploring acrylics. From 15#(1*@#(%2(5#"(!"'1(@#@%".('5#( says that “art has pursued her, drawn her, captured her heart, waited for her around every corner -/)($-,&#)($*15(5#"(2"%@(!"'1(,*451( until shadows drew long”. She is drawn to the “contrast of lights and darks, how one color blends or contrasts with another, and to unusual shapes and images”. As Jake sees it “light and shadows are the “rhythm of the song of art” and for her, singing it is as natural as breathing. Over the years Jake has perfected her art by attending workshops in

area of downtown Abingdon, VA. The gallery and artists studios are open for your viewing pleasure Thursday, Friday and Saturday, January through March 11-3 pm, and April through December 10-4, or by appointment. Exhibits and receptions are free and open to the public. For further information, please contact the Arts Depot at (276) 628-9091, or e-mail at abingdonartsdepot@eva. org or visit their web site at www.

Greenwich, Connecticut, Winston Salem and Hickory, North Carolina. She has studied locally under the tutelage of Urban Bird and Harry Thompson. She is an award winning artist whose work can be seen in art galleries throughout the southeast and is a member Tennessee Watercolor Society, Watauga Valley Art League, Kingsport Art Guild, and the Depot Artists Association. The title of her exhibit, “Let the I*451(J5*/#F("#9#31'(5#"(0#,*#2(15-1(*2( she “lets the light shine in her heart and soul it will radiate in her paintings and give hope and meaning to those who view them.” The Arts Depot invites everyone to view this captivating exhibit and let “Jakes” light shine on you! Also Showing January 5th through February 25th in the Arts Depot Members Gallery are Rosetta Amos, Adelaide Moss, Carol Murray, Darris Stanley and Makayla Hale. The Depot Artists Association is -(/%/K+"%!1(?%,:/1##"(%"4-/*L-1*%/( that operates the Arts Depot and is dedicated to promoting the arts in the community and features the region’s artists. The Arts Depot is located in the historic Depot Square

Long Shadows


E3\(23*B3&C($*6'3%)* %;*,33;(*83)*G.;".)A*(?(;2

Appalachian State University’s 2011-12 Performing Arts Series sponsored by Charter presents another unrivaled season of incredible performances that continues with the Grammy-award winning Soweto Gospel Choir. Performing at Farthing Auditorium on Saturday, January 28 at 8 p.m., this gospel choir from South Africa has been gaining international fame due to their perfect depiction of African grace and energy. Join the choir as they show the High Country of North Carolina a glimpse of African traditions in dance, music and costume. The Performing Arts Series is happy to celebrate Appalachian State’s faculty and staff with offering a special discounted price of $10 for all those who present their Appalachian I.D. Other advance ticket prices include $20 for adults, $16 for Students 6-18, $15 for Appalachian State Students and $10 for Children 5 & Under. A “Pick 5” discount is available for purchasing tickets in multiples of 5. M%"(1*3&#1'(%"(*/2%"@-1*%/A(3-,,(15#(M-"15*/4(N:)*1%"*:@(D%O(P2!3#(-1(QRRKQSTKNUBJVWXQXY(%"(QWQK 262-4046, or visit Formed in 2002, the Soweto Gospel Choir has been traveling around the world gaining exposure through their unique combinations of African song and dance. B5#*"(!"'1(-,0:@A(Voices of Heaven,("#-35#)(6T(%/(15#(Billboard’s World Music Charts within three weeks of its release in the United States. In 2007 & 2008, the choir received a Grammy Award in the category of Best Traditional World Music for their second album, Blessed and their third album African Spirit, respectfully. They have since had two additional Grammy nominations and have been granted countless other prestigious awards. Throughout their worldwide touring, they have had the opportunity to perform along side of the world’s most accomplished performers including Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, John Legend, Kirk Franklin, Bebe Winans, Diana Ross, Celine Dion and U2, just to name a few. They have 5-)(15#(+"*?*,#4#(1%(+#"2%"@(*/(2"%/1(%2(15#($%",)'(@%'1(4*21#)(-"1*'1'(-/)(*/9:#/1*-,(+#%+,#(*/3,:)*/4( Nelson Mandela, Price Charles and Camilla, former president Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Samuel L. Jackson and Mariah Carey among others. The Soweto Gospel Choir has founded its own AIDS orphans foundation, Nkosi’s Haven Vukani, to assist organizations that receive little or no funding. To date, the choir has collected over $4 million for their foundation. In South Africa, the choir performs for a variety of charitable organizations. p For more information on the choir and their charitable contributions, visit www.sowetogospelchoir. com o Appalachian’s Performing Arts Series continues on February 17, 2012 with the Punch Brothers featuring Chris Thile and Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet: Moulin Rouge-The Ballet on March 22, 2012. o M%"(1*3&#1'(%"(*/2%"@-1*%/A(3-,,(15#(M-"15*/4(N:)*1%"*:@(D%O(P2!3#(-1(QRRKQSTKNUBJVWXQXY(%"(QWQK 0 262-4046, or visit l B5#(WRTTKTW(8#"2%"@*/4(N"1'(J#"*#'(*'(-(+"#'#/1-1*%/(%2(N++-,-35*-/(J1-1#(Z/*?#"'*1.C'(P2!3#(%2( t Arts and Cultural Programs. The mission of the series is to support the teaching mission of Appala- h chian State University by presenting a diverse array of music, dance, and theatre events designed to s enrich the cultural landscape of the campus and surrounding region. By creating memorable perfor- r mance experiences and related educational and outreach activities, the series promotes the power and excitement of the live performance experience; provides a “window on the world” through the o -"1*'1".(%2(/-1*%/-,,.(-/)(*/1#"/-1*%/-,,.("#/%$/#)(-"1*'1'[(-/)('5%$3-'#'('%@#(%2(15#(!/#'1(-"1*'1'(%2( M Appalachian State University’s campus community and the surrounding region. The performances presented by the Performing Arts Series give both students and community members the chance to experience a diverse line up of live performances that are not typically offered g in this region. They are offered the chance to experience music from different countries, watch history f come to life through a play, be invited into the traditions of another culture and discover the beauty w and imagination of dance. All of this is provided to the students and greater community of Appala- “ chian State University throughout the academic year. Y The Performing Arts Series would be unable to present and publicize its wide range of extraora dinary programming without critical corporate and private funding sources, including a group of ( outstanding sponsors that are dedicated to promoting the arts in our region, including: Charter Com- B munications, McDonald’s of Boone, Nationwide Insurance— the Park Terrell Agency, Inc., Charter B Media, The Mountain Times, Watauga Democrat, the Winston-Salem Journal, the High Country Press,J Oldies 100.7, Mix 102.3, Mountain Television Network, WDAV 89.9, WFDD 88.5, WETS 89.5 and J WASU 90.5FM. g Hotel and restaurant sponsors include Westglow Resort and Spa and Rowland’s Restaurant, Chetola Resort, the Bob Timberlake Inn and the Manor House at Chetola, The Broyhill Inn and Ap- a palachian Conference Center and the Jackson Dining Room, the La Quinta Inn and Suites of Boone, W The Best Cellar, Char Restaurant, Makoto’s Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, Pepper’s and the Red M Onion Café.


4%&&*>(&&*23*)($(.&(*2\%;* 6@&I*/.5(*,)%&23$*?%&%2

Jan. 19, Machievelli’s, 8 5th St., Bristol, will host Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade for a CD release party at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 for music and $20 for dinner/music. Miss Tess is about to release “Live Across the Mason Dixon Line,” a double album featuring two live shows – one from the Regatta Bar in Cambridge, Massachusetts and one from Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia. This release proves to be a valiant effort by the band, Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade, to blur the lines that once clearly dictated style, genre, and location. Stemming from the truest meaning of the word “Americana,” the 0-/)(+:'5#'(15#*"(*/9:#/3#'(*/1%(15#(3:""#/1(@:'*3('3#/#($*15('%@#15*/4(-)@*"-0,.(2"#'5(-/)('%:,2:,,.(1*@#less. The skilled musicianship of the quartet, combined with Tess’s heartfelt songwriting and powerful stage presence, creates a live experience that is state of the art. \1C'(@:'*3(.%:(3-/C1()#!/#(*/( one sentence. It’s good music. It’s Miss Tess music. Critics also have a hard time -''*4/*/4(B#''C'(@:'*3(1%(-('+#3*!3( genre; before she made the move from Boston to New York City, she won a Boston Music Award for “Outstanding Folk Artist of the Year” in 2008. Also she received a nomination for “Best Jazz Act” (2009), “Best Roots Act” by the Boston Phoenix (2010), and another BMA nomination for 2011 for “Best Jazz Act” again. Country? Blues? Jazz? Folk? Pick your favorite genre and come enjoy the show. Bon Ton Parade Band Members: are Will Graefe - guitar; Danny Weller - upright bass; and Matt Meyer - drums.



Underhill Rose A pristine blend of Americana, bluegrass, R&B, and roots music will be heard across eastern Tennessee when Underhill Rose, an all-female trio from North Carolina, launches its 2012 tour in The Volunteer State. B5#(0-/)(*'('#1(1%(+,-.(15#(!"'1( of a two show weekend at Knoxville’s Preservation Pub 2nd Floor Speakeasy on Thursday, January 12 at 8 p.m., followed by a trek northwest on Friday, January 13 at 9:00pm for a performance at Machiavelli’s in Bristol. Led by Eleanor Underhill, a sultry voiced banjo picker and Molly Rose, a powerful songstress with a dazzling stage presence, the trio captures a unique fusion of styles and harmonies with a true mountain sentiment. B5#(-//%:/3#@#/1(%2(15#(!"'1( 2012 dates is an important step for Underhill Rose, according to Molly. “What a great way to begin the New Year! Starting in Tennessee, with an opportunity to extend our follow in the region is a

dream being realized,” she said. “I cannot wait to share our music and stories with everyone.” Coming off of a fruitful year in 2011, Eleanor says the group is ready to capitalize on its success. “Underhill Rose made a lot of great strides this year,” she said. H]#("#,#-'#)(%:"(!"'1(-,0:@A( +,-.#)(-(/:@0#"(%2(5*45(+"%!,#( '5%$'A(-/)('%,*)*!#)(%:"(%"4-/*zation with new management, booking agents, and a publicist. We’re ready to take this foundation and ‘make some noise’ next year.” The addition of Salley Williamson, an upright bass player, has transformed the female duo to a trio. “We’re very lucky to have Salley,” said Molly. “She has brought something special to the band and I look forward to hitting the road with her next year.” In addition to the shows in Tennessee, the Underhill Rose has announced concert dates in Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina; Roanoke, Virginia; Thomas, West Virginia; and a cov-

eted showcase appearance at the Carolina ShowFest in Charlotte, North Carolina. The group’s debut album was recently added to Pandora and

plans are in the works to release *1'(!"'1(@:'*3(?*)#%(%2(15#(2-/( favorite, Who Brought the Sun, in the beginning of 2012. For a complete listing of tour

dates and additional information on Underhill Rose please visit, underhillrose, or follow the band on Twitter@UnderhillRose.



2012 events for Historic Rugby, TN LAUREL DALE CEMETERY LANTERN TOUR ON STAGE Saturday, January 28th Do not miss this stage adaptation of the popular Laurel Dale Cemetery Lantern Tour. Perfect for a winter afternoon! Join us in the Rebecca Johnson Theatre as the characters of Rugby’s past come alive to tell their stories. Begins at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. ROMANTIC ST. VALENTINE’S DAY DINNER Saturday, February 11th Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Someone You Love (Advance Reservations) Enjoy A Delicious Four-Course Dinner At the Harrow Road Café & Special Gift. Lodging Packages Available at Historic Newbury House B & B & Cottages HISTORIC RUGBY’S VISITING SPEAKER SERIES Saturday, April 14th Join us at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time to hear a long-time friend of Rugby, Nancy Jensen. Nancy is the author of “The Sisters”.

She will offer readings, discussions and book signings of her novel. 38th ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF BRITISH & APPALACHIAN CULTURE Saturday & Sunday, May 12th and 13th Join us in celebration of our British Isles & Appalachian Heritage. Music & Dancing, Traditional Arts & Crafts, Artisan Demonstrations & Selling Their Wares, Storytelling.....Historic Building Tours....Delicious Food LAUREL DALE CEMETERY LANTERN TOUR Saturday, May 26th Join us at the Laurel Dale Cemetery to hear stories from characters of Rugby’s past as they come alive and tell their stories. Reservations are required. Tour group numbers are limited. CUMBERLAND PLATEAU GARDENS AT HISTORIC RUGBY

Saturday, June 9th Come and enjoy a day of garden activities including a design workshop, plant sale, lunch and garden tour, and a presentation by a gardener. Enjoy an afternoon tea. (Advance reservations) HISTORIC RUGBY AND APPLACHIAN HABITAT BENEFIT ANTIQUE CAR SHOW Saturday, July 7th Concerts on the Lawn are a favorite summer activity here at Historic Rugby. Join us for the vintage sounds of Rock n’ Roll with Legacy. Come early and join the Antique Car show, the BBQ and shopping with the various Craft folk, Commissary and Spirit of Red Hill. BRITISH MOTORCAR SHOW Saturday, September 1st Register and show your authentic British automobile in a beautiful Victorian setting in one of the most authentically preserved historic villages in America.

41st Rugby VILLAGE Pilgrimage Saturday, September 29th The Largest Historic Building Tour In East Tennessee…Visit 20+ Historic Museum Buildings, Lodgings, and Private Historic and New Period Homes ….Enjoy Morris Dancing, Music & Period Demonstrations HALLOWEEN GHOSTLY GATHERING Saturday, October 20th and 27th A Calling of the Spirits of Rugby’s Past... Award Winning Chili Dinner... Lantern Lit Tours to Historic Buildings…Story Telling & “Ghost” Film…More J1%"*#'(-1(15#(^":*)C'(D%/!"#( Advance Reservations Required THANKSGIVING MARKETPLACE Friday, November 23rd Start or Finish Your Christmas Shopping at The Shoppes of Rugby including Rugby’s Commissary, The Spirit of Red Hill &

The Shoppe at Zenith Cottage... Demonstrating Artisans & Craft folk.... Tours of Historic Buildings. Experience a real Victorian Cream Tea at 1880 Newbury House B & B CHRISTMAS AT HISTORIC RUGBY Saturday, December 8th Hark Back to 1880s Rugby Christmases - Visit Beautifully Decorated Candle & Lamp Lit Buildings…. Enjoy Music & Actors Portraying Early Rugby Colonists…Join in Carol Singing w/Hot Wassail…Christmas Treasures at The Shops of Rugby…Four Course Victorian Dinner at the Harrow Road Café (Reservations Required) Coming soon, Historic Rugby’s Workshop Schedule. Stay current with information on these and additional events & activities at www.historicrugby. org Groups are welcome! Call today and book your next group outing.




R(\*g(.)c&*0?(*\%2'* >'(*,)3.1:.&2f

*>e0*,J7D@6DE>*%&*:3/%;<*A3")*\.Af*6($(#).2(*A3")*R(\*g(.)c&*0?(*\%2'*2'(/*.2*4D6eKDh0==KcE*3;*@0604,0J*Nif*7;*2'%&*&C(:%.$*;%<'2I*>e0*,J7D@6DE>*\%$$*C()83)/*2')((*/3;&2()* &(2&*23*:($(#).2(*2'(*3::.&%3;L*D$&3*3;*2'(*#%$$*%&*e";1)(1*D:)(L* e.%$%;<*8)3/*D&'(?%$$(I*R6I*>e0*,J7D@6DE>*%&*&%M+C%(:(*&3"$+%;8"&(1I*1.;:(*)3:5*#.;1*2'.2* 1).\&*%;j"(;:(&*8)3/*2'(* 8";5A*&3"$8"$*4323\;*E3";1* 38*E2(?%(*-3;1()*.;1*2'(*).\* ?3:.$*C)3\(&&*38*&%;<()&*&":'* .&*G.;%&*G3C$%;*.;1*D)(2'.* Z).;5$%;L*>'(*#.;1*%&*8)3;2(1* #A*C$.2%;"/*#$3;1(I*6.%2$%;* H)%&53I*\'3&(*:3//.;1%;<* ?3%:(*'.&*#((;*1(&:)%#(1*#A* 63&/3C3$%2.;*4.<.`%;(*.&* k1)(;:'(1*%;*'3;(AI*.;1*1)%CC%;<*\%2'*&3"$l



-%&(*63";2AI* R3)23;c&*:"$2").$*388()%;<&* 23*2.5(*e(.)2\331*&C32$%<'2* Wise County and Norton-area story-tellers, musicians, artists, authors, artisans and experts on outdoor recreational assets will converge on Heartwood: Southwest Virginia’s Artisan Gateway Thursday, Dec. 29 and Friday, Dec. 30 to showcase what their localities have to offer not only visitors, but also folks right here at home. P2!3*-,'(2"%@(15#(3%:/1.C'('*O(1%$/'(-/)(15#(*/)#+#/)#/1(<*1.(%2(=%"1%/(-"#('1*,,($%"&*/4(%/(!/-,( ,*/#K:+(2%"(0%15()-.'A(0:1(-,"#-).(5-?#(3%/!"@#)(-++#-"-/3#'(0.(-($*)#(?-"*#1.(%2(15#(,%3-,*1*#'C(!/#'1( entertainers and crafters. Tentatively set to appear on Thursday, Dec. 29 are the Craig Street Ramblers, young musicians who hail from Norton; T-Bone Kilgore, a contemporary blues man out of Pound; Peyton Kendrick and Brandon Stanley; story-teller and musician Charlie Engle of St. Paul; and The Franks Brothers of Coeburn. Thursday’s events will be capped by a 7 p.m. showcase of musicians who regularly perform at The Lays _-")$-"#(<#/1#"(2%"(15#(N"1'A(-(<%#0:"/(?#/:#(15-1(*'(-/(%2!3*-,('1%+(%/(B5#(<"%%&#)(U%-)`(a*"4*/*-C'( Heritage Music Trail. Performers booked for Friday, Dec. 30, include Tyler Hughes, a young traditional musician; Ron Short, an actor and musician who has graced local stages for decades who infuses local music with a slight <-b:/(9-?%"[(\2(D*")'(<%:,)(M,.(-/)(J1"-$0#"".(c-@;

Among the local artisans who will demonstrate their crafts are wood-turner and carver Bill Dotten, artist Charles McConnell, wood carver Maurice Vanhook, corn shuck doll artist Ganell Marshall, a stained glass demonstrator and representatives from MountainRose Vineyards, a winery developed on land that was once home to a strip mine. Author Neva Bryan will also be on hand, as will experts on local trail development efforts and other recreational offerings. Information on the county, its towns and Norton will also be on hand to help provide a big-picture view of the county’s offerings to highway travelers and neighbors from other parts of Southwest Virginia alike. Wise County and Norton’s “Community Days” are part of an ongoing holiday feature at the Heartwood facility, which serves as a gateway and showplace for a 19-county, four-city region of far Southwestern Virginia. “Heartwood is the gateway and showplace for our region. In addition to featuring the craft, music and food of the Southwest Virginia, we believe it’s an important part of our mission to highlight our communities as unique cultural and recreational destinations,” says Todd Christensen, Executive Director of the Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation. “The counties, towns and cities of Southwest Virginia are partners in this initiative,” notes Christensen. “Heartwood represents the offerings of the entire region and our goal is to provide a sampling 1%(15#(?*'*1%"('%(15#.(3-/(+,-/(15#*"(1"*+'(1%(?*'*1(%:"("#4*%/C'(:/*d:#A(3:,1:"-,,.('*4/*!3-/1()#'1*/-1*%/';(( Heartwood is downtown Southwest Virginia.” More information on Heartwood Community Days will be available at as '35#):,#'(-/)("#+"#'#/1-1*?#'(-"#(3%/!"@#)A(%"(.%:(3-/(3-,,(WXe;SfW;WSRR(2%"(@%"#(*/2%"@-1*%/; P/3#(15#(<%@@:/*1.(^-.'(5-?#(!/*'5#)A(_#-"1$%%)($*,,(5%'1(-(=#$(>#-"C'(G?#(+-"1.(2#-1:"*/4( music by Rich & the Po’ Folks and Wayne Henderson & Friends featuring Jeff Little & Helen White. The event, which runs 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., will include a silent auction of artisan work and other products with a ,%3-,(9-?%"A($*15(15#(1%+($*//#"(1-&*/4(5%@#(-(5-/)K3"-21#)(_#/)#"'%/(4:*1-"; Tickets will cost $59 per person if purchased in advance, or $75 at the door, and will include reception refreshments, a champagne toast and party favors. Reservations are encouraged. Call (276) 492-2400 for tickets. Heartwood: Southwest Virginia’s Artisan Gateway is a 30,000-square-foot artisan gateway that features the best of Southwest Virginia’s craft, music and food offerings. Located just off I-81’s Exit 14 in Abingdon, Va., it is a convenient, unequaled stop for unique shopping and dining and a starting point for people to venture out and experience all that the 19 county, 4 city region of Southwest Virginia has to offer.



=3;<*$3&2*-(&*43;2<3/()A*)($(.&(*:3/%;<*&33; With a lot of sleuthing and a team of experts on the case, long lost tapes of Wes Montgomery have been discovered and restored. Resonance Records will release Echoes of Indiana Avenue - the !"'1(2:,,(-,0:@(%2(+"#?*%:',.(:/heard Montgomery music in over 25 years - on March 6, 2012, which would have been Montgomery’s 88th birthday. Over a year and a half in the making, the release will provide a rare, revealing glimpse of a 0%/-(!)#(4:*1-"(,#4#/);(B5#(1-+#'( are the earliest known recordings of Montgomery as a leader, pre-dating his auspicious 1959 debut on Riverside Records. The album showcases Montgomery in performance from 1957-1958 at nightclubs in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as rare studio recordings. The release is also beautifully packaged, containing previously unseen photographs and insightful essays by noted music writers and musicians alike, including guitarist Pat Martino and Montgomery’s brothers Buddy and Monk.

On this scintillating discovery, Montgomery plays it strictly straight ahead, swinging with a momentum and ferocity that is positively visceral - a clear display of Montgomery’s bebop side. Listening to these recordings %/,.("#-2!"@'(5%$(g%/14%@#".( #O#"1#)(':35(-(+"%2%:/)(*/9:#/3#( over generations of guitarists from George Benson, Pat Martino -/)(c%#(8-''(1%(c%5/(J3%!#,)A(8-1( Metheny, Kevin Eubanks, and Russell Malone to Kurt Rosenwinkel. Joined by such Naptown colleagues as drummer Paul Parker and keyboardist Melvin Rhyne (who would later appear on Mont4%@#".C'(!"'1(U*?#"'*)#("#,#-'#YA( pianist Earl Van Riper, bassist Mingo Jones and drummer Sonny Johnson, as well as brothers Monk on acoustic bass and Buddy on piano (the brothers featured on one track), Montgomery swings with blistering abandon on a program of burners and ballads. Included here are renditions of Shorty Rogers’ Diablo’s Dance, Erroll Garner’s Misty and Billy Strayhorn’s Take The A Train as well as jazz stand-

ards Darn That Dream and Body and Soul. Montgomery also reveals some bluesy roots with an earthy improvised After Hours Blues, which has him playing with Guitar Slim-like nastiness. Elsewhere on Echoes of Indiana Avenue there’s a stirring duet between Wes and organist Rhyne on a moody rendition of Thelonious Monk’s ’Round Midnight and a faithful rendition of Horace Silver’s Latin-tinged Nica’s Dream. Montgomery and his brothers also tackle Thelonious Monk’s Straight, No Chaser with bop-ish authority. How these long lost tapes from the early stage of Montgomery’s '%,%(3-"##"(!/-,,.(#@#"4#)(-21#"( being on the shelf for more than 50 years is a tale of intrigue that will #/15"-,,(3%,,#31%"'(-/)(-!3*%/-)%';( Although the identity of the person who made the original recordings remains unknown, the tapes may have passed through several hands before they were eventually acquired in 1990 by a guitarist and Montgomery fan Jim Greeninger. Due to their fragile condition, he

immediately made digital transfers of the original tapes and set out to make a deal with a record company. It wasn’t until 2008 that Greeninger, who had tried selling the tapes on eBay, contacted Michael Cuscuna, the respected veteran producer who has had a long track record with Blue Note Records and is also the co-founder of Mosaic Records. In the summer of 2010, Cuscuna contacted Zev Feldman of Resonance Records, who served as a producer on the project. “We had no idea when we got the tapes what they were exactly,” Feldman recalls. “All we knew was that Wes was on them. So between 2010 and 2011, I made three trips to Indianapolis where I interviewed and discussed the recordings with scholars, musicians and friends of Wes. It was a big mystery and we had to act like gumshoes in piecing it all together. It was actually in part because of label founder and president George Klabin’s support that we were able to make this project possible.” The result, in addition to the

fully restored music, is a 24-page deluxe digipak showcasing rare family photographs that are being '##/(2%"(15#(?#".(!"'1(1*@#A(*/3,:)ing a humorous shot of Montgomery (in costume) and friends taken on Halloween. There are also some of the most classic earlier photos of Montgomery taken by iconic jazz photographer, Duncan Scheidt. Veteran jazz journalists Dan Morgenstern and Bill Milkowski contribute essays, as do jazz guitar great Pat Martino and Indianabased jazz educator Dr. David N. Baker, whom Feldman cites as a key catalyst on the project. In addition to its release via physical CD and digital formats, Resonance has created a handnumbered, hand-assembled LP edition pressed by audiophile embraced Record Technology, Inc. (RTI) and with a deluxe gatefold LP jacket by Stoughton Press. The two 12” LP’s were mastered by the legendary Bernie Grundman at 45 RPM for the best sound. Resonance is also offering a free digital booklet with purchase where available (which will contain all of the


Frostbite Sailing Race 2012

The Watauga Lake Sailing Club is holding its annual Frostbite Sailing Race on Sunday, January 1, 2012, at 2 p.m. This event usually draws about 12 large boats, no @-11#"(15#($#-15#";((B5#(!"'1( Frostbite Race was sailed in a blizzard, but the club is hoping for more gentle conditions this New Yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day. Sailing out of Watauga Lakeshore Marina, the skipperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s meeting will be held at 1 p.m. Race crews range from two people on up, and experienced sailors are welcome to come along and crew. The race usually lasts two hours The Watauga Lake Sailing


/$0$12$-%&3'%&455%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%53 Club is the only regional sailing club in the area, with approximately 90 members from Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and Western North Carolina. Nestled in the Cherokee National Forest, Watauga Lake offers scenic views and plenty of water to sail all day. During the warmer months, the Club is active with races, picnics, learning opportunities and sailing fellowship. You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to own a sailboat to become a member of the Watauga Lake Sailing Club. For more information about the race or the WLSC, check out their website at %"(3%/1-31(h-.,#(g385#"'%/A(<%@@%)%"#A(VSWiY(7XTKTe7SA(9*/1,%3j-%,;3%@(%"(<,-"&#(I:3-'A( Dock Master at

Photos provided by Sandra Little


Thunder Valley 2012 will be bigger - and louder! D"*'1%,(^"-4$-.(%2!3*-,'(5-?#( announced the 2012 Thunder Valley season schedule, a stellar line-up that includes the Ford Thunder Valley Nationals and the debut of the American Drag Racing League. Exciting new events, the return of many fan-favorites and the thrilling action of the NHRA highlight what may be considered as one of the most wideranging dragway schedules in the country. Fans should strap in June 15-17 as the stars of the NHRA come to Bristol for the 12th Annual Ford NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals presented by the Tri-Cities Area Ford Dealers. The Father’s Day weekend event, which features nitro-burning, pulse-pounding excitement, is one of the most popular events on the NHRA calendar among both drivers and fans. “Each year, we try to raise the bar at Bristol Dragway,” said Jerry Caldwell, Executive Vice-

President and General Manager. H\(15*/&($#()#!/*1#,.(5-?#()%/#( 15-1(15*'(.#-";(P:"(9-4'5*+(#?#/1A( the Ford Thunder Valley Nationals, combines the most unique setting in drag racing with the most powerful machines on the planet and the most fan-friendly competitors in sports. All of that adds up to an unreal experience for all of our fans. “Our ticket renewals for the event are strong, so fans should go ahead and pick some up as Christmas gifts. I guarantee the recipients won’t be disappointed.” Bristol Dragway’s crown jewel event provides an experience unparalleled in motorsports. Defending Top Fuel event champion Larry Dixon hopes to guard his title against all comers, as 2011 Funny Car winner Robert Hight seeks to guide his Ford through a 1%:45(!#,)A(*/3,:)*/4(1#-@@-1#'( John Force and Mike Neff. Pro Stock champion Jason Line will face off against Greg Anderson, 2011 Bristol champ Mike Edwards

and local competitor Allen Johnson to determine who is tops in the ultra-competitive doorslammer division. Bristol Dragway also will add the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series to its impressive schedule, with an event slated for Sept. 28-30. “We are proud to say that we have something for everyone in Thunder Valley,” continued Caldwell. “This season, we’ll have our exciting Monster Truck Madness and Thunder Valley Mayhem thrill shows. We will host Fun Ford Weekend, Super Chevy Show and Mopar Thunder for muscle car fans, as well as our successful street-legal series, Street Fights, for anyone who wants to experience the exhilaration of drag racing. “We also look forward to the debut of the American Drag Racing League, as well as the return of the All Harley Drag Racing Association, the Junior Dragster Eastern Conference Finals and

a full calendar of bracket racing events..” Bristol’s inaugural ADRL event, the ADRL Spring Drags III, will take place Apr. 20-21 and will feature the nation’s best eighthmile drag racers in a battle for an important win at the historic track. ADRL events feature lightning-quick action in several categories, including Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Extreme 10.5, Pro Extreme Motorcycle and Extreme Pro Stock. Bristol’s Street Fights series gives anyone a chance to tackle the strip in legendary Thunder Valley. All street-legal vehicles, from muscle cars to minivans and motorcycles, are welcome to compete at Street Fights. The schedule is comprised of 15 Street Fights events, with the season opener scheduled for Saturday, Mar. 31. The majority of events take place on Thursday evenings, with selected Saturday events in 2012. As always, Thunder Valley gives fans of every manufacturer

the opportunity to come see their favorite classics in action. After a recent hiatus, Fun Ford Weekend presented by JE Pistons and Roush Yates returns to Bristol Dragway June 29-30 and is the perfect paradise for fans of the blue oval. Mopar Thunder rumbles in to Bristol, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, with Mopar muscle machines from yesterday and today. Always home to some of the largest Super Chevy Show crowds, Bristol Dragway prepares 2%"(-(9%%)(%2(0%$1*#(2-/'(J#+1;(WTK 23. After racing concludes at the Super Chevy Show on Saturday, Sept. 22, a spectacular lineup of extreme machines will put on an edge-of-the-seat thrill show during Thunder Valley Mayhem presented by Thompson Metal Recycling Services of Kingsport. The kings of chaos invade the */!#,)(%2(D"*'1%,(g%1%"(J+##)$-.( for Thompson Metal Monster Truck Madness Saturday, July 28. Fans can expect radical racing, frantic freestyles and mountains

77789)$:+",$-+;:<;$80+1 of mashed metal as some of the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biggest monster truck names hit the track. Two-wheel fans will want to make Thunder Valley their home in August. The action begins when the All Harley Drag Racing Association visits Aug. 3-4 for the Thunder in the Valley Nationals presented by 95.9 The Hog and FM 94. With several classes of high-speed competition, including the 200-mph nitro machines, the rumble of Harleys echoing in Thunder Valley makes this one of the most popular venues on the AHDRA circuit. One week later, Aug. 10-12, the Second Annual Thunder Valley Dragbike Shootout features the hottest drag bikes on the planet battling for big money and even bigger bragging rights. DER Bracket Racing Series hosts its fourth season of popular grassroots racing in 2012. The DER Series schedule features nine weekends of racing with competition in categories ranging from Super Pro to Junior Dragsters. In addition to the DER Series schedule, bracket racers have several chances to score big in

/$0$12$-%&3'%&455%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%5A 2012. The May 16-20 K&N Spring Fling 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s presented by Sparco will feature hundreds of drivers running all out for big money. The BTE World Footbrake Challenge VI takes place July 13-15 with some of the biggest names in bracket racing going head-to-head for $10,000-to-win each day. For fans who want to see the future of drag racing, one of the biggest weeks of Junior Dragster competition in the world takes place in July. It kicks off with the July 21-22 Mike Bos Chassis Craft Jr. Dragster Nationals. The eleventh annual event is the perfect tune-up for racers in the July 23-28 NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League Eastern Conference Finals presented by Viperizer. The Eastern Conference Finals attracts more than 500 racers, ages 8-17, from all states east of the Mississippi River. With a diverse slate of events, Thunder Valley is the place to race in 2012. For more information about Bristol Dragway events, please call (423) 764-DRAG or visit


Art Depot’s People’s Choice Award given A large crowd gathered at the Arts Depot during the recent Depot Artists Association’s 22nd Annual Members Show Holiday Open House. Approximately 100 people attended the event where they viewed

114 pieces of artwork created by 64 of the region’s talented artists. In addition to viewing the gallery exhibit guests enjoyed holiday music provided by David Collins, and Daniel & Monica Shew.

Everyone who viewed the exhibit during the early part of the show was encouraged to vote for their favorite piece of artwork to receive the twelfth annual “Arts Depot People’s Choice Award.” This award

“Fiona” is presented to the artist whose piece of artwork was selected by those who cast their vote from the show’s opening through the week after the Holiday Open House. The Arts Depot is delighted to announce that, for the second consecutive year, Bristol, Virginia’s Claudia Rutherford is the recipient this year’s award. Her winning artwork is a watercolor painting entitled “Fiona” Rutherford says, “Fiona, one of our rescue dogs made a great model for this watercolor painting. On the day of the painting, I had just given her 5#"(!"'1(0-15($5#"#('5#(35-/4#)( from a matted gray mass to the beau1*2:,(0,-3&(k($5*1#(0-,,(%2(9:22;(J5#( was resting on our porch checking out her new surroundings. After a quick trip to the vet, we discovered she is a Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain mix. Although shy with most, she is particularly attached to me and often rests at my feet while I paint. I have recently painted a '#3%/)(+*#3#(2"%@(M*%/-C'(!"'1()-.( on the porch, entitled “Naptime”. The painting is a 32”x26” framed watercolor done on Arches 400 hot press paper. Claudia started her art career at age six, drawing animals on discarded paper bags from her great :/3,#C'(4"%3#".('1%"#;(M:,!,,*/4(5#"( dream of receiving art instruction, she majored in art at Northern Illinois University in the early 1970s. She paid her tuition and fees by selling her art, mostly commissioned oil portraits. Setting aside her art to raise her four daughters, Claudia pursued a career as an advocate for abused children. She returned to her art in 2007 when she retired and moved to a small farm northwest of Bristol

Virginia with her husband. Since that time Claudia has participated in several workshops presented by Harry Thompson & Jean Corbett and works exclusively in watercolor. In 2008 Claudia received the People’s Choice Award in the Watauga Valley Art League Christmas show, placed third in the Newell-Hendershot Never Too I-1#(#O5*0*1*%/(-/)(5#,)(15#(%2!3#(%2( President Elect for the Watauga Valley Art League in Johnson City, TN. In 2009 she was awarded the Best of Show and second place award in the Newell-Hendershot Never Too Late show and has received two Honorable Mentions in the juried Virginia Highlands Festival show in Abingdon, VA. Claudia has also received the second place award in the “Roots and Sprouts Art Show” in Bristol, VA. She has been teaching beginning and intermediate watercolor classes at the Abingdon Arts Depot since 2009. The vast majority of Claudia’s paintings in the show depict her love of Virginia people and animals. She attempts to capture their personalities and tell their stories through her meticulous realistic style. Radiant, high contrasts infuses her work with emotions such as joy, sorrow and re9#31*%/;(J5#('1"*?#'(1%(#,*3*1(15#('-@#( emotions from the viewer. The gallery and artists studios are open for your viewing pleasure Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April through December from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., and January through March 11 a.m.-3 p.m. or by appointment. There is no admission charge. For further information, please contact the Arts Depot at (276) 628-9091, or e-mail at, or visit their web site at



Traditional Arts Workshops are by registration only and must be pre-paid. Call (423) 543-5808 for more information. First Hike – Sycamore Shoals Monday, January 2, 2012

First in Freedom! 10 am

We are proud to join all of Tennessee State Parks in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Tennessee State Park system by kicking off one of many “First Hikes” across the state! Early settlers from different walks of life came to the frontier seeking to build a new life for their families. They found a paradise beside the Watauga River, and Sycamore Shoals became the heart of several pivotal events that were responsible for the formation of the State and the Country. Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors for a guided walk through the park. Experience the historical events sur"%:/)*/4(J.3-@%"#(J5%-,'(-/)()*'3%?#"(15#(35-,,#/4#'(15#(+*%/##"'(2-3#)(*/('#11,*/4(15#(2"%/1*#"A(1%(0#(15#(!"'1(*/( freedom! Meet at the Visitors Center of Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area Sycamore Shoals Fife & Drum Corps Saturdays, 10:00 am The Fife & Drum Corps performs at historical events, dedications, and parades. This group is open to anyone ages 12 & up. Musical experience is welcome but not necessary; just come with a willingness to learn. Meet our volunteer coordinator John Large at the Sycamore Shoals Visitors Center. Lessons are free of charge, just call and let us know you’re coming! Old Christmas: Militia Muster at Fort Watauga Saturday, January 7, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Sunday, January 8, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Christmas isn’t over yet! European migrants brought Old World holiday traditions to America, from the Dutch Sinter Klaus to the Twelve Days of Christmas. Discover the English, German, Scotch-Irish, and Dutch roots of our modern holiday celebrations. Contact the park for detailed schedule. Beginners Spinning, Instructor: Amy Gawthrop Sunday, January 8, 1:30 – 4 pm <%'1`((lSR(*/3,:)#'(9##3#((VT'1(1*@#('1:)#/1'(*/(15*'(3,-''Y((( $15 for returning students, Min: 1, Max: 5 Learning about wool, it’s structure and how it reacts. Wool preparation with hand cards, viking combs and drum carder. Practical at the wheel time The Liberty Spinners Tuesday, January 10 (2nd Tuesday of the Month), 9:30 am – 1 pm B5*'(4-15#"*/4(%2('+*//#"'(-/)(!0#"(-"1*'1'(*'(%+#/(1%(-/.%/#(*/1#"#'1#)(*/(15#(-"1(%2('+*//*/4;((c%*/(:'(-1(f`iR(-@( on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (except December). Watercolor Painting - Snow Scenes, Instructor: Barbara Jernigan Saturday, January 14, 10 am – 1 pm Cost: $12 (plus supplies) or $20 (includes supplies) Min: 5, Max: open Learn and practice watercolor techniques and style. Dress to take a short walk outdoors for photos and observations, weather permitting. Shape Note Singing - Led by Don Wiley Sunday, January 15th (3rd Sunday of each Month), 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Sing the shapes! In this early musical tradition, “shapes” represented each note of the do-re-mi scale. Although @-/.(N++-,-35*-/(2"%/1*#"'@#/(3%:,)(/%1("#-)A(15#.(-35*#?#)(0#-:1*2:,(2%:"K+-"1(5-"@%/*#'(15"%:45(15*'('*@+,*!#)( method of learning music. We invite you to join “The Old Fields Singers” for an experience you will not forget. Watercolor Painting - Snow Scenes, Instructor: Barbara Jernigan Saturday, January 21, 10 am – 1 pm Cost: $12 (plus supplies) or $20 (includes supplies) Min: 5, Max: open Learn and practice watercolor techniques and style. Dress to take a short walk outdoors for photos and observations, weather permitting. Northeast Tennessee Autoharp Community & Old Time Group January 22 (4th Sunday of the Month), 1:30 – 2:30 Autoharp & Dulcimer Beginners, 2:30 – 4:00 Open Jam Start on the basics on Autoharp & Dulcimer, then stick around for the open jam to show off what you’ve learned! Old-time musicians of all instruments and skill levels are welcome to play! This group meets on the 4th Sunday of the month, January through May and September through November. January – May & September – November Beginners Knitting, Instructor: Amy Gawthrop Sunday, January 29, 1:30 – 4 pm Cost: $25.00, Min: 1 Max: 10 While making a cozy winter scarf, you will learn to cast on, cast off, knit & purl, pick up dropped stitches, and ,#-"/(1%(&/*1($*15(.%:"(,#21(%"("*451(5-/)E(D"*/4(-1(,#-'1(W('&#*/'(%2($%"'1#)($#*451($%%,A(%"(-/.(!0#"(.%:($%:,)(,*&#( 2%"(-(3%@2%"1-0,#('3-"2;(\2(.%:($-/1(-(,%/4#"('3-"2A(.%:($*,,(/##)(#O1"-('&#*/';(N,'%(0"*/4(-('#1(%2(ZJ6Q(&/*11*/4(/##dles (wood or plastic; straight or circular), no longer than 10”. Bring a friend and they can take the class for $15.00! For more information or to register for workshops, contact Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area 1651 West Elk Avenue Elizabethton, TN 37643 (423) 543-5808 Visitors Center Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Saturday 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM Sunday Park grounds are open from dawn until dusk

EA:./3)(*E'3.$&* E2.2(*e%&23)%:*D)(.*



This Week In The ’Tis the season for out with the old, in with the new … but don’t just throw out the old! As holiday parties conclude and Christmas gifts are opened, please keep in mind all of the opportunities for recycling offered by the City of Johnson City. After your holiday baking and parties are complete, please be sure to recycle food and beverage packaging: paperboard (most all cardboard food packaging such as cracker and cereal boxes), aluminum cans, all plastic containers marked with a 1 or 2 on the bottom, as well as

clear, brown and green glass. While all types of paper are accepted, avoid putting wrapping paper in the recycle bin. A lot of it is foil-backed, which contaminates acceptable paper products. Gift boxes and other cardboard are ideal for recycling – just remove any plastic packaging such as that used for many toys. Set aside any old electronics that have been replaced by new gifts and bring to the Solid Waste Services Complex located at 91 New St. Accepted items include computers, laptops, electronic tab-

Mountain Empire

lets, printers, monitors, cameras, microwaves and televisions (up to 35-inch). Live Christmas trees will be collected for the City’s tREeCYCLE event until Jan. 20. Simply place trees at your curb or deliver to the Winged Deer Park boat ramp parking lot. (Trees are no longer accepted at the Liberty Bell Complex.) Trees will be recycled */1%(!('5(5-0*1-1'(%"($*,,( be used as mulch for industrial boiler fuels. If curbside recycling service is not available to you, please deliver your recyclables to one of the City’s drop-off locations:

Solid Waste Services, 91 New St.; behind Sonic Drive-In, 3302 W. Market St.; Kroger rear parking lot, Browns Mill Road; Winged Deer Park boat ramp parking lot, Carroll Creek Road; and adjacent to the Johnson City Power Board, Boones Creek Road. Johnson City’s recycling program will be adding household batter*#'A(9(:%"#'3#/1(0:,0'(-/)( tubes, and used cooking oil to its accepted items in late January. More information will be available soon! For more information about Johnson City’s recycling efforts, please call

Eva Hunter at 979-6318. This month, we are collecting pajamas for women and children in need. All pajama’s collected will be distributed to three of the local women’s’ shelters in Kingsport, Bristol and Johnson City. Donations can be dropped off at our m*/4'+%"1(%2!(3#(VSfWS( Ft Henry Drive, Suite G.),Summit Leadership Foundation 3104 Hanover Road Johnson City, TN 37604 (423) 283-7557) and National College (1328 Highway 11, Bristol, TN (423)878-4440. The Bristol Public


Library is introducing a new service to its patrons; free music downloads with Freegal Music. Freegal is downloadable music service which provides access to the catalog of artists in Sony Music Entertainment. The Bristol Public Library has joined the Library Ideas network of Public Library websites that offer access to songs from Sony Music’s catalog of legendary artists. The service will allow the Bristol Public Library to increase the size and diversity of its collection by offering access to hundreds of thousands of songs. Registered Bristol Public Library cardholders can download three songs per week with their barcode and pin number. Freegal works with any MP3 device, including iPods. Go to


the Resources page on the BPL website to log on and download music! The best part is these songs are for the cardholders to keep! For more information on this or other library programs, call (276) 645-8781 or visit Virginia Intermont College Professor Marvin Tadlock’s artwork was selected for the National Juried Exhibition at the Emporium Center Gallery in Knoxville, Tenn., through Jan. 27. Tadlock is a multiple award winner in national as well as local competitions and a frequent exhibitor. His self-portrait, “Sculptor Gone Flat,” was selected for the exhibit presented by Knoxville’s Arts & Culture Alliance to provide a forum for artists to compete on a national

scale and display their highest quality work. The National Juried Exhibition of 2011 features selected works from 38 artists representing the Southeast and Midwest. Tadlock has a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and received a doctorate in education from the University of Georgia. His kinetic sculptures win critical acclaim for his ability to make steel ,%%&(,*&#(9(%$*/4(,*d:*);( Many of his works are on permanent display throughout the Southeast, including the Virginia Intermont campus. Neely Hyde served as juror for the National Juried Exhibition of 2011. Holding a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Tennessee,

she has extensive experience in galleries, media and education. She also is a commercial photographer in Chattanooga, Tenn. Knoxville’s Emporium Center, 100 South Gay Street, is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with additional hours Saturday, Jan. 7, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, please call (865) 523-7543, or visit -(1;(&1.AI G.;".)A*W National Clogging Champion, Jessica Larkin, Miss Kingsport 2011, will teach beginners clogging classes in Johnson City at the Princeton Arts Center on Oakland Ave. Classes will meet each Wednesday beginning January 4th. Jessica is currently a professional

)-/3#"(-1(15#(_-1!(#,)C'( and McCoy’s Dinner show in Pigeon Forge. She won First Place at the National Clogging and Hoedown Championships and First Place at the National Clogging Champions of America for 2011. Besides all the fun you will have, students will get a real workout! Classes will be available for ages 5 through adult. The Fee is only $20 per month! Phone the Princeton Arts Center for class times 2%"('+#3*!(3(-4#(4"%:+'( at 283-5800, or Tri-Cities Talent at 288-8346, or email tricitiestalent@ E.2")1.AI G.;".)A*S Dailey & Vincent, at the Paramount Center for the Arts, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $24 for adults and $22 for


@(:(/#()*X*G.;".)A* e.;1&*7;**6.$(;1.)*38*0?(;2& EC(:%.$*0?(;2& All Month Long - Good for You: Healthy Fun on the Run This exhibit tells the story of Ginger, a potato chip eating, soda guzzling, couch potato who loves to watch TV. Follow Ginger and her dog, George, as they enjoy an adventure that leads to a world of healthy foods and active play. -(1;(&1.AI*@(:(/#()*UY*+* -.:5A*-(.2'()*-3)5&'3C Would you like to be a storm chaser, meteorologist, or weatherperson when you grow up? If so, this is the workshop for you! Learn about the science behind weather, construct a tornado tube, generate snow, and more. Cost $12 for members, $15 for non-members. Ages 7-10. Payment is required with registration by Wednesday, December 7. Saturday, December 31 OPEN on New Year’s Eve Day. Sunday, January 1st CLOSED on New Year’s Day. G.;".)A*D)2*E2"1%3*E:'(1"$( Fabulous Footwear: Design your own high heel, cowboy boot, or tennis shoe that is just your style! Chinese Lanterns: Ring in the Chinese New Year by designing

a Chinese lantern. As we celebrate the year of the Dragon, learn some Chinese symbols to decorate your lantern. EC(:%.$*0?(;2& All Month Long - Good for You: Healthy Fun on the Run This exhibit tells the story of Ginger, a potato chip eating, soda guzzling, couch potato who loves to watch TV. Follow Ginger and her dog, George, as they enjoy an adventure that leads to a world of healthy foods and active play. >"(&1.AI*G.;".)A*N*+*E";1.AI* G.;".)A*iO Newton’s Antics Celebrate Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday in the Eastman Discovery Lab this week. Learn about Newton’s Three Laws of Motion with our tower test, eraser racers, and the water whirl. The Eastman Discovery Lab will be open by announcement periodically throughout each day. -(1;(&1.AI*G.;".)A*W*+*PVNT* .L/L+iUVNT*CL/. Little Newton Workshop Calling all future physicists! It’s Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday, so let’s celebrate by learning about his Three Laws of Motion. Try out the egg drop chal,#/4#A(0:*,)(-/)(,-:/35(-(!,@( canister rocket, and more! A

healthy snack will be included as well. Cost $12 for members, $15 for non-members. Ages 8-13. Payment is required with registration by Wednesday, December 21st. To register, please call 423-434-4263 ext. 100, T-F 9-5 or email >"(&1.AI*G.;".)A*iS*+*E";1.AI*G.;".)A*UP* Do You See What “Eye” See? Learn about the human eye in honor of National Eye Care Month. Learn about how the inner workings of the eye and test your eyes with some optical illusions. The Eastman Discovery Lab will be open by announcement periodically throughout each day.

-(1;(&1.AI*G.;".)A*iY*+*PVNT* .L/L+iUVNT*CL/L Owl Pellet Dissection Owls are amazing creatures that swallow their prey whole. Learn what owls eat as you dissect an owl pellet and reconstruct the skeleton found inside it. Cost $10 for members, $12 for non-members. Ages 5-10. Payment is required with registration by Wednesday, January 4th. To register, please call 423-4344263 ext. 100, T-F 9-5 or email

>"(&1.AI*G.;".)A*Ni Say Cheese! Learn all about teeth in honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month. You will take an impression of your own “chompers” and then have the chance to make your own toothpaste. The Eastman Discovery Lab will be open by announcement periodically throughout each day. If you have any questions on these or other programs, please call (423) 434-HAND. Winter hours (September - May) are: TuesdayFriday 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m, and Sunday 1-5 p.m. Closed Monday. Admission fees apply. All programs and activities are subject to change without notice.


E5%(&*>'%&*-((5 Celestial events in the skies for the week of Dec. 27, 2011 and Jan. 2, 2012, as compiled for The Loafer by Mark D. Marquette. Bright Venus and Jupiter and a crescent Moon dancing through the early evening sky will draw many eyes skyward this last $##&(%2(WRTT;((]*/1#"(*'(%2!3*-,,.(5#"#A(-/)( the night sky also shows the change. Tues. Dec. 27 With sunset at around 5:30 p.m., anybody driving home westward from work at the evening rush hour will no doubt see the brilliant, white light of planet Venus. It is getting higher and brighter as it climbs away from the Sun, further into the constellation Capricornus the Sea Goat. Wed. Dec. 28 Planet Jupiter shines down from high above the eastern horizon at dark, and keeps getting higher until it peaks in the high south at around midnight. Any kind of telescope will show the globe of the planet and its four largest moons. Jupiter is about 700 million miles away from Earth. Thurs. Dec. 29 By 8 p.m., mighty Orion is hurdling over the eastern horizon, on its side and climbing higher by the hour. At midnight, the hunter stands erect over the southern horizon, his belt of three stars and the stars marking his shoulders and knees being unmistakable. Fri. Dec. 30 By 10 p.m., the brightest star of the sky, Sirius in Canis Major, is well above the eastern horizon, trailing behind Orion. Jupiter and Venus are brighter than Sirius, but no regular star is brighter, making it famous throughout history. Called the “Dog Star,” 0#3-:'#(%2(*1'(,%3-1*%/(*/(15#('1*3&K!4:"#( man that is the stars of the “Big Dog,” Sirius is in the daytime sky during the summer, helping coin the phrase Dog Days of Summer. It rises in the summer when the Nile U*?#"(9%%)';((N/)(15#(-/3*#/1(G4.+1*-/'( thought Sirius’ brightness added more heat to the daytime temperature from the Sun which it doesn’t. Sat. Dec. 31 This New Year’s Eve 2011, the seventh planet Uranus is visible in binoculars as a greenish star about six degrees south of the crescent Moon. Jupiter is to the far left of the Moon, all three objects being in the constellation Pisces the Fishes. Sun. Jan. 1 Welcome the year of 2012! First Quarter Moon is this morning at 1:15 a.m. So, when the Sun sets, the Moon will be directly south, half of its globe illuminated. Mon. Jan. 2 B5#(4"#-1('3*#/3#(!31*%/($"*1#"(\'--3( Asimov was born this day in 1920. A writer or more than 500 books, including classics like I, Robot, and what is called the greatest '3*(!('5%"1('1%".A(Nightfall. Asimov died at age 72 in 1992.


seniors and students. Box %2!3#A(VSWiY(WXSKQfWRA(%"( visit Greeneville’s top wedding and party vendors will host brides-to-be and hostesses-in-need at the 2012 Something Blue Bridal Fair, to be held from 11am until 3pm in the Grand Ballroom of the General Morgan Inn on January 7, 2012. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…it’s what we do! Vendors will showcase products and services ranging from exquisite 9%"-,(-""-/4#@#/1'(-/)( 1-0,#()#3%"-1*%/'(1%(!/#( linens and formalwear. The area’s top DJ and sound service providers and photographers will be available to help wedding and party planners create and capture memorable wedding and party moments. Vendor categories include: wedding and "#3#+1*%/(,%3-1*%/'A(9%"-,( design, formalwear and gowns, DJ & Sound services, photographers, specialty cakes, and event rentals. Something Blue’s organizers welcome bridesto-be and party planners to go to Facebook and become friends with Eliza Getting-Married, 15#(#?#/1C'(%2!3*-,(-@bassador. Eliza GettingMarried is collecting information from the area’s top vendors and welcomes questions, advice, and stories from brides who’ve been there and done that. She will post and share information on the event’s website and Facebook page. Admission to Something Blue Bridal Fair is $5.00. Tickets are available in advance or at the )%%";(B*3&#1'($*,,(%2!3*-,-

ly go on sale December 1, 2011. Brides-to-be who register before January 3, 2012 receive free admission. Registration and tickets will be available at the General Morgan Inn. For more information about Something Blue Bridal Fair please visit www.generalmorganinn. com or www.something0,:#0"*)-,2-*";3%@(%"(!/)( J%@#15*/4(D,:#C'(%2!3*-,( Facebook Friend, Eliza Getting-Married at www. facebook/ElizaGettingMarried. Questions about Something Blue Bridal Fair? Call the Marketing Department at the General Morgan Inn at 423-787-7502.






D$/.;.:*&2%$$*:3;2.%;&*.* \(.$2'*38*&2.)<.`%;<*%;83 I picked up a copy of the 2012 edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, and was quite pleased with all the accurate stargazing information for the New Year. Promising “everything under the Sun, including the Moon,” the classic almanac has been published since 1792 by originator Robert B. Thomas, and is still going strong. Thomas served as editor until his death on May 19, 1846. As its editor for more than 50 years, Thomas established The Old Farmer’s Almanac as America’s most enduring almanac by outlasting the competition. While I usually rely on two or three trusty resources each year 2%"(15#(1*@#K9%$(%2(15#(3#,#'1*-,( events in our region, I found The Old Farmer’s Almanac a worthy choice for astronomical information for 2012. The cover of the Southern edition of the 2012 Almanac says it also features astronomical tables, tides, holidays, eclipses, etc. And, it advertises planting tables and zodiac secrets. Well, the predictable motions of the Sun, Moon and stars are predictable for thousands of years into the future - so there aren’t many “zodiac secrets” out there. But the starry year ahead has some fascinating events in store for stargazers. And one will be more amazing than when the planet Venus passes in front of the Sun in the late afternoon of June 5. The Almanac says: “During our lifetime, Venus will never again seem as spectacular as it does this year.” And that is no understatement. The second planet is covered $*15(3,%:)'(-/)("#9#31'(0-3&(fR(+#"( cent of the sunlight that strikes it -

making it so bright. Venus will dominate the evening sky until reaching a maximum brightness of minus -4.7 magnitude in April - that’s about 50 times brighter than the brightest star Sirius, at -1.5 magnitude, now visible in the south of our winter skies. In fact, Venus is so bright it will cast a shadow under the right conditions! Only the Sun and Moon are brighter than this planet, the size of Earth and 20 million miles away. But the real sky show of 2012 happens during the broad daylight of Tuesday, June 5. For the second time in 8 years, and the last time until 2117, Venus will pass in front of the Sun! Called a “transit” by astronomers, this rare event will be watched around the world, just like the previous transit of Venus on June 6, 2004. Every 115 years, the orbit of the inner planet Venus as seen from Earth takes it directly across the face of the Sun. Then it happens twice 8 years apart, and then another 115 year gap. So those, like me, who saw the Venusian transit of June 6, 2004, are the only humans alive to have ever seen the phenomenon. The Venus transit of June 5, 2012 will begin at 6:04 pm and spend the next hour slowly moving across the backdrop of the Sun. With sunset at 9:45 p.m. DST, the Sun will be well placed above the western horizon in our Appalachian local. The only thing to wish for on June 5th will be good weather - and predicting the weather is a big part of The Farmer’s Almanac. The overview for the weather of 2012 predicts a mild and snowy winter for our Mountain Empire, and a cool and wet Summer of 2012.

There are two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses around the world in 2012, but none of them are visible from our part of North America. The two best meteor showers of each year, the Aug. 11-13th Perseid Meteor Shower, and the Dec. 13-14th Geminid shower will be under moonless skies, making them an event worth circling on the calendar if you want to see 30-50 meteors per hour streaking across the early morning sky. The year 2012 is also a Leap Year, so there will be a Leap Day of Feb. 29th, a Wednesday. Another weird fact about 2012 - the solstices and equinoxes occur earlier than any year since 1896. In our Eastern time zone, Spring arrives just after midnight on March 20 - but that’s in the ending hour of March 19th for the West Coast of North America. The Farmer’s Almanac has accurate information about the posi1*%/(%2(15#(!?#(/-&#)K#.#(+,-/#1'( through the year, but unfortunately lacks any star charts for the seasons. It would also be nice to see a map of the Moon with named features for the backyard binocular-gazer of our closest celestial neighbor. One interesting section in the Farmer’s Almanac is the “Astronomical Gardens.” I never thought about this - and may give it a try - to construct a garden of vegetables or 9%$#"'($*15(-(+-11#"/(-,*4/#)(1%( the rising and setting Sun on the solstices and equinoxes. Several layouts in a yard are provided, as well as detail information of what to plant. Setting up your own “gnomons,” or markers out of stone or wood will make for interesting conversation about your landscaping. And your astronomical garden can be practical as well as


/$0$12$-%&3'%&455%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%&3 beautiful—just like your own Stonehenge or Pyramids of Giza! And what the doomsday prophecy when the Mayan Calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012? Frankly, all the media hype is laughable. The fact that the Mayan Calendar ends on this date means absolutely nothing to astronomers - turn the page to a new calendar! And the Sun never lines up with the center of the Milky Way - and if it did, so what? There’s no galactic */9:#/3#(15-1("#-35#'(-3"%''()%L#/'( of Light Years that can affect Earth. All this bunk is pointed out by astronomy popularizer Bob Berman in his recap of stargazing news for 2012 in The Farmer’s Almanac. Like Berman says in his article, The Sky is Falling!, the Mayan Calendar media overkill is a great reason to stargaze all year like there’s no tomorrow! As Berman points out, the Mayans were keen astronomers, and particularly knew the cycles of the bright Venus. A year with a Venus

transit across the Sun is certainly an amazing year in any culture! Much of the hysteria over the 2012 apocalypse points to the naivety of the human race in general, -/)('+#3*!3-,,.(15#(,-3&(%2('3*#/1*!3( discipline. Though the stars are less known today by the common man or woman than just 200 years ago, many people believe in horoscopes and astrology. The stars of such patterns like Orion and the Big Dipper are randomly arranged in sky, looking like a hunter or kitchen ladle only because of our viewpoint from the Sun’s family home. The constellations look the same from the planets of our Sun, but would appear different if seen from another star system. So, how can the position of +,-/#1'(-@%/4(15#('1-"'(*/9:#/3#( mankind? It doesn’t seem possible. Yet, there is a lot of information about when to plant certain veg#1-0,#'(%"(9%$#"'A(-,,(0-'#)(%/(15#( position of the Sun, Moon and stars.

And when it comes to the phases of the Moon, well ... the lunar */9:#/3#(*'(+"#)*31#)(-,,(%?#"(15#( Farmer’s Almanac. From the best !'5*/4(1*@#'A(1%($5#/(1%(3:1(.%:"( hair or pour concrete, there is a chart based on Moon signs. There is so much practical information in any almanac that the six dollar or so investment will more than be rewarded with some literary entertainment. There are measurements comparisons, and practical information of lots of life’s chores. Everything sounds so good... it must be true! And most of the Old Farmer’s Almanac is based on fact. Predicting the weather more than a year in advance seems a little absurd; but time and time again the almanac is right! J%(4%(!4:"#;(P"(0#11#"(.#1A(4%( purchase any kind of 2012 almanac, and enjoy spending some time contemplating the future. Maybe... enjoy the time like there’s no end in sight!


H%;<*63$$(<(*C'323*&2"1(;2&*1%&C$.A*.2*$%#).)A Artwork by the King College Photography Department will be featured in the Bristol Public Library’s Virgie R. Fleenor Gallery in January and February. B5#(!"'1(4-,,#".(#O5*0*1(%2( the New Year is a compilation

of works from the Spring 2011 King College Photography Project Lab. “This course is a unique experience for our students. Each semester a different focus or topic is chosen and then students from all levels

of the program work together with their distinct and varying talents,” explains Tammy Mercure, King College Photography Professor. During the Spring 2011 semester, Professors Mercure and Chris Stewart provided

Photo by Joseph Maye information about the Farm Security Administration, FSA to the students. The FSA was set up in 1935 by President Roosevelt as a part of his New Deal. The government hired a small, but */9:#/1*-,(4"%:+(%2(+5%1%4raphers, including Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans, to photograph rural America and farmers and to “introduce America to Americans” through photographs. Each student was assigned a theme to work on pertaining to Bristol, from business owners to cars and yards. The students in this exhibition are John Wade Brasher, Josh Hut-

ton, Lyndsey Keegan, Alyson Lawton, Joseph Maye, Chad Thompson, Clinton Warmoth, and Samantha Woodin. This display runs January 3-February 29 at the Bristol Public Library in the Virgie R. Fleenor Art Gallery. The library is open Monday- Thursday 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday- Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sundays 2 p.m.-5 p.m. For questions about the Art Gallery or any other library programs, call (276) 821-6148.




Screen Scenes

R32'%;<*$%5(*e3$/(&* 83)*2'(*e3$%1.A&f What does it take to assure my friend Jennifer will be in a seat at the local cinema? Robert Downey, Jr.! If there ever was an ultimate Downey Jr. fan, it is Jennifer. So when I mentioned the new release, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, would be my latest endeavor at the movies, she was ready to get her popcorn and drink and join me without hesitation. The new release is a sequel to the 2009 release, Sherlock Holmes, and again stars RDJ as the title character. Jude Law also returns as Dr. John Watson, and the wonderful screen chemistry the duo had */(15#(!"'1(!,@(3%/1*/:#'(*/(15#( sequel. I love the rapport the actors have, and I hope we see the two in a third Sherlock movie. The story involves the duo teaming again in an effort to thwart a plan by Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) to cause */1#"/-1*%/-,(3%/9*31;( Prior to the duo beginning their latest adventure, Dr. Watson is hesitant to take part as he is getting married to Mary Morstan-Watson (Kelly Reilly), but is convinced by Sherlock to 1-&#(+-"1(-'(15*'($*,,(0#(15#(!/-,( time the duo work together. As the two begin their mission, Sherlock has traced murders, terrorist attacks, and business acquisitions, that were seemingly unrelated, to Moriarty. While the two are celebrating the pending nuptials of Watson and Mary at a very interesting London club, Sherlock meets with gypsy

Simza (Noomi Rapace), and after a tarot reading, Simza is attacked by an assassin. The gypsy was attacked in an attempt to retrieve an important message sent to her via her missing brother Rene. Of course, Moriarty is responsible for the attack on Simza as $#,,A(-/)($5#/(J5#",%3&(!/-,,.( has a meeting with the Professor, he is warned to stay out of the way or he will kill Dr. Watson and Mary if the detective continues his investigation. Of course, Sherlock continues his investigation, and Watson and Mary are attacked on the train on the way to their honeymoon destination. The detective makes an appearance on the train in one of his many disguises, which happens to be one of his most humorous to date. I must add here, Sherlockâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ?-"*%:'()*'4:*'#'(-"#()#!/*1#,.( one of the highlights of these !,@'A(-/)(*/(-))*1*%/(1%(15#( disguise on the train, I loved the ones where he disappears into the furniture and walls. Disguises aside, Sherlock is successful in helping save Watson and Mary, even though the ,-11#"('%%/(!/)'(5#"'#,2(:/#Opectedly off the train. Sherlock and Watson then 5#-)(1%(8-"*'(*/(-/(#22%"1(1%(!/)( Simza, to elicit her help, as she holds the key to helping the duo take down Moriarty. The trio make a excellent team, and from this point in the story, do whatever it takes to bring the Professor to justice, and ruin him in the process. B5#(!,@(5-'($%/)#"2:,(-31*%/( sequences, and really moves at

a quick pace, so if you see the !,@A('1-.('#-1#)(15"%:45%:1(*2( possible. I loved the banter between Watson and Sherlock, and the writers did a excellent job in providing each character with the perfect dialogue. It was also fun to see Sherlock match wits with Professor Moriarty for the !"'1(1*@#(*/(15#(!,@('#"*#'A(-/)( 15#*"(3%/9*31(+"-31*3-,,.(b%,1'(15#( screen. Director Guy Ritchie keeps 15#(!,@(':33#''2:,,.(%/(1"-3&A( and I am sure had little problem with the actors, as they are all fantastic. Speaking of the actors, I feel RDJ is tailor made for the role of J5#",%3&A(-/)(2##,(5#(!1'(15*'("%,#( even better than in his portrayal of Ironman. He also appears to be having a blast in the role, and I am sure the actor would love to continue to portray the British detective. As for Law, this is also one of his best roles as well, and he seems to slip into the character like one would into their favorite footwear. Only adding to the aforementioned accolades, are the outstanding cinematography and period sets. While I enjoyed the original, I feel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows surpasses the !"'1(#22%"1A(-/)(15#(#/)*/4(,#21( me anxiously awaiting a new adventure with Sherlock and Dr. Watson. For a great mixture of thrills, mystery and comedy, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s takes no detective to deduce I "#3%@@#/)(.%:('##(15*'(!,@;(

(Rated PG-13) A





Transitions D*/3).$*%&&"( What is Mountaintop Removal Mining? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a moral issue (as well as a huge environmental, health, cultural and !/-/3*-,(*'':#EY(^*)(.%:(&/%$(15-1( 200,000 Tennesseans work in the tourism industry but less than 400 work in coal mining? If we continue to allow Big Coal to tear down our mountains that tourists will want to continue to come here? Did you know that the mountains are destroyed for cheap coal that gets sold to China? Did you know that the +"%!1'(4%(1%(B#O-'(-/)(]#'1(a*"4*/*-( conglomerates? And do you know what we get from removal of our beloved mountains? Sick - from the polluted water sources located at the bottom of the mountains to the soil where the coal dust settles, mountaintop removal is without quarrel, the most extreme form of environmental assault ever. The fallout of mountaintop removal operations has led to the largest forced removal of American citizens since the mid-19th century and left the region in entrenched poverty and unem-

ployment. The ignored studies on birth defects and cancer connected to contaminants related to mountaintop removal operations are a travesty- and a moral issue. So what can we do about it? Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a suggestion: 1. Start your brand new year out by attending a free showing of The Last Mountain, a powerful true story about 15#(!451(2%"(15#(,-'1(4"#-1(@%:/1-*/( in Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Appalachian heartland. B5#(!,@(*'(0#*/4('+%/'%"#)(0.(M*"'1( Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton and many other local groups that are concerned about this issue. Introductory comments will be made by special guest, State Representative Kent Williams, so arrive in plenty of time to hear what he has to say.

77789)$:+",$-+;:<;$80+1 This feature length documentary will be shown next week at the Bonnie Kate Theater, located at 115 South Sycamore Street, in Elizabethton on Monday, January 2 at 7 p.m. The movie pits Big Coal against the residents of Coal River Valley, West a*"4*/*-;(B5#*"(3%@@:/*1.(*'(!451*/4( to preserve the mountain and build a wind farm on its ridges instead. The citizens argue the practice of dynamiting the mountain’s top off to mine the coal within pollutes the air and water, is responsible for the deaths of their neighbors and spreads pollution to other states. Yet, regardless of evidence supporting these claims, Big Coal corporations repeat the process daily */(15#(/-@#(%2(+"%!1;(g-''*?#(+"%!1( allows Big Coal to wield incredible !/-/3*-,(*/9:#/3#(%?#"(,%00.*'1'(-/)( 4%?#"/@#/1(%2!3*-,'(*/(0%15(+-"1*#'A( rewrite environmental protection laws, avoid lawsuits and eliminate more than 40,000 mining jobs, all while claiming to be a miner’s best friend. As our energy needs increase, so does Big Coal’s control over our future. This fact and a belief that America was founded on the democratic principal that no individual or corporation owns the air and water and we all share the responsibility of protecting it, drives these patriotic citizens and their

/$0$12$-%&3'%&455%.%()$%*+",$-'%!"#$%65 supporters from outside of Appalachia, like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to keep !451*/4;(N(+-''*%/-1#(-/)(+#"'%/-,(1-,#( that honors the extraordinary power of ordinary Americans when they !451(2%"($5-1(15#.(0#,*#?#(*/A(B_G( LAST MOUNTAIN shines a light on America’s energy needs and how those /##)'(-"#(0#*/4(':++,*#);(\1(*'(-(!451( for our future that affects us all. If you’re a regular reader of this column, you know by now that I’m concerned about the passing of Peak Oil, the climate changes that are occurring, and our society’s attempts to continue on with business as usual. I strongly believe that if we work together with our neighbors and within our communities, just like those folks in Coal River Valley, that we’ll be able to not only survive the changes that we face, but that we can actually thrive as we transition to a lifestyle based on a lower energy future. This work can’t happen sometime in the future. It really must begin now. We’re already late to the table, and we can’t afford to wait for our government or science to do something. We have all the knowledge and tools we need to do it, but we must begin. Understanding, truly understanding, any problem *'(15#(!"'1('1#+(1%('%,?*/4(*1;(]-135*/4( 15*'(!,@(*'(-/(*@+%"1-/1(!"'1('1#+(*/(

grasping the enormity of this problem and our nation’s energy future. We’ve run out of the cheap, easy-to-mine- for, easy-to-drill-for, energy sources that we’ve all come to rely on. Ultra deep water off shore oil drilling rigs like the Deep Water Horizon that sank and spewed last year, and removal of the mountain tops are proof of that. So, watching a free movie is easy but what else can we do? 2. B5#($*)#,.(-33#+1#)()#!/*1*%/(%2( sustainability is the ability to provide for the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. As Americans, we consume and throw away more per person than any other people on the planet. By following the mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose we can do our part to reduce our individual footprint on this earth. Here

is the single most important rule for everyone to live by: consume less stuff. It’s so simple it might bear repeating: consume less stuff. Americans consume more energy and resources per person than any other population on Earth. In fact, if everyone on Earth consumed as much as the average American, humanity would require four more Earths just to harvest for resources. Doing your part does require that you rethink your habits but it doesn’t have to be hard. Realize that if everyone makes changes, we can completely alter our collective impact on our planet. It really is a moral issue. Recognizing how environmentally and socially critical the next few dec-)#'(%2(15#(1$#/1.(!"'1(3#/1:".($*,,(0#A( more faith communities in the United States intend to reduce their ecological footprint and to protect the com-

mons by eating locally grown organic food (including humanely treated food animals), purchasing imported products that are ‘fair-traded’, using appropriate technology, and conserving energy while reducing waste. If your faith community hasn’t started working on these issues, let them know -0%:1(15*'(:+3%@*/4(!,@(-/)(%+#/( the conversation needed to begin this work. You can also go to First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton’s website: and click on the ‘Mountaintop Removal Mining Action Packet’ on their home page. There are many other resources there and helpful actions we can take to stop mountaintop removal. It’s a moral issue after all. If you have other ideas about how we can work together to end mountaintop removal and our dependence on coal, email me at: Loafertransitions@

Photo above:, released a series of overlays for Google Earth showing “before” and “after” landscapes in several heavily-mined regions


77789)$:+",$-+;:<;$80+1 Enter the New Year with only one resolution, a question, to ask yourself over and over again. How can I help? We all have a unique gift to offer the world, expressed differently with each person. Ask yourself this question daily. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t look for answers, just ask the question. ]#(-"#(2:,!,,#)($5#/($#(3%@bine our talents and gifts to help others, people and animals. By beginning each day with a question that leads inward, we can reach out and help our community grow. During the morning routine of getting ready for the day, take the time to look at yourself in the mirror, straight in the eyes and take three deep breaths. Then ask yourself, How can I help? And listen to your body. When we control our breath, we can control our thoughts and thus are able to think more clearly and rationally. During the night our bodies can become stiff and our skin dry, especially in the winter, so it is important to have a short yoga routine in the morning to break up the cobwebs that accumulate at night. Unless a medical professional has discouraged exercise, yoga is safe for everyone.




Mindful Living

63//";%2A*#(<%;&*\%2'%;*A3" One easy way to begin the day and set intention is to place both arms above your head, palms together, and lean your hips to one side and your arms to the other. Now, take three deep breaths and ask your self the question, How can I help? Repeat. Other side. Then, make a big circle with your arms still over head and palms touching. Try to touch the 9%%"(-/)("#-35(:+(-'(5*45(-'(.%:( can. Bend your knees as you lower down. For the dry skin, go to your

local grocery and get some organic sesame oil, or organic cocoa oil. Begin on dry clean skin and massage yourself with the oil from head to toe. Literally. This gentle self mas'-4#($*,,(0"*/4(0,%%)(9%$(1%(15#( skin and help wake up your body. Dry hair? Rub the leftover oil on your hands into your hair. For an added bonus, with the sesame oil or coca oil use a spoonful for a natural way to clean and whiten your teeth. Rinse for a minute and then spit the oil out and rinse with warm water. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t swallow the oil,

it has just pulled out all the gunk from overnight! Starting the day (and year) with an introspective - but quite accessible - question and self care routine plants the seed for growth. Journeying inward gives us the ability to love ourselves without judgment and to accept ourselves as being whole in our duality. This insight then allows us to have compassion and non judgment towards others. And that leads to a community that is healing and supportive, attaining peace and equality. The word Community has the $%")(:/*1.(*/(*1[(15#()#!/*1*%/(%2( Yoga is union. So it is within our community we experience union -/)($#(#O+#"*#/3#(*1(!"'1($*15*/( ourselves during our yoga practice. Unifying mind, body and spirit with a simple question, How can I help? Bringing community together by !"'1(,%?*/4(%:"'#,?#'E( Its so simple.


Matt Flinner Trio reaps a Winter Harvest The Matt Flinner Trio has mastered the craft of composing music “on the go.” The group practices a unique approach - writing in hotel rooms, dressing rooms, on airplanes and in the back of tour vans - and debuting the new pieces the same night. Sonically founded in bluegrass, jazz and American acoustic music, the virtuosic collaboration between esteemed mandolinist Matt Flinner,

guitarist Ross Martin and bass*'1(G"*3(B5%"*/A(*'(-(!/#,.(1:/#)( composition machine. Culling the best from the over two hundred tunes in their repertoire, the trio is releasing Winter Harvest, a roadcrafted sequel to their 2009 release, Music Du Jour. “We’re building on what we started with Music Du Jour, debuting tunes the day they were written. But I think Winter Harvest is a more mature CD; we’ve done close

to 70 of these shows now, so we’re getting to choose 15 tunes out of 256. We wanted to choose the few 1:/#'(15-1("#-,,.()#!/#)(15#(4"%:+( and where we’d gone.” Stylistically, the group is self)#!/#)(-'(H)##+,.K"%%1#)(/#$( acoustic music,” and Flinner himself “blurs the lines between jazz and bluegrass, traditional and avant-garde (Associated Press).” Originally a banjo player, Flinner won the National Banjo <%/1#'1(-1(]*/!#,)(m-/'-'(*/( 1990 and then, as he mastered the mandolin, returned and took the same prize the following year for that instrument. Flinner mastered the bluegrass style and genre and was driven to seek greater degrees of musical maturity through jazz studies. “Bluegrass and jazz are both improvisational and truly American,” says Flinner. “We strive to advance the (bluegrass) genre and do new things with it, hopefully creating a unique form out of other uniquely American forms.” Winter Harvest is the next chapter in the Matt Flinner Trio canon.

Flinner comments that this collection is “not jazz, not bluegrass, and not world music, but it’s some kind of weird combination of all those things. These are the tunes that we felt were not trying to copy one of these other genres, but the ones that achieved a blend of the genres in an organic way.” Inspired by the expansive American landscape and the conversation that evolves in the back of a tour van, tune and title subject matter were greatly varied. The album opening Raji’s Romp is -(+,-.2:,(1"*0:1#(1%(15#(!"'1(3-"##"( touchdown made by B.J. Raji of the Green Bay Packers to win the NFC championship in January 2011, while the dreamy Bitterroot was written by guitarist Ross Martin and rehearsed by the band all in the half hour before a performance because Martin hadn’t managed to write his tune earlier that day. “The tunes are inspired by necessity as much as anything, I guess!” laughs Flinner. The band’s conversational melodic exchanges, harmonic


w counterpoint and rhythmic preci- m sion are beautifully engaging and G complex, with each instrument l highlighted and voiced to suit the puzzle piece-like song structures. t Whether doubling the melody in w bass and mandolin or expressing b a unison rhythmic motif, the trio is unmatched in their execution of Y style. The album’s special guest p featured Flinner’s son Lucas who s contributed the auxiliary percus- o sive sounds to the track “The g Stumbling Bro.” At four years w old, Lucas used his destructive a expertise to smash bottles and drop various objects in front of the s microphones. Says Flinner of his Y '%/C'(!"'1('1:)*%('#''*%/A(HI*&#(-( t Nashville pro, Lucas came in and i nailed it.” l The Matt Flinner Trio will be on t tour Spring 2012 promoting and performing selections from Winter w Harvest. d They will continue to write new compositions on the road, further a pioneering their signature style of m American roots music.

a p w



Does anyone actually enjoy New Years Eve? I suppose if you were well on your way to being completely soused at midnight you would. I like New Years G?#(!/#A(0:1(\(3-/C1('-.(15-1(\(+-"1*3:larly enjoy it. To me it’s not only the coming of the new year, but a reminder that I will be a year older in a week, my birthday is on the 8th of January. I hardly ever do anything on New Years Eve; I rarely get invited to any parties. I sometimes wonder if it has something to do with my insistence on making cheese dip. But usually I’ll gather with a few people for a little while, and at least enjoy something on a Ritz cracker and some ginger ale. But one year, shortly after high school, I found myself spending New Year’s Eve alone. The year was 2005 to be precise, and I found myself living at home during the period of my life. I thought I was well on my may to becoming the next Neil Simon. It was the odd year my parents were actually invited to a little shindig, and I had not a thing planned at -,,;(\($-'(!/#($*15(15-1(-1(!"'1A(\(3%:,)( always fall back on the Marx Brothers marathon on TCM that night. So, with my TV on and ready for an evening with some of the funniest people who ever lived, I pondered what to eat that night. Get a pizza? Nah, all the pizza shops would be backed up that night,




*batteries not included R(\*g(.)&c*0?(*83)*3;(*LLL and it would be almost impossible to have anything delivered. I walked into the kitchen and looked in the fridge, it was almost bare. There was no scraps of Christmas Turkey to be found, all that was left was an odd green/brown casserole dish that looked like it was about to decompose at any

given moment. \()#3*)#)(1%(1-&#(-('1-0(-1(!O*/4( something myself. I’m known as something as a cook, and I had no clue what in the world I was going 1%(!O;( I did a pantry raid. I found some potatoes, so I thought I would make oven fries - not the most inspired idea in the world, but something. I also found some tuna in the pantry, so a tuna sandwich would go along with my fries. I have a cat - he was about four at the time

- and the moment he heard the can of tuna being opened, here he came running... and meowing. I had put the fries in the oven a little bit before, and now that my cat was desperate for some tuna, I wound up chasing him around the kitchen for a good bit. Completely forgetting about the fries in the oven. Next thing I knew, there was tiny wisps of smoke coming from the oven. I had burned the oven fries. If you enjoy your fries very crispy and very golden brown, then these would have been perfect for you. I tossed the results off the back porch and onto the ground, something the critters could have a go at, and sat down to enjoy a tuna sandwich and Horse Feathers. That was how I rung in the year of 2006, in great excitement with Groucho, Chico, Harpo, my cat, and an binge of tuna sandwiches. 2006 would turn out to be a good year, I feel rather optimistic about 2012. My 2011 was a rather cruddy year for a number of reasons I shan’t get into in print - let me just say rabid wolverines down my pants each day, and leave it at that. I wish you health, and wealth, for 2012 - Happy New Year! See you next year.



e(;&$(A*)%;<&*3"2* 2'(*3$1*.2*6.)2()*Z3$1 Saturday, December 31, at 7:30 p.m. the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Virginia, will present a concert of bluegrass music by Trey Hensley & Drivin’ Force. Admission to the concert is $7 for adults, $1 for children 6 to 11, under age 6 free. Trey Hensley has been performing since age seven. After picking up a guitar at the age of 10, he quickly took the bluegrass world by storm – even performing on the Grand Ole Opry when he was 11. Three years ago, the now 19-year old, seasoned artist followed his heart and interests into the world of country music. Now that his second country CD has been released, the Jonesborough native is heading out playing his own brand of traditional honky-tonk. Last summer, Trey hit the road with his four-piece band for a tour that carried him from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, Nebraska to North Carolina, and beyond. During the tour, his group opened for Steve Wariner, Randy Owen, and Marty Stuart. Despite his young age, Trey has already forged his own style. His talent and stage presence are indicative of a performer far beyond his age. Trey’s tremendous talent and his down home humility impress everyone who meets him. You won’t hear better guitar picking anywhere, and his vocals are every bit as amazing as his playing. If you aren’t a fan of Trey’s already, you will be when you hear him. For a night of some of the best bluegrass and traditional country music you can imagine, don’t miss Trey Hensley and Drivin’ Force at the Carter Family Fold! If you need more information on Trey, go to his web site at <-"1#"(M-@*,.(g#@%"*-,(g:'*3(<#/1#"A(\/3%"+%"-1#)A(*'(-(/%/+"%!1A(":"-,(-"1'(%"4-/*L-tion established to preserve traditional, acoustic, mountain music. For further information on the center, go to Shows from the Carter Family Fold can be accessed on the internet at Carter Music Center is part of the Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. You can visit the Crooked Road Music Trail site at Partial funding for programs at the center is provided by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. For more information on Saturday’s concert, contact the Mountain Music Museum at (276) 645-0035. For recorded information on shows coming up at the Fold, call (276) 3866054.

Trey Hensley & Drivin’ Force


!"#$%6@'%()$%*+",$-%.%/$0$12$-%&3'%&455 I like to think we will one day be judged by the contents of the playlists we have compiled on our various digital devices. This sounds like justice to me, and certainly an appropriate way to keep tabs on whose lives are worthwhile or at least interesting in this digital age in which we have found ourselves. My favorite chapter in Walter Isaacson’s fascinating new biography of Steve Jobs is the thirtysecond one entitled Music Man: The Sound Track Of His Life. In it, Isaacson recounts a revealing afternoon he spent with Jobs listening to the playlists stored on his iPod (the interview was conducted before the introduction of the iPad). What he discovered was perhaps as revelatory as anything he found while doing research for his book. 8,-.,*'1'()#!/#(5%$($#(#O+#"*ence music, as well as movies and other media stuff. Isaacson quotes a passage from Rolling Stone editor Joe Levy’s book, The Perfect Thing, that illustrates this point: “Simply handing over your iPod to a friend, your blind date, or the total stranger sitting next to you on the phone opens you up like a book. All somebody needs to do is scroll through your library on that click wheel, and, musically speaking, you’re naked. It’s not just what you like - it’s who you are.” N/)($5-1()*)(\'--3'%/(!/)(%/( Jobs’ iPod? The usual suspects, as you might expect, were there: Aretha Franklin, Buddy Holly, Jefferson Airplane (more about that later), Hendrix, Johnny Cash, The Monkees, Coldplay, Talking Heads, The Doors, Eminem, and Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs (you get 10 points if you can guess which of their songs Jobs downloaded). The bulk of Jobs’ iPod memory was devoted to a few passions, most notably Bob Dylan, his idol and touchstone, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, U2, and, much to my and Isaacson’s surprise, the complete 1955 and 1981 recordings of Bach’s Goldberg Variations by the legendary pianist Glenn Gould. My playlist includes only a couple of Dylan songs (Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright and Gotta Serve Somebody), but I do have seven Beatles’ albums, about thirty Rolling Stones’ singles, and Gould’s Goldberg Variations (both versions). When it comes to the Gould’s 1955 and 1981 recordings of Bach’s variations, I agree with Jobs, who observes that “They’re ,*&#(/*451(-/)()-.;(B5#(!"'1(*'(-/(



Kelly’s Place

!$.A$%&2& exuberant, young, brilliant piece, played so fast it’s a revelation. The later one is much more spare and stark. You sense a very deep soul who’s been through a lot in life. It’s deeper and wiser.” Could be that Jobs was telling Isaacson as much about his own life

as he was about Gould’s interpretation of J.S. Bach. Before he turned to other subjects, Jobs shared two other items from his playlist: a slowed-down version of Both Sides Now recorded by Joni Mitchell in 2000 and Yo-Yo Ma’s rendition of 15#(!"'1(@%?#@#/1(2"%@(D-35C'(

unaccompanied cello suite. Ma was one of Jobs’ close friends and in the book he expresses his desire for the cellist to play at his funeral; this wish, of course, remained sadly :/2:,!,,#)($5#/(c%0'()*#)(/#-",.( three months ago. We should spend more time

getting to know the contents of our playlists. Job interviews, for example, should require that applicants bring their iPods or iPads to the interview. And political candidates should also be required to disclose their playlist selections. We know that George W. Bush’s playlist was !,,#)($*15(,%1'(%2(3%:/1".('#,#3tions, in addition to Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl and John Fogerty’s !"#$"%&"'() Joe Levy, as quoted by Isaacson, comments that “One thing that’s interesting is that the president likes artists who don’t like him.” Of course, the same thing could be said about any number of playlists. So, I guess we can agree that our playlists are important clues to who we are, even better than the outdated Rorschach and MyersBriggs tests. Needless to say, I believe standardized tests like the ACT, SAT, and GRE should include spaces where test-takers can list the contents of their playlists. What better way to determine intelligence and creativity (a quality that is certainly not measured by standardized testing)? We have long debated the meaning of life, and it could be that one answer lies in the content of our playlists. That music, or movies, can hold some of life’s most important secrets is a point made by the Coen Brothers in their witty and wise take on the Book of Job, A Serious Man (2009). In this movie, college professor Larry Gopnik learns that the meaning of life is not some esoteric mystery, but is instead found within the grooves of Surrealistic Pillow, Jefferson Airplane’s paean to 1967’s Summer of Love. I have this album in my playlist along with The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, which is in my estimation the best album of the Sixties. And, of course, I have You Really Got Me by The Kinks - today’s choice for the best rock song of all time (a choice which changes daily, and could very well be replaced by Blues Traveler’s The Hook tomorrow). Here’s hoping you will take your playlists seriously during the coming year. And while you’re at it, don’t miss Jon Lord and The Hootchie Men’s incredible and inspiring version of Booker T. and The MGs Green Onions on YouTube. B5-1('5%:,)()#!/*1#,.(0#(-))#)(1%( your playlist. See you next week with some not-so-serious (or accurate) predictions for 2012.






Looking for someone to hand quilt a quilt top. Please call in Kingsport @ 423-863-5911 or email tnfreckles@ Scrapbooking Classes! Learn about exciting new ideas and techniques whether you’re a beginner or not! Individual classes, workshops and crops available. Contact or call (423) 383-2897 for more information. The Art Gurls, who are a group of creative women who get together once a month at the Wild Flour Restaurant in Abingdon, VA. To eat, drink, exchange stories and ideas, and to hatch out art projects. For further information call Barbara Carter at (423) 239-5757 or (423) 943-7505. Ceramic Classes, Fridays 5-8 p.m., Drop-ins welcome. All day on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Call (423) 426-1027 or (423) 257-5117 for more information. Wednesday Morning Painters meet at 10 a.m. each Wednesday at Abingdon’s Arts Depot for a few delightful hours of painting and artistic interaction. All persons interested in painting in an informal, relaxed atmosphere are encouraged to attend. All skill levels are represented and there is no fee. Contact the Arts Depot at (276) 628-9091 for more information. !"#$%&'()*(!&+,-(."+''%'(/#&(0+1,21,3(4(#$%&'5($1"6("1/%(7("+,6'8+0%-(."+''%'()%1,3(2+93:2-(.+""(!&+,(+2(;<=>?( 753-7310. Art Life will offer a Creative Arts Program for children featuring workshops in creative writing, drama, play writing, are and photography. Workshops will be held Saturdays throughout the year. Cost is one-time (per year) fee of $40 per student, $60 for two in one family, and includes all workshops, art events and subscriptions to an arts publication featuring stories, poetry and other works by students. Call Kim at (423) 245-4711.


Breastfeeding Support/LLL Johnson City Meeting – NEW Second Sundays 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church, 201 East Market Street, Johnson City, TN 37601. Meets in the lower level, room LL14.Call Samantha with questions at 423-956-3525 Parenting Information and Support - Johnson City Meeting – NEW TriCities Parenting, API Second Sundays 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church, 201 East Market Street, Johnson City, TN 37601 Meets in the lower level, room LL14. Call Samantha with questions at 423-956-3525 Parenting information and help – NEW TriCities Parenting, API Second Wednesdays 10:00 to 11:00 am Java Js coffee house on State Street in Bristol (501 State Street, Bristol, VA, 24201) Students from King College will have something for older children to do - this is optional and for your convenience, as desired. More info: Samantha, 423-956-3525 Breastfeeding Cafe – NEW Second Wednesdays 11:00 am to 12:00 p.m. Java Js coffee house on State Street in Bristol (501 State Street, Bristol, VA, 24201) Meeting style is casual, come get your questions answered, encourage others, etc. Students from King College will have something for older children to do - this is optional and for your convenience, as desired. More info: Samantha, 423-956-3525 Breastfeeding Support/LLL Bristol Evening Meeting Fourth Tuesdays 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. YWCA Bristol, State Street, Bristol, TN Call Katherine with questions at (276) 466-4860 Breastfeeding Support/LLL Bristol Day Meeting First Fridays 10:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. Avoca Branch Library, Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, TN Call Katherine with questions at (276) 466-4860 Preparing for 2012-Before, Then & After Workshops are ongoing and held in Gray, TN. The 10-week workshop series explains the 2012 phenomena and provides the information necessary for students to understand what is happening on our planet and what they must do about it. Students learn to prepare themselves and their families mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to effectively endure these occurrences. These workshops are not about fear, panic and desperation; they provide comfort, awareness, and knowledge of the truth during times of 9,8%&2+1,2*-(@&-(A12B1(C*"%'(1,29121D%"*(&%8%1D%6(2:1'(D12+"(1,/#&E+21#,5(+,6(12(1'('81%,21F(8+""*('900#&2%6(2:&#93:#92( the series. Contact Dr. Pyles at 423-467-3302 or visit for more information or dates and times of upcoming workshops. An Introduction to The Heart of Huna: 7 steps to a whole-hearted life. Meets the 2nd Wednesday from 6:30-9:30p.m.. Imagine living your perfect life! This introduction to Hawaiian Huna and Aloha offers simple principles to live in harmony in relationship with oneself, each other and the environment. By applying the ancient principles of Huna you can achieve a life centered in love-for a more meaningful, whole-hearted life. For more information contact Kaleo Wheeler (423) 926-1648 or

O&%(*#9("##M1,3(2#(31D%(*#9&("1/%(E%+,1,3P(Q:%&+0%9218(!#'2%&(C+&%,21,3(#//%&'(2&%E%,6#9'(/9"F(""E%,2-(L%(,%%6('1,3"%'(#&(E+&&1%6(8#90"%'(1,(L+':1,32#,(.#9,2*5(RO or Bristol, VA to work with children from ages 5 to 18, who have some history or emotional instability. Specialized training and a monthly fee are both provided. Call Andre-Highlands Community Services at (276) 645-4781 for more information.

Interested in fostering or adopting a Child? The Tennessee Dept. of Children’s Services is currently offering a FREE Foster/Adoptive Parent Training. Classes will be offered in Johnson City, Greeneville, Rogersville, Elizabethton, and Blountville. Please call 877-DCS-KIDS (877-327-5437) for more information. Therapeutic Yoga. To manage & control Parkinson’s Disease. Learn concentration, techniques, to neutralize, daily stresses & increase focus & memory. For more information call (423) 246-3805 or (423) 246-5149

A+D1'(S%+8#,(Q*01,3(T(!&%%(#/(.:+&3%-(S##'2(%/F(81%,8*(+,6(%,:+,8%(0&#69821D12*($12:(%U8%""%,2(M%*)#+&61,3('M1""'-(A+D1'(S%+8#,(Q%+8:%'(Q*01,3(VW(1'(+,(16%+"(292#&1+" program for any keyboard user. Featuring customized lessons, motivating speed tests and progress reports, dictation practice and more, this versatile program is equally effective for the young student typist, the busy executive or the professional administrative assistant seeking to improve their skills. Instructor: Kim Skeens, Lab Coordinator. Visit our website @ or for more information call for details, (423) 968-9444.

Trinity Baptist Church announces the start of two new programs for children. Daughters of the King is a class for young ladies in 4th-6th grade where they will explore 2:%()+'18'(#/()%+92*-(Q:&#93:(3+E%'5(61'89''1#,5(D1'121,3(8#,'9"2+,2'5(+,6(F(%"6(2&10'($%(%U0"#&%(2:%($#&"6(#/()%+92*(+,6(2:%,(2:%*($1""("%+&,(+)#92($:+2(X#6(6%'8&1)%' as beautiful. Sons of the King is a program designed to build Godly character in young men grades 4-6 through Bible study, games, skill building and adventure. Both groups meet on Mondays from 3:30-5 p.m. separately at the church located on Headtown Road in Jonesborough. Transportation may be available. Call the church at (423) 753-4394 for more information.

Y%+&,(2#(9'%(2:%&+0%9218(3&+6%(Z''%,21+"(N1"'(2#()%,%F(2(E1,6(+,6()#6*-(@+*(+,6(%D%,1,3($#&M':#0'("1E12%6('0+8%'-(!#&(1,/#&E+21#,(+,6(&%31'2&+21#,(8+""(;<=>?(=>=TI=W<Magic Classes. Learn to do amazing magic tricks with everyday items. Tuesday nights at “Top Hat Magic Supply” in Bristol, TN from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Limited space. All ages welcome! Call Dave Vaught or Ryan Robinette for further information at (423) 968-3200. Spanish Classes. John Arredondo & Associates is offering a variety of Spanish classes including Basic Spanish, Spanish II, Spanish for Building Trades, Spanish for Healthcare Workers, Spanish for Home Schoolers, Spanish Tutoring. For more information call (423) 483-4650. !"#&+"(6%'13,1,3(8#9&'%'-(O(8#E0"%2%(89'2#E(4(#&+"(6%'13,1,3(8#9&'%(6+*(+,6(,13:2(8"+''%'-(Y1E12%6('0+8%5(VK(0%&'#,'(0%&(8"+''-(.+""(!&+,(;<=>?([W>T[>VK-

Knit Too Together (Regional knitting guild) meets the third Tuesday each month at 1 p.m. at Christian Fellowship Church off Interstate 81 at exit 63. Johnson City knitters carpool to meetings. Call (423) 232-0644 in Johnson City for further information.

S"9%(\163%(]91"2(X91"65(^#:,'#,(.12*(_(E%%2'(V'2(L%6,%'6+*(#/(E#,2:-(`#81+"(aJ>K(+E5(E%%21,3(VK(+E-(N9&(`+D1#&(Y92:%&,(.:9&8:5(`9,'%2(@&-(A%%21,3(21E%'b"#8+21#,'( '9)c%82(2#(8:+,3%(0%&(89&&%,2(0&#3&+E('8:%69"%-(O'M(+2("#8+"(d91"2(':#0'(/#&('0%81F(8(8#,2+82(1,/#&E+21#,-

First Frontier Quilters, Kingsport – meets 3rd Tuesday of month, 10 am at Bethel Presbyterian Church, Warpath Drive. Meeting times/locations subject to change per 89&&%,2(0&#3&+E('8:%69"%-(O'M(+2("#8+"(d91"2(':#0'(/#&('0%81F(8(8#,2+82(1,/#&E+21#,-

Holston Quilters Guild, Bristol TN – meets 3rd Saturday of month, 10 am at the First United Methodist Church, Vance Drive, Bristol. Meeting times/locations subject to 8:+,3%(0%&(89&&%,2(0&#3&+E('8:%69"%-(O'M(+2("#8+"(d91"2(':#0'(/#&('0%81F(8(8#,2+82(1,/#&E+21#,Sycamore Stitchers, Elizabethton – meets 2nd Thursday of month, 9 am. At Sycamore Shoals State Park. Meeting times/locations subject to change per current program '8:%69"%-(O'M(+2("#8+"(d91"2(':#0'(/#&('0%81F(8(8#,2+82(1,/#&E+21#,-

Appalchian Heritage Quilters, Gray – 1st Thursday of month is stitch-in, 3rd Thursday of month is meeting/program. Gray Community Center. 6 p.m.. Meeting times/ "#8+21#,'('9)c%82(2#(8:+,3%(0%&(89&&%,2(0&#3&+E('8:%69"%-(O'M(+2("#8+"(d91"2(':#0'(/#&('0%81F(8(8#,2+82(1,/#&E+21#,-

Unaka Piecemakers Quilt Club, Erwin – 1st Tuesday is business meeting, then working on projects. 3rd Tuesday is stitch-in. Social, 9:30 a.m., meeting 10 a.m. at Grace e,12%6(A%2:#61'2(.:9&8:5(\#8M(.&%%M(\6-(A%%21,3(21E%'b"#8+21#,'('9)c%82(2#(8:+,3%(0%&(89&&%,2(0&#3&+E('8:%69"%-(O'M(+2("#8+"(d91"2(':#0'(/#&('0%81F(8(8#,2+82(1,/#&E+21#,Quilting Classes. Sponsored by Tennessee Quilts in Jonesborough. For additional information phone at (423) 753-6644.


L%'2(.#+'2(`$1,3(."+''%'f(Q:9&'6+*'(+2([0-E--(N,"*(gVK(0%&(8"+''f(h%"6(+2(`2+&69'2(@+,8%(.%,2&%-(>=V(Z-(`9""1D+,(`2-(@#$,2#$,(i1,3'0#&2-(.+""(;<=>?(=a=TaWV=(/#& more information.

Dancing Divas Class for Women! Ladies, learn Hip Hop, country and western, salsa, line dancing, belly dancing and more. Great workout. Lots of fun! Thursdays at 8p.m.. Held at Stardust Dance Centre. 321 E. Sullivan St. Downtown Kingsport. Call (423) 292-9512 for more information. Group discounts available.

h10Th#0-((Y%+&,(2:%(:#22%'2(,%$('2&%%2(6+,8%(E#D%'(+,6()9&,(2:%(4(##&f((ZD%&*(Q:9&'6+*($%(#//%&()%31,,%&("%''#,'(/#&(+69"2'(+,6(M16'-(.:1"6&%,([TV=(E%%2(+2(<0-E--((O3%'( 13 and up meet at 5p.m.. Learn short routines to the latest songs or join a dance team and perform. Classes are held in downtown Kingsport. Monthly payments are the lowest in the tri-cities. Taught by Mike and Mark. Call now to pre-register 292-9512.

S%31,,%&(S%""*(@+,8%(."+''-((jR%1"(+,6(k1""l((Q:1'(8"+''($1""(/#89'(#,(6+,81,3($12:(+88#92&%E%,2'(;D%1"'(+,6(F(,3%&(8*E)+"'?-((@+,8%&'(E9'2()&1,3(2:%1&(#$,(+88#92&%E%,2'(#&( 2:%*(8+,()%(09&8:+'%6(+2(2:%('2961#(#,(2:%(F(&'2(6+*(#/(8"+''-((Q:1'(;m?($%%M(8"+''($1""()%(:%"6(#,(A#,6+*'(+2([0-E--((.#1,('M1&2'(+&%(&%8#EE%,6%6()92(,#2(&%d91&%6-((@+,8%&'( will learn short routines. Belly dancing is great for toning abs, thighs, triceps, biceps and buttocks. Routines are sexy, fun and mildly aerobic. Call 292-9512 to pre-register.

Magic Classes. Classes for beginners and up. Weekend workshops also available. Call Andrew Hyder for more information or to set up a time. (423) 213-9312

Tumbling, ballet, hip hop, tap classes available for ages 2 through 14 in Kingsport, Johnson City, Blountville, Allandale. No registration fees or contracts. Parents observe in the classroom. For more information phone (423)288-8346

.:18'(G,(.:+0'($#E%,H'(E#2#&8*8"%(8"9)(E%%2'(2:%(F(&'2(!&16+*(#/(%+8:(E#,2:(+2(+2(IJ>K0-E--(C"%+'%(8+""(;<=>?( 341-8914 or (423) 292-7923 for meeting location.

Monthly Ballroom Dance: Fourth Friday of each month at Virginia Ballroom at 300 Senior Drive Abingdon - a relaxed way to practice your skills or hone them at the lesson before the dance. Lesson 7p.m., Dance 8p.m. - 10p.m.. Alcohol and smoke free. No partner or experience necessary. A $5.00 donation to the Senior Center and a snack to share will be appreciated. Beverages will be provided. Call (276) 623-4400 for more information.

Learn to get what you want out of life. Personal Empowerment Workshops, Meditation and other new ongoing classes are now being formed. All of these workshops and classes offer powerful, practical techniques and tools 2:+2(+&%('0%81F(8+""*(6%'13,%6(2#(:%"0(%,:+,8%(+""(+'0%82'(#/(#,%H'("1/%-(L#&M':#0'(+&%(:%"6(%+8:(A#,6+*(,13:2-( A%612+21#,(8"+''%'(+&%(:%"6(#,(2:%(F(&'2(+,6(2:1&6(L%6,%'6+*(#/(%+8:(E#,2:-(N2:%&(8"+''%'(+&%(#//%&%6(+'(,%%6%6-( Dr. Mitzi Pyles facilitates them. For more information call (423) 467-3302.

Latin Dance Aerobics Class – Salsa, Cha-Cha, Swing, Samba, Merengue, Hip-Hop, Belly Dance, Pasa Doble. Loose weight, tighten and tone. Fit into that new bikini or little black dress! Learn a new dance and make new friend. This class is an exciting and fun way to get in shape for the summer. Just $10 per dancer. No pre-registration or partner required. Just show up! Classes are every Monday at 6p.m.. 321 E. Sullivan St. Kingsport. Call 292-9512 for more information.

Beginner Belly Dancing - $10 per dancer. Mondays at 7p.m.. Classical, Egyptian and Tribal styles. Lean basic belly dance movements and mini routines. Dress in beautiful costumes. Fun way to tone target areas. Low impact but full body workout. Bring your friends, family and co-workers. Call Sharah for more information at 292-9512.

FREE Summer Hip-Hop High School Class – Tuesdays at 5p.m.. Hip-hop / cha-cha / salsa / lyrical. High school students only, no exceptions. 321 E. Sullivan St. Kingsport. Taught by Brooklynn. Call 292-9512 for more information.

required areas of study and meets from 8:30am-4:30p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month. The CSAC and CSAC-A are the baseline 8&%6%,21+"'(/#&(1,61D169+"'('%%M1,3(2#(%,2%&(2:%(F%"6(#/(+661821#,'(2&%+2E%,2(1,(R1&31,1+-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,5(8+""(Z&18(X&%%,%(+2(;=[I?(W=>Tm>KK-

There will be Line Dance Lessons held every Tuesday at Fanatics Sports Club in the DoubleTree Hotel. Beginner lesson is at 6:30 and intermediate is at 7:30. Dance to the latest dances being done nationwide to country, pop, latin, tango and hip-hop music. No experience needed and no partner required. Located at 211 Mockingbird Lane, Johnson City. For more information call (423) 282-1848 or

Federation of Families: Lee, 2nd Monday 6:30 p.m. Jonesville First United Methodist Church Federation of Families meets monthly to provide support and education for families dealing with the challenges of raising a child with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues. The group meets the 2nd Monday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30. Registration is encouraged. For more information and to register, call Brenda or Theresa at (276) 431-4370 or 888-443-1804. Children are welcome. Calling 888-443-1804 can provide transportation assistance.

Lyrical for Children and Adults! Learn to express the lyrics of a song with movement! Children Thursdays 5-6p.m., Adults Thursdays 6-7p.m.. Pre-registration required. Call (423) 292-9512 for more information.

Federation of Families: Scott, 3rd Monday 6:30 p.m. Holston View United Methodist Church Federation of Families meets monthly to provide support and education for families dealing with the challenges of raising a child with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues. The group meets the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30. Registration is encouraged. For more information and to register, call Brenda or Theresa at (276) 431-4370 or 888-443-1804. Children are welcome. Calling 888-443-1804 can provide transportation assistance.

Toddler Dance Class! 18mo’s, 2’s and 3’s. 1 parent must attend with child. 10 student maximum (so hurry and reserve your child’s spot.) Learn rhythm, movement and get some socialization. Pre-registration required. Call (423) 292-9512 for more information. Saturdays 11am. Youth Ballroom! Waltz, Rumba, Tango, Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Swing and More! Dance lessons being taught for couples and singles every Friday night at the Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Center, 300 W. Mill St. in Elizabethton. Class begins at 6:30 and includes a one hour lesson and 30 minutes of practice. Cost is $10 for singles and $15 for couples. Dances includes Two-step, swing, waltz and more. You do not need a partner to attend. Call 547-6441 for more information.

Federation of Families: Wise, 1st Monday 6:30 p.m. Presbyterian Church Federation of Families meets monthly to provide support and education for families dealing with the challenges of raising a child with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues. The group meets the 1st Monday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30. Registration is encouraged. For more information and to register, call Brenda or Theresa at (276) 431-4370 or 888-443-1804. Children are welcome. Calling 888-443-1804 can provide transportation assistance.

Line dance lessons every Tuesday at The Doubletree Hotel, Johnson City. Beginner lessons from 6:30-7:30 and Intermediate from 7:30-8:30. $5 for one or both lessons. Learn the latest dances to Music including Country, Pop, Waltz, Tango and Swing. No partner or experience needed. For more information contact (423) 282-1848 or

Lee County Suicide Prevention Coalition 4th Thursday, 2 p.m. Lee County Behavioral Health Services. The Suicide Prevention Coalition, formed to raise awareness and determine the available resources in the Lee County community for suicide survivors, will meet the fourth Thursday of every month. Anyone interested in helping support this cause, please contact Bill or Phyllis Russell at (276) 346-1641.

Monthly Social Dance for couples and singles. There will be a Social Dance held for couples, singles and line dancers on the second Saturday of each month at the Jonesborough Visitor Center. There will be a brief couples lesson and a brief line dance lesson at each event. Cost is $5 at the door and includes the lessons and the dance. Everyone is welcome. No dance experience is needed. Come and learn to dance or just enjoy watching in a friendly non-smoking atmosphere. 117 Boone St. Jonesbrough. For more information call (423) 928-2786 or email

Moral Reconation Therapy Group, Wednesdays, 2-4 p.m. Wise County Behavioral Health Services. A Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Group meets each Wednesday from 2-4 p.m. The group will be ongoing and juveniles ages 13-17 may join any time. Pre-registration is required by calling Jessica Williamson at 523-8370. MRT is a group designed to help juveniles on probation or who have a criminal or substance abuse history to make good choices by doing what is right.

The Bellydance Company is offering a promotional free of charge into to belly dance classes. Youth groups ages 14 to 25. Classes 8#D%&(D%1"(6+,81,3(+,6(:#$(2#(6+,8%($12:(F,3%&(8*E)+"'5()+'18('2%0'(+,6(8#E)1,+21#,-(!#&(+66121#,+"(1,/#&E+21#,(8+""(;<=>?(=K=T>=KmBellydance workshop now offering at The Broadway Café, Kingsport Saturdays from 5-6:30p.m.. Also, sponsoring a FREE to the public, International Language Club every Sunday from 11am – 2p.m.. Any level of language skills. Students, instructors & bilinguals of French, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Chinese, Tagalog, Hebrew and Latin are welcome. Call (423) 246-4666 for more information. `:1EE%&1,3(N+'1'f(Q:%(F&'2()%""*(6+,8%('8:##"(1,(2:%(Q&1T.121%'(:+'(&%"#8+2%6-(O,,+(S&#*"%'(;+M+(NBE+?(2%+8:%'(OE%&18+,bA166"%TZ+'2%&,( @+,8%(#&()%""*(6+,8%(+2(`:1EE%&1,3(N+'1'-(Y%+&,(2:%(+,81%,2(/#&E(#/()%""*(6+,8%($:1"%(2#,1,3(*#9&()#6*-(O,(%U8%""%,2(8#&%($#&M#92( that engages the entire body. Classes run Beginning through Advanced. For anyone regardless of age, size or previous experience. Try 2:%(F&'2(8"+''(/&%%f(X1/2(8%&21F8+2%'(+&%(+D+1"+)"%-(O"'#5(6+,8%(2&#90%(hnC,#218J(Q:%(X*0'*(]9%%,'(1'(+D+1"+)"%(2#(0%&/#&E(+2("#8+"(%D%,2'-( .#,2+82(NBE+(+2(;=[I?(WaVTa[>I(#&(%E+1"J(#BE+6+,8%'o)D9,%2-,%2 New Dance Class for Children at The Rose Center. The Rose Center is extremely pleased to offer new dance classes for children. We have an excellent teacher in Tammy Plasencia who will teach ages 3 and older in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern and lyrical dance as $%""(+'(+8&#)+218'-(."+''%'(+&%(#//%&%6(A#,6+*(2:&#93:(!&16+*p(8#,2+82(\#'%(.%,2%&(/#&(2:%('0%81F8('8:%69"%(/#&(*#9&(8:1"6-(!%%'(&+,3%( from $30 per month for pre-school 30-minute classes to $60 for advanced student classes; substantial discounts are offered for more than one class per week. Call Rose Center at 423-581-4330 for more information and to register for class. In the Introduction to Ballroom Dance class, students will start with the four basic movements used in ballroom dancing. Three to four dances will be taught with 3 to 5 patterns used in each dance. A native of Knoxville, Kennedy has been teaching and competing in ballroom 6+,81,3(/#&(#D%&(=K(*%+&'(+,6(1'(+(8%&21F%6(+6c9618+2#&(1,(+""(FD%(8+2%3#&1%'(#/(8#E0%2121#,-(h%(:+'(2&+1,%6('#E%(#/(2:%(F,%'2(2%+8:%&'(1,( the country and has worked with some of the world’s top champions. He teaches the American style of dance. Private lessons are also available at $50 per session. Contact Lynn directly at 865-455-6975 to schedule private lessons. Kennedy would also like to offer a call to those who would like to become dance instructors. Contact Rose Center if you are interested in learning to teach ballroom dance. Contra Dances are held twice a month in the Historic Jonesborough Visitors Center, 117 Boone St. Live music in a smoke/alcohol free environment. For more information and schedule visit or call David Wiley at (423) 913-3246 Mountain Empire Shag Society dances the Carolina Shag on Monday evenings at 7 p.m. in the lounge at the Holiday Inn on N. Roan St., ^#:,'#,(.12*-(!&%%()+'18("%''#,'(+2(m(0-E-(C&1D+2%("%''#,'(+D+1"+)"%()*(+00#1,2E%,2-(."9)(@^(S13F':(.+":#9,(0"+*'(2:%()%'2(1,(':+35(&7)( and beach until 10 p.m. For more information call Carl Edwards, VP, (423) 878-5877 or Larry Calhoun, DJ, (423) 239-5906. Ballroom Dance. Learn the waltz, swing, cha-cha, rumba, salsa, tango, foxtrot and more in your choice of a group or class or private lesson. Both male and female instructors make learning easy, fun and exciting. A national champion offers Competitive and social instruction available and ongoing classes. Couples are welcome but no partner or dance experience is necessary. Friday night parties are offered to practice what you’ve learned. Classes conveniently located in Johnson City. Group class and parties $10/person. Please contact Amanda at (423) 833-5093 for more information.


Tobacco Education programs. Tobacco Education Group (TEG) offers a positive alternative to suspension from school for students in trouble because they have violated their school’s policy on tobacco use. This 8-week program motivates students to reduce tobacco use, make healthier choices, quit tobacco on their own, or join a voluntary tobacco cessation program. Tobacco Awareness Program (TAP) helps students with information, motivation, and support to quit using tobacco. Each student designs his or her approach by choosing a suitable quit date and cessation methods. Both programs, available in Lee, Scott, & Wise Counties, and the City of Norton, are fully funded by the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation (VTSF), Planning District 1, and Frontier Health. For more information, call (276) 523-8360. TRACES Foster Care. Frontier Health’s TRACES Foster Care Program needs therapeutic foster parents in Northeast Tennessee. TRACES foster parents receive free training, 24-hour support services, and tax-free reimbursement for care. Caseworkers are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week for emergency needs. Call 423-224-1043, for more information on becoming a foster parent. VALUES Foster Care. Frontier Health’s VALUES Foster Care Program, a child-placing agency licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services, needs therapeutic foster parents in Lee, Wise, and Scott counties and the city of Norton. The program offers training, guidance and links to services needed to maintain foster care placement. Caseworkers are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week for emergency needs. To become a foster parent, call 1-888-443-1804. @16+8218(Q&+1,1,3(\%d91&%E%,2(/#&(2:%(.%&21F%6(`9)'2+,8%(O)9'%(.#9,'%"#&5(!&#,21%&(h%+"2:(+,6(C"+,,1,3(@1'2&182(N,%(S%:+D1#&+"(h%+"2:( `%&D18%'(1'(0&%'%,21,3(+(VKTE#,2:(8#E0&%:%,'1D%(2&+1,1,3(/#&(0%#0"%('%%M1,3(2#(/9"F""(2:%(==K(:#9&'(#/(@16+8218(Q&+1,1,3(\%d91&%E%,2(/#&( 2:%(.%&21F%6(`9)'2+,8%(O)9'%(.#9,'%"#&(.&%6%,21+"(#//%&%6()*(2:%(R1&31,1+(@%0+&2E%,2(#/(h%+"2:(C&#/%''1#,'-(Q:%(2&+1,1,3(8#D%&'(+""(VK(

“Children in the Middle”. Frontier Health offers a SAMSHA Model divorce education program titled CHILDREN IN THE MIDDLE. This program is a skills-based curriculum that helps parents deal with their children’s reactions to divorce. Classes are offered each month in Lee, `8#22(+,6(L1'%(.#9,21%'-(Q:%(&%31'2&+21#,(/%%(1'(gVW(+,6(0+&21810+,2'($1""(&%8%1D%(+($#&M)##M5(3916%)##M(+,6(+(8%&21F8+2%(#/(8#E0"%21#,-(!#& more information, call Tracie Johnson at 1-888-443-1804.

American Sign Language. The Communication Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing teaches several classes in American Sign Language, including Level I, Level II, Level III, and Level IV. When scheduled, the six-week classes are scheduled on Tuesdays at the Victory Center, Johnson City. Each Level class is $75 and will be taught by CCDHH instructors. For more information, for a schedule, or to register, call 434-0447. The Communication Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a division of Frontier Health and provides communication between people who are hearing and people who are deaf or hard of hearing. CCDHH is a community service center providing services under contract with Federal and State Government Agencies, Businesses, Industries, Hospitals, Service Agencies, Courts and Individuals who are in need of assistance in communicating with people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Services are available in Carter, Claibourne, Cocke, Greene, Hamblen, Hancock, Hawkins, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi, and Washington. This program is funded in part by the Tennessee Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Job Corps has a limited number of openings for eligible youth between the ages of 16-24 in NE Tennessee area. The program helps young people complete their high school education and obtain skills training in high demand occupations. The program has been in existence since 1964 and operates 122 full-time residential training centers throughout the country. Training will last from 6 months to 2 years + there is an opportunity for advanced education following completion. If eligible, there is no cost for this training. To obtain more information contact Patty Sausser at the Northeast Tennessee Career Center located in Johnson City at (423) 610-0222 ext. 222.

Upper East Tennessee Human Develop.m.ent Agency’s Head Start Program is currently accepting applications 3 & 4 year old children for the 2009-20010 school year. Head Start is a comprehensive educational and nurturing program which also addresses the emotional and physical needs of each enrolled child. Children must meet the eligibility requirements of the federal income guidelines and local Policy Council standards. The Head Start program also provides services to three and four year old children with disabilities. All this is totally FREE to the family. In addition, transportation is provided except for the two Full Day/Full Year classes. Slots are limited. Apply today. For more information about +,(+00"18+21#,(#&(d9+"1F8+21#,'(8+""(A%"1''+(\#+&M(+2(;<=>?([I<T[>IW(#&(8#E%()*([K>(!"#&16+(OD%-(S&1'2#"5(Qq-

Venture Crew 1861 now seeking young men and women between the ages of 15 and 21 who enjoy scouting and outdoor activities but want an added twist of adventure and living history. VC 1861 is a co-ed Venture scout group portraying civilians and military, Confederate and !%6%&+"5(/&#E(2:%(.1D1"(L+&-(L%(6#("1D1,3(:1'2#&*(1,(#9&(+&%+(+,6(&%T%,+82E%,2H'(+2(E+c#&()+22"%F%"6('12%'(1,(#2:%&('2+2%'-(n,2%&%'2%6(1,(c#1,1,3 or want more information? E-mail us at with your name, age, address and telephone # and we will get back with you with more information.

Patricia Freedman Literacy Academy offers help with GED preparation, remedial reading and math, English as a second language, English /#&(`0%+M%&'(#/(N2:%&(Y+,39+3%'5(E1"12+&*(%,2&+,8%(2%'2bO`ROS5(+,6(8#""%3%(%,2&+,8%(%U+E'-(Q:%(Y12%&+8*(O8+6%E*(+"'#(#//%&'(8#E092%& 8"+''%'(/#&(L1,6#$'5(n,2%&,%2(e'+3%5(S+'18(ZU8%"5(M%*)#+&61,35(&%'9E%($&121,35(+,6(+''1'2+,8%(F"1,3(/#&(F,+,81+"(+16-(Q:%&%(1'(,#(8:+&3%(/#& this assistance, but donations are always appreciated. For more information, call (276) 645-8790. Patricia Freedman Literacy Academy is located at 701 Goode St. inside the Bristol Public open Mon-Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

`2+2%(#/(!&+,M"1,(h#E%'8:##"%&'(;`N!h?(:+'('%D%&+"(&%39"+&(+821D121%'(%+8:(E#,2:(/#&(+&%+(:#E%'8:##"%&'5(+'($%""(+'(#88+'1#,+"(F%"6(2&10' +,6(#2:%&(#00#&29,121%'-(`N!h(1'(+,(1,8"9'1D%(3&#90(#0%,(2#(OYY(:#E%'8:##"%&'(&%3+&6"%''(#/(&+8%5(&%"131#,5(8&%%6(#&(%698+21#,+"(0:1"#'#0:*For more information contact Michelle at (423) 538-6159.

Toastmasters: Learn to develop effective communication and leadership skills! Participate in a self-paced program designed to improve your speaking, listening and thinking. The Mission of Toastmasters Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in $:18:(%D%&*(E%E)%&(:+'(2:%(#00#&29,12*(2#(6%D%"#0(8#EE9,18+21#,(+,6("%+6%&':10('M1""'5($:18:(1,(29&,(/#'2%&('%"/T8#,F6%,8%(+,6(0%&'#,+" 3&#$2:-(L%6,%'6+*(N&+2#&'(Q#+'2E+'2%&'(."9)(E%%2'(%D%&*(L%6,%'6+*(/&#E(V=JKWTV(0-E-(+2(2:%(Q#*(!-(\%16(Z+'2E+,(ZE0"#*%%(.%,2%&(#, Wilcox Drive in Kingsport. For more information, contact Kathy Padgett at (423) 247-7983 or email at

Toastmasters: Learn to develop effective communication and leadership skills! Participate in a self-paced program designed to improve your speaking, listening and thinking. The Mission of Toastmasters Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in $:18:(%D%&*(E%E)%&(:+'(2:%(#00#&29,12*(2#(6%D%"#0(8#EE9,18+21#,(+,6("%+6%&':10('M1""'5($:18:(1,(29&,(/#'2%&('%"/T8#,F6%,8%(+,6(0%&'#,+" growth. Twin City Toastmasters Club meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 5:45-6:45 p.m. at the Central Christian Church located at 424 Melrose St. in Bristol, TN. For more information contact Wanda Earp at (423) 764-2288 or email at

YMCA Elementary After School Care. Kingsport YMCA is currently accepting applications for enrollment in the Elementary Age After School Child Care Program in the following schools: Jackson, Kennedy, Lincoln, Jefferson, Rock Spring, Indian Spring, Kingsley, Miller C%&&*5(h#"'2#,(+,6(`9""1D+,-(!#&(/9&2:%&(1,/#&E+21#,5(0"%+'%(8+""(2:%(rA.O(#/F8%(+2(;<=>?(=<[TaI==-


C"+,2(`$+0-(A%%21,3(+2(A1B%(!+&E(7(X+&6%,5(a=a(L-(L+2+93+(OD%-(^.-(Q:%(F&'2(`+29&6+*(#/(%+8:(E#,2:(+2(V(0-E-(Q&+6%(0"+,2'b'%%6'(*#9 have in excess for something you don’t have. Have fun and meet new friends. For information call Sarita at (423) 434-1800.

with the serious disease of diabetes. This help comes in the various forms of informative meetings, events and personal support. For more information call Jim Smallwood at (423) 288-4576.


Color My World Healthy classes at Carver. Come and learn how you can keep a healthy heart after by-pass, stent, or other cardiac '9&3%&*-(Q:%(8"+''($1""()%(2+93:2()*(E%E)%&'(#/(jA%,6%6(h%+&2l5(+,(OE%&18+,(h%+&2(O''#81+21#,(+/F"1+2%6(3&#90-(^#1,(9'(Q9%'6+*( morning, 10:00am – 12:00 noon Feb. 9th at Carver Recreation Center, 322 W. Watauga Ave. Johnson City. Space is limited so call and reserve your seat. For more information call (423) 461-8830. An introduction to Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure. The Neck & Shoulder release. 3rd Mondays of the month from 6:30p.m.-8:30p.m. at Waterfalls of Wellness Healing Center. 739 Bluff City Hwy, Bristol. An introduction to Free Your Voice – Free Your Self. 3rd Tuesdays of the month. 6:30p.m.-8:30p.m.. Kaleo Wheeler (423) 202-3862. Gentle Flow Yoga Classes. Tuesday evenings from 7:15-8:15p.m. at Piney Flats United Methodist Church (fellowship hall). Suitable /#&(+""("%D%"'(#/('296%,2'-(C"%+'%()&1,3(*#9&(#$,(E+2(+,6()"+,M%2-(N,"*(gW-KK-(.+""(L%,6*(o(;<=>?(==KTKWW=(/#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,Come and learn how you can take simple and affordable steps to improve the health and quality of your life. This series of workshops will present a variety of ways to improve your personal health, the health of your home, manage stress, deal with change, and more. The workshops will be held every 4th. Thursday of the month starting at 7p.m.. at Wellness Way Chiropractic: 103 Keystone Dr. in Blountville. Space is limited so call and reserve your seat. For further information please call 423-646-4038 or email us at Aikido in Johnson City! Classes held Mon and Thurs in downtown Johnson City. 103 W Market St. All skill levels welcome. Traditional Hombu style. Directions and more information at Roller Derby – Are you female, over 18, and need to get out some aggression? Come try roller derby! Strap on some skates and join one of the fastest growing competitive sports in the nation. The Little City Roller Girls are currently seeking new skaters and referees to expand their roster. No previous experience or special skill sets necessary. Women of all shapes and sizes welcome! Men can join in on the fun as referees. Stop by our practices held every Wed 6:30-8:30p.m. and every Sun 12-2p.m. at the Johnson City Family Skate Center to get more info. The JCFSC is located at 930 W Watauga Ave at the corner of State of Franklin and Watauga. Check us out on the web at ZUMBA – The hot new aerobic workout. Zumba is inspired by Latin dance and music, Zumba uses a variety of styles in its routines, 1,8"961,3(89E)1+5(E%&%,39%5('+"'+5(&%33+%2#,5(:10T:#05(0#05(E+E)#5(&9E)+5(4+E%,8#5(+,6(8+"*0'#(+,6(`+"'+2#,-(A9'18('%"%821#,'( 1,8"96%()#2:(/+'2(+,6('"#$(&:*2:E'(2#(:%"0(2#,%(+,6('89"02(2:%()#6*-(O,*#,%(8+,(6#(12--)%31,,%&'(2#(+6D+,8%6-(N,"*(g[(0%&(8"+''(A#,6+*'( & Wednesdays at The Muscle Factory, 2318 Buffalo Rd. Johnson City. For more information call (423) 929-7471. Yoga Classes – Iyengar Inspired yoga classes offered at New Paradigm Health Center, 113 E. Unaka Ave. Johnson City on Fridays at noon and Saturday s from 9-10:30am. Call (423) 928-9394 for details. S+'18'(#/(S%""*(@+,8%f(Y+61%'5(3%2(+(c9E0('2+&2(#,(2:+2(q%$(r%+&H'(&%'#"921#,f(O""(+3%'5('1B%'5(F2,%''("%D%"'-(Q#,%(*#9&()#6*(+,6()##'2( self-esteem through tasteful Middle Eastern dance movements. Classes held every Monday, 6-7 P.M. at the Princeton Arts Center (2516 N+M"+,6(OD%-?-(.#'2(1'(c9'2(gW(0%&('%''1#,-(.+""(CO.(+2(;<=>?(=m>TWmKK(/#&(1,/#(#&(2#('13,(90-(L%+&(4%U1)"%(8"#2:1,3(+,6(c#1,(2:%(/9,f Mountain Yoga, inside Mullins Shaolin Kung Fu on Springbrook St. in JC, offers yoga classes. Class times are Monday s & Wednesday s at noon and Tuesday s & Thursday s at 6:30am. First class is free. After that, there is a $10 drop-in fee, or $50 for a month of unlimited classes. Contact Jennifer Chisam at (423) 262-9551. Learn to maintain a healthy weight naturally. Programs individually crafted by holistic nutrition and healthy living consultant Marie Browning. Sessions provide the information, guidance and support your need to improve your own health and well being. For information call (423) 367-1396 or visit Learn to maintain a healthy weight naturally. Programs individually crafted by holistic nutrition and healthy living consultant Marie Browning. Sessions provide the information, guidance and support you need to improve your own health and well being. For information call (423) 367-1396 or visit Take Yoga with an experienced Yoga Teacher and leave class feeling calm and refreshed. Yoga helps with pain management, FibroE+"31+5(S+8M(0&#)"%E'5(`2&%''(E+,+3%E%,25(+,6(3%,%&+"($%""()%1,3-(`2&%28:(*#9&()#6*(+,6(&%"+U(*#9&(E1,6-(.%&21F%6($12:(O':%D1""%( School of Yoga. Beginner and advanced classes available. Call (423) 384-6440 for times and locations. Yoga-Pilates classes on Tuesday and Thursday s at 6:30p.m. at Science Hill ALC. Call (423) 434-0206 ext. 1 to pre-register. Pilates on the ball class at Breastfeeding Essentials. Monday nights at 5:30p.m.. Stroller Fitness classes Wed. & Fri. at 9am. Meet at Warriors. $5 per class. Call Lorie for more information at (423) 299-4014. O1M16#(_(Q&+6121#,+"(O1M16#-(n,8&%+'%(*#9&()+"+,8%(+,6(8%,2%&5(&%F,%(*#9&(E#D%E%,2'5(+,6(%,c#*(+(D13#&#9'(0&+8218%-(."+''%'(2+93:2( #,(Q9%'-(7(Q:9&'-(@#c#(1'(1,(6#$,2#$,(^#:,'#,(.12*(+)#D%(O")%&2H'(C+$,-(O`e(+/F"1+2%6-(O""(+/F"1+21#,'5(&+,M'5(+,6('M1""("%D%"'(+&%( welcome. Adult classes only. Call (423) 232-9600 for more information. Karate/Yoga/Tai Chi for mind, body conditioning. $25/mo or $5/drop in. Call (423) 335-3903 for more information. Learn the ancient form of belly dance while toning your body. An excellent core workout that engages the abdominals, legs, arms, ':#9"6%&'(+,6()+8M-(Q&*(2:%(F&'2(8"+''(/#&(/&%%f(!#&(+,*($#E+,(&%3+&6"%''(#/(+3%5('1B%(#&(0&%D1#9'(%U0%&1%,8%-(S%31,,1,3(2:&#93:( +6D+,8%6-(X1/2(8%&21F8+2%'(+&%(+D+1"+)"%f(O"'#5(6+,8%(2&#90%(X*0'*(]9%%,'(1'(+D+1"+)"%(2#(0%&/#&E(+2("#8+"(%D%,2'-(.#,2+82(NBE+(+2( (276) 591-9736 or email: Attend a free workshop that will help you to create greater levels of health and wellbeing in your life. For more information call Will at (423) 646-4038. American Cancer Society’s Look Good…Feel Better is a free program that teaches beauty techniques to women cancer patients in ac21D%(2&%+2E%,2(2#(:%"0(2:%E(8#E)+2(2:%(+00%+&+,8%T&%"+2%6('16%(%//%82'(#/(8+,8%&(2&%+2E%,2'-(."+''($1""()%(:%"6(+2(L%""E#,2(N920+21%,2( .%,2%&5(V>K(L-(`2#,%(@&-(i1,3'0#&2(/&#E(V=0-E-T=0-E-(2:%(F&'2(A#,6+*(#/(%+8:(E#,2:5(+2(Y+93:"1,(A%E#&1+"(h#'012+"5(V<=K(Q9'89"9E( Blvd. Greeneville from 10am-2p.m. the second Monday of each month and at American Cancer Society, 508 Princeton Rd. Johnson City from 1p.m.-3p.m. the third Monday of each month. Please contact 1-800-ACS-2345 for more information. L+2%&(O%&#)18'-(Q1&%6(#/(,#2(:+D1,3(2:%(%,%&3*(2#(/9,821#,(69&1,3(2:%(6+*P(q%%6(+($+*(2#(&%"1%D%('2&%''P(L+,2(2#()%(F2P(\%698%6(*#9&( blood pressure? Increase muscular strength and endurance? Have a healthier, stronger heart? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, the water aerobics program at Elizabethton High School is for you. Beginner to advanced. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00p.m. (water walking) and 6:30-7:30p.m. (structured class) $3 per session. Dressing rooms available. Doors open 15 minutes prior to class. Lifeguard on duty. For more information contact Cindy Gober at (423) 474-0140 nd

The Kingsport Diabetes Association meets the second Tuesday of each month at Indian Path Hospital Bldg 2002, 2 (4##&5(\##E(s=K>( across from the emergency room. All are welcome. The KDA helps diabetics, parents of diabetics and their families to deal better

Pilate’s Classes. Beginning Pilate’s mat classes offered Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Wear comfortable clothing, mats are supplied or bring your own. 112 W. Main St. Kingsport, TN. For additional information call (423) 392-4325.

A+'2%&'(`$1EE1,3(C&#3&+E(1,(^#:,'#,(.12*-(.%&21F%6(8#+8:(2+1"#&'(2:%(0&#3&+E(2#(E%%2(%+8:(0+&21810+,2H'(,%%6'(+,6(+)1"121%'-(C&+8218%'(+&% held Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6-7 a.m. For further information, contact Coach Chris Coraggio at (423) 833-5595.

Want to quit smoking? Lose weight? Reduce Stress? Improve your performance at school, work or sports? Healing Energies can help you E%%2(*#9&(3#+"'(2:&#93:(h*0,#'1'-(C"%+'%(FD%(9'(+(8+""(1/(*#9($+,2(2#(8:+,3%(*#9&("1/%-(;<=>?(=W[T>W=V-

The Johnson City Judo Club offers beginning classes in the sport of Judo for adults only at Girls, Inc. every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Classes are $2 per session. You will need to purchase a uniform. Visit for more information, or call Brian Rowe at (423) <>aT=K<[(#&(S1""(C%&M1,'(+2(;<=>?(a[WTKV[V5(L%(+&%(+(,#,T0&#F2(#&3+,1B+21#,-

Christian Life Center at Munsey; indoor walking track, exercise room (includes Body Solid Weight Machine, Nordic track/elliptical crosstrainer, treadmill, stepper, rowing machines, stationary bike, etc.) Annual Fees: $25 - adults; $15 - youth/college. Also offered (some additional fees): Tai Chi, Scottish Country Dancing, Volleyball, Badminton, Yoga, Basketball, Softball, Ballroom Dance Lessons/Dances, Upward S+'M%2)+""-(N0%,(@+1"*5(A#,TQ:9&'-([J>K(+-E-TW(0-Ep(8"#'%'(+2(<0-E-(#,(!&16+*'-(.+""(/#&(+66121#,+"(1,/#&E+21#,(;<=>?(<IVTmK[K(%U2-(=V>-(

The YWCA Fitness Spa invites members and non-members to participate in our Group Fitness Classes at our new 106 State St. facility. We are offering both Classic and Specialty Classes. All classes are appropriate for beginners. Please call (423) 968-9444 for more details and scheduling.

“Secure Plus Medicare Seminars” are held every Monday at the Slater Community Center from 11 a.m. -1 p.m. by John Deere Health Care. Call the Bristol Tennessee Leisure Services at (423) 764-4023 for more information.

Strength Training is offered on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and Thursdays at 9 a.m. for adults 55+ at the Slater Community Center. Becky Harris is the instructor. Call the Bristol Tennessee Leisure Services at (423) 764-4023 for more information. Seniorcise for adults 55+ is held Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. at the Slater Community Center. Shirlene Coffey and Anna Horne are the instructors. Call the Bristol Tennessee Leisure Services at (423) 764-4023 for more information.

Therapeutic Touch/Energy Healing. Learn to use bioenergies to heal you and others. Limited size group for intensive learning experience. No experience needed, only an open mind and heart Call Liza (423) 247-6765.

Aerobic classes. Held at Johnson City Seniors’ Center on Mon, Wed, & Fri. from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Teachers provided by students at ETSU. Classes are $1. per class. For info. Call (423) 434-6237

Reiki Clinic and Classes. Experience the profound healing effects of the Reiki System of Natural Healing. Clinic is open to the public, free of charge, 1st and 3rd(A#,6+*(%D%,1,3'5([Ta(0-E-(."+''%'(+&%(:%"6(E#,2:"*(/#&(F&'2(+,6('%8#,6(6%3&%%'-(!#&(1,/#&E+21#,(+,6(+00#1,2E%,2'5 call Reiki Master/teacher, Sylvia Lagergren, (423) 928-0747.

Q-N-C-`-(Q:%(Q+M%(N//(C#9,6'(`%,'1)"*(."9)(E%%2'(%D%&*(A#,6+*(+2(aJ<W(+-E-(+2(2:%(h+&E#,*(S+021'2(.:9&8:(!%""#$':10(:+""-(!#&(E#&%( information call (423) 349-7239.

Science of Deliberate Creation study group. Meets each Wed. night at 7p.m. to listen to and discuss the “Abraham” tapes. Contact Dan at or (423) 741-1566.


Interested in amateur (HAM) radio or are you a ham that’s looking for a local club? Come visit Johnson City Amateur Radio Association at their monthly club meeting held at the North Side Hospital on every third Tuesday at 7p.m. in Johnson City. For more information, please visit""(@18M5(q<O\N5(+2(;<=>?(a=aTV=WIChanting Circles for Healing and Peace meets the 2nd & 4th Friday of the month from 6:30-8:30p.m. at Waterfalls of Wellness Healing Center, 739 Bluff City Hwy. Bristol. For more information contact Kaleo Wheeler (423) 202-3862

Wolf Hills Fan Club is a gathering for seniors, 60 plus, with a Free lunch, starting at 10am at Abingdon Senior Center. For information, please contact (276) 628-5859.

Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club starts at 9:00am on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Breakfast, fellowship, and so much more at the Abingdon Senior Center, 300 Senior Dr. Abingdon, VA. For information, please contact (276) 628-5859. The Quilting Club meets every Tuesday at 9:30am at the Abingdon Senior Center. You can learn, work on existing projects, or help with a community project. For information, please contact (276) 628-5859.

Y+$(%,/#&8%E%,2(#/F8%&'(/&#E(2:%(+&%+(&%8%,2"*(#&3+,1B%6(+(!&+2%&,+"(N&6%&(#/(C#"18%(Y#63%()+'%6(1,(Z&$1,5(Qq-(Q:%(,+E%(#/(2:%(Y#63% 1'(Q%,,%''%%(e,+M+(Y#63%(sa>-(Q:%(!&+2%&,+"(N&6%&(#/(C#"18%('2+&2%6(1,(C122')9&3:5(CO(1,(VaVW($12:(=>(E%E)%&'-(Q#6+*(2:%(#&3+,1B+21#,( has over 2100 Lodges with 325,000 members. Unaka Lodge is the newest lodge in Tennessee and was started by Dan Moeser, an 18 year D%2%&+,(#/(2:%(q+21#,+"(!NC(#&3+,1B+21#,(+,6(+(&%21&%6(/%6%&+"("+$(%,/#&8%E%,2(#/F8%&-(h%(:+'(+"'#($#&M%6(W(*%+&'($12:(2:%(e,18#1(.#9,2* `:%&1//H'(N/F8%-(n,(Vaam(A#%'%&(+"'#('2+&2%6(+("#8+"(.:+02%&(#/(2:%(S"9%(i,13:2'(A#2#&8*8"%(Y+$(Z,/#&8%E%,2(."9)($:18:(1'(8#E0&1'%6(#/( +821D%(+,6(&%21&%6("+$(%,/#&8%E%,2(#/F8%&'($:#(#$,(+,6(&16%(+(E#2#&8*8"%-(Q:+2(8"9)(0&%'%,2"*(:+'(#D%&(WK(E%E)%&'-(Q:%(!NC(#&3+,1B+21#, :+'(+(A1''1#,(`2+2%E%,2($:18:(1,(0+&2(%,8#9&+3%'(/&+2%&,+"5(%698+21#,+"5(8:+&12+)"%(+,6('#81+"(+821D121%'(+E#,3("+$(%,/#&8%E%,2(#/F8%&'-(n2 '2&1D%'(2#(89"21D+2%(+('01&12(#/(E929+"(:%"0/9",%''(+E#,3(E%E)%&'(+,6(2:%(0%#0"%(2:%*('%&D%($12:(+(3#+"(2#(1,8&%+'%(2:%(%/F81%,8*(#/(2:%("+$ %,/#&8%E%,2(0&#/%''1#,(+,6(%'2+)"1':(2:%(8#,F6%,8%(#/(2:%(09)"18(1,(2:%('%&D18%(6%618+2%6(2#(2:%(0&#2%821#,(#/("1/%(+,6(0&#0%&2*-(A%E)%&':10(1,(2:%(e,+M+(Y#63%(1'(#0%,(2#(+""(8%&21F%6(/9""(21E%("+$(%,/#&8%E%,2(#/F8%&'(+,6(2:#'%(&%21&%6(/&#E(/9""(21E%("+$(%,/#&8%E%,2(6921%'5 regardless of where they work or have worked in the past. Presently the Lodge has 20 members and applications are being processed for additional members. Meetings are held at the Erwin police department on the fourth Thursday of the month. Anyone interested in joining the Unaka Lodge may contact Dan Moeser at 423-232-8825.

A#&%(1,/#&E+21#,(+)#92(2:%(q+21#,+"(+,6(Qq(`2+2%(!NC(1'(+D+1"+)"%(+2($$$-2,'2+2%/#0-8#E-Q:%(X%,%&+"(L1""1+E(.+E0)%""(8:+02%&(#/(2:% Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution meets on alternating months at the Abingdon Senior Citizen’s Center located at >KK(`%,1#&(@&1D%(c9'2(#//(L:12%H'(A1""(\#+6-(Q:%(E%%21,3'()%31,(+2(VVJ>K(#,(2:%(2:1&6(`+29&6+*(#/(O0&5(^9,5(O935(N825(+,6(@%8-(C&#3&+E' are presented primarily on historical subjects by interesting and informed guest speakers. Interested men are invited along with their friends to visit and explore membership in this organization which is dedicated to promoting education of America’s Heritage and the values esteemed by the founding fathers of our Nation. For further information please contact Joe Alexander at (276) 494-6079 or joealexander@, or Jack Butterworth at 423-652-2240, or Sydney Wike at 423-878-3474 or

A monthly women’s circle, 4th Wednesday of the month at 7p.m.. Come together, share stories and discover commonality with other women. Q:1'(.1&8"%(#/(L#E%,H'(R#18%'(31D%'($#E%,(2:%(#00#&29,12*(2#(8#E%(2#3%2:%&(1,(8#EE9,12*(2#(:%"0(F,6(#9&('2&%,32:5(1,6%0%,6%,8%5('%"/T esteem, and satisfaction with ourselves and who we are. Through talk story, informal and interactive dialogue, we rediscover our own stories and realize our commonality. For more information contact Kaleo Wheeler (423) 926-1648 or

New Moon Gatherings. As the moon regularly moves through its phases and the year moves through the seasons, so human life has cycles and phases. This is an opportunity to come together in sacred space and celebration to experience the lunar cycle in action – setting our intentions for what we choose to create during this particular month and phase. For more information contact Kaleo Wheeler (423) 926-1648 or Ex-Pats of Great Britain and Ireland are meeting the 1st Saturday of each month from 6:30-7p.m. at The Celtic Cupboard in Jonesborough. Come and meet others from your homeland. Refreshments served. Call (423) 948-9076 for more information. The Newcomers Club of Kingsport is a women’s club that provides a fun, friendly, informal venue for both current residents and new residents to gather for social activities and to meet others in the community. Meetings of the Newcomers Club of Kingsport are generally held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, Sept. through May, at the MeadowView Marriot Resort and Convention Center, 1901 MeadowView Dr. Kingsport at 11:00am. The meetings will feature a social half hour, a cold buffet lunch for $11, a guest speaker, and discussion of events and activities in the great Kingsport area. Log onto for more details. Q:%(Q$1,(.12*(C:#2#(."9)(#/(S&1'2#"(8#,6982'(2:%1&(E#,2:"*(E%%21,3(#,(2:%(F&'2(Q9%'6+*(#/(%+8:(E#,2:(+2(2:%(E%%21,3(&##E(#/(S&1'2#"(.:+E)%&(#/(.#EE%&8%5(8#&,%&(#/( State and Volunteer/Commonwealth streets. Anyone interested in photography at any skill level is welcome to attend the meetings. TCPC has a monthly “Photo Safari” for location photography and are organizing the inaugural Rhythm & Roots Photography Contest. For more information, please call (423) 946-4132 Same-Sex Fellowship is an alliance of men 30 and older. This is a newly formed group which will engage in bi-monthly social activities with emphasis on strengthening a social support system. For more information email Shayne at Friends of Nature. We are now looking for new members to come join us in promoting both parks and nature programs. Meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday each month +2(L1,3(@%%&(C+&M-(C"%+'%(c#1,(9'(1,(2:%()#+&6&##E5()%:1,6(2:%(E+1,(#/F8%(+2(I0-E--(n/(*#9(:+D%(+,*(d9%'21#,'5(8#,2+82(S&+6(^#,%'(+2(;<=>?(=m>TWm=V(#&(%E+1"(8:c$60=o The Happy Hillbillies Volkswagen Club, a newly formed club for all VW enthusiasts in the Tri Cities area, are meeting each second Saturday of the month to caravan to a local eatery and discuss events for Volkswagens. We welcome anyone who would like to come meet with us, learn more about our club and fellowship. Call for meeting places and times or for more information at (423) 743-0341 or (423) 735-2577. ND%&E#9,2+1,(`+EH'(8"9)(8+E0'(#,8%(+(E#,2:(+,6(1'("##M1,3(/#&(,%$(E%E)%&'-(L%(%,c#*(2:%(#926##&'5(F':1,35(8##M#92'5(2&+D%"1,3(+,6(E%%21,3(/%""#$(8+E0%&'-(.#,2+82( Ron Hughes at (423) 928-1919 or John Williams at (423) 422-6287 for further information .%,2%&(/#&(Y13:2(+,6(h%+"1,3(1,D12%'(*#9(2#(+22%,6(2:%1&(jN0%,1,3(2#(2:%(A1&+8"%'l(q+29&+"(h%+"1,3(X&#90(/&#E(V=(2#(I(0-E-(#,(2:%(V'2(+,6(>&6(`9,6+*'(#/(%+8:(E#,2:5( except on holidays. Join us for a wonderful afternoon of meditation, healing, enlightenment, and fellowship! When healers come together with the same intent, our collective energy is increased manifold. We are delighted to have more than two dozen healers from our area working together, and the healing energy of our group is simply amazing! Group healing is a powerful way to manifest miracles! If you are an experienced healer or simply have an interest in healing yourself or others, join us as we open to the miracles! We meet at the Round Table Conference Center, 1104 Tusculum Blvd., in Greenville, on a love-offering basis. For further details on our group, services, or other activities sponsored by the Center for Light and Healing, visit our website at or call (423) 638-2461. Beaver Creek Storytelling now meets at Java J’s the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. with storytelling program at 7:30 p.m. Contact Mimi Rockwell at (276) 669-8358 or L1,%(Y#D%&'(1,(2:%(Q&1T.121%'(+&%+-(Q:%(Q&1TL1,%(S9,8:5(+(,#,T0&#F2(3&#90(#/(/&1%,6"*(/#"M'($:#(':+&%(2:%("#D%(#/($1,%5(/##65(+,6(3##6(/&1%,6'(1'(:%+61,3(1,2#(12'(Ith year. Wine tastings, wine dinners, charitable events with wine and food themes are regularly held in the Johnson City area. Please visit our website, click on the buttons and become more familiar with us, and if you are interested in attending our events, just send an email to the address given on the website. “The ARC, Alternate Realities Center”, is a internationally recognized research and membership organization dedicated to the philosophical and scientifc study of 0+&+,#&E+"(0:%,#E%,+(1,8"961,3(X:#'2'(+,6(h+9,2%6(C"+8%'5(S13/##25(e!N'(T(#&(e,16%,21F%6(!"*1,3(N)c%82'5(O"1%,(O)69821#,5(C'*8:18(O)1"121%'(+'($%""(+'(:#$(2:%'%( %U2&+#&61,+&*(%U0%&1%,8%'(+//%82(2:%(:9E+,(0'*8:%-(Q:%(O\.('2+//(#/(.%&21F%6(X:#'2(h9,2%&'(0%&/#&E(0+&+,#&E+"(1,D%'213+21#,'(#/(:1'2#&18('2&9829&%'(/#&(2:%("%D%"'(#/( spiritual presence. We offer monthly special interest group meetings to discuss personal experiences and hear about those of others. Local meeting times and locations may vary. In addition, through our public awareness tour company - Appalachian GhostWalks - we offer guided haunted history tours of the Historic Districts throughout #9&(&%31#,(+,6(2:%'%(#0%&+2%(,13:2"*5(*%+&(&#9,6-(N9&(2#9&'(':#$8+'%(2:%(&18:(:1'2#&*(+,6(:%&12+3%(#/(2:%(O00+"+8:1+,(A#9,2+1,'(6+21,3()+8M(2#(2:%(.:%&#M%%(#8890+21#,( #/(2:%(+&%+(2:&#93:(2:%(!&#,21%&5(\%D#"921#,+&*5(+,6(.1D1"(L+&(%&+'(#/(#9&(0+'2-(Q%,(0%&8%,2(#/(#9&(+,,9+"(0&#F2'(3#(2#('900#&2(`+1,2(^96%H'(.:1"6&%,H'(\%'%+&8:(h#'012+"-( Please visit our website at for more information, or call (423) 743-WALK (9255) to schedule one of our haunted historic walking tours, or attend one of our local monthly group meetings. The Moms Club of Bristol TN/VA Chapter Moms offering moms support. Are you a stay-at-home mom or just new to the area? Come on and join the fun and meet other E#E'(c9'2("1M%(*#9(T(0"+*3&#90'5(0+&M(6+*'5(F%"6(2&10'5(8#EE9,12*('%&D18%(+,6('#81+"(ANA`(,13:2(#92(+&%('#E%(#/(2:%(%D%,2'($%(6#(E#,2:"*-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#(8+""(A+&*( Johnson at (423) 391-8818 or Veronica Hurley at (423) 383-5473 Q:%(Q&1T.121%'(A1+2+(."9)(E%%2'(2:%(F&'2(Q9%'6+*(#/(%+8:(E#,2:(+2(IJ>K0-E-5(+"2%&,+21,3()%2$%%,(\*+,H'(`2%+M:#9'%(1,(^#:,'#,(.12*(+,6(Q:%(X#"6%,(.#&&+"(1,(i1,3'0#&25( TN. Club drives take place the third Saturday of each month. Check for details. The Kingsport Gems and Minerals Society meets the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. Normally, the meeting place is in the Eastman Toy F. Reid Employee Center, room 219. Some meetings will be in member’s homes to see their collections. Show and Tell will begin at 6:30p.m. followed by a seminar. Bring things you want to show off or get help identifying. If you are interested in gems and minerals, come join us! Visitors are always welcome at our meetings. Contact Jim or Anne Small at (423) 357-1509 for more information. The Iris Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association meets the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30p.m.. Meetings are usually held at Peerless Restaurant, 2531 N. Roan St. Johnson City. ABWA offers great networking opportunities for professional businesswomen. Come join us for friendship and community involvement. !#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,5(0"%+'%(8+""(S+&)+&+(S+&F%"6(;<=>?(maWTV[=I The Newcomers Club of Johnson City meets at The Johnson City Country Club, 1901 E. Unaka Ave. on the third Thursday of every month. Social time begins at 10:30 a.m., and business meeting at 11 a.m. A buffet lunch, at the cost of just $14 all-inclusive, will follow. For luncheon reservations, please contact Bonnie Tuttle at (423) 477-3646. If you are interested in joining The Newcomers Club, contact Benita Turner at (423) 283-7217 or (423) 202-1679. Women Social Group meets every Thursday at Hibbert Davis Coffee Gallery at 9:30 a.m. 1459 E. Center St. Kingsport. (423) 245-0443. Women, come and join us and learn to play mahjongg. R#"9,2+&*(`1E0"1812*(3&#90(E%%2'(2:%(F&'2(+,6(2:1&6(L%6,%'6+*(#/(%+8:(E#,2:(+2([(0-E-(+2(2:%(h#"'2#,(R+""%*(e,12+&1+,(e,1D%&'+"1'2(.:9&8:5("#8+2%6(+2(V>I(S#)(^#)%( Rd. in Gray. The purpose of the group is to motivate individuals to examine and transform personal values and habits, to accept responsibility for the Earth, and to act on that commitment. For directions or more info, call (423) 349-6119 or email Q%,,%''%%(\13:2(Q#(Y1/%(1'(2:%('2+2%H'(#"6%'2(+,6("+&3%'2(0&#T"1/%(+6D#8+8*(#&3+,1B+21#,-(L%(+&%(+(,#,T0&#F25(,#,T'%82+&1+,5(D#"9,2%%&T)+'%6(#&3+,1B+21#,(+/F"1+2%6($12:( the National Right to Life Committee in Washington, D.C. Local chapter serves all counties of Northeast Tennessee. Tennessee Right To Life is an advocate for protection of human life through educational outreach, protective legislation and the develop.m.ent of an active grassroots movement statewide. Members of Tennessee Right Q#(Y1/%(+''1'2(1,(0&#D161,3(61&%82(+,6(2+,31)"%(&%'#9&8%'(2#($#E%,(+,6(/+E1"1%'(/+81,3(61/F89"2*(#&(9,%U0%82%6(0&%3,+,81%'-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,(#,($:+2(*#9(8+,(6#( to participate or to attend our meetings call (423) 282-9621.

in writing is welcome to attend. For more information call Donna (423) 245-4711.

Sullivan County Genealogical Society meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Sullivan County Archives beside the courthouse in Blountville. Those researching ancestors from any area are welcome. Call (423) 323-1477 or

`ZZinqX(Q\nT.nQnZ`(CO\\NQhZO@`ff(Q:%(h1"")1""*(C+&&#2(h%+6(."9)(#/(2:%(Q&1T.121%'(QqbRO(1,D12%'(+"" interested persons who would love to “Party With A Purpose” to join in on the fun each month. Meeting dates, events, and times are always subject to change. For up to date event/ meetings schedule, visit us online www. :1"")1""*0:8-8#E(N\(%E+1"(:)0:8o*+:##-8#E-(N9&(8"9)('900#&2'('%D%&+"("#8+"(8:+&12*(7(%,D1&#,E%,2+"(8+9'%' while occasionally living the life that Jimmy Buffet sings about.”

State Line All Scalers Model Railroaders Club meets the second Saturday of every month. Please contact Richard Armstrong for locations and time, (423) 538-6578.

WAND. Tri-Cities Chapter now forming! Tri-Cities WAND (Women’s Action for New Directions) is a part of a grassroots organization working to empower women to act politically to reduce militarism and violence, and to redirect excessive military resources toward human and environmental needs on both the local and national "%D%"'-(A%%21,3'(+&%(:%"6(2:%(F&'2(Q:9&'6+*(#/(%D%&*(E#,2:(+2(2:%(C&1,8%2#,(O&2'(.%,2%&5(=WVI(N+M"+,6(OD%(1, Johnson City. For information or directions, please call Wendy at (423) 926-5116.

What is Altrusa? It is an international organization of business & professional women and men who want to E+M%(+(61//%&%,8%(1,(2:%1&(8#EE9,12*-(L:1"%(12($+'(F&'2(#&3+,1B%6(1,(q+':D1""%(1,(VaV[5(12(1'(/+&(/&#E()%1,3(+, old fashioned ladies group.” The Johnson City club is involved with the Elizabethton Emergency Child Shelter, the International Students at ETSU, and scholarships for women improving their lives by returning to school +/2%&()%1,3(#92(1,(2:%($#&M(/#&8%-(A%%21,3'(+&%(:%"6(#,(2:%(F&'2(Q9%'6+*(#/(2:%(E#,2:(+2(IJ>K(0-E-(!#&(/9&2:%& information call Susan Miller at (423) 833-3449 or email Kingsport Bicycle Association has rides year round. Those interested in this social/touring club can call 239-4406 or link to Christian Motorcyclists Association. Rays of the Son meets the 1st Saturday of the month at Mama’s House Buffet, 2608 N. John B. Dennis Hwy, Kingsport (across from North Highschool). Guests welcome. Call (423) 239-4921.

Book Review Group meets from Noon-1 p.m. at the Women’s Resource Center, Panhellenic Hall, basement suite 2 (ETSU campus). Participants in this Book Review Group for women at ETSU discuss published works by and about women. Participants are welcome to bring their lunch. Regular meetings are planned for the third Wednesday of each month. For more information, call the Women’s Resource Center, (423) 439-7847.

Tri-Cities Metaphysical Study Group meets each Thursday at Holston Valley Unitarian Church, Interstate 26, Eastern Star Exit #10, Gray, TN. TMSG is a group dedicated to love, peace and wisdom and provides a place to share information for those interested in new age sciences. For information call Peggy at (423) 477-3339.

The First Tennessee Regional Group of the Mustang Club of America meets the fourth Thursday of each month excluding November and December at 7 p.m. at Mama’s House Buffet, 2608 N. John B. Dennis Hwy. Kingsport, Qq-(N0%,(2#(+""(A9'2+,3(%,2:9'1+'2'-(.+""(;<=>?(>=>Tm><W-

The Phoenix Group plastic modelers. Meetings held the 1st Thursday of each month in Bristol, TN at 7p.m. Modelers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to attend. Workshops available. For additional information, please contact Jerry Hughson at (423) 968-9699.

Mental Health Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network meets at 10:30 a.m. on the 4th Tuesday of every month at Boone’s Creek Christian Church, 305 Boone’s Creek Rd. in Johnson City. The network is a grassroots collaboration of Tennesseans and organizations working to eliminate the stigma of suicide, educate the community about the warning signs of suicide, and ultimately reduce the rate of suicide in our state. For more information, contact Harold Leonard at (423) 857-5231.

q+21#,+"(O""1+,8%(#,(A%,2+"(n"",%''(^#:,'#,(.12*(+/F"1+2%(E%%2'(#,(2:%('%8#,6(Q:9&'6+*(+2([(0-E-(%+8:(E#,2: at Harrison Christian Church, 2517 Browns Mill Rd. Johnson City. For information call (423) 282-0676 or (423) 543-4315.

Does it feel as if life is too much to handle? Do memories keep you locked in the past not letting you move /#&$+&6P(O&%(*#9(d9%'21#,1,3(*#9&('01&129+"()%"1%/'($#,6%&1,3(c9'2($:%&%(*#9(F2(1,P(h%+"1,3(Z,%&31%'(8+,(+''1'2( *#9(1,(&%6981,3(*#9&('2&%''5(:%+"1,3(0+'2(%D%,2'5(+,6(F,61,3(+,'$%&'(2#(*#9&(d9%'21#,'-(C"%+'%(31D%(9'(+(8+""(1/ you want to change your life. (423) 257-3521.

YWCA girls after School Program. The YWCA girls after school program will meet after school, Monday through Friday from 2:30 ñ 6:30p.m..This program is designed to meet the individual needs of each girl to assist her in maintaining good grades in school, to increase her knowledge in technology and introduce her to potential career choices. The State of Tennessee Department of Education funds the YWCA girls after school program. Girls who participate in this new innovative program are selected through the Bristol Tennessee City Schools by referrals (only) from the School Counselors. Visit our or for more information call for details @ (423) 968-9444. Tennessee Mental Health Consumers’ Association (TMHCA) is a statewide advocacy and education organization for mental health consumers. For more information please call toll free (888) 539-0393. Problem solving. Learn how to solve problems in life and create success in daily living. Call (423) 246-3805 or (423) 246-5149.

The Depression/Bipolar Group of Bristol VA/TN meets each Fridays from 1-3 p.m. in the meeting room of the S&1'2#"(C9)"18(Y1)&+&*5([KV(X##6%(`2-(\##E(==(3&#9,6(4##&-(n/(*#9(,%%6(2#(+&&1D%("+2%&(2:+,(V(0-E-5(#&("%+D%(%+&"1%&( 2:+2(>(0-E-5(2:+2H'(Ni-(Q:1'(1'(+(E%%21,3(#,"*(#/(0%#0"%('9//%&1,3(/&#E(2:%'%(1"",%''%'5(+,6(,#2(/#&(/+E1"*(E%E)%&' #&(#2:%&'5(+"2:#93:(+,*#,%(E+*(E+M%(+(&%/%&&+"-(O""(,+E%'5(+,6(+,*(#2:%&(1,/#&E+21#,5(+&%(M%02('2&182"*(8#,F6%,21+"-(

Y%')1/&1%,6'J(+(3&%+2(3&#90(#/($#E%,5(<Kt(*%+&'5($:#(3%2(2#3%2:%&(/#&(D+&1#9'(%D%,2'5(1,8"961,3(0+&21%'5(61,,%&'5(:1M1,35(+2D1,35(M+*+M1,35(3+E%'5(3#"F,35(+,6(c9'2(:+,31,3( out. Come join the laughter, fun and support. Call (423) 753-4364 and ask for Carol.

Attention high school and college students: Do you want to earn recognition towards scholarships, or build up your resume? You can, as a Care Companion or Hotline Worker at The Crisis Center. Be a part of an agency that’s been helping neighbors for over 30 years. You can even volunteer from home! For more information contact Darlene at (276) 466-2218. The Crisis Center serves Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia as well as several national hotlines. Be a part of our volunteer team!

For Love of Words, a writers group meets the third Thursday of each month at Hibbert-Davis Coffee Gallery, 1459 E. Center St. Kingsport at 6 p.m. Anyone interested

Post Abortion Women’s Group. For women struggling with a past abortion. Group meets weekly at the Crisis

C&%3,+,8*(.%,2%&(+,6(0&#D16%'(1,T6%02:(61'89''1#,5('01&129+"(:%"0(+,6('900#&2-(`%&D18%'(+&%(/&%%(+,6(8#,F6%,21+"12*( is respected. Group participants will decide day and time of meetings. For more information call (423) 968-4673.

& B, Jazz style, ‘70s funk, classic rock and original music for any event. We play for private parties, company parties, special events, nightclubs, car shows, reunions, country clubs, etc. Do you like good music ya, ya? Call (276) 782-1842

.NqQO.Q-(Q&#9)"%6P(q%%6('#E%#,%(2#(2+"M(2#P(`#E%#,%($1""("1'2%,(+,6(2+"M(2#(*#9(+)#92(+,*(0&#)"%E(+2(+""-( .+""(.NqQO.Q(8#,F6%,21+"-(@1+"(;<=>?(a=ITKV<<-

Up-to-date information about Drum circles in the Tri-Cities area is available online at or by emailing

Adult Children of Alcoholics. Meets every Monday at 7:30 p.m. at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church on Princeton Rd. in JC. For more information call (423) 926-0144. Grief counseling. By Medical Field professional. Modest fees for individuals by Parish Nurse (RN) Call (423) 753-6182.

Need Keyboard Player for 4 to 6 person Jazz Band. Call Chuck McVey (423) 245-6932. Violin Lessons - All ages and levels. 30 minute and 1 hour lessons available. Call 534-5359 for more information. Piano Lessons – Beginner to adult. In your home or mine. It’s never too late to learn. Contact for more information Piano Lessons - beginner to intermediate. Free orientation. Contact David at (423) 538-4486. Music Singer for former show band needs musicians. Bass, Key Board, Guitar, Ect. To appear in up coming movie. Serious inquiries only. Contact. Earl 423-232-1938, 423-737-1162.

!"92%(C188#"#5(C%,,*$:1'2"%(+,6(n&1':(!"92%(Y%''#,'-(S%31,,%&'5(1,2%&E%61+2%5(+,6(+6D+,8%6(0"+*%&'($%"8#E%-(O"'#5(492%(&%0+1&('%&D18%(+D+1"+)"%-(A+&2:+(O-(Z3+,5(2%+8:%&For information contact (423) 677-8909 or

Female Back Up Singer Needed For Corporate Band. Must be able to sing soprano harmonies, move well on stage, have positive attitude, and be available for weekend gigs. For more info call (423)483-8001

Q:%(h1""'(+&%(O"1D%f(.:#&9'(#/(`$%%2(O6%"1,%H'(n,2%&,+21#,+"(E%%2'(%+8:(Q9%'6+*(/&#E([TaJ>K0-E-(+2(2:%(.+&#"1,+(C#22%&*(N92"%2(A+""5(`912%(=<[5("#8+2%6(#,(n,2%&'2+2% Hwy 81 at Exit 66. New members are placed by voice range and trained in their particular parts. For more information contact: Jane McKamey at (423) 247-5465 or Jean Miller at (423) 926-5572.

Girls Vocals needed for a girls band. No instruments needed. Top 40’s and 80”s songs. Please contact (423) 202-3208. Experienced keyboard looking for funky drummer with good r & b and jazz chops. Needed immediately for bookings. Funk, jazz, disco, rock. Experienced keyboard looking for funky drummer with good r & b and jazz chops. Needed immediately for bookings. Funk, jazz, disco, rock apply to Appalachian Express Men’s A Cappela Chorus. The Appalachian Express Men’s A cappella Chorus meets each Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. in Suite 203, Building 2002, at the Indian Path Medical Complex, Kingsport. Visitors and prospective members are welcome. Call 423-384-9992. Seeking Male vocal talent for on-going studio session work located in Bristol, TN. We seek top notch Nashville calibre vocal talent, country, country cross-over a plus, but not limited to. Permanent, steady part time contract work for the right exceptionally talented individual. (423) 878-3535 e-mail: Nashville Label, looking for lead guitar player for artist. Contact (423) 534-3909. Lead Guitarist looking to join/form band. Mix of classic and new rock and blues. Plenty of experience and equip.m.ent. Call Wayne at (423) 737-8724. R+,6%&)1"2(0%&/#&E+,8%(E+c#&(#//%&1,3(+//#&6+)"%(492%(+,6(0188#"#("%''#,'(/#&(2:%('9EE%&-(VVt(*%+&'(#/(%U0%&1ence. Call (423) 341-1872. Band in need of guitar player and keyboardist for local hot cover band with booked gigs. Must have experience, work ethic, good attitude, and be on time. Weeknight rehearsals and weekend gigs possible at any time. Call (423) 833-8178 A new Beginning Guitar class will start at Rose Center on Saturdays .The group class meets from 11 AM to 12 P.m. each Saturday for ten weeks. Beginning Guitar will cover all the basics to lead into any style of playing. Basic chords, strums, notation reading, and basic music reading will be taught as well as physical technique how your hands work to play guitar. Craig Carroll is the instructor for this class. The fee is $50 for the 10-week course. Students must provide their own guitar and will purchase a chord chart and music book from the instructor at a cost under $15. Group size is limited to ten students. Call Rose Center at (423) 581-4330 or 586-6205 for more information or to pre register.

Parenting Parenting Classes, Wednesdays, 10 a.m.Develop.m.ental Services, Big Stone Gap, Va. Free parenting classes for parents and guardians of children age 5 and under are offered every Wednesday from 10 to Noon for parents in Lee, Scott, Wise counties and the City of Norton. Siblings are welcome to attend any class. Call to schedule at (276) 523-8376.

Parenting Wisely. Frontier Health is offering a program for parents of children ages (8-18), titled Parenting Wisely. There is no charge for this program. Pre-registration is encouraged. For more information, call Tracie Johnson or Amy Bledsoe at 1-888-443-1804.

Parents as Tender Healers. Children in foster care need adults willing to look out for their best interests and put them on the road to healing. Adults who think they may want to be foster parents can explore that option through “Parents As Tender Healers” (PATH), an intensive training program for prospective foster parents. Frontier Health, C"+,,1,3(@1'2&182(N,%(S%:+D1#&+"(h%+"2:(`%&D18%'(+,6(ROYeZ`(Q:%&+0%9218(!#'2%&(.+&%('0#,'#&(2:1'(%D%,2-(Q:%(0&#3&+E(1'(/&%%p(0+&21810+,2'H(1,2%&%'2($1""(6%2%&E1,% location and time. For more information, call Jon Holmes at 1-888-443-1804.

C+&%,2'(L:#(.+&%5(A#,6+*'5(a(+-E-5(O661,32#,(h+""5(@9/F%"65(ROFrontier Health and PD1 offers a program for parents of teen-agers in Lee, Scott and Wise counties and the city of Norton on Monday mornings from 9 to 10:30. There is no charge. Pre-registration is requested. 1-888-443-1804.

O22%,21#,(A#2:%&'(#/(C&%'8:##"%&'J(ANC`(1'(+(0&#3&+E(6%'13,%6(2#(:%"0(E#2:%&'($12:(8:1"6&%,(/&#E(1,/+,8*(2#(M1,6%&3+&2%,()%(2:%()%'2(E#E'(2:%*(8+,()%(2:&#93:(2%+8:1,35( 61'89''1#,(+,6(8#EE9,12*($:1"%(8:1"6&%,(+&%(8+&%6(/#&(1,(2:%(0+&+""%"(0&#3&+E(8+""%6(ANCCZQ`(/#&(2:%(E#&,1,3(E%%21,3-(O)1,36#,(ANC`($1""(E%%2(2:%(F&'2(L%6,%'6+* E#&,1,3(#/(%+8:(E#,2:(+2(O)1,36#,(S1)"%(.:9&8:5(aJVW+E(2#(V=JVW(0-E-(ANC`(#//%&'(2$#(,13:2(E%%21,3(21E%'J(2:%(2:1&6(A#,6+*(,13:2(+2([(0-E-(#&(2:%(2:1&6(L%6,%'6+* night at 6:45 p.m. Both night meetings will study the 5 Star Family Curriculum, which includes segments of Love, Fun, Loyalty, Faith and Growth. For more information #,(ANC`5(8+""(.:&1'21,+(A##&%5(ANC`(.##&61,+2#&5(;=[I?(>WITm==W-

ANA`(8"9)(#/(^#:,'#,(.12*(T(ZU0%821,3(A#EP(q%$(A#EP(q%$(1,(2#$,P(^9'2(+(E#E(2:+2(,%%6'('900#&2P(L%(:+D%(+821D121%'(2#(M%%0(*#9()9'*(2:&#93:#92(2:%(E#,2: '98:(+'(0"+*3&#90'5(0+&M(6+*'5("9,8:%#,'5(F%"6(2&10'(+,6(E#E'(,13:2(#92-(L%(+"'#(6#('%&D18%(0&#c%82'(2#()%,%F2(#9&(8#EE9,12*-(.#E%(#,(+,6(c#1,(2:%(/9,(+,6(E%%2(#2:%&( mothers just like you! For more information visit or call Janice at (423) 753-3891.

Breastfeeding support and information. La Leche League meets every fourth Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the YWCA of Bristol; TN. Mothers-to-be and nursing mothers are all welcome. For further information, please contact Samantha at (423) 878-8359

Do you have room in your Heart and Home - for a child? Holston Home for Children has been serving children and families in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia '1,8%(VmaW-(L%(+&%(89&&%,2"*("##M1,3(/#&(1,61D169+"'(+,6(/+E1"1%'(2#()%8#E%(0+&2(#/(2:1'(D12+"(E1,1'2&*(2#(8:1"6&%,(+,6(*#92:-(Q#(F,6(#92(:#$(*#9(8#9"6(#0%,(*#9&(:#E%( to a child in need please call 1-800-628-2986 or visit our website at

New Tri-Cities Contemporary Christian band is looking for a Guitarist and a Keyboardist. E-mail or call for more information. (423) 202-8416,

.:1"6&%,H'(.9"29&+"(O&2'-(C&#D161,3(0&1D+2%('%''1#,'(1,('89"029&1,35(6&+$1,35(0+1,21,3(+,6(F)%&'5($:18:(/+81"12+2%'(*#9&(8:1"6H'(+&2($12:(:1'2#&*(+,6('81%,8%-(Q#(3%,%&+2%( more interest, excitement and creativity, call for your appointment with Marty King at (423) 239-3104.

Christian Musician available. Experienced with church music. I play piano, organ & direct church choirs. Call Susan at (423) 542-2911.

Q&1T.121%'(Q$1,'(+,6(A#&%(."9)5(+,(+/F"1+2%(#/(2:%(q+21#,+"(N&3+,1B+21#,(#/(A#2:%&'(#/(Q$1,'(."9)'-(L%(#//%&('900#&2(+,6(%698+21#,(2#(E#2:%&'(#/(2$1,'5(2&10"%2'5(%28-( Meetings are every fourth Monday of each month at 7p.m. in the Cafeteria of the Johnson City Specialty Hospital, 203 E. Watauga Ave. Johnson City. For more information, call Jill at (423) 257-2177.

The Zonkers, a dynamic 4-piece group featuring sax, keyboards, Tropical rock, Buffet, classic saxophone rock, “limbo rock”. “We’re Bonkers for Zonkers” available for all events both corporate and private. Contact Zane Wooten at (423) -5554 or Keyboard Player available. 30+ years professional experience. I play all styles/good references. Call Bruce at (423) 323-9378 Have an open night on your entertainment calendar? Don’t worry at all, call “Wail’n Perry Show. The live music specialist with the lowest rates! Free Audition/CD (276) 646-3680 The Civic Chorale is an auditioned volunteer choir drawing its members from throughout the Tri-Cities region. The choir offers a concert season featuring a variety of musical styles at area venues. Audition information, concert schedules, and repertoire listings can be found at or contact the conductor, David Hendrickson at or call (423) 247-1147.

Religion `2-(^#:,H'(Z01'8#0+"(.:9&8:(1'('%%M1,3('1,3%&'(2#(+''1'2(#9&(8:#1&($12:(2:%(.:&1'2E+'('%+'#,-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,(8#,2+82(i*"%(N')#&,%(+2(E9'18'2co8:+&2%&1,2%&,%2-8#E-

Jonesborough Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at 2p.m. at Jonesborough Presbyterian Church. Contact Zel Hester at (423) 913-1214 for more information.

Y13:2(h#9'%(A1,1'2&1%'(#/(2:%(Q&1T.121%'5(n,8-(O,(1,6%0%,6%,25(+"2%&,+21D%(.:&1'21+,(.#EE9,12*-(L%($%"8#E%(OYY(#/(X#6H'(0%#0"%f(L12:(qN(%U8%021#,'f(`9,6+*(%D%,1,3 services at 7 p.m. 136 Bob Jobe Road, Gray, TN. (423) 913-2715

Young adults and college students are invited to the Upper Room CoffeeHouse, every Wednesday at 9 p.m. at First Assembly of God, 2213 Brandon Lane, Kingsport. For information please call (423) 247-1169

Musical Seeds Ministry is a faith-based ministry promoting Unity in the body of Christ. We encourage people to discover their gifts and talents and use them for the Kingdom of Heaven. We are also establishing a Unity Quest – a gathering of God’s people. For more information please call Robert and Susan Hawkins at (423) 542-2911.

Drummer – 40 years experience playing many styles-seeks R & B, Funk, Jazz type gig. Also do BG vocals and play congas/bongos. Call Bob at (423) 946-5294

Looking for like-minded people who believe in Protecting the Earth, Elimination of prejudice, Equality of men and women. There are spiritual solutions of economic problems. Check our web site at or call (423) 232-6254. Give us a call and let’s get together.

h#,M*(Q#,M(C1+,#5(S>T'2*"%(M%*)#+&6(0"+*%&(,%%6%6(2#(F""(2:%(/#9&2:('0#2(#/(+(,%$("#8+"(N&131,+"b\#8M()+,6-( Please, professional players only! Please call (423) 943-5552 for an audition and more information.

St. Anne Catholic Church invites anyone who is interested in learning about the Catholic Church, is Catholic but no longer attends Mass, is curious about what Catholics really believe, to come talk with us on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. in the Parish Library. St. Anne Catholic Church is located at 350 Euclid Ave. Bristol, VA. For directions to St. Anne’s or for more information, call Jim Yencha at (276) 669-8200 ext. 23 or email Jim at We’re here to listen and answer your questions.

With a voice like that, you should be singing! Singer’s Network connects singers with ensembles and venues for performance. Madrigals, Classic 40’s & 50’s, Vocal Jazz, Celtic, Americana and beyond – Celebrate the human voice and the gift of song. (423) 542-9799 or Wanted: Lead Guitarist w/ experience to join working Rock-n-Roll cover band. Background vocals a plus. Contact J.R. at (423) 677-3702 Seeking Saxophonist and vocalist for Tri-Cities jazz ensemble. Call (423) 483-3243. Glenn Body and The Blues Cruzers, a top notch pro styled band plays the best of 50’s, 60’s, Motown soul, R

Trinity Baptist Church is offering a scrapbooking Bible Study titled “Fruits of the Spirit.” Participants will enjoy 10 weeks of a two-hour class, which incorporates a bible study devotion with the hobby of scrapbooking. Each class member will complete a 20-page album. The class is open to novice as well as experienced scrapbookers. Classes will meet on Saturdays from 10am until noon. There is a $16 fee for the class book and some supplies will be necessary. Please call (423) 753-4394 for more information or to register.

Q:%(N+'1'(.:9&8:(:+'(E#D%6(2#(VVKa(N"6(X&+*(`2+21#,(\6-5(X&+*5(Qq-(O,6(1'(E%%21,3(`9,6+*(E#&,1,3'(+2(VKJ>K(+-E-(+,6(L%6,%'6+*(,13:2'(+2([(0-E-(O&%(*#9(6&1%6(90( /&#E()#&1,35(0#1,2"%''('%&E#,'5('+65("1/%"%''(E9'185(8#"6(9,"#D1,3(0%#0"%(+,6(0#$%&"%''('%&D18%'P(L%""5(8#E%(2#(2:%(N+'1'(+,6(3%2(+(6&1,M(#/(2:%(Y1D1,3(L+2%&f(n2H'(/9""(#/ "1/%5("#D%5(0#$%&5(90"1/21,3(E9'185(+,6(1,'2&9821#,'(/#&("1D1,3-(r#9H""(F,6('#E%2:1,3(/#&(%D%&*(E%E)%&(#/(*#9&(/+E1"*-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,(8+""(;<=>?(=a=T<[=m(2#(2+"M( $12:(C+'2#&(Q#,*(A+&':+""-(L%(+&%(+/F"1+2%6($12:(2:%(O''%E)"1%'(#/(X#6-

Christ’s Church United of Northeast Tennessee holds services at 7 p.m. every Sunday evening. Communion is held on the third Sunday of each month. The church meets +2(V>I(S#)(^#)%(\6-5(X&+*5(Qq-(;+2(hRee.(/+81"12*?-(.+""(2:%(8:9&8:(#/F8%(+2(;<=>?(aVWTKIWW(+,6("%+D%(+(E%''+3%(#&('%,6(9'(+,(%TE+1"(2#(/&+,M4+,13+,o%+&2:"1,Mnet for more information. Trinity Kid Express, the children’s ministry division of Trinity Baptist Church, announces the return of the Daughters of the King class. This class is for you ladies ages 10, 11 and 12. The group meets every Monday from 3:30-5 at the church to learn about beauty tips, fashion tips, etiquette, and more. They also study what the Bible teaches about Godly beauty. Crafts and visiting consultants are also included in the curriculum. Interested young ladies should call (423) 753-4394 for more information. Transportation may be available to those who need it. e,12*(.:9&8:(#/(2:%(Q&1T.121%'(_(O(j`01&129+"(h#E%l($:%&%(OYY(O\Z(Q\eYr(LZY.NAZf(C"%+'%(8#E%('%%(9'(+2([K>(`-(\#+,(`2-(1,(^#:,'#,(.12*-(L+&E5("#D1,3(0%#0"%5( great music, great messages, and None of the guilt! Sunday church service start at 10:30am, adult and children Sunday school. A Course in Miracles class Wednesday nights at 7p.m.. Rev. Sharon Davidson, Minister. Call (423) 975-9159 for more information. Seniors n/(*#9(+&%(WW(#&(#"6%&5(9,%E0"#*%65("1D1,3(#,(+("1E12%6(1,8#E%(+,6($+,2(+(c#)5($%(8+,(:%"0-(A%&12+,(1'(+(,#,T0&#F2(#&3+,1B+21#,(#//%&1,3(0+16(2&+1,1,3(+,6(c#)(0"+8%E%,2(+''1'2+,8%(/#&(d9+"1F%6('%,1#&'-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,5(8+""(h#""*(h96'#,(+2(;<=>?(IVKTK===(%U2-(==V(#&(%E+1"(:%&(+2(:#""*:96'#,oE%&12+,-#&3-(Qq(&%'16%,2'(#,"*Johnson City Senior’s Center serves all adults 55 and over. The Center hosts card groups, computer classes, a varied sports program, art classes, regular health screenings and much more to keep you active and healthy. Please call (423) 434-6237 for more information. Q:%(i1,3'0#&2(`%,1#&(.%,2%&(#//%&'(+(D+&1%2*(#/(%U%&81'%(8"+''%'(/#&(+""(F2,%''("%D%"'-(A#,6+*(_(!&16+*5(1,8"961,3(+%&#)18'5('2&%,32:(2&+1,1,35(*#3+5(C1"+2%'5(6+,8%(+,6( stretching using resistance bands. Call (423) 392-8400 for more information. i1,3'0#&2(`%,1#&(.%,2%&-(Q:%(&%'#9&8%(/#&('%,1#&('%&D18%(1,/#&E+21#,(+,6(&%8&%+21#,f(N0%,(2#(+""(+69"2'(WK(+,6(#D%&-(Q:%(.%,2%&(#//%&'(#D%&(=K(%U%&81'%bF2,%''(8"+''%'5( as well as computer, art, basket and woodcarving classes, a fully operational woodshop and clay studio, weekly jam session for area musicians, plus much more. City residents pay $15. per year and county pays $60. For additional information call (423) 392-8400. NE,)96'E+,(C&#3&+E-(R#"9,2%%&(2#(+''1'2(&%'16%,2'(#/("#,3T2%&E(8+&%(/+81"121%'()*(E%61+21,3(+,6(&%'#"D1,3(8#,8%&,'(+,6(0&#)"%E'-(Q&+1,1,3(1'(&%d91&%6(+,6(0&#D16%6-( For more information call (423) 246-1650. Sports Y122"%(.12*(\#""%&(X1&"'(1'(+,(+""(/%E+"%(4+2(2&+8M(&#""%&(6%&)*(2%+E(1,(2:%(Q&1T.121%'(+&%+-(.9&&%,2"*(&%8&9121,3(/%E+"%'(Vm(*%+&'(#/(+3%(+,6(90-(L%(:#"6(0&+8218%(#,(L%6-( from 7-9p.m. and Sundays from 12-2p.m.. Practice is located at the Johnson City Family Skate Center located at the corner of Watauga & State of Franklin. For more information visit our website at The Barracuda Swim Club is multi-level youth swim team for children ages 7 through high school. New swimmers are always welcome. We have practice locations for Johnson City and Kingsport. A free trial can be arranged with the coach. For more information call (423) 833-5595 (Johnson City) or (504) 231-9941 (Kingsport), or check us out at The Kingsport Judo Club will be offering free Judo classes to girls who are of 8-9 years of age. For more information call Mr. Collier at (423) 288-6862. Visit us online at We are located at 2305 Ft. Henry Dr. Kingsport.

course offered by Pregnancy Resources, Inc. PACE allows a women the openness and encouragement she needs to work the healing process. The PACE groups are lead by trained volunteers, many of whom have experienced an abortion themselves. If you want more information on PACE for yourself or a friend, please call Elaine Wallen at (423) (276) 9070.

X&1%/`:+&%(1'(+(/&1%,6"*5(8+&1,3(3&#90(#/(0%#0"%($:#($1""($+"M(+"#,3'16%(*#9(2:&#93:(#,%(#/("1/%H'(E#'2(61/F89"2( experiences, the death of a loved one. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. GriefShare support groups are led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help. You’ll gain access to valuable GriefShare resources to help you recover from your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life. We meet weekly on Monday nights at 7p.m. in Room 205 at Celebration Church, 427 Shipley Ferry Rd, Blountville. There is a registration fee of $12, which includes the workbook. Pre registration is requested and 8+,()%(6#,%(+2(2:%(L%"8#E%(.%,2%&(#&()*(8+""1,3(2:%(8:9&8:(#/F8%(+2(;<=>?(>=>T>aIa(+,6("%+D1,3(+(E%''+3%-(!#& more information check out or visit

Wee Remember Support Group, Every Quarter, 7 p.m. Wellmont Lonesome Pine Hospital, Big Stone Gap. A parent support group for families who have experienced the death of a baby is held every quarter. Call (276) 423-8641 for next meeting date.

Wise County Suicide Prevention, 10 a.m. Wise Trinity United Methodist Church TBA. The coalition formed to raise awareness and to determine available resources in the Wise County community for suicide survivors. Anyone interested in helping support this cause, please contact Jean Layell at (276) 328-6825. SAFE House Domestic Violence Support Group. Weekly in Kingsport For information on the location and time of meetings, please call 246-2273.

`OA`Nq(`900#&2(X&#90-(A#,6+*'5([(0-E-(h1'(A1,1'2&1%'5(<K[(L##6(OD%-5(S13(`2#,%(X+0-`OA`Nq(`900#&2( X&#90(/#&(0%#0"%($12:(+661821#,'(E%%2'($%%M"*(#,(A#,6+*'-(`OA`Nq5(#&(`2%0'(+,6(A#&%(`2&%,32:(ND%&8#E1,3 Narcotics, helps individuals face everyday life situations, overcome their addictions and create purpose through a step process, education, life skills training and most important, unconditional love. Call (276) 523-7447, for more information

Scott County Suicide Prevention Coalition. 3:45. Addington Hall. The coalition is working to raise awareness #,(2:%(1''9%(#/('91816%(+,6(2#(F,6(#92(E#&%(+)#92(+D+1"+)"%(&%'#9&8%'(1,(2:%(`8#22(.#9,2*(8#EE9,12*(/#&('91816%( survivors. Anyone interested in helping support this cause or wishing to attend meetings, please contact Amy Bledsoe at (276) 431-4370. Southwest Virginia Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition, 11 a.m., Develop.m.ental Services, Big Stone Gap. The regional coalition is working to coordinate suicide prevention efforts in local communities. For more information on upcoming meetings, contact Ken Taylor at (276) 523-8300.

Pickleball, Thursday evenings, 7-9 p.m. at Munsey Memorial UMC (Christian Life Center); Roan/Water St. entrance. Call (423) 461-8070 ext. 213 for more information.

Survivors of Suicide Support Group – Virginia, 1st, 3rd Monday, 6 p.m. Lee Regional Medical Center. A support group for Survivors of Suicide is being held every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month beginning at 6 p.m. The group meets in the Medical Plaza West Wing classroom. For more information, call Bill Russell at (276) 346-1641.

Q:%(O00+"+8:1+,(L:12%2+1"(O''#81+21#,(1'(+('2+2%(8:+&2%&%6(,#,T0&#F2(#&3+,1B+21#,(2:+2(1'(#//%&%6(2#(+""('0#&2'E+,(+,6(2:%1&(/+E1"1%'-(Q:%(O00+"+8:1+,(L:12%2+1"(O''#81+21#,( focuses on 3 main issues. Preservation of the Whitetail Deer as a species. Preservation of quality habitat for all wildlife. And preserving the heritage of Whitetail Deer hunting in the Appalachian region and beyond. Monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month starting at 7 P.m. in Kingsport at Mama’s House Buffet, 2608 N. John B Dennis Hwy. For more information on other locations, call (423) 247-6249.

NAMI “With Hope in Mind”/Bridges Support Groups, 7 p.m. Harrison Christian Church, Johnson City. Journey of Hope is open to family members and friends of those who suffer from a neurobiological brain disease. Bridges Support Group meets with “With Hope in Mind” before breaking off into a separate meeting. It is for mental health consumers of all diagnoses. For more information, call Shelby Ward at 543-4315.

.:%&#M%%(\#6(7(X9,(."9)5(+(!+E1"*(N&1%,2%6(N&3+,1B+21#,5(E%%2'(#,(2:%(F&'2(Q:9&'6+*(,13:2(#/(%+8:(E#,2:(+2([(0-E-(+2(2:%(."9):#9'%(#,(\%'%&D#1&(\#+6-(.:%&#M%%( #//%&'(0&+8218%(&+,3%'(/#&(C1'2#"5(\14%5(O&8:%&*5(Q&+0(7(`M%%2(1,(+66121#,(2#(8"+''%'(+00&#0&1+2%(/#&(+""(+3%'-(.+""(;<=>?(=<[TI=<a(#&(D1'12($$$-8:%&#M%%&#6+,639,8"9)-8#E-(

In-Fuze Support Group Wednesdays, 7 p.m. Lee County Behavioral Health Services Support group members will learn the signs and symptoms of substance abuse; what to expect in the recovery process; and how substance abuse and dependence affects mental, physical, and spiritual develop.m.ent. The group will teach how to encourage recovery, about relapse and how to help maintain recovery, and will show family members how to care for themselves during their loved one’s recovery process. Call Frontier Health’s Martha Davis or Kathy Rowles at (276) 346-3590.

The Mountain Empire Tennis Association (META) is forming junior and adult social and competitive leagues. Membership is $10 for juniors, $15 for adults and $20 for families. Visit us on the web at or call (423) 282-4727 for info. The East Tennessee State University Cycling Club meets regularly on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. at the dual slalom course at ETSU, gathering in the same area where the challenge will be held. Area cyclists with any level of experience and any bike, including mountain, road, BMX, trials or any other type are invited to ride with the group. For further information contact McIntyre at (423) 433-2294. 3-01 Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee with the Tri-City Ultimate Club. For information, please visit or call (423) 929-1446. Christian Bass Anglers Association. Meets the second Monday of every month at the Blountville Court House in the upstairs courtroom. Meeting begins promptly at 7 p.m. All are invited to attend. For more information call (423) 246-7764. Come join us for some fun! The East TN Mashers Ski club does more than just ski. We are a year round club engaged in a variety of activities for socialization, friendship, and charitable cause. Visit us at our website for the latest event/meetings schedule at For more information, email or call Barb at (276) 275-3061. Q:%(`%,1#&(S+'M%2)+""("%+39%(/#&(+69"2'(WWt($1""()%(:%"6(#,(A#,6+*'($12:(0&+8218%('2+&21,3(+2([(0-E-(+2(2:%(`"+2%&(.#EE9,12*(.%,2%&(3*E-(!&%6(ND%&)+*(1'(2:%(8##&61,+tor. Call the Bristol Tennessee Leisure Services at (423) 764-4023 for more information. Kingsport Bicycle Association has rides year round. All adult riders are welcome to this social / touring club. Call (423) 239-4406 or link to Support Groups You don’t have to wait for an overdose or jail sentence to get help from N.A. It is possible to overcome the desire to use drugs with the help of the Twelve Step Program of Narcotics Anonymous and the fellowship of recovering addicts. For more information call (866) 360-4929 or Support Group for Individuals Experiencing Divorce. This support group is for anyone in the Tri-Cities area who has experienced divorce and/or the challenges of coparenting. For more information please contact Diana Puckett, BSW at (423) 737-4695 or (423) 952-2612. NO(_(ND%&%+2%&'(O,#,*E#9'(_(O(V=('2%0(0&#3&+E(/#&(2:#'%($12:(/##6(0&#)"%E'5(E%%2'(%D%&*(Q:9&'6+*(+2([J>K00-E-(+2(!1&'2(.:9&8:(#/(X#6(1,(S&1'2#"-(.#&,%&(#/(Z-(`2+2%( and Georgia Ave. For more information contact Christy at (423) 383-3541. MidSouth Lupus Support Group meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at WellCare, Ft. Henry Mall/Kingsport Town Center, 2101 Ft. Henry Dr. Kingsport at 5p.m., light refreshments provided. For further information contact the Lupus Foundation of America, Mid-South Chapter., or (877) 865-8787. Email: info@ Volunteers are needed!!! A new meeting of the peer group BRIDGES (Building Recovery and Individual Dreams and Goals through Education and Support) will begin at 7p.m., at Wesley UMC, Room 107 every third Tuesday of each month. BRIDGES is a self-help program, facilitated to provide a safe atmosphere of respect, honesty and encouragement for 0%&'#,'(E+,+31,3(E%,2+"(1"",%''b%E#21#,+"(8#,4182-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,5(8+""(^%,,*(\#E+,(+2(;mIW?(WaaTK<mVDo you know someone who/you had an abortion? If you are experiencing symptoms of Post-Abortion Syndrome, there is hope for healing and reconciliation. If you +&%(&%+6*(2#(6%+"($12:(*#9&(+)#&21#,5(+(d9+"1F%6("+*(8#9,'%"#&(8+,(:%"0(*#9(2:&#93:(2:%('2%0'(#/(:%+"1,3-(Q:%(CO.Z(;C#'2(O)#&21#,(.#9,'%"1,3(+,6(Z698+21#,?(0&#3&+E( ministers to women who have been victimized by abortion, and is designed to lead them through the healing process of God forgiveness and love. PACE is a 12-week

Lee County Foster Parent Support Group. A new support group is being formed for foster parents in Lee County to provide education, support, and information. Call Frontier Health’s Eric Greene, (276) 523-8300.

Women’s low self-esteem/social anxiety/shyness/domestic abuse support group. The purpose of the session is to provide support & healing through sharing common feelings & ideas. FREE. Please call (423) 794-8909 or (423) 929-7575. 100 W. Maple St. Johnson City.

h%0+2121'(.(`900#&2(X&#90J(,%+&(Q&1T.121%'(+1&0#&25(Q:%(.%,2%&(/#&(@13%'21D%(L%"",%''(E%%2'(2:%(F&'2(Q9%'6+* from 6:30p.m.-8:30p.m.. The group is for people with Hepatitis C or B. Guest Speakers monthly. 10461 Wallace Alley Dr. Kingsport, TN. Contact Tracy Luther, FNP at (423) 279-1400.

Lupus Foundation of America Kingsport Area Support Group meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 914 Broad St. West Park Professional Bldg. Classroom #1 (Take elevator to lower level) Kingsport. For more information call (877) 865-8787.

Social Anxiety Disorder/Shyness support group meeting at the Bristol Library study room every Saturday from 10:00-11:30am. We are a group of individuals dealing with social anxiety who have come together to share our stories in a mutually supportive environment. You will not be ‘put on the spot’ or expected to join in. Feel free to just come and listens. Contact Tracy from more info: (276) 429-2338 or

A.W.A.K.E. – N.E. Tennessee A.W.A.K.E. support group for people with sleep apnea, their family members, and friends. The group will be part of the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASSA) A.W.A.K.E. (Alert, Well and Keeping Energetic) Network. The purpose of these sessions is to provide support through education and sharing of ideas and information among person affected by sleep disordered breathing. Together we can help each other with similar interests, problems, and solutions. Meetings held every other month in Johnson City and Erwin. Call Michelle at (423) 283-1003 for more information.

h#0%(h#9'%(#/(`8#22(.#9,2*5(n,8-($1""()%(0&#D161,3(8#,F6%,21+"($%%M"*('900#&2(3&#90'(/#&(D1821E'(+,6('9&D1D#&' of domestic violence and sexual assault. For more information call (276) 386-1313. Childcare will be provided.

Celebrate Recover. Every Sunday Evening. 6:00 p.m. Refreshments, 6:25 p.m. Celebration Service, 7:15 p.m. N0%,(`:+&%(X&#90'J(Y1/%(h9&2'(/#&(L#E%,(+,6(A%,5(n''9%'(/#&(L#E%,5(n''9%'(/#&(A%,5(.:%E18+""*(@%0%,6%,2 Men, Chemically Dependent Women, Codependent Women, Divorce recovery for Men and Women, CR 101 for those who are wondering how to get plugged in? What group is best for me? 9 p.m. Recovery Cafe. First Baptist Church, Kingsport, Fellowship Hall. For more information call (423) 247-4122

In a custody battle over your children and feel discouraged? Need a listening ear and support? I’m starting a

support group for people going through this. Please call Camille at (423) 773-5862 if interested. The “Young and the Breathless” a support group for persons with chronic lung disease, their friends and family are invited to attend our monthly meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month, at Wellmont Holston Valley Hospital, D-bldg., 4th level at 6 p.m. A featured speaker will present at each meeting. Light refreshments are provided. For more information, please contact Pulmonary Rehab at (423) 224-5800. 24-Hour Hotline! Do you need to talk to someone? Someone who will listen without judgement, gives options instead of telling you what you should do? There is no “crisis” too big or too small. All you have to do is give The Crisis Center a call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Walk-ins welcome from 9am - 5 p.m. weekdays. Celebrating 31 years of compassionate response to your needs. Volunteers welcome and all training is free! Hotline: (276) 466-2312 or (276) 628-7731 Business Line” (276) 466-2218. The BRIDGES program is based on the belief that those of us living with psychiatric symptoms can and do recover a new and valued sense of purpose by accepting and overcoming the challenges of a disability that has affected every aspect of our lives: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Support groups are being held in Johnson City, Kingsport (2), and coming soon Bristol. For more information please call (888) 539-0393 Widowed Persons’ Service Support Group. Monthly meetings, persons who have experienced widowhood are invited to attend the meeting. Call (423) 926-9101. qOAn(;q+21#,+"(O""1+,8%(#,(A%,2+"(n"",%''?(#/(S&1'2#"(+/F"1+2%(E%%2'(#,(2:%(F&'2(Q9%'6+*(+2(IJ>K0-E-(+2(\%6%%E%&( Lutheran Church at 672 Island Rd. in Bristol. For information call (423) 234-2516. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) - Johnson City area, meets second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m., at Harrison Christian Church, Browns Mill Rd., JC. A support group for families and friends of those who suffer from mental illness. For more information call (423) 543-4315 or (423) 282-0676. NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) of Kingsport for families who encounter mental illness meets on the 1st Thursday of each month at 7p.m. at First Baptist Church, 200 W. Church Circle, Kingsport (Room #304 in the Welcome Center located off Holston St.) Contact Connie Whaley at (423) 234-2516 or (866) 337-3291 for more information. Tri-Cities Survivors of Suicide Support Group meets every 4th Monday at Johnson City Medical Center, 5th 4##&(.#,/%&%,8%(\##E(/&#E(ITm(0-E-(!+81"12+2#&J(@#&#2:*(X&%3#&*-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,(8+""(;<=>?(==<TV>KK-( We welcome family, friends, or anyone that has been affected by a suicide of someone they know and love. SAFE House, Kingsport’s Domestic Violence Shelter, has a weekly support group for women and children who +&%(D1821E'(#/(/+E1"*(D1#"%,8%-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,(8+""(;<=>?(=<IT==[>-(O""('%&D18%'(+&%(/&%%(+,6(8#,F6%,21+".+,8%&(C+21%,2'5(8+&%31D%&'(+,6(/+E1"1%'(+&%($%"8#E%(2#(2:%(Q+M%(Q1E%('900#&2(3&#905(E%%21,3(2:%(F&'2(Q9%'6+*( of every month at 7 p.m. in the Cedar Room of the Conference Center at Wellmont Hospital in Bristol. The group also meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month in Kingsport at the Holston Valley-Wellmont Hospital at 6:30 p.m. Call Diane Cross at (423) 844-2180 or Kathy Visneshi at (423) 244-5592 for more information. Crohn’s Disease and Colitis Support Group. Meets fourth Monday of each month at Colonial Heights Baptist Church. For more information, call Kathy Cassidy at (423) 224-5197. Abingdon Resource Center, sponsored by Hospice and Palliative Care of Virginia, is holding a Caregiver’s Support Group. The group will meet the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Abingdon Resource Center from 1-3 p.m. This group is designed to provide information and support to those in the community who are taking care of friends or family experiencing long term illness or disability. The Abingdon Resource Center is located #,(2:%('%8#,6(4##&(#/(2:%(Z""1'(C&#/%''1#,+"(S91"61,35(=VV(L%'2(A+1,(`2&%%25(O)1,36#,-(\%/&%':E%,2'($1""()%( provided. For more information call (276) 628-4343. Crisis Center is organizing several new support groups for victims of sexual violence. If you are an adult molested as a child, an adult rape survivor or the friend, spouse or other family member of someone who has been '%U9+""*(+''+9"2%65(2:%&%(1'(+(3&#90(#&3+,1B1,3(,#$-(Q:%&%(1'(,#(8#'2(2#(+22%,6(+,6(+""(E%%21,3'(+&%(8#,F6%,21+"-( If interested contacted The Crisis Center, (276) 466-2218 or (276) 628-7731. Volunteers Want to help people in your community while learning valuable life skills? Volunteer as a Hotline Worker for the Crisis Center’s 24/7 Crisis Hotline. Volunteers assist callers with emotional and personal crises, with crisis intervention along with information and referral to community agencies. 40 hours training offered in interactive 8"+''&##E(+2E#'0:%&%-(A9'2()%(#D%&(Vm(+,6(qN(%U0%&1%,8%(1'(,%8%''+&*-(.#,2+82(A18+:(A#&&1'(+2(;=[I?(<IIT 2312 or email at Amedisys Hospice Care is looking for volunteers in Kingsport, Bristol, Blountville, Church Hill and Fall S&+,8:-(L%(:+D%(D#"9,2%%&(#00#&29,121%'(2#(D1'12(0+21%,2'(+,6(0&#D16%(8#E0+,1#,':10(;,#(0+21%,2(8+&%?-(N9&( patients are wonderful people. Please call 423-288-9777 and ask for the volunteer coordinator. We would love to have you join our team! Appalachia Service Project Tri-Cities is seeking individual or group volunteers for home repair projects in the Tri-Cities area. ASP is a Christian ministry, open to all people, that fosters human develop.m.ent by addressing the housing needs of Central Appalachia. Projects range from wheel chair ramp construction to roof repair, prior construction experience is not required. If you or your club/group is interested in volunteering for a Saturday or a week long project please contact Amanda at (423) 854-8800 ext. 239 or email .O`O(;.#9&2(O00#1,2%6(`0%81+"(O6D#8+2%'(/#&(.:1"6&%,?(1'(+(,#,T0&#F2(D#"9,2%%&(#&3+,1B+21#,(6%618+2%6(2#( ensuring that abused, abandoned, and neglected children have a voice in court. In many cases only stability in the lives of these children comes from their volunteer Advocate. We have a great need for more volunteer advocates 2#('%&D%(2:%(8:1"6&%,(1,(#9&(8#EE9,12*-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,(0"%+'%(8#,2+82(.O`O(#/(q#&2:%+'2(Q%,,%''%%5(CN( Box 1021, Johnson City, TN 37605, (423) 461-3500 or (423) 741-3181 Big Brothers Big Sisters are seeking volunteers who live or work in Washington County, VA. You must be 18 years of age or older. Being a Big Brother or Sister is a great way to make a difference in the life of a child in *#9&(8#EE9,12*-(r#9($1""()%(E%,2#&5(+(/&1%,65(+,6(+(8#,F6+,2(2#(*#9&("122"%()&#2:%&(#&('1'2%&-(.#,2+82(`2%0:+,1%( at (276) 628-7053 or email to get started. Give back to those individuals that have given so much, THE VETERANS. The James H. Quillen VA Medical Center has numerous volunteer positions available like visiting, assisting with the feeding, and escorting patients 2#(+,6(/&#E(#2:%&(+&%+'(#/(2:%(A%618+"(.%,2%&(+'($%""(+'(0+&M1,3("#2(':922"%(6&1D%&'-(N2:%&(+6E1,1'2&+21D%b8"%&18+"( 0#'121#,'(+&%(+"'#(+D+1"+)"%-(h#9&'(+&%(4%U1)"%(+,6(,#(%U0%&1%,8%(1'(,%%6%6-(Q#(F,6(#92(E#&%(#,(:#$(*#9(8+,( XnRZ(SO.i5(0"%+'%(8#,2+82(2:%(R#"9,2+&*(`%&D18%(N/F8%(+2(;<=>?(a[aT=maV-

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers are desperately needed in Bristol and Sullivan County to advocate for alleged abused and neglected children in the juvenile courts. CASA volunteers conduct investigations that help judges make the best decision for the safety and future of a child. Do you have a passion to help 8:1"6&%,(F,(+('+/%(+,6('%89&%(:#E%P(.O`O(1'("##M1,3(/#&(*#9f(.O`O(D#"9,2%%&'(&%8%1D%(%U2%,'1D%(8"+''&##E(2&+1,1,35(E%,2#&':10($12:(#2:%&(D#"9,2%%&'(+,6('900#&2 /&#E(.O`O(/#&(i16'5(n,8-('2+//-(Q&+1,1,3(8"+''%'(+&%(/#&E1,3(/#&(A+*(/#&(2:%(S&1'2#"(+&%+p(2#(F,6(#92(:#$(2#()%8#E%(+(.O`O5(8#,2+82(^+,(A+&':+""(+2(;<=>?(IW=TVV[V-

O6D%,2+(h#'018%(#/(i1,3'0#&2(1'(1,(,%%6(#/(R#"9,2%%&'-(L%(89&&%,2"*(,%%6(D#"9,2%%&'(2#(D1'12(0+21%,2'(+,6(0&#D16%(.#E0+,1#,':10-(N9&(0+21%,2'(+&%($#,6%&/9"(0%#0"% and would be so happy to have somebody visit. Please call, Desiree Saunders, Volunteer Coordinator, at (423) 288-9777. We would love to have you join our team!

Volunteers needed at local domestic violence, sexual abuse and homeless shelter program. Training provided for crisis calls, administrative assistant, direct services. A+&31,+"1B%6(9,6%&'%&D%6(0#09"+21#,'(%,8#9&+3%6(2#(+00"*-(.+""(;<=>?(;=[I?(>mITV>V>(/#&(+00"18+21#,-(ZN.

h#0%(h#9'%(jL#E%,H'(`:%"2%&l(#/(`8#22(.#9,2*5(n,8-(1'('%%M1,3(6%618+2%6(1,61D169+"'(2#(D#"9,2%%&(2:%1&(21E%(+,6(+''1'2($12:(2:%(`%U9+"(O''+9"2(`0%81+"1'2(+,6(N92&%+8:( C&#3&+E'-(R#"9,2%%&'(E9'2(&%4%82(2:%(8#9,2*(6%E#3&+0:18'(+,6($1""1,3,%''(2#(+''1'2($12:(2:%(2&+6121#,+""*(9,6%&'%&D%6(0#09"+21#,'(#/(`8#22(+,6(Y%%(8#9,21%'-(n,61D169+"' #/(8#"#&(+&%(%,8#9&+3%6(2#(+00"*-(!#&(E#&%(1,/#&E+21#,(8+""(;=[I?(>mITV>[>-(ZN.

`.N\Z(;.#9,'%"#&'(2#(OE%&18+H'(`E+""(S9'1,%''?(.:+02%&(Wm<(+&%("##M1,3(/#&(D#"9,2%%&'(1,(2:%(q#&2:%+'2(Q%,,%''%%(+&%+-(`.N\Z(1'(+(,#,T0&#F2(,+21#,$16%(#&3+,1B+21#, staffed by active and retired businessmen and women who volunteer their time and services to offer free individual counseling in all areas of starting and improving a small business. Responsibilities of counselors include meeting with new and future business clients, to guide them on their way to starting or continuing with their business. O'(+(`.N\Z(E%E)%&5(2&+1,1,3(1,(#9&(0#"181%'(+,6(0&#8%69&%'(1'(0&#D16%6-(q%$(8#9,'%"#&'($1""(2%+E($12:(+,(%U0%&1%,8%6(E%E)%&-(R#"9,2%%&'(+"'#('900#&2(#92(%//#&2'( 9'1,3(8#E092%&5(8#E092%&(E+1,2%,+,8%5(3&+0:18'5(+,6($%)(0+3%(8&%+21#,('M1""'(+,6($&121,35(0&##/(&%+61,35(0:#2#3&+0:*(+,6(3%,%&+"(#/F8%('M1""'-(n/(*#9(+&%(1,2%&%'2%6(1, )%8#E1,3(+(`.N\Z(D#"9,2%%&5(0"%+'%(8+""(#9&(#/F8%(;<=>?(<IVTmKWV(A#,6+*(_(!&16+*5(aJKK+E(_(V=JKK(,##,-(N9&($%)'12%(+66&%''(1'('8#&%2,-#&3(+,6(2:%(%E+1"(+66&%''(1' '8#&%2,o$1&%8#-,%2(q#&2:%+'2(Q%,,%''%%(`.N\Z5(==K>(A8i1,"%*(\6-(^#:,'#,(.12*5(Qq-(>[IK<

Q:%(.&1'1'(.%,2%&(1'(+88%021,3(+00"18+21#,'(/#&(R#"9,2%%&(h#2"1,%(L#&M%&'5(`%U9+"(O''+9"2(.+&%(.#E0+,1#,'5(.#E092%&bQ%8:,18+"(N/F8%(O''1'2+,25(+,6(S#+&6(#/(@1&%82#&' positions. The Crisis Center, Inc. is accredit by the American Association of Suicidology, Tennessee Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, and is a participating member of: Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network, RAINN: sponsored by Lifetime TV for Women, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, The Virginia Sexual Assault Hotline, The National Domestic Violence Hotline. Intensive training and ongoing support provided to prepare the volunteer as they serve victims of crime and those facing life-changing crisis. Contact staff at (276) 466-2218, (423) 230-0900 or (276) 628-7731 for more information.

Volunteers to Touch Your World at King Benevolent Fund, a 501(c)-(3) ministry located in Bristol, VA. That serves the hungry, hurting and neglected here at home and around the world. We are looking for volunteers to help with cooking onsite meals, sorting various donations and packing items for ship.m.ent. Call our volunteer supervisor, Audrey Lambert, at (276) 466-3014, ext. 255 for further information.

R#"9,2%%&'(q%%6%6J(Q102#,(h+*,%'(h1'2#&18(`12%5(^#:,'#,(.12*-(N9&(908#E1,3(/+""('%+'#,(:+'('%D%&+"(#00#&29,121%'(/#&(1,61D169+"'(1,2%&%'2%6(1,(D+&1#9'(+821D121%'-(L%(+&% looking for people who have skills/abilities/interests in sewing costumes, portraying living historians of the antebellum era, gardening, and working “behind the scenes”. For more information, please contact Penny McGlaughlin- director Tipton Haynes at (423) 926-3631 Hope house of Scott County, Inc. is in need of some male volunteers to help families that move from our shelter into independent living. For more information call (276) 386-1313

Volunteers are needed at a local domestic violence shelter. Answering the 24-hour crisis line, providing transportation, childcare, light housekeeping, yard work, minor repairs and assisting with residents’ needs. Training provided. For more information, please call Ann Jones at (888) 250-HEAL.

Have you always wanted to be a hero? Ever wonder how you can make a difference in your world? If you have just 10 hours a month to spare, you can be a hero by making a difference in a child’s life. Each year over one million children are abused and neglected and these children’s futures are put at risk. As a CASA you can stand 90(/#&(2:%'%(8:1"6&%,(+,6('0%+M(#92(/#&(2:%E5(:%"01,3(%,'9&%(2:%'%(8:1"6&%,(F,6('+/%5(0%&E+,%,2(:#E%'(_('#E%2:1,3(%D%&*(8:1"6(6%'%&D%'-(S%(+(:%&#-(R#"9,2%%&(+'(+(.#9&2 Appointed Special Advocate and change the world; one child at a time. Call (276) 642-2344. Training classes are forming now.

Adventa Hospice Care is looking for volunteers in Kingsport, Bristol, Blountville, Church Hill and Gray. We have volunteer opportunities to visit patients and provide 8#E0+,1#,':10(;,#(0+21%,2(8+&%?-(N9&(0+21%,2'(+&%($#,6%&/9"(0%#0"%(+,6($#9"6()%(:+00*(2#(:+D%('#E%)#6*(D1'12(2:%E-(C"%+'%(8+""(;<=>?(=mmTa[[[(+,6(+'M(/#&(+(D#"9,2%%& coordinator. We would love to have you join our team!

Volunteers needed. Can you give an hour a week to assist with parties, or bingo? Do you have a craft demonstration to share or a performance that would entertain? The X&+,6(.#9&2(1'("##M1,3(/#&(D#"9,2%%&'(2#(+66(+('0+&M(2#(&%'16%,2'H("1D%'-(n/(1,2%&%'2%65(8+""(;=[I?(IIaTVVVV(+,6(+'M(/#&(Y1))*(S+1"%*(2#(F,6(#92(E#&%(+)#92(:#$(*#9(8+,(:%"0-

Abuse Alternatives, Inc. of Bristol, serving victims of domestic violence is presently in search of volunteers to be trained to take Hotline calls and monitor the shelter/ clients on occasion during M-F, between 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. and on Tues. 5:30 p.m.- 8 p.m. Also registering individuals & small groups for “on-call talent bank”, consisting of D#"9,2%%&'($12:('0%81+"('M1""'('98:(+'(8"%&18+"5(E%,2#&1,35(0+&%,21,35(292#&1,35()1T"1,39+"5()963%21,3bF,+,8%'5(#&3+,1B%(6#,+21#,'(7('2#&+3%(+&%+5(+)1"12*(2#(:%"0(2&+,'0#&2b move clients into new residences, etc. For more info, please call (423) 652-9098.

Volunteers are needed at a local domestic violence shelter answering the 24-hour crisis line, providing transportation, childcare, light housekeeping, yard work, minor repairs and assisting with residents needs. Training is provided. For more information, please call Ann Jones at (888) 250-HEAL (4325).

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